The Fall (2013) s01e03 Episode Script

Insolence & Wine

1 There's been another murder.
I have worries it's the same guy.
I know where you live.
Like I've never heard that before.
'You think her hair's been clipped? Where?' There.
'She has a high level of chorionic gonadotropin in her blood.
'I'm thinking she was pregnant.
' Make me SIO.
'This is the third murder in three months, Jim.
' Is this the body of your daughter Sarah Kay? What are you doing?! 'If we don't stop him he will kill again.
' Excuse me? Is this your purse? Oh, erm, thank you so much.
So who are you thinking of for deputy SIOs? I'm not exactly spoiled for choice.
Just answer.
Brink .
and McElroy.
McElroy? Good.
That's good.
I'll be right there.
There's been a fatal shooting.
A police officer.
We should get you issued with a firearm.
Book yourself in at the range.
I don't have time.
This is Belfast.
Make time.
I really don't want these pictures to end up in the press.
'The site can memorialise the account.
'That restricts profile access to confirmed friends and family 'but means people can still write on Sarah's wall in remembrance.
' I'd rather her father sent in a formal request as next of kin and closed it down completely.
'Yes I understand, ma'am.
I'll talk to him.
' Right.
Great, thank you.
I spoke to Ian Kay about Friday night's visit.
He understands that it was his daughter's decision not to take further action, so, if we can keep it out of the press I think you're in the clear.
Thank you, ma'am.
I don't know whether you know that there's been a shooting? A male police officer.
I heard.
Do you know him? It's James Olson, ma'am.
The Detective we saw near the Falls Road on Sunday night.
What happened? He was shot in the street outside his house.
Apparently it looks like an assassination.
I just wanted to say.
when I collected your things from your hotel room, there were signs that you'd had company.
That a man had been there.
I wanted you to know that I removed those signs.
Anything else? No, ma'am.
Thank you.
Mister Burns.
Can you confirm that it's a police officer that's been killed? Has anyone claimed responsibility for the shooting? Doesn't James Olson live round here? Move everyone back to the corner.
Seal off the entire street! Where's his family? Inside.
Close this off.
Can I call Mummy? She's at work.
Why do you want to call her? To say good morning.
'God so loved us that he gave himself up for us.
'That is the message of the Cross.
'The mystery of death and of glory.
'The cross reminds us that there is no 'true love without suffering, there is no gift of life without pain.
' 'God so loved us that he gave himself up for us.
'That is the message of the Cross.
The mystery of death and of glory.
'The Cross reminds us that there is no true love without suffering.
'There is no gift of life without pain.
'God so loved us that he gave himself up for us.
'That is the message of the Cross.
' And the funeral is on Saturday.
It's a small affair for immediate family and friends.
But we are also planning a memorial service to honour Alice's memory (speaking German) There's been an accident.
Fucking accident.
It was an accident? Go back in there, sir.
Go back in inside.
(speaking German) Get some coffee down your friend, sir.
You're going to be OK, you're going to be OK.
Oh, my God! It's all right, she's going to be OK.
Don't get hysterical.
Here, take her.
Where the fuck are you? I could do with some fucking help here.
DCI Matthew Eastwood.
Who is this, please? 'Your call has been forwarded to the mobile voice system' You should arrest him.
She must have said something.
Done something.
She gets beaten up and it's her fault? Not now, OK? He's a sadistic German pig.
Not now! (speaking Russian) It's Rob Breedlove.
'Where are you? I've been trying to get hold of you.
' I was asleep.
What's wrong? 'Then you haven't heard.
It's Jimmy.
' 'Jimmy Olson.
' Come in.
What the fuck's going on out there? Your German friend has just beaten up another girl.
Badly? Split her lip.
Marked her face.
Jimmy Olson's been shot dead.
Right outside his home.
I just called him.
Another police officer answered his phone.
What phone did you use? I've dealt with it.
Make sure you eat all your lunch.
I will.
I put in lots of crunchy black beetles.
Yummy! I love you.
Love you, daddy.
Take her here.
Get her patched up.
Pick her up later on.
This bullshit has got to stop.
I thought that's what you were here for.
Get this place cleaned up.
Come on! Hurry the fuck up! He drills and it's in, drills and it's in.
And again.
No response.
Where's the boys.
Nobody to be seen.
Just keeps on going and going.
That's the way it went.
As you may have heard, we're setting up a Task Force.
I'm going to need a right-hand man.
I'd like it to be you.
It would mean to start right away.
No going home, no sleep.
I've been told that I need to carry a firearm, so you'll need to book me in at the range.
Maybe tomorrow morning.
And I doubt I'll get back to the hotel very much.
I'd like to find out where the nearest pool is so I can swim.
I've been on to HQ.
We have a list of operational names.
A place where the woman gets the blame.
Top Hat.
Too posh.
Too Texan.
Too male.
My least favourite band.
Well, aside from U2.
Hey, steady on Ashdown.
Too foresty.
What? Reminds me of shallow graves.
Seriousity, gentlemen.
Good morning.
ALL: Morning.
First things first.
All telephones disconnected.
All mobile phones switched to a silent mode or switched off.
Welcome to Operation Musicman.
Hmm? Where are you? Yeah, I'm here.
I'm in the car park.
She's started.
All right.
As many of you will be aware, we have come to the conclusion that the recent murders of Fiona Gallagher, Alice Parker Monroe and Sarah Kay are linked .
and the work of a serial offender.
Anyone in any doubt about the gender of the person responsible? Then let's not waste our time looking for a woman.
I've asked my two deputies, Garrett Brink and Jerry McElroy, to take responsibility for allocating all the key roles within the Task Force.
They will also lead the debrief on the Sarah Kay murder.
When you hear the pathologist's report, you will learn that Sarah Kay was six to seven weeks pregnant at the time of her death.
("In Da Club" by 50 Cent) Go, shawty It's your birthday We gon' party like it's your birthday We gon' sip Bacardi Like it's your birthday And you know we don't give a It's not your birthday! You can find me in the club Bottle full of bub That fact is not to leave this room.
Do you think she noticed I was late? I think you got away with it.
Think of it as an addiction.
There's a law of diminishing returns.
The serialist, like the heroin addict, is always seeking that elusive first high, and he's doomed to fail.
That's why the cooling off periods get shorter, and the crimes become more elaborate.
And he will carry on feeding that killing habit .
unless we stop him.
He clearly has a victim type.
They are not victims of chance, they are victims of choice.
They don't know him, but he knows them.
It's possible that he's out there stalking his next victim now.
He may even have a waiting list.
It seems that he breaks into their homes a day or two before he then returns to kill them.
How does he find and select his victims? We need to be looking at correspondences.
What links these three women? We will be making an announcement to the press later this afternoon.
There's every possibility after we do that, that we will be flooded with calls.
But all of those calls need to be captured, recorded and assessed.
For there are many of us gathered here today with still more to come.
There is only one of him.
You'd think that gives us the advantage.
But it doesn't.
He moves around on his own, in darkness.
And we operate under the glare of media lights.
Now let's make sure that we don't let anything slip through the cracks.
The Devil, quite literally, ladies and gentlemen .
is in the detail.
Detail, detail and detail again.
Can I help you? You!! Looking for someone? Are you talking to me? Yes, I'm taking to you.
What are you doing here? How is that any business of yours? I'm making it my business.
You're not from around here.
So? So what are you doing? There's a name tag on the front seat.
Hey, that stuff is private.
I doubt James would be that thrilled to know you're looking at his family's case files.
Jimmy? I'm a grief counsellor.
He lost his son, Daniel.
I know he did.
You're on the wrong road.
Yeah, I realise that now.
Turn around and go back up there and take the next right.
For fuck's sake.
Mr Spector? I was in the area.
I was worried you missed a session but, er, if this is a bad time? No.
Come on in.
'You have one new message.
' 'Morning, Mummy.
It's only me.
' 'I'm about to leave for school.
' 'I hope you're OK and all the babies are OK, too.
Love you.
Bye!' When Daniel was small, I was a registered childminder.
They all used to play out there.
Daniel, and the kids I looked after.
When Jim went to prison they revoked my licence.
I've been into his room.
Would you like to see it? Stella, this is Martina Dean.
Martina is our Media Liaison Officer.
Before we start, I need a word with you in private, sir.
It's nothing special, is it? I don't think I'll ever be able to accept what's happened.
You don't have to.
I don't subscribe to that model of grief.
I don't see bereavement as ever being resolved or accepted.
There is no closure, no recovery.
But you can learn to live a life without the physical presence of your son.
That's just it.
I can't.
He would always come to me for kisses and cuddles.
He would always hold my hand.
All I want is for somebody to hold me.
Tell me I'm going to be all right.
That I'm not going mad.
Would you do that? What? Hold me? Yes.
He came to my hotel room.
When? Sunday night.
Monday morning.
Why? What time? Between 2.
30 and 4.
About the same time that Sarah Kay was being murdered.
So he's on the hotel CCTV? Probably.
Did you talk about his case? Or your review? No.
James Olson was a married man, Stella.
Married, two kids.
That's his business.
He wasn't wearing a ring.
I'm sure that'll be of some comfort to his wife when she finds out that her husband spent his last night on earth in your bed! You were a married man.
When you spent a night in my bed.
Am I going to regret my decision to make you head of this Task Force? I hope not.
Did you deliberately withhold this information until after the debriefing? Yes.
But I thought you should know before the press conference.
An SIO should display high levels of personal integrity.
Demonstrate professional, ethical and moral standards! Show some self-control! I wasn't SIO at the time.
Are you in the least bit upset that Olson is dead? Shall we get Martina back in here? "I know where you live?" "I know where you live?" You scumbag piece of shit! Did something happen to your friend? Oh, I am sorry to hear about that.
Get off me! I'm a police officer, for God's sake! Do wish him a speedy recovery.
Get off me.
If I find out you've been doing their dirty work for them Will you get off me! I'm a police officer, for fuck's sake! We need to make it clear that Aaron Monroe is of no interest to us.
I don't see any mention of Aaron Monroe.
If it comes up.
There's something not right about him.
That's as maybe.
I need his father off my back.
We should announce that she was pregnant.
It seems Sarah was on a course in London seven weeks ago.
Hopefully the father will come forward.
Can we not call them professional? What would you suggest? Something that's less of a value judgment? Highly-qualified? And what about the washing and the posing? The more detail we give out, the more likely there are to be copycats.
Also, in my experience, this kind of case encourages false confessions, so we need to hold things back.
The cutting of the hair? Yes, we should mention the hair and the jewellery, but not the painting of the nails.
Let's not refer to them as innocent.
They were innocent.
What if he kills a prostitute next? Or a woman walking home drunk, late at night in a short skirt? Will they be in some way less innocent, therefore less deserving? Culpable? The media loves to divide women into virgins and vamps, angels or whores.
Let's not encourage them.
Erm, good afternoon, ladies and gentlemen.
I am Assistant Chief Constable Burns, and I would like to thank you all for coming here today.
Hello! How are you, my darling? Exhausted.
Where are the kittens? Come on! It is for these reasons we have decided that the three murders are linked, and we are seeking one individual for these crimes.
I met with Sarah Kay's family today and informed them of all the latest findings.
I do, of course, offer them and the families of Fiona Gallagher and Alice Parker Monroe my heartfelt condolences.
The members of my team are working tirelessly to provide them with the answers that they require.
Why were these women killed and who is responsible? They're so lovely.
Have they got names? Not yet.
Can I pick one up? If you're gentle.
Hey, Daddy.
Did I see a new quad bike outside? You did.
Do you want to go on the quad bike? OK.
Hey, take Olivia.
She's playing with the kittens.
Yeah, but she's the eldest.
You've got to put her first sometimes.
Mary Otwin, BBC News.
Who discovered the body? Her sister, Marion.
Were there any signs of a sexual assault? Er, that's not something I would like to disclose at this stage of the investigation.
Alison O'Brien, TVNI.
Were the three victims known to each other? That is a line of enquiry that we are actively pursuing.
Was Sarah Kay clothed when she was found? No, she was unclothed.
Ned Callan, Belfast Chronicle.
Has the review that you were conducting into the death of Alice Monroe been suspended? Yes, it has.
Were you the first person to link the three murders? I did discern a link between the murders, and then discussed them internally with other PSNI officers.
Were the independent murder enquiries conducted into the deaths of Fiona Gallagher and Alice Monroe adequate, in your view? I think there is no doubt that the best way to advance the enquiries into these three tragic murders is to view them as related and to proceed accordingly.
Can you explain why neighbours report seeing a police patrol car outside the most recent victim's house on the Friday evening before the murder took place Mr Callan, we've only got a few minutes left and there are a lot of other hands raised, so Fucking hell! Well done for spotting the wardrobe malfunction.
Cleavage? Just chest.
Daddy, I want to go back.
Wait a minute.
I don't want to go in there.
Wait a second, OK? wait for Daddy.
Daddy! Daddy! I need a wee! I'm going to tell Mummy! I'm freezing, Daddy! Daddy! Mum suggests we stay a day or two.
I can't.
I've got some work to do before tomorrow.
We could stay, I guess.
Dad could run the kids to school in the morning, drop me off.
Mum's offered Olivia one of the kittens.
What a surprise(!) Can she have one? Kittens turn into cats.
Cats kill the birds.
We could put it in a collar.
With a bell.
decided that the three murders are linked, 'and we are actively seeking one individual for these crimes.
' 'That was Detective Superintendent Gibson speaking 'at a press conference earlier today.
' 'The three murder victims, Fiona Gallagher, Alison Monroe 'and Sarah Kay, were all professional women 'in their early thirties, killed by strangulation in their own homes.
'Superintendent Gibson made this appeal.
' 'I would ask that anyone out there today, who has any information 'whatsoever, to please step forward and speak to us.
'They can call on the Operation Musicman incident phone' Aaaaah! Mummy! Mummy! You didn't tell me this was still happening.
It's OK.
She shouldn't have that necklace on in bed, should she? Why? She could strangle herself.
Here, take a wee drink, sweetheart.
There you go.
That's it.
Where did she get it? Paul gave it to her.
Why do you ask? Oh, just looks like an odd choice for a little girl.
She loves it.
There, OK, that's it.
Sssh, good girl.
Good girl.
What do you think you dreamt about this time? It's not a dream.
Well, what do you think you saw that upset you? A lady.
What lady? A lady with no clothes on.
There is no lady, darling.
There is at home.
What? I've seen a lady at home.
Where? Upstairs.
Where upstairs? Upstairs in the ceiling.
What do you mean? Above my bedroom.
It's OK.
'Police this evening have revealed that murdered solicitor 'Sarah Kay was pregnant at the time of her death.
'Family members believe it is possible 'Sarah was herself unaware of her pregnancy.
'Police have appealed to anyone involved in an intimate relationship 'with her in the last two months to come forward 'to help the police with their enquiries.
'Detective Superintendent Gibson, 'who is leading the investigation into the murder of Sarah Kay, 'which was today linked to two other recent murders in Belfast, 'refused to comment on whether the killer, if caught, 'would face charges of child destruction.
' I know you're in there.
Open the door! Open the door, or I'll fucking kick it in! I know you're in there! Jimmy, what are you doing here? Who the hell do you think you are? Telling people on my street that I'm in fucking therapy? Calling to my house when I'm not there? Sniffing round my wife? I didn't say anything to anyone about therapy.
Then how come the whole fucking world knows? Not from me.
You had your Jewboy ID hanging off your fucking neck.
Liz needs help, Jimmy, can you not see that? Not from you, she doesn't.
I saw the bruises, Jimmy.
You stay away from my wife.
Or I'll fucking kill you.
And your wife.
And your kids.
Stella? I wondered if you had the test screen results on Sarah Kay? I sent them through.
Did you do the autopsy on James Olson? Yes, I did.
I've just been talking to his wife.
Actually, do you have a minute? There's something that might interest you.
Ever seen anything like this? Jesus.
Seven spent bullets in his body, three in his head.
How's it going, Jerry? We're swamped with phone calls, as you predicted.
Women turning in their boyfriends, brothers, sons.
It is a husband, boyfriend, brother or a son we're looking for.
Yes, ma'am.
The press got hold of those photographs of Sarah Kay.
DCI Eastwood's in your office, ma'am.
I've spoken with Assistant Chief Constable Burns.
He tells me that Detective Sergeant Olson visited you in your hotel room in the early hours of Monday morning? That's correct.
Can you tell me the purpose of that visit? Sexual intercourse.
How long was DS Olson with you? Two, two and a half hours.
Did you converse at all? Very little.
What was his state of mind, would you say? He seemed fine.
Not preoccupied, worried? No.
We retrieved two phones from Sergeant Olson's body.
One a contract phone, the other an unregistered pay-as-you-go.
Does your number feature on that list? Yes.
Mark the calls for me.
Two of these are media messages.
Can you tell me what he sent you? I didn't open them.
Why? I didn't want to.
Because he was a married man? I didn't know that at the time.
But you didn't think to ask? He didn't think to tell me.
I know nothing that will help you with your enquiry, and I have a lot work to do.
When did you first meet Sergeant Olson? That's what really bothers you, isn't it? The one night stand.
Man fucks woman.
Subject man, verb fucks, object woman.
That's OK.
Woman fucks man.
Woman subject, man object.
That's not so comfortable for you, is it? OK, here's where I'm at with this guy.
There's an athleticism to these crimes that suggests that he's a young man.
Sarah Kay was 65 inches tall and weighed 112 pounds.
The same as a sack of cement and he's picking her up and moving her around.
With no signs on the heels of dragging.
So he's lifting her.
He's strong.
Fiona Gallagher may have been his first kill, but I doubt she was his first attack.
There's a progression.
An increased level of criminal sophistication that suggests that he understands police work and he knows criminology.
As such, I would put his age at mid-20s to mid-30s.
And he's intelligent.
Even highly intelligent.
Well, that will go with the psychological rather than the physical torture.
Maybe lower-paid white collar.
Less qualified than these women.
Perhaps he's an underachiever, or at least in his own eyes, and he selects victims that he feels inferior to and then dominates and humiliates them.
So he hates women who occupy powerful positions? Don't we all? So why the washing? He likes a clean scene.
Victims of strangulation mess themselves.
But the washing is more than that, isn't it? It's more than cleaning up, more than destroying evidence.
He needs them clean for the posing.
Does he wash them in the bath? Does he get in with them? Bathe with them? Maybe.
Cleans himself, too.
Are you thinking there's a religious dimension? What do you mean? Purifying.
Washing away their sins, his sins, I don't know.
What kind of sexual release is he getting at the scene? Well, masturbate, I guess.
There's no ejaculate at the scene.
Into a condom? There's no sign of damage, anal or vaginal.
Well, he could be having post-mortem intercourse that's not violent.
For me, the sexual release comes afterwards.
When he's on his own.
It's all part of the fantasy.
The fantasy that sustains him between killings.
It's about power, and control.
And the thrill.
It thrills him to stalk these women.
To break into their houses, to take their underwear.
It's about intimacy.
What could be more intimate than .
squeezing the life from another human being? Having their dead body at your disposal.
We've all seen more degrading crime scenes.
Bodies with objects left inside them.
This is different.
It's like an art form to him.
I'm certain he takes photographs.
After they're dead.
They're playthings to him.
He treats them like objects.
He paints their nails.
He uses them like dolls.
He's creating his own pornography.