The Fairly OddParents: A New Wish (2024) s01e08 Episode Script

28 Puddings Later

Hazel moved to the city,
feeling all alone ♪
Till her whole life changed
with a pair quite strange ♪
'Cause in reality ♪
They're her new OddParents,
Fairly OddParents ♪
- Wands and wings ♪
- Floaty crowny things ♪
Fairly OddParents ♪
A new wish
for magic hijinks ♪
Fish guy, pizza fries ♪
dirt bike rides ♪
Ghost snoops, major whoops ♪
Baryonyx, time loops ♪
Pretty great,
you've got it made ♪
With Fairly OddParents! ♪
Ooh, I can't wait
for yearbook pictures today.
- You look great, kiddo.
- Thanks!
My mom takes yearbook pictures
very seriously.
And this year,
I get to mail them to Antony
to show him my cool new life.
You look very cool.
Almost as cool
as someone I know.
Hey, Hazel, we have to stand
next to each other.
how will our grandkids know
how long we've been friends?
- Yep.
This is literal history.
Nothing that happens today
could be more important
than this picture.
It's pudding day!
Get ready, Hazel.
Pudding day is everything.
Oh, our cafeteria serves
the most delicious pudding
in the whole wide world!
My old school
had a pudding day.
It was lunch.
I had low expectations
for the pudding cup
I was given,
but after one bite,
I discovered that this
was the chocolatiest,
and dreamiest pudding
in the whole wide world.
I never saw the pudding again
But I saved this.
Do you mind?
Thank you.
You can still smell the hope
And the chocolate.
Hazel, we have
the same school pudding.
No way!
This is the best day ever!
When can we have it?
- At lunch.
That is, if we're lucky enough
to get some.
What do you mean lucky enough?
Ugh, Dev always takes it all,
and only gives it to kids
who give him something
in return.
But nobody knows
how he gets it.
Krentz is the only one
with pudding access.
All right, settle down.
We will be taking our pudding--
excuse me--
our class picture after lunch.
But right now,
it's fraction time.
The eagle has landed.
Mr. Guzman,
can I go to the nurse?
Thank you for asking.
Of course.
You see, class?
We had 12 students.
And one of the students
went to the nurse.
Now 11/12
of the students remain.
Mr. Guzman, may I please
go to the restroom?
Sure, Hazel.
Now 10/12
of the students remain,
which is actually 2/6.
Wait, is that right?
Fractions are hard, y'all.
Great idea, Hazel.
He'll lead us
right to the pudding.
Let's get pudding!
That's not
what we're doing, Cosmo.
I always wait my turn,
but I don't think Dev does.
Thank your father
for his generous donation.
Not so fast.
What's it worth to you?
Math homework?
Did you do the extra credit?
Uh, I didn't have time.
Dev's hoarding all the pudding.
Cosmo, Wanda, I wish everyone
had an unlimited supply
of school pudding.
There's pudding everywhere!
Hey, where's everyone going?
Ah, fairness
has been restored.
Now, to reunite
with the pudding.
Hey, hun.
You want fountain pudding,
book pudding,
or locker pudding?
The chef recommends
all the puddings.
They're all delicious.
Well, I don't want to get messy
before the class picture,
so I'll go
for fountain pudding.
Pudding for me ♪
Pudding for free ♪
Pudding for everyone ♪
That you see ♪
Her family's gonna have
a lot of questions
when they see
the class picture.
Yeesh, have some
self-control, people.
I have no self-control.
Aw, man.
I haven't even had one bite.
At least it's unlimited.
I'll see you after pictures.
Hey, Mr. Guzman.
Where are we taking
the class picture?
Well, hello there,
cup number seven.
And after that, I still have
5/45 of a cup of pudding.
Whispers Fred,
why isn't anybody
ready for the class picture?
Because we got to get
more pudding!
The pudding
broke Whispers Fred.
I've never even heard
his outside voice before.
It's a beautiful voice.
This has gotten
out of control.
You could unwish or wish
the pudding never existed?
Oh, but I haven't
even gotten any yet.
You're missing out.
Mmm, this is really good.
Well, I can't let
the pudding get in the way
of our class picture.
I wish the pudding
was being served
after the class picture.
So dry.
So smelly.
My stomach
doesn't have enough pudding.
Get pudding.
Run, Jenkins, run!
Wait! No!
My pudding!
Jenkins, no!
Am I glad to see you.
It's a pudding apocalypse
out there.
It's terrible.
They chased us
until we hid in here.
They were following
the scent of our pudding.
They follow the scent?
Then why were they chasing me?
I don't have any pudding?
- That's why.
Which reminds me
You saved me pudding?
We wanted to surprise you.
You're the best friends
anyone could ask for!
They found us.
What are we gonna do?
I'll lead them away
with pudding cups.
You get somewhere safe.
You can't sacrifice
your pudding.
You haven't even had any yet.
And you can't go alone.
We're going with you.
No, you're both covered
in pudding.
They'll come after you
for sure.
Besides, I started this,
I have to end it.
Wait, how did you start it?
Do you hear that?
They're asleep,
in a sugar crash.
Now's my chance.
Stay here until it's safe.
You've got this Hazel,
nice and easy.
I can give you
a B-plus paper.
Now give pudding.
- Pudding?
- Pudding.
- Pudding?
- Ah!
Now, Hazin Bran.
My name is Hazel.
- Pudding.
- Pudding.
The pudding is too delicious,
and the sugar
has clouded their minds.
Maybe if we make it
and less delicious,
they'll stop.
I wish everyone
had an unlimited supply
of broccoli pudding.
- Gross.
- Ew.
Vitamins and minerals hitting.
Brain fog clearing.
What are we doing?
OK, say green.
I can't believe pudding day
ruined our class picture.
Are you kidding?
This is the most memorable
class picture in history.
My mom and Antony
are gonna love it!
All right, people, this mess
isn't gonna clean itself.
And that's detention
for all of you!
If Krentz
is giving detention,
then everything is officially
back to normal.
That broccoli pudding,
not only made everyone
think more clearly,
it also made them never want
to have pudding again.
I never even got one spoonful
of the pudding, and that's OK.
You mean this pudding?
I was just pudding you on.
Let's share it.
I've seen what happens
when you overdo it on sweets.
You said it, kiddo.
To the last of the pudding.
Do you mind?
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