The Fairly OddParents: A New Wish (2024) s01e04 Episode Script

A Dinosaur in Dimmadelphia

Hazel moved to the city,
feeling all alone ♪
Till her whole life changed
with a pair quite strange ♪
'Cause in reality ♪
They're her new OddParents,
Fairly OddParents ♪
- Wands and wings ♪
- Floaty crowny things ♪
Fairly OddParents ♪
A new wish
for magic hijinks ♪
Fish guy, pizza fries ♪
dirt bike rides ♪
Ghost snoops, major whoops ♪
Baryonx, time loops ♪
Pretty great,
you've got it made ♪
With Fairly OddParents! ♪
Oh, watch out now.
It's the Hazel-saurus!
But she's no match
for the Ptera-Dad-tyl!
Mm-hmm, mm-hmm.
We'll need 242 copies
of my tell-all book,
"All's Well That Wells Tell,"
for the event this after--
oh, oh.
Hold on a second, Beatrish.
I need to roar
with my daughter.
Look out!
It's the Momma-saurus rex!
Aah! She's gonna eat us!
An Obtuse Rubber Goose
from 2001 B.C.!
These aren't just any rocks,
They're fossilized gems
from the Cretaceous Period.
Some say they create
electricity when they smash
into other rocks made
of the same magma
The promo at my booth today
should read,
"I scream, you scream.
Wells Scream for Ice Cream."
And come into contact
with the same magma build!
Hold on a second, Beatrish.
My husband is megaphoning.
The top ten geological--
Oh, sorry.
Top ten geological what?
Oh, man!
Don't leave us hanging.
Oh, we're at the museum.
Yes, I know you love dinosaurs,
but as my assistant,
I pay you to assist me
while I look at the dinosaurs.
Somebody say "dinosaurs"?
I'm giving dino-tours.
During the Mesozoic Era,
all sorts of terrible lizards
walked the Earth.
From herbivores
- Plant eaters!
That's right.
To carnivores--
Uh, the meat eaters!
Or flying pterosaurs
and aquatic reptiles,
which technically
aren't dinosaurs, but--
True! Ha ha!
Some paleontologists
even believe
some dinosaurs had feathers
like birds.
James is wrong.
Contrary to the popular
feather theory,
some scientists believe
dinosaurs wore top hats,
and they even had electricity.
- Wow.
- See, Hazel?
I heard that
on Whispers' podcast.
Ah, Whispers Fred,
my nemesis.
I was wondering
when you might show.
So if you say
some dinosaurs had feathers,
but Whispers Fred says
you're wrong,
which one of you is right?
Well, no one really knows.
No one's ever seen
a live dinosaur.
No one without fairies!
See ya in a bit, Hazelnut.
I'ma help your Mom
with the booth.
Now that my Mom and Dad
are off prepping
for whatever event my Mom
was talking about going to
this afternoon,
I wish to see a live dinosaur!
Oh, yeah, now you can get
that delivered to your house.
With my promo code,
you can get 10% off.
You can understand
this dinosaur?
Not only can we understand
him, squirt, we know him.
This is Bary. He's a Baryonyx.
We met him
on our 10,000-year vacation
through time and space.
Space. Space. Space.
This is awesome!
But I need
to understand him too.
I wish Bary
could speak English.
Where am I?
What is this place?
Tiny mammals and metal
containers everywhere?
A dinosaur!
They're back!
I knew this day would come!
Oh, right, dinosaurs
haven't walked the Earth
in 65 million years.
I wish people weren't afraid
of him!
Eh, never mind!
What were we yelling
about again?
I knew this day would come!
I think?
Sorry for the fright, Bary.
Maybe I should send him back.
Oh, could you?
I want to go back
to this cool falling rock
I saw in the sky.
You mean the comet that
destroys all life on Earth?
- What was that?
- What Cosmo means to say is,
the comet that destroys
all dinosaur life on Earth!
Uh, I can't send Bary back
now, or he'll be doomed!
Hmm, if I can't send him home,
I'll do the next best thing--
I'll get him a job!
- Aah! What kind of a job
could a big ol' scary
prehistoric lizard do?
No offense.
Here goes something.
I wish Bary got a job
in a dinosaur movie!
The only way to stop
the dinos is to vogue.
Oh, yeah.
Mm! Uh-huh.
Hello, everyone.
Happy to be here.
Cut! You're killing me, Bare.
You're supposed
to be a scary dinosaur
that roars "roar,"
not just says "roar."
Don't you talk
to my client that way.
I'm Bary's agent.
I represent Zendaya.
Zendaya McGinty,
the bean-frying champion
of Fort Wayne, Indiana!
I don't care who you are.
Open the door,
get off my floor,
'cause I've just fired
this dinosaur.
Uh, what are we going
to do now?
Huh, since getting you a job
based on your dinosaur looks
didn't work,
maybe your dinosaur knowledge
will do us one better.
I wish you had a job
at the Dimmsonian Museum!
Vogue. Vogue. Vogueee.
Ooh, I cannot wait
to teach the world
about my old dinosaur friends!
Wait a minute.
This is all wrong.
And where for the love
of dinosaur Pete
are their top hats?
And there's no exhibit
for my hero, Thomas Rex-ison,
the inventor of dino-tricity.
Oh, yeah.
Bary knows all
about dino-tricity.
Remember that time
our car broke down
in the Jurassic period?
Bary gave us a jump
using only a pebble!
What's up
with everyone knowing
about dino electricity?
I knew it.
Nothing makes sense here.
This really isn't working.
What do you want
to do now, squirt?
Since dinosaurs
are big and strong,
I wish Bary had a job
working with his hands.
I love using my core strength.
Awesome, Bary.
We found your place
in the future.
High five!
Oh, no! With no power,
how will we ever have
our Electric Light Ice Cream
Float Parade today?
The what?
On the hottest day
of the year,
Dimmadelphia throws a parade
where ice cream trucks covered
in electric lights
pass out free ice cream!
How have I not heard
of this before?
Hazelnut, you made it!
Mom, dad,
what are you doing here?
Oh, working
the Be Wells booth
at the Electric Light Ice Cream
Float Parade, of course.
Or I was before this disaster.
Beatrish, I'm gonna need you
to eat 30 gallons of ice cream
before they melt.
Choose, Beatrish--
your cholesterol or your job.
That's what I thought.
Oh, my gosh!
If we don't have any power
and there's an ice cream parade
that depends on electricity
and it's the hottest day
of the year, then that means
Melted ice cream everywhere?
The parade is ruined!
Do you think anyone will notice
it was us?
Which one of you
is Hazel Wells?
Hazel Wells, you've been
getting this Baryonyx jobs
all over the city and causing
all sorts of pandemonium.
The Electric Light
Ice Cream Float Parade
hasn't been canceled
in over 115 years.
I didn't mean to ruin
the Eclectic Lime Boat--
all: The Electric Light
Ice Cream Float Parade!
Yes, that thing!
And I get that, Hazel.
I'm not mad.
I'm just disappointed.
'Tis I, the May-or!
Oof, the mayor's disappointed
in you, Hazel.
How are you holding up?
I'd be devastated, Hazel.
I just wanted
to help Bary make a new life
for himself in Dimmadelphia.
But instead, I ruined things
for him and the whole city.
Wait a second, Hazel.
I have another idea
how we can save the day.
According to the great
Thomas Rex-ison,
these gems make electricity.
Wow, you're really good
at that, Bary.
This may actually work!
The parade is back on.
And now, thanks to Hazel,
Bary, and some rocks,
Dimmadelphia now runs
on sustainable gem power.
Hazel and Bary, I present
to you the Key to the City.
I'm sorry for pushing all
these jobs on you.
I just wanted
to make sure you were happy,
seeing as I brought you here
and all.
So after everything
you tried today,
is there something
that you want to do, Bary?
Aha! I want to be
an electrician.
Mm-hmm, I'll follow
in the footsteps of my hero,
Thomas Rex-ison!
Oh, that's so beautiful.
Electric Light Ice Cream
for everyone!
Aah, ha ha!
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