The Five Juanas (2021) s01e08 Episode Script

The Perfect Man

- I don't know what you're talking about.
- Don't play dumb.
You drugged me, asshole.
You know what? Stop the damn car.
I don't even know why I'm here.
You're crazy! You need help!
I do?
Simón, you put something
in my drink that night and raped me.
What the hell is wrong with you, Nicté?
Why would I do that?
You know why?
Because you're a fucking pervert, Simón,
who likes to get off on defenseless women.
[tires squealing]
I doubt you knew the memories
would come back over time.
I remember everything, Simón.
We're going to the police,
and you're going to confess.
- [Simón] Stop the damn car.
- No.
[tires squealing]
- I told you to stop the damn car!
- No!
[tires squealing]
[Nicté] Ah!
[somber music playing]
[music fades]
[Susana sobbing]
When I received the first call,
I immediately thought
it was someone trying to scare me.
That's why I called you.
But today
I got a call from the police in Tenerife.
They wanted to confirm
that the woman's body they had found
was Manny's.
I'm really sorry.
[Susana] I was in the store
when they called me, and I just ran out.
I can't remember where.
I just ran.
I don't even know how I ended up here.
Did they tell you where they found her?
It was it was five days ago.
[Susana] They couldn't get ahold of me.
[Susana crying]
We sent her
right into the belly of the beast.
We have to have faith in God, Manny.
What if he doesn't buy it? What do we do?
Simón will have his doubts.
That we can be sure of.
If he does,
he won't harm her in front of his family.
You don't know him. He's a psychopath.
[Víctor] But I burned all her documents.
She couldn't travel.
Maybe she had another passport.
- [Susana] Thanks.
- [Grace] You're welcome.
I need all of the information
on the person who called you.
I have to make sure this isn't some trick.
What trick? What are you talking about?
Well, by Manny. Who else?
It's the perfect opportunity
to erase her past.
Just hear me out.
It is a possibility.
Especially now that we know
that she had a criminal record
and was hanging out with the wrong crowd.
Manny wasn't a saint.
But the fact she made a living
by dancing naked in bars
doesn't mean that she could stoop so low,
knowing the pain would kill her mother.
Only a monster could do that.
[tense music playing]
[phone buzzing]
She's at the apartment.
[Valentina sighs]
[Caridad] Thank God.
Now let's continue with our plan.
Did you read the documents I sent?
Marroquín must be who you're looking for.
It isn't him.
It all fits. The years, his age.
Can you imagine the uproar
if we prove the next attorney general
It's not him, Gregorio.
I talked to her daughter.
I made a mistake.
He never worked at Conaculta.
Forget all about this, all right?
Javier is waiting for me in Tenerife.
Who would've thought I'd be happy you had
an ex-boyfriend in the national guard?
Keep an eye out, Mom.
I'm more worried about you.
The only thing I'm scared of here
is being forced to go to Mass.
- Safe travels. I'll see you soon.
- [Teresa] Hey!
Take care.
[Teresa] Run along.
They're looking for you.
Get dressed,
or you'll corrupt those poor kids.
I was told you're giving me a hand.
What are you running away from?
This is my second time around.
Caridad saved my life
'cause my fucking pimp
was planning to kill me.
He would have done it, no doubt.
Well, I was running from a guy
who was trying to kill me with a stun gun.
You know how it is.
Men have a dick
where their brain should be.
[Manuela chuckles]
Or their brain is in their dick.
Good thing I prefer women.
[Pocho] Don't you like it?
It's beautiful, Pocho.
But I hope you didn't use
the money for my immigration papers.
Let me see.
I don't need a ring right now, Pocho.
Yes, you do, Matilde,
so everyone knows
just by looking at your hand
that you're private property.
That's it.
It's fine.
For the papers,
just ask Daniel for an advance.
This guy treats you like his daughter.
He'll say yes.
It's just that I was going
to see my sisters.
Again? Really?
They're my family.
I'm your family, Matilde.
Come on.
Show me how much you like the ring.
[tense music playing]
[Pocho] Come on.
I'll take the daily special, please.
- Perfect. I'll bring your order.
- Thanks.
[man] Hey, can I have a French combo
and coffee, please? Thank you.
I came with something prepared
I asked you not to look for me!
Yes, and I will do it
when you give me a reason
why you left like that.
I deserve that much.
[pensive music playing]
I can't, Federico.
Valentina, please tell me.
Are you protecting me from something?
Because that would be
the least painful explanation.
I'll go crazy trying to understand.
Did I do something wrong?
And neither did I.
This isn't either of our fault.
So whose fault is it?
You have to forget me, Federico.
And so do I.
Someday you'll understand.
The Canary Islands police
are worse than here.
In order to get information, you have
to prove you're related to the victim
or that you're conducting
a police investigation.
Bunch of idiots.
Regardless, she managed to leave.
Romero saw her get on the plane.
Still, let's not drop our guard.
I don't want any surprises
while I'm appearing before the Senate.
[Simón] Is he here?
Tell him to come in.
Leave us.
I think the plan is way too risky
just to get revenge on Marroquín.
Gathering evidence
and getting him to confess
isn't called vengeance.
It's called justice.
[Bautista] You didn't have to come.
I just didn't want him to think
that I was in shock,
traumatized, or anything like that.
[Caridad sighs, clear throat]
Tell me, do I look nervous?
[Lorenzo] Honestly, Val,
we have absolutely no clue
who we're dealing with.
Plus, if he has contacts on the inside,
I'll get fired, and we'd all be at risk.
It's a miracle Manny isn't dead.
It's riskier if we don't do anything.
We really need you, Lorenzo.
[Lorenzo sighs]
You can count on me.
- Oh, thanks.
- [Bautista] Great.
Oh no. It's way too late. Mm.
[Caridad] I have to go now.
Can you give me a ride home?
Yeah. Of course.
- [Lorenzo] Okay. See you later.
- [Valentina] Thanks again.
[Lorenzo] No problem.
[door opens]
Don't forget to give me
the certificate templates Susana needs.
I'll take care of the rest.
[door closes]
Matilde didn't come
because she has a headache.
I'm worried about her, Valentina.
[tense music playing]
You saw Federico.
He came to the café.
You were right. He doesn't know anything.
I think
he hates me now.
[pop music playing in Spanish]
Don't tell me you're still crying
over that girl, man.
Seriously, dude. Just look at your future.
Your uncle gave us the money
for the business. That's awesome!
Let's celebrate, then.
And that's not all.
Tina is all over you, man.
[Camilo] Yes, Tina.
All right. Get a drink. Put a smile on.
Everything's good. We're lucky.
[song ends]
Thank you.
- [Lorenzo] Um
- Uh
[both chuckle]
Caridad, uh
I'm sorry. I didn't call you before
because, uh, I didn't know what to say.
No worries. You didn't have to anyways.
Look, I wanted to tell you that
I understand that you regret
having done it, and
- [police siren wails]
- It's it's fine.
I don't know what happened.
We're sisters, after all.
I guess I can understand
you saw her in me.
I mean Valentina.
I know
that you're deeply in love with her.
And that's all right. Really, it's fine.
No. No, no. No. I regret having kissed you
because you're a nun.
And your face in that moment
I can't be in love with Valentina because
I can't stop thinking about you.
I know I shouldn't be saying this because
because you're a nun,
and and you'll take your vows.
And [sighs]
As you know, I am a police officer.
["Sinking for Days" playing]
["Sinking for Days" continues]
["Sinking for Days" continues]
Are you leaving?
I just wanna take a quick shower.
["Sinking for Days" continues]
[both moaning]
[song fades]
[Simón] What's up?
- Hello.
- No.
Have a drink.
Why did you wanna see me?
What? Am I not allowed
to ask how my brother is doing now?
I'm worried.
Busy with work at the firm.
And my Senate hearing
is in a couple of days, so
And what are you supposed to do there?
Basically, I got 20 minutes
to convince the Senate
that I'm the perfect candidate.
No, I'm not laughing at you. No worries.
I'm just wondering,
can you explain how you went
from wanting to be a movie director
to being an attorney,
and now even attorney general?
[Simón chuckles]
Says the guy who wanted to be a singer.
Yeah, but reality got in the way
when I realized I had a terrible voice.
Well, you switched just because of Dad.
I really don't know
how you put up with him since Mom died.
If I hadn't left
What? If you hadn't left, what?
You serious? Do you still think
he had something to do with Mom's death?
She had no reason to hang herself,
as far as I'm concerned.
She found out about something,
and it destroyed her.
She was depressive, man.
She took all kinds of pills.
And let me tell you something
because you left!
The old man suffered.
He had it rough.
Maybe more than you and I.
That's why you're the favorite son.
Thanks for the drink.
[tense music playing]
[Claudio] Thanks, Betty.
- Okay.
- [Matilde] Um
Everything all right?
Yes. It's just that I wanted to see you
because I'd like an advance.
I have to pay for my immigration papers.
And why do you ask me and not Daniel?
Is there a problem between you?
It's just that Daniel hates Pocho.
I don't want him to hate him even more.
He doesn't hate him. He's just worried.
I get it, but Daniel isn't my dad.
[Claudio sighs]
Listen, I'm really grateful
for everything he's done for me.
And the truth is
All I wanna say is that I like him
I understand
exactly what you're trying to say.
Okay. I'll transfer the money.
Give me your information. Is 5,000 enough?
- Thank you. Really.
- Pleasure.
[Ignacio] Were you out partying?
On a weekday?
- [scoffs]
- [clears throat] Yeah, it's just
A friend recommended
I cover up my pain with another girl.
No, it doesn't work like that, dude.
Time is the only remedy.
You may never forget her,
but at least it won't hurt so much.
Or you can move to another city. [laughs]
Oh yeah?
Is that why you moved to California?
I've always been a happy bachelor.
Life in bars is difficult with a wife,
and it's never been hard to find company.
[both laughing]
[knocking at door]
[Federico] Coming!
[Catalina] Oh no.
Federico, are you serious?
[Ignacio] Hi, Catalina.
Hi. How are you?
I didn't expect to see you.
It's We were going out
for lunch, remember?
Yeah, that's right. I'm sorry.
I'll take a quick shower, and we're out.
- Just a minute.
- Okay.
You wanna come with us, Uncle?
Uh, that would be really nice,
but I have a meeting that just came up.
Hey, read my documents
when you're not hungover.
And call me if you have questions.
- Go get your shower. [chuckles]
- Yeah. He's the new business partner.
You look great.
Thanks. So do you.
[groans] Oh my God.
[pensive music playing]
[man] The hearings are open
to the public, Valentina.
You don't need press credentials
to attend.
Yeah, but I wanna be in the front row.
The victims' law
hinges on the next attorney general.
You know that, Salvador.
A press pass is useless.
The front seats are always reserved
for the most important journalists
and politicians.
You can cover the event
from the general section.
Valentina, it's not a big deal.
Now, if you'll excuse me,
I have to deliver this report.
It's urgent. Pedro, can you do me a favor?
[Salvador] Everything's there.
It's all edited.
- We just have to deliver it.
- [Pedro] Will do.
Look what I got for you.
Samples of the death certificate
and cremation certificate
for the Canary Islands.
Are you repatriating someone's ashes?
I really hope you finished with the reform
'cause it's urgent.
[mysterious music playing]
"Canary Islands death certificate."
"Cremation certificate."
I have the documents.
It won't be complicated to forge these.
The seals are the hardest part.
I saw the papers delivered
at customs firsthand.
No need to worry, boss.
- Are you sure?
- Yes, that's Manny in there.
[Simón exhales]
[Víctor] Excuse me.
You got lucky this time.
But luck is a fickle mistress.
Never forget it.
I really hope you learned your lesson.
Give her my condolences.
I have things to do.
[tense music playing]
Manny was a great woman.
I'm really sorry for your loss.
You know you can count on me for anything.
[Susana sighs]
[tense music continues]
Simón Marroquín?
No wonder my father and Rosa
never said a word.
You mean you know the family?
Not exactly. Not in person.
But my father worked his whole life
as an accountant for Rogelio.
We were dependent on him.
Can you imagine?
He paid our way through college.
I never would have thought
in a million years
that Rosa and Simón
were in a relationship.
It's just that these people
don't usually get involved with the help.
He got more than involved.
That asshole got her pregnant.
[girl sobbing]
[girl] He threatened me, Dad.
He said if I don't get an abortion,
he would take care of it.
[man] Everything's gonna be
all right, Rosa.
Listen, I'll go to the doctor
with you tomorrow.
- Don't worry, okay? Don't cry.
- [Rosa crying]
[aunt] He made her get an abortion.
That's when Rosa decided to quit her job
and go to Cancún.
She came back a year later with you
and married to Marcos.
Grandpa never told you anything?
You said she went to see a doctor.
Did you get a name?
Rosa never threw away my dad's papers.
Here's some gynecologist named Salgado.
There is an address on the card.
[Valentina] Let me see.
"Dr. Salgado."
Why don't we go to the kitchen
and start making dinner, huh?
[Matilde] Um
Yeah, but it'll have to be quick
because I'm going to eat with Pocho.
He likes us to have dinner together.
[Valentina] There are tons
of gynecologists named Salgado, but
none of them seem to have that address.
- Let's make a list of all of them.
- All right.
Isn't the other Juana coming?
No, no, no. She's still in danger,
so she's staying in the shelter for now.
Mom, what are you doing here?
Were you followed?
No. They stopped monitoring me.
Simón is finally convinced
that you're dead.
[emotional music playing]
[Caridad exhales]
[both breathing heavily]
Give me 30 minutes to recover.
Thirty minutes?
How about 15?
Look, I am serious, Lorenzo.
I need to get back
those seven years I lost.
Did you give up your calling for me?
Would you feel bad if I did?
It's possible.
But I would want you to tell me.
I don't want any secrets between us.
Well, I always had doubts.
But I never dared to face them.
Until you kissed me, that is.
You kissed me first.
I would have never dared.
- Oh, no?
- No.
Well, what just happened
makes me think otherwise.
- [Lorenzo] Yeah, just remembering.
- [laughs]
[both moaning]
Why didn't you answer your cell phone?
I'm sorry, Pocho.
It's just that I didn't realize.
It was in my purse.
[Pocho] Where were you?
At Valentina's with my sisters.
[Matilde gasps]
[tense music playing]
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry, honey. Forgive me.
See what you make me do
when you don't tell me where you are?
[Pocho sobs] Forgive me.
[Pocho] Please!
I'm an idiot. Sorry. Forgive me.
I'm sorry.
Please forgive me.
Forgive me.
We just have to wait
for the judge's ruling,
but nobody answers at the firm, sir.
- The judge is Guillermo?
- [woman] Yes.
All right, remind me to call him tomorrow.
- We're done?
- One more thing.
There's a girl who wants the police
to open an investigation
into the death of her mother 20 years ago.
Twenty years ago. Seems a little late, no?
[man] It caught my eye
because she was a famous actress.
Her name was
Nicté Mai.
She died in a car accident.
They never suspected foul play,
but she insists that she has proof
that it was indeed intentional.
But I was thinking
to send it to another firm, sir.
Nicté Mai.
No, I remember. She was around my age.
Tell that woman to come see me.
I'm kind of curious now.
- All right.
- See you all later.
I wanted to offer you a job, Auntie.
But there's a catch. You can't say no.
A job for me?
I need someone to help manage the space
where we brew our beer.
[clears throat]
And my mom said you had experience.
Well, yes, yes. I got experience, but
[Susana sighs]
Uh, I don't really think
it's a good idea, Fede.
I, uh
I'm still finding it really hard, and
That's exactly why
I'm asking you to accept my offer.
I think it could help you
not to think about all of this,
or at least distract you.
Auntie, after all that's happened,
I only wanna be surrounded
by people I can trust.
The kind who won't stab me in the back.
Come on.
If not for yourself, do it for me.
I'd be very grateful.
I couldn't possibly say no.
He's a good kid.
Plus, he's completely heartbroken
because of that girl.
And I need the work.
I have to make a living somehow.
[Susana] Yeah, I understand perfectly
that you're worried. I am too.
I'm sure that I'll be able
to handle the situation
so he doesn't suspect anything.
And really, who knows
what's going to happen in the future.
He could even end up
becoming one of our allies.
No, it's not an option.
He can't find out about this
until it's over.
There's something you need to know.
[Bautista] I appreciate you
seeing me today.
The other two law firms I approached
wouldn't even give me the opportunity
to explain the situation.
I remember your mother really well.
She was a lovely woman.
And when she passed away,
the sad news was in all the papers.
You must've been a baby when it happened.
Actually, no.
I was four years old.
The police determined that my mother died
at the scene of the accident,
but she didn't.
All right, but how can you know that?
Because I was in the car, sir.
- [Simón] I told you to stop the damn car!
- [Nicté] No!
[tires squealing]
[tense music playing]
[dramatic music playing]
[dramatic music continues]
[Bautista] That man,
whatever his name is, was a real coward
for running away
and leaving her to die in that car.
I need all the help you can offer, sir.
You are my only hope
to find the man who murdered my mother.
The endless dance ♪
Of love and chance ♪
I played my cards ♪
I chose my words ♪
A bottomless sea ♪
Here within me ♪
I let you breathe ♪
A love you see ♪
Bare your bleeding heart ♪
Through your gritted teeth ♪
Show me where it hurts ♪
Imagine that it's me ♪
[song fades]
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