The Fairly OddParents: A New Wish (2024) s01e06 Episode Script

The Wellsington Hotellsington

Hazel moved to the city,
feeling all alone ♪
Till her whole life changed
with a pair quite strange ♪
'Cause in reality ♪
They're her new OddParents,
Fairly OddParents ♪
- Wands and wings ♪
- Floaty crowny things ♪
Fairly OddParents ♪
A new wish
for magic hijinks ♪
Fish guy, pizza fries ♪
dirt bike ride ♪
Ghost snoops, major oops ♪
Baryonic time loops ♪
Pretty great,
you've got it made ♪
With Fairly OddParents! ♪
We have to sleep as much
as we can during the day
so we can stay up all night
tonight like bats.
I'm so excited
for our very first sleepover!
We can play games,
do face masks.
Oh, and we can put
little cucumbers on our eyes
like they do in the movies!
And then we can eat them.
Yeah, let's eat them.
Who is that?
- Whoa.
- Wow.
- Golly.
- Amazing.
I know those wheels anywhere.
Winn Harper.
So cool.
Hazel, that's it.
What if you invite Winn
to our sleepover tonight?
If they come to your sleepover,
you'll be the coolest kid
in school.
Eh, I don't care
about being cool.
Your sleepover
sounds fun, Harold.
It's Hazel.
It's just unfortunate
because I was thinking
of having a sleepover too.
And nobody has
a better sleepover than me.
With so much pressure weighing
us down like a backpack,
we need an escape--
a sleepover!
An Olympic-sized
swimming pool, an arcade,
and a literal fountain
of soda at my sleepover!
Beat it, strings.
What do you have
at your sleepover, Hazard?
live in a luxury hotel!
Ooh, with lots of cool stuff.
Like high-speed internet
and room service
and tiny bars of soap.
And anything
you could ever wish for!
What's the address
to your hotel?
Do you have
an Olympic-sized pool too?
I love tiny bars of soap.
I'm Jasmine!
A hotel, huh?
Sounds cool.
They should be coming
to my sleepover.
You know, when Wanda and I
were on our
10,000-year vacation,
we stayed at a really
great hotel in Bangladesh.
What was the name
of that hotel, Wanda?
Hotel Bangladesh?
Hotel Bangladesh.
Yeah, that's the one.
Is your hotel
as fancy as that one?
Uh, I don't know,
but I'm about to find out.
I wish my apartment building
were a five-star luxury hotel!
Hazel Wells'
Wellsington Hotellsington.
This is awesome!
Cosmo, I wish
you were a bellhop.
At your service.
Wanda, I wish
you are a cornsurge--
uh, cornswerve--uh--
You mean a concierge?
What you said.
Let's par-tay!
Now, what to do
about my parents?
Ooh--I wish I had
a security system
to keep my mom and dad
locked away all night.
Can't have them
finding out about the hotel
and ruining my very
first sleepover.
Whatever you say.
They'll never
get out of there.
Oh, my chandelier?
Hazel, your place is so fancy!
I don't remember it being like
this the last time I was here.
Watch your step.
Just a few minor upgrades
that may or may not
have happened just now.
Did Winn show up?
- Sweet!
- Ooh!
- Jeepers!
- Double amazing.
May I take your bags?
Hi, I'm cool.
I mean, Jasmine.
So cool you can
make it to the cool--
I mean, sleepover.
I live here!
both: We work here!
So tell me everything.
What's your favorite food?
What's your favorite animal?
Do you like helicopters?
Do you like random questions?
Am I talking too much?
No worries.
Mm, I love chicken nuggets.
My favorite animal is an emu.
I think helicopters
are awesome.
And, nah, you're not
talking too much.
Cool, cool, cool,
cool, cool, cool, cool.
Would you excuse me
for a second?
Ah, little service here.
Ow! My magic face.
Ooh, I have a very
special sleepover guest
that I have to impress.
I wish I had a chicken nugget
machine, a giant emu,
and a helicopter
to call my own!
All righty! What's an emu?
It's a big bird.
- Ee-hee-hee!
At your service!
Thanks, Cosmo.
Thanks, Wanda.
Your dinner is chirped.
My favorite!
Shall we check out the emu?
Wait, you actually
have an emu?
What's an emu?
Ho ho!
I've always wanted
to ride one of these.
- Who's that?
- Oh, it's Dev.
He wants to know if
I'm coming to his sleepover.
Why isn't anyone
at my sleepover?
I already told him
I can't, but--
But why would you go there?
You haven't even checked out
the helicopter yet.
The helicopter?
Whee! Ow!
Whee! Ow!
So cool!
Hey, Hazel.
What do you say we go play some
board games now, new friend?
Are we officially friends?
Then yeah,
I'll play board games,
since I don't have
any current restrictions.
Action News 4 at 4.
Are we rolling? ♪
I'm Tina Churner reporting live
from the coolest new luxe hotel
to hit Dimmadelphia,
the Wellsington Hotellsington.
Tell us, Hazel Wells,
how does it feel to be on top?
On top?
I, uh--
I love Hazel's hotel.
I, uh--
Hazel's hotel
was the coolest.
I, uh--
Come on in.
I, uh--
I feel like
the coolest kid in the world!
Are we rolling? ♪
Let's check out the
Wellsington Hotellsington's
front desk in action.
Wellsington Hotellsington.
Hello, Miss Mayor.
Please hold.
The Dimmacademy Awards
at my hotel?
I'm flattered!
Your Majesty?
We could squeeze you in.
Hey, Hazel, you ready
for those board games?
And now a demonstration
of Hazel's
nugget machine.
Are you ready
for those board games now?
Even the
Wellsington Hotellsington
needs maintenance.
Well, at least the emu wants
to play board games with us.
How's my five-star team doing?
More like one-star.
Look, kiddo, we're tired.
It's getting late.
And you haven't spent
any time with your friends.
Wasn't that the whole point
of the sleepover
in the first place?
What sleepover--
oh, I completely forgot!
I guess I just got so caught up
in running the hotel
that I totally
abandoned my friends.
I gotta find Winn and Jasmine!
Hazel's on the move, y'all.
I wish this interview
would never end.
And I wish you two
would leave me alone!
Winn, Jasmine, are you in here?
No, no, no ♪
Winn, Jasmine,
are you in here?
No. Squawk.
Winn, Jasmine, are you--
Thanks, Mr. Emu.
Well, if Hazel
is too busy for us,
then it's time we checked out.
Give us our luggage.
We're checking out
of this hotel.
Here, here you go.
Have you seen
Winn and Jasmine?
I can't find them anywhere.
Sorry to say, squirt,
they've checked out.
They've checked out of the
hotel and your friendship.
You might still be able to
catch up to them if you hurry.
If I'm gonna be
a five-star anything,
it's a five-star friend.
That's the spirit!
Jasmine, Winn, wait up!
I'm sorry.
I left you two alone.
We came here to hang out
with you and you ditched us.
I know!
I just got so caught up
with the hotel
and impressing you two.
I understand if
you wanna go home.
Or go to Dev's.
No way.
He is so not cool.
So not cool.
So who's up for board games?
Yay, friends.
I wish everything
were back to normal.
Atta squirt.
- Did you hear that?
- No.
For the last time,
we do not have a ghost.
You think you're so cool.
So what people chose
your sleepover over mine?
Nobody has a better sleepover
than Dev Dimmadome.
Help! Help me!
The end.
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