The Fairly OddParents: A New Wish (2024) s01e10 Episode Script

Weird Science

Hazel moved to the city,
feeling all alone ♪
Till her whole life changed
with a pair quite strange ♪
'Cause in reality ♪
They're her new OddParents,
Fairly OddParents ♪
- Wands and wings ♪
- Floaty crowny things ♪
Fairly OddParents ♪
A new wish
for magic hijinks ♪
Fish guy, pizza fries ♪
dirt bike rides ♪
Ghost snoops, major whoops ♪
Baryonyx, time loops ♪
Pretty great,
you've got it made ♪
With Fairly OddParents! ♪
Ooh, Hazel,
what a tasty-looking dinner.
I love potatoes.
Um, do your potatoes always
taste like light bulbs?
Cosmo, that was a light bulb.
Oh, that explains it.
What are you working on, squirt?
It's my project
for the science fair.
This potato is supposed
to generate enough energy
to power this light bulb.
Uh, should we tell her about
the invention of electricity?
Nah, let's let her live
in her little potato
fantasy world.
The science fair
is a big deal.
My parents will be there.
And my brother Antony
always won first prize
at his science fairs.
So I really want
to make him proud.
When's your project due?
I went back for seconds.
It's fine.
Sure, I waited till
the last minute.
And sure,
I probably should have
read the chapter
about electricity
in my science book.
But my dad's a brilliant
scholar of parascience.
Science is in my genes.
There's no science
in these jeans.
Let's stop messing around
and do this thing.
Ugh, I can't show up to school
with an experiment
that doesn't work.
Cosmo, Wanda, I wish my
science project worked.
Yes, yes, yes!
First place science ribbon,
here I come.
Hey, Jasmine.
Cool project.
I love your solar
system mobile.
I wrote a song to
easily remember
the order of the planets
closest to the sun.
Magnus Vernon
Erroneously Monitored ♪
Julius Sampson's
Unicorn Napkin ♪
You can remember all that?
Wait, what did I just sing?
Hey, Hazel.
Hey, Jasmine.
I invented a hat that
never gives you hat hair.
That's tight.
Cool potato light bulb,
by the way.
Oh, thanks, Winn.
A potato that
powers a light bulb?
How basic is that?
I built a microchip
that can power
the entire Eastern seaboard.
My au pairs--
I mean, I worked on it
all weekend.
Which is why I will be winning
the first place ribbon.
Hazel, don't listen to Dev.
Your project rocks.
Almost as much
as my planet song.
Hey, I think I remembered it!
Magnus, Vernon, Na-- ♪
Nope, I forgot it again.
She's right.
My project does rock.
Is it just me,
or are the clouds
looking a little weird today?
Looks fine to me.
OK, what is going on here?
The steps are super bouncy.
Ooh, I see what you mean.
Uh, we should probably explain.
You see, Hazel,
in order to make
your science project work,
we kind of had
to alter the laws of science.
You what?
It's all right here in
this science book, see?
"Really boring stuff."
Hey, watch it, stairs.
Hmm, I guess if it just
means vertical clouds
and bouncy steps, that's
worth it for a chance to win.
And after
the science fair ends,
I'll simply unwish this
and fix the weird science.
Great idea.
I'm sure nothing else
weird will happen.
Everything looks OK in here.
Yep, all normal.
Especially those dogs
outside the window,
flying and cawing like birds.
Mind if I keep the
blinds shut, Mr. Guzman?
It helps me focus.
Sure, Hazel.
Ooh, and speaking of focus,
let's begin today's lesson.
I want to show you all
the benefits of meditation.
Everyone, close your eyes
and repeat after me.
My gosh!
OK, that's it.
We can't have flying dogs
and floating desks
for the rest of eternity.
I wish everything
were back to normal.
Can't it wait, squirt?
I'm busy transcending my body.
Hey, that's funny.
Our wands aren't working.
Jorgen Von Strangle?
Jorgen, uh,
what are you doing here?
Small girl, you have
created a universal mess.
Thanks to you, the wands are
not working in Fairy World.
I have been forced
to bring him.
spin me around, please.
That's better. Thank you.
Oh, wait.
I know that brain.
It's Sci, the science fairy.
What are you doing here?
We are here for
Tater Tot Tuesday.
What do you think?
You altered
the laws of science!
So obviously, they had
to call me to fix it.
Well, sure.
But what's with
the wands not working?
We tried to undo the wish.
When you altered
the laws of science,
you altered the laws
of the universe.
Which includes magic.
Really boring stuff.
Oh, wait, here it is.
"Alters the laws of the
universe, including magic."
Anyway, it's fine.
I can undo this.
Unless, of course,
this was a wish
for one of those science fairs?
Oh, brother.
I just wanted
to make my project work
so that I could win first place
and impress my family.
It's called a science fair
for a reason.
You can't cheat science.
It's not fair.
I'm sorry.
How do I fix this?
Hmm, if the wands
are out of power,
maybe you need,
like, more power
to turn them back on, hm?
Now what?
It's raining potatoes?
The weather report
said clear sky.
Sci said we need more power
to turn the wands back on.
I know just the thing!
Dev's microchip!
He said it can power
the entire Eastern seaboard.
Oh, that's a great idea,
The chip has to be
in here somewhere.
Potato chips,
loose chocolate chips.
Chip Skylark's Greatest Hits?
Why is there so many
chip things?
OK, everyone.
Big exhale.
Let me get the door for you.
- Cosmo!
- Such a gentleman.
Look! It's going into
the teacher's lounge!
Ticking clock.
Things are getting weird.
I'm fixing it!
Oh, I'm starving.
Principal Krentz, no!
Oh, now what?
And just why are you
out of class?
That tickles--
This is terrible.
What are we going to do now?
The potatoes are electrified!
That's the perfect
power source.
We're going to need
more potatoes.
Here goes something.
It's working!
I wish the laws of science
were back to normal.
Oh, now that's what I call
some good meditating.
I did it.
Oh, no, the science fair!
I still have to get
my project to work.
Which means doing
the unthinkable.
Ooh, stealing Dev's au pairs
and making them do it for you?
No, Cosmo.
I have to actually
learn the science.
Is that it?
Man, that was easy.
Therefore, the chemical energy
from the potatoes
is converted
to electrical energy,
which should give enough
power to turn on a light.
Not impressive!
She must have used all
the juice from those potatoes
to fix our wands.
Potato juice?
Ew, gross--ah!
I take back what I said
about potato juice!
Wanda, help me! Ow!
It's OK.
Honestly, I waited
till the last minute
to learn the science
to make my project.
Well, here's a sticker
for participation.
Next time, don't procrastinate!
Eh, still feeling that lunch.
Congrats on the win, Winn.
Thanks, Hazel.
Are you disappointed in me?
Of course not, Hazelnut.
Science is about discovery,
regardless of whether
you succeed.
You learned something new
with every failure.
I can't wait to see what
you come up with next year.
I can't wait to show Antony
my participation sticker.
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