The Equalizer (2021) s02e12 Episode Script

Somewhere Over the Hudson

1 Previously on "The Equalizer" How it's going Harry? Enjoying being there? I'm asking Rob to help me live again.
Federal agents! Don't move! Harry "Keys" Keshegian, you are under arrest for espionage.
You always got something up your sleeve, don't you? They're releasing him.
So, what do you think? Think I got my life back.
I serve as an equalizer.
It's what I was put on this earth to do.
Has anybody seen Bert? He's 20 minutes late.
Anybody seen him today? Yesterday? Vince, get him on the damn phone! Good morning.
Hello? Ooh, uh, morning, Mom.
You know, we've been so busy lately, why don't we plan a family weekend? We could try that new Indian place or we could, you know, go for a drive.
In my spaceship.
Hello? What happened to our rule about no phones at the table? Especially you, Aunt Vi.
I know, I know, just give me a minute.
Th I'm trying to avert a disaster.
My Spades partner just canceled.
And I'm hosting.
Kat and Cecil are gonna be here in a couple of hours.
How long's your meeting? Long enough for you to count me out.
Oh, God.
But why don't you make Dee your partner? - Sorr What? - Remember we used to play? She was good.
I mean, really good.
Yeah, when she was eight.
She hasn't played since then.
I-I I have a lot riding on this, okay? I have lost to these two the last six times we've played, and they just won't shut up about it.
They keep rubbing my nose in it every chance they get.
Why do you even play with them? It doesn't even sound like you like them very much.
I like them just fine.
It's Trash talk is part of the fun, but not when you lose every time.
No offense, Dee, but I need a more seasoned partner.
It-It's okay, Aunt Vi.
It's not like I want to sit around talking trash with a bunch of old er than me people.
Sorry, Aunt Vi.
Oh, it's fine.
Yes, indeed, we are older.
And a good thing for you, too, because, you know what? People your age don't even have the bandwidth it takes to play a game like Spades.
Oh, you know what? Well, maybe that's because it's boring.
- Ooh.
- Okay, now, you know what? I mean, just the truth.
- Sorry.
- Neutral corners.
Aunt Vi, instead of struggling to find a new partner, why don't you just give Dee a refresher course? I mean, with your losing streak, how much worse than your regular partner can she be? Okay.
You have a point.
And you, your aunt needs you.
And you need a break from that screen time.
Plus, you might have fun.
This is gonna be great.
Books on 'em.
Books on 'em.
Ah No sandbagging.
Get the cards.
Order up.
Bert Singer? Not so loud.
T-Thank God you came.
I was, I was I was afraid you wouldn't show.
Your message said "life or death.
" It's definitely death if you can't help.
Are you familiar with the Romanos? - The crime family? - Yeah.
JC Romano is after you? Well, if he isn't, he will be.
I'm-I'm his accountant.
Well, this is not gonna work.
I don't help criminals.
I'm not.
I mean, I'm not anymore.
And when I took the job, I didn't know.
I thought the restaurant was a legit business.
And when you found out they weren't? Well, of course I wanted out, but I was I was terrified.
And-and then my mom got sick and then I was underwater with medical bills.
And I mean, come on, you don't just walk away from the mob.
Except I-I just did.
I'm interested.
Why now? Well, my mom died last year, and I realized I didn't have anything keeping me here.
Just my own cowardice.
And so I decided that I was gonna do something that I knew she would've been proud of.
I went to the Feds and I offered to testify against the Romanos and to turn over their ledger detailing exactly what they've been doing.
Money laundering, racketeering, all of it.
And in return, I get witness protection and a chance to start over.
So why are you sitting here with me and not FBI headquarters? Yesterday, when I was on my way to meet my handler, I stopped at a coffee shop to use the facilities, and when I came back out - You got to be kidding.
- Yeah.
The car was Stolen.
And you left the ledger inside? I thought that it would be okay.
I-I had stashed it inside the-the side panel of the door.
I was That was smart, right? - You think the Romanos took it? - If it was them, they wouldn't have just taken the car, I would be in a landfill in Jersey right now.
Did you tell the Feds this? We can't put you in WITSEC if you're not a witness.
I'm still willing to testify.
Yes, but without the ledger, your testimony is worthless.
I thought we were clear about that.
If you don't help me get that ledger back, then I'm a dead man.
In and out.
Look at me.
I'm gonna help you.
We'll find the ledger.
Thank you.
Um - How? - If it's hidden, whoever stole the car probably doesn't know it's there.
We just have to find the car.
How's this? Yeah? It's fine.
Fine like actually fine or "you're a lost cause" fine? You don't have to look nice.
You just have to be nice.
Right, well, I would, if she ever acknowledged my presence.
Oh, come on, it wasn't like that.
Honey, come on.
I know Shira's your best friend, but I mean, you must realize how little she liked me.
She liked you.
Right, which is why she tried to set you up with her brother at our wedding.
That was a joke.
It was hilarious.
Well, you don't have to worry, because today it's me she's gonna hate.
You guys have been friends since you were kids.
Okay? She's gonna understand.
- She's gonna understand? - Yeah.
That I've been lying to her for years about you being dead? When you died, Shira appointed herself my personal grief counselor.
I mean, she was really there for me.
Are you sure you want to do this? No.
But I can't keep lying to her.
What if she doesn't forgive me? She's gonna forgive you.
Okay? She loves you.
I hope so.
And how could anyone not love this face, huh? I'm telling you, she doesn't.
Hey, what's up, Rob? Hey, I need you to help me find a stolen car.
'95 DeVille.
Taken yesterday afternoon.
I just texted you the plate and VIN number.
Okay, I can do that.
Let's see.
That's too old for OnStar.
If it had LoJack, we wouldn't be having this conversation.
Doesn't look like it's had any tickets since yesterday.
Nothing in the kaleidoscope database.
Do you know if the car had an E-ZPass? Do you have E-ZPass? Yeah.
Does that help? We'll find out.
Okay, here we go.
I'm getting into his account now.
Looks like the, uh, car crossed the George Washington Bridge into New Jersey - at 4:47 a.
- Okay, that's a start.
Now, hold on a second.
I'm not done.
E-ZPass also uses active RFID technology.
Which means it's constantly broadcasting a signal.
It's not just scanning you at tollbooths.
They got readers all over the city, they can track your every movement if they want to.
It's another way Big Brother can always have eyes on you.
Okay, looks like it last pinged a tower across the bridge near Ridgefield Park.
You can adjust that seat, you know.
No, I-I know, I just, I-I fidget when I'm anxious.
Used to drive my mother crazy.
Okay, so then, let's get your mind on something else.
You said you wanted to start over, so how do you see your new life? I want to open a nursery.
For kids? No, plants.
When my-my mother got sick, she was too weak to take care of her garden, so I started doing it and Yeah, at first, it was for her, but then It's it's not easy keeping a garden in New York.
Not with the winters that we get.
I mean, if you want dahlias or begonias or petunias? Forget about it.
They need a temperate climate.
But bulb plants? Take the tulip.
All right, that is a survivor.
It'll bloom up to 20 below.
Right? The soft colors, fragrant little petals.
It's amazing how something so delicate can be so resilient.
Now, snapdragons are interesting Hold your dragons.
That car over there with the tarp on it? That dent in the bumper, the tape, that-that's my car.
You found it.
- That - See? Now all we have to do is get the ledger out of the door.
No, no, no, no, no, no! My car! They stripped it.
Where are the doors? Where are the doors? Get down! Shooter! Come on, you're Okay.
You're not shot.
You're okay.
They sent Vince and Lou.
That's who they send when they want someone to disappear.
Do you know what Lou does to people? - He-he - Hey! You're safe, as long as you're with me.
You understand? Now let's find that ledger.
How? The door's gone.
We chased down the car, now let's go find the thief who stole it.
But we don't know anything about them.
We know they took the GWB at 4:47 a.
The tollbooths on that bridge don't just collect money, they also take nice, clear pictures.
Kid's name is Jackie Fowler.
He's all of 15.
Bounced around foster homes since he was eight.
Been to juvie four times already for boosting rides.
Kid that age? He's not working alone.
Kid? Are you saying a kid ruined my life? My guy in auto crimes says Jackie runs with a ring of junior car thieves.
Yeah, I know that life.
He steals them, someone else strips them.
The parts end up with whoever's running the operation.
Usually some older guy who gets the kids to do his dirty work.
Auto crimes thinks the same, but they haven't been able to I.
the ringleader.
Then again, they don't have you.
Thanks, Dante.
Do you think your contact could help find out where this kid hangs out? Hey.
What up? Jackie, right? Who's asking? Someone who wants to do business.
I'm looking for some hard-to-find car parts, for my boss.
I heard you might have the hookup.
You heard wrong.
You sure you don't want to do business? 'Cause I got the funds.
Course, I could ask one of your friends.
Maybe they want a taste.
Wait, hold up a sec.
What kind of parts your boss looking for? It's a short list.
You the one to do business with? No, but I can get you to him.
Tell you what.
Just tell me where to find him.
I'll take you there myself.
He won't talk to you otherwise.
You don't want to get cut out of the transaction.
Whatever's clever, lady.
Pow! Ha, ha.
Bam! Y'all set again.
Y'all can always go blind.
See your way in, see your way out.
- House rules.
- Mm-hmm.
Patty had the right idea, bowing out.
At least we know she's not to blame for the losing streak.
And here I was worried that Vi found her a good luck charm.
- Yeah, for us.
- All right, now, just leave my great-niece out of this.
Well, if she big enough to sit down at this table, she big enough to get this ass-whupping.
Big enough to give it right back, too.
If you ever win.
All right.
I'm hungry.
You mind if we take a little snack break? Yeah, I think I'll join you.
You can break all you want, but it ain't gonna stop this Boston we about to run.
It's like, "Toot, toot, toot to Boston.
" I don't understand it.
You're playing well.
I'm holding my own.
This has got to be the worst luck I've had in years.
You're joking, right? It's not luck.
They're cheating.
What? Auntie.
Cecil's reneged twice.
Kat's signaling to Cecil which card to play.
Okay, take a sip of your drink with your right hand, play a spade.
Use your left, low card.
She tries to be smooth with it, but she does it every time.
Those sneaky bastards.
- I know.
- I knew something had to be going on.
Nobody's that lucky.
Okay, so what are we gonna do? You're gonna call them out, right? Well, I'm not so sure about that.
You cannot let them get away with this.
Oh, don't worry, I'm not letting them off the hook.
But a confrontation can be so ugly, and be over so quickly.
I want to enjoy this.
Wait here.
I got some business for Floyd.
Come on.
Hey, let me do the talking, okay? Mm-hmm.
Y-You need a little more sun.
Me? No, I'm s-sorry.
Uh, your monstera? She's got more than enough water, which you can tell because of the yellow leaves.
But she's just a little sad in the shade, is all.
Just, you know, a couple days outside, she'll perk right up.
Sometimes I know how she feels.
Me, too.
This them? Woman, can you not? I'm trying to do business.
Sorry, I was just trying to Did I ask? Just leave.
I'll deal with you at the crib.
No, actually, I was the one that suggested Was I talking to you? No.
So, what do you two want? Obviously, you're busy, so I'll get straight to the point.
Jackie here stole a Caddy yesterday, and it belongs to my client.
You stripped it, and we want the parts back.
- Floyd, man, she said that - Shut up.
You don't know what you're talking about.
We done here.
I don't want to go to the cops.
Unless I have to.
So let's keep it simple.
You're a businessman.
We'll buy them back.
You some kind of fixer? Something like that.
How's market rate sound? Sound low.
Them parts hard to come by.
If I had them.
I got to take care of my man here.
Add another 50% of market.
That'll cost.
You got the funds? Yeah, but we just need the door.
Market plus 50.
Not yet.
You a fixer, right? You want those parts, I'm gonna need you to do one more thing.
Which is? See, I'm almost done rebuilding a '71 Chevelle.
Sweet ride, but I need the original radio.
I know where one is.
Alonzo's Junkyard.
Thing is, me and Alonzo have history.
And he won't sell it to you.
No matter how high I go.
But he'll sell it to you.
Bring me that radio and we got a deal.
All right, so where is this place? Not far.
Jackie will show you.
And then you said, "Do you still carry a gun in your purse?" All right, you were the one who swore the cabbie was gonna kidnap us, and our parents had no idea we were in Mexico, so I had to improvise.
- You might've saved our lives.
- Yes! When are you gonna come stay at my beach house? - Oh - We would have so much fun.
Oh, and my brother - is gonna be there.
- Mm.
You know, Brock never really got over you.
Shira, I got to tell you something, okay? Wait, wait, wait.
Me first.
- Okay, I got a surprise for you.
- Okay.
Brock? Good to see you.
- Ah - Ooh! Ah, Melli Vanelli.
You look amazing.
You brought Brock.
Come on, it's been five years.
You've mourned long enough.
Okay, I should've gone first.
Shira You know what? Here it goes.
Harry? Harry? Oh, um Hi, Shira.
You're-you're alive.
I'm alive.
Yeah, I can explain.
You can explain? You can explain what, that you lied to me? No, no, no.
She-she didn't, she didn't lie to you.
I've spent so much time worrying about you, and you just, you just let me? We had good reasons, okay? There were really good reasons.
We weren't telling anyone Oh, okay, okay.
So now I'm just "anyone"? - No.
- Okay No, no, no, it's all good.
Guess I see where I stand.
No, that's not what I meant.
Can you just listen to me? - Sorry, I got to go.
- No! - Wait, where are you going? - Goodbye.
Shira, wait.
I can't be in here.
No one from Floyd's crew can, not without getting their ass beat.
But you guys will be cool.
Uh, m-maybe I should wait in the car.
Just stay close.
And stop that.
Hey, wh Don't-don't shoot.
We're here to see Alonzo.
There is no Alonzo.
Thought you were slick, having me take you to Floyd, huh? Who's slick now? I'm telling you're making a mistake.
You think there's something valuable in those car parts.
Drugs, cash.
But what's there is only valuable to us.
We'll see about that.
Right, Wick? Boys.
Yo, what the hell, Wick? How you gonna do me like this? Sorry, Jackie, but you can't be bringing heat like this to the shop.
- Floyd says you got to go.
- Come on.
Let's go.
This is messed up, Wick.
- This ain't right.
- You, too.
Wait, uh Wait, wait, can-can we just Can we talk about this, please? You guys can keep the car parts, okay? Hey! Please.
Don't say I didn't warn you.
Help! It's crushing us! Please! Help! You got to stop it! Please! It's crushing us! Let me out.
Oh! You know, Vince and Lou won't have to kill me.
A coronary will do it for them.
Would you calm down? You're safe now.
You, on the other hand, are not.
- Where's Floyd keeping those parts? - I don't know, okay? Maybe you thought I was somebody to Floyd, but clearly I'm not, so just leave me alone.
Oh, no, no, no.
You in it now.
Why? What's the deal with these car parts, anyway? The deal is if I don't get them back, I die.
Not that you care.
Bert worked for a criminal, too.
And then he grew a conscience, so now he wants to take him down.
Looks like that conscience working out real good.
Sometimes it's not always about what's easy.
It's about what's right.
In here.
And I'm guessing this hasn't felt right to you in a long time.
Simply put, you want somebody to care about you, you need to care about them.
I don't know where Floyd has the parts.
That's straight up.
I do know this.
If Floyd thought there was something valuable in them, - he already has it by now.
- No, no.
The ledger is my life, okay? We've got to get it back.
You got to find him first.
The man has spots all over the city.
- You have his cell? - Yeah, but he sure as hell ain't taking a call from me.
Who says we're calling him? Shira's not answering the phone.
Just give her a chance.
She'll call back.
I don't think she will.
Hey, Rob.
Can you track a cell for me? Yes, yes.
Yes, I can.
Uh, s-send it to me.
All right.
Your guy is, uh, uptown, Washington Heights.
Looks like he's on St.
Nick's near 175th Street.
Nicholas mean anything to you? Yeah.
Floyd's got a spot there.
It's where he takes his side chicks.
Side chicks? That poor girl deserves so much better.
Come on.
I'll take you up there.
You really want to trust this weasel? You want your ledger back? He's not a bad kid.
"He's not a bad kid"? He just walked us into a death trap.
Everybody deserves a second chance.
Don't you think, Bert? Okay.
All right, everybody.
Break's over.
You sure you want some more of this? You might need some cocoa butter for that last beating.
Yeah, you funny.
You a stand-up comedian, right? - All right, let me just get these out - Oh.
But I'm not finished.
Oh, I'm so sorry.
Now they're all mixed up.
Let me get you some fresh ones.
Ooh, Aunt Vi, there are none.
They're all dirty.
Dee, they wouldn't be if somebody had done the dishes when I asked.
Oh, I'm sorry.
I put them in the dishwasher.
It's running now.
There it is.
It should only take an hour for them to be finished, right, Dee? Yeah.
Maybe a little less.
Now Let's play some cards.
This one here.
Floyd's place is on the third floor.
- Where are you going? - Coming with you.
Floyd tried to kill you once today.
You really want to give him a second chance? - Fine.
- Just watch Bert.
What? I'm not staying alone with him.
You know what? I'll stay here.
Probably tried to sell it back to the mob.
- Hey, don't shoot.
- What happened? There's two of them.
They have guns.
They took him.
They took Bert.
I just saw some guns, and I ran.
Well, do you remember anything about them? All I heard was Bert called one of them Vince, okay? The mob got him.
The mob? He's as good as dead.
Why isn't he dead? They should've gunned him down right here.
Which means they want something from him.
Like what? They already got the ledger from Floyd.
Maybe they didn't.
This place was tossed when I got here, which means Floyd didn't bring it.
So if those guys don't have it Then we still got a play.
But we need Floyd's phone.
Come on, Bert.
We've known each other a long time.
You've always been a reasonable guy.
I swear, I don't know where the ledger is.
If I did, I would tell you.
Damn it, Lou.
You know I've got a bad stomach.
Hello? Still looking for that ledger? Who is this? Not important.
Just focus on how you're gonna get it back.
Yeah? You gonna try to sell it back to me like that other chooch? No.
But I'll trade it, for Bert's life.
Listen, lady, I don't know who you think you're dealing with I know who I'm dealing with.
Vince and Lou of the Romano crime family.
And I know the FBI would be very interested in that ledger.
So any harm comes to Bert, and it winds up with the Feds.
Or I could bring it to you.
Your choice.
Bring it to us, and you can have Bert.
Send me the address.
So you can send the cops over here? You get the address when you prove you have the ledger.
It's not with me right now.
It'll take me a few hours to get it.
You have one.
Got that? You bring that ledger to me in one hour or your friend's dead.
Okay, we got to move fast.
Can you think of any place Floyd might have stashed it? He's got this place at his office.
It's this locked drawer in his desk.
I've seen him store some cash in there before, too.
He keeps the key on his key chain.
That's it.
But how are we gonna get in there, though? Because Wick and his guys, they're all gonna be there.
And they're not gonna be the happiest people to see you being that you just kicked their ass at the junkyard.
Maybe we can't get in there, but there's someone else who can.
I should be crying.
He was all I had.
He hurt people.
He had a temper.
But he could also make you feel special.
At first.
Until he'd reel you in.
Rae, we need your help.
If this is about his business, I try to stay out of it.
Didn't have the head for it.
Rae, do you remember the man you met before? The one who told you everything about your plant.
Yeah, he was sweet.
His name is Bert, and he's in trouble.
Floyd stole something from him, and if we don't get it back, some really bad men are gonna kill him.
The thing Floyd stole, we think he hid it in his office.
- We need you to get it.
- He never let me in there.
Wick would know something was up.
Not if you were clever about it.
Clever? You're talking to the wrong person.
That's Floyd talking.
That's exactly what he'd want you to believe so you could rely on him.
He did it to all of us, Rae.
I fell for it, too, and I'm as smart as they come.
Floyd had us do some pretty bad things.
This is our chance to do something good.
Rae, I have a plan.
But it doesn't work unless you get in that office.
I know you can do it.
But we don't have a lot of time, so will you help me save Bert's life? What are you doing in here? Why do you have Floyd's keys? He sent me.
To bring him some papers from his desk.
He never gives anyone those keys.
He said it was urgent.
Because Wait, he didn't tell you? - I guess it's need-to-know.
- I don't know what you're talking Wick, come here.
There's something up with Floyd.
Stay right there.
Where is it? This drawer should be deeper.
Think, Rae.
Bitch lied to me! They're coming.
Go! Go! Yeah.
I know.
I just No, I-I got to go.
I don't want to hear it, Harry.
How did you even find me? Doesn't matter.
Listen, I get I get you never liked me.
All right? I took your best friend away.
I wasn't good enough for her.
I get it.
Okay, listen, I'm not here for me.
This is about Mel.
She hated lying to you.
She did.
But she had to do it.
I swear.
I can't get into it.
I But-but it had to do with the government and-and high-level secrets, but she did it to protect me, and she did it to protect you.
You can hate me, okay? But not Mel.
All right? After After everything I put her through.
The fear, the isolation.
It was like a death.
But you were the only one who was there for her.
You were there for her when I couldn't be.
You were the one who kept her sane.
Y-You know what she said to me this morning? What? That you are the only one who knows her.
You're the only one who knows who she was, why she is who she is.
So, please, come on.
What do you say? Just give her another chance.
Let her back into your life.
I have to go.
That's it.
Time's up.
Head or chest, Bert? Which hurts less? I don't know.
Never asked.
Who you gonna ask? Not like you take an exit poll.
Head's quicker but messier.
Chest just as fast if you do it right.
I'll tell you what, Bert.
We'll do both.
- Wait! - Who the hell are you? - I brought the ledger.
- Give it here.
I don't think so.
Let him go first.
That's the deal.
How's this for a deal? Give me that book, and I don't shoot you in the face.
Okay, okay.
Open it.
What's this supposed to be? A diversion.
No sudden moves.
Jackie, get their guns.
I can't I can't believe you guys came.
Did you really find the ledger? With a little help.
She's the one who got the ledger back for us.
And risked her neck to do it, too.
Really? You did this for me? I'm just glad you're safe.
" Yeah, right.
None of you is getting out of here alive.
They're not answering.
Search the building.
Don't come out without Bert's dead body.
Got it.
You heard the man! Let's go! You four, search the ground floor.
Rest of you, go to the top and make your way down.
Okay, we got a problem.
Lock the door.
Wait, wh-what are you gonna do? My job.
Go, go.
Are you all right? I'm scared.
It's gonna be okay.
Find them.
Jackie, now.
What's that? Someone's in here.
Hey! Do you see her? Hey.
Jackie! You think that's all of them? Romano.
I think it's over.
- Come on.
- Hey, scumbag.
Bert! Bert, no.
He was so sweet.
He was so brave.
Bert You really think I'm brave? Bert.
I am brave, aren't I? Okay, here it is.
You just saved that man's life today.
Doesn't that feel good? In here? I guess.
He's still a dumb-ass for leaving that book in the car.
Everybody makes bad choices.
Not everybody gets a chance to fix them.
Smart ones take advantage of it.
You're not very subtle, you know.
Wasn't trying to be.
If you ever need my help, Jackie Ooh! Bert got some swagger in his step.
- Mm-hmm.
- What? No.
Well, maybe.
You earned it.
You're a new man.
With a new lease on life.
Well, I intend to make the most of it.
That doesn't mean? That's right.
I'm going into witness protection with him.
Nice, Rae.
Well, nothing's keeping me here, and Bert's done more for me in the last few hours than anyone else my whole life.
Well, you just needed a little sun.
Yes, okay? It feels good.
Happy? I am.
I'll have my usual.
Make it two.
I'm forgiving you.
I know.
You can thank your husband.
That man can talk.
He is exhausting.
But he loves the hell out of you.
Hey, listen.
I really am sorry.
To being sorry.
Hey, wait a minute.
How is Brock single? I thought he was married to Debbie Austin.
No, he cheated on her.
He cheated on Girl, you were gonna fix me up with him? - Oh, my God.
- I just I mean, I just really wanted to be sisters.
We don't need Brock for that.
- No.
We don't.
- Right? - We need tequila for that.
- All right, sister.
- One more.
- What? I mean - Have you met us? - Okay, ready? Okay, don't think.
I don't know.
- I don't know.
- Okay, let's talk about you.
My favorite part? Okay, the look on her face when I cut - her ace now? - Oh! Oh, girl.
- Hello.
- I swear she wanted to slap you.
- She did.
- I swear to God! Somebody must have had a good day around here.
Oh, you don't know the half of it.
That losing streak that I had going? It is over thanks to this one right here.
- You finally beat Cecil and Kat? - Girl, we whupped their ass.
All right, baby girl here, she know how to bid.
- We bid a Boston, and we ran it.
- Yep.
- We ran it! - You ran a Boston on them? - Okay, no, no, no.
- I thought Cecil's head - was gonna explode.
For real.
- Wait, wait.
Okay, but who knew Aunt Vi was so fierce, though? I swear she almost cut Kat with a card multiple times.
- Multiple times.
- Listen, you come from a long line of fierce, competitive women.
- She has inherited the gene, trust me.
- Ah! That's my baby girl.
- Facts.
- Okay, okay.
Well, what are we waiting for? Shuffle - and deal.
- Watch out.
That was my baby girl.
Now I got to cut her.
I don't think you can handle us two.
I don't think she can, either.
She's not sat down at a card table in years.
- Look at her.
- Please.
I'm feeling hungry.
Anybody want some of that Indian food - we were talking about earlier? - Loser pays.
- Oh, no.
- I'm not paying.
You're going to treat me.
Cut the cards.
- You got it.
- Cut them cards right there.
- All right! Here we go.
Look at it.
- Uh-huh.
- Deal the cards.
Deal the cards.
- Let me tell you something.
- Deal the cards now.
- You are going to be paying - for my Kashmiri naan.
- Come on, now.
- For my saag paneer.
- Please.
- For my chicken tikka masala.
- All that talking.
- You paying for all - Let's just play the game.

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