The Five Juanas (2021) s01e14 Episode Script

A Dangerous Man

What kind of evidence?
Videos of witnesses saying
what Simón had done to our mothers.
We wanted to force him to confess.
I know that many people would really enjoy
seeing my family caught up in a scandal
if they were to see this evidence.
I know, but we don't know
who could have it right now.
I'm guessing Gregorio thought
he could get some money out of this,
and it ended up costing him his life.
You were right to come to me directly
and not my son.
It's always best
to go to the owner of the building
and not the doorman, sir.
[Rogelio] My secretary
is going to pay you.
[suspenseful music playing]
You have to go to the police
and tell them about this evidence.
Okay, but if I did
I know what it would mean for me
and for my family
and that your silence protects us.
But think for a moment
about that poor boy's parents.
They deserve answers.
They need to know
what happened to their son.
All right. I gotta go.
[downtempo electronic music playing]
[Rogelio] I hope you find some USB keys
and a laptop.
Easier to get rid of
than a dead body, Víctor.
I didn't have enough time that night.
You know that, boss.
If things get out of control,
I won't be the one
who will pay the consequences.
Yes, Claudio, but you know
that singing professionally
would mean
that I would have to leave the bar.
And Daniel started that place for me.
It would be like a slap in the face.
All right. Calm down.
Between making a demo
and getting a producer,
it could take a lot of time,
enough for Daniel to warm up to the idea.
- You can't give up on your dreams.
- [sighs]
He's scared because he loves you.
[sentimental music playing]
I was with him
when he had to abandon his career,
and you don't know how much it hurt him.
If you achieve what he couldn't,
trust me, he'll be thrilled.
Take care.
Thank you, Claudio.
Oh, I almost forgot.
You don't have to take the shift tonight
because I'll be meeting
with Isabel Cárdenas at the bar.
- Okay?
- Okay. And why is that?
Since the brewery inauguration,
you two have been tight. What's going on?
Yeah, you're right. We're really tight.
And as of tonight, we'll be partners.
[Matilde chuckles]
[door closes]
He gave you money to start your business,
and this is what you choose?
- You don't know how much it pays.
- No, that's not the point, Manny!
Ugh, I don't get why it's such a problem
for you and my mom.
It's a business like any other.
Look, my grandfather
Ah, so now he isn't just Mr. Marroquín.
I won't have to get naked
for strangers anymore.
Isn't that what you wanted?
Now I'll only do it for people I want.
[Valentina] Thank you for your time.
It's my pleasure.
It's really appreciated. Goodbye now.
[man] Have a good day.
[pensive music playing]
Are you sure the worst that can happen
is that you get suspended?
Yeah, just don't tell Caridad.
She worries too much already.
No. None of my sisters
can know about this for now.
It's better this way.
Going to the bathroom.
["Cobarde" playing]
Is that him?
No. Jordi never sends messages
when he's out. He says it's dangerous.
Just some guy from Tinder
I've been talking to.
Look. He's cute, right?
- Val, you know
- No, I don't wanna hear a word.
I don't even know why I showed you.
All right. Here's the contract,
just like we discussed.
I just need your signature, and that's it.
[Matilde] "Exclusive"
- [Matilde] Ah!
- [Isabel chuckles]
Hello, Daniel. How are you?
Isabel Cárdenas.
I was hoping to see you
to thank you for your trust.
Honestly, having an exclusive deal
with your bar
is great promotion for our company.
- I'm pleased to meet you, Isabel.
- [Isabel chuckles]
Could you just give us a minute, please?
Yeah, of course.
[exclaims in disgust]
Look, I canceled the contract with Pedro
because they missed an order
the other day, okay?
Plus, Woman of Courage
is a way better beer.
You didn't consult with me, Matilde.
Were it not for Claudio,
I wouldn't have known.
I was going to tell you later.
What's the difference?
[Daniel] I have to make decisions
like this.
Ah, great. Are there any other decisions
you might wanna make for me, Dad?
[Matilde] I mean, really.
You have to trust me.
I know what I'm doing.
[pensive music playing]
[Miguel] I handled it.
Did you ever think
there could be another explanation
for what you saw in that warehouse?
I mean, except for the obvious
that I was a monster.
[Bautista chuckles]
Will you ever be able to forgive me?
Do you know what got me through
all that time in prison?
Imagining your naked body next to mine.
It drove me crazy the way you sighed
when we used to make love.
The way you open your mouth
just a little.
[Bautista chuckles]
And how I would move real slow
until you climaxed.
["Darker Days" playing]
[door lock beeps]
["Darker Days" continues]
[Bautista moans]
[Isabel] Oh! [chuckles]
Do you remember me? I hope so.
Yes. How could I forget you?
- [Isabel chuckles]
- How are you doing, Isabel?
Mm, great.
Are you here with Federico?
- No, I'm here on business.
- Ah.
But he's actually waiting for me at home,
and I'm so late.
Sorry. We have a date.
He's such a romantic.
You came to see your sister?
No. No, no, no.
I came here to meet a guy from Tinder.
If he's half as cute
as his profile pictures,
I'll probably have a night
as romantic as yours.
[both chuckle]
- Well, good luck.
- Thanks.
You look great.
- So do you.
- Thanks.
[hip-hop music playing]
Good evening.
How's the night treating us, guys?
- [Manuela] How much am I looking at?
- Thank you.
- Miss Manny?
- Hm?
I'm David Meneses.
Rogelio Marroquín sent me.
- Let's go to my office.
- [David] Okay.
- [Manuela] Keep going.
- Okay.
[Manuela] On your left.
I already told Rogelio
I don't need an accountant.
I can take care of
the club's finances on my own.
And he knows that,
but since the business
is under the name of a company,
let's say I can make things easier.
How would that work?
I'll just come on Saturdays
to basically do some bookkeeping,
that's all.
Plus, he'd be the one covering my fees.
That isn't necessary.
I'm just following your grandpa's orders.
I can tell he really cares for you,
Miss Bravo.
He's starting to grow on me.
- [Matilde] Be careful.
- Yes, obviously. Good luck.
- Hello.
- Hello, babe.
- What's up?
- Are we leaving or what?
Yeah, sure.
It's kinda loud in here, right?
- [Valentina] Let me say goodbye.
- [man] Okay.
[Valentina clears throat]
Since you no longer need me,
I'm leaving. Wish me luck, please.
- Good luck.
- [Lorenzo] Good luck.
[Jordi] The guy's name is Roberto Tapias.
He's single, doesn't have a police record.
Want his address and phone number?
Look. Didn't take me long.
Not even two minutes.
You knew they were gonna leave.
And I'm a little overprotective, like you.
Valentina said you didn't use your cell.
Only in low-risk places, and even then,
I always destroy the chip.
Back to business.
What's really interesting is that
all the key players in the organization
have fish aliases.
Fish aliases?
Yeah, I'm not kidding.
Chango, Bagre, Barracuda, Cabrilla.
It's helped me
track their communications as well as
[Matilde singing in Spanish]
Valentina's sister is a singer?
She's also single.
[music fades]
A guy from Tinder? Really?
[Isabel laughs]
I can't believe how wrong I was
about your sister.
I would never have thought
she was so liberal.
I like her much more now.
[chuckles] Yeah, of course.
[laughs] Look at that overprotective,
macho brother.
Valentina is young, she's single,
and she has every right to enjoy life,
just like you have every right.
["Meet Me In My Dreams" playing]
Do you like it?
I bought it just for tonight,
Excuse me.
Meet me in my dreams ♪
We'll make love
In the corners of my mind, baby ♪
The prettiest thing that I ever seen ♪
If we can't do it now
We could do it in dreams ♪
Meet me in my dreams ♪
We'll make love
In the corners of my mind, baby ♪
[Isabel] Let's have a good time.
Can't do it here
We could do it in dreams ♪
Head to head and eye to eye ♪
Hand in hand from earth to sky ♪
When you are too far away to be near ♪
I've had the most wonderful idea ♪
Meet me in my dreams ♪
We'll make love
In the corners of my mind, baby ♪
The prettiest thing that I ever seen ♪
If we can't do it now
We could do it in dreams ♪
Meet me in my dreams ♪
We'll make love
In the corners of my mind, baby ♪
The prettiest thing that I ever seen ♪
If we can't do it here
We could do it in dreams ♪
[Federico exhales]
I don't know what's wrong.
I'm really sorry.
What are you doing?
I'm getting a taxi.
No. But why? Why? Where are you going?
Federico, this isn't working.
Of course.
- Bea! What's up, girl?
- Hey, you! That was great!
- What's new? Tell me
- I didn't know you were a singer.
What's up? I'm a friendship
I mean, a friend of Valentina, and I
Oh, you're Jordi, aren't you?
Valentina told me about you.
I think you work with computers?
I really admire people
who can sing like you do.
For me, it's just like magic.
It was amazing listening to you.
I just wanted to tell you.
Well, thanks.
Today was special because I usually sing
on Fridays and Saturdays.
Please come back any day.
Bea, is it okay
if you close the bar tonight?
Yeah, but take an Uber, please.
Don't be stubborn.
Look, I have pepper spray in my purse.
Plus, I refuse to live in fear
of someone like Pocho.
- Okay. Everything's going to be all right.
- See you tomorrow.
Have a great night.
Thanks. You too.
- Text me when you get there.
- [Matilde] Yes!
Hey, who's Pocho?
Her idiot of an ex-husband
who can't be trusted at all.
[tense music playing]
What the hell are you doing
with that knife? Give it to me!
Give me your ID, now.
- Give it now! Come on!
- Just a sec.
Give me your goddamn ID!
Alfonso Sarmiento. You go by Pocho?
Yeah. So what?
Matilde isn't alone.
If you get near her again,
I'll break your face. Got it?
- [splutters]
- [Jordi] Now get lost!
[Caridad] Today,
we barely had enough food,
and new children and women
keep showing up at the convent.
[Lorenzo sighs]
Thank God there are people like you
and the sisters at the convent.
Rogelio offered me money
and I'm considering accepting it
because I could get a lot more documents
for all the women who need them.
And I know
I know too well that it's illegal.
But you have to understand
that I could save the lives of many women
with that kind of money.
They could start from scratch.
I can't just stand on the sidelines.
Lorenzo, are you listening?
You're always thinking about others.
[pensive music playing]
What can I do to make sure
you won't doubt me again,
whatever happens, hm?
Whatever happens?
I need to stay in contact
with the traffickers.
If they suspect me, I'm a dead man.
[knocking at door]
It's the champagne I ordered.
[phone buzzing]
[man] Good evening. Room service.
[Bautista] Thank you so much.
Have a good night.
[man] Have a good night.
I have a meeting early tomorrow morning
at the town hall.
I have to go back to Quintana Roo,
which means you won't be sleeping
at your house tonight, Miss Mai.
I wasn't planning on it, Mr. Andrade.
- [cork pops]
- [both laugh]
It's hard to understand if you don't know
about coding and encryption.
Basically, I look for
communication patterns
based on the last location
of my sister's phone.
Are you sure
that this guy is an informant?
[Lorenzo] He gave us intel
on these guys and these guys.
They're being arrested today.
What do you know about Bagre, Catfish?
A few things.
He reports to Tiburón, the shark.
He's had trouble moving up
in the organization.
[Lorenzo] Why is that?
He got involved
with the women he kidnapped.
I decoded their messages.
I think he's a politician.
They're all a bunch of motherfuckers.
[Miguel] Take care.
- I had a great time.
- So did I.
[Bautista giggles]
[Miguel] Ciao.
- [Valentina] Have a good day. Thanks.
- [man] You too. Bye.
Why are you getting home
so late, señorita?
You tell me. How did it go?
Hey, you answer first.
- [Valentina] Come on. Tell me. Tell me.
- You tell me.
Hey! Good morning.
Fede came to offer his condolences.
Invited him for breakfast. Wanna join us?
[Federico] You should.
You sure look like you're starving.
- No. Actually, I had a good breakfast.
- Hmm.
Excuse me.
I need to use the restroom. Excuse me.
You know that offering his condolences
is a pretext, right?
You had another vision?
It's common sense.
Did you really spend the night
with a stranger?
Get out of my room.
Tell me. How many guys
do you screw per week?
It's just to have an idea, huh?
Like, three or five guys? How many?
[Valentina scoffs]
- No! Just tell me!
- Let go of me!
[emotional music playing]
Isabel suspects something.
Obviously, she doesn't know it's you,
but she knows I'm into someone else.
She even said we should take a break.
Have you thought
maybe we're idealizing all this?
I don't know,
maybe we wouldn't enjoy sex together.
- There's only one way to find out.
- [sighs]
Avoid me.
Don't come here.
Do not go to Matilde's work,
and I won't go to your brewery
or anywhere there's a chance to find you.
You're playing with fire.
Now leave.
- I said leave!
- Okay. I'm leaving.
[breathes deeply]
All that about the dangerous guys
in Tenerife was a lie.
I don't know what you're talking about.
I asked Javier to find out
if there were charges against you
in the islands.
And he discovered
that they had set you free
because they didn't find any evidence.
- Manny.
- I don't wanna talk about it.
I turned you in,
thinking I was protecting you.
I don't understand.
I need an explanation, please.
I was running away from Antonio Lozano.
He didn't know
that Marcela, his daughter
Yeah. Marcela
was an addict.
She was my girlfriend.
I loved her
with all my heart.
[wistful music playing]
I tried to get her out of that dead-end.
She had distanced herself from her family.
She was clean for a while, but then
she relapsed.
She died from an overdose.
And even though I never met him in person,
Antonio thought it was my fault.
And you were afraid he would harm you.
He's a powerful person.
He would've ruined my life.
In the end, you did save me
by sending me to jail.
[Ignacio] What's happening?
They have a search warrant
for Simón's belongings.
We'll bring everything back
as soon as we're done, Mrs. Marroquín.
I apologize for the inconvenience.
Does this have to do with Simón's death?
I'm his brother.
No, it's about the death
of a local journalist
we think tried to extort him
the day he committed suicide.
[officer] If you could please
sign these documents, ma'am.
[Catalina] Yes.
[mysterious music playing]
Thank you.
- Officer.
- What is it?
With all this you're doing,
do you think it would be convenient
to do an exhumation of my brother's body?
To do so, we would have to proceed
with different paperwork,
but, yes, we have that option.
[man] I appreciate you coming today
to give your testimony, sir.
I hope you understand
that I'm only following protocol here.
Please explain that much to the colonel.
Not to worry.
He holds you in high regard, Captain.
I will be sure to tell him
how well you have treated me
during this interrogation.
[Bautista] This ring has been blessed.
I knew it.
With the darkest magic there is.
It protects him as if he had an armor.
[sinister music playing]
It's no wonder I can't see his aura.
Protects him against what?
Against everything.
He's very dangerous.
I imagine the detective who was involved
will receive adequate punishment.
Absolutely. You can count on it, sir.
[Serrana] Stay away from him, Bautista.
The artisan from my village
who made this ring
said he never met anyone like him.
What do you mean?
Without a soul.
[Rogelio] They asked me
a lot of questions, of course,
but I told them that the night
the poor young man died,
I was with Simón
just hours before he committed suicide.
It wasn't easy to remember.
Yeah, I'm sure.
But I didn't ask you to come
to listen to my sorrows.
As you probably figured,
Federico will be questioned as well.
So I thought it would be best
if you could bring him up to speed.
I'll be back
after the nurse gives me my injection.
Excuse me.
I thought we had a deal?
Look, my grandpa asked me
to come by his house.
He didn't say you'd be here.
[pensive music playing]
- [Melisa] Good night.
- Good night.
Thank you, Melisa.
Since you've been questioned,
it appears that the police now want
to exhume Simón's body.
Ah, I should have expected as much.
They won't find anything
to make them doubt it was a suicide.
We would be better off
if Valentina hadn't mentioned the evidence
to the police.
You know, Víctor,
someone who enjoys puzzles
always adapts to circumstances.
He knows
when it's time to change strategy.
Please go tell the kids
I wasn't feeling well
and went to lie down.
I don't think they'll have any problem
being alone together.
But they're siblings, aren't they?
Exactly. And the punishment
for incest now
is serious.
People end up in prison.
[sensual electronic music playing]
Let's go to a hotel.
Hey. Hey, Valentina.
We didn't grow up together.
I met you on a beach.
You're the woman I love and want.
Please tell me you feel the same about me.
No, Valentina. Don't leave.
[phone buzzing]
I was expecting your late-night call.
Better, better. Thank you.
I'm just really a little tired
after the questioning.
Well, I thought Valentina told you.
[Caridad] We have the right
to our opinions.
Are we gonna be questioned?
[Lorenzo] I don't know. Who's to say?
[Manuela] And who named you president?
We agreed we wouldn't tell the police
about the evidence.
You're so arrogant, Valentina.
This also affected our grandfather,
you know.
And you?
You were willing
to pay all the consequences
just to fly to the rescue
of your soul mate?
- Caridad.
- No. I wanna be alone.
[tense music playing]
Next time you have doubts
about someone I know, tell me first.
We thought Camilo was involved
with Andrade, who's a criminal.
[Bautista] A criminal?
The guy who's responsible for 14 women
being rescued from being sent to the US?
They just called and told me.
Matilde is right.
Sometimes your arrogance
is just unbearable.
Ah, you're going, too,
after throwing me to the lions?
My sisters hate me now.
I'm being investigated 'cause of you.
I'm gonna go to jail.
See you later.
All right.
Okay, Fede. Yes.
See you tomorrow. Bye.
The box at Fede's place
doesn't have what Valentina mentioned.
There you have it.
Simón did commit suicide.
Or whoever has the evidence
would rather see him dead
than cause a scandal.
I know Rogelio wasn't a good father,
but I think you're exaggerating.
You should see how nice he is
with his granddaughters.
- Yeah, well, they shouldn't trust him.
- Ignacio.
Catalina, my dad isn't the honorable man
you all think he is.
I know he's hiding something
and finding it got my brother killed.
And my mom.
My mom was a great woman.
The best mother
one could hope for in this life.
Her only mistake was falling in love
with Rogelio Marroquín.
[exhales, blows]
Why don't extraordinary women
fall in love with men like me?
[Ignacio laughs]
Because we are dumb.
[Catalina laughs]
I'm Isabel. Federico's girlfriend.
- You're his girlfriend?
- Yeah.
- I had no idea.
- Oh, no?
You two must've met in the United States.
- [Isabel] Yes. Yes, exactly.
- Ah.
I can't believe it.
It's so great to see you walking around.
[Rogelio] Camilo, how are you?
[Camilo] I'm doing great. Thank you.
What do you know?
I was just telling this enchanting lady
how you are a bad grandson.
Why haven't you introduce us?
It's just that we've been so busy
with the business and all.
[Rogelio] Ah.
Grandpa, I told you to let me know
when you're coming.
You're not supposed to push yourself.
You know, Isabel, I'm not as far gone
as my grandson probably told you.
[Isabel chuckles]
A tour, Mr. Marroquín?
Yes, but only if you call me Rogelio.
- Rogelio.
- Of course, Isabel.
[Isabel laughs]
[intriguing music playing]
[Camilo] He is quite the character.
Hey, Fede, quick question.
Your grandpa's ring,
is it some kind of club?
No clue. He's always worn it.
Why do you ask?
No, I'm just curious.
There's a politician I used to work for
who has the exact same one.
- Really?
- [Camilo] Mm-hmm.
When he came to visit me the other day,
he didn't look good. I'm really worried.
With his father's death
and going from being an only child
to being one of six
I imagine you know his sisters.
They are lovely,
but I'm worried about them too.
Especially Caridad and Matilde.
They seem very vulnerable.
Vulnerable? Matilde?
I personally find her just the opposite.
We just started doing business
with her bar,
so she's the one I'm closest to.
Ah, I didn't know that.
I'm sorry to ask,
but could you maybe tell me a little more
about the relationship
between Matilde and the owner?
I don't want to seem paranoid,
but it seems very strange.
I think that they get along just great.
Well, they do refer to each other
as father and daughter.
Father and daughter.
[pensive music playing]
[Bautista] I can't sleep.
There's too much energy in the house.
Did your crystals
run out of batteries or what? [chuckles]
I'm sorry.
Rogelio wants to harm us, Caridad.
He is a dark man.
Plus, his ring protects him
with black magic.
This house, his gifts
It all seems like part of a plan
to harm us. I'm convinced now.
[tense music playing]
That girl is dangerous like I said.
She's getting suspicious.
So I think it's time to get rid of her.
Understood, Shark.
You and I ♪
We'll never be the same again ♪
We'll never be the same again ♪
Never be the same ♪
Take me home ♪
[music ends]
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