The Fairly OddParents: A New Wish (2024) s01e11 Episode Script

Mystery She Wished

And everything appeared
perfectly normal
except the party balloons.
The thief tied the
rare jewels to balloons
and hid them up the chimney.
It's the perfect crime!
And only one person
had access.
- The jealous rival!
- The jilted lover!
The birthday clown.
Case closed.
The clown.
Of course.
The footprints were so big.
So what are we going
to watch next on
Hazel and Dad's Mystery Night?
We got "Space Detectives,"
"Mall Detectives,"
and the beloved classic,
"Space Mall Detectives."
Oh, Hazelnut.
You know I'd love
to watch them all.
But I've got to recharge
my ghost crystals,
which means I'll be up
before the sun.
Can we watch another?
Next week.
We'll pop popcorn,
we'll stay up real late.
I promise.
I can't wait until next week.
Did somebody
say fast forward?
Hey, hey, hey.
None of that time travel stuff.
I got to solve
another mystery now.
Aww, no time travel, no fun.
Follow me.
Mystery, mystery,
where are you-stery?
What is it?
A donut bird.
all: Ah!
Well, mystery solved.
But I want to solve
a big mystery,
like the ones I watch with Dad.
That's strange.
What's the landlady
doing with that man
handing her
a suspicious package?
I've got a hunch.
Thanks, Wanda.
It's all very weird,
very strange.
Very mysterious.
Cosmo, Wanda, I think
we found our mystery.
She was just here.
She's gone!
That suspicious man gave her
a suspicious package,
and now she's gone.
Cosmo, Wanda, I wish
I could solve a mystery
as a genuine gumshoe.
A gumshoe is another term
for a detective.
I gotcha, squirt.
Hazel Wells in "The Case
of the Missing Landlady."
With suspects crawling
through the apartment
like raccoons in walls,
I was sure to crack the case.
But at what cost?
Now, to look to
my first suspects.
Hazel, what are you
doing here?
Did you have any problems
with the landlady?
Problems? No.
Everything was fine between us.
Perfectly normal.
Well, I mean, it's not
like we never fought.
We were one day late
paying rent,
then all of a sudden,
we were "the problem tenants."
All right, it was one fight!
When I said someone ought
to take care of her,
I didn't mean like this.
Cosmo, you'll vouch for me!
Yeah, I was there
the whole time.
Wanda couldn't have done it.
Unless I did it
and framed Wanda?
It was a mistake!
I won't make it in the slammer.
All thumps are clues.
Could be more suspects.
Come on, you two.
Hello, there.
Detective Wells.
Boxes, huh?
That's right.
Preparing for the
end of the world.
End? But some would call
moving in a beginning.
- Gross.
Bless you.
Thank you.
Hey, kid.
New in town?
We're probably the same age.
Avoiding the question, I see.
What's up with the rug?
Trash day.
We're throwing it out.
Ah, uh-huh.
And does your mom
always throw away trash
in landlady-sized rugs?
Waste not, want not.
This kid was good.
A little too good.
A little too criminal?
I had to catch
40 winks last night
to process all
the twists and turns
this case
kept throwing at me--
also because I'm ten and
can't set my own bedtime.
Hey, kid!
Keeping your nose clean?
Eh? Uh, I think so.
Hazel Wells.
We met yesterday.
Uh, we didn't have
school yesterday.
We met in the
apartment building.
- Huh?
- Huh?
- Huh?
- Huh?
Looks like
I'm allergic to crime.
A suspicious man shows up and
gives a landlady a package.
Then that landlady's
apartment is completely empty.
Then that same man
and his family move in.
And then their kid
pretends he never met me,
even though he totally met me.
And then Wanda starts
acting all helpful
to get the heat off her.
Whose side are you on here?
I'm not going down
for you, Wanda.
I'm not going down for anyone!
There you are, pumpkin.
Get ready.
We are having dinner
with the new family
that moved into the basement.
But I just don't know
why anyone would
want to live in the basement.
Unless, of course,
you wanted to hide
all your suspicious
day-to-day activities.
It was then I knew that
that night,
we would be the main course.
With a side of mystery.
who are you talking to?
- Hello!
- Welcome.
Thanks for inviting us over.
John and Jane Doe, yes?
- That's right.
- Yeah, for now.
This is it.
I got to get more clues.
I got to keep Mom and Dad safe.
Please, take this package.
It's a gift from us to you.
Ooh, now this is the
kind of neighbor I like.
Don't open that!
Hazel! What's wrong?
It's, uh, rude to open
a box before dinner.
Well, we always follow
social norms and blend in.
After dinner, it is.
Oh, Hazel, please,
enjoy the child room.
It's down the hall.
Oh, that sounds like fun.
This is getting too real.
If I go into that
scary child room,
I'm going to never
be seen again.
Wish over.
I want to be normal Hazel!
You wished to be a detective
like the ones you saw on TV.
None of them used magic
to solve the case.
Well, you're stuck until
you solve the mystery.
It's that suspicious kid!
Case solved!
I'll prove it to him.
I'll prove it!
Hey, you're the kid who
was asking weird questions
when we moved in.
You mean at school?
- Huh?
- Huh?
both: Huh?
What is going on?
You came into me
and my brother's room.
We should be asking
you questions.
You're twins?
We met at school today.
And we met here yesterday.
What's all this weird stuff?
both: Preparing for the
end of the world.
Prepare for the
end of the world?
Preparing for the
end of the world.
Wait, that's the same thing
your parents said.
Your parents!
Don't eat anything! Ah!
What is going on?
It was you, in the basement.
With the package!
I'm not quite sure
what you mean.
You did away with the
landlady and covered it up.
They're all in on it!
I just came out of that room,
and it was filled with
duct tape and flashlights
and caution tape!
You mean our supplies?
We're doomsday preppers.
You got to prepare
for the end of the world.
But right before
the landlady disappeared,
you gave her that
suspicious package.
I come from a long line
of fishermen.
Red Herring Seafood.
There's no nicer hello.
OK, but you can't explain
that lumpy landlady-sized rug
you threw away earlier.
Oh, that old rug that
was left when we moved in?
We just wrapped up
the old trash and tossed it.
Governmental agencies
always check plastic bags.
Landlady-sized rugs,
right under the radar.
So you're telling me
the landlady moved out
and you moved in?
You did it, kid!
That's right.
We're your new landlords.
Also, rent is cash only.
I was crazy for that one.
I'm sorry
I accused you of crimes.
Oh, no apologies needed.
You had your suspicions,
and I respect that.
There's nothing
a doomsday prepper
respects more than paranoia.
Well, dinner was just lovely.
Sons, please take out
the trash.
As night fell,
I began to think about
the consequences of my wishes.
Hazel, lights out, honey.
You can monologue tomorrow.
I think I'm good on
mysteries for a while.
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