The Event s01e12 Episode Script

Inostranka (2)

Get on the radio.
Pull the remaining guards off the post one patrol at a time.
Tell them to meet in the boiler room.
What for? My men will be waiting there to disarm them.
Nobody needs to get hurt.
I'm not letting you take over this prison.
You've been promoted.
Pull the guards.
I can't.
The order has to come from the Major.
You can order a Code Eight lockdown, though, can't you? I swear, if I have to eat one more serving of that crap Put the guns down and get on the ground.
Warning! Hands in the air! Let's see 'em! It doesn't matter how many times you ask me the question.
My response won't change.
An invasion is inconsistent with our philosophy.
No matter the evidence? For all I know, you've manufactured this evidence.
We will not harm you, because we cannot.
To do so would invalidate who we are as people.
To compromise a moral center which forms the very basis of our existence.
What moral center? You murdered your boyfriend on Sophia's orders.
And I have to live with that for the rest of my life.
But, if William had talked, it would have only done harm.
What about this? What did they do? What was their crime? My people would never have done something like this They did.
Thomas did.
Sophia said he had different ideas about how to adapt.
That he's less patient.
Those are her words.
Is it really so hard to believe he did this? And that the rest of you are just as capable of it? I'm sorry, sir.
A Code Eight just went out.
All detainees need to go back to their cells, and all guards are to report to the boiler room.
What for? They said instructions will follow.
Probably just a drill.
I'm not having this interrogation interrupted for a drill.
But, sir I'm the Director of National Intelligence, this is a matter of national security.
I'm overriding the order.
Get back to your post, soldier.
Yes, sir.
This is Corporal Bell, Sector Three.
I've got orders to remain at my post, over.
Corporal, I say again, you are to report to the boiler room ASAP, over.
Director Sterling has countermanded the order, over.
Director Sterling is here? I didn't know about that, all right? The Major would have made those arrangements.
Tell him to stay put.
Roger that, Corporal.
Keep to your post.
I want Sterling.
We need to stay on schedule.
We've got the numbers and the firepower.
Sterling is not a threat to us.
Do you know what he has done to our people? The methods he has used here? He has to pay.
Tell me exactly where he is.
Tell me.
I don't know what you want me to say.
I haven't been in contact with Sophia.
I haven't been in contact with Thomas.
All I can tell you is that what you are suggesting is not consistent with "Consistent with your morality.
" Right.
You can talk all day about your oath, but the facts tell a different story.
What would it take, Mr.
Sterling, to make you believe me? At this stage, I'm not sure if that's even possible.
We're under attack, sir.
Attack? By who? I don't know.
They're in uniform, but they're not stationed here.
I've never seen them before.
And their weapons, they're not Army issue.
Give me your sidearm.
Give me your sidearm! Unlock the prisoner.
Come on.
Corporal! Who sent you? Why are you here? You'll never get out of here alive, you know.
Why are you here? We need our people back.
You're here to break out the prisoners? Which ones? All of them.
Thomas said we need them all.
Thomas is here? Yeah.
And he wants to see you dead.
Are you all right, sir? She's getting away! Don't worry about her.
If they're roaming freely, we have to assume they've gained control of the guards and the prison.
We're not getting out of here alive.
But we have to stop Thomas from leaving here with those prisoners.
Come on.
Go! Let's go, you're free.
Come on, it's okay.
Let's go.
You're free to go.
Thomas is freeing you.
Come on.
It's okay.
Thomas is freeing you.
Come on.
Let's go.
Where are we in finding the destination of Thomas' message? During its transmission, the satellite rotated out of SETI's interception range.
Langley's piecing together all known variables in an effort to try to reconstruct it as we speak.
What about Blake, at Inostranka? Has he been able to find out anything that can help locate Thomas? Or at least figure out what the hell he's planning? We've not yet heard anything from Director Sterling.
But, any information he receives will be immediately disseminated.
Someone, tell me I'm missing something because we really seem to be nowhere on this.
In terms of Michael Buchanan's escape, Agent Lee has been running point.
We're suspecting Buchanan got to one of the guards.
No one else knew of the transfer order.
I want a full report tomorrow.
Yes, sir.
President, there's a problem.
What is it? Senator Lewis.
You lied to me, Mr.
You led me to believe that the Inostranka facility was a weather station.
That was my understanding.
You're running a secret prison.
You're incarcerating people without any of the protections of the Geneva Convention.
You're threatening the moral authority of this entire administration That information is classified and can only be obtained illegally.
Which I will remind you is an offense punishable by law.
Punishable by law.
That's right.
That's ironic, coming from someone who's running a prison outside the jurisdiction of any laws.
I don't blame you for being outraged.
I was in the same place as you not so long ago.
I want to know who the prisoners are.
And why they're there.
I want to know the color of their skin and their religious affiliations.
I want to know what kind of Unfortunately, Senator, all I can tell you is that it's a matter of national security.
Those two words are so overused, and your government has managed to rid them of any meaning, and in the process you've made this country less secure.
This is an outrage.
Senator, you've held public office for all of two weeks.
You weren't even elected.
You want to be outraged? Your state has the highest unemployment numbers in the country, the highest obesity rates for young children.
Why don't you use the last 90 days you have left as Senator to help those people, and leave matters of national security to those of us with actual credentials.
And the next time you question my integrity, I will eviscerate yours.
You can show yourself out.
Yes, Mr.
Hello, Sean.
Heard a lot about you.
Do you like tea? Um Tea.
I made some for you.
Be careful.
It's hot.
Michael told me what you went through to save Leila's life.
I want you to know I'm grateful to you.
I imagine you have a lot of questions.
You could say that.
I'm Sophia.
My people crashed on your planet 66 years ago.
And in the name of peace, I'm trying to bring them home.
Peace? Everywhere I go, people are getting killed.
Getting tortured and abducted.
I'm afraid my son, Thomas, has different intentions.
He's trying to bring more of our people here.
A lot more.
And, if he does? Your world will be destroyed.
Everything you've ever told me was a lie.
Leila, that's not true.
How old are you? Where are you from? Tell me.
I'm stronger than you think.
I'm from a place very far away.
Humans call it NGC 253.
And, I know that doesn't mean anything to you right now, but it was my home.
Why did you leave? Well Life there wasn't sustainable.
So, we came here to look for a new home.
But We were found.
Put in prisons.
But not you.
A group of us escaped.
We lived among the population.
We made new lives for ourselves.
And then I met your mother and I just wanted to protect you.
Keep you safe.
So that no one would find out what you really were.
What am I? What am I? You're my daughter.
You're a part of me.
And you're a part of your mother.
I'm not human.
Am I? How different am I? I don't I don't feel different.
I don't look different.
You are.
Sit down.
I'm going to tell you everything in time.
Okay? I will answer all the questions that you have.
I want to know everything.
And, I will tell you everything.
But, you have to come with me.
We can't stay here.
Of course I'm going to come with you.
I wish it were as simple as that.
But it's not.
What do you mean? Sean can't come with us.
He can't know more than he already does.
It will place all of our lives at risk.
But everything he's done, he did for me.
He saved my life.
I know.
But this is Sophia's order.
I don't take orders from Sophia.
But I do.
You'll have to choose.
Either come with me or stay here with Sean.
There is no other way.
Echo team, report.
Echo team, have you secured the target? Report.
No response.
Something's wrong.
Sterling must have gotten away from them.
Everyone is waiting for you, sir.
What do you want us to do? Send another team.
I want Sterling secured.
We need to be airborne in 30.
The next guard shift will be coming in soon.
Then you'd better be quick about it.
My friends.
The time has come for you to leave this place.
Yes! You have languished here for far too long, as time and time again Sophia has failed to negotiate your release.
Even now, while she herself is free, she asks you to remain here.
And for what? I say you should be free.
Yeah! You should have a say in your future.
Yeah! And for that reason I have split from Sophia.
I will no longer take her orders, and neither will you if you come with me.
I should take a look at that wound, sir.
Not now.
Let's just get to the command room.
We have to notify the outside.
Someone's inside.
Do you recognize him? No, must be one of theirs.
How do you want to do this? Get his gun.
Major Pearson.
The gun.
Phones are down.
Try the base comm.
Corporal, the first aid kit.
Help me.
Okay, okay.
Easy there.
All right.
This is bad, sir.
All right.
Just pack the wound and tape it up tight.
If there's a chemical hemostat in there, use it.
If we can't get word to the outside, we're going to have to try to keep them in here.
There's only two of us, sir.
What are we supposed to do? There has to be a fail-safe.
Is there a way to lock down every sector? Yes, there's a perimeter override, but I don't have the clearance.
But maybe you do, sir.
Sir, if we do this, it will not only trap them inside It'll trap us inside with them.
I'm aware, of that Corporal.
I understand that all of you have served Sophia for a very long time.
But she has asked you to put the interests of the humans before your own.
I believe it is time that we protect our own.
I believe it is they who should serve us.
Yeah! But if you believe in Sophia, then stay.
Go back to your cells.
And enjoy waiting another 66 years.
Those of you who wish to be free, come with me now.
Plans to make a place for ourselves in this world are already underway.
The choice is yours.
Maya, we're going to stay.
Join us.
I don't know if that's a good idea.
We have to stay here to show our solidarity with Sophia.
No, we have to be smart.
We don't know what Thomas is up to, or what he's capable of.
This is not the right time to go against him.
I'm glad to see you're with us.
I imagine it was a difficult decision.
Not at all.
Open the door.
They're at the loading docks in Sector Four.
That door leads out to the helipad.
The door's opening.
We got to hurry, sir.
Come on.
Come on.
What's going on? I don't know.
Open the damn door! I can't.
The code's not working.
Somebody must have reset the system.
How? From the command room and only by an officer with the highest clearance.
The command room.
Send everyone.
Arm them if you have to.
But make it clear, I need Sterling alive.
Yes, sir.
Let's go.
Bravo One.
Where are you? Report.
Help me up.
We have to move.
Oh, God.
He's sending more.
He's sending more.
Let's go, Corporal.
We can only dodge them for so long.
Take us to the armory.
It's going to be all right, sir, we're almost there.
Sir! They're detainees.
Hold up.
Who did this to you? Thomas.
I don't understand, sir.
Why would he do this to his own people? These aren't his people, they're Sophia's.
This isn't just a prison break, it's a coup d'├ętat.
Turn around slowly! Hands in the air! Drop 'em.
Now! Drop 'em! Let's go.
Good evening, I'm Chris Matthews in Washington.
Transparency in government.
Why do politicians promise to turn on the lights yet continue to keep us in the dark? My guest tonight is Senator Catherine Lewis of Alaska.
Senator Lewis inherited her Senate seat when her late husband, the legendary six-term Senator Bernard Lewis, passed away this month.
My condolences.
Thank you, Chris.
But as the proverb says, "Good men must die, but nothing can kill their name.
" And I'm living proof of that.
I have vowed to champion my husband's causes, the foremost of which is transparency in government.
Speaking of which, I understand you've made some shocking discoveries since taking office.
I have.
And the most shocking thing about it is that they're in my own backyard.
I've discovered a secret government program that's been siphoning hundreds of millions of dollars every year.
Did you know that Alaska has the highest rate of unemployment in the country? A state-wide epidemic of childhood obesity? This is live? Get me MSNBC.
Get me Senator Lewis' aide.
Hell, get me Lewis.
Those are my words.
She's using them against me.
of this highly classified secret program, what it's called and what it is, when we come back.
She has 90 days left as Senator.
She has nothing to lose by releasing this.
And if she does, everything will come out.
Not only the existence of Sophia's people, but the message that more of them are coming.
Sir, I don't know what we can do at this point.
We can't shut the broadcast down.
I've got Senator Lewis on line one.
Excuse me, Chris.
This is Senator Lewis.
What kind of game are you playing? You inspired me.
I'm just standing up for my constituents, just like you said I should.
You have no idea what kind of Pandora's box you are opening.
Then tell me what's in it and maybe I'll leave it shut.
You'll stop talking if I tell you who the Inostranka prisoners are? That's right.
Back in one.
What do you say, Mr.
President? Your husband knew.
Excuse me? He knew.
Your husband.
He knew what Inostranka was, who was held there, and why.
And he let it go.
Because he knew it was the right thing to do.
You're lying.
If you want to honor his legacy, you'll let it go, too.
Back in 30.
Senator? Tell me what Inostranka is and when I go back on the air I'll start throwing softballs instead of grenades.
Don't tell me, and I'm gonna blow Pandora's box wide open.
Back in ten.
The clock is ticking, Mr.
Five, four, three, two Deal.
We're back.
My guest tonight, Senator Lewis, made a shocking discovery when she found evidence of a secret government program.
She's here to tell us what it is.
What it is, is a travesty.
There are dozens of other programs, and earmarks, and special interests, all taking money from ordinary taxpaying citizens.
But what else can you tell us about this program in particular? What I can tell you, is that as long as transparency remains a low profile in the Senate, a lot of us are going to get left behind.
I know you're a Senator now, but don't talk in You kept her quiet.
For now.
God help us when we tell her the truth.
You get some sleep, sweetheart.
Okay? I love you.
I love you.
What do you mean, I can't go with you? He said I can stay with you or I can go with him and you can't come.
Why not? I don't understand.
There's things.
There's things that he said Things you can't know.
Leila, Leila.
Look at me.
All right? I don't care what your father is or who Sophia is or any of it.
I just care about you.
And I'm not leaving you.
You don't care what I am? No.
You don't care that I'm not human? That hasn't fazed you? Stop.
Then why haven't you touched me? Since I told you, you haven't touched me.
I'm sorry.
I'm really sorry.
I'm just I'm just trying to You wanna go, right? Do you wanna go? No.
I don't, but I I just It's like I feel empty.
And my Dad is the only person who can fill in those blanks.
You should go.
Sean No, no.
Just go.
I can't just leave you.
I can't just leave you behind.
I You're a part of me.
And without you I have nothing.
All right.
How do I How do I choose? I don't know.
I don't know.
I don't What do I do? Let's just go to sleep.
Okay? Let's just go to sleep.
I can't.
Let's just try.
Okay? Just try.
Let's go to sleep, and we'll figure it out tomorrow.
Okay? Okay.
I'm taking my people out of here.
Why do you need them? You've already got others coming, don't you? That's right, we translated the message.
How many are coming? When are they coming? I know you changed the code to the gate.
Tell me the new one and nobody else has to die.
I don't know what you're talking about.
Then it's going to be a long and painful night for you.
There's nothing you can do to me.
I'm the only one who knows the code.
And you'll never get it out of me.
You took away their freedom.
I'm going to get it back for them.
It's what they deserve.
And what about the detainees that you had executed? The ones who were loyal to Sophia.
Shut up! Is that what they deserve If the next thing out of your mouth isn't the code, I will cover this room with your blood.
Do it already.
Last chance.
Wait! Wait! Don't do it.
I have the code.
I Don't listen to him.
He's lying.
No, I have the code.
I have it.
I saw him program the system.
Untie him.
No, not him.
He comes with us.
Let's go.
Come on.
Let's go.
You have to stop Thomas.
What he wants will destroy you.
But please believe me, we don't all want this.
Let's go! Come on, let's go.
We're taking off.
We have to go! The next shift is coming! Hold on, just hold on.
There's help on the way.
Believe me.
Sean? Sean? Sean? Sean! Hello, Dr.
I'm sorry to have to bother you.
Oh, no, no.
Don't be silly.
I was concerned when I heard that you'd called.
Are you all right? I'm fine.
But I'm afraid Leila Buchanan and her boyfriend were able to find and free the test subjects.
I see.
The boy, what's his name? Sean Walker.
Here you are.
You know, when you get to be as old as I am, the lines between the past, the present and the future, they begin to blur.
Sir, I'm not sure that I follow.
Oh, forgive me, I shouldn't expect you to understand.
It's just that I have a feeling that this Mr.
Walker and I will cross paths again.