The Fairly OddParents: A New Wish (2024) s01e07 Episode Script

1500 Minutes of Fame

Monday arms, Monday arms,
these are my Monday arms.
Hey, what are they doing?
Oh, I almost
forgot about that.
We're voting for
class superlatives today.
- What's a superlative?
- Mm.
It's when you're the best
or the most of something.
Like best smile, or most likely
to become president.
It's a huge deal.
I've won most musical
every year since kindergarten.
Oh. That's cool.
How do you win one?
Uh, you have
to have something
superlative about you.
The only thing
I'd vote you for is
most forgettable.
Later, Hexagon!
Don't worry about him, Hazel.
Yeah, the superlatives
are fun.
They're a reflection
of what people think of you.
You'll get a great one.
Uh, but how do you know
what people think of you?
We just have to wait
until the list comes out.
Yeah, I'm not waiting around
for that list.
What's the matter, squirt?
Worried you'll get
a bad superlative?
You do chew pretty loudly--
wah, wah, wah, wah.
Is that a superlative?
Aah, worse!
I'm still pretty new
to the school.
Do enough people know me well
enough to give me one at all?
I wish everyone
in the school knew me.
Ooh! Like a famous person?
I wish to be famous.
both: 15 minutes of fame
coming right up!
Duh, uh, uh.
Not on my watch.
Father Time, we got this!
No, I got this.
This wish involves
15 minutes of fame.
That's a time.
Therefore, it is
under my jurisdiction.
Oh, there was a whole lawsuit
a few years ago.
The Poof-preme Court
had to get involved.
I didn't know the 15 minutes
thing was so literal.
Okay, well, whoever's job
it is then,
I wish I was famous
at my school.
And I'm running a special.
1,500 minutes of fame
for the price of 15.
That's like--carry the 4,
divide by 60--
25 hours!
I'm sure to get
a good superlative
with all that extra time.
I'll take it!
You'll be famous
until all the sand
floats through this hourglass.
Have a good time!
Hazel! Hazel!
Oh. Hey, Jas.
I can't believe
you know my name!
I'm the president
of your fan club.
Jas, you're my best friend.
Oh, yeah. That too.
Will you sign my shirt?
Sure. You got a pen?
Eeny, meeny miney--
this one.
She chose my pen!
Hazel, just the star
I wanted to see.
The school board wants to
make you our new mascot.
We have a mascot?
Was some kind of squirrel?
I don't know.
Hazel, I'm so happy
to have you on today.
I love your shirt.
Ah, gratitude.
This shirt was
actually my brother's.
Well, leave it to Hazel
to make a hand-me-down
look high fashion!
I think I know who's gonna
win most fashionable.
A-ha, you think so?
To be honest,
I didn't even think
I was gonna get
any superlative.
The whole school
is buzzing about you!
Best autograph!
Best fingernails.
Hazel Wells!
I could smell the shenanigan
all the way from my office!
Why am I not surprised to
find you in the middle of it?
Um, because you think
all shenanigans
smell like my shenanigans?
And they usually do.
Why wasn't Krentz
affected by the wish?
Oh, she was.
But with fame comes haters,
and Krentz is a grade-A hater.
All right, all right.
Enough crowding around.
Get out of here! Shoo!
What do you think?
You're some sort of celebrity?
Kind of?
Well, I don't think
these students
can handle the distraction
of going to school
with a celebrity.
- Oh, we can handle it.
- It's all I think about.
I know her birthday
and her shoe size.
If your fame prevents these
students from going to class
when the lunch bell rings
at 1:00 p.m.,
I'll have no choice
but to transfer you
to the Hollywood School for
Child Actors and Junior Agents.
That's not fair.
I don't wanna transfer schools.
And I especially don't
wanna go to Hollywood.
They don't even have seasons.
They have season finales.
Today will be yours if you
don't get your act together.
I'm off to start filling out
your transfer paperwork.
Oh, I wanna see her!
Let me see her!
But wait!
I wish Father Time was here!
Did someone ask for the time?
I need you to end my
1,500 minutes of fame early.
My principal is threatening
to send me to Hollywood.
Uh, your fame won't be over
until all of the sand runs out.
Eh, from the looks of it,
you have 22 hours left.
But I need to be
unfamous in the next hour!
If it were up to me,
I'd let you slide.
But time will tell--on me--
and I'll get in trouble
with my boss.
What am I gonna do now?
Ha-ha! Uh-oh.
Hi. I'm Nick.
Whoo-hoo! Nick of Time.
How you doing?
Oh, you look cute.
- Say what now?
Nick of time.
That's my name,
and that's my game.
I'm a fixer, baby.
Just when you think
all is lost,
I show up to save the day.
I should have known
you'd butt in, Nick.
What if we change
the rest of her minutes
to New York minutes?
Wait, what are
New York minutes?
A New York minute can move
faster than a regular minute.
And thanks to my amazing
problem-solving skills,
your 1,500 regular minutes
of fame
are now 1,500 New York minutes!
If you act New York-y enough,
you can run out the rest
of the sand in your hourglass
by the end of lunch.
But I don't know anything
about New York.
How am I gonna act New York-y?
Ooh! Ooh, we can help!
We went to New York during
our 10,000-year vacation.
We can coach you through it.
Hot dogs! Puffer jacket!
Taxi! Taxi!
Okay, not for nothing.
Here goes something.
Let me get a chopped
cheese pizza bagel--
with the works.
Oh, hey, I'm walking here!
Met Gala! Algonquin!
Sully Sullenberger!
The Hazel
almost bumped into me.
- So New York!
- Mover and shaker!
I am a child and recognize
all these references.
Extra! Extra!
Hazel has places to go,
people to see.
Oh, no.
At this rate,
I'm not gonna make it.
Oh, sure, you will, squirt.
You just gotta do the most
New York thing of all--
Put on a Broadway show!
Pack your bags,
we're leaving town ♪
Headed to the city
where it all goes down ♪
New York,
New York-ity York ♪
we'll walk fast,
talk fast with our hands ♪
Dance in the street
and join a band ♪
Getting jazzed
in New York-ity York ♪
Oh, subway cars, and,
uh, tall buildings?
I wish I knew more
New York-y things.
both: On it!
- Bodega rat ♪
- And pizza cat ♪
- Baseball fan ♪
- And Wall Street man ♪
- Sewer vent ♪
- And mystery scent! ♪
Good one.
all: We're feeling fresh
at Central Park ♪
Shining bright
as Times Square ♪
If I can make it here,
I can make it everywhere ♪
New York! ♪
New York-ity York! ♪
Uh, I think
I have English now.
Oh, no, I'm late for class.
Where's my lunch?
Extra! Extra!
Wait, what am I doing?
I'm not a reporter. I'm ten.
Looks like someone's
15 minutes of fame are all up.
I've got my nose on you
and your shenanigans.
And this nose, much like
New York, never sleeps!
Get to class!
The superlatives?
Wow, I really lost
the thread yesterday.
I completely
forgot about those.
"Most Ahead of Her Time?"
I'll take it.
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