The Fable (2024) s01e02 Episode Script

A Wonderful Night

[Theme music playing]
The Fable
A Wonderful Night
[Takeshi] But…
are you sure it's a good idea
to harbor a hitman, boss?
We haven't got much choice.
We and that group depend on one another.
The last boss worked with them too,
so I can't just turn my back on them.
And it's not like we're harboring them.
All we're doing is giving
the kids of a friend a place to live.
I wonder what this Fable dude is like.
I don't know.
I've never met him either.
The last boss told me about him.
He sounded totally unreal.
The job he did
three years ago to wipe out
the Sameken Group made even me cringe.
[Hiroshi] Just him alone,
he wasted their boss and every member
in just two minutes.
Nearly every corpse had only one shot
either through the head or the heart.
He took them all out
with a single, perfectly-placed shot.
Can a person actually kill so mercilessly?
Do you know about the correlation
between guilt
and your distance from the victim?
[Takeshi] Huh?
The trauma from killing just one person
with your hands or a knife is greater
than killing thousands by bombing them.
Ordinarily, people feel
a lot of reluctance to kill people.
But he can commit murder,
then eat hamburger steaks on his way home.
That's what Fable's like.
- [soft grunt]
- [Hiroshi] He's a genius at killing.
- [knocking on door]
- Oh.
Boss, you have visitors.
Their name's Sato.
Okay. Show them to the reception room.
Don't let anyone in for a while.
[Takeshi] Got it?
Yes, sir.
[in exciting voice]
Okay, the legendary hitman has shown up.
Sit next to me, Captain.
[Takeshi] Uh, okay.
[knocking on door]
- [door opens]
- [both grunt]
[Hiroshi] Hmm?
[door closes]
[Yoko] Excuse us.
[surprised grunt]
[Bright, cheery music playing]
[Yoko chuckles softly]
- [Hiroshi grunting awkwardly]
- [Takeshi] Go ahead, sit down.
- Make yourselves comfortable.
- [deep sigh]
Uh, right.
You, I've got a question for you.
Are you that Sato guy?
Have any other people named Sato
- visited you today?
- Uh…
[soft grunt]
Don't talk so rudely.
Rumor has it you're a killing genius,
but it seems you're a social bumbler.
You'd better watch your lip.
I don't mean any harm.
That's right. He doesn't mean any harm.
[soft grunt]
If you had to kill me and the boss
on the spur of the moment here,
how would you do it, as a pro?
In this situation?
Right. At this very moment
in this exact situation.
[Akira] Hmm…
First, I'd crush your throat,
and take the gun
from your left breast pocket.
Hey! You've got a gun?
It's what you people call
a lotus root gun.
I'd say it's a .22 revolver.
[Takeshi] No. It's a .38.
- [Yoko gasps]
- Hey!
You know bringing guns
into the office is prohibited.
Sorry. Since Fable was coming,
I didn't want to be unarmed.
Then what would you do?
[Takeshi] With only five bullets left,
what would you do with the 10 men outside?
No problem. I'd also take the boss's gun.
- Huh?
- [soft grunt]
You got me there.
[Hiroshi] You're really something, Sato.
[shocked gasp]
How could you tell?
Was it our mannerisms? Our demeanor?
It's hard to explain.
Even if I did, you wouldn't understand.
- [annoyed grunt]
- [Hiroshi] Well, anyway,
you two will be staying here
for one year, right?
Take it nice and easy.
The only people here who know
your true identity are me and the boss.
The young guys don't know a thing.
Keep that in mind.
I understand.
I know. I'm a pro.
[annoyed grunt]
We're glad to have you two siblings
living here for the next year.
That being said…
[slams on table]
We need to set some rules.
They're simple rules.
We'll give you a place to live.
Live there any way you like.
But if you cause any trouble or accident,
we won't clean up after you one bit.
If we decide
that you're causing trouble for the group,
we'll immediately kick you out.
We understand.
That's perfectly clear.
That's about it.
Captain, show them to their home.
All right. You ready to go?
[Takeshi] It's real close…
What is it?
What do you want?
Can I say one thing?
Your nose hair is sticking out.
What? It is?
[Takeshi in muffled voice]
You don't have to point that out.
- Yakuza need to care for their appearance.
- Not that side.
- The right hole.
- That's enough!
Hey, don't push it back in.
[Takeshi] I'll pluck it out later.
It'll come out again.
[Yoko] I can't believe you.
You'd better watch it!
Who cares about nose hairs!
Everything you do makes me nervous.
It was bothering me.
Doing pointless things like that
is what gets you into trouble.
Be more careful!
[Akira] I don't mean any harm though.
[Takeshi] Damn it! That moron!
What are you smiling about?
You want outsiders here?
No. It's just the sister is real pretty.
[Takeshi] Here they are.
Two next to each other.
Use them as you please.
Originally, I and other members used them
when we were in trouble.
So they've got some furniture.
And this baby is my car.
It's a hobby of mine.
What an old car.
Yeah, well, it's a Hakosuka.
It's a real man's car.
[Yoko] Hmm?
[Takeshi] The door behind the car
leads to the house on the second floor.
Bath, toilet, it's got it all.
I've got another rule for you here.
[both] Huh?
Don't you dare ever touch this car.
- I've got no interest in this car.
- [Yoko mutters]
- [Takeshi] Huh?
- By the way,
- your nose hair's sticking out again.
- [grunts]
I'm sorry. I'll teach him some good sense.
- [Takeshi] Hey, Sato.
- Huh?
I heard about your work from the boss.
You kill almost all your targets
in one shot.
But I don't trust rumors.
I want to see your skills for myself.
If that's what you want, fine.
You can't go shooting a gun here!
It'll be fine.
Nothing but old folks
live around here. Huh?
[both exclaim]
- [gun thuds]
- [Yoko and Takeshi exclaim]
[soft grunt]
aren't my forte.
What should I shoot?
I'll tell you what to shoot.
Find and shoot it in under two seconds.
[Yoko] Huh?
Security camera.
Ah! It's there! Over there!
[Yoko] See, it's there.
You shouldn't have hurried.
This one bothered me more.
Maybe next time.
[shocked scream]
[tense sting]
There's debris on the roof of my Hakosuka!
You're the one who wanted me to shoot it.
[spluttering in shock]
[Yoko] Uh, Mr. Ebihara…
- [Takeshi] Huh?
- I will make the car perfectly clean.
So, please forget what happened.
[soft exclaim]
[car door closes]
Hey, pull up the video
from the garage cameras on your phone.
Uh, sure.
[henchman] Huh?
Looks like one of the two might be broken.
[Takeshi scoffs]
One shot, huh?
It was the small one too.
Showered my precious car in junk as well.
And that woman,
she's not just a simple companion.
[Takeshi] Can't believe she got to me.
Get going!
[Akira] Is this really such a great car?
[Yoko] Hey! Get out of there!
That's the kind of thing
that really ticks me off! Darn you!
Keep an eye on those two.
That's an order from me.
Understand? Don't take your eyes off them.
Yes, sir. I'll do my best.
[in angry voice]
"Do my best"?
Are you kidding me?
Aren't you a yakuza?
The excuses of your sissy generation
won't fly in the yakuza.
Yes, sir!
Morons. Never underestimate a pro.
[Calm music playing]
[Akira] My vacation starts today.
I'm supposed to live quietly here
for a year, huh?
- [clanks]
- Uh?
[neighbor] Ouch!
That really hurt.
- That woman sure seems awful busy.
- [hurried footsteps]
[door lock clicks]
[keyboard key clicking]
[grunts, exclaims]
[excited exclaiming]
[amazed gasp]
[breathing heavily, exclaims]
- [Takeshi grunts]
- [car door closes]
How are things?
Fine. I'm watching them closely.
[Takeshi] I'm not asking about you.
- The Sato siblings.
- Uh…
They're fine too. No movement so far.
But the cameras in the brother's place
must be busted. All six aren't working.
All six?
[soft grunt]
All the ones in the sister's place work.
- But the audio isn't great.
- [sniffing]
It smells funny in this car.
Huh? Oh, I, uh, just had dinner.
Say, why do you get me
to watch these siblings?
I want to chase those two
out of this town.
But… didn't the boss…
The boss may be okay with it, but I'm not.
I want to chase those two out
for the boss's sake and the group's sake.
[sharp breath]
Who the heck are those siblings?
That's something you don't need to know.
You got more questions?
No, it's okay. I get it.
I parked a minicar behind this one.
Switch to that.
This is the group's car.
Don't want them to recognize it.
- [henchman] So, uh…
- What?
[nervous breath]
Do what you can for now.
[soft grunt]
[Thrilling music playing on TV]
[blows air]
[spray can hissing]
[narrator on TV]
Even Jackal's amazed at this!
- [Jackal on TV] What? Are you sure?
- Eradicates toilet smells in one wipe!
[groans, screams]
Why me too?
- Huh?
- [narrator on TV] Even eradicates Jackal!
- [laughing hysterically]
- Toilet deodorizer!
[lively music playing on TV]
[announcer on TV] Coming up next,
News Fly.
So, Jackal Tomioka has
a TV commercial, huh?
He's a hard worker.
- [phone vibrating]
- Huh?
Tsk. It's that fake sister.
- [indistinct chatter]
- [Yoko] Here's to Osaka!
Why'd we have to sit
in this corner to drink?
I can't relax at the counter
in an unfamiliar place.
[Yoko exclaims]
This is so good.
[henchman] Drinking, huh?
A moving-in party, eh?
I want to chase those two out…
[Takeshi] Do what you can for now.
[muttering, inhales sharply]
It's me.
Don't you have an ex-champ kickboxer
or Muay Thai fighter for a friend?
This place is really nice.
[Akira] Hmm…
Would you quit looking at people that way?
It's habit.
It's an unfamiliar bar in a new town.
I've got to check
the building's layout and the people.
We've got this great chance,
so just relax and enjoy yourself.
Enjoy myself? How?
We're just drinking.
Sheesh, you're missing out on life.
Don't you have a hobby?
A hobby? Do I need one?
It's not something you need,
but it enriches your life.
Enriches it, huh?
If I had a hobby, I get the feeling
I would've died long ago.
Then just get one while we're on vacation.
It's a good chance, so find one, okay?
I doubt I can.
Anything is fine.
Like drinking or playing video games
or eating good food.
You need laughter in life.
I love Jackal Tomioka.
- That third-rate comedian?
- He's in TV commercials in this town.
What about you, Yoko?
You have a hobby?
I'm going to find love during this year.
I'll get me a hot boyfriend,
so don't kill him, okay?
Don't cause any trouble.
You're one to talk.
You seriously need to be careful.
No matter what people say,
you're a pro at violence, right?
So no more excuses like,
"It was just instinct."
[henchman's friend]
I brought him, Takahashi.
- [grunts]
- Evening.
You the Muay Thai boxing guy?
No, kickboxing.
And you were a champ, right?
Yeah, of West Japan.
[Takahashi] Whatever, good enough.
Here's the plan.
[kickboxer] Giving a beating?
Just some light roughing up.
But a couple of broken bones
would be nice.
[Yoko exclaims happily]
Those were good drinks. I like that place.
Walk straight, you drunk.
You can really hold your liquor, brother.
I've never gotten drunk on booze.
I just get a little light-headed.
Oh, my.
You really are missing out on life.
Let the liquor put you in a happy place,
and then…
[Takahashi's friend] Having fun there,
love birds?
- What're you looking at?
- [suspenseful music playing]
- [Yoko] Huh?
- [Takahashi's friend] This isn't a show!
I know I asked them to do this,
but that's such a corny line.
What's he mean by "show"?
He means "don't stare."
Shut up and buzz off, chick.
Like he said, you go on home.
What? Let's go to one more place.
[Akira grunts]
Darn it!
I was all set on going to one more place.
[Takahashi's friend]
Why don't you go alone, chick?
Get on home, Yoko.
What? Go home?
If these guys hurt you, I'll kill them.
We can't let that happen, brother!
If I'm alone,
I can handle this just fine. Go on.
Enough chatter!
Bring it on, dude!
Fine, I'll go home.
[Yoko groans disappointedly]
Go straight home.
What? Did your woman dump you?
[soft grunt]
What a wuss. I'll handle this guy.
- [Akira] Height, 5.6 ft. Weight, 157 lbs.
- [tense music playing]
Zero martial arts experience.
All grit, no skill.
- Right haymaker.
- [bones cracking]
Pretend to take the punch,
break his fingers.
- [grunts]
- Busted middle and ring fingers.
Pretend to be in pain.
Block his weak roundhouse kick
with my elbow.
Bruise his right shin,
and pretend to be hit.
Watch this.
[Akira] From that first kick, I can tell
he's a fighter, probably kickboxing.
Right away, a high kick.
He thinks I'm an amateur and will connect.
I'll let him connect,
but slip away to mitigate the damage.
Pretend to go flying.
[Akira grunts]
- Yeah!
- [Akira] Pretend it hurt.
[soft grunt]
Hey, get up.
- [Akira] Pretend to be hurt.
- [groans]
- [grunts]
- Left jab.
Take it and get a nosebleed.
- [grunts]
- [Akira] See? Blood.
Use the tears that came with the blood
to pretend to be a wimp.
[Akira sobs]
I'm sorry… I'm sorry…
[Akira] How's this for a pathetic look?
Here's a pro for you!
Sheesh! You call yourself a man?
How pathetic.
That didn't feel quite right.
[neighbor exclaims worriedly]
What're you looking at?
[kickboxer clicks tongue]
That's probably good enough.
[soft grunt]
- Let's go.
- [Takahashi's friend] Yeah.
[Akira sobbing]
- [Akira] Magnificent. I really am a pro.
- [footsteps approaching]
- [neighbor] Excuse me. You okay?
- Hmm?
You want to use my handkerchief?
[Akira] Wait. Isn't this…
the woman I saw from the roof
who tripped while running up the stairs?
No, I'm fine.
[neighbor] Okay.
[Akira] There she goes running again.
[Takahashi] Here, 10,000 yen.
Split it between you.
That was good work.
5,000 yen each?
That's cheap!
Quit complaining.
Some places only pay 5,000 yen
for eight hours of construction work.
The risk is totally different.
Your fingers are swollen.
You okay?
It's nothing. Just jammed it a little.
I can tell you're a kickboxing champ.
You made that guy fly.
Hmm… But I didn't kick him that hard.
[Akira humming]
[Akira] Osaka's pretty fun.
[Closing theme music playing]
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