The Equalizer (2021) s04e09 Episode Script

The Big Take

Previously on The Equalizer
Randall Grayle is a cop killer.
I personally had to tell
a fellow officer's
four-year-old daughter that her father
wasn't coming home
after he clashed with Randall.
Where's Randall?
You let him go
to save me.
- Dante
- You said you'd be here.
He was right there,
but I let him get away.
You and I need to talk.
Does McCall know about this?
Nope, and you can't tell her.
Or Mel. Especially not Mel.
All those times I wasn't there
for you, for your mother.
There's something you need to know.
You have a brother.
OFFICER: Let's go, ladies.
Keep moving.
Check it out, man.
What the hell?
Call 911!
Ma'am, you okay?
Everyone line up!
- Got him.
- Who are you? What do you want
Play it safe and go back to the prison
or make a run for it.
I know what I'd do.
Oh, dude, dude, dude.
Let's get out of here.
Come on. Let's go.
Let's go.
All right, you called, I'm here.
Now, what is so important
that you're making me miss
my family weekend at the beach?
These three
were caught on body cameras
hitting a prison transport yesterday.
- Who'd they break out?
- Guy named Leon Katz.
And this concerns me why?
Vitiligo. Pattern on his
liberator's hand matches a con
the agency has its eyes on.
Vanessa Lett.
She's wanted in connection to
a string of heists in Miami.
Authorities believe
they were led by the guy
you asked me to look out for.
The one that stole
those vintage coins last year.
Randall Grayle.
You asked me to flag any
connection to him, and here it is.
You think Grayle might be
involved in the breakout?
I'm sure as hell gonna find out.
What exactly did this guy do
to land on your naughty list?
He killed a cop in cold blood.
Dante promised his wife and kid justice.
The point is, I messed up last time.
I'm the reason he's not behind bars,
which I intend to change.
I'm gonna send these to Harry.
Maybe he can ID the others.
I appreciate the heads-up.
What you got, Harry?
M.E.L. ran a biometric analysis
of the photos Fisk sent.
He's right about Vanessa Lett.
As far as her association
with Grayle, check your phone.
HARRY: So, this photo
was taken two years ago
right before a bank heist in
Miami. She was his hired muscle.
- And the other two?
- I'm still working on them.
Well, Grayle may have worked
with Vanessa,
but that doesn't mean he was
involved in the prison break.
I need more before I go to Dante.
All right, our escaped felon, Leon Katz,
he was doing 12 years for tax evasion
on the fortune that he made designing
super-vaults for the ultra-wealthy.
Now we're getting somewhere.
M.E.L.: Suspect two identified.
Damian Ellis.
I thought Mel was at
her veterans' group today?
Yeah, yeah, no, she is. That
was M.E.L. doing Mel's voice.
She's been doing it since this
morning. I thought I fixed it.
Apparently not.
Yeah, I know. I got to get that sorted
before she gets back.
What came up on Damian?
Black hat hacker.
Various run-ins with authorities.
Questionable fashion sense.
Sounds like a bad guy version
of you, Harry.
Oh, please, I'm a unicorn.
This guy was interrogated in 2019
for suspected hacking of a
jewelry store's alarm system,
and the robbery
- was pulled off by
- Randall Grayle.
Dante's friend, Officer Jack Lowry,
was killed in that heist.
So, two associates of Grayle
break out a safe designer?
I mean, my money is on Grayle
pulling the strings here.
That's enough to take to Dante.
Keep me posted on anything else.
How long you been standing there?
Long enough to know you need to work on
your situational awareness.
Tell me more about the e-mail you sent.
What makes you think that the
malware was the work of one guy?
Similar style of coding.
More math equation than source code.
Complex, but the same.
M.E.L. found a data diode
with a similar coding style.
Whoever wrote this has got
an air-gapped system
right here.
Look, if you can get inside the building
and, uh, clone the hard drive,
I bet you can figure out
this guy's endgame.
Good. We leave tonight.
(LAUGHS) Wait, wait, no, no, no.
I-I-I can't just take off for Hungary,
especially without telling my wife.
Need I remind you that
what we're working on
isn't yet sanctioned by the CIA?
And even if it was,
you'd be the last person
they'd want working on it, which means,
if we get caught, we go to prison,
along with anyone else
who's in the know.
Is that something
you'd want for your wife?
No, of course not.
Then come up with a cover story for Mel,
pack clothes for two days,
preferably something
that can't be seen
from the space station.
How is he?
DANTE: Still in a coma.
A few days ago, he showed
signs of improvement.
Now, they're saying they're not sure
when they can bring him out of it.
I'm sorry, Dante.
Look, I know this is not the best time,
but I need to tell you something.
I received intel this morning.
Randall Grayle is back in town.
- Are you're sure it's Grayle?
- No.
But I put out some feelers
in the intelligence community.
We think he was involved in an attack
on a prison transport yesterday.
The guy they broke out,
some dude named
- Leon Katz.
- Yeah.
He designs super-vaults
for the rich and famous.
If it is Grayle,
he's planning another heist.
Dante, I know how much
this means to you, and I know
I let you down the last time.
But this time, we're gonna get him.
No matter what it takes.
You got something, Harry?
Yeah, maybe a bead on Grayle.
Vanessa used one of her aliases
to rent a car.
Its GPS shows she just pulled into
a storage company in Queens.
- Is that
- Leon Katz.
These are vault schematics.
That one's empty.
If there was any question
this was Grayle,
it's just been answered.
Once he gets what he wants,
he won't hesitate to get rid of you.
All right, listen up.
We pull off this job,
we're set for life.
In and out. No room for mistakes.
You catch any heat,
you deal with it fast.
And if any of you screw this up,
I'll deal with you.
Any questions?
All right, then. Let's get to it.
Uncle Marcus.
Kayla, Helena.
So nice to see you.
- Hey, Marcus.
- Hey.
Sorry to barge in on you like this.
No, you're always welcome.
Carlos called me.
He said you told him Jack's
killer might be back in town.
Is that true?
I think so.
You'd think, after all this time,
I wouldn't still be so emotional.
KAYLA: It's just not right.
Dad's gone, and he's
still running around.
You're gonna get him this time, right?
I promise.
What's the latest on Grayle?
Got here as fast as I could, but
I got locked out of my Tesla,
and then I hit every red light.
M.E.L.: Suspect three identified.
Roma Santos.
Your bot stole my voice?
And it probably locked me out
of my Tesla.
This thing's trying to replace me.
Listen, I-I reset it,
but she just she keeps
changing it back.
MEL: I'm just kidding, babe. (CHUCKLES)
But if she comes for the queen,
she best not miss.
We got your message. You okay?
I had to get out of the office.
Officer Lowry's widow and daughter
heard the Grayle buzz
and surprised me with a visit.
Please tell me you guys
have found something.
ROBYN: Well, we ID'd
the third member of his team.
Roma Santos.
Accomplished grand larcenist.
Specializes in black market jewelry.
A hacker, a jewel thief,
and big-time muscle.
Grayle is definitely
gearing up for a job.
What about the tube we
found in the storage unit?
Check out the number
on the bottom of this tube.
What is it? Model number?
Just ran a decryption program
on Leon's business computer.
There are no digital copies
of those vault schematics,
but there is this.
It's matched to a client.
Huxton Pope. The
billionaire art collector.
Yeah, he opened up
his own museum a few years back.
DANTE: Makes sense Grayle
would target a museum.
Question is, what is he after?
I think I know why.
Pope recently acquired a necklace
that used to belong to Queen Victoria.
It's worth several hundred million,
and that's just for the gems.
Payday large enough to retire on.
Yeah, explains why Grayle
would break Leon out of prison.
- It's Watkins.
Detective Dante.
Yes, Captain.
On my way.
Wow. (LAUGHS) Wow.
This place really is nice.
This is gonna be such
an awesome weekend.
- Yeah.
- It's too bad Mom couldn't join.
- Yeah, she'll join us next time.
- Yeah.
Just means more fun for us!
- Oh, my gosh.
- Okay.
This is gonna work.
And it really is a chef's kitchen.
Oh, my goodness.
Auntie, you have got to see this view,
it is beautiful.

Oh, my God!
Excuse me? Who are you?
- And what are you doing here?
- I'm sorry.
I didn't think anyone was gonna be here.
And the window was open.
Go in the other room.
I'm calling the police.
No. Please don't do that.
I-I didn't really touch anything.
My name is Monique,
and I-I just wanted to see
what a beach looked like.
The beach is outside, it's not in here.
I got cold and felt sick.
Please don't call the police.
My mom will die if I get arrested.
Okay, hold on, Auntie.
Look at her,
she's more scared than we are.
She seems harmless.
If we call the police on her,
it could ruin her life
before it ever gets started.
And if we don't call the police
and she's not harmless?
I don't think she's a threat.
You told me that one mistake
can mess up my entire future,
What if this is her one mistake?
Dee, I am not doing this again!
How old are you, girl?
17, ma'am.
Do you have someone who can pick you up?
I do, ma'am. I can call my mom.
Then call her.
Put it on speaker.
Oh, thank God. Where are you?
I'm at a beach house on the ocean.
MONIQUE: I'm sorry, Mom.
Can you please come get me?
You wanted to see me?
Yeah, I've got an extortion case
that could use another set of eyes.
Restaurant burned down after the owner
refused to pay for protection.
I'm actually tied up
on another case right now.
I checked your caseload.
Didn't see anything pressing.
Well, this one wasn't
officially allocated.
Hmm. I see.
This case you're working
wouldn't have anything to do
with Randall Grayle, would it?
I saw that the Lowry family
came to visit this morning.
The Queensboro prison escape.
I think it may be connected to Grayle.
I know what you're going to say
That Jack Lowry was a friend of yours
and you're too close to this?
Captain, I know Grayle
better than anyone.
And you also know that I'm right.
That's why you were
less than forthcoming.
And it's also why
I'm putting someone else
on Grayle.
And you are working this
extortion case with me today.
And only this case.
Are we clear, Detective?
Yes, Captain.
Bad news. Watkins just sidelined me.
What happened?
She recognized the Lowry family
and made the Grayle connection.
Point is,
- I'm banned from the case.
- ROBYN: It's okay.
- We'll handle it.
- DANTE: About that
I just got a tip
on Grayle's man, Damian Ellis.
He has a girlfriend named Kassidy.
They tend to get into it
from time to time.
Neighbors have filed numerous
complaints for fighting.
Last one came in three hours ago.
So, she might be with Damian now.
Or at least know where he is.
If we get Damian,
maybe we can get to Grayle.
I should be there.
Mel and I'll check it out.
Don't worry. We got this.
I'll send you Kassidy's address.
Let's move.

All right, I'm here.
What's the emergency?
You got to get someone else.
- There is no one else.
If there were, I wouldn't be here.
I'm sorry, okay?
I-I just can't keep lying to Mel.
You can if you want to protect her.
Just today, more anomalies showed up.
And I'm not just talking
about the CIA system.
Now it's the hydroelectric grid,
Wall Street,
air traffic control.
Harry, someone's laying the groundwork
for an attack on U.S. soil.
If they're into the electrical grid
Yeah, the fate of
the country's at stake.
And there's no one I trust
more than you. You know why?
You're a damn patriot.
For God's sake, you faked your own death
for the benefit of
your fellow Americans.
You can take a weekend trip
without telling the wife.
Where do we meet?
I'll be back to pick you up.

Should be just down the hall.
Hey. You good?
Yeah, I'm just thinking about
what happened last time with Grayle.
If Dante hadn't come back to get me,
he would've caught him.
This whole thing is on me.
No. Dante would've made
the same decision
ten out of ten times.
I'm the one who convinced him
not to go after Grayle
when he had the chance.
I let him down.
Well, let's hope Kassidy tells us
what we need to make it up to him.
FEMALE OFFICER: Stop resisting.
- Face down!
On the floor!
- KASSIDY: Get off me!
- FEMALE OFFICER: Kassidy Johnson,
you're under arrest. Those aren't mine.
the right to remain silent
Our only lead just got
a lot harder to talk to.
KASSIDY: Get off me! (SCREAMS)
I need five minutes with the suspect.
Watkins' orders.
Thought you might be thirsty.
Look, I'm not confessing
to something I didn't do.
I don't want you to.
In fact, I think it's damn unfair
that we dragged you in for drugs
that belong to your boyfriend.
I didn't even know he
stashed that at my place.
He's the one who should be
locked up, not you.
But instead, you're in here
while he's off getting ready
to rob some rich dude blind.
You know about that?
I'd love to know more.
If you help me out,
maybe I can get you a deal.
I don't know much.
He's always speaking
in hushed tones on that phone,
but I know Damian said they're
hitting that rich dude's party
at 9:00 tonight.
Detective Dante. A word.
Sure hope your chat in there
didn't have anything to do
with Randall Grayle.
Why would you think that?
Oh, because Kassidy Forrester isn't even
remotely connected
to our extortion case.
And you have a disturbing habit
of disobeying direct orders.
I'm sorry you feel that way.
You'll be joining Officer Quinn
tonight on a stakeout.
Disobey that order
and it'll be the last one you get.

What's your mom's ETA?
She's still about an hour away.
Again, I'm really sorry about this.
Hey, it's okay.
I'm just glad you got to see the beach.
- Your parents really never took you?
My mom doesn't like me going outside.
- She says there's too many germs.
- DELILAH: My dad's a doctor.
He says inhaling germs is
like cross-training
for the immune system.
- Your dad sounds cool.
I don't really get to see mine
because of my autoimmune disorder.
My mom says it makes
him uncomfortable, so
I haven't seen him in about ten years.
That's when I started getting sick.
It's time for me to take my meds.
Uh, you don't mind if I
No. Go on.
That is a lot of pills.
You get used to it.
I just hate that
they make me so nauseous
and tired.
Um, would you mind
if I lie down for a bit
while I wait for my mom?
There's a bedroom over there.
Leave the door open, please.

(WHISPERS): Dee. Stop that.
That's so strange.
They're all from different
pharmacies in different hospitals.
Is that normal?
I don't think so,
but not much about this girl
seems normal.
Hey, can I talk to you about something?
- Sure.
Hey, it's Dante.
- Hey, Dante, what's up?
Kassidy just gave up
the time of the heist.
Tonight at 9:00.
MEL: That's great.
Would be, except Watkins
assigned me to another case
at the same time.
It's okay, we'll go in your place,
and grab Grayle.
You don't know him like I do.
He'll get away somehow.
No, I got to be there.
Take him down myself. It's the only way.
Marcus, if you show up on that scene,
Watkins will have your badge.
Damn it, Robyn,
I can't sit this one out.
When Kayla and Helena showed up
at the precinct this morning,
the looks of hope on their faces
I promised them justice.
And I intend to get it.
Marcus, think this through.
I have.
I'm taking Grayle down tonight
no matter what.
If Dante disobeys Watkins,
that's his career.
I'm not gonna let that happen.
MEL: Especially since
Grayle might not even be there.
What do you mean?
Well, he wasn't there at the
attack on the transport, right?
What if he decided
to run this heist the same way?
HARRY: Dante goes down there,
takes down the crew.
Grayle still goes free.
And Dante loses his job
for nothing.
We have to fix this.
I owe him.
Yeah, we both do.
The question is how.
I know Leon never kept
copies of his vault schematics.
But someone had to build it, right?
I guess.
Why, you have an idea?
But it's risky.
The Pope Museum
is a private collections museum
containing some of the most
valuable items in all of New York.
One of them, our necklace,
will be found inside of
Pope's private display vault
on the top floor.
Now there's only one way
to execute this.
You will go in as a caterer.
A political fundraiser is being
held for New York City elites,
and the host is the
museum owner himself
Huxton Pope.
You will have to get past Pope
and reach the elevator
outside of the party.
And this is the only elevator
that goes to the vault?
Damian, while Vanessa's doing that,
you will enter as security.
It's a large shindig,
which means additional detail.
So no one's gonna question a new face.
Take that tablet.
Once you've hacked
into the secure Wi-Fi,
you will head
to the security room.
You will find it
on the second floor.
Expect that room
to be guarded both outside
and in.
Once inside, you will tap
into the mainframe.
Roma, here's where you come in.
The vault can only be accessed
by a random passcode
that changes every 60 seconds.
Take that phone and get that code.
Who's my target?
Huxton Pope.
He's the only person on
the floor that will have the app
that can generate that code.
You will enter
as an event planner
and clone that phone.
Once Damian receives the app
he will then pass
the code to Vanessa,
and you will have
to enter the code.
And take out the guard inside.
Which brings us to our final hurdle.
If that biometric hand-scanner
doesn't recognize you,
you're toast.
So, Damian,
you will handle that, won't you?
DAMIAN: Not a problem.
GRAYLE: Let's go get it, guys.

I got the necklace.
You, grab a team, come with me.
- Main vault, top floor.
- Yes, sir.
Rob, it's time to go.

Okay, Pope is seconds
away from your location.
McCall, do you copy?
It's gone!
- POPE: Find it!
Guard the door!
HARRY: Rob, are you okay?
Do you copy?
Rob, where are you?
I'll be right out.
You broke into Pope's vault?
To get the necklace before Grayle,
- which we did.
- How?
Well, long story short,
we tracked down the vault manufacturer,
convinced him to share his plans,
and went in four hours before Grayle.
Do you realize how insane that is?
Well, hold on,
consider the plan on its merits.
We had a feeling
that Grayle wouldn't be there,
so Harry pulled Damian's number
from Kassidy's phone records.
- We called him to set up a meet.
- And did he?
Not yet, but he will.
This is our best shot
at getting Grayle to show up.
He was already showing up.
Like I said, we had reason to believe
that he was not going
to be at the heist.
So you let a feeling
that Grayle wouldn't show
destroy my one chance at getting him?
Well, this way you actually
have a chance of getting him.
Except now we've lost
the element of surprise.
And that's assuming
Grayle takes the bait
and calls. Grayle can smell
a trap a mile away.
Grayle's not gonna let this go.
He wanted this necklace bad enough
to break a guy out of prison.
Trust me, he'll call.
Trust you? Like I did the last time?
I can't believe you did this.
I was not gonna
let you throw your career away.
Now, I know you're upset,
and you got a lot
going on because of what
your father told you
- You're not my therapist!
- No!
I'm your friend.
And I know you're hurting.
I should've never told you any of that.
Won't make that mistake again.
He's going to call.
If that happens, you let me know.
Mm-hmm. Okay, thanks, Dad, I will.
Okay, bye.
- Did you call your father?
- Yep.
And he said these medications
should not be taken together.
- Dee
- And this one, ipecac,
it isn't a medicine at all.
All it does is cause nausea and fatigue.
This is none of our business, Dee.
He thinks might be a case
of Munchausen by proxy.
That's what happens when
a parent intentionally makes
their children sick to get attention.
Yes, I know what it means, bu
If that's what's
going on here, isn't she
a little old not to have
realized something is off?
It might not ever have occurred
to her to question her mom.
Or to question
why all of her prescriptions
are coming from different hospitals.
That is a lot of maybes, Dee. I know.
But we have to help her.
My mom texted.
She's almost here.
Glad to hear that.
Monique, do you ever
talk to your doctors
about the medications
they're giving you?
No, my mom always takes care
of all of that.
- Why?
- It's just
I was worried, so I called my dad.
And he said that a lot of the drugs
you're taking aren't treating
your symptoms.
In fact, they might be causing them.
That can't be right.
My mom is very careful
about what I take.
DELILAH: I told him which meds you take,
and just please look
at what he has to say
about the last one.
"Induces nausea"?
My mom has sacrificed
everything to take care of me.
Why would she make me sick?
That's a question
you're going to have
to ask your mother, dear.
It doesn't make sense.
My mom loves me.
DELILAH: Of course.
You know, sometimes parents don't want
to let their children go
because they love you so much.
It's like my mom.
When I wanted to start making
my own life decisions,
it wasn't easy for her to accept,
but eventually
My mom's outside.
Just, please think about what I said.
You don't get it.
I'm all she has.
- Monique, wait
- Dee.
You have done everything
you can, sweetheart.
I've got what you wanted!
Detective Marcus Dante.
I knew it had to be you.
Let's see it.
You won't get to keep it, though.
Because I'm under arrest?
I don't get it.
Why this obsession with me?
Helena and Kayla Lowry.
The family of the cop you killed.
My friend, Officer Jack Lowry.
Oh, you see, that's your problem.
They're liabilities.
Do you like your life, Grayle?
Always on the run from the cops,
running from what's left
of your conscience.
If you go down right now,
will anyone even miss you?
I've made peace with my
choices a long time ago.
Which is more than
what I can say for a man
who breaks the law to protect it.
Nice heist, by the way.
Save the small talk for your cellmate.
Time to go.
But I haven't had a chance
to meet your friends yet.
The one on the right
has the sniper rifle.
And your friend
on the left prefers a handgun.
Harry, how does Grayle know that?
I'm not sure. I shut down
all the cameras in the area.
MEL: He's got a drone.
DANTE: So you've got eyes on my team.
You make a move, they'll take you out.
I don't think so.
Come to think of it,
the name "Lowry" does sound familiar.
Your buddy's wife.
I believe the two of you have met.
Helena has no part in this.
You hear that, friends?
You move one inch,
Mrs. Lowry is gonna get
a bullet in her head.
I'm gonna enjoy putting you behind bars.
A man can dream.
you and I are going
for a little drive.

ROBYN: Harry, we're dead in the water
until you circumvent that drone feed.
I'm working on it.
MEL: Grayle's on the move with Dante.
I can hack Damian's feed
and put the drone on a loop,
but it's risky.
As soon as he figures out
he's been duped,
Grayle's gonna kill Helena.
And Dante, too.
Do it.
It's the only play we have.
So, what now?
Ride off with that necklace,
collect your payday, screw your team?
Damian. We good to go?
Uh, yeah. All good here.
Okay, I've put the drone
on a 30-second loop.
Helena's a block south of your position.
I'm going for Dante.
HARRY: Mel, you've got about
two minutes before
Damian figures this out.
On my way.
MEL: Hey!
Helena, I'm with Detective Dante.
You're safe, okay?
Helena's secure.
McCall, did you find Dante?
Not yet. Harry, you still got
eyes on Dante's car?
Yeah, you're gaining on him,
but you're still a ways off.
Turn the car off.
Now cuff yourself to the wheel.
My feed's been compromised
and I can't get ahold
of Roma or Vanessa.
So they beat your foolproof plan?
You'll never get away with this.
I already have.
Marcus? Marcus
Marcus. Marcus.
Please, be okay
Please, be okay.
Marcus, wake up! (PANTING)
(FAINTLY): You get him?
I told you I would.
Thank you for not listening to me.

You okay?
No. Not really.
I just really thought I could help her.
I guess I'm not you.
You always know how
to say the right thing.
I didn't the day you got arrested.
But, you know, I made
that choice, not you.
Yeah, but I encouraged you.
Look how that turned out.
You weren't wrong, sweetheart,
for trying to help that girl today.
But no matter how much we care,
we won't always get it right.
None of us do.
I just keep asking myself what
I could've done differently.
In this case, nothing.
- Those are Monique's pills?
- Mm-hmm.
Found it in the garbage outside.
I think you got through to her.
Maybe Monique really will be okay.
Thank you
for supporting me today.
I know it wasn't easy.

I always have your back, sweetheart.
Hey, perfect timing.
A toast.
To celebrate catching Grayle.
- What's going on?
- Um
I have to go on a trip.
Well, this is first time
I'm hearing of it.
Yeah. I'm leaving the country
with, uh, Fisk.
Fisk recruited me for this project
that I'm not supposed to tell you about.
But I-I can't keep lying to you.
I love you too much.
Yeah, I'm gonna need you
to back up. (CHUCKLES)
Fisk asked for my help,
and he made me swear not to tell anyone.
But I'm not anyone. I'm your wife.
I know. (STAMMERS) I was trying
to protect you.
Everyone in my life
has said that when they've lied to me.
I just didn't expect
that person to be you.
Mel, please, ju
I don't need protection, Harry.
I need honesty.
You know what I've gone through
with my family,
and you still lied to me?
You're supposed to be the one person
in this world that I can trust.
You can still trust me.
Can I?
Are we gonna be okay?
I'm not mad, okay?
I'm just, I'm
I'm hurt.
I'll see you when you get back.
I'll fix the strings
and play my part ♪
I know the pain that's in your heart ♪
I know love has been
a stranger to you ♪
Maybe I'm the one
to change it for you ♪
Won't be easy
'cause the lessons feel new ♪
But the writing's on the wall ♪
Love is easy, easy ♪
So don't you make it hard ♪
Can't you see me, see me ♪
See me? ♪
Be easy with my heart ♪
All we got is here and now ♪
Why won't you let your guard down? ♪
I'm just trying to show you how ♪
Love is easy ♪
So don't you make it hard ♪
How'd it go with Kayla and her mom?
They got their closure.
But it won't bring Kayla's father back.
She'll find a way through it.
I did with my dad.
By making your life about
fighting for the little guys.
I think we have that in common.
Probably why we make such a great team.
Look, um
I want to apologize
for the things I said earlier.
Marcus, please
You've been under so much
pressure lately.
That's no excuse.
I said terrible things.
Things I didn't mean.
Can you forgive me?
Of course.
I appreciate all you did today.
Especially when I couldn't
listen. I guess
I need you to know I'm grateful
to have you in my life.
When I saw you
cuffed to that steering wheel
I thought you were dead.
And I was so afraid
that we would never
get to have those drinks.
About that
What I said on that truth serum,
- if it made you uncomfortable, I
- It didn't.
I just wasn't sure we
could make this work out.
Until now.
The writing's on the wall ♪
Love is easy, easy, yeah ♪
So don't you make it hard ♪
So don't you make it hard ♪

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