The Fable (2024) s01e04 Episode Script

Chatting About Life

[narrator] In baseball, soccer,
martial arts, combat sports,
mathematics, science, art,
music, entertainment,
and all categories of every field,
there are geniuses.
And of course,
they exist in the underworld too.
This is a slightly eccentric tale
of one of these men.
[theme music playing]
The Fable
Chatting About Life
[Takeshi] I heard you can take down
any opponent in six seconds.
I'm doing this on my own.
Consider it the ticket that lets you
live in this town for the next year.
- [Akira groaning softly]
- What the? What the heck are you doing?
[in funny voice]
I'm flipping the switch in my head.
I've tried lots of things,
but this works best.
Is that so?
Hurry up and get out here!
I'll twist your neck around
so you can see your back.
We'll clean things up.
Just kill him.
Hmm? What the heck's that?
I'm fighting that little guy?
That's right.
Why didn't you bring someone tougher?
I was looking forward to this.
Want me to count?
[Akira] Do what you like.
[Suspenseful music playing]
[hurried footsteps approaching]
[Takeshi] Two.
- Three.
- [thug grunts]
- [thug grunts]
- [gasps]
[thug choking]
[shocked gasp]
[Takeshi] No doubt about it,
this guy's the real Fable.
[thug groans, chokes]
[Akira] I made it so he can't move.
Do with him as you like.
- [car door opens]
- [Akira] Hmm?
[car door closes]
[Tense music playing]
You're going to finish this.
[henchman gasps]
- [Takeshi] He's still alive.
- [thug chokes]
Finish him off.
[chokes, groans]
I told you, kill him.
Hurry up and do it, Fable!
[Akira] You know,
I think you've got me wrong.
I know a guy similar to you,
though he's not at your level.
He killed six people for fun
and had sex with their corpses.
[Akira] I've never had sex with a corpse.
[Takeshi] Then I bet you jerk off!
People like you are called serial killers.
[Akira] Hey, man.
Don't lump me in with scum like that.
It's my job to kill people, as a pro.
I have never once killed anyone for fun.
[Takeshi] You've killed 100 people!
[henchman exclaims in shock]
[Akira] That's an exaggeration.
I haven't killed 100.
It's just over 70, apparently.
- [henchman gasps]
- I don't know the exact number.
Captain, I couldn't help listening.
Who the heck is this guy?
[Akira] See what's happened now?
I thought you said you wanted
just the two of us to speak frankly.
But now I see what you really wanted.
You're the one who's corrupt.
- [Takeshi] Hey!
- Get closer and I'll shoot!
[Akira] It's not even loaded,
so what'll you shoot?
Your dreams and wishes?
[angry grunt]
- [surprised grunt]
- [gun clicking]
Pull back the slide and load it!
[henchman grunts, groans]
[body thuds]
[Akira] Pull back the slide and load.
That's something you learn to do
by instinct, not by thinking about it.
You must be crazy
letting someone like him have a gun.
[annoyed grunt]
[Akira] Anyway, put your gun down.
Your bullets will never hit me from there.
[Takeshi] True.
This is a little far for my skill.
I don't have insane skills like you.
[Akira] Yeah, this distance is
a piece of cake for me.
I know, so…
- [footsteps approaching]
- [Akira] Huh?
- [Tense music playing]
- [Takeshi] Go right ahead. Shoot.
I'll get close enough until I can hit you.
I am the Captain of the Maguro Group,
after all.
I'm not the kind
who's afraid of killing or getting killed.
Go on. Shoot!
Show me your true nature.
You stinking serial killer!
[Suspenseful music rising]
[Music stops]
[Akira] Haven't you realized it yet?
If that were my true nature,
you'd all be dead and I'd be back home.
[angry grunt]
I'll admit, I don't care
how many people I kill in my work.
But I don't want to kill people
just because I can.
If possible, I'd like to live peacefully
this next year without killing anyone.
Allow me to live in this town.
[soft grunt]
[Takeshi] I'll kill you.
[suspenseful sting]
[thug chokes]
[thug choking, groaning]
[Takeshi] Say, Sato.
What does life mean to you?
I'm not sure.
I don't think I've ever thought about it.
I bet you haven't.
If you had, you could never do your job.
Here's what life means to me.
It's the only precious thing
we've all got in this unfair world.
We've only got one.
I can't let someone who steals that away
while out on a stroll live in this town.
I have never killed anyone
while I was on a stroll.
Then answer my question!
Tell me right now what life means to you!
Mm… I don't really know how to put it,
so this may sound off-topic.
The other day, I bought a parrot.
It's a black something-or-other parrot.
It cost 190,000 yen, but never mind that.
It's my first time owning a pet.
I want to treat it well and be good to it.
That's about all I can say now.
[soft grunt]
Oh, yeah. I named it Captain.
I tried other names,
but it came when I called it that.
[annoyed grunt]
You didn't have to kill him.
Huh? You're one to talk.
[Takeshi] Robbery, rape, assault.
He's done it all except murder.
Two people he was shaking down
killed themselves.
He'll end up getting a light sentence
and be out in no time.
I'd already warned him twice.
I said he's dead meat
if he doesn't repay us.
If he ever pulled a fast one
over a big business deal,
he could have become a job for you.
[nervous breath]
Hey, Kuro. Kuro!
[surprised grunt]
Yes, sir.
[Takeshi] What are you spacing out for?
Get up.
[Kuro] Yes, sir.
I'm kind of confused…
It all happened so fast.
Uh, are you a pro hitman?
- Yeah.
- [soft gasp]
This is Sato.
He'll be living here for a year.
Welcome to Taihei.
Uh, I'm Kuroshio.
- Call me Kuro.
- Kuro…
Don't introduce yourself!
Listen up, Kuro.
What happened today is top secret.
The only people who were here
were you and me.
Nobody else was here.
Don't you worry. I totally understand.
No wonder he's so tough.
Sato and I are going to get some grub now.
Get rid of this guy the usual way.
Yes, sir.
I hope to see you again, Mr. Sato.
Don't address him, moron!
What do you want, Sato?
- [Akira] Meat sounds good.
- [Kuro] Good night.
[Takeshi] Meat? After that, you want meat?
[Takeshi laughs]
Sure, then. Let's get some meat.
Amazing… That really was…
a hitman.
[train rumbles in distance]
- [Gentle music playing]
- [Yoko exclaims]
This bar really is lovely.
Yeah, it is, Yoko.
[Takahashi] It looks a little expensive.
I wonder how much Yoko will drink.
If I figure the cost of this in
with the taxi fare, a hotel room,
and the taxi back from there
I want to get drunk at this bar.
Can I?
Of course. I'll see you home.
[Takahashi] I'll take a train back.
[Yoko giggles]
Can I order a bottle,
Of course.
- [Yoko squeals happily]
- [Takahashi chuckles]
[Takahashi] Holy… This could work.
This just might get her.
Okay! I'll walk home.
[Yoko and Takahashi] Yay!
Our 13th shot of tequila! Yay!
[both exhale deeply]
Come on, don't forget the lemon.
Uh… lemon…
It's right in front of you.
[Yoko] That's a lighter.
Huh? Lemon… Lemon…
- [squishes]
- [Yoko] Oh, yes! How pathetic!
He's thoroughly drunk.
He can't even see the lemon
right in front of him.
How pathetic.
- The lemon!
- That's a cell phone, sir!
[Yoko] How wonderful!
Takahashi, this is the lemon. Here.
Uh… Yoko…
- [squishing]
- That's a coaster!
[Yoko] He is just so dang cute!
He creeped me out at first,
but the drunker he gets, the cuter he is.
- [sizzling]
- [indistinct chatter]
What do you think?
The meat here's top-class, right?
They're huge.
[chef] They're so fresh,
you can eat it raw.
Chef, make mine medium.
You got it.
Sato, can I ask you something?
You found the six surveillance cameras
in your room and busted them, didn't you?
I didn't bust them. I just removed them.
You just removed them, huh?
You need them? I can give them back.
[Takeshi] I don't need them.
That's not what this is about.
You've noticed the cameras
in your sister's place too, right?
How come you didn't touch them?
Considering our work,
who knows what might happen or when?
If I know Maguro Group is watching,
it puts me at ease in a way.
[inhales deeply]
I see.
I have a question for you too.
What is it?
You know who I am,
but it was still awful soon
for you to test me like that.
What's your hurry?
You're sensitive about the oddest stuff.
You bet I am.
You were putting your life on the line.
I would have watched me
for at least two weeks.
Next week,
my brother is getting out of prison.
He served 15 years for murder.
I want to celebrate
without having to worry
about little issues.
I want to take care of him
while he gets used to his freedom.
I think of him like my own brother.
Can you understand this kind of feeling?
[chef] Go on, young man.
Eat it while it's hot.
It'll melt in your mouth.
What's wrong? Eat up.
[soft grunt]
That's hot!
[chef] What?
[surprised grunt]
- [squeaks]
- [water flushing]
You okay, Takahashi?
I'm fine. Just fine.
I'll be back in a sec. Wait for myee.
[Yoko] "Wait for myee"?
How cute!
"Wait for myee!"
With his head in the toilet,
he said, "Wait for myee."
- So classic.
- [Takahashi retching]
[Yoko] Okay, I'll wait at the bar.
[Yoko] I wonder
when I started to have a thing
for weak, pathetic guys like him?
Maybe it's because I work
with my super-tough so-called brother.
- [breathing heavily]
- [Takahashi] My head keeps on spinning.
Stop spinning!
I can't let something this stupid
get in the way of this big chance.
- [water flushing]
- [clanks]
- [unsteady footsteps]
- [Yoko] He's coming out.
So, what will he look like?
- [clanks]
- How will he make his appearance?
I feel as if I'm waiting
for a concert to start.
What will it be, Takahashi?
- [unsteady footsteps]
- [gasps]
- [Comical music playing]
- [Yoko] There he is!
[Yoko] Oh, yes! He came out backwards!
[Takahashi groaning, grunts]
He's hanging in there!
He's hanging in there!
I'm over here.
[Yoko] Over here. Over here.
Just a little farther.
I'm back.
- Welcome back.
- [groans]
- [exclaims]
- [Yoko gasps]
[bartender] Oh, no! Alcohol poisoning!
Get a taxi!
No! Get an ambulance!
Thank you for the meal.
It was very hot and delicious.
Liar. You waited
until it was cold before you ate it.
That was really fine meat.
Like I said, it was delicious.
I know you'll live here quietly
and take a break from working.
But that doesn't mean I trust you 100%.
If you cause any trouble,
I'll kick you out immediately.
Are you drunk?
This is oolong tea.
I plan on living quietly.
I'll enjoy the peace to the fullest.
My sister told me to find a hobby.
I'll try that too.
I heard young people nowadays
play video games all day long.
I thought that might be fun.
Don't you dare. You want to be a recluse?
Most people get a job,
like part-time or temp work.
How can a yakuza say that?
This isn't about what yakuza think.
It's common sense.
Maybe so, but even if
young, healthy people don't work,
this country will feed them, right?
Yeah, that's right.
But if my son did that,
I'd beat him to a pulp and toss him out.
Wait a second.
Why am I talking to you about this?
- Good question.
- [chef chuckles]
I'm exhausted. Let's go.
Check, please.
Sure thing.
A job, huh?
- [Takahashi groans]
- [Yoko] We're here.
Come on. Pull yourself together.
This is my place.
There you go. Come on in.
[muffled giggling]
- [groaning]
- [Yoko] He's even drooling.
- He's so incredibly pathetic and cute!
- [gasps]
[Takahashi groaning]
[Light music playing]
[Yoko] Okay, come here.
Come on. Over here.
- [soft gasp]
- Come here.
[Yoko] He doesn't know what to do.
His brain is so drowned in alcohol
that he doesn't know what to do.
- [Takahashi groans]
- [disappointed exclaim]
- No! Don't fall asleep!
- [Yoko] Darn it! I was having so much fun.
Here we go!
- Come to me!
- [Takahashi groans]
- [gasps]
- [Yoko] You can do it, Takahashi!
[squealing, laughing]
[grunting continues]
[Takeshi] Huh?
Oh, that's Misaki.
You know that woman who's always running?
[Takeshi] She lives in the apartments
behind your place.
Yeah. I saw her trip on the stairs.
Apparently, she works five different jobs.
She's paying off her parents' debts
and wants to save her money
to open a store.
She's the exact kind of girl
us types shouldn't get involved with.
You stay away from her too.
[Takeshi] Just watching over
girls like her from afar
is a comfort to me.
Someday, when she opens a shop,
I plan on secretly sending flowers.
[Calm music playing]
[Takeshi] Anyway, take it easy and relax.
Don't become a recluse. Do something.
[car door closes]
[Akira] I guess she's home too.
- Captain…
- [chirping]
A job…
[closing theme music playing]
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