The Equalizer (2021) s02e03 Episode Script


1 Show 'em! Wash them dishes, punk.
Back already, baby boy? - What you need? - That Molly.
Only five again? Nah.
Upping your game, son? You know how it is.
I'm just trying to get paid.
Yeah, say less.
We got you.
I'm a dealer, and I'm known to pull up on them dealer tags - (THUD) - (MAN SCREAMING) Where you at? Hey, give me that.
Hey, get him.
Put your hands down.
- Get your ass back - DEVON: That's what happens when you steal from Lamar Starks.
But if you really trying to get paid, fall through tomorrow, all right? I got some people I want you to meet.
- A'ight.
- A'ight? (MAN GRUNTING) You ain't nothing right now, huh? (SHOUTING) (DOOR CLOSES) Boy, where the hell you been? I had some stuff to take care of.
Stuff like what? You were supposed to take me to the market.
What's going on with you? One minute, everything's fine, the next minute, you're sneaking around, acting all strange.
Everything's fine, ma.
What's in the bag? (SCOFFS) You done lost your damn mind.
- Sorry.
- (PHONE CHIMES) - I got to go.
- Where are you going? - You just got here.
- I'll see you later.
- (DOOR OPENS) - come back here, Malik.
- (DOOR CLOSES) - Malik! (FOOTSTEPS APPROACHING) Please, don't even bother.
I read it online already.
Sounds like they still have no idea who you are.
Yeah, and I want to keep it that way.
Those rolls.
They smell like some of my sweetest memories.
Grandma's recipe.
She used to make it for your dad and I - when we were little.
- (CHUCKLES) yeah.
I remember he used to light up every time he talked about them.
Thought maybe they could help Delilah get through her day.
- Mm.
- (FOOTSTEPS APPROACHING) - You set? - Uh, yeah.
I just Hope I don't start crying talking about Jason in front of the whole school.
Keep thinking about his laugh.
(CHUCKLES SOFTLY) That was the last thing I heard before the gunfire started.
No shame in how you feel, baby.
Yeah, that's what memorials are for.
To share your feelings.
Celebrate the ones you love by keeping them alive in your heart.
Like how every time you make these cinnamon rolls, Aunt Vi, they remind you of your mom's kitchen? Yep.
So, when you're up on that stage today Ooh talking about Jason, you just remember that your great-gran, your aunt and your mother are right there with you.
(BREATHES DEEPLY) can we go? I want to get there early.
Yeah, let's do it.
Got somewhere I got to be, anyway.
Don't touch my rolls.
Go on.
Go on.
(CHUCKLES) CELIA: Malik's a senior this year.
He's got a district science scholarship to college.
Handsome young man.
Wish the world still saw him as young.
(SIGHS) he's at that age, what they see is a threat.
How can I help? He's always been a good kid.
Never been in trouble a day in his life.
But something's up with him.
He's keeping odd hours.
Jumps when his phone rings.
He's never kept a secret from me ever.
But now You're worried the streets got him.
(VOICE BREAKING): I lost his father.
I don't want to lose him.
I know this may seem like a small thing to someone like you, but It's not small to you.
That's your boy.
I'll see what I can do to help.
Does Malik have a cell phone? Appreciate the difficult position this puts you in.
Tracking people like her is supposed to be your specialty, but all I'm hearing are excuses.
So, you say you appreciate the position you're putting me in? Then do something about it.
Little coffee with your ass chewing? This wouldn't happen to do with that article that dropped this morning? I don't get you, Dante.
That kind of press, a vigilante making reckless choices and endangering the public, makes us all look bad.
You especially.
So why are you okay with it? Who said I was? You.
When you let her slip - through your fingers.
- You haven't even gotten a whiff.
MALLORY: I've only been on it a minute.
But I did figure out why you came up short.
Do tell.
You don't chase someone whose whole M.
is hiding.
You chase the folks she's mixed up with.
They're gonna lead me right to her.
Seem pretty sure of yourself.
Don't take it personally.
Hunting big game, it's not always easy to know which weapon to use.
ROBYN: Hey, Malik? Malik.
Hey, Malik.
Malik! Listen, I just want to talk.
(TIRES SCREECH) Hey! Hey, what are you doing? Stop! Come on.
Let's go.
(CLIPPERS BUZZ) - Oh, yeah.
- HARRY: Yeah? Yeah.
Feel cold air circulating around my ears.
You said you were tired of looking like a caveman.
No, I know.
I just, you know No, it's good.
You know, I want to make sure it was nice and tight.
You know, if I - I can go in tighter if you want.
- No, I'm good.
(PHONE RINGING) Oh, lookee here.
(EXHALES) Well, if it isn't our mysterious vigilante.
(CLEARS THROAT) I like the picture.
Not sure I ever noticed the big question Mark on your face.
Look, you can give me a hard time later.
My client's kid just got abducted.
Now, his mom said he might be into drugs, but these didn't look like drug dealers.
I need you to run a plate for me.
All right, what do you got? Gray Van.
New York BNQ-1925.
- (KEYS CLACK) - it's registered to Mike Skocroft.
- Who's Mike Skocroft? - MEL: Whoa.
Looks like someone who doesn't exist.
- What do you mean? - Means the registration's a fake.
Even the address isn't a real address.
Whoever owns this van really doesn't want anybody to know who they are.
What the hell is Malik into? Harry, what about tracking Malik's phone's GPS? It's been turned off.
Probably by the person who grabbed him.
I'm sorry, Rob.
Uh, there's just not much I can do with a plate registered to a fake name and address.
Check the DMV file for that plate.
Maybe there's an alert flag buried in its code.
Matter of fact, there is.
It's set to send an email anytime anybody runs the plate.
- How'd you know that? - Where does the email go? New York field division.
Ah, so the guys who snatched Malik were undercovers.
That's why the registration was fake.
The DEA's always notified whenever someone runs their plates.
Right, to let them know if anyone's poking around their op.
Don't worry.
I was really careful.
What do undercovers want with Malik? Shoot me the address for the nearest DEA field office.
Oh, and, Harry, I need you to do one more thing.
So, did you hack into their servers yet? He's still working on it.
I'm sorry to keep you waiting, my liege.
As much as I'd like to spend a lifetime in federal prison, I'm taking extra precautions to mask my identity.
MEL: He's feeling extra paranoid today.
That tends to happen when an article comes out spotlighting our operations for millions to read.
Don't worry, there's no mention of you two in there.
Well, I mean, people aren't stupid, Rob.
I mean, they know you couldn't possibly pull off all that stuff without any help.
Which, the, uh, journalist failed to mention, by the way.
Are you upset because the article implies you exist or doesn't imply you exist? Yes.
A little anonymous credit wouldn't hurt.
After five years of being dead, one tends to feel a little unappreciated.
I appreciate you, baby.
Thanks, honey.
All right, I'm in their servers.
There's no mention of a Malik Johnson.
Which means they haven't charged him with anything.
And he's been there for hours.
It doesn't track.
The kid's an honor student.
His mom said he's never missed a day of school in his life.
Well, not exactly DEA's-most-wanted material.
So, why are they holding him? Hey.
We, uh, have an issue.
BRADLEY: Don't move.
ROBYN: I don't give a damn where I can and can't be.
I'm not leaving here till you let me - speak to my nephew.
- What seems to be the problem? - ROBYN: Well, you tell me what the problem is.
You're holding my nephew, Malik Johnson.
Why? How did you know he was here? How do you think I know? I followed that broke-ass van of yours.
What are you holding him for? What'd he do? Oh, you don't want to tell me.
Because I can have my lawyers here within the hour.
You want to know? He trafficked drugs across state lines.
So, go ahead, call your lawyers, but then we're gonna have to charge him.
You have him on trafficking, but you haven't charged him yet? SEELEY: We don't want to.
Not if we don't have to.
We're trying to help him.
Look, the kid made a mistake.
We're not trying to ruin his future.
We just want him to help us out a little.
You have him working for you? Let me speak to him.
Just so I can let his mother know he's okay.
You were the one on the street.
Who are you? Friend of your mom's.
She was worried about you.
And from the looks of it, she was right.
Please, don't tell her.
It'd kill her.
And it's not what you think.
Well, you tell me what it is.
They say you trafficked drugs.
No, I I went to a party.
Okay? That's all.
At a friend's house in Jersey.
There was this drunk dude passing out Molly.
He shoved some in my hand, and it wasn't my thing, so I stuffed it in my pocket and I forgot about it.
Taking the path train home.
Next thing I know, the feds are frisking me.
They were monitoring the party.
Crossing lines back from Jersey made it federal.
They said it was a slam dunk, that I'd serve five years unless Unless you helped them out.
- Why didn't you go to your mom? - How could I? I mean, she's worked day and night making sure that everything was good for me.
Even if we could afford a lawyer, which we can't, it would still cost me my scholarship.
I'd be throwing away my future.
The only way out was to say yes.
But, uh But what? They got me going to this stash house.
Making buys off this dealer.
It was only supposed to be, like, once or twice, but every time I do it, they say I got to do it more.
And since you're not under arrest, you have no rights.
And it's off-book, so the agents can change the deal all they want.
Yeah, well, they just changed it again.
Now they saying I got to plant a bug at the house.
I mean, if I get caught You won't get caught.
Because you're not doing it.
We will put an end to this right now.
You talked to him.
You good? Actually, I'm not.
Threatening my nephew over a few tabs of X he didn't even know he had? Forcing him to put his life at risk to do your job? We're not making him do anything.
We're giving him a choice.
Ruin his future or risk his life? What kind of choice is that? His.
Your aunt seems to think we're treating you unfairly.
That what you think? 'Cause you're in control here.
You're free to walk out that door anytime you want.
But then you know what'll happen.
I'll do it.
Hmm? I'll stay.
Well, looks like we're done here.
Listen, you stay strong.
That's my new number.
You call me if you need me, nephew.
(DOOR OPENS, CLOSES) They were blackmailing him, and all I could do was sit there and take it.
Now they have this kid planting a bug in a stash house.
Why are the feds outsourcing an investigation of a drug gang to a teen with zero training? I mean, is-is that really their best move? It's their easiest move.
Kids like Malik are free, expendable and easy to intimidate.
Leveraging teens for minor infractions and putting them in high-risk situations? That's got to be illegal.
Well, it should be, but it isn't.
And a lot of them end up getting killed.
They get away with it because most of these kids are from disadvantaged neighborhoods.
Don't have advocates.
Well, this kid's got us, so what's our best play? He's going back in today.
We have to find that stash house.
Keep him from ending up a statistic.
Look, even if I could get back into the servers, this-this operation's probably off-book because of Malik.
Investigation into a local player, DEA would have to be leaning on cops.
Meaning the NYPD might have intel on the stash house location.
Spoke to my friends in narcotics.
The feds are being tight-lipped on this one, but they did tell narcotics to steer clear of 167th and Douglas in Jamaica.
ROBYN: 167th and Douglas.
Any idea whose turf that is? Yeah.
Sixth street mafia.
Operation run by a player named Lamar Starks.
- What's his rep? - Ambitious and ruthless.
He makes your kid, he won't hesitate to smoke him.
(SIGHS) thanks, Marcus.
Listen, watch your six out there.
'Cause the new guy's digging into your world.
's lit a fire under his ass because of that article.
Let him dig.
I've been chased by better.
But even a blind squirrel finds a nut once in a while.
BRADLEY: Look, don't be so nervous.
All you got to do is put this somewhere out of the way while you make the buy.
What if they see? Anything goes south, say the safe word, and we'll pull you.
"I told my moms I'd be home soon.
" (SIGHS) I told my moms I'd be home soon.
I told my moms I'd be home soon.
164th and Douglas.
That's a good spot for dealing.
Easy subway access.
No stores to draw patrols.
Anything stand out? Look at the three homes on the corner.
Blacked-out windows.
One of them has got to be - our stash house.
- ROBYN: Check property records.
See if any are abandoned.
What'd you find on Lamar Starks? Dante was being kind.
Has a dozen aggravated assaults.
Suspect in two homicides.
Deals coke, black tar heroin, and has been expanding into opioids.
Set off a turf war with a rival gang named K-block.
Malik is not about that street life.
Starks will eat him alive.
All right, pulled up the property records.
Looks like you're going to 824 Douglas.
Condemned three years ago.
Been abandoned ever since.
Easy pickings for a dealer looking to set up shop.
Yeah, and we got front-row seats to the action thanks to a couple of doorbell cams in the neighborhood.
MEL: Here comes Malik.
McCall, he's going in.
Damn it.
Baby boy in the house.
What's up, Devon? Where is everyone? Oh, they'll be here.
Have a seat.
So, what's your plan? What do you mean? DEVON: Mean if you don't want your face on the front of your homey's t-shirt, then you need a plan.
Feel me? (CHUCKLES SOFTLY) don't trip, man.
- We got you.
- (PHONE VIBRATES) Hey, what up? Yeah, I got him.
Everything good? Any reason it shouldn't be? No.
(CHUCKLES SOFTLY) No, I'm just saying.
What? Hmm? What you saying? (CHUCKLES SOFTLY) Just saying.
Robyn, how far away are you? About five minutes.
Why? Lamar Starks just showed, and he brought muscle.
Either Malik's made an impression, and he wants to meet him Yeah.
Or they're onto him and Starks is there to end him.
Well, I'm not waiting to find out which.
As soon as I get there, I'm pulling him out.
HARRY: You sure you want to do that, Rob? I mean, won't the DEA step in if there's trouble? Like I trust them to look out for him.
They're the reason he's there in the first place.
(DOOR CLOSES) This him? Yep.
Come on, let's go, baby boy.
Wait, wait, wait.
Where we going? I told my moms I'd be home soon.
- That's the safe word.
Let's go.
- No, no.
No, no, no, no, no, no, no.
He's-he's just panicking.
He's fine.
Let's go.
What if they made him? Look, if we rush in now, he's dead anyway.
Let's just see where it goes.
What, you want to blow six months of work? - (TIRES SCREECH) - hey.
It's that woman, the aunt.
- Hey.
- ROBYN: Where is he? - Where's Malik? - SEELEY: He's not inside? - They're gone.
All of them.
- What the hell are you doing here? You let them take him? Why didn't you pull him out? Look, I don't know who you think you are, but you're interfering with a federal investigation right now.
Do you understand that? Tell me you put a tracker on him.
She's right.
They're gone.
- What? - You didn't, did you? - Do you know where they're taking him? - Did you hear what I said? - You're - Yeah, I heard you.
You want to haul me in? Do it.
Then I can put on record exactly how and why you lost an 18-year-old kid you were sworn to protect.
Yeah, that's what I thought.
For all you know, they took him to kill him.
You better pray he's unharmed when I find him.
Or you're both gonna answer.
ROBYN: Come on, Harry, tell me you found them.
I-I don't even know what I'm looking for here.
I mean, they must have had a car parked out back.
Look, we're checking all the traffic cams, so maybe we'll get lucky.
Yeah, I wouldn't count on it.
There's six freeway entrances nearby they could've taken any one of them.
Come on, Malik, where are you? Come on, come on, come on, where the fuzz at What's the word on that thing, man? Uh-uh, that's not gonna work, man.
He ain't gonna like that.
Yo, Dominicans say they need more time.
Yeah, what the hell I look like, a bank? Send some hitters.
Make it messy.
Thought it was a game got to run up that bag, I say must, bruh putting in that work don't take much, bruh (PHONE RINGING) Harry, hold up.
It's Malik he's calling me.
Malik? He must have his sound off.
I think he's trying to signal us.
Can you track his phone? Uh, his GPS is still off.
I can triangulate his signal but its gonna take a minute.
We're about to pass Frankie's.
Can we grab a burger or something? ROBYN: Harry, did you get that? I'm on it.
Yeah, started as a dream yo.
My advice? Shut the hell up.
I'm the man around my way There are three Frankie's in queens.
There, that's the closest one to the stash house.
119th and Sutphin, okay.
That'll help us with the traffic cams.
Attaboy, Malik.
Dee? Hey! Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey! What's going on? Why aren't you in school? Aunt Vi, no disrespect, but you probably don't want to talk to me right now.
Dee! Harry, any updates? I had 'em they're in a black SUV, but I lost coverage.
- What?! - Hey, don't shoot the messenger, man! They made a left a few minutes ago on 51st and Thompson.
I-I haven't been able to pick 'em back up since.
We still have audio on Malik's phone, though.
Let's hear.
STARKS: Yo, young blood, out the car.
Come on, come on.
Heard you trying to get paid.
If that's the case, you need a family to watch your back.
Know what I mean? You see that barbershop? There's a fat-ass lame named Simms.
Gets a shave there every week.
He been trying to muscle in on our territory.
Now, fat man get a chicken parm from mamma C's delivered every time he there.
But today there's gonna be a new delivery boy.
I-I-I don't think I'm the one for this.
I don't think you understand.
It's not like you have a choice.
(PHONE RINGING) How's the kid? He got in a car with Lamar Starks.
We were tracking him.
Last seen at 51st and Thompson.
Thompson street? What's Starks doing all the way over there? That's K-block turf.
We got audio through Malik's phone.
Something about sending him into a barbershop just before we lost signal.
Does that mean anything to you? Wait A barbershop? Hold up, bruh.
Delivery from mama C's.
(ELECTRIC RAZORS BUZZING) Uh, delivery from mama C's? - For Simms.
- Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.
Slow your roll.
I'll take that.
Yo, hold up.
Your tip, lil man.
(CHUCKLES) Thanks.
Yo, G.
What happened to frito? Uh, he's out today.
Yeah, I ain't seen you before.
Papa Tony hire you? Yeah.
(CHUCKLES) That's interesting.
'Cause papa Tony passed away last year.
Check the bag.
Bomb! - You gonna die! I didn't know! - I'm telling you I didn't know! Easy! Everybody just chill out.
Take the bag out back.
Put it in a sewer.
Won't mess nothing up down there.
Water will disable it.
- No, no - Yeah.
You in a world of hurt, little man.
(GUNFIRE) ROBYN: Malik! (GRUNTING) Get in! (INDISTINCT CHATTER) Detective Mallory, what are you doing here? I could ask you the same.
I'm responding to an incident.
Someone used the K-block guys for target practice.
Any idea who? A rival dealer was seen leaving the area.
Lamar Starks.
Head of the sixth street mafia.
From what I caught on the scanner, a witness description of the shooter sounded an awful lot like our vigilante.
She taking sides in a turf war now? I don't know anything about that.
You sure? Because it seems like wherever she is, you're not far behind.
You were first on the scene here, right? Just doing my job, detective.
Of course.
I'm gonna do mine.
It's Mallory.
I want everything we got on Lamar Starks, head of the sixth street mafia.
This is my friend Mel.
- She's gonna take you somewhere safe.
- Hi.
Hey, uh, but What about my mom? What if Lamar finds where I live? We've made arrangements for her, too.
My baby! Mom, I-I messed up.
- I let you down.
- Look at me, Malik.
The only way you could ever let me down was if you didn't come home.
Whatever this is, we'll get through it together.
Come here.
I love you.
Love you, too.
Thank you.
Thank god he's okay.
But by my math, including the feds, he now has three gangs after him.
Just get 'em to the safehouse.
Keep 'em secure until we can figure out what to do.
(PHONE BUZZING) Hey, auntie.
What happened? Aunt Vi told me about the memorial.
You okay? Well, according to every kid who got up to speak, they were all Jason's best and closest friend.
Meanwhile, 90% of them never even spoke to Jason when he was alive.
And so you walked out.
And you tossed your eulogy.
I didn't want to be one of them.
I mean, they were using my friend who died To make themselves more important.
For some people, tragedy's a magnet.
A chance to say they escaped a brush with danger and lived to tell the tale.
Okay, but they didn't.
They have no idea what it was like.
What he was like.
So I am putting them on blast.
Okay, the whole school is gonna know how full of it they are.
And that'll make you feel better? Yes! For how long? Do you think you're gonna change them? No.
I mean, but What do I do, mom? I mean, just let them get away with it? I have to stick up for Jason.
Of course you do.
I'm just wondering Is that the way Jason would want to be defended? What do you mean? I mean, what you decide to do is part of Jason's legacy, too.
How do you want him to be remembered? By those words? Or by these? Baby, some people's minds aren't worth trying to change.
Not once they've shown you who they are.
MEL: Okay, so they've shown us who they are.
How's that gonna save Malik? Greed.
These gangs aren't much different than the warlords in Mogadishu.
They all had one thing in common.
They all wanted more.
Made 'em blind.
So when the CIA sent me in, I used that greed against them.
The feds used Malik because they were greedy for the bust.
Lamar moved on Simms because he's greedy for territory.
And Simms wants to expand his empire.
We can use that.
What are you thinking? Something risky.
But if we pull it off, we can end this.
But I'm gonna need your help.
You had me at risky.
What's the plan? Have to admit, I'm surprised to see you, miss You don't get my name.
And I'm not here to answer questions about the barbershop or Malik.
Feel free to run prints.
You won't find anything.
Who are you? Let's say I'm an interested party.
With a lot of people interested in you.
What's to stop us from calling the NYPD right now? You want sixth street mafia.
And I can help.
Not just them.
K-block, too.
That'd be a pretty solid flex, busting Lamar Starks and Charles Simms.
(EXHALES) No way you can deliver that.
You read that article.
That only scratches the surface of what I'm capable of.
What do you get out of it? Malik.
If I succeed, you cut him loose.
And if you fail? Then I'm out of your hair.
You win either way.
So What do you say? Here's everything narcotics has on Lamar Starks.
- Locations? - A complete work-up.
Yeah, happy hunting.
hello, Lamar.
Up against the car.
What you want with me? I ain't did nothing.
(CHUCKLES) Oh, you've done plenty.
STARKS: Dominicans still trippin'? Cap another one.
Yo, Devon, bring those keys in here.
DEA's had a bug in your stash house, for months.
You're looking at a long vacay at the rikers B and B.
Lucky for you, it's not you we're after.
We want Charles Simms.
I ain't got nothing to do with the fat man.
Oh, I wouldn't call a botched barbershop hit nothing.
Looks to me like you're as anxious to get rid of Simms as we are.
Simms made a mistake.
He didn't stay in the hood.
He started moving on zip codes that, uh Certain people care about.
We can't have that.
Help us take him down and we'll look the other way as you soak up his territory.
You must think I'm a fool.
I thought you were a businessman.
Look, we put Simms away, we know someone's gonna take his place.
Might as well be someone that we have a deal with.
Snitch? (SCOFFS) Nah, you got me twisted.
Do you want to level up? Be a kingpin? 'Cause this is how it happens.
We help each other.
And we both get paid.
So you in the game? Yeah, you think I do this for my pension? Give a taste, get a taste.
There's no reason we can't all win.
What you got in mind? I just need you To make a call.
STARKS: Killing each other don't do either of us no good.
So not only am I offering a truce, but I propose we combine our crews and take over the city.
Look, I know it sounds crazy, especially after the barber shop, but the big homies sat me down, told me I was wildin'.
So as a show of good faith, I'm offering a bag and that black to go with it.
That ain't nothing.
It's enough to make your life hard.
But this is not about you.
We've been onto Starks for months.
DEA sees this peace offering as a chance to take Lamar down.
With the amount of cash and product he'll be bringing, we'll have everything we need to put him away for a very long time.
Lady, Starks doesn't want a truce.
He wants to smoke me.
Well, we know that.
But what he doesn't know is that we're on to him.
And we're backing you.
What? You didn't know that? Why do you think you're sitting here instead of in the yard? We like how you do business.
With minimal violence.
The DEA would rather have someone with restraint sitting at the top of the pyramid.
Or you could not play ball and we'll come after you, too.
Unless Lamar gets to you first.
(PHONE BEEPS) (LINE RINGING) Starks, it's Simms.
I accept your offer.
Yeah, bet.
I'll be in touch with when and where.
He buy it? Doubt it.
Fat man is smart.
He'll try something.
Make sure the boys is ready.
What about the feds? All I know is we gonna finish what we started.
Feds can arrest a corpse, all I care.
I give the signal, the boys take out Simms.
And anybody else can get it as long as my hands stay clean.
The boys in position? Yeah, you know it.
You give the signal, they gonna light it up out there.
Appreciate you coming out.
You got nerve, Starks.
What you pulled at the barber shop.
Yeah, that's why we here.
To make that right.
SIMMS: See, that's the problem with you youngsters.
You don't respect How the hell did she get them both to wear wires? You got to give respect to get respect HARRY: How's it going? Almost too well.
Wish I could see their faces when they realize that they've totally incriminated themselves and they don't actually have a deal with the feds.
Davis, it's me.
I followed Starks to some kind of meet.
Probably a drug exchange.
I'm gonna need all available units.
453 Industry.
No sirens.
You got it.
You find the vigilante? No, but if she's working with Starks, she'll be here somewhere.
I want checkpoints on all roads leading in and out of this location.
What the Be careful what you ask for.
Hang up.
(PHONE BEEPS) Your phone.
I thought you were smarter than this.
You know what the sentence is for threatening an officer? Yeah, zero days in jail if you can't bring me in.
You're making a huge mistake.
But I'm stopping you from making an even bigger one.
Trust me when I say you don't want any part of what's going down here tonight.
Call your guy.
Call off the backup.
SIMMS: You got the stuff? Or we just out here jawin'? STARKS: I got it.
You agree to terms? Smart choice.
DEA! You're under arrest! DEA AGENT: Move this way! (OVERLAPPING SHOUTING) Do not move! Hands up where I can see them! DEA AGENT 2: Behind your back now! All right, let's move.
Come on, man.
You were right about Lamar's guys.
Thanks for the tip.
And thank you for the heads up on Mallory.
I owe you.
That was all my pleasure.
(LAUGHS) I know it was.
But I got you a little something anyway just to show my appreciation.
(GRUNTING) (KNOCKING) Big game hunting, huh? Shut up, will you? Just uncuff me.
Not much fun when the lion's got the gun, is it? Good thing she stopped you, though.
You almost blew a major federal operation.
HENRY: So, thanks to overwhelming evidence, Starks, Simms and their organizations are no longer a threat to Malik, or the city.
Not bad for the vigilante and her nameless, unrecognized team.
You still on that article? Little bit.
I just wish more had changed.
We may have saved Malik, but the DEA is gonna keep extorting kids.
More lives will be lost and there's nothing we can do about it.
Maybe not.
But maybe we can shine a light.
So shine a light on me (KNOCKING) Shine a light on me Excuse me, I'm supposed to meet someone.
You're looking for the vigilante? The one you wrote the article about? She's not coming.
But she thinks we have a story you'll want to hear.
Burn, let it burn make it bright so they all can see Director wants to see you guys.
What about? I'm guessing your jobs.
Wild boy trying to keep it in control Detective Mallory.
Give us a minute, lo oh lord Did I choose the wrong man for this job again? No, ma'am.
Then convince me otherwise.
She's slippery.
But last night proved me right The way to find her is by looking into her associates.
My mistake I've been looking at the wrong one.
Make it bright so they all can see shine a light on me.
Can I tell you a secret? We had a game Where we thought up ways we could save the future.
It could be serious or Or silly, but One of the things Jason really believed was that an act of caring can change someone's world.
(CRYING): A smile A smile can change someone's day.
(SNIFFLES) But so can a bullet.
The last thing Jason did before he was shot was Turn to me and smile.
(SNIFFLES) It was always there when I needed it most.
And it was always Impossible not to smile back.
He believed the best about people And life and he was smart.
But he never put anyone down for not knowing what he knew.
You know, he actually made you feel better about yourself.
And I was so lucky So incredibly lucky to call him my friend.
And in all the versions of The better world that we imagined Jason and I were best friends.
But one thing we never imagined was A world where Jason wasn't in it.
And I miss him.
I miss him every day.
And I just wanted you all to know who he really was.
My girl.

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