The Five Juanas (2021) s01e11 Episode Script

The Gift

[Rogelio] If you want
to complete a puzzle,
you need a strategy.
You have to be methodical
and to know the pieces inside out.
You must bend them to your will
as though you are dealing with an enemy.
["Lie to Me" playing]
- I said no, you bastard!
- What's the matter with you?
[Rogelio] Some pieces
are difficult to find,
but that's what makes the game
so seductive.
Go to hell, asshole!
You're a bunch of fucking drunks!
- [shower water running]
- [humming]
[Rogelio] You become obsessed
with some of the pieces
because you can't see them
- [Matilde screams]
- unless you look from a distance
- There's a rat!
- [Daniel] What do you mean, "a rat"?
- Let's call the police.
- How will we convince them it was Pocho?
You need a restraining order against him.
Look, isn't that the wedding ring
you gave back?
Forget it, Danny. You know perfectly well
that's not enough to arrest him.
[man] Where's the money?
- In the drawer.
- [man] Open it.
[Rogelio] Other pieces are misleading
if you don't have the experience.
Is it too much to ask for a fight ♪
If a brawl would excite things?
Well, pardon me ♪
Take off your skirt.
You should know that I
Can't afford to die ♪
I would lose an eye ♪
Rather than keep quiet ♪
We were so in love, I can't slow down ♪
[Caridad] Keep your head down.
[Rogelio] Some pieces don't look the part,
and this can work in your favor
- [Caridad] Okay.
- or against you.
Get in.
- You okay?
- Yes, I'm fine.
- This is López. We're ready to go in.
- Dispatch, Code 4.
Are you a nun?
I was.
Now I work with the police
to rescue women like you.
I'm familiar with the blow ♪
[Rogelio] And finally, there are pieces
that hold on to their secrets.
Oh, look, sweetie. You like this one?
All I do is lose, lose, lose, lose
No matter what ♪
I would still refuse to even do that ♪
Hi, uh
Hello. I didn't know you were in Mexico.
'Cause I arrived today.
- [woman] Honey, look!
- Uh
Ooh! [giggles]
Uh, sorry. Hello.
- [splutters]
- I, uh [nervous chuckle]
This is Isabel, my girlfriend.
And this is, uh
Your sister.
- [both] Half sister.
- That's right. Same dad.
Nice to meet you.
Nice to meet you.
Oh wow. I think we'll get along great.
You have good taste.
[all laugh]
- Mm. Well, I have to go now.
- [Isabel] Okay.
- Pleasure to meet you.
- Yes, me too.
- See you.
- [Federico] Take care.
- Goodbye.
- [Isabel] Bye.
For me, the real satisfaction comes from
putting the puzzle together.
Knowing that each piece that you find
brings you closer to the objective.
To finish the puzzle.
And then you destroy it.
Just like I'm going to destroy those girls
until they're completely forgotten,
and no one cares about them.
But first of all,
we must get them together.
Lie to me ♪
Go on and lie to me ♪
[woman] Good afternoon.
Mr. Marroquín is waiting for you.
["Lie to Me" ends]
[Caridad] Oh my.
[Manuela] My God.
This is such a beautiful place.
[woman] Señor Rogelio will be here
in a minute.
Excuse me. Does he live here?
Listen, how do we call him? Grandpa?
Why not?
What I wanna know
is why he asked us to come here.
To divide Simón's inheritance, I suppose.
What? The money would be welcome.
We couldn't possibly accept it.
We may not be recognized as daughters,
but we have rights to the inheritance.
Simón committed suicide because of us.
You don't think talking to his father
about an inheritance is a bad idea?
The remorse he felt for the way he treated
our mothers killed him, not the
[Valentina] Not the what?
I think she's having a vision.
[sinister music playing]
- Tell Víctor to wait for me in the car.
- Of course.
- I don't want them to see him.
- I'll tell him.
- [Valentina] What did you see?
- I saw Death.
It's a card in the tarot deck.
[Caridad] And what does it mean?
[Rogelio] I'm very happy
that you accepted my invitation.
It's time we get
to know each other better, right?
- [Valentina] Mm.
- Bautista?
[Matilde giggles]
I bid you welcome.
- Did I get it right?
- [Matilde] Mm-hmm.
Thank you.
Do you know how to shoot
with a bow and arrow?
[arrow whooshing]
You start with a score of 501,
and you subtract the points.
The goal is to get to zero.
[suspenseful music playing]
You like it?
I commissioned it
from an artist in Catemaco.
It's just like
The birthmark all of you
inherited from Simón,
which he inherited from me,
and I from my mother.
I like it.
I know it's a very special symbol.
How do you know my sisters and I
have that same birthmark?
Simón told me.
He also told me about
the way each one of you was conceived.
But really, I didn't invite you here today
to talk about unfortunate things.
In that case, you invited us
to teach us how to shoot?
[suspenseful music continues]
I don't need any lessons.
I like to play games. [chuckles]
But I actually invited you all
to offer you a gift.
[cumbia music playing]
- Hello.
- [Isabel] Hey!
Are you looking for someone?
Uh, you must be Camilo.
How are you? I'm Isabel.
- Aha.
- Cárdenas.
I'm in charge of the public relations
for the company.
- For this company?
- Yes.
[Camilo] Bro! Why didn't you tell me
you were coming in?
- I would've picked you up at the airport.
- No, that wasn't necessary.
It's all right. It was a surprise, eh?
[Camilo] Okay.
Thanks for handling the business
these past three months.
That's fine.
It's not like you were away on vacation.
And now, are you here for good, man?
Yes, I'm staying.
You'll have to put up with me, okay?
But it seems that you forgot to tell me
we had a new head of public relations?
- And what's more
- Girlfriend.
She's my girlfriend. I told you, remember?
Ah yes. Of course.
That's right. What an idiot.
You are doubly welcome.
- Thank you.
- Do you want a tour?
- Oh, please. That would be great.
- That's perfect. Let's go this way.
- [Isabel] Okay.
- [Camilo] So
This is where we store
all the empty bottles
- [Isabel] Mm-hmm.
- and this is where we brew the beer.
- [Isabel] I see.
- [Camilo] Came up with the recipes myself.
[emotional music playing]
This is Isabel, my girlfriend.
This is great!
This house is absolutely fabulous!
There are five bedrooms, a Jacuzzi,
even a gym. It's got it all!
It doesn't look like anyone's lived here
in a long time. The energy feels light.
[Caridad] This place is amazing!
One bedroom is like the size of two rooms
at the convent.
Or three or four.
[Manuela] If the old man
is gonna give us this house plus $5,000,
I'm ready to sign on the dotted line.
I think it's best not to hurry.
Stay calm and meditate on this.
[Caridad] Mm-hmm.
[Rogelio] Yes, yes. I'm on my way.
What do you think of the house?
If you want,
you can all move in here tomorrow morning.
In exchange for what?
I don't want the truth ever to come out.
It won't help anyone
to know what Simón did to your mothers.
Or the lengths he went to
to hide what he did.
I'm only trying to protect the family,
which now includes all of you, obviously.
Honestly, all my sisters and I wanted
was to see justice done.
And it was done. Simón paid with his life
for the damage that he caused.
This is very kind of you,
but I don't want anything.
To be honest, I would've preferred
not to know who my father was.
All we have to do is stay silent
and the house is ours?
Yes, but all five of you have to accept.
The house is at your disposal
for the rest of the day.
Enjoy yourselves and think about it.
But no matter what you decide to do,
I'd like to thank you for this afternoon,
and I hope that we'll meet again soon.
Thank you, Grandpa.
- [Manuela chuckles]
- Grandpa?
[Víctor] Did they accept, boss?
I still have to convince three of them
that living here is their only option.
We're not gonna get another chance
like this in our fucking lives.
Personally, I don't need a house.
Ugh! Valentina, who doesn't need a house?
It would be a chance for us
to live together for the first time.
Plus, it's big enough that we could avoid
seeing each other for a couple of weeks
if we don't want to. Hm?
[Matilde] Yeah, I wanna live here.
But first I'll have to ask my dad.
And you, Bautista?
If everyone else accepts, I'm in.
I don't want anything from the Marroquíns.
I'll talk to Rogelio and see if he'll
accept the four of you living here.
Val, he's unfathomable.
I wasn't able to read his aura.
He won't accept.
Sorry, but my answer is still no.
[Manuela] Is it pride or fear?
I'm just saying because your desire
for Federico won't go away,
and you're screwing us all over.
Manny, shut up!
What are you doing?
I wanna know what it feels like
to have a sibling touch my titties.
[Matilde laughing]
What a wicked girl.
[Manuela exclaims]
[all laughing, exclaiming]
My hair! No, not my hair!
I just have to send
a couple of messages, okay?
When we first met,
you insisted that it was important
that you change the logo
and the name, remember?
[Federico] Mm-hmm.
I don't understand why. It works well.
It's just
I had thought about another design,
but we had started selling our product,
so it wouldn't have made sense.
[Federico] That's why.
And is that her?
The woman who broke your heart?
Well, actually, yes.
I immortalized my ex
in the logo of my business.
[laughs] No, I'm just kidding!
[laughing] Okay.
So are you gonna tell me why
it was a forbidden love?
She was married?
- A lesbian?
- [Federico laughs]
She's an alien?
Come on!
I just wanna know who I'm up against
and if she's still haunting you.
You're not up against anyone,
and she's not haunting me.
[both] Mm-hmm.
[both laugh]
Don't know how I got so cold
Got so bold ♪
Blame it on everyone before ♪
No, no, no me importa ♪
No me importa ♪
[song ends]
Do you believe in the theory
that one nail drives out another?
Because Federico certainly seems to.
But that doesn't usually work,
and you run the risk
of pushing it in deeper.
I'm saying this out of experience.
I thought you and Tomás had split
because that's what you wanted.
[Bautista] It was a mutual decision,
and I wasn't talking about Tomás.
But who, then?
No one important.
The only way you can manage
to get someone out of your heart
is by using your head.
To do that, I would have to learn
to see Federico as my brother, but
my memories of him
are anything but fraternal.
I can't accept this house, Bautista.
The last thing I need right now
is to be close to him and his family.
[melancholy music playing]
[door lock buzzing]
You guys said no, right?
Marroquín can't force you
to remain silent.
Well, no one is thinking about
reporting Simón to the police.
- He's dead. What's to be gained from that?
- Yeah, right.
People are curious,
and they'll wanna know all the details
of how he took advantage of your mothers.
Right, and knowing how fragile mine is,
that experience could be traumatizing.
You know what I think could help her?
Moving into the house with me.
And anyway, my mother and I
can't live in the convent forever.
[Lorenzo] You're right about that.
We need to know the names.
Convince the girl to give you names
now that she's calmed down.
She's petrified.
She thinks they'll find her,
just like they have so many times.
Now you see why people like doña Julia
are so important.
You haven't gone back, have you?
You promised.
I didn't go back.
All I'm saying is that if the police
are not able to promise anything,
they don't have any option.
They have to obtain false documents
in order to start a new life.
[Lorenzo] Good luck.
[Caridad] Hi. How are you?
This is half the rent, doña Julia.
I'm sorry.
But with the robbery
and my Instagram account hacked again
Good God, Bautista.
You need a spiritual purge.
It's the third time.
There's an evil eye on you.
Mm. But you are in luck, eh?
She just got in from Catemaco yesterday,
and she's heading back in a few days.
[Julia] What's up, Serrana?
This is my friend La Serrana.
We've known each other all of our lives.
My friend tells me
someone cast an evil eye on you,
and you wanna ask a few questions.
Let me warn you.
I don't work with black magic.
Neither do I.
That's why I need your help.
I saw a ring,
and I want to know if it's cursed.
It was made in Catemaco,
and it bears my family's birthmark.
Do you have a photograph
or maybe a drawing?
I can ask around town.
[Bautista] It belongs to a man
who is trying to get close
to my sisters and I,
and I would need to know
if we're in danger.
Living in your house or in the new house
is just as dangerous, okay?
And what's more, I can't live with you
and Claudio forever, Daddy.
But why not?
Well, because I need to be independent.
Besides, I won't be alone.
There's nothing to be worried about.
- [Daniel laughs]
- Come here.
It's like I still don't believe it.
You found each other, by chance,
without knowing
you were father and daughter.
That doesn't even happen in soap operas.
Um, Bea, it's a bit hot in here.
- Could you bring me a glass of beer?
- Yes.
- Do you want anything?
- No, Bea, thanks.
[Matilde sighs]
When are you planning
on telling her everything?
There's only one person I wanted to know
all about my sex change. That's you.
[emotional music playing]
My mother sent me a letter the other day
to tell me that she received
the death certificate
for Dominga Heredia in Colombia.
Hey, that's great!
At last.
I'm so happy to be free.
- Listen.
- Hm.
Stay with me, Matilde.
Don't go to that house, okay?
All I'm saying is
I'm not sure it's a good idea.
Fede told me that Rogelio
is a total sleazeball.
I've dealt with total sleazeballs
all my life.
The money and the house would help.
Since I can't work in clubs,
I have to do fucking bachelor parties.
Or you could look for another job.
All right, all right, all right.
I've tried.
You know very well I've tried,
but it's impossible.
It's impossible because
my only work experience is as a stripper.
Listen, Manny,
you can't expect that your boyfriend
thinks it's cool you work as a stripper.
- That's impossible.
- You and I have sex, Camilo.
That's it. Nothing more.
Stripping has its advantages.
I don't know.
Private shows
[romantic music playing]
if you're a good boy.
The right to touch me.
I don't wanna hear another word
about my job.
The bedroom is so huge
compared to the one we have here.
And the money
would be a great help to us now.
With my salary at the sheriff's office,
we wouldn't be able
to get a decent place to live.
And with your therapy, impossible.
I'm not blaming you.
You know that for me,
what's most important
is for you to be well.
Yes. It's fine, honey.
You really don't remember
Rogelio Marroquín?
No, that part of my life
and my relationship with your father
is completely lost in my memory.
Maybe it's best not to remember.
What's this?
I don't know.
Someone slipped it under the door.
What's the matter with the landlord?
That idiot!
He wants us
out of the apartment in one week.
[tense music playing]
What's going on?
First, Salvador slashed everybody's salary
at the magazine,
and now we don't have an apartment?
And I have no clients, no money.
Just when we're being offered
a house to live in for free.
Rogelio is a man
you can never get to know completely.
I'm telling you.
Actually, tell Manny
she shouldn't be surprised
if, in a few days, he asks the girls
to sign a document, like he did with me.
And how is Fede?
Hm. Being out of the country did him good.
He hasn't called you?
Mm. Manny says
I should forget about the job
because Fede offered it to me
before learning the truth, and
Susana, you were also a victim of Simón,
and we all deserve an opportunity.
Like me with this coat. What do you think?
It looks divine.
Hey, one day, you said you thought
you had married the wrong man, right?
So, was there someone else, or Hm?
How many tequilas do you think I had
when I told you that?
- [Susana chuckles] A lot.
- Exactly.
This coat looks better on you.
- Really?
- Mm-hmm.
All right.
Is that all?
You're no longer part of the trust,
like you wanted.
You're the only son I have left.
Don't you think
we should try to get along?
I would have to trust you
to be able to do that.
Let me guess.
Just as with the death of your mother,
you think I had something to do
with the death of your brother.
For the record, that's what you're saying.
I didn't say that.
Your brother Simón was 12
when your mother committed suicide.
It traumatized him,
which is why he decided to kill himself
in the same way.
Any psychiatrist
could explain that to you.
I'm sure they could,
but I'd rather trust the expertise
of a medical examiner.
I'm going to request
that my brother's body be exhumed.
Have a nice afternoon, Dad.
Same to you.
[Camilo] This is
the Woman of Courage pale ale.
For the courageous?
Right. Here we have the porter,
the IPA, the pilsner,
and we're also working on a lager,
but we're not sure about the flavor yet.
- I think it's the best!
- Really?
- I love it! It's fabulous!
- You serious?
Of course. This beer is my favorite.
It will be a success.
When is the inauguration?
- Uh
- Um, it'll be this coming week.
[Ignacio] I hope you can join us.
You came for the inauguration.
Mom, I didn't tell you,
but he moved back to Mexico.
He's gonna help with the business.
It's never too late
to start over again, right?
[pensive music playing]
The whole place looks beautiful,
and I'm sure it will be a success
thanks to you, Ignacio.
And you, and you.
Camilo, thank you. I have to go now.
- Don't forget to talk to your aunt.
- Yes.
[Catalina] Excuse me.
What happened?
Did you two have a fight or something?
No, no.
But it looks like after three months,
I am no longer welcome.
[pensive music continues]
[suspenseful music playing]
[Bautista] I'm not saying it's a bad omen.
[Bautista] All I'm saying
is I don't like it.
Okay, but what do the cards mean?
The Priest represents a person
in a position of power.
The Seven of Clubs
stands for a battle to be waged.
And the Divided Man,
a separation that is oppressive.
Well, Bautista, sorry, but I don't get it.
The truth is that for me,
it's just a bunch of cards.
Will Valentina accept the idea?
From what I can see,
we don't seem to have any other option,
and I'm not thrilled about that.
Did you talk to Daniel?
Yes, but he's reluctant.
Anyway, I don't wanna hurt him
after everything he's been through.
Mati, your dad called.
He wants you to go home.
[Matilde] What kind of sicko
would kill a poor innocent dog?
It must've happened during the two hours
we were at the market.
Do you have any security cameras?
Maybe we can see who it was.
Obviously, it was Pocho.
First, a rat in the shower, and now this?
[Claudio] Those are messages
from a psychopath.
Does he think killing animals
will make me go back to him?
[Matilde] I'm calling the police.
Sweetie, you have to move out.
Next time, he might come for you,
and I don't want him to find you.
Accept the house from Mr. Marroquín.
[tense music playing]
[man] Got it.
[man] I'll start with this.
[Bautista] She's always with you.
[Valentina] I don't know.
All of a sudden, I feel kind of alone.
[Bautista] Alone?
You're going to live
with your four sisters, remember?
[Valentina] Mm.
Hello, Alice. How's it going?
Better every day. Thank you.
Yes. You look well.
You, uh Are you going to live here
in the house with Manny?
No. [laughs]
No, I don't think
my daughter would like that.
Three months living together
was more than enough for her.
Are you?
Yes, yes, yes,
but only in a couple of weeks.
I need to get used to the idea,
and then I need to take my time.
[Caridad] Mom.
[tense music playing]
Get out of here! I don't want you
anywhere near my daughter!
I just I just wanted to see
if the water heater was working.
- Get out!
- [Rogelio] Susana.
This guy tried to kill my daughter!
Yes, but he was just following
Simón's orders when he kidnapped her.
And he's truly sorry about that.
He's another innocent victim
of my son's manipulations.
If anyone should understand that,
it's you.
Víctor won't have anything to do
with the girls.
He'll only come to the house
when maintenance or repairs are required.
You have my word.
Rogelio Marroquín
doesn't know anything about me, right?
[Matilde] No.
- [Daniel] You haven't told him?
- No, no, no, no.
Your secret is safe. Hm?
Come here.
Come on.
He wants to talk to us downstairs.
- Let's go.
- I don't want to.
- [chuckles]
- Don't be silly.
I bought this house ten years ago,
thinking it would be a nice investment
and a sort of retirement insurance
for my old age.
It never crossed my mind that one day,
five girls, who a few months ago
I didn't even know existed,
would live here.
And I feel very lucky
that you are now in my life.
I will now be able to offer you
everything that you've always deserved.
[Rogelio] Alice and Susana,
as I've already told your daughters
you can count on me for whatever you need.
And you, too, Daniel.
I know you see Matilde as your daughter.
For that reason,
the offer goes for you too.
[Daniel] Mm.
I'm leaving.
Ah, I forgot.
Here in the library,
you will find a puzzle.
It isn't complete, but the missing pieces
are hidden throughout the house.
So now are we on Big Brother?
We have to look for them?
Only if you want to.
I'm a big fan of games.
I told you, didn't I?
And if you find the missing pieces,
I'll have a bigger gift for you.
[Alice] Señor Marroquín.
Thank you for everything.
You are very generous.
Call me Rogelio. We're family, right?
Caridad told me that your doctor's office
is not close to the house.
- No, no.
- Mm.
Here's my card.
If you want, when you move in,
we can look for another doctor.
Call me whenever you want.
[menacing music playing]
[Caridad] Mommy.
Are you okay, Mommy?
Yes, yes, yes.
Marroquín is such a strange man.
I've never solved a puzzle
in my whole life.
I don't see anything bad about it.
Actually, I'm excited.
So we're supposed to spend our days
looking for the missing pieces?
How stupid.
I don't think we have to look for them.
We need to find those pieces.
Isn't that the same thing?
Hey! Hey! I found one!
What do you think the gift is?
I'm so excited!
[Caridad] I find it exciting, too,
but I think the house is enough.
Accepting more gifts would be impolite.
Caridad, are you going to be a nun
for your whole life?
- [Caridad] Manny, I want to talk to you.
- [Matilde] It doesn't fit.
No! I've been kind and good to you.
From what I can tell,
this man has a real passion for games.
I don't think it's passion
or family pride.
Something tells me it's not just a game.
There's more.
[menacing music playing]
[Rogelio] Has anyone ever told you
you're very pretty?
You could be a model.
Take off your blouse.
[tense music playing]
Alice? What are you doing here?
[sobbing] It was you.
It was you!
[Alice sobbing]
[tense music continues]
[woman] Señor? What's the matter? Víctor!
- What happened? Boss!
- [woman sobbing]
- [Víctor] Call an ambulance! Quick!
- [woman] Yes, yes.
[Víctor] Boss!
Talk about your feelings, baby ♪
Tell me what it's like ♪
Livin' in the ocean, baby ♪
Beneath those layers of time ♪
Talk about your feelings, baby ♪
Oceans on your mind ♪
Deeper than the chasm waiting ♪
Somewhere close behind ♪
Bare your bleeding heart ♪
Through your gritted teeth ♪
Show me where it hurts ♪
Imagine that it's me ♪
Celebrate the darkness, baby ♪
Do your little dance ♪
Jig around those same old themes ♪
Just like a stale romance ♪
[song fades]
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