The Fear (2012) s01e03 Episode Script

Episode 3

This programme contains strong language from the outset and scenes of violence throughout.
Do you know what you've just done?! I don't know what's going on in your head.
There is nothing going on in my head.
I don't need that.
Gangs, turf wars.
There's a body out there with you all over it, and we've nothing to deal with.
Please, I just want to talk.
Tell your brother he's an asshole.
You took this town once, Dad.
Now we've got to take it again.
You do remember? Of course I remember.
I need to talk to a doctor.
Christ! Is your fucking head gone, or something? Is that what it is? 'Will you help me? Please?' Mr Beckett? HYDRAULIC BED WHINES He gave it to me.
Like a tip.
What - the money? No.
The wallet.
The wallet? Yeah.
Look I spoke to Layla.
She said he was behaving a bit odd just before.
What kind of odd? He sort of backed off her.
Went a bit cold.
Well, she's a dog.
Yeah, but then he got confused.
He emptied the wallet.
He gave her the lot.
Just thought you should know.
That's very noble of you.
What about your place, then, Donny? Swarming with Kosovos.
It's difficult, Cal.
We always stayed loyal.
You know that.
"Stayed"? Maybe it'll work out now.
You giving them the houses.
What houses? Matty rousted a couple of streets.
I thought you'd know.
I did know.
Must have been a nasty fall, mate.
Yeah, it was a shock, Donny.
It was a shock.
What we're looking at here, I'm afraid, is fairly acute.
Based on the scans, and having spoken to Sebastien about conversations he's had with your husband, I'd say this is a case of early onset Alzheimer's with a significant vascular component.
Meaning? His symptoms will progress quite sharply.
The present will make less and less sense.
He will retreat to the past.
Although, often not an accurate version of the past.
We call it confabulation.
Falsification of memory in a clear consciousness.
Fuck it.
Fuck it.
I'm not having this.
Not fucking having it.
Hanging around here like some fucking muppet.
I'm here.
I'm alive.
Not like I've got fucking cancer.
I'm healthy.
Who are these fucking people? Hmm? Richie Who dreams this up? Fucking Alzheimer's, dementia When did they dream all that up? Never had that when I was a fucking kid.
It's a fucking con.
One great big fucking con.
Just a way they can keep these fucking places going.
All I've got is a bit of stress.
Maybe depression.
Maybe depression.
But I'm here.
I tell you this.
I am not going down.
I am not fucking going down.
INAUDIBLE Richie? Are you OK? You should go.
Where? Away.
Go away.
I should never have dragged you into this shit.
Should never have taken you away from him.
Who? Seb? You didn't take me away from anyone.
Why have you got him involved again? Is this it? Is this the disease? "Disease"? Well, condition.
No, no.
You said "disease".
Is that what I am to you, now? I'm just diseased? No.
You said it.
You said "disease".
No, no.
I didn't I never said you were diseased.
You're just getting confused.
I ain't fucking confused.
And I ain't fucking done, either.
Don't need any more of this shit.
What I need is to get this place back to fucking normal.
Clear it out.
Get myself some space.
Some time to fucking think.
Where is everybody?! Ho! Anybody work here?! Mr Beckett! Where's Dmitri? He's taken a few days off.
He's my fucking manager.
He should be here.
When's the cutoff date? Whatever it is, bring it forward.
We're going to have a grand reopening.
Link it in with the pier, get in the celebs, the mayor, the footballers, whatever.
Put ourselves back on the map.
Er, live bands I think that's your phone, Mr Beckett.
It's your phone.
It's Cal.
You should talk to him.
We so don't need this right now.
' What do you mean, we don't need it? I mean the fucking mess this has landed us in.
What about Richie? What about the mess that's going on in his head? He's your father, Matty.
What do you think he's feeling? You don't care, do you? Mum.
No, you don't actually care.
Of course I care.
It's awful and I'm sorry.
But we have to get used to the fact that we're on our own now.
We have to survive.
It attacks different facets of brain deterioration.
But it only alleviates the symptoms.
And only temporarily.
He may be back for a bit, he may not.
He may think straight, he may go apeshit.
That's how it is now.
And what are you going to do? Thought about that? Are you going to stick around and wipe his arse for the next 20 years? RICHIE AND CHILDREN PLAY NOISILY Get the cowboys! MIMICS FIRING ARROWS (GROANS) We got her, she's dead! Oh, no! She was just pretending! (MAKES HOOTING CALL) Not in front of the kids.
Richie? We want to play.
Get downstairs.
Richie's busy.
Daddy? Downstairs.
I'll be down in a minute, honey, OK? This it? This where we've ended up? You're in no position, all right, Dad? Not after what you did.
What I did? What the fuck are you talking about? What did I do? Hmm? Fucking plastic frames! You not taking calls any more then, Richie? Decapitated.
They don't think she's much more than a teenager, and some evil fucker has cut her head off.
God only knows where that is.
They know your boy's been fucking these Albanian girls.
You've got nothing on us.
They're taking over, aren't they? It's eating away, John, yeah.
Is that all you've got to say? Don't shout.
Don't shout at me.
I'm not shouting.
You shout and I'll get angry.
I'll get really mad.
I've seen it.
Making a twat of yourself on the golf course.
Making a twat of all of us.
The golf? Yeah.
The golf.
Gordon Phillips.
Half a million investment up the Swanee.
Thinks you're a fucking head case.
Does he? I've put my neck on the line for you over the years.
Not any more.
No more deals.
This is murder.
Tell Cal I want to talk to him.
(TV) Some breaking news for you now and the mutilated body of a young woman is reported to have been found close to Brighton's Eastern Promenade this morning Police say the body had been decapitated and they believe the woman may be of Eastern European origin.
Police are appealing for witnesses in the area.
Moving on to the football now.
And the Seagulls You know what they've done? Upstairs.
Fuck upstairs! Boys, could you just This is aimed at me.
This is aimed at all of us.
Why? You gave them houses.
Why are they doing this now? I don't know.
Maybe they see you as a problem.
Do you? What? Do you see me as a problem? What are you talking about? I'm just wondering what kind of deal you did with them.
We did a deal about some fucking houses.
What about the girl's body? Yeah Dad was supposed to negotiate.
Oh, right.
Dad, Dad Dad's head's gone and what, you put him into a room to negotiate with a bunch of fucking psychopaths.
Yeah, one of whom you tried to kill with your bare fucking hands.
Cause and effect, Cal.
Now we're all paying the price of your fuck-ups.
Why didn't you tell me about the old man? You'd have spotted it yourself if you weren't so coked out of your head.
Why didn't he tell me? No, he just beats the shit out of me instead.
Is it bad? Yeah.
Have you spoken about him to anyone? No.
If people think he's losing it this whole thing falls apart.
What whole thing? We've got a peace now.
We can live with that.
Peace? What fucking peace have I got? I'm all over that girl's body.
You didn't kill her, Cal.
Lie low for a bit.
We'll settle Lie low? Lie low? Why is the answer to everything for me to lie low? You are so clever.
What about her head, Matty? Her fucking head.
What about that? Cause and effect, is it? I'll sort it.
You're out of your depth, mate.
Leave it with me.
I'll do it.
What you going to do? The police are going to be on your back whatever.
That's the idea, isn't it? It's not my idea.
All bets are off now, Matty.
Cal! Cal! Matty? You must have taken it, Dad.
I forget things.
I know but Dad, this is really important.
Richie, just try.
Do you remember going in the garage? Looking in the freezer.
No, I don't I don't remember.
Right, um I'll call you later.
APPROACHING STEPS You going out? Yeah.
I was there when Terry took that picture.
Stood right behind him.
Man, you were fucking gorgeous.
For me.
For you.
You remember that night when Terry was taking photographs of Moonie treading the drums at the Marquee? Remember? That was iconic.
We were the centre of the universe.
What happened to Terry? Who knows? Lost in the mists of time.
Lost in the mists of time.
Mm? I like that.
Lost in the mist of time.
Don't go out tonight.
Not tonight.
I You promised.
I'm sorry.
It's OK.
It's OK.
I'll I'll be back.
Have a good night.
We need to talk.
DOOR BUZZES REPEATEDLY You said you had police contacts.
Yeah, we do.
We keep our promises.
We delivered the girl for you, to remove your brother.
Now we need protection.
This is what you promised.
I'll talk to my father.
And there is another matter.
Maybe, maybe you should get him to hospital.
He's illegal.
No papers.
There will be many questions.
Your father did this.
I mean, haven't you got some backstreet quack who does this kind of thing? No.
We've got private medical insurance, probably exactly the same as you.
Matty thinks this guy needs to get to a hospital Why the hell should I risk my good name to do that? OK.
Maybe just have a look at him.
Richie's out of it now.
I don't know where else to turn.
Why should I do anything for Richie? You wouldn't be doing it for him.
Work's coming on.
Yeah, I'm going to have to organise a big do.
A wee opening.
We're going to have to talk about that.
No, Dad, we don't need to talk about that.
We need to talk about what we're going to do about these cabbage pickers.
They're not going to stop at the hotel.
They're going to try and wipe us out.
They've dumped that girl's body and put me in the frame.
And Matty's given them fucking houses.
You do remember that, don't you? Houses? What houses? Our houses.
But they're not going to stop there.
My houses.
My fucking houses.
All right, OK.
Your houses, Dad, yeah.
It's your idea, Seb.
You and your mad mate Milton, "going to buy half the streets in Brighton, "great way to get rid of the drug money, man" Dad, what are you talking about? You know what I'm fucking talking about.
Dad? Just the girl.
That's what fucked me.
What girl? The one that they dumped? You do know that they dumped her, don't you? She shouldn't have been there.
I got it wrong.
What? Dad What the fuck are you talking about? Cal? What the fuck happened to your face, son? Who did that to you? Tell me, who?! No.
Honestly, no-one did.
It's, uhit's OK, Dad.
It's OK.
Do you uh? You remember the Albanians, don't you? Of course I remember the Albanians.
What the fuck are you talking about? OK.
Uh Then, you know what the deal was, don't you? The deal Yeah.
We're going to hit them.
You, me, Donny, Jason.
We're going to round up some others and we're going to hit them.
Because that was the deal - they give us the girl's body or we hit them.
Of course.
And it's me and you, Dad.
We run this thing.
We run it.
You and me, good boy.
You said you loved them.
I did.
I thought I did.
But you bought them.
Well, no.
I said I'd take them home and see if I could live with them.
I'm sorry.
What the fuck are you playing at, Jo? Have you been bullied into this? No-one bullies me into anything.
You should know that.
Jo? Are you sure you know what you're doing? You sure Richie's up for this? It was his idea, Donny.
All right.
We'll go in.
You stay here.
Keep the engine running.
(MAN MOANS) I think he's probably just got a bit of a secondary infection.
There may be a thin fracture of the skull.
It's hard to tell.
This is bad? Well He should go to hospital, yes? I suppose, ideally You must arrange.
Your father did this.
Richie did this? I'm doing what I can, all right? I brought you a doctor.
I kept my promise.
BRAKES SQUEAL Get back in! Get down! GUNSHOTS (THEY SHOUT) GLASS SHATTERS Get down! Come on, move! Cal! Cal! Get down! GUNSHOTS CONTINUE GUNSHOTS Get in! ENGINE ROARS Oh, Jesus! It's Richie! Dad! Dad! This is like a! ENGINE ROARS Come on, let's go! She was alive, Jo! Who? The girl.
Behind the curtain.
She was still alive! (CHUCKLES) Your Albanian friend has a fractured skull, possible internal bleeding and a serious secondary blood infection.
He doesn't need a hospital, he needs a fucking morgue.
It's the police.
What shall I do? Let them in.
Yeah? I'll talk to Richie.
He's not there.
What? DOORBELL RINGS All our property on those streets is rented to students.
If you talk to John Foreman, he'll confirm that.
DCI Foreman is no longer on this investigation.
So, I'll ask you again.
Where's your husband? I told you.
He's out running.
Every morning.
Well, I need to speak to him.
And I need to speak to your son.
There's a warrant out for his arrest on suspicion of murder.
We'll be back.
He stole my share.
GASPING He fucked me over.
Lying piece of shit.
So I pumped him full of drugs.
You saw me.
You shouldn't be here Please No! I'm sorry.
He just died, I tried It's not your fault.
I'm sorry.
This is wrong.
Come on! This way.
Come on.
) Where is your car? Where is your car? Where is your car? Your car?! III don't know.
I don't know.
I forget things.
MOBILE RINGS Is it Richie? Marin.
'My father is dead.
' Shit This is no longer business.
This is blood.