The Fear (2012) s01e02 Episode Script

Episode 2

There's something going on in my head.
Work with us or we destroy you.
Why take her body and just leave that? The body is their insurance.
I want my boys safe.
Do you know what you've just done? Do you have any fucking idea? You do remember.
Of course I remember.
They've torched the hotel! The mayor's office has just called, confirming a meeting later? I remember.
I'm looking for Dr Whiting.
Do you have an appointment? Just tell him it's Richie.
I'm afraid Dr Whiting can't see anyone without an appointment.
I'm afraid I'm going to have to ask you to remove your car.
That's a reserved space.
I'm afraid I'm going to have to ask you to go and take a flying fuck to yourself.
Do as you're told before I slap this across your fucking mouth.
Everything all right, Susie? Christ.
Hey, Seb.
Long time, no see.
Art or science? What do you want, Richie? I don't imagine you're after the Botox deal.
A chat.
I didn't think I'd have this pleasure again.
How many times did we listen to them playing that, Seb? You remember Kilburn? Nah, course you don't.
You were smacked out your brains, I expect.
Look, if you've come here for some disagreeable little trip down memory lane, dream on.
I need to talk to a doctor.
I'm not, loosely speaking, a doctor any more - I'm a plastic surgeon.
Not to say, of course You're a fucking doctor as far as I'm concerned.
That's what it says on your parking space.
Yeah, that's the one.
Let's collect.
Fuck! What the fuck's going on? Fucking get after 'im, Jase! Fuck! Fucking Kosovans! Are you eating? Sleeping OK? Terrible.
And you've talked to Jo about this? Ships that pass now, Seb.
Give me your phone.
Why? Doctor thing.
How is Jo? She's fine.
Into her art now.
Got herself a gallery and everything.
Good for her.
Right, a little memory test - three words.
Apple, penny, table.
Say them.
Say them.
Apple, penny, table.
Remember them.
What's the date? Oh, come on! Nobody knows the date.
How am I supposed to know the date? September.
It's September and it's the21st.
That was yesterday.
I was close.
Season? Autumn.
Count back from 100 in sevens.
Subtract seven each time.
100, 93, 86, 79 72 65OK.
It's a watch.
Oh, come on, Seb! You're going to have to do better than that, man! Three words, that you remembered.
Apple, penny Apple, penny table! Yes! Apple, penny, fucking table! So, just a bit of stress, then, you reckon? Might be worth giving the ticker the once-over.
Oh, OK.
MOT time.
Good to see you again, Seb.
Sorry about all that business at reception earlier.
Susie! Gorgeous, of course, but tends to be a tad overzealous.
She shouldn't have slammed the door in your face like that.
Nearly took my fucking head off! Matty.
Yeah? OK.
OK, I want you, Cal and all the boys there at the hotel in 15 minutes, all right? Because this fucking business has gone on long enough.
First the hotel, now this.
A whole fucking shipment! They're taking us for a bunch of muppets.
I'm telling you, one of us is going to get cut up next.
They're fucking animals.
It was evil, man.
Police are going to be all over this.
You touch anything? You're joking.
Listen, we need to get a firm and we need to take it to them.
Oh, aye? So we have to start chucking bombs at one another because you couldn't keep your cock in your pants? Oh, fuck off, Dad.
Look, this is not my fault.
You're the one that smacked the old man.
They put a string of whores in your bed and you made them promises.
And don't youever tell me to fuck off! YOU HEAR ME? EVER! I did what I did.
You fucked up.
There's a body out there with you all over it and we've nothing to deal with.
Donny? You gotta talk, Rich.
We take it to them, they'll slaughter us.
We ain't gone to war for years.
We talk.
Now we've got Wes at the gallery, I want security on all the houses, people we know, people we can trust.
Let him know I'm on my way and that I haven't forgotten.
Let's take this nice and easy.
Then perhaps, we might get this place back to fucking normal.
We've never had security before.
What's happening? Everything's just fine.
Seb? I'm telling you, Al, investments like this, they do not come around every day.
Have you seen the plans? There's a curse on it, though, that West Pier, isn't there? All the people who've tried to revive it.
Yeah, but that's the challenge.
We crack this, we're talking legacy, Alan.
Gordon, Richie.
Huh? - It's not Alan.
It's Gordon.
- It's OK.
Well, that's what I said.
You cut me off mid-flow there, Brian, you're trying to confuse me.
We should go for dinner one night, at the hotel, Alan.
You open again then? The fire.
Yeah, well, we needed a refurbishment, you know? Insurance job was it? Steady.
PC Plod here might feel a pang of duty.
You're in the bunker, Richie.
You'll have to lay up from there.
Where's mine then? Richie! Fuck the old man! Fuck him! Listen, Matty, I love you and you know that, but you do not know what the fuck you are doing.
You don't.
This is my game.
No, it's not, it's the old man's game.
Look, - we can do this together.
- You had your chance, mate.
This is not my fault, all right? He was the one who lost it when we could have done a deal.
Yeah, and you were screaming and shouting about him being back.
Look, no-one's doubting you, all right? You're in the firing line.
Go home.
Play with your kids, play with Janey.
Keep your head down for a bit.
This is fucking gardening leave now, is it? You just need to be safe.
No! Tell him to fuck off! Listen! We have not had this before.
Maybe the old man's had his day, maybe we're on our own, whatever.
We have to make this work! Not like this! We don't have a choice, Cal.
Marin, yeah.
You all right? It's a bastard of a game, isn't it? How's business? Yeah, it's good.
It's good.
I let the boys deal with most of it these days.
Been trying to get hold of you.
Left a couple of messages on your phone.
Your run-in on the front.
The unicyclist.
You not get them? No.
Phone's been playing out.
No case to answer, as far as I could see.
Good, that's good to know.
People are starting to get a bit concerned about these Albanians moving in, though.
We're hoping that had nothing to do with your fire.
Like I said, John, all's good.
Because I don't need that.
Turf wars.
People getting their eyes gouged out.
That's the point of having you round me, Richie.
That's the whole fucking point.
Seventy fucking tw Hello, Rich.
Richie Um This is Ed Timms.
These are his paintings.
Ed Pleased to meet you.
OK, well, uh I'll check in later.
See how we're doing.
See you guys.
Richie Richie, put it back.
You hang this It needs to be here.
It needs to be here the shapes.
So, that him? That the guy you're fucking? Not here, Richie.
You called me.
You never call me.
What do you want? I'm not ill.
I was tested, I'm OK.
You're not OK.
What did he say? You've got to see someone.
I did, I saw him.
This isn't a fucking game! Looking good though, eh, don't you think? Old Seb.
Wearing well, kept his hair, of course.
Stop fucking around, Richie.
We could lose everything.
I'm not prepared to do that.
I told you, I'm dealing with it, all right? I know what I'm doing.
Does he know the truth? Your fucking painter friend.
Does he know? You told him? Huh? Told him about the money? Where it all comes from, what keeps this place going? Lining his greasy little fucking pockets.
Huh? The drugs he sticks up his pretty little nose, does he know where they come from? He's not a fool.
Course he's not a fool.
He's fucking the money, isn't he? Shut up! OK.
I don't know what's going on in your head, but I'll tell you this, I'm not going to let it fuck up my life.
There is nothing going on in my head.
One more time, all right? And then we're going home.
You ready? One, two, three, four! There you go.
Again, again, Daddy! No, what did I just say? I said that was the last time.
Again! Listen, don't talk to me like that and don't shout.
Daddy! Don't cry.
We don't cry in this family.
It's all right, Millie.
Cal Fucking cabbage picker.
Been there all day.
Standing there like a little fucking germ.
Leave it, Cal.
Daddy! Millie Daddy! Cal, leave it! Cal, just leave it! Oh! Cal! Cal! Cal! Cal, leave it, man! You fucking piece of shit! You follow me around again, I'll fucking kill ya! Cal! Get off it, Cal! Get the fuck off me! Cal! Get the fuck off me! Fuck off me! I'll kill you.
The fucking lot of you.
Why don't you see if you can score a deal with Layla? What's she going uptown for? Richie? Rich What are you doing out here? You all right? You coming in? Layla's in.
Yeah? Everything all right? Yeah.
You go on in, I'll tell her you're here.
Hey, darling.
How are you doing? All right.
Hello, stranger.
Hi, sweetheart.
Where have you been? You know me.
Come and go.
You on? 'Richie 'Richie! 'Richie!' Fuck it! Fuck it, fuck it, fuck it! What's up? Nothing's up.
Richie Darling, are you all right? Why don't you take me for a dance, eh? What's up, mate, lost your Viagra? Donny What, mate? How the fuck do you get out of this fucking place? Same way as always, down here.
You want me to take you home? No, no.
I'm good.
You sure? I'm good.
You? You OK? Yeah, I'm fine.
Yeah? Yeah.
We OK, you and me? Yeah, we're fine.
Love you, man.
Love you.
Richie! Rich! Oof! Oof! Please, please! I just want to talk.
You want to talk? Tell your brother he is an asshole.
He's sure, is he? This doctor guy.
Sure enough.
He said we need to get him to see someone.
You know, brain scan.
Proper diagnosis.
I tried to talk to him.
He just won't listen.
And he didn't come home last night.
You spoken to Cal? No.
I wanted to talk to you first.
Keep it that way.
I don't want him shooting his fuckin' mouth off.
Are you OK? Mm.
But if it gets out Dad's ill, the whole game plan's fucked.
What game plan? They want houses.
I spoke to them.
The Albanians.
We can still come out of this.
But they'll only deal with Dad now.
In person.
I don't think he can handle that.
He could do anything.
Yeah, well, he's going to have to.
We haven't got a choice.
Cal saw to that.
How? What are you doing, getting involved? Hmm? I don't want you getting involved! Can you? Can you handle this? Course I can handle it! Course I can handle it.
I know what I'm doing.
You OK, son? Yeah.
No, you're not.
I'm good, Dad.
Is it Cal? Is it Cal? Is he fucking you about? Where is he? Where's Cal? He's at home.
Right, good.
That's good.
Keep him there.
Keep him safe.
So Where do they want me? 'Just give him the houses and get the girl's body.
' For Cal.
Have you got that? Yeah, yeah.
Are you OK? Yeah, course I'm OK.
Why wouldn't I be OK? Our sons would have war.
I have seen too much war.
I am tired.
You as well, I think.
I've felt better.
You want your life.
Your house, your beautiful wife and your boys.
You give us houses for our people, homes for our businesses and a good share of your world, and you can keep these things.
A share? What kind of share? My sons have shipments coming.
They will discuss the details with your son.
That is for them.
It is for me to tell you this is how it must be.
It is for me to see that you agree.
In Brighton? For sure.
We need up to 50.
It's a good investment.
It's a start.
My money's safe? Your money? My money, my fuckin' money, Milton.
Can I trust you, that's what I'm asking? I do not understand.
You give us what we want.
When our business is over we give you the girl.
The body.
This is our trust.
The girl? There was a girl.
This is our insurance against you or your boys.
I got you the houses and that was the deal.
She wasn't supposed to be there.
Why have you come here? Why have you put this noise in my head? Are you OK? There was a girl.
Cal's girl.
The body.
Did you sort it? What's Cal got to do with this? You have to go home.
I need to work.
I need to work on the pier.
Go home.
I need to work.
Right, they're gone.
Cal? Yeah.
There's more in the next street.
Give them half an hour.
Now you back off, all right? Now we do business.
You took this town once, Dad.
Now we've got to take it again.
You know how to use one of these? How difficult can it be? How much did you pay for them? I didn't.
I've rented them.
You rented them? Yeah.
You get them by the week, pay by what you use, then they look after them when you're done.
Jonty did me a deal.
You rented them.
Why's that funny? Don't laugh at me, Dad.
This isn't my fault.
It's not.
You were the one who lost it.
Oh, yeah.
What is the fucking matter with you? It's like you're bottling it or something.
Has your fucking head gone or something? Is that what it is? Have you lost your balls? What the fuck?! Stop! Come on, get up.
What? Dad? Dad! Richie.
I need a drink.
Where have you been? The fucking pan's stuck.
What? The pan.
The top.
The pan.
The fucking pan.
It's not a pan.
It's a top.
That's what I'm saying.
What is this? What are you trying to do here, mess with my mind? You trying to make me out mad? You're ill, Richie.
You make me fucking ill.
You think I want you like this? Like this? Like what? There is nothing wrong with me.
Apple, penny, table.
This is my watch.
It's the football season.
I'm here.
I'm alive.
I'm normal.
What the fuck are you? You should know.
Matty sorted the houses.
It's done.
What do you mean, houses? What are you talking about? Don't go with him.
Don't leave.
You see? You could've done that.
What? Told him to fuck off! Who? Milton.
You could've done that.
What are you talking about? I buried you.
I buried you and I'm so sorry.
I'm so, so sorry.
Richie, what are you talking about? That was 30 years ago.
She was too young.
You have to think of now, Richie.
What's happening now.
Janey? Oh, no.
Oh, my God! Listen, Janey, I'll call you back, OK? Yeah.
What? What have you done? I don't know.
You hit Cal.
You beat him up.
Just look at your hand! You f What the fuck is happening to me? What the fuck is happening to me? Is he OK? He OK? Yeah.
Will you help me? Please.
Would you help me? Please.
Oh, God, somebody help me.
It's OK.
It's OK.
It's OK.
It's OK.
Come on.
Don't go.
Go to sleep.
We'll see someone.
We'll do it.