The Fable (2024) s01e03 Episode Script


[Theme music playing]
The Fable
What did you say?
You started a fight
with the Sato siblings?
We gave him a pretty good beating.
Huh? A beating?
[Takahashi] Yeah, a good one.
His nose was bleeding,
then he cried and apologized.
But we didn't lay a hand on the sister.
Captain? You there?
[friend] Ebi, I'm glad you dropped by,
but you seem agitated.
Yeah, there's been a little trouble.
That's unusual.
And things seemed so calm lately.
But now you even want this.
A lot's happened.
Five .38 caliber rounds.
I've got more in stock. Is that enough?
Five rounds is plenty.
How's it been going?
I bet business is bad
for a black market arms dealer.
Yeah, but lately,
I've dealt in nothing but pets.
Pets? You mean like stag beetles?
That's so yesterday.
Now I smuggle in colorful birds
from tropical countries
and sell them for a bundle.
Don't you destroy Japan's ecosystem.
Same to you. Don't you destroy
the organized crime ecosystem.
I don't know what you're going to do,
but I've got way better guns
than that .38 revolver.
I like my revolver.
When your life's on the line,
you want your favorite gun with you.
You know, the boss uses a Luger.
Now that's ancient!
[Akira exhales deeply]
[Akira] Good night.
[gun clicking]
[Takeshi] Hmm.
Captain, what's that all about?
[Takeshi] I'm shooting these old rounds.
- Quit asking questions, moron.
- [bullets clinking]
Sorry. It's just that
Takahashi is usually your driver.
He's working on something else now.
You just look out for cameras
and whoever's behind us while you drive.
[henchman] Okay…
How dare you frighten people,
you scumbag bacteria!
[all] Oh, yeah?
- [Jackal] Have a taste of this!
- [thrilling music playing on TV]
- There! Jackal bacteria remover!
- [spray can hissing]
[bacteria whimpering]
Hmph! Serves you right, bacteria scum.
Why me too?
- [announcer] Removes Jackal too…
- [laughs hysterically]
…and freshens the air!
- [phone vibrating]
- Maybe I'll buy
some of that Jackal disinfectant.
It's from Boss. That's unusual.
Get a pet Like a pro would
Is this sticker…
Boss is amazing!
What do you think about that?
[Yoko] Hmm…
Get a pet Like a pro would
You mean the Jackal sticker?
What else is there?
Uh, well…
Never mind that. What about getting a pet?
Can't I just get an ant or earthworm?
I think what Boss means by pet
is something more…
[Yoko yawning]
Anyway, why don't we go to a pet shop?
Besides, I want to change these curtains.
Tsk. A pet shop, huh?
What time is it anyway?
It's been a while since I slept so late.
- [gasps]
- What's wrong?
[Yoko groans]
- Jackal!
- Is that all you care about?
[Akira] Oh. He wants you
to get a pet too, huh?
[grunts, exclaims]
Loshin, Lohnan
[Yoko] I'll look at their curtains first.
[Light music playing]
Super popular Jackal
[soft grunt]
[stifled laugh]
[Akira] Jackal!
He's working hard here too.
-[dog barking]
- [Akira] Where are your curtains?
- [bird screeching]
- [Yoko] There weren't any good ones.
[dog barking]
- [birds chirping]
- [screeches]
[Yoko] Find anything, brother?
You want a bird?
No, not really.
[Yoko] Uh…
You know, coming to a place like this
makes me realize
there's a lot of creatures out there.
Do you think Boss wants us to buy a pet
because he wants us to think about life?
I trust Boss.
But considering our work,
I doubt he means anything so pretentious.
[Dramatic music playing]
I'm taking this one. Hmm?
[Akira] That's the guy from last night.
I'm going to the can.
[surprised grunt]
[shopping cart wheels rattling]
[Yoko] How much is this parrot?
It's 190,000 yen.
[Yoko] That's expensive!
- Found him. I'm tailing him now.
- [suspenseful music playing]
He'll probably go outside.
[Takahashi] Listen.
Don't you dare touch him in the store.
And don't touch the sister.
Muay Thai will be waiting for him outside.
It's kickboxing.
It's daylight and people are around,
so make it quick.
Two or three quick punches.
Why are you
after this guy so badly anyway?
Don't ask questions.
Long story short, this is to harass him.
Make him bawl his eyes out again.
You got it.
He just turned down here.
Did I lose him?
But the exit is right over there.
[both grunt]
Huh? He came out, right?
I didn't see him.
- I had him cornered over here, but…
- Huh?
[Takahashi's friend] Oh! There he is!
[Akira] So, if these guys were like hyenas
and I was a baby deer…
I'd do like this.
Then I'd run.
- [kickboxer] He noticed us!
- [Takahashi's friend] Stop, you jerk!
You won't get away on foot!
I'm a good runner! I swear I'll KO you!
[Thrilling music playing]
[kickboxer pants]
[kickboxer pants]
This guy… Seriously?
[kickboxer] He's super fast!
[grunts, panting]
Huh? Where did he go?
[panting heavily]
[surprised grunt]
- [kickboxer grunts angrily]
- [Akira] Then I run again.
[kickboxer] Stop!
[in hoarse voice]
What's with that guy?
Right… I have to pretend to be tired.
[both panting]
This jerk… He's starting to tick me off.
- Now I'm pissed!
- [scared gasp]
No way! That's way too high to jump from!
[kickboxer] Hey!
[kid] Huh?
[surprised grunt]
[kickboxer grunts angrily]
How did he do that?
[running steps]
[angry grunt]
Loshin, Lohnan
[Akira] Have you picked a pet?
I'm getting a hamster.
You sure took a long time in the restroom.
- What are you grinning about?
- Huh?
I am?
It was… kind of fun.
Is that right?
The bird you want is 190,000 yen.
It's a black-headed parrot.
I see.
[Yoko] That's no way to react.
It's expensive!
I think I've made a friend.
[Yoko] The black-headed parrot.
It's a kind of caique.
It says it's a bird
from the Brazilian rainforest.
The Amazon, huh?
The shopkeeper said
these birds are strong-willed.
Being strong is a good thing.
Let's see here…
They take to people easily.
Looks like when it's alone,
it'll roll around and play with toys.
Even though it's a bird, it rolls around?
That sounds cute.
They said this guy's 10 months old.
Bird seed is fine,
but it also loves bananas and kiwi fruit.
Oh, wow! It says they live to be 30 to 40.
[Akira] That long, huh?
This guy will probably live longer
than I do.
[Yoko] Give it a name, okay?
A name, huh?
I'll think it over carefully.
I think I'll give my hamster a name too.
[Takahashi] He jumped from here?
[kickboxer] Yeah, without hesitation.
He just jumped right off.
And he wasn't hurt?
He was running like normal.
And he's an unexpectedly fast runner.
His stamina was incredible too.
Takahashi, who the heck is this guy?
To be honest, I don't really know.
Captain won't tell me.
[Akira] Come here.
Starting today, this is your house.
Your food is here and your water.
- [squawks]
- Now, for a name.
Hawk, like in Nighthawk.
[Akira] Okay… Jackal.
Yoko. Boss.
Yakuza. Maguro.
Boss. Captain.
"Captain", huh?
[Takeshi] He jumped from a bridge, huh?
Yeah, Captain.
[breathes deeply]
It smells funny again.
What? Really?
For the time being,
don't do anything without orders.
If you pull any more stunts,
I'll sock you.
By the way, Takahashi,
you like the sister?
Well, yeah. She's my type.
Invite her to dinner.
Tell her you'll show her around town.
I don't care what it is.
Just eat with her and casually ask her
all kinds of things about her brother.
All kinds of things…?
Yeah, all kinds of things.
Anything at all.
Anyway, just get close to the sister.
Here, I'll even give you money for it.
You think she'll come if I invite her?
Quit your whining,
you sissy generation kid.
You'll drive her away, moron!
Yes, sir. I got it.
- [squelches]
- Huh?
[Akira] Oh…
Poop on me, will you?
Then it's time we fight, Captain.
Try and bite this twisted tissue.
- [Akira] Take that! And that!
- [screeches]
- Don't underestimate a pro.
- [chirps]
- You're still green, Captain.
- [squawks]
Come on. Come at me.
[chirping angrily]
Ow, ow, ow, ow! That hurts!
- [chirps]
- [Akira] Impressive, Captain.
Hmm… a name, huh?
[Yoko] What should I choose?
[Takahashi] She got a hamster, huh?
We could talk about that.
"There are two main kinds
of ordinary hamsters.
Golden hamsters and dwarf hamsters.
There are three kinds of dwarf hamsters.
Djungarian, Roborovski,
and Campbell…"
Dang! I can't remember any of this!
One beer and I'll forget all of it!
[machine clanking]
[Takeshi] What the heck are you doing?
Same to you.
We lent you the second floor.
The garage is mine.
You didn't touch the car, right?
[Akira] Yeah, don't worry.
I only sat in it two or three times.
Then you did touch it!
I hardly ever drive it,
so I'm going to start the engine.
[car seat thumps]
[engine starts, rumbling]
Say, Fable.
I mean, Sato.
You free tonight?
I'm not into that kind of thing.
[Takeshi] Neither am I!
Let's you and me talk frankly, man-to-man.
Make time for me.
Don't get comfortable. Close those legs.
I'll pick you up tonight at 9:00 p.m.
[Takeshi] Make sure you're ready.
[doorbell chimes]
[Yoko] Coming.
Uh, I'm here on an errand for the group.
[door lock clicks]
Oh, is that right?
[soft chuckle]
[soft exclaim, chuckle]
- [Yoko] Sorry.
- [liquid sloshing]
I just moved in
and haven't gotten anything.
So it's just instant stuff.
Here you go.
[Takahashi] Oh, thanks.
Um, so…
since you're a guest of the boss,
Captain told me to show you around town.
Really? You don't have to do that.
[Takahashi] I don't mind.
I actually asked if I could do this.
My brother's coming too?
Captain has something
he wants to talk to your brother about.
I know all the good restaurants and bars
in this town, so let me show you around.
Oh, my! That sounds promising!
[Yoko] One of the youngsters
in Maguro Group asked me out.
Okay. Captain asked me out too.
[Yoko] He told me that.
Go on ahead.
Let him treat you to some good food.
I don't mind, but you better be careful.
[Akira] I'll be fine.
I'm not worried about you.
[Yoko] Don't you lose your temper
and kill anyone, okay?
[Akira] Leave this to me.
It may not seem like it,
but I like this town.
I don't plan on leaving.
Then I'll go dine on good food
and find myself a nice man.
This sure is a quiet car.
When I was young, we drove gas guzzlers
like Benzes and Celsiors.
Nowadays, yakuza drive hybrids.
Priuses are really popular.
This is totally different
than that car in the garage.
The Hakosuka?
That one's special.
It's my treasure.
I drove it before I joined the group.
I know what you mean.
I've got a treasure too.
You liar.
You look like nothing is precious to you.
It's just a gun though.
It's saved my life twice.
I bet it was just chance.
Are you really that superstitious?
But it did save me. That's the truth.
When your life's on the line,
you want your favorite gun with you, huh?
[Akira] Yeah.
Sorry for making you wait.
No, it's no problem.
[Takahashi] Anyway, get in.
[Yoko] Not a Benz, huh?
[Takahashi] Sorry it's so small.
Not at all.
[Yoko] What's more, it smells funny.
Do you like meat?
Huh? Oh, yes.
I know a really good yakiniku place.
[Yoko] Yakiniku right off the bat, huh?
[Akira] Where are we going?
[Tense music playing]
What's the meaning of this?
You wear a knit cap
when you're on a job, right?
The thing is, I still doubt
that you're actually the hitman Fable.
The name Fable
was just made up by someone.
That nickname has blown
all the rumors out of proportion.
A fable, like The Tortoise and the Hare
or The Ant and the Grasshopper.
If you're lazy or slack off,
then Fable will come and get you, huh?
[tires screeching]
See that big guy?
I want you to fight him.
[Takeshi] If the rumors are true,
you're tough even when unarmed.
When it comes to bare knuckles,
he's pretty tough too.
He's a former wrestler.
He's committed assault, robbery, and rape.
Besides being a total scumbag,
he owes us money.
We planned on killing and burying him,
but since he's a good fighter,
we made him this offer.
I heard you can take down
any opponent in six seconds.
[Akira] That's the ideal.
I thought your boss had prohibited
any kind of violence.
The boss has nothing to do with this.
I'm doing this on my own.
Consider it the ticket that lets you guys
live in this town for the next year.
- [sizzling]
- [Takahashi] Okay, Yoko.
It's ready. Go ahead and eat up.
Their sauce here is the best.
Thank you.
The 3,000-yen all-you-can-eat deal, huh?
Told you so.
They've got free drink refills too.
And it comes with beer.
[Yoko] I could really go for
an order of choice skirt steak slices.
[Takahashi exclaims]
She's so darn cute.
Especially her smile.
I could totally fall in love!
Hey, are you serious about that deal?
Yeah. Just beat up this guy
until he's half dead, or even dead.
We don't want to dirty our hands.
If you can do that,
we'll forgive your debts.
So that must mean
you'll lend to me again, right?
Just get going!
[Akira groaning softly]
What the? What the heck are you doing?
[in funny voice]
I'm flipping the switch in my head.
I've tried lots of things,
but this works best.
Is that so?
[Intense music playing]
Hurry up and get out here!
I'll twist your neck around
so you can see your back.
We'll clean things up.
[Takeshi] Just kill him.
What the heck's that?
I'm fighting that little guy?
That's right.
Why didn't you bring someone tougher?
I was looking forward to this.
Want me to count?
[Akira] Do what you like.
[Music swells]
[Music fades]
[Closing theme music playing]
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