The Five Juanas (2021) s01e13 Episode Script


When you feel me under your skin ♪
You know it's too late
To repent for your sins ♪
Repent for your sins ♪
Can you feel me taking over ♪
[Susana] Hi.
You and my daughter
seem to be getting along well.
Manny. The two of you were talking.
- Manny is your daughter?
- Yes.
- Listen, perhaps you don't know about
- Ah.
She struck me as being very intelligent.
And talented too.
Well, her life
is somewhat complicated, but, um
this is just between you and me,
but do you think
maybe you could talk to her?
She's out of work at the moment,
and I thought it would be a good idea
[Federico] Hey, what's up? Um
Shall we go?
I'm gonna stay at my parents' tonight.
- Susana, send me her contact info, okay?
- I will. Thank you.
- Good night. Get some rest.
- [Federico] Mm. You too.
Regards to your folks, okay?
[melancholy music playing]
[Valentina] Hey.
Are you okay?
I had trouble sleeping.
I'm looking at pictures.
Look, this one's great.
- All five of us.
- Mm-hmm.
[tense music playing]
[camera shutter clicking]
I knew it.
I was sure I had seen that guy somewhere.
- Which guy?
- Camilo. Manny's boyfriend.
That was during an operation
when we were following Chango.
- This guy was driving one of them.
- Mm.
[Valentina] This other guy
is a mayor in Yucatán.
- Miguel.
- Mm-hmm.
Miguel Andrade.
How do you know him?
I don't know him personally, but
he's known around those parts.
[tense music continues]
[both moaning]
[Camilo] Hey.
Look at me.
- What's wrong?
- I was gonna ask you the same thing.
What are you thinking about?
Are you thinking about someone else?
Ah shit.
Men are so predictable.
Women are not the epitome
of subtlety, huh?
If you don't wanna stay,
I'll take you home.
[Manny] No.
You know what?
- You're suffocating me!
- Because I care about you?
What would you prefer?
One of those bastards who just wants
to see you naked and fuck you?
You just can't bear it.
You're so damn macho,
you just can't bear it.
I don't wanna share you with anyone else!
Can you understand,
or is that too hard for you?
First, I'm not
your private property, okay?
And second, remember,
you and I aren't exclusive.
Señor Ignacio. How are you?
Would you like a coffee while you wait?
No, thank you. But could you find out
why it's taking Catalina so long?
She's changed her clothes five times,
and she's still undecided.
Señor Ignacio,
I'd like to express my deepest sympathy.
I haven't had a chance to do so
since señor Simón died.
Yeah. It must've been hard
for you to find him
the way you did that evening.
Better me than señora Catalina.
The poor woman is filled with remorse.
I'm haunted by the thought that
if Simón had not been alone
that night, maybe
But señor Simón was not alone.
Víctor spent quite some time
talking to him.
And, see, it happened just the same.
Víctor? He talked to Simón that evening?
Yes, sir.
Excuse me. I'll get your coffee now.
[pensive music playing]
I'm just saying that maybe we should
visit Grandpa every now and then.
Oh, so now it's Grandpa. I didn't know.
If what he wants is that we call him
Grandpa, that's the least we can do.
I wouldn't be so sure about that.
Neither would I.
He's sly as a fox.
I'm sure he's got something up his sleeve.
[Caridad] Yes. Actually, he has.
He offered to pay for my studies
or give me money to start a business.
He's pure evil.
So he offered you money
after what happened to your mother?
Caridad, don't accept it. I don't feel
You always feel something's wrong.
I've really had it
with your sensibilities, Bautista.
Some people are just good, and that's it.
Girls, what more does Grandpa have to do
in order to convince you?
I'm outta here.
Thank you for coming with me
to bring him flowers.
I don't like coming here alone.
I can't believe
it's already been three months.
I also wanted to come.
This way, I can be with you
for a while too.
Ignacio, please. Will you stop it?
That's enough.
I'm not going to be
in a relationship with you.
Why not?
You don't feel anything for me?
It doesn't matter if I feel something
or not. That's not important.
It's just It's a matter of morals.
But you can't understand.
You never sacrificed anything
for anyone else, have you?
I let my brother
marry the woman I love the most,
knowing he wouldn't bring joy in her life.
He never knew how to love.
He was taught to dominate,
to hold the power.
Ever since he was a kid.
My husband committed suicide
while I was sleeping with his brother.
Now tell me,
how can I forgive myself for that, huh?
What if
what if Simón didn't commit suicide?
I was told this is the ideal gift
for someone who's recovering.
I hope you like it.
I don't know you very well, Manny,
but something tells me
that you're not the type of person
who would visit a sick grandpa
just because you want to make him happy.
What is it you want?
May I?
Caridad told me that you offered her money
to start a business.
I wanted to know
if you'd be willing to do the same for me.
What do you have in mind?
A strip club.
Maybe you don't know I'm a stripper,
but before you launch into
the "Manny, you shouldn't"
I've always thought
speeches were for politicians.
What a woman does with her body
is her business and no one else's.
But I'm sure it's not easy
to get a strip club off the ground.
The space, the license,
the employees, the construction.
Look, Grandpa.
What if I told you
I have the perfect place,
and it's for sale?
[Rogelio] Hm.
[Valentina] Yes, we talked about work,
about the office,
but Gregorio was my assistant,
and I never knew anything
about his personal life.
We have interns
who come and go all the time here.
And what was this guy working on
when he went missing?
He was investigating the Conaculta office.
Was anyone being accused?
Look, in the end, it turned out
the investigation was never published.
Okay, that's enough.
What's with all the questions?
Do you think
something happened to Gregorio?
They found his body a week ago,
but they think he was killed
when he went missing.
And his laptop wasn't in his house.
I'm sure Gregorio had evidence
that would lead to Simón on his computer.
And whoever has the laptop
was going to release it,
but Simón committed suicide.
They could still put the evidence
out there somewhere.
No, it's been too long now.
But we can't be sure,
and we and we promised Rogelio.
Whoever has the evidence is a murderer
What I'm worried about
is that they might open an investigation.
And if they do,
then someone will have to explain
where we got all that evidence,
and that's us.
And your little boyfriend
would be in big trouble, nun.
[doorbell rings]
- That must be Lorenzo.
- [Valentina] I'll get it.
- [Lorenzo] What's up?
- How are you?
Hey, remember that time
we followed Chango,
and we realized
he was dealing with Andrade?
- Yeah.
- Look at this.
[door closes]
[menacing music playing]
[menacing music continues]
[Pocho] Hey, babe.
So how do you like my new job?
[Daniel] You can go have a glass of wine.
Hey, please, can you wait a second?
Look, there's broken glass on the floor.
I'll ask someone to clean it up tomorrow,
but use the other door, okay? Don't worry.
Sure. Okay, let's go.
Wait a minute.
Call me when you get to your place, okay?
- And take a taxi home.
- Okay.
- I don't want anything to happen to you.
- [Claudio] Come on! It's getting late.
[Claudio] She promised. Come on! Let's go!
[Lorenzo] And that's why
we're investigating.
Take a look.
[Camilo] A human trafficking ring?
I can't believe it. This guy's a mayor.
You'd be surprised
how many powerful people are into this.
Let me send a message to Carlos.
He'll get right back to me.
Do you remember if Andrade said something
about the meeting they had that evening?
A name, maybe?
The thing is,
when you work for politicians,
well, you get accustomed
to not seeing or hearing anything
that happens in the backseat.
And since I'm not his regular driver,
he didn't say anything to me.
- Has Carlos answered you?
- Yeah.
What's he saying?
He says he picked him up at the airport
last night and left him at his hotel.
Talk about a coincidence, no?
Sir, he hasn't left the hotel
since he arrived last night,
but his driver is waiting in the lobby.
That's right.
I'm sure, sir.
Here he is now.
Yes, sir. It's him.
I'll keep you informed, Detective Márquez.
Change of plan.
I don't know, Caridad.
Lately, things have been getting
very difficult around here.
Difficult? But why?
There have been more robberies,
more deaths.
And the police are everywhere,
buzzing around.
Just relax.
Because, after all,
you're the owner of a print shop
that makes leaflets, business cards,
and invitations for weddings and baptisms.
[laughs] That's right.
and how many women
do you need documents for this time?
There are 16, for the moment.
Eventually, it could be 20 or more.
And you have enough money for all of that?
Not yet, I'm afraid.
But I'm getting an inheritance.
Wait a sec. Did they see you or not?
[officer] Detective Márquez,
someone's here for you.
Thank you.
[Miguel] Thank you for seeing me
without an appointment, Detective Márquez.
It's very kind of you.
- So you know who I am?
- [Miguel] Yes.
You were the leader
of the Jiutepec operation.
And you were among those arrested.
Tell me, how does a criminal
manage to become a mayor?
It's logical for you to think that,
but you're mistaken.
If you really wanna know,
I'm just a mayor
who pretended to be a criminal.
What the hell are you talking about?
Hey, Detective.
There's no reason to be disrespectful, hm?
You surely know there are dozens of gangs
dedicated to human trafficking out there.
Do you have any idea
how many have tried to bribe me?
Why don't you tell me how many succeeded?
Three. The big ones.
Or so they think.
And that's why they trust me.
Here you have the names of the leaders,
where they operate,
and all the information I've collected.
I thought I had enough proof,
and that's why I came to you.
It's all yours.
Mr. Márquez, have a nice day.
[mysterious music playing]
[Lorenzo] The information is trustworthy.
I can't believe it. Just a couple of days
before we were going to talk to him,
he shows up at your office with evidence?
- Someone tipped him off.
- Who?
I don't know, but this is a sham, Lorenzo.
This could be a stroke of luck.
What's important is that we're gonna
arrest people over the next few days.
According to Andrade's documents,
they have 12 women in captivity.
Twelve women.
This guy got out of jail
a year and a half ago?
- Yes.
- How is it possible that you trust him?
[Lorenzo] He was in jail for a month,
and then he became mayor
because he's been working with the police.
Miguel Andrade
is one of the good guys, Valentina.
[tense music playing]
[Bautista] May I sit down?
I can't believe
Why didn't you tell me you were working
to uncover human trafficking in Yucatán?
Because it was dangerous.
It was more dangerous
thinking you were
trafficking women, Miguel.
I had always thought it was you
who had turned me in.
- It's my fault you went to jail.
- No.
It was mine
for not telling you the truth.
How did you find out about all this?
That's not important.
I just wanted to apologize.
- Goodbye, Miguel.
- Whoa, hold on.
If you're gonna leave
like you did in Cancún,
at least give me your phone number.
I'll be in town for the next few days.
I'd love to see you.
[Bautista] Mm.
This is Miguel.
I just saw a woman I knew in the past,
and I wanna know if there's anything
I should be worried about. Her name is
Juana Bautista Mai.
Listen, Manny, I think you've got
what it takes to be a great PR person.
I don't know
if you have a job right now, but
I'm gonna kill my mom.
[both laughing]
Please don't do that.
I'm sorry. It was completely my fault.
I thought I was being subtle.
Women are not always as subtle
as we pretend to be.
Why don't you tell me the reason
you asked me to lunch in the first place?
What's going on
between Federico and Valentina?
They're brother and sister.
Brothers and sisters
don't kiss on the mouth.
They didn't know that
when they met each other.
[emotional music playing]
There's no cell phone signal here.
Tell me everything you know about Ana.
- First, I need to know if I can trust you.
- Yes, you can trust me. Just tell me now!
Hey, wait, wait, wait. Wait!
I came here without knowing who you are
or what you want. Isn't that enough?
I haven't heard from her in six months.
I need to know if Ana is alive.
- Only you know.
- You haven't overcome the remorse.
After all, had it not been for you,
my sister wouldn't have disappeared.
You're her brother.
I deciphered all the text messages
and emails she had on her phone.
Valentina, you practically forced her
to infiltrate a human trafficking network.
- [Lorenzo] Hey!
- No! Hey! Please wait! Hey!
Goddamn it, Lorenzo! He saw you!
[Isabel] I don't know what to think.
I know Federico and Valentina
are brother and sister,
and that's why they're so stubborn,
but Federico
hasn't gotten over her at all.
I don't know if I'm allowed
to feel jealous or something.
The problem is monogamy.
That's why I prefer to be free.
No judgments. No ties whatsoever.
You're a lucky woman,
or maybe you've never been in love.
I was. Once.
And I learned my lesson.
You know what would be good for you?
A night out on the town.
And I know the best places to have fun.
Give me a call.
- [Isabel chuckles]
- What?
I'm trying to guess
what's at the back of your mind, Manny,
but it's very difficult.
I think you're an incredibly
attractive woman, Isabel.
And I'm glad
you don't know how to be subtle.
[pensive music playing]
So Ana was a journalist?
She'd been working for less than a month.
She was an intern.
We knew it would be dangerous
if anyone found out, including the police.
I'm not the police.
I'm your friend. Why didn't you tell me?
I felt I was the one to blame.
I refused to see the danger
because I was focusing on a Pulitzer,
one of those stupid prizes,
which I don't even care about anyway.
It's all my fault, Lorenzo.
Her brother has good reason to hate me.
I need him to contact me again.
Is that all?
I just have to sign these documents?
Yes, and when you do,
you will become the manager of the club.
And I can make the decisions,
and all of the profits will be mine?
Of course. You're the owner, Manny.
All I'm doing is creating a company
and for tax purposes,
you are the fiscal representative.
Why don't you consult with a lawyer
before you sign them?
Hm? Do you know anyone?
But don't take too long,
because the owner has another offer.
So you better hurry.
Or I could trust you, right?
[pensive music playing]
You're not such a bastard after all.
Do I look like a bastard?
You give off bad vibes sometimes.
You should work on that a little.
[Manuela laughs]
Please, miss. I need to eat.
Please give me some money.
Please, miss, I'm hungry.
I need a bit of money.
I beg you, señorita. Just a few coins.
[man] Thank you.
[doorbell rings]
I didn't think I'd hear from you again.
Yes, I'm alone.
Can you turn off your phone
if you don't mind?
[phone buzzes]
My name is Jordi.
Ana never told me she had a brother.
We kind of drifted apart
when our parents passed away.
After that, I did try to reach out to her,
but she disappeared.
I came to Mexico City four months ago
when I heard the police had found her ID.
I came here to find my sister.
The authorities haven't been able
to find any leads.
The authorities?
[scoffs] They're incompetent.
Um, Ana was kidnapped by a guy named Vara,
who handed her over
to someone who's known as Cabrilla.
Wait, how do you know that?
Everything's in the cloud.
You have to look in the right places
and connect the dots.
[eerie music playing]
We're dealing with
an extensive criminal organization.
[Bautista] Are you going
to keep working, sir?
It comes from deep within ♪
But if the surface cracks ♪
Another bit of paint ♪
God, I'm happy ♪
I am only ♪
What you make me ♪
With your own two hands ♪
I will always have you to thank ♪
For who I am ♪
[phone buzzing]
If I have a computer,
I can work from anywhere in the world.
See, I do cybersecurity
and data protection for companies.
So that means you're a white hat.
White hats
are ethical computer hackers, right?
Let's say that's a simplistic way
to explain it, but basically, that's true.
[Valentina] Mm.
I want you to meet Lorenzo.
Lots of policemen are in the network.
Better not to trust him.
I know, but Lorenzo's not like that,
and he hasn't stopped
looking for Ana, Jordi.
I'm sure that with the information he has
and yours, we can get much further.
He's been suspended twice
for disobeying protocol.
The cloud.
All right, then.
But we'll meet in a crowded public space,
with lots of noise.
Police frequencies don't usually reach
places like that. Deal?
- Deal.
- Okay.
- [Nina] So who is this guy?
- They didn't tell me.
I'm just supposed to round you all up
and see what's going on.
- And we had to close to do that?
- [Benny] Jesus Christ.
- [Nina] We're losing money.
- [Benny] Orders are orders, Nina.
Manny, it's you! What are you doing here?
Listen, if you're looking for work,
you're just in time.
The new owner will be here in a minute.
Guess what.
I'm the new owner.
[laughing] No way! Come on, Manny.
You've never even had a pot to piss in.
Well, things have changed, Benny,
and so have the conditions of this place.
Starting today, everyone will have
a salary and medical insurance.
Tips will go to whoever worked for them.
If some bastard lays a finger on a girl,
he's out of here.
And no more privates with the cameras off.
[Benny] Understood.
Go on, then. Get to work.
[Daniel] Matilde, what do you think?
[Matilde] About the three days off?
Um, I'm happy,
but I don't understand why the change.
Look, sweetie, you can't manage the place
from Tuesday through Saturday nonstop.
I've decided that you'll be
the only singer in this bar.
The Fénix
will be your concert hall.
It's perfect, right? What do you think?
What's the matter, Matilde?
You don't seem too happy about the idea.
Well, yeah. Sure, I'm happy.
It's just it's just maybe you could've
told me about it first, you know?
Listen, dear. Everyone loves you here.
You're a big star now.
Yes. Yes, darling,
but maybe Matilde has other ambitions.
Maybe she doesn't wanna spend
all her life singing in a bar.
She'll end up being exploited.
No. No, no, no, no.
The Fénix is where you're safe.
No need for more.
[Matilde huffs]
You've been strange
since the inauguration.
I just wanted to spend some time
with my parents.
I hadn't seen them for so long.
Isabel, I know you. Something's up.
You don't know me that well,
and neither do I.
We haven't been together for very long.
- Did I do something wrong? Tell me.
- Fede. Everything's fine.
- Okay?
- Okay.
You're very important to me.
I need you.
I know.
Seriously, you really wanna
exhume the body?
Your mom wants to know the truth.
What do you mean?
My dad committed suicide, that's it.
Out of shame and cowardice.
Plus, that's what the police said
when they found the body.
They didn't do an autopsy.
Because my mom asked Grandpa
not to let them.
It wasn't her idea. It was his.
Fede, Víctor was with Simón
the night he died.
Víctor doesn't have anything
to do with this.
He would give his life
for my dad, literally.
But he's also obsessively loyal
to my old man.
He'd do anything for him.
Hold on. I know all about
hating your dad, trust me,
but I would never think
Grandpa would wanna kill his own son.
I know he's weird, yes, and cold,
but a murderer? No, I don't think so.
[phone buzzing]
Uh, give me a minute.
[suspenseful music playing]
What's this box?
My mom dropped it off when she was moving.
She didn't know what to do with it.
- It's Simón's stuff?
- Yeah.
["Under My Spell" playing]
[Simón coughing]
[breathing heavily]
[distorted voice] They got you, Simón.
What did you think?
Alice would be sedated for 20 years?
[breathing heavily]
[controlled breathing]
My name is Simón Marroquín,
and I'm recording this
in case something happens to me
in the future.
It is a testimony regarding my father,
Rogelio Marroquín,
and it may be used against him.
["Under My Spell" continues]
- Wanna get something for dinner?
- Yeah, I'm hungry.
What do you want? Sushi?
- [Ignacio] No, Italian.
- [Federico] Eh, all right.
[Federico] I know of a great place
we could get Italian, but
[song fades]
["I'm Happy" playing]
I can't remember why ♪
I needed self-esteem ♪
It's a good thing I have you ♪
And I'm happy ♪
I no longer know ♪
Where I end and you begin ♪
And, of course, this only proves ♪
That I'm happy ♪
I am only ♪
What you make me ♪
With your own two hands ♪
I will always have you to thank ♪
For who I am ♪
I am only ♪
What you make me ♪
With your own two hands ♪
[song fades]
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