The Fairly OddParents: A New Wish (2024) s01e02 Episode Script

The Department of Magical Violations

Hazel moved to the city ♪
Feeling all alone ♪
Till her
whole life changed ♪
With a pair quite strange ♪
'Cause in reality,
they're her new ♪
Odd parents,
"Fairly OddParents" ♪
- Wands and wings! ♪
- Floaty crown-y things! ♪
Odd parents,
"Fairly OddParents" ♪
A new wish
for magic hijinks ♪
Fish guy, pizza fries ♪
dirt bike rides ♪
Ghost snoops, major whoops ♪
Baryonyx, time loops ♪
Pretty great,
you've got it made ♪
With "Fairly OddParents"! ♪
you will be my prisoner!
Is there no one
who can save me?
I'll save you,
Princess Cosmo!
I'm going to kick
your butt, Seahorse!
Seahorses don't have butts.
It's impossible
to find pants that fit
when you have no butt.
This old seahorse
is going out to pasture.
Oh Hazel, you saved me!
My hero!
After 99 wishes,
your 100th wish was
a Fun Fantasy on us!
And now, I wish
we were back at my house!
That was awesome!
Thanks for granting
my fun wish.
Oh, no!
It's Jorgen Von Strangle,
the toughest fairy
in the universe!
Nice to meet you, Jorgen.
I'm Hazel, girl whose roof
you demolished.
Jorgen is commander
of all fairy godparents.
If he's here, that means
we did something wrong.
Cosmo and Wanda,
I had you down as retired.
Yet out of nowhere,
you choose your own child,
who was to be assigned
to a different fairy entirely!
I was going to have
a different fairy godparent?
Yep, the best
fairy godparent, me!
I'm Cookie.
All kids love cookies.
And this little cutie
is my friend, Furray.
Cookie is
my most efficient fairy.
She's able to grant wishes
in no time flat.
Time for a surprise
fairy inspection!
If you three want to continue
as godparents and godchild,
you must prove
you can work together.
Tiny girl, wish now!
Right away?
Oh, OK.
Um, I wish
oh, no.
Mind blank. Brain bad!
I--I--the pressure!
Oh, dear.
We created a wish fart!
both: Eww.
And this one stinks,
stanks, and stunks.
All three of you must go
to Fairy World for wish trials!
If Cosmo and Wanda cannot grant
this tiny human child's
three wishes
to my satisfaction,
she will be
reassigned to Cookie.
You're going
to love me, Hazel.
Fairy World!
But where we are going
is no fun at all.
The Fairy DMV!
The DMV?
I love the DMV!
Tedious structure
and drab settings
is my happy place.
Not that DMV!
The Department
of Magical Violations
is not for having fun.
It's for having stress!
Let the wish trials begin!
Ah! I'm not ready!
I haven't even been
to Wishing School yet!
That is not a thing.
Now, for the first trial,
I'm stripping Cosmo
of his wings and his magic.
And you have to make a wish
to save his puny life
before the time runs out.
You have 22 seconds!
I'm OK.
I have a good grip.
Not to add more stress,
but if you don't wish quick,
Cosmo's going to crash
down on those jagged rocks!
Time is
tick-tick-tickin', honey.
I--I wish
Cosmo had a parachute!
Wait, no!
I wish he had
a trampoline instead.
Is that better?
Not cool. Not cool!
Quick, Hazel,
make another wish!
I--I wish for a mattress!
Good job, Hazel.
- Yeah!
- Whoo-hoo!
Bad job, everyone!
I said make "a" wish.
This child made,
like, a bajillion of them!
And Wanda, you failed to grant
the wishes before Cosmo fell.
For the next trial,
Wanda is throwing a party!
Small girl person,
you must get everyone dancing,
or else--
I wish for a DJ.
No! A robot DJ.
Uh it plays mumble rap.
No! "Beethoven's Fifth."
Oh, wait, death metal!
Doo-wop, doo-wah,
doo-wop, doo-die!
Let's get this party started!
Cosmo, you failed
to get this party started.
You shut it down.
Like, good "shut it down"?
Like "created
an evil musical robot
that destroyed the party"
shut it down!
Now, I am the only one
who can defeat him,
in a dance-off.
- Whoo-hoo!
- Oh, yeah, dance-off!
Guys, I'm sorry
I keep messing up.
I don't know
what's wrong with me.
You're in your head is all.
If you just make one wish,
loud and proud,
we'll be able to help you out.
This is our last chance!
No pressure.
Yeah, the fate
of our relationship
as fairy godparents
and human godchild
hangs in the balance.
But no pressure!
If they cannot deliver
on this last trial,
have your wand ready.
My wand stay ready.
For the final trial,
the small-for-her-size kid
must make a wish
for a mode of transport.
Right here! Right now!
I know exactly what I want.
Antony and I used to joke
about how silly
this bike would look
if it were real.
OK, I wish for one of those--
those old-timey bicycles
An auto-bicycle?
A monocycle?
- A motorcycle!
- A moped!
- A scooter?
- Not those!
But it's old, and it's got,
like, a big wheel
and a little wheel.
And it's mixed
with one of those bikes
that Antony likes to ride.
Why can't I think
of the names right now?
Don't you worry, Hazel.
Cookie knows
what you're wishing for.
This is what makes Cookie
the superior choice.
She's a precision fairy.
- But--
- And now, the bite-sized girl
is taking a bite of a cookie?
I've seen enough.
Cookie knows what kids want.
And according to "Da Rules,"
"A child must always get
what they want."
But we granted every wish.
But we didn't fail.
As a trio,
your wishes were chaos.
Then Cookie tries
and, boom, car!
Does anybody want to know
what I think about all this?
No! The wish trials are over!
Cosmo and Wanda,
you will henceforth
return to your retirement.
Bite-sized human, say hello
to your new fairy godparent,
Welcome to my empire!
Well, go ahead.
Wish for something.
Um, well, I--
Here's the latest doll.
I'd kind of like
to make up my own.
You want
the latest makeup trend?
Girl, "bootify" yourself!
No, what I want is--
Of course! Cookies!
All kids love cookies.
Baked at 350 degrees
You haven't gotten
a wish right all day.
And I hate
chocolate chip cookies!
But all kids love--
See? That's your problem.
If you'd stop interrupting me
and listen,
you'd know what I really like
is oatmeal
chocolate chip cookies.
Make a wish then.
Oh, I'll make a wish,
all right.
I wish for a thing
that exists but doesn't.
Oh, no,
I can't think of the name.
It's, like, big but also small.
I could smell that wish fart
all the way in Fairy World!
I didn't wish fart.
That was the kid.
The fairy who denied it
supplied it, Cookie.
All day, you've been saying
Cosmo, Wanda, and I failed.
But you were putting
too much pressure on me.
Meanwhile, Cookie ignores me
and poofs out
whatever she thinks of.
But with Cookie,
you get results.
I'd rather get my messy wish
than a cookie cutter wish
I didn't even ask for.
Here's a wish for you.
I wish Cosmo and Wanda
were my fairy godparents!
I'm Cosmo!
And I'm Wanda!
both: And we're
your fairy godparents again!
You can't do that.
Actually, they can do that
because according
to "Da Rules,"
"A child must always get
what they want."
- Ow!
- And she wants you.
Sure do.
Without all that
extra pressure,
I remember my wish:
a penny-farthing dirt bike.
Are my fairy godparents ready?
Let's roll, godkid!
What was that?
Oh, I thought you said
a "penny-farting" dirt bike.
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