The Fairly OddParents: A New Wish (2024) s01e13 Episode Script

Stanky Danky

OK, class,
today we're talking trash.
Ooh, I love talking trash.
Wanda, you call yourself
a fidget toy?
More like a fidget annoy.
- Oh, you want to pop off?
I'll pop it till you drop it,
Mr. Nice Guy.
Shh, Mr. Guzman's
talking about pollution.
Billions of pieces
of trash pollute
our roads, rivers, and oceans.
There's even trash in space.
Yes, Hazel?
I think I speak for all of us
when I say,
what can we do about it?
Uh, she doesn't speak for me,
Well, Hazel, and everyone
else except for Dev,
what you can do
is get involved tomorrow
at Planet Palooza,
Dimmadelphia's citywide
Earth awareness event.
I can't wait till tomorrow.
I have to act now.
The Earth is in crisis.
Well, you can't expect
to do it all on your own.
In crisis situations,
you have to find your helpers,
which I discuss
in the "Be Wells Method
for Community Organizers."
I suppose you're right.
Get some sleep, Hazey Bear.
You can start saving the planet
in the morning.
I just wish people wouldn't
be such trash monsters.
Did I hear a wish?
I heard "brash monster."
One trash monster coming up.
Hazel, wake up.
Your wish is here.
- Ah!
- Ta-da!
A trash monster.
I didn't wish for that.
Yeah, we were
kind of wondering.
Next time we'll ask first.
Aw, for me?
Maybe you're not so scary
after all.
We're bonded
for life by the power
of this friendship bracelet.
That is stanka-danka-dank.
Stanky Danky.
That's what I'll call you.
And he loves eating trash.
Maybe he can come with me
to Planet Palooza
tomorrow and be one
of my helpers.
Would you like that,
Stanky Danky?
Ugh, I wish Stanky could say
at least a few words.
Stanky love trash.
Come on, Stanky Danky.
All right, Danky.
It's time to let
our voices be heard.
Ugh, this place is trash.
Dad, I want to go home.
Tough tiddles, kiddles.
It's a work day.
- But Dad, it's Saturday.
When I was your age,
I spent my Saturdays
working in a factory
underneath a lemonade stand
for seven years.
That's 364 Saturdays.
Do you know how many
Saturday morning cartoons
I missed out on?
All of them.
And look at the man
I turned out to be.
But is our company
even Earth conscious?
My company?
Sure, Devin.
It's all about how you spin it.
Step right up and check out
the latest, greatest,
and the greenest products
from Dimmadome Global.
Electronic rugs,
plugs, and coffee mugs,
and it's all single use.
Available only at Dimmazon.
Plus, every one of our products
is environmentally friendly.
- Even the electric doormat?
- It's green, isn't
Can't argue with that.
That's right, folks.
The more you buy,
the friendlier you are
to the environment.
Pollution is not
the solution.
A good planet is hard to find.
The Earth is not a garbage can,
but Danky is.
- Is that a trash monster?
- Yes! I mean no.
He's Stanky,
and he's my friend.
Together we're cleaning up
the planet,
and you can help
by throwing trash in his mouth.
Danky love trash!
Danky love trash.
Wow, I never knew
proper waste disposal
could be so fun.
Danky love trash ♪
Danky love trash,
Danky love trash ♪
Ooh, go, Danky.
I see you getting down
with your bad self.
If you really want to help,
don't live
a wasteful lifestyle.
Buy fewer things!
Buy fewer things!
Buy fewer things!
Buy more things.
You should be buying more
of my things.
Who is that girl
with the radical message?
That's Hazel.
She goes to my school.
For some reason,
she's always doing things
for the greater good.
Are we rolling?
I'm Tina Churner,
reporting live
from Dimmadelphia
Founders Park
where one tiny girl
has started a big movement.
Tell us, what's your mission?
- To clean up the planet.
My teacher said we can all
help care for the Earth,
and at this rate,
we can reduce waste by 100%.
No more trash forever!
Danky love trash.
Ooh, no more trash forever?
I have a lot of helpers.
My first one was Danky.
I'll literally never buying
anything again.
Yeah, no more trash.
That's right.
Come to Daddy.
Your little "fwiend"
wants to get "wid"
of all "twash" forever,
but without "twash,"
you'll be empty inside.
You wouldn't want that,
would you?
- Uh-uh.
- Stick with me, kid.
I'll make you the biggest piece
of trash
this world has ever seen!
Hey, baby.
How was Planet Palooza?
Did you make a big difference?
I found
a really great helper.
Action News Four" at four.
Breaking news.
Billionaire non-philanthropist
Dale Dimmadome
made a big announcement
late in the day.
Dimmazon, in partnership
with Dimmadome Global,
is thrilled to introduce our
new brand ambassador, Danky.
And to celebrate,
we're having a massive sale.
It's Danky Days
All Danky week long when you
shop online at Dimmazon.
And don't worry
about the trash you create.
Danky always has room for more.
Isn't that right, Danky?
That's right.
Danky love trash.
We love you, Danky!
That guy with
the ridiculous boots
turned Danky into a pro-trash
propaganda machine.
Danky love trash ♪
Oh, look at that.
I'm getting all the best deals
on Danky days.
I just ordered
and it's gonna be here
in ten minutes.
It came early!
Five stars.
We're breaking
sales records.
The company's stock
is through the roof!
So much trash.
I have to find Danky.
It's the only way
to fix all this.
Oh, there's a Danky deal
for single-use helicopters.
I refuse to create more refuse.
Me and Antony
used to play in old boxes
and pretend they were planes.
I wish this box
would take me to Danky.
Where's Danky?
There he is.
We've got a squadron
of Dimmadrones on our tail.
I'm OK.
Danky, what are you doing?
We were supposed to be
getting rid of trash,
not making more of it.
- Um, Danky love trash.
Trash give Danky purpose.
If no more trash,
then Danky empty inside.
Oh, Danky,
you'll never be empty inside
as long as we're friends.
Danky love trash.
Oh, I'm getting teary eyed.
That's just the stench from
the city burning your eyes.
Come on, Danky.
It's time
to take out the trash.
Danky, don't leave!
Oh, you're like a son to me.
- Ugh.
Danky days is over!
Oh, that's my dog!
Buy fewer things.
You are free to consume less!
You know what?
I'm gonna return this.
Yeah, let's return all of it.
No, no, my beautiful profits!
Now that you have cleaned
up Dimmadelphia,
what's next?
Danky's taking
his message global.
How would you like
to take it even further?
- Cool.
- Yes!
Danky's gonna eat forever.
That dumpster sure has
a fire burning deep inside.
I think that might be
an actual dumpster fire.
Billion ♪
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