The Five Juanas (2021) s01e17 Episode Script

The Bonfire

Bautista, he's coming.
[tense music playing]
What curse did you put on me?
I can't sleep. I feel sick.
I lost money on the cockfights.
I told you.
It's your brother. He's watching you
and knows what you're doing.
You're going to hell, and he knows it.
I'm just the fucking guard here.
I need the money.
It's just my job.
He says if they were his daughters,
your nieces,
you wouldn't feel the same way.
He told you that?
[Bautista] The dead try to warn us.
Your brother won't stop haunting you.
It's going to get worse.
[Bautista] Ángel,
I've had clients who looked for my help
after it was too late.
I'm going crazy.
Tell me what I have to do to stop this.
Not for free. Sorry.
[dance music playing]
Manny sent these invoices over.
[Nina] She's busy.
She's gonna be in her office for a while.
[laughs] Don't be afraid.
[suspenseful music playing]
[footsteps approaching]
Uh, I didn't think you were gonna be here.
I was gonna leave this at your door.
Here's everything Jordi got off the phone.
Let me know if you need anything else.
Hey, why don't we look at it together?
This way, we'll know what's in here,
and we won't have to see each other again.
[door closes]
[phone rings]
[tense music playing]
What the hell is this?
[Valentina] Don't open it!
[moaning on video]
[Federico] No way. Oh fuck!
[suspenseful music playing]
What you said about his brother,
was that real,
or you just wanted to scare him?
When people pass away,
they stay close to those
they love most in life.
But Ángel is consumed by guilt.
I became aware of that
the moment you told me he'd helped you.
As for the rest,
his superstition took over.
[Ana] You're a genius.
If he rats us out, we're both dead.
Well, I'd rather run that risk
than stay here rotting away.
[reporter 1] What was the reason
for Dominga Heredia's sex change?
[reporter 2] When did Dominga
become Daniel?
[reporter 3] Do you have any comments
on the allegations?
[phone ringing]
[Héctor's voice] Hi.
Please leave a message after the tone.
Héctor, how are you? It's me, Matilde.
How come
you didn't make it to the meeting?
[reporter 1] Is she still singing?
Maybe I had the wrong day?
Please call me when you can, okay?
[Jordi] It's impossible to trace the email
that sent the video
and my sister's message.
They used the same technology?
Maybe it's not a coincidence.
Have you uploaded anything
regarding my sister's investigation?
A post on a message board?
An email you sent to a friend?
Or maybe a message you sent Lorenzo?
- Nothing?
- No.
You sure?
Do you think I'm being watched?
We're getting too close
to the organization.
But what does the video have
to do with this?
They're not asking for money or anything.
What do they want?
To scare me?
Or to destroy you.
Don't worry. This isn't gonna last.
These things are big one day,
gone the next.
Hey, what's going on down there?
There are a bunch of newspeople.
Haven't you seen?
I knew that the ambition to become famous
could change a person
but I never would have thought
my own daughter could do something so low.
How could you do this?
Seriously? All you care about is fame.
What are you talking about?
More and more people keep coming,
and many have cameras.
- [Daniel] Shit. I have to get out of here.
- Let's go.
But, Dad, I swear I didn't say anything
to anyone about you.
[Claudio] Yeah, right.
In the two hours since this was published,
you've gained 12,000 followers.
[suspenseful music playing]
What a pain in the ass.
What the hell does this guy want now?
Listen, didn't I tell you I'd call you
when your cards were ready?
They weren't ready yesterday
or when you came three days ago.
And today, they're still not ready, okay?
But I need them urgently. [chuckles]
Well, I'm sorry.
You're going to have to wait.
That's how it is.
[man whistles]
[suspenseful music continues]
[officer] Police! Open up!
- [Caridad gasps]
- It's me. Let's go.
I'll explain later. Come on.
There are a lot of expenses
that aren't mine.
2,500 on a carpet. 11,000 on lights.
What are you saying?
Rogelio is laundering money
with the club, Mom.
But laundering money for what?
Mom, I have no idea.
I don't understand anything.
All I know is I've gotta get out of Mexico
and let him deal with his problems.
No, Manny. It won't help if you run away.
Going to prison will?
I'm not going back to prison again.
Understand me?
Believe me, Jordi. I didn't talk to
any Beto Puertas or any other journalist.
I swear.
In that case,
it must have been your agent.
What's Héctor's last name?
Fuentes, but I'm sure it wasn't him.
I didn't tell him anything about Daniel.
[Federico] Together?
How come? And since when?
We've been together a couple of weeks now,
but, unfortunately, we couldn't find
the right time to tell you.
You probably think
it's terrible news, right?
No, no, no, no. I'm glad.
At least someone in the family
is happy. Finally.
I think it's the first time.
I wish I had some good news
to tell you, but I don't.
What's wrong?
It looks like someone put a camera
in the hotel room where I was staying
three nights ago and
and recorded a video.
Yesterday, someone sent it to me by email.
Fede, are you saying you were having sex
when they recorded you?
That's right, Mom. I was having sex, but
but not with just anyone.
[Federico sighs]
I was with Valentina. Valentina de la Paz.
Mom, we met and fell in love.
At the time, I didn't know
she was my sister, and I was her brother.
- And we tried not to see each other, but
- [Ignacio] Hold on, Fede.
You mean people from the hotel
are trying to extort money from you?
No, they say
they don't know anything about that,
but without getting a warrant,
they can't give me the footage
from the security cameras.
And they're not extorting me
because they aren't asking me
for anything.
You're gonna have
to talk to the police, Fede.
Yeah, but I can't go to the police.
"Incest is a crime."
- That was the title of the video.
- [gasps] No!
Mama, hold on, please.
[door closes]
Everything will be fine. You'll see.
You sure you don't want me
to stay here tonight?
No, don't worry about it.
[door opens]
[Matilde crying]
What happened?
I'm famous now!
[Matilde sobbing]
Don't you remember?
You threatened to report me.
It wasn't me, Caridad.
How many times do I have to tell you?
I was there because
I was following you to protect you.
What are they gonna do with Julia?
Arrest her.
When they get the evidence from the store,
they'll force her to confess
and tell them who gave her the money.
After that, they'll arrest those involved.
You mean the women from the shelter?
The sisters at the convent?
[Lorenzo sighs]
Hey, you know you can count on me,
whatever it is, Fede.
Thanks, Uncle.
Oh, and here.
I didn't have time to check it out,
but that's all the information
from my dad's phone
if you're still interested.
Yeah. Thanks.
See ya.
- Call me, Fede.
- I will.
Do you think Federico
could end up in jail because of this?
No, no, no. We'll figure something out.
Valentina and Federico
don't deserve any of this.
- [sobs] No.
- It's all right. Hey.
Calm down, honey. It's gonna be all right.
Don't leave the house.
I'll see how I can figure out
what's going on with doña Julia.
I have to warn my grandpa
and the people at the convent.
No, don't talk to anyone, please.
This time, do as I tell you.
Caridad, I was never on board,
but I would have never reported you.
You know that.
I love you.
[pensive music playing]
[indistinct radio chatter]
[Rogelio] Caridad was also supposed
to get caught, Víctor.
She just got home!
Tell me what the hell happened!
The guy doesn't know, but as soon as
the old lady confesses, they'll get her.
Everything is going
according to plan, boss.
No one will get away. Don't worry.
I hope not.
[suspenseful music playing]
[man] What is it?
I'm here to pick up the VIP
at the heliport.
Check inside the car.
[suspenseful music continues]
[Ángel] I can't be late, bro.
Open up, please.
[suspenseful music continues]
Being transgender is not a disease.
It's not an illness to overcome.
It's a condition, and now he's happy.
The only reason I'm telling you this
is so you can stop worrying about Matilde.
[Isabel] I hope I wasn't mistaken.
So I understand we have enough evidence
of a money-laundering scheme.
[man] And reason
to extradite her to Spain.
The guy who called to report her
was right, Lozano.
That's just what I wanted to hear.
That bitch is not gonna get away.
I promise.
When can I bring her in?
When we have the documents
with her name and signature.
It's a matter of days.
Perfect. Thank you.
[phone ringing]
It's Héctor Fuentes, my agent.
Matilde, this guy has never been an agent.
And his name is Beto Puertas,
not Héctor Fuentes.
He's a show business journalist
who's obsessed with your mom.
His career was dead
until he published this.
It was a trick
to get information out of you.
[Matilde sighs]
[Matilde sniffles]
I wanted to be famous,
but right now, all I wanna do is die.
I feel awful.
Don't say that.
The world is much better with you in it.
["For Whatever" playing]
[music ends]
Where are you going?
To the kitchen to get a glass of water.
You want one?
- Okay, but don't be long, please.
- I won't.
[suspenseful music playing]
Hey, Matilde,
what do you say we make a campfire?
- It's a perfect night for it.
- What do you mean?
You'll feel better.
Come on. Let's get dressed.
- Let's go.
- Okay.
Give me a kiss.
[Jordi] Trust me.
[suspenseful music playing]
My father murdered Simón.
My name is Simón Marroquín,
and I'm recording this
in case something happens to me
in the future.
It is a testimony regarding my father,
Rogelio Marroquín.
And it may be used against him.
Matilde, a campfire with your boyfriend
is the last thing I need.
- Well
- I told you I wasn't in the mood.
Yeah, I'm not up for it either.
- What's going on?
- I heard you.
What's going on?
- Jordi, it's safe to talk here, right?
- Yes, we can talk here.
Rogelio has been spying on us all.
[suspenseful music swells to crescendo]
[Ángel] The next bus to Mexico City
comes in two hours.
I've done my part.
Now tell me.
Make an altar for your brother
with his most recent photo.
Starting tomorrow,
pray nine times to the souls in purgatory,
and light a purple candle.
It has to be purple.
Burn something of his
while you ask him to forgive you.
Keep this with you always.
It's salt and sugar
to quench your soul's thirst.
As long as you use it,
he will stop tormenting you.
What else do I have to do?
Call the police and report your bosses.
But that's entirely on you.
[Ana] Thank you.
Salt and sugar?
I couldn't find anything better.
I don't have the material I use for work.
I need a phone. I wanna call my sisters.
No. We don't know if anyone here
works for the Aquarium.
We must wait for the bus.
Let's go.
[Ignacio] The problem is
that it's possible the recording
ends up being completely worthless.
Why do you think so?
It clearly proves that Simón
was a serious threat for Rogelio.
If he had mentioned his companies
and secret accounts in the Cayman Islands,
he would've destroyed him.
Yes, but it's been more
than three months now.
Maybe he changed the names
of the companies and the account numbers.
I know him.
He's always ten steps ahead of everyone.
He'll just say anything,
like, Simón was mad
or something like that. Whatever.
And the dark businesses
he mentions in the recording?
What about that?
I haven't the slightest idea.
The one who probably knew
was my poor, beloved mother.
Listen, Ignacio. We can't sit on this.
We have to do something.
Of course, but calmly.
We have to look for information.
One mistake and we'll end up
like my Mom did and my brother.
Yes, I know the fact
that he's spying on us is terrible,
but maybe he just wants to protect us?
Come on, Caridad! For God's sake.
There are cameras hidden
throughout the house.
Even in our bedrooms.
He's been watching us have sex,
and we're his granddaughters.
- Besides being a bastard, he's a sicko.
- Okay, but why?
He wants what all spies are after.
He wants to know your secrets.
Holy shit! Look at that!
[Jordi] This video system
is really impressive.
It even transmits video in color.
Someone was here to fix the cable
not long ago.
Fucking asshole.
I thought it was weird
the boiler needed to be repaired so often.
Víctor is in on it too.
What should we do?
Take advantage that the old fart
doesn't know we found out
and try to work out
what he's planning to do.
[suspenseful music playing]
The signal is down in the house again.
No. How should I know?
Go and check it out.
Be careful.
For some reason, the girls decided
to make a campfire in the yard,
and I can't watch them there.
Hurry up.
[suspenseful music continues]
[Víctor] I'm here, boss.
It wasn't rats this time.
It was the main cable.
I think it was loose.
I didn't see anyone in the yard.
They surely must have gone to sleep.
I'll fix it and leave.
[Jordi] Hold still and keep quiet, okay?
Give me that gun.
Get up. I said get up! Get up!
You're not the first to fuck with me,
so you better do as I say.
["An Axe in Your Head" playing]
Tell me what to do ♪
- And I see red ♪
- I see red ♪
- I see red ♪
- I see red ♪
I see ♪
An axe in your head
And you're gonna be dead ♪
Like an animal bled
Like an animal bled ♪
Could he be watching us?
No. There's nothing to watch
if we're asleep.
We have to trust Jordi on this.
Let's go.
["An Axe in Your Head" continues]
Look me in the eyes ♪
When you patronize ♪
[music ends]
You owe me that
for trying to kill me, you bastard.
That's so you tell me everything you know,
or I'm gonna beat you to death.
I'm gonna need a couple of hours
to bring everything I need, okay?
- [Matilde] We can handle this on our own.
- [Jordi] I know you can do this.
[Manuela] Come on. Spit it out.
I've told you. I don't know anything.
I'm only in charge of the equipment.
Víctor, you've gotta help us.
You're not like Rogelio. I know it.
- No
- Manny, what are you doing?
Men are not so cocksure
when you take off their clothes
in front of women.
Especially if there are four of us.
Has anyone told you
you're not very well hung?
You know I have a lot of experience
in that field, right?
- [Caridad] Manny.
- Mm-hmm.
Let him talk so we can get this over with.
What does the old man want?
- [grunts]
- [Manuela] Speak, asshole!
- Speak, you asshole!
- [Valentina] All right, Manny, stop.
That's enough! Stop it now! Now!
[Víctor breathing heavily]
[Valentina] You better talk,
or I'll let Manny go on all night.
Cocktail weenie.
[Valentina] Talk.
The boss wanted to take revenge
for what you did to his son
and took you for a ride.
He played all five of you for idiots. Hm?
[Víctor] Bringing you into the same house
was simply a matter
of making it your only option.
Manny, a video sent anonymously
showing your abilities on the pole
was enough to convince
any company not to hire you.
And without regular work,
a house and $5,000 in your pocket
was just what you needed.
For you, Matilde,
we just had to convince Daniel
that you were in danger in his house.
When that jackass ex-husband of yours
left a dead rat in your house,
he didn't realize, but he gave us the idea
to kill Daniel's dog.
Bautista, we took away
your savings and clients.
Hacking your Instagram account
was a piece of cake.
And in a place as dangerous
as the downtown area,
robberies are part of everyday life.
Since you were living with your sister,
we killed two birds with one stone.
All it took was a good incentive
so Valentina's landlord
would kick the two of you out
of the apartment.
Once we managed to convince
all four of you, it was a done deal.
We didn't have to do anything
to make sure Caridad would come.
You lived in a convent,
so getting you here was easy.
The five you all dropped like flies,
and maybe you're already fucked, hm?
[phone line ringing]
- [voice mail beep]
- Please leave a message.
Fede, where are you?
I've tried to call Matilde a few times,
but it looks like her phone is off,
and there's something
I need to talk about with someone.
It's about Rogelio.
I don't know if I'm imagining
all sorts of crazy things,
but I think your grandpa set her up.
Even if my dad knows it was a setup,
his life is still ruined.
Everyone knows his secret now.
But you don't have to go to jail
like Caridad and I.
What about me?
If that video gets to the police,
at a minimum, I'll never get another job.
Who will wanna hire
an incestuous journalist?
He's trying to ruin Federico's life too.
Rogelio's a psychopath like Simón.
[Caridad] I don't care what happens to me,
but the women in the shelter
and the sisters at the convent
didn't do anything to Gran
to Rogelio.
Maybe not, but he knows
exactly where it hurts the most.
He knows how to screw us all over
because we gave him the tools ourselves.
Oh my God. And Bautista.
I'm sure Rogelio realized
she knew about him
and was trying to warn us.
And what if he did something to her?
- [Matilde] Manny. Manny, Manny!
- Where is Bautista?
Talk 'cause there's nothing I'd rather do
than shoot your balls off,
you piece of shit.
[door lock rattling]
It's locked. I'll go in through the back.
Wait here.
[Manuela] Of course you know. Talk.
- [Valentina] Hey.
- How are you?
[Matilde] Sis, I'm so happy you're here.
You got out of this one.
Bautista, you were right.
Rogelio's got us under surveillance.
- He has cameras all over the house.
- It's impossible.
It's true, and you were the only one
who was suspicious of him.
I mean, that.
Bautista, what are you looking at?
- He has the birthmark.
- [Manuela] What?
This has to be a fucking joke, man.
What about my birthmark?
Please give me my clothes.
It's just like this one.
We inherited it from Rogelio.
[pensive music playing]
You think I owe you something?
You're a fucking servant.
The boy is not to blame
for what you did to me, sir.
I didn't do anything. Got that?
Now you're going to get out of here
without saying a word
and be grateful for the rest of your life
I didn't let that brat starve to death.
Now go.
My wife and I agreed to take care of you,
but you'll cost us a lot of money.
So I hope you'll be grateful,
and one day you'll pay me back.
And don't think you can walk around
this house as if you are a Marroquín
because you aren't, got it?
Have you done a puzzle before?
It's not for simpletons like you,
but maybe you'll learn something.
I'm the one who puts in the last piece.
["Show Me Where It Hurts" playing]
- I'm the son of
- You're the son of Rogelio Marroquín.
I let you breathe ♪
A love you see ♪
Bare your bleeding heart ♪
Through your gritted teeth ♪
Show me where it hurts ♪
Imagine that it's me ♪
[music ends]
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