The Fable (2024) s01e05 Episode Script

You Listening to Me?!

[theme music playing]
The Fable
You Listening to Me?!
[birds chirping]
[soft grunt]
On / Off
[sighs with pleasure]
- [Kuro] Good afternoon.
- You too.
Where's Takahashi?
He hasn't shown up yet.
He doesn't answer his phone either.
That idiot.
Uhm, Captain.
The boss wants to see you right away.
The boss? All right.
[nervous grunt]
Kuro was acting different than usual.
When I questioned him, I got a surprise.
Why did you get Sato involved?
I told you to leave him be.
What's more, you even ended up
pointing guns at each other.
[Takeshi] Sorry.
I felt I had to put
his true intentions to the test.
What do you think would have happened
if you had shot Sato?
Their organization is a total mystery.
Which means?
It means that Sato isn't the only Fable.
You need to think that far ahead,
you moron.
You mean, there are other guys like him?
So, if I shot Sato
First off, they're sure
to have come after me, you, and Kuro.
What would you expect if we shot someone
they asked us to treat like a guest?
As Captain, you need to think
about stuff like that before you act.
Anyway, forget it.
Kojima gets out next week, right?
[Takeshi] Yes.
Make sure there's no trouble.
I understand.
I'm sorry about staying the night, Yoko.
Are you okay?
You should take it easy a little longer.
[Takahashi] Sorry, but Captain
has already called me several times.
I'll be going.
Dang, I can't believe
how much I hurt all over.
[door opens]
Okay, goodbye.
[Yoko] Bye. Take care.
There's your food, Captain.
[phone buzzing]
Boss, huh?
Afternoon soap?
It starts now?
A Weekday Named Love
Episode 1
Ai Nakayama
Honami Yoshida
Tatsuya Haga
Yosuke Oda
A coming-of-age drama, huh?
It's Jackal! He's starring in a drama?
What the heck happened to your face?
Sorry. I accidentally drank too much,
so I don't remember much.
[Takeshi] Tsk. You got drunk?
You're pathetic.
But I get the feeling
I got a little closer to the sister.
Next time, I'll get info on the brother.
No more watching those siblings.
Today, you help Kuro with his work.
- Huh? Aniki's?
- [Kuro] Captain.
Uhm I'm sorry, Captain.
It's okay. Forget about it.
If the boss questioned you,
what could you do?
[Tatsuya] But why?
You've got a wife, right?
[Ai] I don't want to just be your lover.
Besides, how many other lovers
do you have?
You're number five.
Stop, Tatsuya!
Do you plan on fooling around every day,
Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday,
Thursday, and Friday?
[Akira] This guy's a total scumbag.
Ai isn't that kind of woman. Ai is
[Ai sobs]
Fine, Yuji.
[Tatsuya] Out of respect for you, Yuji,
I'll make Ai my Friday woman,
my TGIF woman.
I'll move my current Friday woman
to Tuesday.
How's that?
- [Ai] You will?
- Of course.
[Yuji] Ai!
Don't be fooled!
There's still the Saturday woman!
To be continued
What a story.
I can hardly wait for the next episode.
[Kuro] From here?
Yeah. Apparently,
he made like a light dive from here.
And after that, he ran away just fine.
Amazing. He's the real thing.
Huh? He's what?
Nothing. Never mind.
That guy's no ordinary dude.
I do have an idea though.
If my intuition is right
[soft grunt]
What? Tell me.
He probably used to be a gymnast
or something for the national team.
Yeah, you're probably right.
No doubt about it. You're sharp.
[Kuro] Amazing.
That real hitman is amazing.
It sends a shiver down my spine!
He's awesome.
[Takahashi] Huh?
[Kuro] I can do this too.
- What?
- [Kuro shouts]
- [Takahashi] Aniki! Aniki!
- [bones crack]
Really? You're going to get a job?
I can't wait to see the legendary hitman
working for 800 yen an hour.
Jackal's doing his best too.
As a pro, I need to try new things.
[slurps, exclaims]
From Rishiri, Hokkaido,
we've got high-quality kombu.
Plus first-class dried bonito shavings
from Makurazaki.
They're an unbeatable combination.
- [phone buzzing]
- Huh?
It's Takahashi.
What is it?
You okay, Kuro?
I'm sorry.
Get in, Kuro. I'll drive you.
[Takeshi] I heard about it from Takahashi.
You jumped off that bridge, did you?
That's pretty darn high.
Weren't you afraid?
You're lucky you only ended up
with a broken leg.
What did you do that for anyway?
Did you want to imitate someone
who jumped from that bridge?
Answer me.
[sighs softly]
- [grunts]
- I know what you're thinking!
You want to become a hitman?
This is Sato's influence, isn't it?
- Listen carefully, Kuro.
- [grunts]
It's stupid to admire him.
Only people who're screwy
in the head do that work.
They're in deeper than us
in the underground. They're the dregs!
You don't become his kind.
You use his kind!
Remember that, you moron!
Restaurants, factories,
construction work, driver
So many kinds of work.
[Akira] I'm getting kind of excited.
I bought resume forms,
so fill them out nicely.
What a pain.
Under "special skills,"
don't write "murder."
[Akira scoffs]
Under "hobbies,"
maybe I'll write "gun maintenance."
They'll report you to the cops.
"Name." Akira Sato.
"Birthday." April 1.
I graduated middle school in Tokyo,
then suddenly went to Hiroshima.
I worked at a delivery company,
then at another one in Kyushu.
And then another in Nagoya.
If that's the case, then my special skill
would be driving cars.
"Hobbies" Hobbies, huh?
Stuff I like, huh? Oh!
Jackal Tomioka
- Hmm? A delivery driver, huh?
- [Akira] Yes.
I can zip anywhere quickly.
I'm good at getting around.
For a shop like ours,
I need you to be able to zip around
inside the store.
I don't care
if you can zip around outside.
Of course,
I'm good at zipping around inside.
I really zip around fast.
I don't care about speed.
Your birthday is April Fool's Day?
April 1?
Apparently so.
Well, whatever. That doesn't matter.
Do you like clothes?
No, not really.
[shop owner] This is a used clothes shop.
Any interest in clothes?
[Akira] No, not especially.
I'm glad you're honest.
I like that in a person.
In consideration of that, you think
you can learn to like used clothes?
[awkward chuckle]
Nope, not at all.
I guess I didn't get it.
Looks like
you're a veteran delivery driver, kid.
[Akira] Yes.
We've got enough drivers.
What I need now are
workers in the factory
Your birthday is April Fool's Day?
- So it seems.
- [recruiter chuckles]
[recruiter] Your hobby is Jackal Tomioka?
Oh, wow.
You wrote that on your resume?
He sure laughed a lot.
Guess I didn't get it.
[Misaki panting]
Oh, you're that guy who got bullied,
and was crying and had a nosebleed!
[Akira] I'm sorry Forgive me
That's right. I'm the guy
who was crying and had a nosebleed.
Oh, sorry about that.
[Akira] About what?
A resume. Are you going for an interview?
[Akira] Yeah. I thought it was about time
I got a job after moving here.
It's at Florist Hayashi.
Oh, that florist.
You must like flowers.
No, not at all.
[Misaki] Uhm
That florist is near where I'm going now.
- I'll show you the way.
- [Akira] Really?
We'll run for about five minutes.
Is that all right?
I'll be late if I don't.
Sure. I'll follow you.
[Misaki] Where did you move from?
[Akira] From Tokyo.
- [Misaki] Alone?
- [Akira] No.
Me and my weirdo sister.
Then you got in trouble
with those bullies just after moving here.
Yeah. I dealt with them like a pro.
Can I see your resume?
Why? But sure, if you want to.
The job I'm headed to now,
they said they want to hire
a delivery person.
Is that right?
You were a delivery driver before, right?
We'd take you.
I'll put in a good word for you.
[Misaki] I feel sorry for him.
- [Akira] A place in a condo building, huh?
- [Misaki's boss] It's awful sudden.
He got beat up by punks and was crying.
[Misaki's boss] He was crying?
Now that's pathetic.
[Misaki] Even after that,
he's looking hard for a job.
[Misaki's boss] Let me see his resume.
- This guy's birthday is April Fool's Day.
- [Misaki's boss and Misaki chuckle]
Everybody seems to find that funny.
[Misaki's boss]
His hobby is Jackal. Jackal?
[Misaki's boss and Misaki chuckle]
[Misaki] Oh, Prez.
[Akira] Jackal's amazing. They love him.
Sato, come here.
He wants to interview you. Say hello.
Sit there.
- This place is tiny.
- [Misaki] Hey!
[Misaki's boss sighs]
[Misaki's boss] Akira Sato.
You've done delivery work
all over the country, huh?
Born April 1, April Fool's Day.
And your hobby is Jackal Tomioka.
I heard you got roughed up by hoodlums
and were crying and got a nosebleed.
Yes, that's absolutely right.
[Misaki's boss] How pathetic.
[grumbles softly]
Uh, Misaki.
- Make him some tea.
- Okay.
[Misaki's boss]
We do business card and flyer design,
and sometimes design mascots
for companies.
Anyway, that's the work we do.
Almost everything is sent digitally.
But we also deliver to customers directly.
The idiot who did deliveries for me
suddenly quit last month.
It's not like
we've got deliveries every day though.
We pay less than Osaka's minimum wage.
As our driver,
you'll earn 800 yen an hour.
You could call us a sweatshop.
But If there's other work you can do,
I'll think about giving you a raise.
Misaki has good design sense,
so she makes double the delivery guy.
Double, huh?
Yeah, you wouldn't believe
how many loafers there are out there
from the sissy generation.
If you can do the job,
you'll get paid more.
If you can't, you won't.
It's only natural.
If you cried because hoodlums beat you up,
then I doubt you've got the resolve.
If you don't like it, then you can leave.
I know it's bad timing,
but here's some tea.
Okay, I'll take it.
- Huh?
- Uh, I'll do it.
[Akira] Uh, I will accept the position.
There's not even a bonus.
And the pay is 800 yen an hour.
That's okay.
- You're hired!
- That's hot!
[Misaki's boss laughs]
Packing boxes
I didn't realize we still sold adult DVDs.
Of course not, moron.
In simple terms, this is a COD scam.
We send this without permission.
Before, we'd fill the box
with rocks or trash.
But the people who got scammed
would report it to the cops.
But when we packed the boxes
with adult DVDs,
they mysteriously stopped reporting it.
Because of our other business,
we've got stacks of adult DVDs.
Trashing them is a pain,
so this kills two birds with one stone.
- Takahashi.
- Yes?
What do you think of pro hitmen?
I don't think
those guys even exist in Japan nowadays.
But what if there were?
Yeah, I don't know
The Japanese police are pretty good,
you know.
- [tires screeching on TV]
- [gunshots on TV]
I didn't become a yakuza
to make this chump change.
A short but rich life is what I want!
What's gotten into you
all of a sudden, Aniki?
[Kuro] Just you watch, Takahashi.
I swear I'll leave my mark in this world!
I'll make a bang!
See you next month, chef.
- Okay.
- Make plenty of money.
- [chef] You too, Captain.
- [phone buzzing]
[Takeshi] What is it, Sato?
I know I gave you my number,
but I don't consider you my friend.
Yeah, I'm not your friend either. But
Yeah, I'd agree with that reaction.
I feel the same way.
[Takeshi] I even told you!
Our kind shouldn't get near her type!
I told you that! Weren't you listening?
You listening to me?
That's why I thought I should tell you.
Things just turned out this way.
If you want a job, I'll get you one.
Get another job before you cause trouble
for that hard-working girl.
[Akira] Sorry, but I already took the job.
I've got a good job for you.
You'll be on a ship
chasing after tuna for a year.
When you come back, you'll be healthy.
Then you can return to your original job.
- You'll get paid and
- [Akira] Bye.
That's so low!
[Yoko] 800 yen?
Yeah, 800 yen an hour.
This brings me even closer
to an ordinary life.
Yeah, maybe so, but
An unbeatable hitman is actually working
for 800 yen an hour?
It's amusing though.
Have you given this guy a name?
I couldn't decide what to name it.
I would say "hey" when I called it,
so it ended up being its name.
Hey, huh?
Is it a boy or a girl?
Say, is that girl Misaki at your job cute?
Cute? In what way?
What if you fell in love with that Misaki?
Fall in love? How would that happen?
"How"? It's natural
between a man and a woman.
Oh, forget it.
You mean a workplace romance?
Hmm. Maybe I'll try that.
[Yoko] It's not something you just try.
There needs to be a romantic connection
between the two of you
[Akira] Romantic, huh?
Maybe I'll try it.
I'm serious!
You're telling the wrong person.
- Huh?
- [Tatsuya] Don't tell me. Tell it to Ai.
Tatsuya You're so
Tell her your true feelings. Okay, Yuji?
I have something to tell you too.
[Yuji] What is it?
The new woman
I'll be having on Mondays is
your ex-wife.
You depraved scum!
To be continued
Is this supposed to be romantic too?
- [door opens]
- [Akira] Good morning.
[Misaki's boss] You're early, newbie.
Work doesn't start for another half hour.
I'm just eager to get started.
[Misaki's boss] Anyway, why don't you
sit down and have some coffee?
[Misaki's boss spits]
[water running]
[Misaki's boss gurgles]
[Misaki's boss] Want to clean the toilet?
Good morning.
[door opens]
Good morning.
Good morning!
Romantic, huh?
Kojima. At last, you're back.
Yeah, Aniki. I'm looking forward
to cutting loose again.
[closing theme music playing]
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