The Equalizer (2021) s02e05 Episode Script


1 ROBYN: I serve as an equalizer.
I'm the one you call when you can't call 911.
Previously on ¨The Equalizer¨ Come on, babe.
Five years of freedom from being hunted by the Feds.
HARRY: Five years of being stuck underground.
It's getting a little old.
When I was working overseas, no one knew who I was.
Maybe I was foolish thinking I could do this work, so close to home.
Anything we do risks exposing her.
As hard as this is, we just have to trust her.
Someone's got to have your back.
HARRY: Hold on a sec.
Let me get this straight.
There's a truce between you and the D.
ROBYN: She won't actively pursue me as long as I don't go too far.
Have you met yourself? Too far is kind of your brand.
BOY: Mama! [GASPS.]
It's okay, I'm here.
I saw the ghost again, Mama.
Again? Well, let's check.
No ghost down here.
Not in here, either.
Maybe it was just another scary dream? Well, in that case, we're gonna have to put out some ghost traps.
Get some rest, sweetheart.
I'll see you in the morning.
DELILAH: No, no, no.
Best movie in the franchise was the second.
Then the third, then the first.
ROBYN: Mm-mm.
I cannot believe you like the sequels more.
It only got good when Osiris was introduced.
See, that's the shiny thing distracting you from the nuanced, tragic heroism of Captain Kojo.
: Okay, no.
Aunt Vi.
Please tell her Kojo is so cringey.
Okay, now which one's he? - Abs or face? - Face.
Abs is dead.
: Oh, no, no, girl.
I like face.
What? No.
Osiris is not dead.
He got hit by an Eternity Ray.
He is dead.
I'm sorry, sweet girl.
I'm with her.
Those abs are out of commission.
: Okay.
You know what? If Osiris is not in the movie today, chili fries are on me.
But if he is, I get to choose the music on the car ride home.
Oh, you are gonna regret that because I'm gonna blast disco.
Both ways.
: No.
No, you're not.
Yes, I am.
Bad news.
What? Work? I'm not gonna be able to make the movie today.
But can I get a raincheck? Can we see it next weekend instead? - No.
- No.
- No, I'm sorry, Mom.
- Uh-uh.
There's no way I'm not seeing this movie today.
This is gonna be all over social media tomorrow.
I mean, spoilers everywhere.
Enjoy your girls' day together without me.
We'll tell you how it was.
Oh, it's like that? Oh, it's just like that, Kojo.
Watch out for those Eternity Rays.
Where'd you find this? They were posted anonymously to the dark web over the past two weeks.
And you think this woman is gonna be murdered? Yes.
There's a guy in her house filming her, and she has no idea.
Abe and I are admins in a Facebook group dedicated to saving her life.
Some people call us "armchair detectives.
" These videos, they're threats.
There are three in all.
Who is she? That's the problem, nobody in the group has been able to figure it out, which means we can't warn her that this creep is watching her in her own home.
Have you shown this to police? NYPD say that the videos aren't enough to go on.
And anyone who does believe us can't help.
You sure it's not a scam, or some kind of promotion? There it is.
She's no different than the cops.
- Let's just go.
- Abe, wait.
Why put yourself through this again? Through what? Five years ago, I had a stalker.
The cops assumed the threat wasn't real until he tried to kill me.
She has no voice.
We're the only ones who can speak for her, and this time, someone needs to listen before it's too late.
I'm listening.
What makes you think this is happening in New York? Look.
See that? The yellow? And it's not just any yellow.
It's RGB 255, 239, 0.
Specific to New York MetroCards.
Good eye.
How long you been looking into this? [SCOFFS.]
We've been investigating since the first video dropped.
And what has your investigation turned up? A suspect.
Guy's name is Brandon Mackey.
Everything points at him, and he needs to be stopped because he's going to kill her.
Even if he's doing these videos, murder that's quite an escalation.
Not for him.
Show her.
RACHEL: The same person who posted the home invasion videos posted this six months ago.
If this guy can do that to an animal, it's only a matter of time before he does it to a human.
I can't watch this.
How the hell can anybody do that to a living creature? 'Cause he's a psychopath.
He enjoys it.
And he will not hesitate to kill the woman he's stalking if we don't stop him.
But why the videos? Because as much as these armchair detectives want to take him down, they're giving him an audience.
Which is exactly what he wants.
HARRY: I mean, true crime has become an industry.
They're turning serial killers into celebrities.
Now every Tom, Dick and Murderer wants their own Netflix show.
I mean, I-look at Abe and Rachel's group.
Thousands of people here, commenting, following, watching.
I mean, he probably thinks of it as some sort of sick fan club.
And, yikes.
I mean, not to be sexist, but the women sure dig the true crime, don't they? Well, focusing on the bad guys shows us what red flags to look out for.
You know, obsessiveness, run-ins with the law.
Men with lairs.
You said the group had a suspect? Brandon Mackey.
He was the first to discover the home invasion videos.
- Share them with the group.
- Promoting his own work? Uh lives in Queens.
- Works at a cable company.
- Easy access into people's homes.
He has no social media.
Rachel and Abe said he deactivated his Facebook account after the group floated him around as a potential suspect.
Check and see if any new members joined the group after Brandon left.
Ten minutes after.
Somebody named Jason Caldwell.
- Trace the account.
Compare it to Brandon's.
HARRY: Nice call.
Same IP address.
It's him.
Brandon couldn't give up his fan club.
HARRY: Speaking of red flags, Brandon's got a sealed juvenile record.
I'll start at his apartment, see exactly what we're dealing with.
All right, you should be good.
According to last week's payroll, his shift doesn't end till later tonight, so he won't be home.
Get out, or I take you out.
Forget to read the manual? Safety's on, Davy Crockett.
Tell me who the girl is.
Please, please no.
I-I am not the stalker.
Really? Because looking at those printouts, those look like trophies to me.
Trophies? No.
That They're evidence so I can clear my name.
Do you know what you people have done to me? - What people? - The Internet mob.
The death threats, and doxing me.
Just destroying my life, and all I wanted to do was help.
You okay? What the hell do you care? I'm not with the group.
I'm just trying to get at the truth.
Well, so was I.
Now I need a new window.
Is this the first time the threats have been physical? Does slashing my tires count? Worse, now I'm linked with those messed-up videos.
You Google "dead kittens," my name comes up.
My girlfriend left me.
I can't go in to work 'cause my employer's getting threats.
I was just trying to gather evidence, find the real psycho or-or get the group shut down.
And your juvenile record I suppose that isn't your fault, either? No, that was all me.
Dude who got my sister hooked on drugs showed up to her funeral, so I beat the hell out of him.
I'd do it again.
The videos have time stamps.
I have alibis for all of them.
I would never hurt anyone.
Yeah, what do you got, Harry? Rob, a new video just dropped.
The whole group's talking about it.
Creep's in her house filming her folding laundry.
And, Rob, there's a caption.
"What would you do with your last eight hours?" Your clients may have been wrong about Brandon, but they're right about the stalker's endgame.
He's escalating.
Which means, whoever's making these videos is gonna kill this woman, today.
- We have less than eight hours before our stalker kills this woman.
Harry, tell me you got something.
How about this? I may know where the stalker's been posting his videos from.
That's something.
I've traced the videos.
They've all been posted to a dark web video hosting site, with spoofed IPs, except for last Wednesday.
He didn't change his proxy settings on his anonymizer.
- Translation: He messed up.
- Yeah, big-time.
So, I traced that video back to an Internet café in the city.
I think that may be his base of operations.
This guy wouldn't just drop the videos and walk away.
He'd want to see the reactions.
Hear the applause.
So if he just posted it, he might still be there.
: Yeah, I know.
But, no.
But it is a big deal.
It means he likes her.
So, first you exchange Snapchats, then you text, and then if things are going really well, you FaceTime.
But how many years until you're actually in the same room? Please.
Ooh, I love those sweaters.
I'm gonna go look.
Hurry up.
Movie starts in 20 minutes.
I don't want to miss the trailers.
Hey, I was gonna buy that.
That's mine.
I just hadn't taken it to the cash register yet.
Well, I guess I could say the same thing, considering I'm the one who's holding it.
Yeah I don't have time for this.
Just give it to me.
Excuse me? Who do you think you are, talking to me like that? Oh, I can talk to you any way I want.
No, you can't.
Look, I'm not leaving here until I get that robe.
Well, then we've got a problem.
Oh, now you're threatening me? Just give me the robe.
I said give it to me! Stop that.
What is wrong with you? Give it to me.
- Get off of me.
- [GASPS.]
Aren't you going to do something? She took my robe.
She shoved me.
I did no such thing.
And they know it.
I'm calling the police.
Go ahead.
Call them.
Yes, hi.
Hi, I'm at a store at Broadway and 60th.
I'd like to report an assault.
DELILAH: Okay, wait.
Hold on.
That's not what happened.
I saw the whole thing.
Oh, really? Tell it to the cops.
See who they believe.
Come here, baby.
Hey! Watch out! [PANTING.]
- Fancy seeing you here.
No, I kn I know this looks bad What, skulking around the same place where the stalker posted the videos? Or the running? 'Cause I don't like either.
Look, I'm here for the same reason you are.
A hacker friend traced the videos for me, and I've been running surveillance here for a week.
Surveillance means sitting on Brandon's house.
Which means you knew it wasn't Brandon.
All right, fine.
I knew.
But I'm not the stalker.
Then why send everyone looking in the wrong direction? You wanted to crack the case.
You wanted to be the one in the HBO documentaries.
You didn't want Rachel to hire me, did you? Look, I've been working this case for months.
Why should you get all the glory? - Glory? - Ow! Ow! Glory? A woman's life is at risk.
Now, you're gonna tell me what you know.
- And if it wasn't Brandon, that means you have something that points to someone else.
What? You got three seconds to start talking or I start - snapping fingers.
- Ow! Okay! Okay! [PANTS.]
I found another video.
An early one that no one knew about.
Taken in the same room as the cat video.
See? It's the same wallpaper.
I figure it must be the stalker's home? What's with the bucket? You don't want to know.
Now, that? That is the mascot for Red Brook High School in Densburg.
Upstate New York.
It's tiny.
And Brandon Mackey He's from Texas, not Densburg.
Look, I-I only sat on it 'cause I didn't want anyone screwing up the investigation.
I'm not a monster.
You put a woman's life at risk so you could get your 15 minutes.
I don't see a difference.
What's up? Rob, we've been going through the videos, and we found something.
In the killer's latest video, the victim's front door has a new lock.
Must've just had it installed.
It definitely was not there before.
MEL: We're thinking the woman may have realized she was being followed.
Which means she may have reported it to the police.
That'll be $9.
I got it.
Thank you.
What? Not used to women paying? Not used to breezing around with you in public.
Don't have to sneak around anymore.
Does that take the thrill out of it for you? Got something you need to watch.
Dinner and a movie? Not that kind of movie.
This guy's in her house while she's asleep.
You should've taken me for drinks instead.
What do you think? Your clients are right.
NYPD can't move on this.
But I'll help if I can.
You can.
Do me a favor and pull any reports of any women calling 911 about stalkers or potential home invasions over the last two weeks.
What is it? You see this? You recognize it? No.
Do you? Guess you don't have boys.
That's a Beyblade.
You stack 'em up together to make different kinds of toys.
My sons love them, which means I'm always stepping on them.
I think this woman has a kid.
And I only have a couple of hours left to save them both.
Blinds? Really? You got all that based on blinds? - Not just blinds.
Cheap blinds.
Blinds spe Oh, good.
Hey, Robyn.
Settle an argument for us.
- Do I have to? - It's case-related.
Our mystery woman sleeps in silk pajamas and has hundred-dollar hand cream on her bedside table.
Is that the kind of woman who would also buy cheap, plastic vertical blinds for her windows? You're thinking she's in a rental property.
Or an Airbnb.
Most likely built before 2006, because that's when that brand of blinds was discontinued.
Okay, what about the new lock? - Could've been installed by a landlord.
- Fine.
If it is a rental, it's probably a house, because there was no intercom by the door.
And listen to this back when I was military intelligence, I may have borrowed some NSA audio forensics software I forgot to return.
Used it to pick this up from the video.
You hear that? That's a commercial jet flying close overhead.
So, wherever this house is, I think it's in a flight path.
MEL: I mean, narrows it down some but not enough.
Well, might be enough.
Dante came through with a list of 46 women who called 911 about stalkers or home invasions over the last two weeks.
Names and addresses.
I emailed 'em to you.
Striking apartment buildings, that leaves us with 13 houses.
Only nine of which are in neighborhoods under flight paths.
Find out which ones were built before 2006.
And, Mel, let's make some calls.
See if any of 'em are rentals.
Okay, Aunt Vi, let's just go.
I mean, all we're doing is giving her the attention she wants.
We're not going anywhere.
Why? We did nothing wrong.
We're gonna miss the movie because this lady lost her mind? Sweetheart, we're staying.
Scuse me.
We're the victims here.
We understand there was an incident here a little earlier.
Can you tell me what happened? I picked up this robe.
That woman tried to grab it from me.
Yes, we understand there was some confusion over a piece of clothing.
I wasn't confused.
I heard it got a little physical.
She was coming at me.
I put a hand out to hold her back.
Look, I don't think anyone wants a problem here.
I think what we could use is just a bit of closure.
Are you asking me to apologize? If we can't come to a peaceful resolution, we will have to rely on the statements taken.
And if she wants to press things further, that's what we'll have to do.
I see.
Well, fortunately, Officer, you won't have to rely on the statements.
My niece here got the whole thing on video.
Just give me the robe.
I said give it to me.
VI: Get off of me.
What is wrong with you? - Get off of me.
- [GASPS.]
I see.
LORI: Just give me the robe.
I said give it to me.
VI: What is wrong with you? Get off of me.
I'm sorry.
Okay? Is that good enough? Thank you.
Apologize for the misunderstanding.
Excuse me, Officer.
Don't you want to know if I want to press charges? Do you? No.
I have no intention of weaponizing the police.
Let's go.
Out of the houses I called, two were rentals: Harlem and Bed-Stuy.
But only Bed-Stuy was built before 2006.
There's another one in Washington Heights.
Manager said the renter moved in a couple of months ago.
Woman and a child.
Wait, the child.
Boy or girl? - Boy.
- That's her.
What's her name? 911 report has her listed as Vicki Howell.
Lives off of Amsterdam.
Let me see what else I can find.
- Do you have her number? - Calling now.
Okay, I got her.
Rob, she's a blonde.
Same as the woman in the videos.
This is strange.
All I can find of her online are pictures of her from high school.
Where's the school? Red Brook High in Densburg.
Same hometown as our killer.
- [BEEP.]
- Vicki's not picking up.
Rob, it's been seven hours.
Which means her time is almost out.
- Vicki? Vicki? Vicki.
- What happened? - He attacked me.
He tried to kill me.
He heard you knocking and he ran out the back.
Where's your son? He took him.
You have to find him.
He took my son.
VICKI: He came out of nowhere.
Tried to tie me up.
So, I thought if I if I fought, if he kept hurting me, he wouldn't hurt Benji.
Then he slammed my head against the wall.
And then I heard you at the door, and he heard you, too.
: Then he grabbed my son and ran out the back.
By the time I got back there, they were gone.
DANTE: Vicki, did you recognize the man who attacked you? Was he distinctive to you in any way? Uh, he was covered.
He had a long-sleeve shirt, cargo pants.
He had gloves and a-a ski mask, too.
He was white.
What was Benjamin wearing? A white sweater and jeans.
- You swear you'll find him? - We're gonna do everything in our power to find your son.
ROBYN: Vicki, we think there's a possibility that your attacker knew you from back in Densburg.
Can you think of anyone in your life who might want to do this to you? DANTE: Coworkers? Friends? Anyone from your past who might have resurfaced recently? No.
I-I wish I knew why this happened, but I don't.
I wish I had seen it coming, but I-I didn't.
I'll put a BOLO out for her son and the attacker, and I'll get CSU out to the house.
But if the guy was wearing gloves, doubt they'll find prints.
Wasn't for you, she'd be dead.
We're gonna throw everything we have at finding the boy.
HARRY: I got bad news.
There's no security cams on Vicki's rental.
I scrubbed other home and traffic cams nearby.
There was no sign of the killer or Benjamin on foot, and there were no cars leaving the area after the killer escaped.
Rob, you okay? Close your eyes.
Describe what I'm wearing.
A camouflage sweater.
Is it white, or is it cream? Uh, pants.
- Mm, pants with pockets? I don't know.
- ROBYN: Okay.
Now tell me what Harry's wearing.
His engineer boots.
His double indigo raw denim.
His leather Western-style shirt with the sterling snaps and his, uh, veg tan leather belt with the vintage buckle.
: Okay, okay, let's stop before we get to the boxers.
Why? That's where it gets good.
The fact that you couldn't describe me as well as you did Harry is normal.
People don't retain details like that, especially in trauma.
Like describing a man who attacked you in your own home.
ROBYN: So why did Vicki remember more about her attacker than her own son who she dressed that morning? And another thing.
She said she didn't see it coming, but she called 911 to report a break-in, said the cops did nothing, and now her child is missing? I was her, I would've been all over Dante just now.
She didn't even mention it.
We're missing something.
The killer had a mug from Vicki's high school.
Harry, can you pull up a yearbook from Vicki's time at Red Brook? Yeah.
RACHEL: Vicki? Hi.
I'm Rachel.
They told me about you.
You're one of the people that was trying to find me.
I am so sorry about your son.
If it wasn't for you, we'd both be dead.
What made you help me? Because it happened to me, and I couldn't stop it.
You needed to be there for me because you couldn't be there for yourself.
HARRY: Okay, these are all the photos I could find from Vicki's yearbook.
You think the guy who attacked her is in these photos? ROBYN: Yeah, I do.
But I'm starting to think it's not a guy.
Harry, the picture of Vicki in a softball uniform? Zoom in on the girl in the background.
HARRY: You recognize her? That's the woman I rescued.
What? - HARRY: "Amber Nelson.
" - She's the stalker.
I must've interrupted her before she could kill Vicki, so she cut herself.
Played the victim.
So, where is the real Vicki, and where is her son? Right where Amber left them.
Vicki? Benjamin? [WHIMPERS.]
AMBER: So, the group you created.
All those people.
They all saw the videos? We analyzed every frame of them trying to find you.
And you were all going to watch my murder? No.
I-I would've never tr Well, maybe not you.
But most everyone wants to watch the car crash.
I bet some people were looking forward to it.
Rachel? What are you doing here? I came to see Vicki.
We just had the strangest conversation.
Where is she? Thanks, Dante.
Vicki and Benjamin are safe.
I should've seen it.
Yeah, I should have, too.
But psychopaths are master manipulators.
She asked about the group.
It was almost like she was excited about how many people were watching.
I was so obsessed, I threw an innocent man to the wolves.
Gave her the attention she craved.
Did I create a monster? You saved Vicki and her son.
I just wish I could've done better.
Well, you still can.
Use the group.
Get Amber's name out there.
The more people we have looking for her, the faster we can find her.
All right.
NYPD's watching travel hubs, and all units are on the lookout for Amber, but nothing yet.
We need to figure out her next move.
You think she's got one? I mean, Vicki's in protective custody.
If I were Amber, I'd take the "L" and go to ground.
Amber doesn't care about Vicki.
She cares about what she represents.
Apparently, Amber and Vicki were friends back in junior high, but in high school, Vicki became popular.
Amber resented it.
Felt rejected.
Became creepily obsessed with becoming popular herself.
Did everything she could to get attention.
Well, after graduating, the attention seeking didn't stop.
She tried influencing.
Auditioned for reality shows.
Hi, guys.
My name is Amber Olsen.
Never getting any traction.
Until she posted that animal abuse video.
Now she's got her audience.
And once she got it, she didn't want to lose it.
Amber needed an even more compelling victim, and who better than her old friend Vicki? Did you know all of Ted Bundy's victims looked like the first girl who rejected him? It wasn't about her.
It was about the rejection.
Amber doesn't care about Vicki.
She cares about the attention.
Keep an eye on the Facebook group tonight.
If she's gonna make a move, she's gonna do it there first.
Yes, Abe, I know the cops are looking for her, but we have to help.
We know who she is now.
We can use the group to find her before she can hurt anyone else.
Get all the admins online.
I'll be uploading the info in five.
Hello, friend.
- ROBYN: Boy, I swear, some days feel like years.
So, how was the movie? Uh, we didn't go.
LORI: Aren't you going to do something? She took my robe.
She shoved me.
VI: I did no such thing.
- And they know it.
LORI: Fine.
- I'm calling the police.
- Unbelievable.
I know.
I thought about posting it, but Aunt Vi handled it like a boss.
You would have been so proud, Mom.
That was nothing to be proud of, baby.
I mean, but we stood our ground.
We got what we wanted.
: No.
What I wanted was to go to the movies.
What I wanted was to be presumed innocent.
That cop went to that woman and got her story first because her whiteness was synonymous with truth.
I am a middle-class Black woman, and without that phone, I would probably be sitting in a jail right now because I was never going to apologize to Miss Thang.
What I really wanted to do was bitch-slap that heifer.
But I couldn't.
Yeah, I get that.
I mean, but we can't control how they behave.
Delilah Fulton, don't you buy into that lie.
Don't do it.
I've been protesting all my life, from sit-ins to George Floyd.
Same fight over and over again to be seen, to be heard, to be human.
And it hurts.
And that hurt gets turned into rage, because rage is is much easier to live with.
If we had taken the easy road today and left without being heard, that's what poisons our spirit.
Don't do it, love.
Don't buy that lie.
Don't let 'em sell you on that.
Aunt Vi, you want me to take care of this? VI: It's not about that woman today.
It's about It's about a lifetime of this.
Just a million little cuts.
Harry, what's going on? An anonymous post just went up on the group's message board.
What'd it say? MEL: "Stay tuned.
" She's about to make a move.
She's already made it.
The post came with a picture.
Rob, she has Rachel.
And we have no idea where she could be.
Comfortable? What are you doing? Making you a star.
Guys, she's live.
Look at this.
Audience is pouring in.
There's a thousand people watching.
Dante just checked Rachel's apartment.
She's not there.
Is there any way to track 'em? That's what I'm trying to do.
AMBER: Look at those numbers.
What an audience, huh? I told you they'd all want to watch the show.
- Harry? - Rachel's phone is off.
The video feed IP is spoofed.
I can't track it.
Well, there must be some way to find her.
AMBER: You found me.
Good work, group.
And you all remember Rachel, the women responsible for all of this.
Which is why you're perfect for this.
Because without you, I wouldn't have an audience.
I really should thank you.
Go to hell.
Maybe, but I'll go famous.
I think this is the most popular I've ever been.
Harry, the window behind Rachel Can you blow it up? [COMPUTER CHIRPING.]
The blue trim across the way.
That's got to be unique.
Not unique enough to find her in time.
She could be anywhere.
Wait a minute.
You see that? Look.
Underneath there You see that thin wire? I think that may be an eruv.
It's like a It's a way to delineate the holy area for Orthodox Jews during Shabbat.
Okay, so follow the wire, find the blue trim.
Find Rachel.
How big of a holy area - could it be? - Half the island of Manhattan.
I could think of a few other boroughs, too.
Look, we could crawl street view maps along the entire length of the wire until we find some blue windows, but it would take us hours.
I mean, even-even if we divvy it up, - there's just not enough of us.
- Sure there are.
Time to give our armchair detectives one more task.
See if the group recognizes it.
AMBER: Funny, isn't it? That you did all this just so you could forgive yourself, and get rid of the stink of having been a victim.
Selfish and ironic, because you ended up the victim again.
I guess that's just who you are.
That's not who I am.
Not anymore.
And for the record, I'm not responsible for who you are or what you've done.
That's all on you.
You're the desperate one, and they all know it.
You think you're popular? All those people? They pity you.
Go, girl.
Looks like it's a full house.
Time to bring the show to a close.
If you do, that'll be it for you.
Without this, without them, you're nothing, and you know it.
You're right.
Let's make it slow.
Remember what I did to those kittens? That's what I'm going to do to you.
Hold on, Rachel.
Is this it? Got it.
From someone in the group.
Compare it to the live video.
ROBYN: That's it.
That's a match.
Where is it? It's near Midtown; it's 30 minutes away.
- You're never gonna make it.
- No.
But it's near Rachel's apartment.
Dante's near there.
I'm close.
I just need a few minutes.
We only have a few minutes.
We need to stall.
Amber's not gonna kill Rachel without an audience.
- Can you take it away from her? - With a spoofed IP, I can't cut the video at the source.
I can crash the platform, but that's buying us - five minutes at the most.
- Do it.
See? Take it down again.
It's not as easy this time.
When I crashed the system, it kicked me out.
It's gonna take a few minutes.
We don't have minutes! I know.
Any last words, Rachel? - Harry? - I'm trying.
Where is Dante?! He's not answering.
No! Damn it, no! [GROANS.]
Hello? They got her.
Rachel's safe.
OFFICER: Can we get the ones on her ankle? [CHATTER CONTINUES.]
Turn it off.
They've been calling all day.
CNN, BuzzFeed, Good Morning America.
They all say they want to hear my version of what happened.
They're calling me a hero.
You don't sound so happy.
I still don't know how I feel.
In a way, Amber was right.
We did create her.
And Abe, withholding evidence? All for fame.
I turned them down.
What I don't want to do is give Amber any more attention than she's already gotten.
Well, you'll be happy to hear all of her videos are being scrubbed from the Internet.
The only people who will see 'em now will be on her jury.
And Brandon? Might take a little more time to undo the damage.
But the apologies from your group was a good first step, and he's been cleared from all the search engines.
I'm going off-line, too.
Right now, I'm craving some anonymity.
Excuse me? Excuse me.
Excuse me! I saw your keychain the other day.
Turns out real estate agents are pretty easy to find online.
What can I do for you? I'm sorry to bother you at work.
I don't want a fight.
But my aunt was upset after that thing at the store.
Like, really upset.
And I think she has a right to be.
But I just don't know if you understand why, and maybe that's because you've never been on the other side.
So I thought if you watched the video I took, you could see what it looked like from her, or our perspective.
And maybe next time, things could be different.
You know you seem like a nice girl.
Very articulate and civilized.
Especially considering the kind of people you were raised by.
But if your aunt wants to apologize, she can come do it herself.
Hey, Lori? I just made you famous.
Give me the robe.
I said, give it to me! VI: What is wrong with you? Get off of me! Are you serious? Another drop in the ocean Forgive me, forgive me And I will forgive you, forgive you 'Cause I'd trade my money And all of my youth To settle the score with you.

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