The Fable (2024) s01e06 Episode Script

Prison Release Jamboree

Sato, want to see the Porsche
we use for deliveries?
- [comical music sting]
- Porsche.
Porsche, huh?
[Misaki's boss] It's really not that far,
so ride this.
No need to worry about gas
or parking spaces with this.
So, this is a company car, huh?
It's like this is an ordinary job.
[theme music playing]
The Fable
Prison Release Jamboree
This is to celebrate your release.
Feast on whatever you like.
Oolong tea?
You'll meet the boss later.
You don't want to be drunk for that.
[Kojima] Yeah, I understand, Aniki.
We can't splurge like we used to
for prison release celebrations.
Especially, in your case
[Kojima] I told you, I get it.
15 years, huh?
I bet the group has changed a lot.
[Takeshi] Yeah.
When this boss started,
he started paying the young guys a salary.
[Kojima] What the heck?
What are they, office workers?
[Takeshi] Those are the times.
We aren't the only group that does it.
If we don't pay them a little,
they'll end up doing really nasty stuff.
[Kojima] That's what yakuza do.
[Takeshi] We may be yakuza,
but as long as we're an organization,
we can't ignore the times.
But the pyramid-shaped top-down system
hasn't changed.
[Kojima] That may be so, but there's still
just 20 or 30 in the group.
You got a problem with the group?
Chill out, and eventually,
I'll officially make you one of my men.
And get over your prison stupor.
[Kojima scoffs]
I don't have any prison stupor.
The scenery has changed a lot too, huh?
[Akira singing]
You feel ♪
[dramatic music playing]
[Kojima] What a cheeky-looking bastard.
He a friend?
[Takeshi] No. He's just an acquaintance.
I finished doing the delivery.
What? You're kidding.
It takes at least 40 minutes round trip
on that bicycle.
Only 20 minutes have passed.
Really? That's how long it usually takes?
Did you pedal like crazy?
No. I pedaled normally.
He's not sweating at all.
Want me to call
to make sure it was delivered?
It's not that I don't believe you,
but this is your first time,
so we'll check with the client.
how about some coffee?
No, thanks. I just had some.
- [Misaki] When?
- [employee] Prez.
They said he delivered it,
then had coffee and left.
[Misaki's boss and Misaki] What?
Now that's a real ex-delivery driver.
Nice display of your pro attitude.
Well, yeah. I am a pro, after all.
Why don't we throw a welcome party, Prez?
[Misaki's boss] You're right.
Okay, how about a welcome party for Sato?
All right!
Today, we'll quit an hour early.
[Hiroshi] That's three million yen.
In your case,
I can't say "Thanks for your hard work."
But accept this gift of appreciation
from me and Captain.
Thank you.
You've openly rejoined the yakuza,
so what do you want to do now?
[Kojima] For a screw-up like me,
so I just hope to be
more of a frightening warning.
[Takeshi] Hmm.
Yeah, just a little more soy sauce.
[Kojima] Aniki.
Nobody adds soy sauce that late.
Who made up that rule?
You can cook any way you like.
It's the same with painting and music.
Make it the way you want to
in any way you like.
As your junior, I should be doing this.
[Takeshi scoffs]
Today's a special day.
Take your time finding a place to live.
In the meantime, you can stay here.
[Kojima] What about that house
where we'd go when there was trouble?
That house with your Hakosuka.
Mm That place, it's being rented out
to relatives of the boss.
It's a one-year contract.
Relatives of the boss?
Anyway, you finally just got out,
so take it easy for a while.
Take it easy, huh?
I'd like a car to start with.
Anything, as long as it runs.
Got one?
Yeah, I'll work on it.
And how about a pistol?
[deep inhale]
[Takeshi] Listen, Kojima.
Guns aren't any help nowadays.
I haven't seen one in a long time.
You used to carry a .38 revolver, right?
The times have changed.
Kujira Group in the next town, Taisei,
even that aggressive bunch
is all peaceful now.
Anyway, you just take it easy.
Get used to the outside.
[Kojima chuckles]
You still think I'm in a prison stupor?
[indistinct chatter]
[Misaki's boss] All right, then.
We at Octopus welcome Sato,
the 800-yen-an-hour man.
- Cheers!
- [glasses clinking]
The 800-yen-an-hour man, huh?
[soft chuckle]
[slurping, exhaling]
When I was young,
600 yen an hour was the norm.
[Akira] Okay.
I just want experience now.
[Misaki's boss] That's for sure.
Experience is important when you're young.
It becomes an asset later.
I dropped an edamame.
Huh? What's the matter?
Oh, it's nothing.
You changed into a skirt?
I've got work at a bar after this.
You should take
a day off sometimes, Misaki.
You work too hard.
[Akira] Mm
What? Wait, Sato.
Do you eat the edamame skin?
Don't tell me you don't usually eat them?
But if you like it, go ahead.
Right, Prez?
Uh, yeah.
It's good to make the most of our food.
- [Misaki's boss laughs]
- It's not like you eat watermelon rinds.
Huh? You mean
you don't usually eat watermelon rinds?
Well, the rinds are vitamin-rich,
so I guess it's okay.
You must have grown up really poor.
Don't say things like that, Kainuma.
Sato, what kind of life
did you have when you were a kid?
[Misaki] You probably don't want
to tell us, so it's okay.
[Akira] No, I don't mind.
When I was old enough to remember,
I was often left up in the mountains
with a knife and told
to make it back home on my own.
[Misaki's boss] That sounds like Rambo.
That can't be true.
I went through a lot of other stuff,
but that's about all I can tell you about.
How could a guy with such determination
be made to cry by hoodlums?
Determination and guts
aren't the same thing.
[Misaki] Enough about that.
I'm sure he's been through a lot, Prez.
You say they left you in the mountains,
so that means they abandoned you, right?
[Misaki] You don't have to talk about it.
It must be painful.
It's not painful, but it was brutal.
[Misaki sobs]
Hey, why are you crying, Misaki?
[Misaki] I can't help it.
I feel so sorry for him.
What for?
[Akira] Thanks to that, I survived.
Don't eat the bones!
[Akira] Huh?
You're pretty amazing
for being a crybaby, Sato.
[Misaki] You'll choke on it! Don't, Sato!
Please stop eating the bones!
Oh, dear! He ate the whole thing!
[Misaki's boss]
Well, the bones have calcium.
You must have eaten lizards and bugs
[Misaki] Prez!
Yeah, I did.
[Misaki's boss] Were they good?
How'd they taste?
[Akira] They're not any good.
Okay, I've got work after this.
Good night.
It's late. Call a taxi.
I want to walk.
[Misaki] It's good exercise.
You should do some walking
sometimes yourself, Prez.
[Kainuma] Uh, say,
I'm going in the same direction as Misaki,
so I'll walk her there.
It is late, after all.
You will? I think that's better.
I think I'll be more useful than Sato.
- Uh, yeah.
- [Kainuma chuckles]
[Kainuma] Just kidding.
[soft grunt]
Thanks for the food.
[Misaki's boss] See you tomorrow.
I've got a nice buzz.
What a peaceful night.
Sato, how about one more place?
I'm the prez, so you can't refuse.
I see. Then I'll go. I'm a pro, after all.
[Misaki's boss] Great. Let's drink!
[soft chuckle]
[ominous music playing]
[Kainuma] I'll carry your backpack.
You've got your job at the bar
after this, right? Until when?
It depends on the customers,
but probably until 2 a.m.
That's pretty rough.
I only have to sleep after this.
Since you work so hard,
I want to do what I can to help.
- Come on.
- Oh!
It's light.
Oh, thank you.
[Misaki] The bar is right over there.
[Kainuma] Hang in there.
[suspenseful music playing]
[Misaki's boss]
Mama, this is our newbie, Sato.
[Akira] Good evening.
My, this is rare.
He's kind of a crybaby,
but he's got a lot of determination.
[Mama] A crybaby?
He doesn't look that way at all to me.
Just now, he told me about his life,
so I've taken a liking to him.
Right? Come, let's drink, Sato.
- Okay.
- [door opens]
[customer] Mama, is the booth open?
Haven't seen you in a while.
Yes, it's open.
[customer] It's okay. It's open.
Hey, aren't those yakuza?
Young guys from Maguro Group.
They're a little brash,
but they're good kids.
[customer] I'll give you a hand, Aniki.
[Kuro] I don't need it. Don't touch me.
This is good exercise.
It's slippery there.
Shut up! I know, you knucklehead!
Mama, it's been a while.
[Mama] Kuro, how'd you get hurt?
Well, you know,
a man gets into trouble sometimes.
[customer] Aniki, hurry up and sit down.
I know, numskull!
[Kuro] I'll knock your block off!
I've got customers, so no shouting, okay?
Sorry about that. Will do.
This is such a drag.
- [tense music playing]
- [scared grunting]
[grunting continues]
Uh, Aniki. Here's a light.
[distorted scream]
Wha What the?
Sorry he's making so much noise.
[Kuro] We'll drink quietly.
Quit the fighting.
Did I do something wrong?
[Kuro] Shut up!
[Kuro] You're kidding!
What the heck is that guy doing here?
I want to get close to him.
I totally want to talk to him.
I want to be his disciple!
At the very least, I want to say hello.
How? How can I do it?
- [Kuro sighs]
- Uh?
I'm confident in my strength.
And I've got really good reactions.
I can run 100 meters in 11 seconds.
That's pretty darn fast.
The only problem is there's nowhere
for me to use these great skills.
[Kuro] Sato sensei
Come on, Sato sensei. Are you listening?
[Misaki's boss] Mama, another.
You know, a man's got to risk his life
for something.
You haven't been making
any sense at all, Aniki.
I wanted to ask
what I should do about Yoshio
since he's getting blackmailed.
[Kuro] Oh, yeah. That's right.
At any rate, no matter what job
a man is given, he's got to finish it.
So, for Yoshio, you'll help him out then?
[Kuro] Listen carefully.
I can run 100 meters
In 11 seconds, right?
What are those hoodlums talking about?
No idea.
Say, Sato.
You've got some real muscle on you.
You should learn a martial art.
[Misaki's boss]
There's all kinds of gyms around here.
No, I'm not the violent type.
This boy's been through a lot.
Don't force him, Prez.
A man shouldn't be a crybaby.
I've taken a liking to this guy,
so I'm worried about him.
I consider my employees family.
And quit eating edamame skins.
[dramatic music sting]
[soft gasp]
Hey, Aniki
You eat the skin too?
They're my favorite.
I wouldn't eat these edamame skins.
They smell of preservatives.
You can tell, Sato?
Hey! What the heck is wrong with you?
I wish they'd shut up.
Did you say something, Gramps?
I said I wish you hoodlums would shut up!
Hey! What did you just say?
How dare you cause trouble
for a respectable man!
[customer] What?
[door opens]
[door creaks]
[shaky breathing]
[switch clicks]
[shaky breathing]
[uneasy music playing]
Probably until 2 a.m. tonight.
[Kainuma] I've got plenty of time.
[sniffs, breathes excitedly]
[chuckles excitedly]
[Kainuma] It must be for Misaki.
"Tsubasa Yamakawa"?
Who's Tsubasa Yamakawa?
It's not for Misaki?
Oh, well, whatever.
There must be other stuff.
"Miki Kawamura Photo Book"?
Huh? Misaki?
No way! There's no doubt about it!
What? She was a bikini model?
I always knew she was really hot.
You can't be serious.
- You got to be kidding.
- [camera shutter clicking]
[Misaki's boss]
Okay, I think we'll be going, Mama.
Thank you for the drinks.
3,000 yen will cover it.
I'll pay your bill.
For the trouble we caused.
Okay. Thanks.
- [Kuro] Good night!
- [customer groans]
Good night, Mama.
[Kuro] Good night!
[Kuro] Sato sensei
- I'm Kuro.
- [door opens]
My name is Kuro!
[customer] Uh?
- I'm home, Captain.
- [squawks]
It's not normal to eat edamame skins.
How come?
And not even watermelon rinds.
[insects chirping]
[phone buzzing]
[Misaki] Sato? It's Misaki from Octopus.
- [footsteps approaching]
- [gasps]
Good evening.
[Misaki] Huh? Oh, good evening.
[lock rattling]
What'll I do?
They were in the pocket of my backpack.
[Akira] That happens a lot.
I could open this lock in five minutes.
Yeah, there's no way I can get in.
[Akira] As a pro
I guess I'll have to call a locksmith.
[Akira] The way this place is built,
I could jump from the roof to the balcony,
get inside, and open the door.
Well, that'll have to wait until tomorrow.
[Akira] As a pro
[Misaki] Oh, dear.
This is awful. What'll I do?
You got a place to stay?
[Misaki] I'll call a friend.
I wonder if they're up at this hour?
[Akira] If you'd like,
you can stay at my place.
- Eh?
- [Akira] One night's okay.
No, no, no. It's okay.
You surprised me with that offer.
Well, then, see you tomorrow.
[Misaki] Say, Sato.
You live with your sister, right?
Your sister
Miki Kawamura
"Miki Kawamura fashion photo series"?
That's basically porn No way.
I wonder if there's a DVD?
[tense music intensifies]
Seriously? A-A-Are you kidding me?
No way!
[doorbell rings]
[Akira] Yoko, it's me.
[Yoko] What?
She smells of liquor,
but this is my sister.
Uh, what?
What is this?
[closing theme music playing]
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