The Equalizer (2021) s02e13 Episode Script


1 Previously on The Equalizer What would you think about working with the NYPD? That's not me.
But if you're ever in trouble, you know how to find me.
Don't forget my lineup.
Keep moving.
Gonna put a part down the back of your head.
Who are you? A friend of your father's.
Who are you? I'm Stefon, his favorite son.
- How you doing, Pop? - Good to see you, son.
What made you cross the line? There is no line.
There's just a gray area, and it's different for everyone.
So, you have to decide what you're willing to do to get justice.
Don't worry.
We'll find him.
Stay strong.
Who's that? Cindy at the hospital.
Bastard broke into their house, used a shovel on Charlie.
Broke his leg in three places.
Couldn't have gotten far.
Freeways are blocked.
We'll find him.
Aggravated assault suspect still at large.
African American.
Last seen in a black SUV, 300 block of Euclid Ave.
Over there.
In the mini-mart.
You! In the SUV! Put your hands outside the window! Now! All right, here we go.
What are you doing out here? - Where are you coming from? - Hey.
Whoever you're looking for, I'm not him.
- Shut your mouth.
- Excuse me? - Search the trunk.
- Whoa.
You will not search my trunk.
Not without a warrant.
Out of the car.
Really? We're doing this? - Okay.
- Turn around.
Tell me.
Why am I being detained? Let me guess.
You saw a Black man who fit a description.
That it? Don't bother to find out who I might be? I want both your names, badge numbers and name - of your immediate supervisor.
- I said shut it! Check his car.
Do not enter my vehicle.
- I am an NYPD - Stop! Gun! What the hell?! He was reaching.
Oh, man.
We're screwed.
This guy's a cop.
What? Why didn't he say something? That's a nasty head wound.
He's gonna need a medic.
They're gonna take my badge.
Put him in the car.
Barnes! Put him in the car.
What? Mike's security cam has been out for months.
Nobody saw.
Let's let's get him out of here.
What And take him where? I know a place.
Do you know what happens when this guy wakes up and starts making accusations? I do.
We are gonna be crucified.
Do you want to be that guy?! I don't! Did you wash your hands? I washed them.
See? Stop, idiot! - Help me! - Hey.
Is that Dad? What are they doing with him? Hey! Hey! Stop! What are you doing?! Turn out your pockets! Get off me! Dad! Dad! Hello? Boys? - I'm here.
- Ky.
That's her.
They took my dad.
Don't worry.
We'll find him.
But, first, I need you to tell me exactly what you saw.
Saw two cops carrying my dad.
They put him in the backseat of their car and drove off.
Did you see their faces? Get a license plate? Anything? - Were they Black? White? - It was too far to tell, but I think they had on brown uniforms.
Sheriff's deputies.
I need to see your security cams.
They haven't worked in months.
- Of course they haven't.
- Sorry we didn't see more.
No, no.
You were great.
You know, there's a little trick I use sometimes.
I close my eyes and then I replay the whole moment in my head.
And sometimes little details pop up.
Kyler! Stefon.
Are you okay? - Mom.
- Oh.
The police took Daddy.
It's gonna be okay, baby.
Have you called the sheriff's station? I wasn't sure what to say, and the boys said that their dad's friend was coming, which I assume is you.
I'm gonna make a call, see what I can find.
Kyler, who is this woman? It's the person Dad said to call if we got in trouble.
He even made us memorize her number.
Uh, have you ever seen her before? Just on Daddy's computer.
All right.
Okay, give me a second.
I'm sorry, how do you know Marcus? We work together from time to time.
I just called the sheriff's station.
Marcus is not there.
Then where is he? Based on what the boys saw, - I don't know who to trust.
- Okay, so if that's the case, then I'm gonna take the boys to Marcus' precinct.
I know I can trust his people.
Good idea.
Listen, guys, your dad would want you to be really brave right now and take care of your mom.
Can you do that? Yes, ma'am.
All right.
I'll be there soon.
But if you need anything, just call me.
What are you gonna do? Find Dante.
Rob, there's no street cameras to check.
This is This is Gatling County.
There's-there's-there's nothing but rural roads.
I mean, there's, like, four on Main Street, but there's no activity on 'em.
Anything new at the sheriff's office? No, there's literally nothing on Dante in the entire Gatling County system.
It says here the Gatling County dispatch is looking for an African American assault suspect.
Maybe they went after him.
You talking excessive force? If he was unconscious, maybe they booked him as a John Doe.
They saw a Black man in a mini-mart.
The more things change, the more they stay the same.
Who runs Gatling's sheriff's station? It's 5:00 a.
, lady.
Sheriff's not in.
Just got in, Ruth.
What can I do for you? I need to find this man.
He's a New York City detective.
He was last seen leaving a mini-mart on Route 5 in the custody of two deputies.
Anybody come in tonight? Nope.
Everyone's still out on patrol.
Well, you heard her.
There's been no arrests this evening.
Witnesses saw two men in uniform place him in the back of a squad car and pull off.
That mini-mart is in your station's jurisdiction.
Well, I'm sorry.
Whoever you're looking for is not here.
Well, do you mind if I look through your patrol logs? Yes.
I would mind.
Now, I know people like you think Gatling is just some place to drive through, but this is my home.
And I don't appreciate you coming here, throwing around accusations about my deputies.
So unless you're here in some official legal capacity, I need you to leave.
I will be back.
And you will show "people like me" those logs.
I didn't catch your name.
I didn't give it.
Hey, Ruth.
Pull up last night's logs.
Let's see if there's anything to what she's saying.
Hey! Anybody out there? Where are my boys?! Where are my sons?! I got the captain up to speed.
We filed a missing persons report.
Missing? The boys said he was picked up by a deputy's squad car.
I spoke to Sheriff Paulson.
He says he doesn't have him.
I-I know he's a piece of work, but this is not something he's gonna lie about.
Is it possible that the kids, maybe they just made a mistake? They seemed pretty sure.
Can't you do anything? We're doing everything we're legally allowed to do.
Our only recourse is to work with the sheriff's department to investigate.
It's a small town.
Paulson could be covering up for one of his guys.
We need to see those patrol logs.
You know what? Hang on.
I'm gonna make a call.
Thank you.
How the boys holding up? Kyler is holding it together.
Uh, Stefon not so much.
How are you holding up? I don't know.
I just can't believe this is happening.
Earlier, you said you worked with Marcus.
So if you're not a cop, what does that mean? I help people.
And, uh sometimes we work together on that.
That sounds like Marcus.
How far back y'all go? Law school.
Oh, you should've seen him back then.
He could've called his shot at any firm in the city, but he thought he could do more as a cop.
I take it you didn't approve of that.
It wasn't that.
After a while, our lives just didn't align anymore.
What happened? I gave everything I had to create a lane for myself on Wall Street.
Marcus supported that.
Hell, he insisted.
But, um I was consumed by the work and had very little left to give.
- Hard to balance it all.
- Yeah.
Not for Marcus.
He found a way.
So we decided the boys should stay with him.
And it's worked well for us.
Well, you have a beautiful family.
Thank you.
- Excuse me.
- Yeah.
Listen, I don't know you or understand who you are, but if Marcus trusted you with the lives of our sons, then I trust you, too.
Please please find him.
I promise I won't stop until I do.
Hey! Let me out.
How'd you get in here? Wait.
What are you doing here? I don't understand.
What don't you understand? Why did you have to hurt that man? It's not for you to understand, Marcus.
You're too young! Marcus The TV said he's going to die.
Does being a cop mean you get to do whatever you want? Don't smart-talk me, boy.
Would you rather it was me? There are bad people out there, Marcus.
Sometimes you have to get them before they get you.
- Mommy said - Are you listening to me?! - It's not right.
- It's not right.
What's not right is me not coming home.
My face in the news.
Is that what you want? Wait! Come back! Come back! Ah, it's good to see you, Avery.
You, too, Thomas.
Judge Clemmons presides over Gatling County.
I used to clerkfor him.
Thanks for coming, Your Honor.
Avery's explained the situation.
These are serious allegations.
You sure about this? Honestly, no.
But we have to try.
A good man is missing.
And his life might be at stake.
Frank's a tough cookie, so no guarantees, all right? Let's go.
We're gonna need a statement from Cindy.
- And let me know how Charlie's doing.
- Got it.
Morning, Frank.
New friends, Tom? I understand there was an incident last night.
My colleague is looking for a missing detective.
And like I told her, he ain't here.
Well, since that's the case, can you please show them the patrol logs? They're just worried about their friend.
I am sick of these people from the city and their attitudes, coming out here thinking they're better than us.
Now they're throwing around dangerous accusations about my station - and my deputies.
- Look I've known you since you were a rookie.
Just consider this a favor to me.
Can't do it, Tom.
If you don't willingly show us the logs, you're kind of giving me a reason to issue a warrant.
Ruth? Print out the patrol logs for these fine upstanding folks.
Well, it's not personal, Frank.
It's "Sheriff," Your Honor.
Thank you so much for your cooperation, Sheriff.
Seven patrol cars last night.
And none of them near that mini-mart.
Happy now? No.
I want to see your holding cells.
Maybe he got booked under a John Doe.
Right this way.
Anything else? Would you like to see our dungeon, maybe? There's no need to gloat, Frank.
So are we good? Can we go home now, hmm? Avery, whatever's going on, - I hope you figure it out, hmm? - Thank you.
Frank, I owe you one.
Sorry to burn your friend.
Thomas will be fine.
The important thing is finding Dante.
Well, if he's not here, where the hell is he? The Manhattan D.
and the judge? They're not gonna stop.
It's only a matter of time before they close in.
We need to turn this guy over.
No, we need to be smart, and stay one step ahead.
Do you know what you're saying? You think I want to do this? Barnes this is a line we can't uncross.
He saw our faces! No one's gonna care that this was a mistake.
Think about your little girl.
As soon as it's clear, we'll take him out to Youngstrom's farm.
No one will ever know.
Don't fall asleep, baby.
Ma? Oh, what did they do to my baby? Come here, come on, come on.
I'm just holding on Holding on to my faith.
- I love that song.
- Hmm.
Reminds me of Sunday mornings.
Mm, cleaning the house after breakfast.
You and your dad.
Why'd you put up with it, Ma? Why'd you stay with Dad after all the lies? Your father did some bad things.
But he wasn't a bad man.
He had a lot of good in him.
You just had to know where to look.
Grandma used to say you had a knack for finding something good in the worst people.
Oh You've been running your whole life from who he was.
But the knack to see good in people is in you, too.
And right now, you have got to dig deep and find it.
You understand me? Go.
Wait! Please! Thank you for the water.
That was good of you.
I just want to go home to my family.
I swear if you let me go, I won't say a word.
This isn't who you are.
I can tell.
I have kids.
Kids who need their father.
My oldest boy is playing ball now.
He's His team sucks.
But he's into it.
And my youngest, he keeps stealing my socks.
And I act like I don't like it, but I do.
I do.
What about you, do you have kids? A little girl.
Then you know how worried I am.
Mine were left by themselves at that gas station.
I need to know they're okay.
Imagine if it was your daughter.
No, no, no, no! Wait, wait! Wait, wait, wait! Please come back! Ky? Dad's a cop, Mommy! How could they do that to him? Oh, I don't It's complicated, sweetie.
I hate the police! Oh, don't say that, babe.
Kyler, open this door.
Thank you for coming.
Did you find anything? Unfortunately, no.
We got search parties up and down the highway.
We're looking for potential witnesses.
We're checking every camera in that whole town.
And still nothing.
It's like he's disappeared.
You said your boys remembered something? Yeah, Kyler, but he won't come out of his room.
He's confused and scared, angry.
It's a lot for a child to process.
They don't get what's happening.
I-It would be easier if Marcus and I hadn't put off having "the talk" with them.
You know, I wanted, I wanted the boys to understand the world the way it was.
But Marcus wasn't ready.
He didn't want his sons looking at him the way he looked at his father.
He said he wanted to protect their innocence, but I know he really wanted to hold off their judgment.
- Because he's a cop.
- A Black cop who's a Black father It's more Complicated.
- You get judged from the outside - While trying to solve the problem from inside.
The day my sons were born, I Instead of experiencing pure joy I cried.
Because we live in a world where my babies will grow up and some misinformed, hatemongering coward will only see them as a threat.
Baby Sorry for earlier, Mom.
- I just - It's okay, baby.
I did what you said.
I went back and closed my eyes.
I remembered something.
When those deputies drove off with my dad I heard a crunch and a loud scraping sound.
Their car jumped over the curb.
I think it damaged the bumper.
You did good, Kyler.
You gave me something to go on.
Find my dad.
We need him.
His kids were there.
Don't you get it? They could be witnesses.
If they were, we'd already be locked up.
Which is all the more reason why we need to get rid of him.
Jim! What's up, Sheriff? What's up is I need you to explain yourself.
And think carefully before you do.
- What do you mean? - I'm sitting here wondering why these city jerks are nosing around our station about this missing detective.
So I re-checked the GPS logs.
One was missing.
What the hell, Jim?! You were there, and didn't tell me? I had a judge and the Manhattan D.
- here busting my balls - Here's what happened.
We saw the guy.
We spoke to him.
He identified himself as a cop; we went on our way.
Don't BS me.
Why didn't you call it in? We didn't have time.
We were moving so fast trying to catch that assault suspect who attacked Charlie.
Look, if we went public with that, in today's climate, and that guy went missing, we're instantly guilty.
You want those Black Lives Matter people protesting here in Gatling? Al Sharpton and Don Lemon camped out on your front lawn? Frank we've known each other 23 years.
You know what I've been dealing with since Janice got sick.
I don't know how much time she has left, but this will take her out.
Is that how it went down, Morales? Yes, sir.
That detective was fine when we left.
What'd you find, Harry? Nothing where there should be something.
In other words, there were eight cars on duty last night, but there were only seven GPS logs.
Well, who was on duty that night that doesn't have a log? Deputies Jim Barnes and Ted Morales.
Barnes is a decorated vet.
Morales has been on the force for a little over a year.
Whoa, whoa, whoa, hold on a second.
There was some incident involving Barnes about 27 years ago.
Any details? Uh, I can't tell, the file is sealed.
Let me see if I can dig something up.
Get me everything you can on those two.
I'm gonna pay them a little visit.
All he really cares about is getting home to his family.
Look, the point is if we let him go now, it may not be as bad as we think.
You think things are gonna work out the way he's saying? Can't you see? He's trying to play you.
Morning, Officers.
Or is it "deputies"? I always get it so confused.
Excuse you.
We're in the middle of a private conversation.
I hope it's about that missing detective.
Marcus Dante.
I heard about that.
Hope he turns up.
I'm happy to hear that, because I'm helping his family locate him, was hoping you could help.
- Whatever we can do.
- Any leads? Any witnesses? Nothing yet.
I was thinking he could've snapped.
One of our guys went missing once.
They found him in a daze, walking his old beat from 17 years ago in Jersey.
Nice theory.
Only thing is his kids said they saw two deputies stick him in a squad car.
Crazy, right? Kids and their imaginations.
You guys were on duty that night, right? Yeah.
Why no GPS logs? Excuse me? Those squad car GPS records.
Every squad car on duty has one for that night.
Except yours.
I don't know where you're getting your info, but, uh, it wouldn't be the first time.
I mean, those GPS transmitters are iffy at best.
And if you're asking what I think you're asking, we were nowhere near the mini-mart that night.
What about you? Anything else you'd like to add? My partner pretty much covered it.
Well, let me know if you find anything.
I got a team coming in from the city.
To join a massive search party.
If he's in Gatling we'll find him.
And you might want to get that nasty scrape on your bumper fixed.
It's not a good look.
You got 'em, Harry? Tracker's working fine.
Looks like the bear is poked.
Now let's see if they take us to Dante.
- Where am I going, Harry? - Looks like they've stopped at a, a shuttered service station on Old River Road.
Should be just up ahead on your next right.
Harry, they're gone! They switched cars.
Come on, Harry, find me something to go on.
I'm sorry, but without cameras, there's nothing I can track in that rural area.
I might have something.
I was able to find info on Barnes' sealed file.
27 years ago, a big-time Manhattan lawyer named Curtis Baker said that he was pulled over by two cops when he was passing through Gatling County.
The news article says they worked him over pretty good.
They took him somewhere in the countryside, they interrogated him, and then they dropped him on the side of the road.
Maybe they took Dante to the same place? There was a settlement the veteran deputy, Barry Jameson, got fired, but the rookie deputy, Jim Barnes, testified against his partner, got a slap on the wrist.
Maybe it's history repeating itself? Yeah, except Barnes was on the other side back then.
And now he's doing the same thing, after condemning his partner back in the day? I mean, h How the hell does that even happen? Slowly.
Without you even noticing.
Until you become the person you promised yourself you'd never be.
Says here Curtis Baker still lives in Harlem.
See what he knows.
I'm gonna try and see if I can pick up their trail.
I am not allowed to talk about the case because of the NDA.
A good man is missing.
Something you tell us could help us find him.
Screw it.
No amount of money can help me get over the nightmares.
I was pulled over in the middle of nowhere.
The older cop seemed ticked off because I knew my rights.
He didn't appreciate being mouthed off to by an educated Black man from the city.
Before I knew it, they were beating me with nightsticks.
I remember hearing my ribs break.
They threw me in a trunk and took me for a ride I thought would never end.
I woke in a room where I stayed for four days.
No food, no water.
I just can't believe they would get away with something like that.
That was 30 years ago, before the world was woke.
Do you remember where they took you? No.
But it felt like an old municipal building.
An old rec center or school, maybe.
But I remember crossing a metal bridge.
A metal bridge are you sure? We used to have one in Cleveland where I grew up.
It made this high-pitched vibration.
I can never get that horrible sound out of my head.
It was the worst ride of my life.
I'm on the metal bridge, - Harry what now? - Curtis said he was taken to an abandoned building not long after he crossed it.
Okay, there's an old school about four miles from where you are.
It's the only structure anywhere close to that bridge.
Dante! Nobody's here.
I've cleared this entire building.
There's no sign of him.
Maybe they took him to a different location.
Wait, there's blood here.
Hold on.
Dante was here.
He knew somebody would come looking for him, so he left a clue.
Barnes and Morales must've felt the heat and moved him.
Yes, which means he could still be alive.
Does "Youngstrom" mean anything to you? Come on, Jim, there's got to be another way.
Once we get him out to the farm, no one will ever know.
Why didn't you fight back? He's my friend, Pop.
It was just a misunderstanding.
Mommy said I was right to give him the benefit of the doubt.
Your mother's gonna get you killed out here.
This is about survival, boy.
Somebody hits you, you hit them back twice as hard.
It's either him or you.
We're supposed to help people.
So, what, you're gonna just quit? You gonna run home and cry to your mommy? And let him do this to you? Get up.
Get up! Get up! There's gonna be a fire road about a quarter mile ahead.
Barnes! What the There are 13 Youngstroms in Gatling grocery, hardware, - farm - Tell me about the farm.
Property records for a Peter Youngstrom.
200 acres of marshland, woods and lakes.
That sounds like the perfect place to dispose of a body.
Stop, Barnes.
Let him go! We'll deal with the consequences.
You don't understand.
I've seen what happens.
I've got my wife, my family.
It's him or it's us! Maybe it should be us! Maybe we deserve it.
I'm sorry.
I just didn't know what to do.
I know.
And we'll get through it.
All right? You'll thank me when it's done.
Get up! Get up! Ah.
I'm just holding on Holding on to my faith I'm just holding on.
Come on out, Detective! Let's talk about this.
Maybe my partner was right.
Maybe we can get past it.
My whole life, there's been this noise.
But when I'm with you, it's quiet.
Like it all makes sense.
But something's wrong.
This is wrong.
You shouldn't be here.
You called me, remember? It's cold.
So cold.
I'm falling.
Dante! Take my hand! Dante! Marcus! I'm here.
I got you, I got you.
It's gonna be okay.
It'll be okay.
Yes! I need an airlift at Youngstrom Farm! Officer down! Track my location! Welcome back.
Thank you.
Don't try to talk.
You got some people really wanting to see you.
He's awake.
- He's up! - Marcus! - Dad! - Daddy! So glad you're back.
I was so scared.
- Wait.
- I was so scared.
Thank you.
My pleasure.
All right.
It's only been a week.
You sure you want to do this? My boys are asking questions.
Same ones I had.
I need to work through the noise and figure out the answers.
You got a plan? No.
Just gonna take one day at a time.
If you ever need to talk it through I'm here for you.
Whenever you need me.
Now get your hobblin' ass out of my car.
Don't do this.
News travels fast.
Take a a leave of absence.
Clear your head, get some distance from it.
But don't don't do this.
I can't be a good cop if I don't know why I'm doing it.
You are a good cop.
- You're one of the best.
- For how long? I have some things I need to figure out.
Because if I don't, I'm afraid of who I might become.
- What I did - No, what they did.
That, too.
Give that to the chief for me?
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