The Equalizer (2021) s04e08 Episode Script


Previously on The Equalizer
Hey. Who's your friend?
Aunt Vi, this is Cameron.
Are you a sophomore, too?
Junior, actually.
You must be starting
to think about colleges.
Oh, nah, not going to college.
I got other plans.
How are things with Big Ben?
Exactly how I knew it'd be.
Dad, where's Grandpa?
He's not gonna make it.
His car broke down.
Addie Stanford, from parole downstairs?
And why do I need a travel pass?
Your father, Ben Dante, registered you
to accompany him
to a funeral this weekend?
That funeral. Thanks, Addie.
Rob, what are you doing here?
Miles, I need your help.
Miles, your ex-husband?
He helps out sometimes.
Look, I still don't know exactly
what type of operation
you're running, Robyn
but whatever it is,
I want in.
MAN: He's gettin' away!
There he is!
MAN 2: After him! After him!
MAN: You see him?
He's trapped!
We know you ain't got no more bullets!
ROBYN: Is that what I think it is?
Depends. Does it look like
an award-winning peach cobbler?
Oh, I can't wait to see the look
on Barbara Sullivan's face
when I pass her for the most
wins in block party history.
That's right. Yeah, let's go!
I ain't playing with her this year!
I know that's right.
I know that's right, Aunt Vi.
I can't tell you how much I've
been looking forward to today.
You have loved this block party
ever since you were little.
I mean, I'm just excited
to have a day off.
Just a chance to kick back,
have some fun,
just like a normal person.
If anybody deserves it, it's you.
Ah. Good morning, guys!
- Well, someone's happy.
- Hello. [LAUGHS]
Hi. Mom, good morning.
Okay, so, I just got
off the phone with Dad,
and turns out,
he was able to move his shift,
so he'll be there today after all.
Right? Oh, my gosh, I cannot remember
the last time we all hung out together.
This is going to be so awesome.
Hey, Dante.
Morning. You and the fam
heading over to the block party?
We are. Are we gonna see you there?
Wouldn't miss it.
I'll be working the grill
at the community outreach table.
It's a good chance for the neighborhood
to get to know the NYPD.
Also a good chance
to spend time with you.
I can't wait.
Anyway, I'll be there
as soon as I get back
from this funeral in Jersey.
Sorry for your loss.
Oh, no, not mine.
Big Ben's old partner, Johnny D.
Terms of his parole require
an escort out of state.
And you volunteered?
No, but I'm doing it anyway.
- Uh, he's here.
- Find you when I get there?
- You better.
You're late.
Good morning to you, too.
You haven't been answering my texts.
My phone died. I keep forgetting
to plug it in at night.
I was starting to think you blew it off.
Why wouldn't I show up
to my old partner's funeral?
I don't know, Pop. Why don't
you show up to a lot of things?
What I don't get is why we
didn't just meet at your place.
Would have been nice to have
breakfast with my grandkids.
Because this way, if you don't show up,
the only person
you're letting down is Johnny.
And you can't piss him off
too bad because he's dead.
Though, knowing you,
you'd find a way, Pop.
Ooh, all right ♪
Hey, yeah ♪
You guys made it.
Do you think we'd miss this?
- Hi.
- I mean, when do we get the chance
to just hang out?
- You know?
- I know.
Where's Aunt Vi? Down here,
about to destroy the competition
with her famous peach cobbler.
- HARRY: Endless cobbler?
- MEL: Oh.
You'll have to excuse me,
ladies. Destiny calls.
All right, I should go find Dee.
Go on. I'm gonna say hello to Aunt Vi.
Okay, well, make sure
you check out the incense table,
get your karaoke on,
and Miss Loretta's jerk chicken
is fire.
- Okay, I'll see you later.
- Okay.
Aunt Vi
Hi, Mel.
- It's so good to see you.
- You, too.
But I am concerned.
Do you ever feed that man?
Ah. Peach cobbler is kind of his thing.
It's a borderline fetish.
Oh, I'm sorry. Did I get that wrong?
Girl, I never seem to get it straight.
How could you? We only see
each other once a year.
Usually when I'm collecting
the first-place ribbons.
Always living in the past, Vee-ola,
but this year will be different.
Not if your cobbler's the same.
- Oh, I got something for you this year.
- Bring it.
- Wow.
- Don't worry about it.
She's gonna be singing a different tune
when I beat her ass
- the third year in a row.
Okay. Check it out.
One of the judges is a no-show
today, so [CLICKS TONGUE]
- Tell me you didn't.
- Honey, I had to.
It's-it's my civic duty.
I mean, the, uh, the needs of the many
outweigh the sugar-shock of the judge.
Babe, how are you going to be impartial?
Aunt Vi's in the contest.
Not to worry. It's a blind taste test.
You know, also, honey, as you know,
my reputation is unim-peach-able.
Sugar's rotting your brain.
I'm gonna cut you off.
- Oh, please don't.
Don't sweat the technique
Okay. Okay. Okay. ♪
Oh, man. That one takes me
all the way back.
Dad, I forgot you had moves. [LAUGHS]
- Yeah, so did he.
- I tell you, it's a shame, man.
We used to come here
every year without fail.
- But life happens, right?
- ROBYN: I remember that year
you went too far
on those Jamaican beef patties.
Oh. Oh, my gosh.
ROBYN: Yeah, that didn't end well.
- It did not end well.
- No.
Ooh. Or the year
you beat Dad at H.O.R.S.E.
with, like, everyone watching.
Year? You mean years?
Okay, okay. Now you guys
just making stuff up.
You want to go? Right now, me and you?
MILES: It's right over here
- if you want to try me.
- Hey. Hey, there's my friend Cam.
I haven't seen him in forever.
Oh, go ahead, say hi.
- Mom and I can take care of ourselves.
- Okay.
- Yeah, I'll find you guys in a bit.
- MILES: Yeah, I'll be watching.
No way! Dee!
- What's up?
- Hey.
Oh, my gosh.
It's been ages.
Uh, Delilah, this is Tyrese.
Uh, Ty and I we grew up together.
- What's up?
- Hey.
Yo, those are nice kicks.
TYRESE: Thanks, Private School.
Cam, I'm gonna take a lap,
check out the food court.
- I'll catch you guys later.
- All right, bro.
- Nice to meet you.
- Nice to meet you.
Uh, what have you been up to?
Uh, well, you know that app
I was talking about?
It launched.
It's reselling sneakers, right?
Oh, high-end sneakers.
I'm talking limited editions, collabs.
It's called "Premium Kicks."
That's amazing.
Not going to college next year
was the right decision.
Yeah. I mean,
just by not going into debt,
I'm ahead of the game.
And I got to admit,
I have actually been
reconsidering college myself.
- Really? You?
- I know.
- I know. [LAUGHS]
- That's crazy.
- I know.
Actually, I would really love
to talk to you about it.
Yeah, let's do it. How about over tacos?
Sounds good.
- Let's do it. [LAUGHS]
- Let's do it. [LAUGHS]
Stephon sure is getting big.
You don't want to talk?
Have it your way.
It's my way now, huh?
Who do you think I learned it from?
Look, Marcus, I know you're angry,
been angry for a long time.
And I've come to terms with that.
But I'm trying to start over.
I think you need to give me a chance.
I gave you that chance
when you wanted to take the boys
to the Yankee game. You blew it.
I told you, something came up.
- Uh-huh.
- This was important.
What was more important than
not letting your grandsons down?
Never mind.
No, go on, tell me. I want to know.
- Really?
- Really, I do.
Then I'll tell you.
The hell is this guy doing?
DRIVER: Hey! Get off the road!

Go faster! They're gaining!

Look out!

[ECHOING]: Marcus.
- You okay?
[GROANS SOFTLY] Been better.
Suck it up. We got to move.
Want me to get that?
I got it. I got it.
- Wait.
You good?
[SIGHS] Sounded like two shooters.
- Yeah.
- You put 'em down fast.
Save the back-patting.
There's gonna be more coming.
Somebody planned that to take us out.
If there's a plan
There's a backup plan.
- You good?
I'm fine.
- This is no time for pride, boy.
Take my shoulder.
Come on.
- I got you.
We need to get off the street now.
- Come on.
This'll do.
Don't let me down ♪
I pray, oh, pretty baby ♪
Now that I found you ♪
Stay and let me love you ♪
Oh, baby ♪
Let me love you, oh ♪
- Baby. ♪
- Yes!
- Yeah, Mel, you killed it!
- Yeah? Really?
- [LAUGHS] Yes. Yes!
- That was better than in the shower,
- babe! Oh!
You have a lot of peach
cobbler in your beard.
Speaking of cobbler, come on.
I gotta go to the judges'
table. Come on, let's go.
Now, these two,
they're part of your team, right?
What team?
[QUIETLY]: Okay.
Well, have you at least
thought about what I asked you?
About working with me?
Saving lives side by side again,
the adrenaline rush of enemy
bullets going over our heads.
I know you haven't forgotten
how great we are in the field together.
That was a long time ago.
Things have changed.
Sure. But haven't I proven
that I'm still reliable?
I mean, you showed up at my house twice
with almost-dead people
and I helped you out,
no questions asked, didn't I?
Oh, there were questions.
But you were a big help.
Come on, Rob.
All I'm asking is that you let me in
to whatever it is you got going on.
I know it's worthwhile
if you're pursuing it.
That is very flattering.
But let me consider it a bit longer.
It's not just my decision.
- Okay, I tell you what.
How 'bout we play for it?
[CHUCKLES] This is not the kind
of thing you decide with a game.
Sounds to me like somebody's scared.
You do know I have seen you shoot.
Well, then
It's on.
I'm so glad I ran into you.
Can't believe how long it's been.
But, you know what,
it feels like yesterday.
MAN: Where is it? It was just here!
- Hey. What's happening over there?
- I can't find it anywhere!
- I don't know.
- Somebody must've took it!
I just left for a minute.
I had to go to the bathroom.
WOMAN: Are we sure it's gone?
It's gone. The strongbox is empty.
Hey, what's going on?
Someone stole all the raffle money.
Over 2,000 bucks.
We were raising it for Kevin Jordan.
Help him pay for expenses
at college next year.
Yo, that's messed up.
Hey. There's Tyrese.
You think maybe he saw something?
Uh, maybe. We can ask him.
Yo, Ty.
What's up?
Yo. Someone just stole a bunch of cash
from the raffle booth,
and everyone's tripping
because no one saw it happen.
You see anything?
Nah, man.
Why are you asking me?
[CHUCKLES]: There's
no reason, bro. Chill.
My bad. I got to take this.
- Hey, yo, what's poppin'?
- Pretty defensive, don't you think?
Ty? Nah. He
he's just wound tight.
You know him really well, right?
- Do you think it's possible that
Whoa, let me stop you right there.
Just 'cause Ty is "from the hood"
doesn't mean he stole that money.
Wait, what? No, it's not
about where he's from, okay?
He took off for a while.
And the next time we see him,
he's not far from where it happened.
Maybe he just went to
the bathroom and then
decided to buy a T-shirt
or something. I don't know.
But then why was he acting all weird?
Look, all I'm saying is
that somebody took that money.
And it's a big deal to that kid
going off to college.
Okay, sure.
But I know Tyrese. He's a good guy.
Look, I'm not about to accuse
my friend of stealing,
especially not based on
some half-baked theory.
I'm not asking you to accuse anybody.
I just
- I'm trying to be
- Hey, Dee.
Hi. I just heard about the money.
Did you guys see anything?
Wait, I saw someone in the crowd,
uh, walking around with a video camera.
Maybe they captured something.
Yeah. Yeah, it's worth finding out.
Okay. I'll see.
- Come on, son, I got you.
BIG BEN: You need stitches.
And we need backup.
Let me have your phone.
I don't have it.
Must have flown out in the crash.
[EXHALES] Now what?
We don't want to get trapped here.
So let's get out of here while we can.
I can gut it out.
Not like that.
That tourniquet's not doing the trick.
We need to do something now.
I don't think amputation's the answer.
Just give me a minute here.
Who the hell are those guys?
No idea.
But they were carrying
some high-caliber hand cannons.
Desert Eagles, maybe.
Driving bulletproof SUVs.
These weren't corner boys.
None of that stuff's cheap.
These were foot soldiers.
They're part of a larger operation.
Just means we were right.
There's more coming.
So what are we waiting for?
I can use the powder
to cauterize your wound.
So now you're Rambo.
Sit back and learn something.
Why do you think they're after us?
Maybe someone you crossed in prison?
Pretty quick to put this on me.
I mean, you are the one
who's been coloring
outside the lines all these years.
You steal from bad people,
they're gonna hold a grudge.
You don't think you got enemies?
What about all the perps you put away?
Any cop worth his badge
has a target on his back.
Got it.
Fine. [GRUNTS]
If we're gonna do this,
let's get it over with.
This is gonna hurt like hell.
Bite on my belt.
I'm good.
Tough guy, huh?
Weren't so tough when you fell
off your skateboard.
You always like to bring that up.
- If you're gonna
Nothing but net.
We got strength ♪
- What do you got?
- I got H-O-R-S, and you know it.
- Oh
So you know what that means, right?
I mean, I'm no spelling bee champion,
but I think it means
you really need to
I know.
I know what it means.
Don't miss.
- Ugh.
- Ooh.
What? Air ball.
All right, come on. Two out of three.
N-No Miles, you think I'm
gonna play you until you win?
All right, all right,
you're lucky I got to go, too.
Rob, I cannot tell you
how much I enjoyed this.
This was a lot of fun.
You know, the fun doesn't
necessarily have to end.
We should have dinner.
I would love that.
I'll check Dee's schedule
and I'll get back to you.
No, I was talking about the two of us.
- The two of us?
- Yeah.
Like, on a date?
Well, I mean, we don't
have to put a label on it.
Just have dinner.
See where it goes.
There. That should stop
the bleeding, at least.
You good?
Good enough. Thanks.
Let's go.
BIG BEN: Damn it, we're trapped.
VANETTI: Find them and kill
them. Let's go!
I count eight. All armed.
Pop, you know those guys?
The big guy running point.
Name's Vanetti.
Drug dealer from my beat
back in the day.
Back in the day? You mean
He was in a crew we used to rob.
Looks like this is my dirt coming back
to bite me in the ass.
Just another way you've managed
to make my life worse.
I'm sorry, son.
I really am.
VANETTI: I want all these
buildings searched.
They're not getting away.
Come on. Go!
Looks like they're gonna search
every building on this block.
Including this one.
We got six bullets for seven men.
And one of them is coming
to search this place.
But if we shoot this guy
The noise might draw the others.
So what do we do? Hide?
There's a lot of rooms
in this place to search.
Hiding might be our best option.
Mm-hmm. Mm
Just in time
to see me take down Barbara's
dry-ass cobbler.
You okay?
I'm not sure, but I think Miles
just asked me out on a date.
- No.
- Mm-hmm.
Okay, come on. Spill it.
Okay, so we were walking,
reminiscing a little bit
and he bought me a
ginger beer and, uh
You fell for that again.
Auntie, what you talking about?
Do you not remember the time
that you were mad at him
for working too many long hours?
He made dinner,
took you for a walk and
And he bought me a ginger beer.
Oh, he is smooth.
[SIGHS] You are not actually thinking
about going out with him, are you?
I considered it for a second.
I mean, just the thought of
going on a date with anyone,
would be, you know, nice.
Yes, that part.
But you're not normal.
You're a most extraordinary creature.
Well, whatever I am
it would be great to have
more days like today.
You know?
A chance to just be.
I know.
Speaking of dates,
isn't Dante supposed to be here?
That's a good question.
Yeah, he was supposed to
work the outreach booth.
I'll check with them,
see if they heard anything.
Mm-hmm. Mm-hmm.

Is that blood?
Harry? Got a problem.
You and me both.
Sample A's crust is buttery heaven.
Sample B's filling, though,
is a nectar from the gods.
Oh, you mean,
a "problem" problem. Sorry.
Something's up with Dante.
The outreach booth was trying
to get in touch with him
to get an ETA, but he hasn't
gotten back to them.
Did you try calling him?
Yeah, it's going straight to voice mail.
M.E.L., run a GPS check
on Marcus Dante's phone.
M.E.L: Task completed.
GPS is off. In fact, his phone is off.
He was taking Big Ben
to his ex-partner's
funeral in Patterson.
Can you check and see
if something went down?
You think something happened there?
[SCOFFS] A dirty cop's funeral?
- Prime opportunity for payback.
- You got a name?
Uh, Johnny something. Johnny D, I think.
Johnny D. Okay, well,
shouldn't be too hard.
I mean, how many ex-cops in
Jersey are having a funeral today?
I got it.
Hey, Dee. Dee.
So I found the videographer.
Um, his footage didn't
show anybody, but look.
DELILAH: Is that someone's foot?
MEL: Yeah, walking away
from the raffle table.
You can kind of
Did you see someone wearing these?
There's probably two dozen people
here at this party wearing those.
- Yeah.
- And besides, whoever stole that money
is probably long gone by now.
You're probably right. You guys good?
- Yeah.
- I'm gonna talk to Harry.
- Yeah. We're good. Have fun.
- Yeah.
Okay, yes, Tyrese is wearing those.
But like I said, he's not the only one.
I'm not saying it's definitely Tyrese,
but this means
we can't rule him out, either.
Okay, yeah. I get that.
I get that.
But if Tyrese did steal
a bunch of money,
why would he hang around here?
Yeah, you're probably right.
Unless whoever stole it
hung around because
they knew their absence would
make them look more guilty.
Okay, so he's guilty if he runs,
and he's guilty if he stays?
Do you even hear yourself?
You know what? I'm gonna prove it to you
that it's not Tyrese.
- All right.
- Oh, there he is. Come.
- That's what I'm trying to say.
- Yo, Ty.
Uh, let me see your car keys real quick.
Uh, everything good?
Yeah, I just think I left
my wallet in your ride.
- That's all.
- Private School got you spending
- your sneaker money already.
Yo, what the hell, Ty?
Hey, yo, man!
Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.
How you feeling?
- Like I'm losing blood fast.
- All right, all right.
We gotta get you to a hospital.
There's no way we're gonna make it past
all those men out there.
We have to at least try.
MAN [OVER WALKIE]: Hey, Tony, check in.
The Blancos want a status report.
Something tells me that's not good news.
I just had a run-in
with the Blancos recently.
My old partner went missing
in one of their casinos,
so we had to raid the place.
Confiscated a ton of contraband.
Must have cost 'em a pretty penny.
Point being, maybe these guys
are after me, not you.
Uh, I'm sorry about what I said, Pop.
About you ruining my life.
You did this to yourself.
Never should have
volunteered to drive me.
Volunteer? You told 'em I'd do it.
No, I didn't. Who told you that?
Your parole officer.
What was her name? Uh
Addie, I think.
My parole officer's Frank Mahoney.
Come to think of it, I'd never
seen this woman before.
Said she'd just transferred in.
Probably sent by those Blancos
to tee this up.
Get us in the car together,
then take us both out.
I'll be damned. Hey.
Hey! Stay with me.
You gotta stay awake.
I'm tired, Marcus.
Tired as when you made me drive
your old Volvo 240
from Coney Island to Red Hook?
You almost burned out my clutch.
Yeah. What were you thinking,
letting a ten-year-old
drive a stick shift?
I worked a double the night before.
You figured it out, didn't you?
Yeah. You could have
at least told me how to get home
before passing out, snoring.
How else were you gonna learn
to navigate the city?
We made it.
You knew just what you were doing.
See, your childhood wasn't all bad.
Or maybe you're just being nice
'cause I'm dying.
All right, cut it out, Pop.
There's only one way out of this:
leave me behind.
That's not happening.
But before you go
there's something you need to know.
Hey. All right, all right.
Easy, easy.
Plenty of time to talk about this later.
Boy, there's not gonna be no later.
Now shut up and listen.
I made a lot of mistakes.
I wish I could take 'em back,
but I can't.
All those times that I wasn't there,
for you, for your mother
there was somewhere else I needed to be.
All right, Pop, this can wait.
you have a brother.
Ty, what are you doing?
You need to put that gun down.
Nah, bro, I need that money.
Yo, I didn't bring you here to steal it
and pull a gun out on my friend.
Man, you used to be down.
Now you're taking Private School's side?
Tyrese, please, this will
only make things worse.
Shut up! You don't know me.
Yeah, I've seen your designer clothes.
You couldn't begin to understand
what I'm going through.
You're right. You're right, I can't.
But there's always another way.
How? Look, I-I went to school,
I got the grades,
but I had to drop out.
Is that the other way?
Do you work two jobs
so your sisters won't
cry themselves to sleep
hungry every night?
Do you have a mom who's abusive
because she's mentally ill and
can't get the meds she needs?
Do you?
Worst part is, I can't report her,
even if I wanted to,
because she'll be put
into an institution,
and my sisters right into foster care.
I'm out of options,
- so I gotta do what I gotta do.
- I get it, Ty.
The system is broken.
But you need to put that gun down.
No, I get it.
Now that you got
your little sneaker business,
you forgot what it's like to be hungry.
Man, no matter how hard you try,
you're never gonna be one of them.
Let us help you.
You do not deserve
to go through this alone.
I don't need your sympathy.
I can take care of myself.
A-And screw you for judging me, man.
You're not better than me.
MEL: Dee?
MEL: Get over here!
Mel, no. Let him go.
- Let him go, please.
- Hey! Wait!
What happened? What was that?
Are you okay?
- Yes, I'm okay.
- No, you're not.
We're good. Look at me. We're good.
- You okay?
- I promise, we're good.
I promise.
Did you hear what I said, son?
You have a brother.
You're bleeding out
and the Blancos are hunting us.
Now's not the time.
His name is James.
Why are you telling me this now?
You need to know. There was
a reason I wasn't always there.
A reason I wasn't able to take your boys
to that Yankee game.
That's why you couldn't take them.
Because you were with him.
James said that he needed to see me.
That supposed to make me feel better?
I tried so hard with you, Marcus.
I used to write you letters
when you refused to talk to me.
Your mother told me that
you threw them away unopened.
So now it's my fault
you were never around.
That's not what I meant.
Man, just stop talking.
I need to figure out
how to get us out of here.
Marcus, I can't walk.
You're gonna have to leave me behind.
Pop! Stop. Please.
We're not gonna get past 'em.
You're right about that.
So we'll just have
to bring the fight to us.
Ooh, you going down, Vee-ola.
The only thing I'm doing is collecting
my first-place ribbon.
And you have one more time
to butcher my name.
Well, we've, uh,
we've made our decision,
and the two finalists
were both delicious.
But I'm afraid we only have one winner,
and that would be sample L.
Oh, yes. Yes!
I knew your tastebuds would
make the right choice.
- Oh, I thought it was
- Oh, hell no.
Do these two know each other?
You know what, the fix is in.
Oh, please Barbara, we know
half the people in here.
And besides, it was a blind taste test.
I can assure you
that we made our decisions
solely based on the merits
of the cobbler.
And yours was absolutely
terrific, by the way.
Oh, please, why should we care about
what this clown thinks, anyway?
Excuse me?
It's okay. That's all right. It's okay.
Listen, Barbara, I promise you
it was very, very close.
And I could tell that you used
only the finest ingredients,
from the crust to
those garden-fresh peaches.
And that hint of paprika,
while odd, was a delicious
and inspired choice.
In fact, I can only ever remember
having paprika in a cobbler
at Sylvia's Restaurant
in Harlem. I mean,
if I didn't know better
He's absolutely right.
This cobbler tastes exactly
like the one from Sylvia's.
Well, I may have used
a similar recipe
I highly doubt that.
That recipe is a closely guarded secret.
Well, you know, we could call
Sylvia's and see if a Babara
ordered a cobbler recently. No?
That's right, take your stolen cobbler
along with your stank attitude!
Uh-oh. That's not good.
VANETTI: You guys find anything?
Couldn't find anything, boss.
- Where's Tony?
- He went into that building
when we first started searching,
and never came out.
Follow me.
- HARRY: Hey.
- Hey. Any update on Dante?
There were no incidents
at Johnny Delgado's funeral,
but I had M.E.L. check
all major tollbooths,
and there's no sign that Dante's car
even ever made it out of town.
We checked all the hospitals. No luck.
Something's definitely wrong.
We should go look for him.
Dante was picking up his father
in Bed Stuy earlier.
Okay, fastest route to Jersey
is Brooklyn Bridge
through the Holland Tunnel.
Okay, that's where we start.
Damn it.
- He's gettin' away!
MAN: There he is!
After him!
MAN: You see him?
He's trapped!
We know you ain't got no more bullets!
Come out! We just want to talk!
I can hear you just fine from here.
Just give up! We know
there's nothing you can do.
You sure you want to take that chance?
Other side.
Go, go, go.

Pop. Come on, Pop.
Let's get you out of here.
Pop, please.
Don't you quit on me right now, okay?
Come on, Pop, get up.
Pop, get up.
Get up!
Get up.
Told you to leave me behind, boy.
You're hardheaded.
Who do you think I got that from?
Definitely your mother.
there's one more shooter out there.
We got to move before he finds us.
Okay. Okay.
How many more?
He was the last of them.
Okay. Need you to hold on
a little bit longer.
Ambulance is on the way. Let's go.

You okay?
[TONGUE CLICKS] Nah. I'm not.
Look, I-I'm really sorry about Tyrese.
I would've never brought him if
It's not your fault.
I mean, he's clearly in a tough spot.
But I do appreciate what you did.
Standing up for me.
Yeah, I wasn't gonna let him hurt you.
I know.
- Thanks.
- Yeah.
What'd the doctor say?
Extensive blood loss is causing
some of his systems to shut down,
so they've induced a coma for now.
But the doctor said, uh,
he's certain he'll pull through.
Well, considering all he's been
through, that's good news.
But you don't seem happy.
Course I am.
Marcus, is there
something else going on?
I don't feel like getting into it.
That was my way of handling
things for a long time.
Keeping everything inside,
letting it eat away at me,
until the stress nearly killed me.
I have a brother.
Yeah. Just found out.
When Big Ben thought he was dying.
Said he wanted me to know.
I think he just wanted
to get it off his chest.
Like a confession.
All those years as his punching bag,
now he wants me to be his priest?
Oh, and he tried
to make it all my fault.
"I tried to get through to you,
but you were always so angry."
You damn right I was angry.
I'm sorry, Marcus.
That's a lot to process.
It's gonna take some time.
I've been standing here, thinking about
things that happened when I was a kid,
things I'm suddenly seeing
in a new light.
All of those holidays he missed
because he "drew a bad shift."
All those nights my mom and I
spent worrying if he was okay,
he was playing father of
the year to someone else's kid.
I feel like a fool.
Don't do that.
You were only a kid yourself.
I'm sorry.
I can't be here right now.
All right. [CLEARS THROAT]
I'm gonna call it.
Okay. I'm closing soon.
I'll come join you.
Hey, you know what was great
about that block party?
- What?
- Everything.
Thought you were gonna say "cobbler."
Oh, man, I-I think
I've had enough cobbler
to last me at least
until tomorrow morning.
There's leftovers in the fridge,
- though, right?
- Yes.
[LAUGHS]: Ye Ooh.
- Oh. Hey.
- [GASPS] Dee.
- Hey.
- Hey. Come on in.
- Thanks.
- Wow.
Hey. I-I hope I'm not
bothering you so late.
Oh, come on, are you kidding?
Do you want anything? Water
No, no, I'm all good, thank you.
Okay. Well, uh, make yourself at home.
Okay. So
this is about what, uh, happened
at the block party today?
Yeah, I can't stop shaking. [CHUCKLES]
It just, it keeps
playing over and over again in my head.
Having a loaded gun pointed at you is
really scary.
Look who I'm telling.
No. It is scary.
Mel, can you please not
tell my mom about this?
Oh, yeah, I'm done interfering.
- Okay.
- But I'm curious
why you didn't want me
to go after that guy?
It's 'cause he's already on a bad path.
He doesn't need jail, he needs help.
I really, really wanted to help him.
And he didn't want it.
I guess I just, I never really
thought about this side
of what you and my mom do.
It must feel great
when you're able to get somebody's life
back on track.
[LAUGHS] You're right.
But when you can't
I mean, God, does it always
feel this bad?
Dee, the fact that you are
taking this so personally
is a testament to how loving
and giving and caring you are.
It does get easier, is what
you're telling me, right?
But you learn to accept the fact
that sometimes you're just
not gonna get through.
There is this vet in
my support group. Eric.
He has severe PTSD.
I dropped him off the other day,
and I saw that he had
blocked all off his windows
with tinfoil.
- Like shutting out the world.
- Yeah.
He's literally walled himself off.
So I just, you know, do
what I can and then
Because some people have to
figure it out for themselves.
On their own time.
What if they don't?
then, sweetie,
there's nothing else we can do.
And you're right, that
does feel like crap.
Hey, Auntie.
Sorry I left before. How'd it go?
Did you win?
Have you had my cobbler?
- Boom!
- Yes.
Down goes Barbara.
- That's right.
That's what I'm
And what about you?
Where'd you disappear to?
I had to help Dante with something.
Oh. So you did see him.
And how was that?
Pretty crazy.
I mean, I feel bad for him.
It's a long story, but
Let's just say neither one of us
got a day off.
I did come to a realization, though.
What's that?
That the life I've chosen
doesn't leave room for relationships.
Why would you say that?
Because it's true.
All I wanted was one day
to be normal.
And I can't even get that.
Because my life is not normal.
But everything was going so well.
Then reality smacks me in the face.
And I remember all the reasons
why it didn't work out with Miles.
The unpredictable schedule,
not finding time for each other,
having to lie about the reasons why.
Yeah, but you and Miles had
a lot of issues to overcome.
Yeah, but those weren't
our issues.
Those were my issues.
And they still are.
Meaning any relationship
I try is doomed from the start.
Yeah. You're right.
You can't talk about
where you've been all day
or what you've done.
You can't make plans because
[SCOFFS] something always comes up.
So, yeah, how can you
even think about dating someone?
[EXHALES] I can't.
what if there were someone
whose life is just
as unpredictable as yours?
Someone you would never have to lie to,
because he already knows
exactly what you do
and respects the hell out of you for it.
You wouldn't happen to know
a certain detective
like that, would you?
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