The Equalizer (2021) s02e04 Episode Script

The People Aren't Ready

Previously on The Equalizer I'm the one you call when you can't call 911.
What this house needs is trust.
So I'm gonna give her mine.
Maybe she'll do the same.
Guy I punched wasn't just a lawyer.
He was the A.
Just as we go to trial, he drops the case.
He doesn't want to hurt his conviction record because he may run for office one day.
's put me on this vigilante case.
I know you had a few run-ins with her.
I wanted to ask you some questions.
She's clever, uses sophisticated tactics.
- It won't be easy.
- Easy's no fun.
I like the cat and mouse.
Long as you're the cat.
Oh, I'm not you.
She's in my crosshairs, I won't hesitate to shoot.
What the Be careful what you ask for.
Last night proved me right.
The way to find her is by looking into her associates.
My mistake I've been looking at the wrong one.
We coming for you.
Get some rest, pretty boy.
We back at it tomorrow.
I got next.
And it ain't gonna be pretty.
I smell bacon.
Shut it, Gibson.
Damn it.
Man down.
Man down! Bring the cutter! $1,500? Have you lost your mind? What? That's just what they cost.
Girl, that's too much to be spending on a cell phone.
- Especially for someone without a job.
- Come on.
There were literally stacks of cash in that storage unit.
- I can't pinch off a taste? - Who are you, Delilah Soprano? - That's not what that money is for.
- Okay, well, what about all of those sick electronics? I mean, who pays for all that crazy stuff? I mean, you're connected, right? You got to have a hookup who could slip me the latest phone.
You know, someone at NSA.
Or apple, maybe.
I mean Do we get free stuff? Are we secretly rich? Got to be some perks, right? Yeah.
What are the perks? Saved by the cell.
I got to bounce.
And the perks are you get a roof over your head and food to eat.
That's my money.
You want a $1,500 phone, go earn it.
Are we still on for game night? You know it.
We're not done talking about this.
I am.
Good luck with the job hunt.
Thank you so much for coming.
This is Luis, my grandson.
He-he's not built for prison.
The men inside, they put him through so much physical and mental abuse.
He couldn't take it.
He hung himself.
Now he's clinging to life in a coma.
We don't know if he's going to make it.
So what led to all of this? Almost two years ago, Luis was arrested for stealing a car.
They say that they have witnesses.
But he didn't do it.
He was with me at the time of the robbery, and I have video evidence to prove it.
I turned it over to the police, but I don't even know if the prosecutors have looked at it.
They tried to get him to plea, but he refused to admit to something that he didn't do.
We wanted to raise bail, but they set it so high.
And we're struggling just to make ends meet.
Two years? And still awaiting trial? It keeps getting pushed.
Evidence analysis, attorney schedules All these excuses.
"The people aren't ready.
" Yeah, that's the phrase the prosecutors use.
Meantime, Luis is left to rot.
I'm sorry about your grandson, but I don't know how I can help, other than to secure you a better lawyer.
This isn't about Luis.
This is about his father, Hector, my son.
He didn't show up to work yesterday and he's not answering his phone.
He's never missed a day in 32 years.
Hector blames the D.
For what's happened to Luis.
He's so angry.
I'm worried that he's going to do something bad.
What makes you say that? No, I am not concerned about the allegations leveled against my department.
Our probe will be thorough, and we'll deal with the problem accordingly.
You're the problem! Locking up innocent people like my son! It's your fault that he did this to himself! I hope you burn in hell! Well, I can see why the family's worried.
Well, I can't say I blame him.
I mean, the bs charges, constant court delays, his son tries - to take his own life - We have to find him.
- What do you got so far? - Nothing you're gonna like.
Hector's phone has been turned off since the day he went missing.
Phone records indicate a barrage of calls to the D.
's office.
But most concerning are these photos I found on his icloud.
Taken in the last two days.
Looks like he was surveilling her.
Do you think he'd really try to hurt the D.
? Doesn't matter, because we're gonna find him first.
And if we don't? I mean, Rob, if this guy's after blood, we got to pull the cops in.
But what if he's not? We don't know what Hector's doing.
If we go to the cops Angry brown man, public feud with the D.
A We all know how that movie ends.
What are we supposed to do, um, let him kill the D.
? No, we tell someone we can trust.
In the meantime, see if you can locate Hector before he does something that'll get himself killed.
Hang on.
You're telling me you're aware of a credible threat against the D.
But you won't tell me by who? I don't know if it's credible.
I'm just trying to prevent a tragedy.
Then give me a name.
I can't do that.
It'll force your hand.
You'll be obligated to turn it over to NYPD.
The threat's your client.
And I won't put them at risk with your overly ambitious colleagues.
But you do need to bolster up security for D.
I can't.
Not without a name or any concrete Arrest me.
What? Cuff me.
Do it.
NYPD! Stop right there! Let me see those hands.
The hell's going on, Dante? What does it look like? I've apprehended the vigilante.
babe, will you stop? We're not gonna find Hector by looking at random street cams.
You know what the odds are? Eight and a half million in the city.
Spot 100 people an hour.
What is that, one in 85,000? It's better than the lottery.
It's why we don't play the lottery.
Look, I tagged his financials.
I tagged his phone.
He's bound to come up for air eventually.
Yeah, I don't like waiting.
You were a sniper.
I mean, that was literally 90% of your job.
It's just so unfair how the bail system is rigged against the poor.
Two people could commit the same crime.
But if you're rich, you pay bail, you go home to your bed and family.
But if you're poor, you get thrown into a cement room till prosecut - Oh, my god.
- What? You saw Hector? I knew it! Where? No.
What? She's been arrested.
You think I don't know what's happening? You only arrested her to save your ass.
Madam D.
Congratulations, detective Dante.
Unexpected, after you excused yourself from this case.
Just in the right place at the right time.
So, who is she, really? Refused to give a name.
No I.
No prints.
And this threat against me.
You believe her? I do.
But she won't reveal the person's identity.
All right.
Have a seat.
I'd prefer to stand.
So you're the vigilante everybody's been talking about.
What is it? "Got a problem? Odds against you?" That's a cute slogan.
It's more of a mission than a slogan.
Well, I think your mission just came to a close.
But, honestly, I'm a little disappointed.
Thought it'd be more of a challenge.
Well, what can I say? You have a crack team.
I understand you have some information for me.
More of a warning.
Right, but you're not gonna tell me the source of this threat.
Isn't it enough knowing your life is in danger? And if I release you, you're gonna Make sure nothing happens to me? And I'll be so grateful, I'll call off the dogs? The threat is real.
So why not take precautions? Beef up security, just in case? Because I don't tend to follow the advice of criminals.
And even if you're right, people coming after me isn't breaking news.
People being mad at the D.
, it's part of the job description.
Too bad.
I thought you were smarter than this.
I thought you were, too.
Now, if you'll excuse me, I have more criminals to catch.
By the way Don't be too disappointed.
I'm just passing through.
Proceed with the charges.
- What about the threat? - I don't think there is one.
I think she's fronting.
Trying to strike a deal.
I don't think that's her style.
We need to take this seriously.
All right.
I'll tighten up my security.
But I need you two to follow this up, see what she's hiding.
It might be better if I work on this alone.
You said that about catching her, too.
I think detective Dante here understands this vigilante in a way that neither of us ever will.
So, you two play nice and get it done.
Hear that? Play nice.
Playtime's over.
Something funny? You're pretty upbeat for someone who's up to their neck in it.
I'm just a glass-half-full kind of girl.
I don't know why.
You are in for a world of hurt.
Really, Buford? Is that what we're doing? Kenneth Buford Mallory of Ohio.
Bullied as a kid.
Stuttered till age nine.
Yeah, I know all about you, Buford.
Reinvented yourself at Fresno state.
Average GPA.
Graduated the middle of your detective class.
Known as the big game hunter.
You've never hunted game like me.
Here's the deal.
You're gonna tell me who you are and who wants to hurt the D.
And I'm gonna make things go easy for you.
What we talking, reduced sentence? Uh, putting in a good word with the D.
? That sort of thing? You know, my dad used to say, "god wants you to walk, and the devil sends a limo.
" I'll tell you what you can do for me.
You can give me my first phone call.
I believe I get three.
That's how you want to play it? I can make it my mission to make this hard on you.
You do you.
Phone call.
Are you sure - we can talk freely? - Yeah, I'm on a pay phone.
They're not allowed to listen in.
I encrypted the line, just in case.
Okay, so tell me, how the hell did you let yourself get arrested? No choice.
I could've escaped, but I would've left Dante in a bad spot.
- Where are we with finding our friend? - We just got a hit on Hector's credit card, like, two minutes before you called.
Looks like he rented a room at a residency hotel on the east side.
He could be hiding out there.
Mel, you're gonna have to check it out.
But you got to get there fast.
The D.
And the police are mobilizing.
Won't take them long before they're onto the same path - as us.
- Okay.
But what about you? How are we gonna get you out? Don't know yet, but I'm working on it.
Should we call Bishop? No.
He's radio silent on a mission.
What about your family? I would rather not if I don't have to.
Look, I'm good.
Priority is finding Hector.
Text me the address, babe.
Uh, hold on a sec.
You're not going on your own.
- Of course I am.
- Babe, look at this.
No cams, which means I can't watch your back.
I'm gonna go with you.
Babe, I know you really want to get back out in the world, but I can handle myself.
It's not about that.
Yes, of course I want to get back out there, but it's about me knowing that you're safe.
I'm gonna be fine.
Look, you can go on your own, but I'm just gonna follow you anyway.
And we can play the Whole hide-and-seek thing, you know, but you're gonna spot me, because you're awesome.
And we're gonna argue, and you'll secretly think it's adorable that I'm so protective and you're gonna forgive me anyway.
So why don't we just skip all that? You are adorable.
Let's go.
That's my space.
Maybe you didn't hear me.
Little girl, it's been a long morning.
- It's about to get longer.
- Yeah.
But not for me.
Now, if you don't mind, my feet hurt.
And I'm not trying to sweat out my edges.
So I'm gonna sit down.
I suggest That you do the same.
Shut up.
Back off of her.
Unless you want some, too.
What can I say? A whole lot of people have motive to hurt the D.
Hold on to those.
What do you got there? She said play nice.
Best guesses.
A mob-connected hitter.
Female fraud case facing serious federal time.
And Hector ramos, a guy who confronted the D.
Let me take a look.
Hold on.
This is the guy who started screaming at the D.
- During a presser.
- Mm-hmm.
Son was arrested under questionable circumstances.
Now he's in the hospital? In critical condition after a suicide attempt.
Doesn't look good.
This sob story is exactly the vigilante's type.
This Hector is our guy.
What I thought.
I got into his cell records.
Ramos made a string of calls to the D.
's office in the last week.
Return call from A.
Walter Ellis's office.
Spoke to Hector for over ten minutes.
Hold on.
This is the same A.
You got suspended for punching in the face? I like to think of him as the A.
Who prioritized his conviction record over the life of a witness.
Oh, man.
This just keeps getting better and better.
You know we got to go talk to him, right? Yeah.
I know.
Do me a favor.
Keep your hands to yourself, eh, champ? Keep talking and you're next.
After the press conference, I talked to Mr.
Ramos at the behest of the D.
What about? I mostly tried to listen.
He was upset.
That sort of thing can be difficult on a family.
In your estimation, is he capable of violence? I suppose everyone is capable of violence Detective.
But then sometimes people have it coming.
So, in your opinion, Hector ramos is capable of hurting the D.
? The man's son is in a coma after sitting in a prison for two years.
And as a father, I can't imagine what that must be like.
You know? Who knows what he's capable of.
If your office cared so much, why didn't you just expedite the case? Oh, right.
'Cause you know better than anyone how justice should be served.
Everyone gets a fair trial, detective.
Sometimes it takes time.
We need to be thorough.
So if the gears of justice move a little too slow for you, maybe you should've chosen a different profession.
Thanks for the time.
Hector's our guy for sure.
I'll put in for a search warrant.
Do that.
I got to say, you really know how to make friends.
Shut up.
This is why I should've come solo.
Come here.
Looks like he's planning to merc the D.
At her next city hall presser.
Hey, look, I know I don't get out much.
There's just something about all this that feels a little I don't know, weird.
You mean the Perfect abundance of evidence implicating Hector? Yeah.
It's almost like it's staged.
Hey! Oh, my god! That was so hot.
Are you okay? That definitely wasn't Hector.
So who the hell was that? I can't make a fist.
So stupid.
Which is why you should've stayed home in the first place.
Well, it's a good thing I didn't.
Why the hell did that guy have Hector's room key? Check this out.
Madero's? That's Hector's family's food truck.
Our guy was wearing gloves.
He didn't want to leave prints because he was leaving Hector's.
20 bucks says Hector's prints are all over these.
They're trying to set Hector up.
Whoever that was is planning on taking out the D.
And then pinning it on him.
And this was supposed to be found after the assassination.
Luis's suicide attempt and Hector's anger made him the ideal patsy.
We got to let Rob know.
Well, maybe this slug will give us some answers to who's behind this.
Mel, cops.
We got to go.
- Yeah, one second.
- No, no, no.
The moment they step foot in here, it'll only confirm that Hector's a threat to the D.
We should clean this up.
We don't have time.
Yes! Got it.
Let's go.
My lawyer.
We found a room rented to Hector ramos.
There was a lot of incriminating evidence that he's targeting the D.
- But? - I don't know.
The way it was all laid out didn't sit right.
Little things, like why use a credit card that can be easily traced? Why not use cash? Because they're setting Hector up to be the patsy.
Gift from your lawyer? Can you run ballistics? How's it related? Where did this come from? Not important right now.
But the D.
Needs to go underground.
These people could kill her at any moment.
Info from Hector's room points to it going down at the D.
's city hall presser.
We'll be ready.
It's not gonna happen where you think.
Whoever's behind this knows you found the SRO.
Their plan will change.
The D.
's still in danger.
One more thing.
I need my second phone call.
Jail? I have it under control.
I'm booked as a Jane Doe.
They don't know who I am.
Is that supposed to make me feel better? How long till they figure it out? What then? I'm gonna make sure it doesn't come to that.
You know what? I'm gonna trust that you know what you're doing.
What do you need? Game night.
I'm not gonna make it.
In fact, I'm not coming home at all tonight.
What do I tell Dee? The truth.
I promised her honesty.
I'll handle it.
In the meantime, just, please, take care of yourself.
Get out of there.
Come home.
I always do.
Was that mom? What? She ready for a beatdown? About that Your mom's not coming home tonight.
Why not? Do you really want to know? Yeah.
I mean, of course I do.
She was arrested.
She's in jail.
Arrested? For what? - I don't know.
- How bad is it? I don't know.
Oh, my god.
Look Your mom is the most competent person I know.
She said not to worry.
So That's exactly what we're going to help each other do.
Rob's got the bullet.
She knows the clock's ticking to find Hector.
How's she holding up? Well, I mean, she says she's got it under control.
But you don't believe her.
What if she doesn't? What if she's just Telling us that? Then we have to think of something quick.
'Cause as soon as she gets transferred to the tombs tomorrow, it's gonna be a lot harder to save her.
Okay, that's a little tight.
Don't stop, abuelo.
That's my favorite part.
Nurse! Where's dad? Eat.
Just think about it.
Why the hell would I go to some dumb-ass counseling for a whole year when I can do two months in county and be out? Well, it's your choice And I've made my decision.
You don't have to be so tough, you know.
I mean, he's right.
Counseling beats jail every time.
My bad.
The way you came at me earlier, I thought you had heart.
Come on.
Let's go again and find out.
Instead of trying to fight me, why don't you fight for yourself? You don't know me.
I know exactly who you are.
Because I've been you.
You talking all this mess, but you sitting right here next to me.
Well, everything you see is not always what it seems.
You come off all hard, but what I see is a scared young girl trying to do the best she can.
I'm not scared of nothing.
Prove it.
Because part of being brave is also making hard choices to change your life.
I've been where you are.
It just took someone to believe in me for me to understand.
Yeah, well, look around.
Ain't a whole lot of people lining up to believe in me.
All it takes is one.
But you still got to do the hard work.
You mean that talk bs? Ain't nothing but a waste of time.
You think it makes you soft.
But it takes strength to look inside.
Especially if you've been hurt.
But if you don't deal with it now, that little two-month vacay will turn into a life sentence.
Being in fear of your life 24/7.
The sound of a dead body hitting a concrete floor.
The pain you feel when the world outside is moving on without you.
That's what you're looking at.
I ain't got time for this.
Make time.
Because I don't think I'm wrong about you.
Unless this is who you think you are.
Good news.
Luis ramos is out of his coma and in stable condition.
- That is good news.
- Again, where'd this bullet come from and how is it connected to this? Why? What'd you find? Ballistics traced it back to a gun connected to the Bridgetown Clique.
You heard of them.
So you know they have their hands in pretty much everything.
Auto theft, bookmaking, credit card fraud, you name it.
Crew's run by a guy named Johnny O out of an old-school cigar lounge in queens.
Have a case on him? Nothing pending.
NYPD's been trying to take 'em down for years, but they keep slipping through our fingers.
Well, there must be a reason they're moving on her.
Just because the gun traced back to them doesn't mean they're behind the threat.
Guns change hands in the streets all the time.
I can find out.
But I'm gonna need my third phone call.
Do you have that file open yet? Well, uh, hang on, Rob.
The, uh, computer is moving a little slow today.
No good deed.
I feel like Tony stark without his suit.
Or his money.
Want me to type for you? - Back off.
- All right.
This is my thing.
Known members of the Bridgetown Clique.
That's him! That's our shooter! Rob, we got him.
The shooter's name is Mitch Soraci.
He's a Bridgetown enforcer.
I don't understand.
Why is Johnny O's crew targeting the D.
? I don't know.
But when Hector went after the D.
Publicly, he became the perfect guy to frame.
They set up that SRO to make it look like he's been planning this for days.
When the D.
's killed, they won't leave Hector as a loose end.
They'll kill him after they kill her.
Which means Hector's still alive.
We have to save him.
We got to get to Johnny O, find out what his plan is.
We've been trying for years.
NYPD's never been about to get close.
I can.
But I can't do it from in here.
What? They're transferring me to the tombs in an hour.
Once I'm in there, I can't help you.
Do you know what you're asking me? I'm asking you to save the D.
If you don't get me out of here, we'll have two deaths on our hands.
What I don't want is a scene.
It's a public event with a lot of press.
We'll take him before he even makes it through the door.
How's our Jane Doe in holding? She was moved to the tombs about 20 minutes go.
- No issues? - No.
Dante escorted her there personally.
Damn it.
Five calls to your voice mail? Your boy is awful needy.
He's needy all right.
Needs to make me suffer.
You think he's coming for you? He's got his hands full running security for the D.
Besides, I haven't done anything wrong.
Just hope you're right about all this and you can get to Johnny O.
I got you.
This is what I do.
I'll tell you what.
When this is all over, if you need to take me back I'll go.
So Guess you're taking me to school today? Guess I am.
And we're still not Worrying? Yeah.
We're absolutely not worrying.
All right, no, there's got to be something we can do.
I mean, what, she didn't leave instructions? Someone to call in case of an emergency? Honey, I don't think your mom was planning on getting arrested.
Well can't we call a bail bondsman or-or a lawyer? There's got to be someone who can get her out.
I've thought of all that.
I am ready to move heaven and earth to help your mom.
But anything we do risks exposing her.
As hard as this is, we just have to trust her.
One thing about your mom She knows how to take care of herself.
Johnny O.
You wondering about your men? They were tired.
You're working 'em too hard.
Who the hell are you? Doesn't matter.
I heard a rumor that you've arranged a hit on the D.
And you're using Hector ramos as a patsy.
Which is kind of a problem.
Because Hector Is a friend of mine.
Sounds more like a conspiracy than a rumor.
This would go a whole lot easier if you just told me where he was.
I don't know anything about it.
Imagine my surprise.
Don't let the money fool you, sweetheart.
I live for this.
I don't know how you got in here or how you got past my men, but now I'm here.
Which means that you are lucky to still be alive.
So unless you got something to say to me, I suggest you find your way out, while you still can.
My cigar club, it's for members only.
It's a nice club.
Lacking a little diversity, if I'm being honest.
But enjoy it.
While you still can.
How'd that go? He tell you what we need to know? No.
But he's about to.
Johnny O's phone.
Please don't tell me you illegally cloned it.
Don't ask questions you don't want the answer to.
Trying to save lives, not appear in court.
Now, if I'm right, he's calling one of his hitters.
We got a problem.
I told you not to call me.
And never on this line.
I know that voice.
That's Walter Ellis.
The assistant district attorney.
Sounds like there's history.
I have things under control.
- Oh.
That history.
- Do you really? First the apartment gets got.
Now I've got a woman coming to my place, asking questions.
She knows.
If the D.
's probe gets to you, it'll get to me.
And I can't have that.
Your job is to keep me out of prison.
I've paid you a fortune over the years to handle things your way.
Don't make me handle things my way.
Don't worry.
Whoever this woman is, she's too late.
We're moving on to our backup plan.
It'll all be over in an hour.
Better hurry or we're gonna be late for the press conference.
Let's go, Jimmy.
Change of plans, Jimmy.
What the hell? I should've knocked his teeth out when I had the chance.
What do you got? We're tracking Ellis's phone.
Looks like he's heading south near the warehouse district.
Tracking Ellis's phone.
- Head south.
- That's the opposite direction - from city hall.
- I told you.
They aren't going to the press conference.
They're flipping the script.
- I'm calling for backup.
- Don't.
We need a scalpel, not a hammer.
Nobody knows she's missing yet.
A show of force will only escalate the situation and put 'em both in more danger.
I always knew there was something rotten in the office.
But I have to admit, I didn't think it was you.
Though I always knew you were an ass.
Feeling's mutual.
From the day you showed up, you walked around like you were better than everyone.
Not everyone, Ellis.
Just you.
Why is she here? So you can shoot her.
Mitch Soraci? Johnny O's lapdog.
That's how Johnny O's evaded prosecution for so long.
How much is he paying you to steer cases? A lot more than you.
You really think you're gonna get away with this? Yeah.
And after I do, I'm gonna point this corruption scandal right back at you.
Fact you'll be dead just makes it easier.
What are you - What are you d what are you doing? - Take it.
Look at her.
That's the woman who allowed your son to be brutalized to the point he tried to take his own life.
She told you it was all in the name of justice.
Well, you taking her life That's justice.
That's vengeance, not justice.
My son doesn't deserve to die.
But neither does she.
Just make him.
Got her driver in the trunk.
We got to do him next.
Just need some powder residue for the coroner.
Gun down! Now! Toss the weapons or she dies! It's not gonna happen! It's over, Ellis! Let her go! No.
You're right.
The gears of justice are too slow for me.
Or how'd you put it? "Thorough.
" I got a feeling they're gonna be a little extra Thorough For you.
Thank you.
My son Luis? He's awake and he's stable.
Thanks for trusting me.
Deal's a deal.
Nice elbow.
Sometimes you got to handle things yourself.
Kind of my motto.
We have laws for a reason.
Without them, we devolve into chaos.
Well, clearly the law isn't always enough.
What happens then? Dante.
Keys? I'm not saying I approve of your methods.
But I'm gonna look past it.
For now.
Thank you.
Happy to help.
You must be pretty pleased with yourself.
The vigilante's gone.
And, miraculously, there's no trace of her arrest record.
I can't believe she got the drop on me.
Whatever, Dante.
I just got word.
I'm being transferred with a promotion.
Good for you.
You earned it.
You and I both know it's a bribe to go away.
I know the D.
's behind this.
She's the one who pulled me off the case.
I'll miss you, Mallory.
Thanks again for all the hunting tips.
That's funny.
Here's another one.
You keep working with that woman, and, I assure you, it's gonna end badly.
Maybe in a cell, right next to your father.
No, I can't do this.
Excuse me.
Are you Kisha Griffin? - How did you know - Someone left this for you.
You said you never had someone who believed in you.
Well, now you do.
If you ever need help, call me.
I'm ready.
So happy you're okay.
I-I'm sorry.
I don't want to interrupt.
- I can come back.
- No, no.
No, please.
It's okay.
I wanted to tell you personally that The charges against Luis are in the process of being dismissed.
I looked into the case.
I saw the video.
And you were right.
We are part of the problem.
You never should have been arrested in the first place.
Sometimes the system can be faulty.
And the wrong people get hurt.
It's never what we intend.
In light of this case, I'm, uh, asking my department to do a full review of similar cases to prevent this from happening again.
Hold on a sec.
Let me get this straight.
There's a truce between you and the D.
? More or less.
She won't actively pursue me as long as I don't go too far.
Have you met yourself? "Too far" is kind of your brand.
Well, I don't know.
She's holding up her end of the deal.
You are completely wiped from the NYPD system.
But what I want to know is what happened to your hand.
Oh, this? Well, mm, let's just say that when you're, uh, kicking ass, you got to break a few eggs.
Or bones, as the case may be.
I'm not surprised.
You always did have the hands.
He was kind of a badass.
Got to do what I got to do to protect my lady.
Oh, is that right? oh.
Well, I'm glad you guys are great.
I Got to get home.
Well, well, well, if it isn't the jailbird.
You want some of this wine or do you prefer to have yours made in a toilet? Aunt Vi.
Mom! You're home! Whoa, whoa, whoa.
I've been in a filthy cell all day.
Might want to let me take a shower first.
That is fair.
Hold up.
Where's your ankle bracelet? Aren't you on house arrest? Okay, you two, y'all got jokes tonight.
You can kid all you want.
But I know you were worried.
And I'm sorry.
- You okay? - Yeah.
I'm fine now.
But You'll tell us when you're in real trouble, right? And if you are, you got to tell us how we can help.
I'll work on that.
We can still do game night.
Okay, how 'bout a movie instead? Love that idea.
All right.
- I'll get the snacks.
- Okay.
Oh, yeah.
For sure.
Girl, let me get you a glass.
And don't you even think about touching my glass.

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