The Fairly OddParents: A New Wish (2024) s01e05 Episode Script


Good morning, fairies!
both: Good morning, Hazel!
You're very chipper today.
Yeah, none of the usual
groaning and limb dragging.
What gives?
Is it a holiday?
Ooh, a snow day?
Did you get a text
that Dev switched schools?
Jasmine is coming over today
for our first
after-school hangout,
basically cementing our
friendship for all eternity.
Nail it down
before she figures out
too many of your flaws.
Not that you have any!
What's the plan
for the big day, squirt?
We're gonna watch
every single entry
in the greatest
horror movie franchise
of all time, "Gregory."
It's about a doll
that's possessed
with the soul
of an evil Victorian boy.
Me and Antony have seen 'em,
like, hundreds of times.
And now I'll have someone
to watch them with again!
Uh, these movies
seem pretty intense.
Um, maybe a tearjerker.
Like "Steel Magnolias"
or "My Girl."
Oh, I love a good tearjerker!
Being scared is really fun
with the right people.
Antony and I would scream
at the TV together
and throw popcorn
and run to the bathroom
and say "Scary Mary"
into the mirror.
Scary Mary, Scary Mary--
No, no, no!
Not three times.
Never three times.
I'm looking to have fun,
not tempt fate.
Anyway, Jasmine's gonna love
these movies.
I'm sure of it.
How can you hate scary movies?
Are you kidding?
How can you like them?
Last year, I saw a movie
where a clown comes out
of a shower drain,
and I couldn't shower
for a month!
I got so stinky.
"Gregory" isn't about
a clown.
Worse. It's about a doll!
Do you have any idea how
many dolls my bá ngoai owns?
I'll tell you--73.
I know because I count them
every night
to make sure
they're all still there.
You may have
everyone else fooled,
Euchloria, but I see you.
No way I'm watching
those movies.
C'mon, being scared can be
really fun with other people.
We can scream
at the TV together
and throw popcorn and--
Hazel, I know two things
about myself.
One, I am destined
to unite the world
through the power of my voice,
and two, I am a fraidy-cat.
I'm afraid of heights,
enclosed spaces,
the dark, spiders,
being tickled, Swiss cheese--
- Swiss cheese?
- Swiss cheese.
Why all the holes, Hazel?
Why all the holes?
So I'm sorry, but no,
I'm not watching those movies.
Sorry about your big plan.
You'll think of something else, squirt.
There's always
my tearjerker idea!
"Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles!"
Cosmo, who cries watching
"Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles"?
Uh, who doesn't?
I don't want to think
of something else.
I want someone
to watch scary movies with.
I can't just watch them
by myself.
It's not the same. I wish--
I wish Jasmine was fearless!
Coming right up!
Cool, now I'll just ask her
about it again
after class and--
Uh, why are there
two Jasmines?
Is this a math problem?
Because I'm pretty sure
Mr. Guzman is teaching
state capitals right now.
And he's just getting
to Maryland!
Ooh, Annapolis, our favorite.
Mr. Guzman,
may I use the restroom?
Sure thing, Hazel.
No! We'll miss Annapolis!
The Athens of America.
Hey-hey, Jasmine?
Um, hi,
so I couldn't help but notice
there are two of you now
and wondered if
That's not something
Jasmine usually does, right?
all: Thank you for freeing us,
the one called Hazel.
We can have so much more fun
out here
than in there.
What do you mean, "in there"?
In the head
of the one called Jasmine.
Oh, yes.
Before we were just thoughts.
all: Now we are real.
Can bite for real.
Make cheese full of holes.
Tickle for real.
Stop that.
Be dark for real.
Are you guys Jasmine's fears?
Oh, I see what we did here.
We removed Jasmine's fears.
But we didn't think
about where they'd go.
I wish Jasmine
was afraid again.
Coming right up!
Now you have to go back.
Why are they still here?
I wish they were gone!
all: You can make Jasmine
afraid again,
but you already released us.
And the only way to defeat
a fear in the real world
is to face it.
I gotta clean up this mess!
I wish for a Hazel stand-in
so no one notices I'm gone.
Welcome back, Hazel.
We just finished Annapolis.
Jasmine can catch you up later.
I don't get it.
I'm trying to fight
these fears left and right,
but nothing I do makes them
weaker or disappear
or whatever it is
that's supposed to happen.
According to the rules,
they're not your fears.
Fears can only be fought
by the one whose fear it is.
So Jasmine has to face them
to get rid of them?
Wait, so I have
to figure out a way
to make Jasmine face her fears
but without revealing magic?
The fear clones
will lose their power
and fade from this world.
Great, I couldn't even
talk her into
watching a scary movie.
How am I gonna talk her
into this?
So I've been thinking about you
and how you said
you're a fraidy-cat,
and I totally disagree.
But I told you
how many things I'm afraid of.
My family makes fun of me
for it all the time.
You came up
and talked to me at lunch
when you didn't even know me.
I was terrified to do that,
but you did it
like it was nothing.
That was different.
You're not scary,
you're--you're Hazel.
No one else had done it. Oh!
And you love to sing,
and you don't care who knows it
or what people think of you.
That's different too.
You're brave about
lots of things
that other people aren't.
I bet if you just tried
facing some
of the things you're afraid of,
you'd see they're not
such a big deal.
I don't know.
Your family would
never be able to call you
a "fraidy-cat" again.
Okay. Let's do it!
So beautiful.
No! The end!
What's next? I'm ready.
Okay, here comes a biggie.
Say cheese.
- Careful, Hazel!
- Something is here.
The one called Hazel,
you offend me.
Who are you?
What are you doing
to my friend?
I am fear itself,
and I tire
of your little games.
Stay away from her,
you bully!
I got--
You dare try
to diminish my power,
the one called Hazel.
You talk your friend
into defeating my minions,
while your own fears
loom large.
I'm--I'm helping her.
And yet,
you tried to use her.
Uh, I am not!
You try to take
this friendship
and make it the same as what
you had with your brother.
No. Nuh-uh.
I-I just like scary movies
is all.
You are afraid
of losing the old
and starting something new.
You are afraid
others won't like you,
so you try to repeat the past.
You're right.
No, fight back, Hazel!
I am. You're right.
I am afraid,
but I won't be from now on.
From now on,
I'm gonna be brave
and I'm gonna try new things
with my new friends!
did you do something?
And you did great.
You're officially fearless.
We both are.
I guess we can try watching
those scary movies tonight.
Let's make something
else together,
something we'll both like.
Okay, cool!
What a good kid.
I love a good tearjerker!
- Oh, right!
- A-ha-ha-ha!
Don't want another
of those going rogue.
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