The Fairly OddParents: A New Wish (2024) s01e03 Episode Script

Teacher's Pal

[upbeat music]

[school bell ringing]
[children shouting]
Why aren't we going in?
Does she not know
how the door works?
Hazel, you have
to push it harder!
I can't go in there.
I don't have anyone
to sit with.
I know being the new kid
can be daunting,
but you aren't going to make
any friends out here.
You gotta get in there, champ!
- Yeah!
You know all there is to know
about mushrooms and anime,
and you have great puns!
Yeah, I do.
I'm "pun-defeated"!
[bell rings]
Please be careful
with Board-tholemew.
both: Safety first!
[frantic music]
We're here to help!
- Right.
- Left.
all: Go, new kid!
Do the Dimmy Shimmy!
Go, new kid!
Do the Dimmy Shimmy!
Go, new kid!
Do the Dimmy Shimmy!
Hey, new kid,
why aren't you dancing?
I'm not the new kid.
I'm Hazel.
Hey, Hazel,
do the Dimmy Shimmy.
all: Hey, Hazel,
do the Dimmy Shimmy.
Hey, Hazel,
do the Dimmy Shimmy.
Can't lose the test sheets
for the big test this week.
If all the students don't pass,
Principal Krentz will
make everyone
repeat the school year.
You OK, Hazel?
Why aren't you in the cafeteria
with the other students?
I don't know how to do
the Dimmy Shimmy.
Well, you're in good company.
I don't know how to do
the Dimmy Shimmy either.
But I can do
a mean Cabbage Patch.
[yacht rock music]
[laughing] There you go.
You and I have
that old-school swagger.
Don't worry about
not being up on trends.
You'll find
your right crowd soon.
Those were
some nice moves, Hazel.
Why didn't you cut a rug
like that in the cafeteria?
I don't know.
I froze up
around the other kids.
But talking
to Mr. Guzman is easy.
Maybe that's it.
- What's it?
I haven't made friends
with the other students yet
because I'm mature for my age.
What would I even talk
to them about, lunch trays?
That's kiddie stuff.
Yeah, Mr. Guzman said
I'd find the right crowd soon.
But maybe I already have.
I wish I could be friends
with my teachers.
We're going to need
some magic math for this one.
Carry the wand.
Divide by the poof.
both: Algebra-ca-dalgebra!
As you know, standardized
testing is this Friday.
We've had the highest numbers
in the district
nine years running.
And if we get it again
this year,
I get
a commemorative paperweight.
This is a must, as my current
paperweight is awful.
[ship horn blares]
Hence, I need you pushing your
students full tilt this week.
That means no shenanigans.
[door creaks]
- Hazel!
- Hazelroni and Cheese!
Hay Day!
Sit next to me.
What is going on?
Hazel can sit
wherever she wants,
and she obviously wants
to sit next to me.
[chuckles] There's no need
to fight, y'all.
There's enough of me
to go around.
That's enough!
What did I just say
about shenanigans?
You need to find your way
back to the cafeteria, Hazel.
The Teacher's Lounge is
no place for a child.
Looks like the wish
didn't affect Krentz
because she's not a teacher.
She's a principal.
You want us to update the wish
so you can be friends
with her too?
[big cat growling]
Blegh, hard pass.
I have a better idea.
Aww, man, I sure wish
this were a place for a child.
Lighting shenanigans!
[upbeat music]

[horse neighing]
Hmm, looks pretty
kid-friendly in here to me.
But--but it didn't look
like this a moment ago.
What are you talking about?
It looked like this
when we came in.
it's, like, not even fair
for you to make us test prep
during our lunch.
Isn't that, like,
against the law or something?
Have your
"mandatory lunch break."
But after lunch,
you better get back
to preparing for that test.
If your students don't pass,
they'll repeat the school year.
And that includes you, Hazel.
Who, me?

This is the best
class break ever!
Ooh, speaking of which,
we should head back to class.
Sike! Sneak attack!
- Hiyah!
- Incoming!
Take that! Whoo-hoo!
[bell rings]
[both cheering]
But wasn't that the bell?
The other students
won't even notice we're gone.
[clock ticking]
So are we allowed to leave?
The big test is coming up.
We gotta study.
[dramatic musical flourish]
both: Ms. Mary Mack,
Mack, Mack ♪
That's me!
Bye, Hazel!
Catch you later, Hazy Daze!
[cat yowls]
I'm OK!
That was awesome!
They love you.
I knew I'd fit
right in with the teachers.
I wish every day could be
as fun as today was.
Ooh, I feel
a montage coming on!
[both cheering]
[horse neighs]
[upbeat music]
Ooh, that one looks like
it's got some heft to it.
Mm, heavy.
Curse you!
This is your doing.
Get to class!
Oh, I'm actually headed
to the teachers' lounge.
No, you're "actually"
headed to class.
With me. Now.
The square root of 36
is a triangle, right?
it's the Pythagorean Theorem.
I think you're both right.
I hope you're all very
stressed about today's test.
If you don't pass, then I don't
get my new paperweight.
And if I don't get
my new paperweight,
you'll all repeat
this school year!
Over a paperweight?
Ahh! Hey! Ahh!
If you need me,
I'll be going
from class to class
giving the same announcement.
I suppose I could use
the intercom,
but then I wouldn't be able
to see the looks of distress
on your tiny faces,
which is the best part
of my job.
The test is today?
But I'm not ready!
No one's ever ready.
OK, deep breath.
Mr. Guzman had the test sheets
the other day
outside of the cafeteria.
He'll know where they are.
Just gotta remind the teachers
that today is test day.
You've been paying attention
every other week, right?
You could still pass.
It's all going to be OK!
Are you still talking to me?
I'm, like, hyping myself up.
You guys, today is the--
[air horn blares]
[party music]
Happy four-day
What are you doing?
We have testing today!
Testing, shmesting!
You sound like
that party-pooping
stinky head Krentz!
But if I don't pass,
then I have to retake
fifth grade!
We can hang out
for a whole nother year!
What are you--no!
Where are the test sheets?
all: Do the Dimmy Shimmy,
do the Dimmy Shimmy ♪
Do the Dimmy Shimmy,
do the Dimmy Shimmy ♪
Do the Dimmy Shimmy,
do the Dimmy Shimmy ♪
Oh, no!
Those are the test sheets!
[horse whinnies]
[all crying]
What's going on
with the teachers?
Why are they acting like that?
Well, we had
to decrease their maturity
in the magic math to make them
compatible friends for you.
It looks like we forgot
to set a minimum maturity
on the equation.
The equation has a series
of complex fairy-ables.
So ever since
I made this wish,
my teachers have been getting
less and less mature?
Yeah, so Mr. Guzman
now has the maturity
of a fourth grader,
Mrs. Mack is in third grade,
and Mrs. Velasquez is in pre-K.
Well, she must have been
pretty immature to start with.
[goat bleats]
But why did you have to make
them less mature at all?
The whole point was that
I'm mature for my age.
You are mature
for your age, squirt.
But you're not as mature
as a full-grown adult.
What would you and your
teachers even talk about?
Traffic? Licking stamps?
Lunch trays?
Ugh. I guess not.
But if you had to make
the teachers less mature,
that means I could have
just been friends
with the other students
in the first place?
That would have been
easier, yes.
A lot less math
involved in that.
I wish the teachers were
back to normal.
both: Done and done!
Great news!
Even though I don't remember
doing any practice tests
with you and all your tests
were covered in horse spit,
you all passed.
[air horn blaring]
[all cheering]
[horse whinnies]
Yay. That was really great.
[upbeat music]
Right back where we started.
Ooh, I have an idea.
You can wish that you had
friends your own age.
Or she can just walk in there
and introduce herself.
Uh, I think today,
I'll just focus
on eating lunch
in the cafeteria
around the other kids.
I can work up
to introducing myself.
Sounds good to us.
[children chattering]
Hi there.
I saw you doing all that
cool stuff with the teachers.
What did you bring for lunch?
My grandmother packed me
com gà roti.
I like your sweater.
What's your name?
I'm Jasmine.
We're in the same class.
What's your book about?
My name is Hazel, and my book
is about mushrooms.
Do you know why mushrooms
have so many friends?
- What?
- Because they're such fun-gis!
[both laugh]
And you're my best friend,
new paperweight.
[dramatic musical flourish]
[upbeat music]

Billionfold ♪
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