The Fall (2013) s01e02 Episode Script

Darkness Visible

I've been brought in from the Metropolitan Police to lead a review into the investigation of the murder of Alice Monroe.
There's been a shooting in a house a mile away.
A car was stopped just along there.
GIBSON: He had things entirely under his control, which leads me to think that this was not his first murder.
I'm staying at the Hilton, room 203.
Go back to your reviews, Stella.
I don't want the two murders linked.
Ned Callan, Belfast Chronicle.
Can I have a word? - Not at the moment, no.
- Not even off the record? There's no such thing, as you well know.
Failure to see the crimes are linked.
That's the thing that will allow the killer to strike again.
(Muffled screams) Perhaps she did go stay with her sister.
(Rapid muffled breathing) (Beeping) DS James Olson.
Just after 2150 hours a car was stopped in the vicinity of the Falls Road because it was being driven erratically.
A search revealed two concealed firearms and a quantity of ammunition.
I've reason to believe this man Terry Mclnturff was involved in the murder of Michael Lockwood in the Shankhill area earlier this evening.
- Empty your mouth.
- Screw you.
Empty your mouth.
Screw you.
- (Cries out) - Spit it out! Spit it out! - Get him back in the cell.
- Oi, you, come on! Come on! Come on! - (Cries out) - We need some assistance here.
- (Terry cries out) - We need to obtain all clothes and footwear.
- Right.
FEMALE OFFICER: Come on! (Whistles) (Buzzer) (Breathing heavily) (Lift bell pings) I wasn't sure this is what you meant.
It's what I meant.
I should take a shower.
No need.
I like it.
(Bath water down plug hole) (Panting) (Shower running) (Whirring) (Beeping) Should I take your number? (Door opens and closes) (Distant police siren) TV: .
two guns seized following last night's murder in West Belfast.
Today, the chairman of the independent Policing Executive Morgan Monroe issued this statement: The people of Belfast would be horrified by last night's shooting.
These attacks leave behind a trail of suffering, misery, and hurt in their wake.
Meanwhile, the hunt for the killer of Alice Monroe continues.
Aaron Monroe, who has been helping the police with their inquiries, spoke to our reporter.
We're very grateful that the police have finally released Alice's body to her family.
And although we were separated at the time of her death we both remained very close friends.
(Olivia sings to herself) - Hey! - Hey.
There's fresh coffee there.
Sorry, we have to go.
You look tired.
Did you have a busy night? Quite busy, yeah.
- Let me take this for you.
- Don't worry, I'm fine.
Don't fuss.
(Children laughing) Right, grab your things, you two.
Come on, let's go.
Come on.
(Door opens and closes) (Door opens) Thought this might interest you.
This was last night? I was at the hotel dining room, about to eat.
Callan came in and sat down, uninvited, at my table.
I didn't see a photographer.
- How did he know you were staying there? - I don't know.
What did you say to him? - I asked him to leave.
- You should have told me.
Told you what? All meetings with journalists have to be on the record.
It wasn't a meeting.
He doorstepped me.
I said, "Go away.
" There's nothing there.
- What did he want with you? - He wanted to hear about the review.
He wanted to talk about the murder.
I refused to discuss either.
I've a meeting with the Independent Policing Executive this morning.
Thishas done nothing to make my job easier.
Keep that.
One for the archives.
(Door opens and closes) Where she went, who she saw, what she did, were no longer any of my business.
I can't help you with any of that.
(Sniffs) MALE OFFICER: You know, she seemed to call you often enough.
Twice on the day she died.
- Probably to bitch and moan.
FEMALE OFFICER: Bitch and moan? Definitely not to share any details of her new life.
She moved on? Well, if you think getting a tattoo and dressing like a slut is moving on, then, yeah.
MALE OFFICER: You disapproved? It wasn't something I'd let her do when we were together.
FEMALE OFFICER: She'd need your permission to do something like that, when you were married? I think I'd like to leave now.
These are all the prescription drugs gathered at the crime scene? Yes, ma'am.
No sign of any illegal drug use with regard to Alice Monroe? No, ma'am.
Did it occur to you that Aaron Monroe was clucking during his interviews? At the time, no.
- He was very on edge.
- Looks like a coke head to me.
Worth following up with the action manager, I think.
- Thanks, Mary.
- (Message alert) Fewer people have been killed or seriously injured on our roads.
The levels of sectarian crime have reduced over the last year.
We have seized more illegal drugs, arrested more drug offenders - and this has been delivered despite increasing economic cutbacks, and increasing threats against our officers.
- Bacon and Day Solicitors.
- Hi, is Sarah Kay there? She's not in the office today.
- Do you know why? - Who is this, please? - I just need to speak to her.
- Shall I put you through to her voicemail? No.
Thanks for your help.
Kevin McSwain.
The solicitor representing Terry Mclnturff and Jonas Dylan.
Why was their car stopped? It was being driven erratically close to the scene of a crime.
- You have witness statements to that effect? - We do.
I should like copies of those witness statements.
I also want a written list of every question that you intend to ask.
What? So you and your clients can cook up some crazy cover story? Get real.
I understand that you forcibly removed chewing gum from my client Terry Mclnturff.
For his own safety.
Was worried he might choke.
Well, it was, in fact, nicotine gum, as prescribed by his GP.
So he's entitled to a supply while he's in custody, just as he would be any other prescription drug.
And you're in breach of custody regulations by withholding it.
- So make a complaint.
- I intend to.
The Lockwood house was heavily fortified.
Two of the three men arrested were known to the police.
So ermthere's no indication that distant Republicans were involved in the murder.
None whatsoever.
This was a cold-blooded killing, which we are, at present, treating as drugs-related.
This is the location of the shooting.
It's where the car you were travelling in was stopped.
Explain to me where'd you been, tell me where you were going.
After advice, my client will not be answering any questions.
- Let him answer that.
- I've told you.
- After advice, my - Then let him answer that for himself! Do you know this man? Michael Lockwood.
My client will not be answering any questions.
- Look at the photographs, please.
- As you well know, showing gruesome photographs to suspects is a violation of their human rights.
Four shots in the back in front of his wife, his son.
It was very brave, very bold.
You had two handguns with you.
Why? Cos you had a pre-meditated plan to kill Michael Lockwood.
He could be enticed from his house by Rory McNaught.
After advice, my client will not be answering any questions.
Michael Lockwood was well known to us, Terry.
What happened between you two? Did a drug deal go bad? Dispute over turf? After advice, my client will not be answering any questions.
Don't give me that look, Terry.
That bullshit only works on intelligent people.
You took your phone with you, Terry.
Cell tower triangulation puts you precisely here at the time of the shooting.
What a dazzling display of stupidity.
I knowwhere you live.
Like I've never heard that before.
I am assured by the officer in question that the journalist simply approached her in the dining room of her hotel, uninvited.
She refused to discuss her presence in Belfast and refused to answer any questions about her involvement in the Alice Monroe review.
He left empty-handed.
(Car door closes) You're gonna see Auntie Sarah.
Yes, we are.
Yes, we are.
(Baby gurgles) (Mutters to herself) Sarah! Sarah? Sarah? Sarah? It's past two.
I've been calling you.
Sarah? Sarah? (Gasps) (Hyperventilates) (Sobs) - (Sobbing) - What's your name, caller? - I'm Marion.
- I'm Samantha.
- Is that your baby, Marion? - Yes.
Is he all right? It's a girl.
It's not the baby.
It's my sister.
- What about her, Marion? - She won't wake up, she won't wake up.
- Where are you calling from? - Her house.
And the number you called on, that's the house telephone, is it? (Sobs) Yes.
Help is already on its way.
Are you with your sister now, Marion? - I'm in the hall.
- Where is your sister? She's in the bedroom.
Please help me.
Help is already on its way.
It's gonna be there very soon.
(Sobbing) Any cars out near 3 Saville Road, Bravo Tango Six, Seven Echo Delta? Come in.
Oh, Jesus.
Ambulance control? I've had a report of a body of a female at that location.
(Siren wails) Uniform from Alpha Papa Two One.
we are five minutes away and will respond.
(Police siren and sobbing) I can hear the siren, Marion.
Can you see them? (Sobbing) Marion, can you see them yet? No.
They're right there, Marion.
Can you see them? (Sobbing) - It's OK, madam.
Come with me.
- Yes, they're here.
OK, Marion.
They'll take care of you now.
You can put the phone down.
Come with me, please.
(Line goes dead) - (Click) - Hello, Police, how can I help you? That's it, madam.
This way.
(lnhales sharply) - Uniform from Alpha Papa Nine.
- Go ahead.
I'm in the upstairs front bedroom.
No sign of any intruder.
- Understood.
- There's a dead female.
It looks suspicious.
(Exhales heavily) (Approaching police siren) ls it clear to go in? Ermthere's nothing you can do.
Stone, let's get a cordon into place, OK? I need it as wide as possible.
Use that wall, use that house, block off the road in both directions.
You - make sure nobody gets in the house.
Keep those people back, OK? You all right? - What are you doing here? - I couldn't get you on the phone.
- Called your office.
- (Sighs) Everything's laid on for tonight.
I want you to cancel.
(Laughs) What? There's too much going on.
Too much attention focused on you.
- I thought you were dealing with that.
- I am.
But you need to play your part.
Your ex-wife has been murdered.
There's a funeral to get through.
Here you are lounging on the car like you haven't a care in the world.
People expect you to say the right things, show remorse.
Dad, it's too late to cancel tonight.
Our guests are expecting to be entertained.
They're expecting a party.
Throw that away and get in the car.
I backed you in there, Jim, on the understanding you would clear my son's name.
- I know, Morgan.
- Well, make that announcementtoday.
(Mobile rings) Burns.
- (Car engine starts) - What? Garrett, is your car here? There's been another murder.
(Ringing tone) I think my daughter's here.
I think they brought her up here.
I'll be with you in a wee second.
Do you want to just take a seat? Where did I go wrong? Paul.
- Were you sleeping? - Yes.
Don't forget this afternoon.
- What? - Four o'clock.
Oh, yeah.
Justone minute.
- Hello? - I have to be back here at nine.
I have to go.
(Line goes dead) OFFICER: Get back.
Get back, please.
Go back.
Down the street.
- Who were the first attending officers? - We were, ma'am.
- Did you go inside? - Ferrington did.
Ferrington? - You've been in? - Yes, ma'am.
- Tell me.
- Suspected homicide.
- White professional female in her 30s? - Yes, ma'am.
- Strangulation marks? - I think so.
- Where was the body located? - In the upstairs front bedroom.
- Where in the bedroom? - On the bed.
Covered or uncovered? Erpartly covered, I think.
- Thank you.
- She was a solicitor.
What? Was she known to you? Yes, ma'am.
(Monitors beeping) She's not in any pain.
She's getting help breathing, and we'll do an X-ray of her chest and an echocardiogram of her heart.
We'll need to do some blood tests for infection.
Can I touch her? - Jim, it's Stella Gibson.
- I can see you.
Let her in.
(sighs) I have real worries it's the same guy.
How on earth can you say that when no-one's been in yet? Two uniformed officers attended a break-in on Friday evening at the same property.
Female solicitor living alone came home to find there'd been an intruder.
Who'd left some items of underwear and her vibrator on her bed.
What? The same officers attended today.
Victim's name is Sarah Kay.
Strangled, posed.
- Has to be the same guy.
- No, I'm sorry, but Was she not advised to vacate the property while the investigations were going on? There were no investigations.
The victim herself decided not to pursue it.
Make me SIO.
I have the rank, I have the experience.
I'm here.
And I could be made available.
This is the third murder in three months, Jim.
If we don't stop him he will kill again.
You OK? I'm sorry, but I'm gonna have to ask you a few questions.
I'm Detective Superintendent Gibson, I'm acting SIO here.
Sheldon Schwartz, crime scene manager.
- Who's been in so far? - The medical officer's in there now.
I want it videoed, sketched and photographed before anybody else goes in.
- Yes, ma'am.
- Who found her? Her sister made the initial call.
- (Sobbing) - What's her name? Marion.
We need to get her clothing before there's any more cross-contamination.
- Handle it sensitively.
- Right.
- Is a house-to-house underway? - Yes, ma'am.
(Helicopter overhead) The schematic stage of drawing generally occurs at this age, seven to nine.
They start drawing what they are thinking rather than just what they see.
When I asked Olivia what she had drawn, she told me it was a princess who had stabbed herself and died.
She hasn't been sleeping very well.
She looks tired.
Well, Paul's work is with bereaved people, of course.
And my work has its ups and downs, but we're always very careful what we say in front of the kids.
Perhaps she intuited something.
That's Professor Reed Smith.
She's the pathologist.
Ask her to join us at the command vehicle.
How you doing? Perhaps you can do me a favour.
Collect some things from my hotel room.
OK, make a list.
Thank you for calling us in.
We really appreciate your concern for Livvy.
- Daddy! - Hey! I didn't know you were here.
I'm not here.
Yes, you are, Daddy.
I can see you.
Under floorboards, in the loft, behind bath panels, inside water cisterns.
Check every rubbish and dustbin.
Check for lifestyle indicators - drugs, sexual fetishes, magazines.
Anything unusual or significant.
Access will be tightly controlled, so everybody in oversuits, gloves, masks, overshoes.
Stepping plates, where applicable.
Please, everyone.
Everyone, listen.
No discussions relating this crime to any other recent murder.
Keep your thoughts to yourselves.
REED SMITH: From the body temperature and the degree of rigor mortis, I'd say the post-modem interval is 12 to 14 hours.
GIBSON: Cause of death? Asphyxiation, ligature.
Her nails look newly painted.
Yes, they do.
Victims of strangulation often urinate and defecate at the point of death.
- Yes.
- I'd expect more mess.
He washed her.
He washed her and he dried her.
He washed and dried the bedding too.
And then he put her back to bed.
What is it, Mummy? What happened? There's been an accident, I think.
- Is someone dead? - I don't know, darling.
GIBSON: How long was he with her after he killed her? It must have been hours.
Do you think her hair's been clipped? Where? There.
(Sobbing) Firearm residue found on the hands and clothes of Mclnturff and Dylan.
Fibres from Mclnturff's jacket pocket match those found on the Glock 17.
Bullets retrieved from the body of the victim match the ammunition found in Rory McNaught's car.
- The man from the PPS he say yes.
- What to? Yes, sir, I will.
Dylan and Mclnturff with murder, McNaught as an accessory.
Here, break the news to McSwain.
Got the initial lab report.
You're worried about nicotine gum.
You OK? One of my friends has been killed.
An accident? No, not an accident.
- I got your things, ma'am.
- Oh, right.
Thank you.
I've been thinking I should report myself.
We should never have left her alone that night.
We failed her utterly.
Report your partner as well? You have reported itto me.
Let me think about it.
I'll decide what action to take tomorrow.
Yes, ma'am.
I'm Detective Superintendent Gibson.
I'm leading this inquiry.
- Can I ask you something? - Of course.
Did you happen to notice your sister's nails? - No.
- They look freshly painted.
There's not much in the way of nail varnish in the house.
She hardly ever wore it.
Red nail varnish? Not since she was 16, maybe.
I'm very sorry for your loss.
TV:Police have launched an investigation into a suspicious death at an address in Belfast.
- Detectives have yet to release - Paul.
But have confirmed that a post-mortem - Paul.
- .
Is due to take place later today.
This discovery comes just weeks after Thanks.
What are you doing here? How did you get through the cordon? - I'm a police officer, remember? - Not part of this investigation.
Why did you give me your number if you don't want to see me again? It was a mistake.
I thought I was good at reading people.
I'm sorry.
It seems I've read you wrong.
(Engine starts) DS Olson signing out.
- Jimmy, what were you doing in there? - Delivering a message.
To Detective Superintendent Gibson? - Are you charging Mclnturff and co? - No comment.
Tell your boss from me to stop saying the shooting's drugs related.
Why? Do you know something different? Who's dead in there? - Do you know something different? - Maybe.
All I know is white female, early 30s, solicitor at Bacon and Day.
Your turn.
- Is that all right for you? - Yes.
- That all right? - Yeah.
PAUL: I got you something.
Because your teacher said you were trying really hard at school.
Come here.
I'll put it on.
- Thank you, Daddy.
- OK.
(Doorbell) Katie.
Paul said I could download some music from his computer.
If it's not a good time I can - I'm just about to go to work.
- Oh.
- Do you not have an umbrella or something? - No.
Jesus, come in, until it eases off at least.
(Door closes) (Phone rings) - Jimmy.
- I ran into Ned Callan.
- He had quite a story to tell.
- I'm working.
- Aye.
- Give me five minutes.
(Classical music playing) - Come in, gentlemen.
- Good evening.
Good to see you.
Take a seat.
(Knocking) Mr Rossmeisl and Mr Lang are here.
(Aaron laughs) - Roger.
- Hey.
How good to see you.
Now, sit down.
I'd like you to meet the girls of Monroe Air.
(Low chatter in German) (Low chatter in German) Come on.
WOMAN: A glass of champagne, please.
- (Laughter) - (Champagne poured) - You're very kind.
Thank you very much.
Is that for her? She's 15.
She's underage.
Don't let her stay too long.
(Opens drawer) (Shuts drawer) (Opens drawer) Thanks.
(Mobile rings) Hi, it's Rob.
What's the story? - Not crime-related at all.
- Right.
- Nothing to do with drugs.
- OK.
Apparently, Michael Lockwood's been fucking Terry Mclnturff's wife.
- You're joking? - For the past seven years.
- No.
- Could be the father of Terry's kids.
(Laughs and snorts) - Mclnturff just recently found out.
- It's beautiful.
His anger knew no bounds.
- Shit, I've gotta go.
Talk later.
- OK.
Daddy! - Daddy, Daddy! - (Car alarm wails, dog barks) Daddy! (Approaching footsteps) Thank you.
She has a high level of chorionic gonadotropin in her blood.
- What's that? - I'm thinking she was pregnant.
Oh, Jesus.
She's not really showing, so It might be very early stages.
- Do you have kids? - No.
- You? - Two girls.
She's ermready when you are.
You may see what looks like bruising on her face.
It's not bruising.
It's just something that happens when the heart stops.
Are you ready? (lnhales sharply and gulps) ls this the body of your daughter Sarah Kay? My baby.
My baby.
(Monitors beeping) My baby.
Beautiful baby.
Can I touch her? Yes, of course.
(Blues playing) I bet you sit in here playing air guitar.
Wishing you were black.
Dancing all alone.
I was only joking.
- God, you're strong.
- And you're a thief.
(Music Off) - Give it back.
- What? You know what.
What are you doing? (Thud) KATIE: No! Get off of me! (Katie cries out) (Katie sobs) (Katie sobs) You're hurting me.
I wasn't gonna take it.
You had taken it.
I wasn't gonna keep it.
I was just gonna ask about it.
- Ask what? - Fuck you! - You hurt my wrist.
- Ask what? Nothing.
It's my mother's hair.
It's all I have of her.
It smells fresh.
I wash it sometimes.
I'm sorry I hurt you.
What can I do to make it up to you? Kiss it better.