The Five Juanas (2021) s01e10 Episode Script

Too Late

[singing in Spanish]
A mescal, please.
- [door closes]
- [Pocho] Honey!
I just got a gig!
[song continues playing]
[grunts furiously]
She's quite a looker, right?
What's her name?
Matilde. This is her Instagram.
- [Tomás] She's beautiful, isn't she?
- Mm.
[Tomás] This is a photo of her mom.
Her story is quite puzzling.
People say she lives here in Mexico City.
But God knows where.
It was you, wasn't it?
You sent me that message.
I don't know what you're talking about.
[Matilde continues singing]
[song fades]
[crowd clapping, cheering]
[reggaeton music playing]
Hey. Where you going?
I have to talk to that girl.
She doesn't have anything
to say to you, Simón.
Do I know you?
[breathes deeply]
[Matilde screams]
[Matilde whimpering]
Are you trying to leave?
- [Pocho] Eh?
- No!
You promised me
that you'd never take it off.
- No!
- Huh?
Stop it, please!
I wanna make it clear.
You're looking at the owner of this bar,
so I decide who is welcome here.
- Ah, you're the owner?
- I asked you to leave.
[Claudio] Danny,
let's go to the office. Daniel!
[Matilde crying]
Shh! Shh!
- [Matilde crying]
- [Pocho] Shh! Shut up!
[Tomás] Let her go right now, you asshole!
[men grunting]
[Matilde] Pocho, you're gonna kill him!
Call the police.
[tense music playing]
[Ignacio] Hey. Good evening, Grace.
[door closes]
Is Simón here?
I've been calling his cell,
but he's not answering.
I need to talk to him about some documents
from the foundation that I just received.
Simón hasn't come home.
It's pretty important. Do you mind if
Would you like
- Yeah?
- Yeah.
[Catalina chuckles]
- [Catalina] Hi.
- Hey. How are you?
I can tell you are not married.
[Salvador] Open the garage.
The doses of ketamine and flurazepam
in Alice's system when she arrived
at the hospital were high,
and she also had some brain damage,
but she was going to recover.
[officer] Why is she still like that?
Because I have made sure of that, Officer,
by orders of Simón Marroquín.
The point of the operation
was to cover up the fact
that he had a daughter with her.
- [Camilo] Hi.
- Hey.
Where are we going?
It's a surprise.
I don't like surprises.
I can't risk being seen.
Where we're going is perfect
'cause no one will notice us.
Trust me.
- [Manuela sighs]
- [car engine starting]
[indistinct radio chatter]
[shuddered breathing]
[tense music playing]
[Catalina] Ignacio,
Simón might not be back all night.
He stays at the firm.
I always thought that
you deserved a better man than my brother.
[tense music continues]
[Ignacio] You're too exceptional
of a woman for that asshole.
[Ignacio] Have a good night.
Good night, Ignacio.
[Camilo] Ready?
- Yeah.
- That's it.
- [Camilo] All set?
- Yes.
[Camilo] Mm. There we are.
No one's ever called me beautiful.
No way. Are you for real?
Men usually say that I'm hot.
That they like my tits, my ass.
But no one has ever used that word.
That's the first thing that comes to mind
when I think of you.
[romantic music playing]
How long is the movie?
I don't even know. Like, two hours.
Then there's another one.
That's what I like to hear.
[Matilde] I'm really sorry.
It was all my fault.
[Daniel] No, Matilde.
No woman is responsible
when a man abuses her.
There is no justification for that.
I'm just wondering
why you guys are so nice to me.
You gave me a job and now a place to stay.
[Daniel] That's easy.
You need a place to sleep, no?
That and the bar is two blocks away,
so you'll never be late again.
All right. Get some rest. Hm?
Thank you for everything.
- Don't mention it.
- Okay.
[Matilde] Hey.
Now, that's weird.
I have the exact same postcard.
Where did you get yours?
- Oh really? Uh, we bought it in, um
- San Miguel de Allende.
[Claudio] Yeah.
- [Daniel] That's where. Yeah.
- Yeah, yeah.
- [Daniel] Very cool place.
- [Claudio] Yeah.
[Daniel] Yes, yes.
What a coincidence.
- [chuckles] Get some rest.
- [Matilde] You too.
[door opens, closes]
- My goodness.
- That's it. You have to talk to her.
- Now.
- [Daniel sighs]
[Valentina] This dude is a wife beater.
Ooh, if I had been there, I swear
My hands are gonna hurt for a couple days,
but it was worth it, right?
Is there any reason
Daniel would happen to know Simón?
I saw them chatting
like they knew each other.
- No.
- [Tomás] No?
No, that's impossible because
What's wrong?
[phone ringing]
Hello, Vale.
Hi, Matilde. Are you all right?
Yeah, I'm all right.
I'm just upset
because he ruined our plan with Simón.
Tomás told us
that he saw Daniel and Simón chatting.
Tomás saw what?
Wait, what are you trying to say?
Matilde, think for a minute.
Daniel has helped you since the beginning,
but what if it was all part of a plan?
But that wouldn't make any sense.
Well, if he works for Simón, it does.
Don't you think?
[Bautista] We know someone is helping him.
It could be Daniel.
And hiring you could have been
part of a plan to keep you close.
[Matilde] That's weird.
I have the exact same postcard.
So he would've been the one
sending my family those postcards
all these years?
That can't
No. That can't be. No, I don't believe it.
[Matilde breathing heavily]
[shuddered breathing]
[dog whimpering]
[dog barking]
[Claudio] What is it? What's wrong?
Why are you barking, huh?
What's up?
[footsteps approaching]
Where you going?
I know everything.
But what are you talking about?
That Daniel works
for Simón Marroquín, my father.
[Daniel] Matilde.
You made me believe my mom was still alive
for all these years.
How could you have done such a thing?
Do you know how it feels to grow up
thinking you're not loved by your mother?
Do you know how that feels?
[Matilde] No, you don't, obviously!
Where will you always be?
[Dominga] Where will you
always be, sweetie?
I'll always be in your heart,
and you in mine.
But spiral into myself
Thinking you think I don't love her ♪
How do you know my mom
used to tell me that when I was little?
How do you know?
Because it's me.
I'm your mom.
No! No!
[Daniel] Matilde.
[Daniel crying]
[Daniel sobs] No!
[banging at door]
[crying] It's her!
Daniel is her! Daniel is her!
Even when you don't bother ♪
[footsteps approaching]
Were you able to sleep?
You guys need to talk.
I don't know if I'm ready yet.
It's a lot of information to process,
and I can't imagine
how you must be feeling,
but at least you didn't lose your mom.
You're lucky, unlike most of us.
[Valentina] You have to talk to him
and explain everything.
If Simón recognized Daniel,
he could be in danger.
All right.
One, two, three. No cheating.
It's your mom. She's awake.
[emotional music playing]
I was sure she was going to get better,
but this right here, Caridad,
is a miracle.
It's me, Juana Caridad, your daughter.
Do you recognize me?
[emotional music continues]
[breathing heavily]
[Federico] What's wrong?
[Valentina sobs]
You have to forget about me.
Someday you'll understand.
[emotional music playing]
[Federico] How've you been?
Oh, then I must have shouted "yes"
inside my head.
[both laughing]
Valentina de la Paz.
What can I do for you?
I'm Catalina. I'm Simón Marroquín's wife.
I think we need to talk.
I'm sorry. I don't have time.
I know you're Simón's daughter.
[Catalina] Do you want money?
I can give you whatever you need.
Give me money?
You don't understand.
Then what do you want?
Being recognized as his daughter?
Your mother wouldn't want that.
What do you know about my mother?
That her name was Rosa,
and that Simón got her pregnant
at some point
and forced her to get an abortion
just like you said at the hearing.
[Catalina breathes deeply]
This arrived a year ago,
but Simón never saw it.
That's why he doesn't know you exist.
I didn't do it to protect him,
but to protect you.
Seriously, Valentina, hear me out.
Get away from him.
You don't want a father
like Simón Marroquín.
Not only did you protect me
you probably saved my life.
Do you think we could meet up later?
You're right. We do need to talk,
but not here, not now.
Can we get a drink?
[Daniel] I'm the same person.
I just changed my appearance and
my voice.
It was part of the transition I underwent.
How long ago did you transition?
Fifteen years ago, when I met Claudio.
He gave me the strength.
How did you find out about your father?
I need to know how you met him first.
On the road.
I was just making a name for myself.
Simón had connections,
and he showed interest in my career.
[Dominga] Where are we?
[Daniel] The first time,
I woke up in a hotel room,
and I couldn't remember anything.
I believed what Simón told me,
that I had too much to drink.
The second time,
I started suspecting something.
And the third time
I'll be here.
[menacing music playing]
And three months later, I knew I was
I was expecting you,
but I didn't have the instinct.
I didn't know what to feel.
So I convinced myself
that you would be better off without me.
I remember the day I left.
I asked God
that one day we'd be able to meet again
so I could tell you everything.
Tell you that I've always loved you.
That I never stopped, not even a second.
And that you're the only thing
the only thing I care about.
This bar, I bought it for you, Matilde,
hoping that one day you would come.
That postcard was my way
of leaving it to destiny.
And I know it was destiny
that brought me here.
I remember the first night
that I saw you sing up on that stage
was the happiest moment of my entire life.
Why are you crying, sweetie?
'Cause this is
the happiest day of my life.
Are we in a dream? ♪
Am I gonna wake up
Just to see that you're gone ♪
[Daniel] I love you so much.
Gone ♪
[song fades]
She's supposed to arrive at 5:00.
Yes, I'm on my way. Bye.
Hey, have you seen Gregorio?
No. He hasn't showed up.
That's strange, no?
We were going to talk about
offering him a full-time position,
but whatever.
By the way, you've been giving him
way too much work.
He was here late again last night.
I have to leave now.
I'm sorry. I got a meeting.
- See you.
- All right. Good luck.
Thank you for coming, Catalina. Come in.
[surprised] Susana.
[Valentina] I'll be back later. Excuse me.
[door closes]
Since when have you known about her?
Since Simón tried to kill Manny, Cata.
[tense music playing]
[Manny] Auntie.
Have a seat.
This won't be easy.
You'll have to send me
to a psych ward sooner or later.
- You went back to her place.
- I can't control it.
I need to talk to her.
I don't care if she calls the police.
All right, wish me luck.
Man, listen to me. You can't be there.
It's for your own good.
- Don't touch me! I said
- No!
- Hey, I'll call you later.
- [Camilo] No, man! Wait!
- [Catalina] No!
- [Susana] Wait! Don't go!
[Valentina] Catalina, don't leave.
Catalina, please wait a second.
Catalina, let me talk to you.
Please, just a minute. Don't go.
- [Valentina] What happened? What happened?
- [Bautista] Everything will be all right.
[Bautista] It'll be okay.
[door closes]
It's the most difficult thing
I've had to do in my whole life.
She'll forgive you.
You just have to give her time.
- I'm worried about what she might do.
- Do you think she'll tell Simón?
No, she's devastated, but she won't talk.
I know my sister.
She might even want to see him
get the punishment he deserves.
- I wanna go home.
- Sure.
[Manuela sighs]
- [Susana] Ready?
- [Manuela] Yeah. Let's go.
[Susana] All right.
[melancholy music playing]
What the hell? Manny?
Federico, let me explain.
Explain what?
The five of us are Simón's daughters.
[Valentina] You and I
are brother and sister.
What? No.
The five of us share the same birthmark.
In the same place.
We inherited it from your dad.
When I confronted him, I showed it to him.
He tried to kill me.
And I barely escaped.
My mom died because of him.
He locked mine up to die.
That way, he could make sure
no one knew I had been born.
He also tried to force Valentina's mom
to get an abortion.
He raped both my mom and Bautista's.
Simón is a psycho.
We're gathering evidence
to force him to give himself up.
- Does my mom does my mom know?
- I just told her everything.
[emotional music playing]
[Valentina] Federico, wait. Please wait!
Since when have you known, huh?
Since the night
I was waiting for you at the hotel.
- I knew it. I knew it!
- Manny showed up and told us everything.
This can't be happening.
I'm serious. It's a fucking nightmare.
Yeah, I know.
Do you understand?
Do you understand
why we can't be together now?
I knew you'd hate me.
But I promise that I was just waiting
for the right moment,
the best opportunity
to tell you everything. I swear!
- Yeah, but you could've told me earlier!
- No! No, I couldn't tell you earlier!
You need to understand that I'm doing this
for you, for me, and for our mothers.
Go fuck yourself!
Federico, wait a second.
What now?
You can't tell anyone.
Really. We're about to reach our goal.
[Valentina] Goddamn it!
Bloody hell!
[emotional music playing]
Your mom went to Valle de Bravo, Fede.
She said she had to do some thinking.
Then I need to go with her.
No, Fede, leave her alone.
I swear I've never seen her
so calm and clearheaded.
I think being alone will be good for her.
Mom left if you even care.
Are you drunk, high, or what?
I really don't have time for your shit.
You are a disgusting son of a bitch.
Did you know all I ever wanted
was to make you proud?
And feel loved.
I even wanted to be like you.
I was so stupid.
You'll never be like me, Son,
because you're weak.
You're weak like my mother and like yours.
You have no idea
the sacrifices you need to make
to be successful.
You're a coward and a hypocrite.
That's why your miserable world
is crumbling down around you.
You don't have anyone
because you can't trust anyone.
You're the one who hasn't got a clue.
Tell me what you know, asshole!
Or you can be sure
What? You'll kill me?
- [breathes heavily]
- I won't put up a fight.
You won't need to use any drugs.
[Grace] Fede. Fede!
[woman] Yeah. I mean, I wasn't sure.
I just told him to go around the back
but then I wasn't sure if we should
No, it's totally fine.
Just make sure everything's in order.
Who the hell are you?
How do you know me?
It was you, wasn't it?
Who asked me to come last night.
You're behind all this, no?
Leave, or I'll call the police.
[Simón] Screw the police! Who are you?
I know you from somewhere!
The last time you tried this on me,
I didn't have all my faculties, asshole.
It was at the hotel
you like so much that
The one with the bar on the third floor.
Because you had promised
you we're going to introduce me
to one of the best managers in Mexico.
[Daniel coughing]
Stop it, Simón!
I can't breathe, Simón.
You're choking me! Let go of me!
[tense music playing]
You're Dominga.
[Daniel coughing]
[breathing heavily]
[Simón coughing, retching]
[breathing heavily]
[Nicté in distorted voice]
They've got you, Simón.
[tense music playing]
What did you think?
Alice would be sedated for 20 years?
[breathing heavily]
[Ignacio] How's it going?
Sorry, Uncle. I forgot about dinner.
[sighs] It's been a rough day.
I got into a big argument with my dad.
Things aren't going well.
My mom left for Valle de Bravo
Don't take it the wrong way, Uncle,
but I'd rather be alone.
Of course. Don't worry about it.
You know you can count on me
for anything, Fede. Anything.
Come here.
I won't be long. I promise.
Thank you very much.
[tense music playing]
I'm aware of
the importance of these documents
and what they mean
with the Senate's announcement on Monday.
That's why I reached out, Mr. Marroquín.
First off, I assure you
I'm not looking for money.
[Gregorio] All I'm asking
is for you to give me your full support
for this project I've been dreaming of
my whole life.
Oh my God. Oh my God.
Having my own magazine.
And a person like you backing me,
it should be possible to
to open a lot of doors.
And you could even,
through your family's foundation,
make a generous donation
for the logistical part.
Bautista, I lost them!
The papers.
The safe I put them in is empty.
It's all gone. I don't get it.
I have absolutely no idea
where they could've gone. I swear.
[tense music playing]
[Salvador] Hey, have you seen Gregorio?
He was here late again last night.
[Gregorio] Here you are.
Do what you think
is best with them, obviously.
Are there more copies?
On my personal computer.
But I'll delete everything
once we come to an agreement.
I give you my word.
You were right to come to me directly
and not to my son.
[tense music playing]
I'm going to withdraw my name
from the nomination.
I'm tired. I'm exhausted
of covering up all this shit,
the whole farce.
I'm literally going crazy, Dad.
I need peace. I need time to breathe.
Please tell me you understand
and help me.
Do you think I worked all my fucking life
for you to end up pulling this shit?
React, goddamn it!
Act like a man for once!
Do what you have to do!
Go take a shower
and shake off whatever is bothering you.
And come back tomorrow, sober,
to talk to me rationally,
do you understand?
Tell me one thing.
How much shit are you trying to cover up
with this nomination?
You have some dark stuff.
Mama found out, am I right?
She committed suicide
because she was mentally ill.
Quit this nonsense.
Take him home.
[Simón laughs]
You're the one
who's gonna get screwed over.
Listen to me.
I've been your puppet all this time, hm?
You used me, but it's over.
I'm telling you this completely sober.
And let me tell you something else,
I don't give a damn what happens to me.
But watch out, buddy.
[Simón] Watch out!
Buckle up. The storm is coming.
Because I'm gonna tell everything, hm?
I swear.
My son's obviously not in his right mind.
Take care of him.
[pensive music playing]
[light objects scattering]
[vehicle approaching]
- [engine shuts off]
- [vehicle door opens]
[vehicle door closes]
- Hey.
- Come in.
I heard that you came here alone.
Are you all right?
You came all the way out here
just to see if I'm all right?
I don't know if it's resignation, Víctor,
but knowing
that I'm going to confess everything,
finally, I'll be free.
You don't know how good it feels.
Think hard about what you're saying.
Your nomination is coming up.
All your problems will be solved.
No, forget it. I'm not going back.
It's all over.
Everything has gone to shit.
You're gonna get screwed, too, Víctor.
[pensive music playing]
I'm sorry, but you'll go down with us.
Have a drink, boss.
You'll feel much better.
[Víctor] If you need anything,
I'll be right outside.
[breathing heavily]
[Catalina] I remember at the time
I felt so lucky that someone like Simón
would actually like me.
And he was so handsome,
from a good family,
and he had a bright future.
I was obsessed with him,
and I would've done anything
to make him mine.
It took me two full years
after we got married
to realize just how wrong I was.
I know how you feel.
[Catalina chuckles]
But you can still be happy, can't you?
- You're young.
- Mm-hmm.
[both chuckle]
You can, um,
make a new life far away from him.
[Catalina] Mm-hmm.
What you are is an optimist,
and a hopeless one.
[both laugh]
Yeah, maybe. Yeah.
It's a shame, a real shame
that it never really made you
fall in love with me.
[breathes deeply]
You never noticed
what I've been feeling for you?
Since that incredible night
that we spent together.
Ignacio [clears throat]
I just had a fight with Simón,
and I shouldn't have kissed you. I was
I was desperate.
Well, that night, we didn't have sex.
No, that night, we made love, remember?
And it's been literally 25 years.
And there's not a single day
that goes by that I don't love you.
[romantic music playing]
[pensive music playing]
[Grace screaming]
[phone buzzing]
[tense music playing]
I'm far from being
the best chef in the world,
but I know how to fry up
some eggs and bacon.
Something happened to Simón.
[Catalina] Simón!
Where is Simón?
- Where is Simón?
- Mom, Mom, just calm down.
Where is he?
- He committed suicide.
- No! No!
- It's not true! Simón wouldn't do that!
- Mom, please calm down.
[Catalina] No, it's not possible!
[Catalina] He wouldn't have done that!
[Catalina crying]
No! Fucking no!
It's not necessary.
[Catalina crying]
[Lorenzo] Forensics just finished
with the body.
They confirmed it's a suicide.
Was this our fault?
We did not mean for him to die.
We're not responsible.
I'm not so sure, Bautista.
If Gregorio gave him the evidence
Hung himself
to avoid facing the consequences.
I wanted to see him go to jail.
He had it coming, that asshole.
[Manuela] I just feel bad for Federico.
[melancholy music playing]
Listen to me, Fede.
It isn't your fault, my son.
Our conscience can be relentless at times.
I know it's not my fault.
- I'm just ashamed of everything he's done
- [Catalina sobs]
and all the pain he's caused.
Do you know what I'd give
not to be his son?
I'll be going away for a little while.
I talked to my uncle, and he said
we could wait a couple of months
to launch our business.
Okay, my love.
Yes, if it makes you feel better.
Listen, I'm here for you
if you ever need me. You know that, right?
[melancholy music continues]
[breathes deeply]
I need you to forgive me.
All I care about is Manny and you.
And I refuse to lose either of you.
It must have been horrible
living a life with so many secrets.
You sacrificed so much,
and you did it to protect me.
[crying] I'm so very sorry, Susi.
[Susana] Oh.
[Catalina crying]
[melancholy music continues]
Federico, I swear, we never meant to
I know.
Valentina, I don't blame you.
Or any of you.
My dad did horrible things.
And although
he didn't deserve to go like that,
he wouldn't have survived in jail.
I should've told you the truth
that night at the hotel.
I was in crisis, so
I couldn't.
And even now, knowing the truth
I don't know if I can stop loving you.
I don't know either.
But what else can we do?
Love each other as siblings?
[Federico chuckles]
[melancholy music continues]
Take care of yourself, Valentina.
[Matilde] We really didn't want it
to be like this.
If we'd have thought this through,
it would've been perhaps
No. No, no, no.
Simón did what he did
because he made up his mind.
[Catalina] But it's not your fault.
Quite the opposite.
You girls are the victims,
along with your mothers.
[Catalina] Thank you.
[pensive music playing]
Rogelio, there's no sense
in hiding it from you.
- They are the daughters
- Of Simón.
That's right.
I imagined as much.
He came to me
and confessed everything that night.
I'd like to tell you in his name,
I'm sorry.
I know that can't possibly
erase your suffering,
but as far as I'm concerned,
you are all my granddaughters.
And if there's anything I can do
to ease the pain he caused you,
please feel free to ask.
Know that you'll always be welcome
at my house.
[pensive music continues]
I wanna know everything
about those bitches, Víctor,
down to the smallest smudge
on their record.
They screwed over my son.
They will regret having been born.
I'm just so good at being bad ♪
Everything you wish you had ♪
Yeah, I'm trouble, trouble ♪
See me in my throne ♪
You better get down
Get down, get down ♪
And give it up for me ♪
Give it up for me ♪
You know that I hold the key ♪
To the bad kingdom ♪
Bad kingdom, b-b-bad kingdom ♪
I'm the baddest one around ♪
Rather hit the ground ♪
Yeah, I'm trouble, trouble ♪
Can't always trust what they say ♪
You gotta make it your way ♪
That's the reason you're still down
And you still wanna ♪
Give it up for me ♪
Give it up for me ♪
You know that I hold the key ♪
To the bad kingdom ♪
Bad kingdom, b-b-bad kingdom ♪
Give it up for me ♪
You know that I hold the key ♪
To the bad kingdom ♪
Bad kingdom, b-b-bad kingdom ♪
Give it up for me ♪
Give it up for me ♪
Give it up for me ♪
Give it up for me ♪
You know that I hold the key ♪
To the bad kingdom ♪
Bad kingdom, b-b-bad kingdom ♪
Give it up for me ♪
Give it up for me ♪
Give it up for me ♪
[song ends]
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