The Five Juanas (2021) s01e12 Episode Script

Just Siblings

My mother doesn't know anyone
outside the convent.
I don't know where she could've gone.
Teresa didn't see her leave the building?
No, no, and Mother Superior said
she didn't go back to her room last night.
Oh no! What if something happened to her?
Let's not jump to conclusions
until we hear from Lorenzo
with something concrete, okay?
How'd you find out?
Mother Superior called
to tell Caridad earlier.
How did you hear?
Wait, how did Mother Superior know
that someone tried to murder Rogelio?
[tense music playing]
[Ignacio] We don't know who attacked him.
He was unconscious
when the ambulance got there.
Well, Rogelio is stubborn
and incredibly strong.
He'll get through this, you'll see.
Excuse me.
[Ignacio] Thank you for coming.
Sorry, I know it was really late
when I called,
but you were the first person
I thought of notifying.
Don't worry. I'm glad you did.
After all,
Rogelio is still my father-in-law.
Of course I wanna be here for him.
Thank you.
I'm grateful.
- [Federico] What happened?
- [Víctor] I don't know.
The housekeeper who found him
didn't see anything.
I was sleeping, Fede.
I feel incredibly guilty.
It isn't your fault.
Try to relax.
[Federico] Doctor, how is he?
Well, he's very lucky.
The wound he sustained
didn't penetrate deeply,
and we repaired his liver
with no complications,
and you can see him
once he's out of recovery.
Thank you. Thank you so much, Doctor.
It's good news.
It's my pleasure. Alice?
I'm sorry? No.
He was asking for a woman named Alice.
He seems worried about her.
Why do you think she'd run away?
Alice has deep psychological issues.
Who knows what absurd ideas
float around in her mind.
Where's Ignacio?
Downstairs with Federico.
They're making arrangements
with the insurance provider.
I imagine they're disappointed
that they're not making arrangements
for my funeral.
Rogelio, don't say such nonsense.
He's your son.
Simón was also my son.
They're the two greatest disappointments
of my life.
[door opens, closes]
I'll see if they'll bring you more water.
I'll leave him with you
for a minute, Víctor.
[door opens]
- Do they know anything?
- [door closes]
No, sir. The police wanna see
the security video.
[Rogelio] Mm.
Give it to them.
All it will show
is that stupid woman is nuts.
Completely out of her mind.
Make sure you find her before they do.
I don't want her saying anything.
Yes, boss.
[tense music playing]
Alice got into a taxi
right around midnight.
The driver says he dropped her
at her house nearby.
We're checking the address now.
Maybe she was looking for our house
and somehow got lost.
Yeah, but wouldn't she have called?
No, because my mother
doesn't have a phone.
All of my men are looking for her.
I promise you, we'll find her.
[phone ringing]
Where's Caridad?
[Valentina] She's in the garden
with Lorenzo.
What you got there?
It's Alice's.
I thought I might get feelings from her
if I hold it.
Alice attacked Rogelio.
["All I Need Is To Be Free" playing]
Freed from the chains that bound me ♪
The weight has fallen off ♪
Detective Márquez.
We just got news.
I'm afraid it's not good.
I need to get up and go ♪
[Víctor] She killed herself, boss.
She was found at the bottom of a ravine.
A friend of mine at the station
said she most likely died around midnight.
[machine beeping]
Freed from the chains that bound me ♪
The weight has fallen off ♪
[Víctor] They'll think
she had a psychotic episode. Don't worry.
You can relax.
Even in death,
that asshole keeps killing women.
I hope he burns in fucking hell!
Her thoughts
in her final moments were terrible.
I didn't want to say anything to Caridad.
What did you see?
As though life was too heavy.
And what else?
And Rogelio's ring.
[Rogelio] Relax?
That's what I thought I'd do
when I brought you to my house
after Simón died.
If it weren't for me,
you'd be rotting to death
in prison, Víctor.
Instead, you're having a better life
than you could ever have dreamed.
I won't let you down, boss.
I swear, sir.
I swear on my life I won't.
She's so beautiful.
[Lorenzo] The tattoo on her chest
looks like your birthmark.
When did she get it?
Mother Superior says she got it
when she was an addict
before coming to the convent.
When I was still a baby.
We were so alike.
When she got a tattoo like my birthmark,
it made us seem even more so.
[Caridad] She couldn't remember
any of that these last few months.
She had no memories of her past at all.
My mother was at war with her mind
for so long.
[Lorenzo sighs]
But now it's over, Mommy.
You can rest now.
[sobbing] I will always love you
with all my heart.
[emotional music playing]
[music ends]
Still having trouble sleeping?
If you want, I'll go to my parents' house
until I can find another apartment.
No, I don't want that.
Look, we've only known each other
for two months.
Neither of us
is used to sharing their space.
Maybe that's why you can't sleep.
No, no, no, no. That's not it.
I don't wanna be alone.
Hang on. Let me close this.
- There!
- [chuckles] Wait! No!
[Federico] We can go back to bed.
- Be still!
- Wait, you're gonna drop me! [laughs]
[romantic music playing]
Used to try to be everybody's favorite ♪
Used to think
That I could never be enough ♪
Had everybody running me for something ♪
Things I didn't wanna do
Things I didn't even want ♪
[Camilo] Look,
I didn't go to Alice's funeral
because Manny hasn't introduced me
to her sisters yet.
It's different for you. You're family.
But right now,
I prefer to keep my distance.
[Federico] Yeah.
But the more time
you spend with Valentina,
the sooner you'll see her
as a member of your family
instead of as a lover.
Easy to say,
but what if it turns out the other way?
- What if it doesn't?
- That risk is too big to take.
Fede, we're set.
Thirty people have confirmed.
That's a total of 35 if your sisters come.
I'm looking forward
to meeting those girls.
- [Camilo] Mmm.
- It's all good.
- [Susana] Fede.
- Mm.
There's a call for you.
- I'll call them back.
- It sounds urgent.
- [Federico scoffs] Excuse me.
- [Camilo] Sure.
- [Susana] Come on.
- [Isabel] Okay, then.
I'm guessing the relationship
with the sisters isn't good.
I can't get him to talk about it.
No, it's just that
he's trying to figure it out.
You understand. Three months ago,
he didn't even know they existed.
Does his dad's suicide
have anything to do with it?
He definitely won't tell me about that.
We've gotta talk, Valentina.
Are you the guy from Tinder?
You use Tinder?
You know that
they trade your information around, right?
Come closer.
They're watching you, so come closer.
Come here. Come here.
I need you to go to this address
on the day and time
that's written on the card.
We've got to talk privately.
I won't go anywhere
till you tell me who you are.
Not here. They're listening to us.
It's about Adelita.
[tense music playing]
[man] We don't have much time.
I'll see you there.
What? Is anything wrong?
I know I'm out of practice, but
No, no, no. On the contrary.
I'm so impressed, actually.
You cleaned up the accounting mess
that I gave you.
Thank you, Susana.
I hope one day
you might call me "auntie" again.
Uh, no, no. No, I don't blame you
if you don't want to.
And besides, you gave me this job
because my sister asked you to,
and I am very thankful for it.
Well, first of all,
that isn't why I hired you.
You're very good, obviously,
and I won't call you "auntie"
when we're at the office.
- Okay.
- [Isabel] Fede.
- Fede. Hi.
- [Federico] What's up?
- Sorry.
- It's all right.
I have to tell the venue
how many people are coming.
[Isabel] Is the list final?
Obviously, I'm not going, Bautista.
We were invited because he's trying
to normalize the relationship.
My relationship with him
is anything but normal,
and going to his company's inauguration
won't change a thing.
Do you need anything before I leave?
Yolanda, do you know where the keys
to the pool house are?
I wanna heat up the hot tub for later.
No, Víctor is the only person
allowed in there. Boss's orders.
You want me to call him?
No. Never mind, I won't use it. Thank you.
- Good night. See you tomorrow.
- Thanks, Yolanda. Goodbye.
What's up with the coat? [laughing]
[Manuela] What? I like it.
[Bautista] Caridad's going
to see Rogelio tomorrow.
I'm gonna go with her.
You're still thinking
about your vision of Alice, aren't you?
Don't you think it's strange
that her dying thoughts
would be like that?
[Matilde] Hey there, sisters!
Look what I found under the rug
by the front door!
Another piece!
[eerie music playing]
Rogelio, as soon as Víctor
told us you were being discharged,
I wanted to come see how you were doing.
You really scared the shit out of us.
Quit looking at me like I'm an idiot.
This was entirely your fault.
Twenty years ago,
I gave you an order to get rid of a girl.
That order was simple.
And two weeks later,
that girl shows up at the clinic
following an overdose.
Very much alive.
[Rogelio] You said you had made a mistake.
Well, it was. [spluttering]
This forced me to lock her away
and make sure she wouldn't recover.
I beg your forgiveness.
Twenty years later, that fucking bitch
of a woman tries to kill me
because she remembers things
she should have forgotten.
Talk, you asshole!
And this time, I want the truth.
[tense music playing]
[Lorenzo] Adelita?
That was the code name Ana used.
We said it was an homage
to the women of the revolution.
She and I are the only ones
who knew the name.
You could be walking into a trap.
You know that, right?
What if he has information?
Lorenzo, you know full well
that a year ago,
we didn't know any of this.
Here's the address.
- Val, is this a truck stop?
- Mm-hmm.
- I'll go with you.
- No. No.
He's too paranoid.
He'll leave if he sees you.
He won't see me.
That's what phones are for.
I swear. If he sees you, it's game over.
- Hey there.
- Hello.
I didn't know you were coming.
For a bit. I'm desperate to keep busy.
Helps me forget.
- [Lorenzo] Yeah.
- Did I interrupt?
- No.
- We were
just talking about
an article I'm writing.
- I guess I'll see you later?
- Mm-hmm.
Hi. Can you go handle the beer delivery?
- Thank you.
- Thanks.
Hey, Pedrito.
Listen, it turns out we'll only be needing
five cases this month
'cause our budget is a little tight.
Let the dispatcher know.
[tense music playing]
Hello, beautiful.
[Pocho] I got a new job.
Did you move without telling me?
None of your business. Get out of here.
Come on, Matilde. I love you.
Don't touch me!
You love me so much,
you poisoned Daniel's dog? Is that it?
No, I didn't. What are you talking about?
Oh, no? First the rat, then the dog.
What's next?
Get out of here now,
or I'll call the police.
[melancholy music playing]
[breathing heavily]
[melancholy music continues]
Don't ever place a beer order
with that supplier again. Never.
[tense music playing]
My sincere condolences
for the loss of your mother.
[Rogelio groans]
[Rogelio] It was all my fault.
I can't stop thinking about
how the house upset her.
Oh, please don't say that.
You've been so generous.
[Caridad] Anyone else in your position
might refuse to see me,
and with good reason.
Would you like to have tea in the garden?
Thank you, but I'm afraid I can't.
I have to go to work.
I'd love to.
Last night we found another puzzle piece.
[Rogelio] Ah.
Yes, just last night, coincidentally.
Just last night?
What are you saying?
I'm sure it's nothing.
I'm always trying
to connect things and events.
I can't help it. It's a bad habit.
I'm very glad that you're feeling better.
[Ignacio] He was discharged,
but between you and me,
I'm in no hurry to see him.
[both laugh]
I sent him a big box of chocolates.
[both laugh]
[Federico] Well, I did go.
He was preoccupied by some politician.
Yeah, I can just imagine his long line
of senators and congressmen.
- [Federico] Right.
- That's what he likes most.
- Idiots who kiss his ass.
- Mm.
Were the two of you ever close?
As a father, he was cold, cruel.
I don't think he's capable
of feeling anything.
He has no empathy at all for anyone.
[Federico] Mm.
He even fakes his emotions
in the simplest of situations.
It could be genetic.
[clears throat]
It skipped your generation, thankfully.
Look who's talking.
I'm really glad you guys are here.
It's so good to see you, Fede.
Sorry to interrupt, but it's important.
So balloons or no balloons?
[Federico] Whatever you want, honey.
She's crazy about you.
She's a great woman.
Really? A great woman?
I hope that someday
I'll be able to fall in love again.
[Rogelio] She said things
that didn't make any sense,
that it was all my fault.
She kept repeating it.
But why did she unbutton her blouse?
I don't know.
Unless she thought
she was speaking to Simón.
My son really hurt her, Caridad.
Allow me.
I'd like to do
a lot more for you, Caridad.
I don't know.
Pay off your student loan, for example.
Or help you build your own business, hm?
You've already done so much for me.
- [chuckles]
- Grandpa.
If you had
all the money there is in the world,
what would you like to do?
Do you have a passion?
Oh, now, you must have one.
Here's what I owe you,
including one month's advance.
Have you done consultations
in clients' houses?
Because I haven't seen
many people in here.
It's an
Well, blessings to your family.
[mysterious music playing]
[Rogelio] Anyone ever told you
how beautiful you are?
She looks like a model.
[Rogelio] Take off your bra.
[tense music playing]
[woman] Good afternoon.
Waiting ♪
We are patient ♪
We hold our hands ♪
And never let someone down ♪
Growing ♪
We are growing ♪
I think about you all the time, Valentina.
I wanna be with you.
Never fades away ♪
[Bautista] We're leaving, Val. Val!
You both look gorgeous.
- Thank you.
- [Valentina] Where's Manny?
She said she'd meet us there.
Caridad is staying at Lorenzo's.
Sure you don't wanna come?
Yeah, I'm sure. If anyone asks about me
Don't worry. I've got a good excuse.
Thank you.
- [Matilde] Kisses.
- [Valentina] See you.
Val, the only way you will ever get ghosts
to stop scaring you is to confront them.
[Isabel] No, the black one.
Please use the black one. Please.
Thank you.
[sensual music playing]
Hi there.
I'm sorry. Have we ever met before?
May I?
It's pretty. What is it?
An opal.
Precious stone.
- Sorry.
- No, that's okay.
Hey there, Manny.
I see you've met my girlfriend.
[Federico] This is Manny,
one of my sisters.
- [chuckles] It's very nice to meet you.
- The pleasure is mine.
I gotta talk to someone. It's urgent.
Oh, okay. Yeah, sure. See you around.
[sensual music continuing]
- So, will you?
- I will. Promise.
Ah, there you are.
- Look at you.
- You look gorgeous.
- Hi.
- Hi.
You look beautiful.
Thank you. And the place looks lovely.
- [Catalina] Sweetheart.
- Hi, Mom. How are you?
I'm so happy for you.
- Sorry, I've gotta mingle.
- Okay.
- Auntie, may I see you a minute?
- Of course, dear.
[Federico] I need your help.
Seriously, you look really great.
Thank you.
[Ignacio clears throat]
Let's not avoid the elephant in the room.
I didn't come back to Mexico
because of the brewery or for Federico.
I came back because I want to be with you.
If that's true, then you shouldn't have
come back to Mexico.
[Catalina] Hm?
Come on.
Don't try to convince me
that what happened
at the ranch was a mistake.
It was 25 years ago.
Ignacio, I don't think you understand.
I am your brother's widow.
What would people think?
- They'd think you were in love again.
- Oh, Ignacio!
[whispers] You know you feel
the same way I do. I'm never giving up.
[Matilde] That's fine. Catalina!
- Hi!
- Hi there.
- [Matilde] How are you?
- [Catalina] Look at you girls.
Where's Caridad?
[Bautista] She didn't come.
She was feeling too sad.
Valentina's keeping her company.
I'm so sorry for her.
Tell her I'll come around
to see her next week.
But speaking of happier things,
how's the beer? Have you tried it?
Ah, it's amazing!
- [Matilde] So good.
- Isn't it?
Hey, Catalina, how do you feel about
letting the Fénix bar serve it
to promote it?
- I think that's a great idea.
- Oh, that's super.
- Come with me a second. Wanna come?
- No, you go.
I wanna introduce you
to someone who can help with this.
[Catalina] Isabel, hi.
I'd like you to meet Matilde.
She has a fabulous idea.
Nice to meet you.
You just landed
your very first exclusive deal.
[Federico] Hope so.
- Fede, thanks for inviting us.
- Of course. Thanks for coming.
I've been meaning to visit Caridad,
but I've been so busy with all this.
Tell her I'll drop by, okay?
I want to escape as soon as I can.
[whispers] By the way,
your outfit is making me crazy.
- Really?
- Yeah.
Hi there. Time to get things started.
- Oh yeah? Okay, uh
- Mm-hmm.
Sorry to interrupt you.
Uh, by all means.
- [Manuela] I'll leave you two.
- [Isabel] Thank you.
[Manuela] See you.
[Camilo] Here we go.
I guess Valentina didn't come, did she?
Tell me about Isabel.
She's smart and friendly.
- No reason. Just curious.
- [microphone feedback]
Hello, everyone. Good evening,
and thank you so much for joining us.
[Isabel] Tonight is the culmination
of so many people's hard work.
A special shout-out
goes out to my lovely team,
but there is one person
who deserves special praise this evening.
And that person is
Let's have a big round of applause
for Federico Marroquín.
- [Susana] Bravo!
- So proud of you.
Thank you so much. Thank you.
Honestly, thank you so much
for coming tonight.
It means so much to me and to everyone
who's worked so hard on this project.
First of all, I'd like to thank
the most important woman in my life,
my mother, Catalina Bravo,
who has always given me
her unconditional love and support
and had faith in me
even when I didn't believe in myself.
Mom, I couldn't have done it without you.
Please give her some applause.
- [clapping, cheering]
- [Federico] Thank you so much, Mom.
I also wanna thank my uncle,
who has given us a ton of guidance
and the tools we needed
to get this thing off the ground.
Let's have a round of applause
for my uncle.
[clapping, cheering]
[emotional music playing]
[Valentina] I don't know how
to let you go.
Nor do I.
[crowd clapping]
[Federico] Okay, no more speeches.
So here it is. The dream,
which at times has been a nightmare,
and was inspired by a woman.
[pensive music playing]
A woman who,
like many in our fine country,
deserves to be honored.
Introducing the Woman of Courage.
[clapping, cheering]
[vocal electronic dance music playing]
Woman of Courage?
Relax, Val. No one knows it's you.
Wow, that's the most romantic thing
I have ever seen!
[music playing distorted]
[shuddered breathing]
Want some tequila?
I don't really like beer,
and it seems like you could use a drink.
- Feel better?
- Yeah.
We can go somewhere else if you want.
- Go grab a drink or something.
- [Isabel] Uh
Mm No. No, I can't.
I've gotta work, but thanks.
How about a rain check?
Thank you.
I don't wanna be here. I'm leaving.
You should stay
and sign your autograph on the labels.
It's a joke.
[Camilo] I can't believe it.
This is incredible.
I had to wait three months
to meet you girls.
I'm Camilo.
Manny never mentioned me?
I've met you.
Oh, where?
I don't know.
[Camilo] The thing is,
who could forget a face like mine, right?
[Bautista] So how do you know Manny?
[Matilde] Look at him.
Dressed up and everything.
- [Camilo] Me?
- Well, I'm leaving.
I promised Caridad
I wouldn't be gone too long.
- Congratulations.
- Thanks.
This is awesome beer. Total fire.
See you soon.
- Good to meet you. What does fire mean?
- See you later.
Why didn't you tell me
your beer was inspired by Valentina?
Yeah, uh
[emotional music playing]
I had wanted to change the name and logo,
but it was too late, and I couldn't.
It's embarrassing.
I don't know why you invited me.
I didn't think you'd come, Valentina.
Besides, Isabel wanted to meet my sisters.
I wasn't gonna be here.
I have no idea what got into me.
Waiting ♪
We are patient ♪
- Well, this could be good for us, right?
- Mm-hmm.
We can't avoid each other forever.
We have to face the fact that
we're brother and sister and deal with it.
- Mm-hmm.
- Right?
Yeah. I know we have to deal with it.
Good. That's great.
I wanted to make sure you get it.
- Yes! Of course I get it!
- Great!
- Don't you dare talk to me like that!
- Good, then!
The light never fades away ♪
This is what humans are ♪
Together we'll make it far ♪
And we rise ♪
And we fall ♪
But we come back again ♪
And fight this fight till the end ♪
No, it's not easy ♪
But we're not alone ♪
In each other ♪
We can find a home ♪
Why the fuck did you do that?
You're a jerk.
[song continues as instrumental]
[song fades]
[song playing in Spanish]
[song fades]
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