The Fable (2024) s01e07 Episode Script

Episode 7

[theme music playing]
The Fable
[Yoko laughing]
Cut that out.
Yoko, you're making
Misaki's face look funny.
Yeah, it's even funnier
because she's a cutie to start with.
Since she'll be staying the night,
we need to communicate a little.
Okay, let's do it again.
- [Yoko] Ready, set
- I swear I'll win this time.
[Yoko and Misaki] Go!
[Yoko] Misaki, you lost again!
You really suck at this.
Look, brother!
She looks funnier than Jackal, right?
[Akira] No.
Sorry, Misaki.
We showed up while she was drunk.
- [laughing continues]
- No, no. It's okay.
[awkward chuckle]
[Akira] Okay, I'll be going now.
Thank you so much for letting me
stay over on such short notice.
And thank you for putting up
with my sister when she's like this.
Don't worry about it. It was kind of fun.
How old is your sister?
[Akira] Her age?
[snoring continues]
How old does she look?
About the same as me, so about 22.
Then I guess she's 22.
Huh? You guess?
Who the heck are you?
Huh? Who the heck do you
[Takahashi grunts]
What's your damn problem?
Whose errand boy are you?
You idiot!
That scar Are you?
Oh, you're from Maguro.
My name is Takahashi.
[Takahashi] I'm sorry about that.
I'd never met you.
[Kojima] It's okay.
Sorry for punching you.
Aniki's in the bath now.
I was in the joint for 15 years,
so forgive me.
Want something to drink?
No. I only came
to return the warehouse key.
Why don't you have
something to drink, okay?
Uh Okay, then I'll have tea.
Beer! I'll have a beer!
- [fridge door opens]
- [rattling]
How long have you been with Maguro?
Uh, just a little over two years.
[fridge door closes]
[breathes nervously]
- Who said you could sit down first?
- [grunts]
- [Kojima] You dissing me?
- [tense music playing]
- You are, aren't you?
- [breathes shakily]
You don't sit
until your superiors sit, right?
[Takahashi] Sorry!
Guys like you make me wonder
if Maguro's in trouble.
I'm sorry.
- Thank you.
- Accept with both hands, or I'll kill you.
Thank you!
- Takahashi, huh?
- [lid opens]
Yes. I'm Takahashi.
Are all the young guys in Maguro like you?
What are they like?
Uh, well
[Kojima] I'm sure it's not easy to answer.
Why don't you tell them,
"That Kojima's still in a prison stupor
and is dangerous, so be careful"?
[breathes nervously]
- Drink, man.
- [Takahashi] Yes, sir.
- Get me a beer too.
- [Takahashi] Yes, sir.
Don't you think Captain has been
in the bath a little long?
Aniki likes a long bath, but even so
[Takahashi] Here you are.
- [Kojima] Mm?
- [Takahashi grunts]
I'll have a look.
No, I'll go.
Aniki? Aniki?
You asleep? You'll catch a cold.
[dramatic sting]
- Ai, don't become Tatsuya's TGIF woman.
- [tragic music playing on TV]
It's not like you to become his lover.
How can you say that, Yuji? How
I want you to marry me. I'm serious!
- You lie! I know all about you.
- Huh?
What is it? Tell me, Ai!
[soft gasp]
Yuji you've been
[soft gasp]
divorced nine times, right? Nine times!
- What?
- What?
How come you know that?
To be continued
This is new territory for Jackal.
- [mellow pop music playing on TV]
- Huh?
[announcer] We'll be giving away 20 CDs
of this drama's theme song,
Just like stiff shoulders
by Shozo Hamanoya.
Stay tuned after the commercial break
for how to enter the drawing.
I need some paper.
Taihei Municipal Hospital
[monitor beeping]
I've brought the car.
- How is
- They think it might be a heart attack.
[worried gasp]
Hey, Takahashi,
did he complain about anything,
like insomnia or being under stress?
Since the Boss's relatives moved in.
To the Maguro houses?
Yes. I don't know much about it though.
Tell me everything you know.
Is that right? Thanks for doing that.
- I'll visit him when I've got time.
- [Kojima] Okay.
Can I borrow Takahashi
while Aniki's in the hospital?
You've probably got stuff to work on,
so I guess so.
Don't bully him.
[Kojima] Of course not. Goodbye.
[Hiroshi] He's no longer
under the watchful eye of Ebihara
This is bound to spell trouble.
Hey, Kojima.
Sunagawa Aniki,
sorry I didn't say hello earlier.
I'll be going now.
Hey, hold on a second there.
- Huh?
- [scoffs]
I'm surprised you could boldly
show your face around here again
after what you did.
You ought to work your way up
from the bottom.
You want to work under me from the bottom?
I could use you.
I'll fight you if that's what you want.
I'm still in a prison stupor,
so I've got the time.
[footsteps receding]
[indistinct chatter]
[tense music playing]
[soft grunt]
[Kojima] You Sato?
Takahashi, watch the car.
Yes, sir.
Well, well.
This sure brings back memories.
It hasn't changed a bit.
[Kojima] Aniki's Hakosuka
It's as shiny as ever.
[Kojima] You a relative of the boss?
What's your relation?
I don't know.
You don't know?
I was just given this address
and told to live here for the time being.
What for?
Why don't you ask your boss please?
I see.
I see you can be a bit of a smart aleck.
You know me, don't you?
I passed you by on the street
while you were on a bicycle.
I heard Aniki doesn't like you.
But here you are,
living nice and comfortably here.
- [grumbles]
- [tense music continues playing]
Actually, I've got to leave for work now.
Is that right?
It's not like you have to pay rent, right?
[Akira] Yeah.
You do know that there's nothing
more expensive than what's free, right?
If you want to live in peace,
then pay me 50,000 yen a month.
If I want to live in peace?
I hear your sister lives next door,
so that'll be 100,000 for the two of you.
You hear me?
Want me to clean out your ear?
Yeah, I get it.
Good boy.
- [car door closes]
- How'd it go?
That guy's a total wimp, right?
- Drive.
- [seat belt clicks]
Yes, sir.
[surprised grunt]
[Misaki] There they are.
I found them, Prez.
Glad to hear it. Under your desk?
[door opens]
- Good morning.
- [Misaki's boss] Huh? Morning.
Oh, Sato. I found my keys.
- Is that right? Glad to hear it.
- [Misaki's boss spits]
But it sure is odd.
I clearly remember
putting them into my bag.
If you're worried,
then you should change your locks.
- [water running]
- It's really easy to copy keys.
But there's nothing in my place to steal.
[Misaki's boss gurgles]
Anyway, could you tell your sister
thanks from me?
I feel awful. I must be hung over.
I complained to that yakuza
when I was drunk, didn't I?
Yeah, real direct too.
That's such a bad habit of mine.
What if you got poor Sato
caught up in something?
Sorry about that, Sato.
- Were you scared?
- Yeah.
I was shaking in my boots watching you.
- [Misaki's boss] Seriously?
- [Misaki] Okay, let's get to work.
[Misaki's boss] Good idea.
How many years was it?
That's pretty darn long.
Now that I'm out, it wasn't long at all.
I was really shocked
when I heard Ebi was hospitalized.
Aniki should take it easy for a while.
By the way,
I'd like to buy a gun from you.
Koji, I don't deal in that stuff anymore.
It isn't worth the risk.
Don't give me that bull.
I've got the cash.
I told you, I don't do that.
- I deal in pets now.
- [sniffs]
I smell oil in here.
And you've got it on your fingers too.
I'll pay more than the market rate.
And I won't tell the group.
[Takeshi's friend] For a big revolver,
this is what I recommend.
A Colt Python .357 Magnum.
[soft chuckle]
I'll throw in 20 rounds.
- Two million yen.
- [scoffs]
Squeezing me for all I've got, huh?
[Kojima] I'll take it.
[soft groan]
sorry for the sudden visit last night.
Thanks to you, I slept well.
It was fun. Thank you. Misaki.
So womanly of her.
[Yoko] And what am I by comparison?
I drink until late into the night
and sleep until evening.
I live like a middle-aged man
on the weekend.
I'll eventually go bald as well.
Just kidding.
[phone ringing]
Oh, Yoko.
Takahashi, you free tonight?
[Takahashi] I'd really love to join you,
but I don't think I can tonight.
[Yoko] What?
Captain was suddenly hospitalized.
He was?
So now I've gotten really busy.
[Kojima's acquaintance whimpers, screams]
[Takahashi] What the heck?
[Kojima] Hey. He's still alive, right?
Load him into the car.
Uh okay.
Sorry. I've got work to do.
Aw, jeez
- [tape crackling]
- [muffled groaning]
- [muffled whimpering]
- Now we can have a nice long talk.
You're fine.
A few broken bones won't kill you.
Takahashi, let me introduce you.
This guy used to be in Maguro.
- [muffled whimpering]
- [Kojima] He was even my senior.
This guy said he wanted
to start a business using women,
so I lent him three million yen.
After I got arrested,
he hasn't contacted me once.
That's why
- I've come to collect today.
- [muffled whimper, scream]
Shall we reminisce about old times?
[muffled whimpering]
First, we'll talk about
the three million yen I lent you.
[muffled grunting]
Uh, maybe you should promise
that you won't kill him.
[muffled grunting]
No. The money comes first.
How much can you get me right away?
- Shall we negotiate? One million?
- [muffled grunting]
Two million?
[muffled grunt]
[Kojima] Three million?
[muffled groaning]
I see.
Then get me six million yen
by the end of today.
[breathes shakily]
[muffled gasp]
- [Kojima] I'll kill you if you don't.
- [muffled scream]
Considering 15 years of interest,
it's only natural.
Killing him now would make me feel better
than taking the two million yen
he can pay now.
I hear this gun is so powerful,
it'll blow your face off.
[muffled chatter]
Uh, I think he wants to say something.
[Kojima] What a pain.
If you scream, you'll lose your face.
Got it?
[muffled grunt]
Welcome home.
How'd you get in?
This garage belongs to Captain,
so he gave me a key too.
[Akira] Hmm.
Uh I don't have a key
to the second floor, so don't worry.
Uh, Mr. Sato I mean, Sensei!
[grunts, groans]
Make me your disciple.
I'm serious. Please!
Two million
No, three million
I can get that much in cash.
As for the interest,
I've got a credit card.
The limit on it is three million yen.
That's all I can do in one month.
My car! I'll give you my car,
or even sell it and
[heavy breathing]
Takahashi, go to this guy's condo
and get all his bank books
and personal seals.
[Takahashi] Okay.
His car keys and passport too.
[Kojima's acquaintance] Uh
Those are in my safe.
It only opens with my fingerprint.
Kojima, I'll let you have a piece
of my house-call hooker service.
If anything happens to me,
Sunagawa Aniki will
[sinister music playing]
[shocked gasp]
It'll be fine. It was just one loud bang.
Nobody will think it was a gun.
That felt so good.
I'm serious! I am!
I'm not sure what to say to that.
I'll do whatever you want.
I can handle it.
My leg is like this now, but
I want to make a name for myself
in the underworld.
I want to leave my mark on the world.
I'll do whatever it takes to do that.
You've got the spirit,
but it's for the wrong reasons.
Make a name for yourself?
Leave your mark on the world?
You can't even leave a trace of yourself.
You can't be known at all.
That's what a pro is in this line of work.
[grunts, breathes shakily]
[Takahashi breathing heavily]
Don't lose your cool.
Take deep breaths.
Deep breaths.
Take five of them, and you'll calm down.
[breathing deeply]
It'll be okay.
I'm feeling a little juiced up too.
I can feel the adrenaline flowing.
Relax. Take it easy.
Takahashi, you like sex?
I asked you if you like sex.
Yeah, I like it
as much as anyone else does.
Committing murder
and having sex are similar.
[Kojima] One's destructive
and the other is productive.
They say research into murder is similar
to research into sex.
Kids are so honest and simple.
When an old man talks about
his experiences in war,
kids are all like, "Did you kill anyone?
How many did you kill?"
Look at this guy's face.
Isn't it similar to the look
of someone who's just climaxed?
[breathes shakily]
- In fact, it's probably the same.
- [breathes nervously]
So calm and tranquil.
[nervous grunt]
[Kojima] Takahashi.
Cut this guy's hands off later.
We'll use his fingerprints
- to open his safe.
- [grunts]
[closing theme music playing]
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