The Fairly OddParents: A New Wish (2024) s01e12 Episode Script

Prime Meridian Love

Hazel moved to the city,
feeling all alone ♪
Till her whole life changed
with a pair quite strange ♪
'Cause in reality ♪
They're her new OddParents,
Fairly OddParents ♪
- Wands and wings ♪
- Floaty crowny things ♪
Fairly OddParents ♪
A new wish
for magic hijinks ♪
Fish guy, pizza fries ♪
dirt bike rides ♪
Ghost snoops, major whoops ♪
Baryonyx, time loops ♪
Pretty great,
you've got it made ♪
With Fairly OddParents! ♪
For book club this week,
I would like us
to read my favorite manga,
"Prime Meridian
Love Romance Cruise Ultra."
What's it about?
It's about
a swashbuckling adventure
about a half-boy half-fish.
He sails across
the prime meridian of Earth
to fight his nemesis,
find love,
and fulfill the prophecy.
Don't tell us
the whole story.
I want to be surprised
when we read it.
And he has to do it all
before the light
in his enchanted amulet
goes out and he returns
to his fish form.
- Spoilers!
- Hazel.
So book club will officially
start at 6:00 p.m.
at my place tonight.
I can't wait!
Um, the club's tonight?
Is there any way
we can reschedule?
What? No.
We can't reschedule.
I already got us
book-themed snacks.
But Whispers Fred asked me
to Under the Sea Dance tonight.
Um, I'm actually going
to the dance tonight too.
Bev asked me.
- Football!
Well, I wasn't asked.
Who am I supposed to go with?
Well, you don't have to have
a date to go to the dance.
Yeah, we can
all hang out together,
and you can totally
dance near us.
Dance near you?
Uh-oh. Ooh!
Do you hear yourself?
Well, I can assure you
I won't be going to the dance
because I'll be too busy
having book club alone.
Kennueth would never abandon
his friends,
especially not
for some trivial dance.
Yeah, Kennueth
would never do that.
Wait, who's Kennueth?
The main character
in "Prime Meridian
Love Romance Cruise Ultra."
He's steadfast and true.
That's it.
I wish I could go
to the dance with Kennueth.
Coming right up.
I wish Kennueth
could breathe air.
Stand back.
I won't fall
for your siren song,
as beautiful as you are.
- You think I'm beautiful?
Pray tell,
what island is this?
We're in the city
of Dimmadelphia,
and I'm not a siren.
I'm a human,
and my name is Hazel.
Well, then,
I'm very happy to meet you,
Hazel of Dimmadelphia.
My word.
- Why aren't you hiding?
He can't know about magic.
Actually, since he's
a fictional character
and not a real person,
the rule doesn't apply.
The last time I met a fairy
was when I was swallowed
by a whale.
Marvelous chap.
The fairy, not the whale.
Oh, yeah, you met
Brisbarnia the fairy
when you were in
the whale's belly in chapter 3.
You know of Brisbarnia?
My, this is a small world
but also a strange one.
Ask him to the dance.
I was wondering,
would you like to go
to the school dance with me?
It would be my honor
to escort you.
Stop it.
- Aw.
- Nice.
First, we need to get you
an outfit that will help you
blend in at the dance.
Something really cool.
This outfit
has great ventilation,
so I believe what I'm wearing
will be cool enough.
Cosmo, Wanda,
I wish Kennueth
had a cool outfit
for the dance.
Next, we've got
to work on dancing.
There's all kinds
of dance moves you can do,
like this.
Not like that.
Um, maybe we'll just hang out
by the snack table
and leave the dancing
to everyone else.
Brisbarnia taught me this dance
inside a whale's stomach.
One, two, three.
One, two, three.
And then you do
a few high knees
to make sure your feet
don't get burned
by the whale's stomach acid.
And then back to
one, two, three.
One, two, three.
You're dancing
too close to each other.
No snacks on the dance floor.
You call that dancing?
Just remember,
if anyone asks,
your name is Kenny Finn,
and you're a student
at Prime Meridian Elementary.
- Kenny?
At least it's not a name
as bad as Duckworth.
How did he get here?
Wait, Duckworth?
As in your sworn enemy
from the Meridian, Duckworth?
Is there any other Duckworth?
The rogue won't escape me
this time.
But that's just Dev.
What business have you
at a school dance?
Exsqueeze me?
No, I shall not squeeze you,
but I shall end you!
- Hmm.
- Yike.
Kennueth, play it cool.
Krentz is gonna--
wait, Dev,
where'd you get that amulet?
Are you a secret
"Meridian" head?
Like I would
waste my time reading
some action-packed,
and heart-wrenching love story.
Get off my back about it,
hammer time.
Her name is Hazel.
To the cannons!
So anyway,
I says to the guy, I says--
- Hazel, you came.
- I did.
I'm here with a date,
but not to worry,
we won't be dancing
near you this evening.
Hazel, I didn't mean it
like that.
That's odd.
That student looks
just like the fish boy
in my favorite YA manga.
Sparkle all you want.
I'm on team Duckworth.
Krentz is watching.
Don't panic, Hazel.
All I have to do is
help Kennueth defeat his rival,
who also happens
to be my rival.
Oh, no, if his amulet
dims completely,
he'll transform
back into a fish.
Kennueth, just hold on.
- Hazel.
- Ouch.
There's too many of them.
I can't beat him
and his metallic birds.
Why do we have
to beat him at all?
Because that is our story.
Long ago, I made
these enchanted amulets
as a token of our friendship.
Wait, you used to be friends
with Duckworth?
We guarded
the meridian together.
But when I was promoted
to Captain, he was so jealous,
and he stole a magical pearl
from the ancient sea temple.
He hoped it would give him
the power to overthrow me,
but all it did
was trigger the prophecy
and curse our amulets
and our friendship.
That wasn't in my book.
It's in the prequel,
"Prime Meridian Love:
Betrayal Kettle Nine."
It was only released overseas.
Can I borrow that
when you're finished?
Oh, I've seen
how you dog ear books.
I know what we need to do.
Grab some streamers
and follow my lead.
What are you doing?
Get this thing off of me.
- That was brilliant.
What's next?
You don't need
to beat Duckworth.
You need to rewrite your story
and make things right with him.
I'm sorry.
I should have recognized
that you were hurting,
and I forgive you for all
that has passed between us.
Duckworth would have loved
to hear that.
Now there's something
I have to make right.
I'm so sorry I've been acting
like a bad friend.
I couldn't see past my jealousy
that you both were asked
to the dance and I wasn't.
We forgive you, Hazel.
We're sorry
we bailed on book club.
Our friendship is more
important than any book club.
Now let me introduce you
to my date.
- Oh, my God.
- He's so handsome.
Uh, just remembered my mom
is picking us up right now.
We gotta go.
OK, bye.
Hey, Kennueth,
where are you going?
Oh, OK.
Well, see you later.
Wait, wait, wait, wait.
We need to send Kennueth
back into his book
before he fully transforms.
Please don't send me back.
Now that I've made amends
with Duckworth,
I'm ready for a new chapter.
Then let's find you
a new adventure.
Cosmo, Wanda,
I wish we were at the docks.
Anchors away.
We're running out
of time to fulfill
the last part of the prophecy
for you to find love.
But I already found love.
Would you join me in the sea?
you're a great person,
but I think we work best
as friends.
- Ooh, that's gotta hurt.
- He'll be OK.
There are plenty of fish
in the sea.
Besides, I'm only ten.
I'm not ready
to commit to being
a literary or literal fish.
Then friends we shall remain.
Thank you for everything,
Hazel of Dimmadelphia.
Thank you,
Kennueth of the meridian.
Would you do me a favor
and just give me a little push?
What a weird day.
It was one for the books.
I want to try one.
Um, uh-- pass.
Join us next time when
Duckworth finds true love.
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