The Five Juanas (2021) s01e09 Episode Script

Another Daughter

[Bautista] I never knew who my father was.
I was raised by my grandma
in a small town in Yucatán.
In our culture, we believe that those
who are murdered at the hands of others
can't proceed on their journey
to the next stage of life
until justice is done.
No. No.
That's not an argument for the police.
And I'm afraid you'll have to forgive me,
but we're talking about
the memory of a four-year-old.
There's a witness too.
Someone rescued me
and saw who was in the car.
So if the investigation is reopened
and this witness can testify,
we might find him.
Mr. Marroquín, there's a reason
why my mother guided me to you.
Please help me.
[Simón inhales deeply]
But why now?
Why 20 years after the accident?
Because until now,
I didn't have the courage
to confront the guilt of the past.
Because remorse is like a monster,
a feeling that grows stronger every day
and takes control of everything you have
if you don't overcome it.
One night, I had a dream about my mother.
She was crying, asking for help,
and she had blood all over her.
Just like the accident.
I have to find the person who did this,
or she will remain trapped
and won't be able to rest in peace.
I'll do everything that is possible,
but I can't promise anything.
[Víctor] Boss.
Another daughter.
[tense music playing]
Another one.
Do you think that when,
you know, when people die
they keep wandering around
if they have unfinished business
or something?
I just had to do it.
I didn't have much choice.
It was either that
or turn myself in to the police.
[Víctor] You did what you could.
You didn't know
there was a girl in the car,
much less that it was your daughter.
First, it was Manny,
then there was the nun,
and now her.
The nun is not a menace.
Manny's dead and buried, and the other
I'll get on a plane tomorrow
and take care of the witness. Don't worry.
Do you know
how many girls I've screwed, man?
Who knows how many of my kids
are out there somewhere?
The best moment will be
when he speaks to the Senate hearing,
and I have to be in one of the first rows
so he sees me.
What do you need?
Ideally, I should get one of those
VIP passes like politicians use.
I can always ask doña Julia,
but she won't know what they look like.
I have a better idea.
I know a direct way to the perfect place.
Manny, forget the sweatshirt and the wig.
You're not supposed to go out
unless necessary.
I'm talking about a place
where nobody knows I'm dead.
[pensive music playing]
[Caridad] You were right, Inés.
The medical studies,
that's excellent news.
And really, all I can be is
forever thankful to you
and to this noble institution
that has worked so hard caring for my mom.
And I've been meaning
to offer you an apology
for having acted the way I did
and said the things I said the other day.
All is forgotten.
It's only natural
that you should worry about your mother.
But I committed the sin of pride.
I prayed all weekend.
I begged Almighty God
to fill me with resignation
and humility.
May I please see my mom?
Only if you think it prudent, of course.
Hugo, what did they do to her?
I don't know, but they sent her back
to where she was before.
I need you to take care of her, Hugo.
I have to give her her meds,
but now they give it to her intravenously,
and Inés supervises it personally.
Okay, that's all right.
Just do everything Inés says.
But I need you to protect her.
I'm just trying to find a way
to get her out of here.
The people who get out of here
are either dead or terminally ill.
[pensive music playing]
Like I told the young lady,
there's no reason to believe
that the woman didn't die instantaneously.
As the firm's legal investigator,
it's my duty
to go over all the evidence again.
There's no mention of a witness?
A man named Yumil.
She says he rescued her
after the accident.
You think I could talk to him?
[pensive music continues]
There he is, but I wouldn't get
my hopes up if I were you.
He says he rescued the girl from the car,
but he also says
Speedy Gonzales really exists
and is our current governor.
Mr. Yumil, my name is Víctor.
I work for a law firm in Mexico City.
[in Mayan] Nail.
Nail. Nail!
[car engine starting]
Holy cow, Yumil. You're a great actor.
You should be in soap operas.
The old man recognized him immediately,
but that's not all.
Rodríguez recorded a video
while Víctor was questioning him,
and you can see the photo of Marroquín
in it. I'll send it to you.
Thank you so much, Lorenzo.
All I did was talk to my fellow officer.
The one who did
the real heavy lifting was you.
[Valentina] Mm-hmm.
Mm. I have to leave.
I just wanted to give you the good news.
See you.
[both giggle]
[hip-hop music playing]
[Benny] Hey, hey, hey.
Look who showed up.
Thanks for letting me come back.
Did Attorney Suárez book a slot?
Yeah, he booked two hours.
He still doesn't want cameras.
Yes, I know that,
but I really need the dough.
- Okay. Be careful.
- Thanks.
I'm on my way out.
Do you need anything else?
How has she been since she got back?
She's not well. She's like a vegetable.
Why do you ask?
Dr. Zapata sent his report.
Alice did not respond to the treatment.
She suffers irreversible brain damage.
Unfortunately, she could pass away
at any moment.
[hip-hop music playing muffled]
Señor Suárez, ready to go?
- Thank you, Benny, my friend.
- [Benny] Go ahead.
Why do you look so worried, man?
Your boss is in good hands, relax.
Give me two tequila or mescal?
- Tequila.
- [Benny] Two tequilas.
It's not this bastard I'm worried about.
It's just that he already
sniffed up three times.
If I hadn't stopped him, he'd have drunk
a whole bottle of whiskey on his own.
I'm more worried about the dancer.
She'll be fine.
Manny knows how to take care of herself.
Don't worry.
Did you say Manny?
Yeah, that bitch came back today.
I don't know. It's almost like
she came back from the dead, man.
- Suárez. Suárez, Suárez, listen to me!
- Shh.
You're gonna give me what you've been
keeping from me for months. Come on.
Give it to me.
- Come on.
- Listen to me, Suárez.
- Come on. Come on, bitch.
- Suárez, listen to me, please. Please!
Give it to me right now.
- [Manuela] Wait, wait!
- [Camilo] Hey!
- [Manuela sobs]
- [Suárez groans]
Holy shit!
Are you okay?
Relax, relax.
I'm the attorney's driver. Are you okay?
Aren't you supposed to be dead?
I went to your funeral.
I need you to help me.
[Camilo grunting]
[Camilo] Help me, Lord!
[both grunting]
[Suárez] What am I doing here?
- Where am I?
- [Camilo] We're in your room, sir.
[tense music playing]
I'll pick you up tomorrow at 12:00, sir.
[tense music continues]
With this, your sister will be able
to sit next to Marroquín if she wants.
Don't worry about the attorney Suárez
because he probably won't be up till late.
- Okay?
- Mm-hmm.
Thank you.
Camilo, I'm also worried about Federico.
He's being deceived,
but it's for his own good.
I'm gonna ask you one last favor.
Don't tell him anything.
Look, I'm only doing this
because if it's true Federico was about
to have sex with his own sister,
then his dad deserves
to have his balls cut off.
So where should I take you?
To the Santa María de los Ángeles convent.
[Camilo] Nothing.
Or to your place.
[Matilde singing in Spanish]
[woman] Whoo! Bravo! Great job!
- [crowd clapping, cheering]
- [woman] They are amazing!
I saw you making eyes at him.
You were trying to turn him on!
Pocho, I didn't even realize he was there
until he asked me to take a picture, okay?
You got close so he could
touch you, right? Did he feel you up?
- Keep your hands off!
- All women are fucking whores!
Tomorrow you'll call Daniel
and tell him we won't play on Thursday.
No. We have to play.
- You're gonna meet that guy, right?
- Give me a break. Come on.
You know what?
We're not playing
in that fucking bar again!
I'll find another place.
You know what?
If you don't wanna go, don't go,
but I'm not doing that to Daniel, okay?
You're not going to behave
like a whore with me. Got that?
No one messes with me.
Not you, not anyone.
Let go of me!
[menacing music playing]
You bitch.
[Tomás] His ex-girlfriend
had to get a restraining order
so he wouldn't go near her.
Why didn't you tell me?
The wedding was inevitable.
I thought Pocho would change this time.
Their relationship must end.
I had this terrifying vision of Matilde
on her wedding day,
and I don't want it to become a reality.
Come in. Come in.
Please ex excuse the mess.
[Camilo] So do you want something
to drink or
Uh Oh.
I'm returning the favor.
You didn't do this for nothing.
You're a good guy, and I'm happy to do it.
[Camilo] Uh Um
The first time I saw you dancing
at the club,
I thought that a woman like you
would never pay attention
to a guy like me.
You're one of the most beautiful women
I've ever seen, Manny.
- [Manuela] Hm.
- [Camilo sighs]
I'll fix us up some dinner.
I'm sorry, the doctor had high hopes
that the treatment would work.
Deep down, we knew
she would not be with us forever,
but we didn't think it would be so soon.
Could we transfer her to the convent?
It would be very comforting
to keep her company and pray by her side
for the time she has left.
I'll talk to the doctor
to see if he considers it prudent
to do so.
He's the one who makes all the decisions.
Thank you, Inés.
May God bless you
for everything you've done for my mom
and repay you with his grace.
[door opens, closes]
["Este Camino Sin Ti" playing]
[doctor] Given the clinical status
of the patient,
I will authorize the transfer.
Pardon me for asking, Doctor,
but what happened?
This is so sudden.
Listen, Inés, this just can't come out.
After her episode,
the order came
to depress her nervous system
as much as possible,
and that's why the dose was very high.
But that can't go in the report.
Do you understand?
Absolutely, Doctor.
- Don't worry.
- Goodbye.
[doctor] I've done my part.
I declared she had brain damage
and authorized the patient be transferred
to the convent.
And did you notify the foundation?
Uh, I sent a notification
to a director who was abroad
because I don't want
to raise any alarms prematurely.
Now I want you to do your part
and put my protection and my pardon
in writing
for giving you this information.
That's what we'll do.
But first, you have to repeat everything
you told me when I went to your office.
On video this time.
If there's no recording, the deal's off,
and with no deal, you go to jail.
Why the long face? Cheer up.
Twenty years working for the devil.
It's time to switch sides,
don't you think?
[pensive music playing]
[sinister voice] Don't you get it?
[ghostly voices]
[tense music swells to crescendo]
- Víctor is here to pick you up.
- Good. Tell him I'm ready.
Everything will be fine, Simón.
You've had this speech ready for a month.
You'll be all right.
I'm ready.
Okay, Simón.
[breathing heavily]
[Víctor] That old guy
is as mad as a hatter, boss.
No one would be surprised
if suddenly he had a heart attack,
a stroke, or something
and died in the middle of the night.
Let me know
if that will make you feel better.
[Simón scoffs]
Víctor, you've been doing the dirty work
and dark deeds for this family for years,
and I've never seen you doubt
for even one second.
You manage to sleep?
My job is to protect you, boss.
I sleep like a rock.
[pensive music playing]
[journalist speaking Spanish]
[Simón] Honorable senators,
I'm here to talk to you
about my professional experience,
but first, I'd like to thank you
for this opportunity
to stand before the members of the Senate.
Um, before anything else, I'd like to
[indistinct sinister voice]
[ghostly voices]
[ghostly voices]
Um, as I was saying,
to begin with, I'd like to talk to you
about my experience.
What is your position on abortion?
[tense music playing]
Valentina de la Paz,
Alternative magazine.
Young lady
Can you tell us your position on women
who are forced to abort their child?
Is it a crime on the woman's part
or the man who forces her?
[indistinct muttering]
I can find my way out.
What's the matter, Attorney?
Don't you have an answer to my question?
[man] Please forgive the interruption,
Mr. Marroquín.
Please continue.
[Simón] Yes.
What was I saying?
Um, yes. So, as a man of law,
I worked in Precinct 23 for 25 years
to learn everything about this profession
and how things work in the legal system.
Later on, as I became more accomplished
and especially thanks to the efforts
of my father
- [Valentina] Cheers.
- [Caridad] Cheers.
Many guys would like to have
the balls that you had today.
Simón was acting weird from the beginning.
His conscience
is like a swamp full of leeches.
I could feel it when I was in his office.
When he's finally in prison,
we won't toast with beer.
- We'll have champagne.
- [Valentina] Ah, hell yeah!
Oh, I almost forgot.
Here's the video of Dr. Zapata.
He confessed that he has kept Alice
drugged all these years
on the orders of Marroquín
so she wouldn't talk.
Thank you.
Actually, we have to toast again.
My mother has already been transferred.
- Really? Congratulations!
- [Lorenzo] Oh, that's great.
[Valentina] Cheers.
[Manuela] Hey!
Well, all right.
I guess that's my cue to leave.
I have to be on my way, too,
before my mom starts calling
like a crazy person.
- [Valentina chuckles] All right.
- You're back at your apartment?
Since I died,
Simón hasn't been spying on my mom.
And honestly, I don't think
I can stand another Mass, nun.
[Lorenzo laughing]
[door opens]
Well, Detective, I think that
you and I should leave too
because Valentina
has to get ready for tomorrow.
- Please, guys.
- Let's go.
Drive safe.
- See ya.
- Goodbye.
I was up for a ride
And out on a whim ♪
There's no doubt in my mind
Nowhere to begin ♪
No way. She blocked me?
Fuck! Damn it!
Took on the world
Now we're out for the count ♪
[Bautista] Ah, I can see.
You go your way ♪
I'll go mine ♪
[car engine starting]
We did everything without looking back ♪
We'll draw the line ♪
[song ends]
You looked like a rookie, damn it.
Like it was the first time
you spoke on a podium.
I couldn't sleep last night.
I'm exhausted. It's just
[scoffs] Just what I wanted to hear.
Mr. Marroquín needs his beauty sleep
in order to speak like
his brain's really working.
[scoffs] I'll see if Bernardo
can fix this tomorrow.
I'll have to make something up.
I'll say you were sick
or something like that, damn it!
[door opens]
[door closes]
[Catalina] Rogelio.
Who was that reporter,
and what did she want?
I think she's from a magazine
called Alternative.
Just some kid who wanted to go viral
or whatever they call it.
take care of your husband.
There's so much
riding on his nomination, okay?
I know.
[door opens]
Can I get you something before bed, ma'am?
Gracie, no one must know
what was in the letter
you got out of the pool the other night.
Especially not señor Simón.
No, I don't know
what letter you mean, ma'am.
Whatever it is, be careful, all right?
Señor Simón
has been acting a little strange lately.
- See you tomorrow.
- Good night.
[pensive music playing]
[woman] Good morning, sir.
A young lady is waiting for you.
- I can't see anyone today.
- It will only take five minutes.
Have the security guard escort her out.
Just let me please explain what happened.
It wasn't personal. My mother was
- I'm not interested in your mother.
- You knew her.
Her name was Rosa Martínez.
A man got her pregnant
and forced her to abort.
But she managed to escape,
and that's why I'm here.
I didn't know until two months ago
when she died, sir.
[Rosa] An abortion?
Simón, I'm four months pregnant.
If you don't do it,
you and your family
will be finished around here.
[Valentina] I have dedicated my life
to fighting abuse against women,
but this time,
my personal feelings got the best of me,
which isn't professional on my part.
That's why I came here today to apologize.
And also, if you allow me,
I would like to ask you one thing
when you are named attorney general,
and that is to stop the reform
of the Victim Protection Act.
Do it for my mom.
She suffered so much
at the hands of that man.
You know, she was really very fond of you
and your family.
I'm sure that wherever she is,
she will appreciate it.
That's all.
Thank you for your time. Goodbye.
Now I think I'm going nuts.
No, you can't be sure
she's your daughter. Relax, sir.
Are you crazy or what?
Rosa Martínez.
A guy who forced her to abort her child.
And you, bastard.
I bet you knew the girl was alive, right?
And you knew about the other!
You're up to your neck in this shit!
What do you know?
Tell me!
You're not thinking clearly, sir.
I assure you, I took Rosa to Dr. Salgado.
When I returned, she assured me
that the procedure had been carried out.
She showed me the medical report.
I showed you the photos, remember?
The lady told her daughter,
and she's lying
because she wants to blackmail you.
[Simón exhales deeply]
Leave me alone.
- But, boss
- Get out.
Uh, the offices are upstairs.
There, see? All that.
Someday, maybe
we could put a bar or something.
[Ignacio] Check it out.
All state-of-the-art equipment.
Wow, Uncle! I can't believe it!
You better start to believe it, Federico.
It's gonna be a great success.
Hey, look. This is Camilo.
[Ignacio] I finally get to meet the genius
behind the formula.
Nice to meet you. This is impressive.
- [Ignacio] So you like it?
- [Camilo] It's amazing.
[Bautista] My pleasure, really.
- [woman] Thank you so much.
- Thank you.
- See you soon.
- Goodbye.
[tense music playing]
[man laughing, panting]
[tense music continues]
Ah! Doña Julia! Ah, help!
- Get ready to play!
- [Bautista] Please!
Not you again, you bastard!
Leave her alone! I said leave her alone!
[Julia] I can't believe
that guy is here again.
One year ago,
he raped the daughter of a friend of mine,
and they put him in jail
for just one week. Can you believe that?
- [man banging on door]
- Take a deep breath. You're safe now.
[banging continues]
[tense music playing]
[banging continues]
Did you lose something?
[man] Get out of here!
[panting] I said get out of here.
[Julia gasps]
[man grunts]
[tense music continues]
[man grunting]
[both grunting]
[man groaning, grunting]
[man gasping]
[man grunts]
[Valentina] If Simón sent
his top guard to follow you,
he must suspect
that we're working together.
Good thing you noticed him, Bautista.
It's only because the rapist showed up.
Otherwise, he would've followed me
to your apartment,
and the plan would've failed.
I'm telling you, it's no coincidence.
[Valentina] Right.
But now you'll have to report him.
[siren wailing]
I don't have to worry about him anymore.
I'll explain later.
For now, we shouldn't be seen together
for a few days, just in case.
- I'm going to stay with Tomás.
- Okay.
But keep in touch, and be careful, please.
We'll talk later. Ciao.
[mysterious music playing]
[mysterious music continues]
This list contains
all the necessary treatments.
Hugo will come every morning
to check her vital signs,
to see how the patient regresses.
[chief nun] God will repay you
for everything you've done
for our dear Alice, Inés,
with interest.
- [woman] Excuse me.
- Sister Consuelo.
[bell ringing]
Thank you for helping us.
Mm. It was my pleasure, Caridad.
I knew it was part of the Creator's plan
that I should study nursing for a year
before taking my vows.
She says it's only a matter of time
before Alice eliminates all the drugs
that are in her system.
Thanks to Dr. Zapata's report,
we now know what she has
and how we can cure her.
You'll see.
Your mother is gonna get better,
and in no time at all,
she'll be up and talking.
["Seed of Doubt" playing]
[Camilo] It'll get better.
Bro, she blocked me on Instagram.
I mean, why would she do that?
[Federico sighs]
I said it would get better.
Sometimes I park my car
in front of her house,
and I watch her window.
Dude, come on.
No, there's nothing weird about it.
Then tell me why you do it.
Because I can't get my mind off of her.
Seriously, man. I I see her everywhere.
I won't be at peace
till I know what happened.
Maybe it's better not to know.
I mean it, man. She could have
a fatal disease or something.
Or maybe she's getting married. Who knows?
Bro, you better forget that girl.
I'm telling you.
["Seed of Doubt" continues]
Thanks for being a good friend, bro.
[song ends]
Are you sure
the two girls don't know each other?
I'm sure.
They live in different parts of the city.
And unless they phoned each other,
they have no contact.
Should I keep watching?
No. No, that's enough. And the doctor?
I checked the address you gave me.
She's not there.
Looks like she's retired.
[Víctor] Ah. Don't worry about it. See ya.
[ghostly voices]
[phone line ringing]
[secretary] Excuse me, sir.
A Dr. Salgado is looking for you.
She says it's urgent.
It's the third time she's called.
I assure you I took Rosa to Dr. Salgado.
Put her through, please.
[phone line ringing]
[Dr. Salgado] Mr. Marroquín.
This is Dr. Salgado.
I'm the gynecologist you hired
to perform
I know exactly who you are.
What do you want?
Look, a woman came looking for me.
She's a reporter, and she said
she needed to know the name of the person
who paid for Rosa Martínez's operation.
Are you sure she didn't ask
who's the idiot you lied to?
That means you know I didn't do
I know I have a daughter somewhere
who shouldn't have been born.
I simply forgot to call you
to say thank you.
Look, put yourself in my place.
Rosa promised me
no one would find out about this.
She could feel the baby.
She could hear the heartbeat.
So what do you want?
More money or else
you throw me out to the hounds?
No, no, no.
Look, I denied everything she was saying.
I told her she didn't know
what she was talking about,
that this must have been
another Dr. Salgado.
But if word gets out about this,
I'll lose my license,
and I could go to jail.
The only reason I called
is because I need to be sure
you'll protect me.
Just like I did back then
when I protected you.
Mr. Marroquín, I hope I can trust you.
[tense music playing]
Thank you, Doctor.
[doctor] Mm.
[man on TV speaking Spanish]
You still angry?
No, Pocho, I'm not angry.
I'm worried
because we have a lot of bills to pay,
and the rent is due.
I told you I would get another gig.
That's what I'm gonna do.
Can I have a kiss?
[door closes]
[Daniel] What's this?
Are you going to sing solo?
Yeah. I had a little fight with Pocho
and didn't wanna let you down.
You know singing makes me feel better.
Give the list of songs to Claudio
so he can put the backup tracks on.
Thank you. I'll go on at 8:00, okay?
He's not well, Víctor.
He canceled four important meetings.
He won't eat.
Should I call Ms. Catalina?
You can leave. I'll take care of him.
[tense music playing]
[ghostly voices]
[Bautista] She will remain trapped
without being able to rest in peace.
[Nicté] You put something in my drink
that night and raped me.
[Valentina] A man got her pregnant,
forced her to abort.
She managed to escape.
That's why I'm here.
[Rosa] An abortion?
Simón, I'm four months pregnant.
[Manuela] The honorable attorney general
was out there screwing his sister-in-law
while his wife was pregnant.
[Bautista] Remorse is like a monster.
A feeling that grows
[Víctor] Boss.
You can go now.
[door closes]
[phone chimes]
["Bon Bini" playing]
What's that bastard doing here?
He's looking for Matilde.
That's impossible.
He doesn't even know she exists.
No, this can't be a coincidence, Claudio.
What else could it be?
[man] Bravo!
[man] Bravo!
Tonight is an important night,
especially because it has been 17 years
since I said goodbye to my mother
in a small town in Colombia.
So wherever you are now,
tonight is dedicated to you.
Dominga Heredia.
[Claudio] I have to go.
[tense music playing]
["Bon Bini" playing]
[song ends]
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