The Five Juanas (2021) s01e18 Episode Script

Las Juanas

[vehicle approaching]
[car door closes]
[whispers] Jordi.
[emotional music playing]
[Ana sobs]
I can't believe it.
[Valentina] We can't risk him
talking to Rogelio.
[emotional music continues]
[Valentina sobs]
- [Lorenzo] Did they tell you anything?
- No. Just to go straight to the gardens.
[distant barking]
What's up? Why are you out here?
It's the only way to hide from Rogelio.
Have a seat. This is Jordi.
This is my sister. Ana.
Ana and Bautista escaped
from the Aquarium.
Rogelio noticed I was getting suspicious.
He's been spying on us.
He also made the video.
- He wants to ruin us.
- Rogelio Marroquín?
What? My grandfather?
Wait. What the hell are you talking about?
I don't get it.
You did a paternity test for Federico?
What are you trying to prove?
Sit down.
[emotional music playing]
You and I were only together once.
And I didn't think
[Ignacio breathes deeply]
[both laughing]
That's exactly right.
This has been his plan all along.
All that crap about us being
his granddaughters
and caring about us was a lie.
What kind of sicko
does all this for vengeance?
Rogelio is very far from being normal.
And Simón was following in his tracks.
Well, have Víctor report him, then.
He hasn't committed a crime.
Not even with the cameras.
And the club? He was laundering money.
The papers are in my name, Camilo.
And I'm a stripper.
Who's gonna believe me, Lorenzo?
[Lorenzo sighs]
So you're telling us
we're screwed or what?
- [Caridad] No.
- Huh?
We have to do something.
[phone buzzing]
- [Valentina] Auntie.
- Sweetie.
- I just couldn't wait until tomorrow.
- What's going on?
Do you remember how Manny told us
she was being investigated?
Yeah, and it's all part of a trap
by Rogelio.
How did you know it was a trap?
[Carmela] The whole thing
with Manny's club is nothing new.
Rogelio was already laundering money
when my dad was his accountant.
But after what happened with Rosa,
he decided to keep everything in writing.
- To have proof.
- That paperwork is our evidence.
Since his name isn't associated
with the companies,
it won't prove anything.
That man is untouchable.
No, no, no. That's not true at all.
He must be linked to the network.
That's what shell companies are for,
basically, to help hide money.
- That's why Bautista was kidnapped.
- And that's how he knows Andrade.
Not from his political dealings.
[Federico] My grandfather is part of
a human trafficking network?
[Bautista] He's the boss.
That explains his ring and the fish.
It's his way of marking his merchandise.
[Ana] You're right.
They did it to me at the Aquarium.
So my mom was trying to protect us.
Rogelio is the Shark.
[Lorenzo] Where are you going?
To finish what Alice couldn't.
I'm gonna kill that asshole.
- Wait, Manny. We'll get him another way.
- We can't do anything.
We've got to find someone
who's willing to expose him.
Barracuda is the Aquarium's administrator.
The only one with direct contact
with Shark. It's gotta be him.
[Matilde] You know who he is?
It must be someone important.
Probably a politician.
[Camilo] How was the meeting?
They gave me the Aquarium, Camilo.
Let's go.
[suspenseful music playing]
It's Attorney Suárez.
I'm sure of it.
He's Barracuda.
[Federico] Excuse me.
[Federico] Why? Seriously.
How could you be part of something
so awful, Víctor?
I've been taught
to keep my head down, Fede.
Do as I'm told,
and be grateful for the roof over my head.
But why?
You're my brother.
You were always there
whenever my dad got mad at me.
You covered up for me
the first time I got drunk.
You even helped me with girls.
I just didn't want you to get hurt!
That's all, Fede.
- I'm his grandson.
- And I'm his son.
I just found out
after 40 years of humiliation,
after all this abuse.
I'm your uncle, Fede.
All your grandfather cares about
is himself.
We're nothing more
than puzzle pieces to him.
Let me go, Fede.
I know you don't trust me,
but I promise I won't tell him anything.
That asshole needs to burn in hell.
Let me go, Fede.
[tense music playing]
[door rattles]
I don't ever wanna see your face again.
Where have you been all night, Ignacio?
Just walking.
To clear my head and think straight.
[Ignacio breathes deeply]
I've missed out on 25 years
[Ignacio sobs]
of life with Fede, my son.
But you've always been
very close to him, Ignacio.
You know he adores you.
I can't tell you how many times he told me
he wished you were his father
instead of Simón.
And the worst part is that
I was too foolish to see it.
You are so obviously his father.
He's just like you.
He's your son.
How long have you been working here?
The boss hired me
only a week before you arrived
with your sisters.
But why? No clue.
Well, it looks like he really went all out
with the decorations.
Yes. He wanted everything to be perfect
down to the last detail. Even the frames.
Look what I found in the kitchen.
It's the puzzle
he had made for you girls, isn't it?
Five fish. Five granddaughters.
He really loves all of you.
[Matilde] So the four of us
and Bautista are the fish.
Inside an aquarium.
Mmm. Okay, but the shark,
what does that mean? I don't get it.
- Hmm.
- Girls sure do like games.
[tense music playing]
[secretary] No, you can't go in there.
What are you doing here?
You'll take me back
and green light an operation, Captain.
[Ana] What are you doing?
I'm cleaning Manny and Carmela's names
from all registries linked to the club.
I'm almost done,
and you know what I'll do next
I'm going for the Aquarium.
Eh, such a genius.
- [Bautista] Good morning.
- [Ana] Good morning. Coffee?
Mm-hmm. Thanks.
[Jordi] Thank you.
Do you think he'll go to jail this time?
[ominous music playing]
El Chango sends you this gift, Cabrilla.
You motherfucking snitch.
[tense music playing]
The captain doesn't want
anyone knowing the details.
[Caridad exhales]
And the rest of the plan?
I'm almost ready to roll.
So you're heading to the club now?
I have something to do first.
Okay. I'll see you later.
All right.
Take care, please.
- Love you.
- [Lorenzo] Love you too.
[suspenseful music playing]
[Lorenzo sighs]
[Lorenzo] Let's cut to the chase.
Tell us where the forged documents are.
We know you made them,
and we will find them.
You won't talk?
If you don't,
your accomplice will go free,
and you will take the fall for it.
Like I said
I don't have any idea
what documents you're talking about.
I do make documents. It's my business.
I make flyers and invitations,
but for weddings and baptisms.
You've been warned.
Manny talked to the congressman.
She says everything's going
according to plan, but
Oh, I'm still very nervous.
[footsteps approaching]
- Hi.
- Hey.
[Isabel chuckles]
Oh, Isabel.
I would stay, but I'm a little busy.
How is Matilde?
She'll come along.
She just needs to talk with her dad.
Will you tell her not to worry, please?
I'll talk to Daniel.
Okay, I'll let her know.
[emotional music playing]
You don't have to leave, you know.
The brewery is running really well, and
and I'm tired
of competing with your sister.
I saw you kissing Valentina
on opening day.
She and I, you know
Yeah, yeah. I know.
I know the story. That's why I stayed.
But I'm tired of this.
I deserve something else.
[Federico] Yes.
Forgive me.
I didn't wanna hurt you, Isabel.
I know.
[emotional music continues]
I wish you all the best in life.
Thank you. To you as well.
Ah, son of a
- Let's go straight to the club.
- [Camilo] Yes, sir.
What the hell are you doing here?
Well, I'm working as a driver again.
You know how things are, right, sir?
[suspenseful music playing]
Take you to the same club as always?
Manny no longer does privates.
She doesn't do privates
for guys like you, idiot.
- I'm glad to see you too, Attorney Suárez.
- Me too. [laughs]
Today, I'm gonna fuck Manny.
She owes me a favor.
Today, I'm getting my reward.
[sniffing, groans]
That's fucking impossible. How would
her name not show up as the owner?
[man] We found nothing linking her
to that club or the one in Spain, Lozano.
She must've removed it, then.
Yeah, or the original information
was wrong.
But who knows?
We might have won the lottery.
Okay. What are you talking about?
There's a link between this company
and others from years ago.
This is a much bigger fish
than Juana Manuela Bravo.
[dance music playing]
Just be careful.
The old bastard is stoned out of his mind.
I know what I'm doing. You can go.
[Benny] Sir.
Please go ahead.
Things have changed, Benny.
Well, you were right.
You're a legend.
If I hadn't listened to you,
I'd be screwed.
You know, I'm good with numbers.
That's how they got Al Capone, you know.
I think we should
party a bit,
Wouldn't that be a good idea?
Let's invite someone to join our party.
Oh my God.
What do you want?
[Suárez] Who the fuck are you?
Investigative police.
I'm Detective Lorenzo Márquez.
My apologies, sir,
for interrupting your evening.
[dance music playing]
Seeing you last night was the only
nice thing that's happened in a week.
You don't know how I've missed you.
[emotional music playing]
When I wanna fall asleep,
I lie down and imagine you're next to me.
When something good happens,
I wanna tell you right away.
My mom says I'm in love with you.
She knows these things.
She told me
the reason I'm a bitch is because
because when we're in love,
we lose control.
And I'm afraid of that, Camilo.
I know that if I lose you, I'm an idiot.
Have I lost you?
Have you lost me?
I'm the only one who's lost here.
[emotional music continues]
You and your friends have no idea
who these guys are.
You really don't know
who you're messing with.
Why do you think we're here?
They've been watching you.
You came to have some fun.
No one will suspect a thing.
But I still can't rat him out. No way.
You know very well
that if I snitch on Rogelio, I'm dead.
You're dead anyway.
If you go to jail
as the head of the network,
what will Marroquín do?
Laugh it off?
You're the only person who can prove
who Shark is before the court.
No. Not in a million years.
If you testify against him,
we'll arrest him tomorrow,
and you and your family will be gone.
You have my word.
[dance music playing in background]
I'm off. I have to update the captain
and prepare everything
for his questioning tomorrow morning.
So I just take him
to the hotel like normal?
That's right.
My guys will follow your car.
They will stay outside his room
and monitor him
in case Suárez decides to back out.
[Manuela chuckles]
When all of this is over,
you won't leave my bed for three days.
[Lozano] Hey!
Where do you think you're going?
I wanna know how you got your name
taken off the club's registration.
- What's your problem, Sánchez?
- My name isn't Sánchez, damn it!
I'm Antonio Lozano!
You're getting away with it again,
but next time I'll kill you, you bitch!
I begged Marcela so many times
to patch things up with you.
- You got her into that shit!
- I got her out!
Man, I was there for her
and held her up for months on end
because I didn't want her to relapse.
And the only motherfucking day
I wasn't there,
I found her unconscious.
But it was too late.
So, yeah, I'm the bitch
who couldn't save your daughter, Antonio.
[melancholy music playing]
How did you find me here?
Someone called me with your information.
They must've known I was looking for you.
That lying bastard.
Rogelio Marroquín.
Don't know that name.
With the information I'm gonna give you,
you'll get a medal.
[suspenseful music playing]
[Suárez] The fish dies by its own mouth
if and only if it bites the hook. Go.
[suspenseful music continues]
[officer] Stop! Sir, you can't come out!
Congressman Suárez.
Don't! Don't do that! Stop! No!
[suspenseful music continues]
[phone buzzing]
Castro, what is it?
He committed suicide?
I was expecting a reaction.
Do you know what this recording means?
Nothing surprises me anymore.
Grandpa also put cameras in the hotel.
He made the video with Valentina and I.
- What?
- Yeah.
[phone buzzing]
What's going on?
[tense music playing]
Okay, hold on a sec.
The police are en route
to arrest Grandfather.
Wait up. I wasn't
I need to tell you something.
You know what? I have something
to tell you, too, but it'll have to wait.
Valentina, are you there?
So tell me what happened.
Wasn't the arrest tomorrow?
[sirens wailing]
[dramatic music playing]
Berta. Is Víctor here yet?
Where the hell is he?
- [officer 1] Okay, to the right!
- [officer 2] No one here!
[dramatic music continues]
[Lorenzo] Rogelio.
- Camacho.
- Okay.
[dramatic music continues]
Rogelio Marroquín.
What can I do for you?
Let's go.
Back off.
Do you know who I am?
Yes, you're Shark.
You are under arrest for money laundering,
organized crime, and tax evasion.
Let's go.
Collect the ashes.
[indistinct radio chatter]
[Ignacio] Detective.
My brother Simón left a recording
on his phone incriminating my father.
I'm sure he killed him that same night.
For God's sake!
You're left without a family, asshole.
is actually my son, not Simón's.
[uplifting music playing]
Is that true?
Are you are you my father?
[Ignacio] Yeah.
I'm sorry.
I didn't want you to find out like this.
Federico, I've loved your dear mother
since before she got married.
It isn't her fault. She she didn't know,
and she decided to have
a paternity test done, and
I don't have the birthmark,
and neither do you.
[emotional music playing]
I know this is difficult.
A lot to take in.
But I'm sure we will have
plenty of time to talk.
[Federico sobs]
You have no idea
how happy I am to hear this.
[Ignacio] Me too.
Lozano's team can prove the existence
of shell companies thanks to Jordi,
but unfortunately, that's not enough.
People have gone to prison
for crimes that are less serious.
Fede said Rogelio was friends with
all the congressmen and judges in Mexico.
He literally talks to the president
on the phone.
- Some must be partners. Who knows?
- Or VIP customers at the Aquarium.
Without Suárez
and with his army of attorneys,
you can be sure
he'll be back home in a couple of days
just waiting for a trial
that will take years.
[Caridad sighs]
Why do so many bad people get let off
while others, like my mom
or the women at the shelter,
pay with their lives sometimes
just trying to survive?
I don't understand. It really is awful.
Babe, you were right.
Sometimes you have to intervene.
[sentimental music playing]
It was exactly where you said it was.
- I don't want you to have more trouble.
- What trouble?
As far as I'm concerned,
the store only had flyers and invitations
for weddings and baptisms.
[both laughing]
- [Caridad] I love you.
- [Lorenzo] I love you too.
[tense music playing]
- [man] Door.
- [door lock buzzing]
[Rogelio] When I said I wanted to talk
to my lawyers, I meant in person!
[door closes]
[Víctor] Boss.
Víctor, it's about time you called me,
don't you think?
Do you expect me to stay in this pigpen?
Don't worry, boss.
I managed to get you a special cell.
It's made for special prisoners.
Two guards there are friends of mine.
What I really need at this moment, Víctor,
is for you to find Sanmillán and Roa.
And hurry up.
These fuckers think they can treat me
however they want.
But what if they send you to prison?
Víctor, people like me don't go to prison.
Stop being an idiot.
Life is like a building.
The higher up your friends live,
the more protected you are.
My friends all live in the penthouse.
Make sure my lawyers are here
first thing in the morning.
Are you listening to me?
Are you listening?
My mother is alive.
I just found her.
That's why I was gone all day, boss.
She went back to her village.
She's not well, but she hasn't forgotten
all that you did for her.
And I haven't either.
I may not be a Marroquín,
but I wanted to tell you
that, uh, you are like a father to me.
All right, Víctor. Enough!
I really don't have time for this shit.
Hang up now, and do what I told you.
All right. I'm on it, boss.
Don't worry about it, huh?
You can count on me.
- [officer] Door.
- [door lock buzzing]
- [officer] Door.
- [door lock buzzing]
- Door.
- [door lock buzzing]
Is this the special cell?
This wing's not used anymore.
At least you won't be bothered here.
Víctor and I are good friends.
He sent you this bottle to help you relax.
[tense music playing]
You should go easy, sir.
You don't wanna be doing anything crazy.
No one can help you down here.
Rich people like you, sir,
usually prefer anything
to the shame of being in jail.
What you said a few minutes ago
about the building,
you're absolutely right.
You have powerful connections.
But the real badasses
aren't the ones who live at the top.
It's those of us who live in the basement.
[tense music playing]
- [officer] Door.
- [door lock buzzing]
- [officer] Door.
- [door lock buzzing]
- [officer] Door.
- [door lock buzzing]
- [officer] Door.
- [door lock buzzing]
[phone buzzing]
It's me. What?
It's my father.
They just found him hanging in his cell.
He killed himself.
[melancholy music playing]
[woman] It is now believed
that this network
extends to multiple countries
around the world,
and at least a dozen businessmen,
politicians, and Mexican industry leaders
are associated,
including the Yucatán mayor Miguel Andrade
who was recently assassinated
in the streets of Mérida
in what looked like an inside job.
Following the suicide
of Congressman Ernesto Suárez,
who is presumed to be
the head of the organization,
various cell phones,
devices, and documents
were discovered right in his hotel suite
identifying all the people involved
in this vast and despicable network.
It is believed
that the now deceased congressman
managed multiple shell companies
to launder money.
Also, police just discovered
a large property
120 miles from our capital Mexico City,
called the Aquarium, where several women
were held against their will
before being sold abroad.
It is believed to have been abandoned
hours before the police arrived,
and at this moment in time,
the whereabouts
of all these women is unknown.
Sources close to the investigation
also revealed that an expert hacker
worked in conjunction
with state and local authorities
to find the location
of this horrible place
that had sadly been in operation
for several decades.
All this thanks to the intense work
of intercepting messages
and information from two young women
who managed to escape
with the help of a guard.
In other news,
the funeral for the prestigious
and internationally acclaimed lawyer
Rogelio Marroquín was held this week.
He sadly committed suicide while detained
in the central prison in Mexico City.
The ceremony was private
and only attended by his immediate family.
Marroquín, recently suspected
of money laundering,
had already suffered the death of his wife
Eloísa Santisteban
and more recently,
the death of his youngest son,
the nominee for attorney general,
Simón Marroquín,
under almost identical circumstances.
Although his lawyers demand
that an exhaustive investigation
be carried out,
Ignacio and Federico Marroquín,
his only family members,
have declared that they will not
bring forth a case against the penal sys
Does it sound terrible to say
that I'm happy he's dead?
Rogelio kidnapped and sold women,
so don't feel bad.
He got what he deserved.
It's so horrible, but
whoever ended his life
is helping humanity.
And I'm not exaggerating.
Where's Víctor? What happened to him?
You know what? I'm pretty sure
we won't see him for a long time.
He doesn't want anything
to do with me or Federico.
That's it. No more cameras.
We just need to take this to the trash.
And the puzzle?
Why don't we just burn it?
What's the worst thing you can do
to a man who loves doing puzzles?
Not finish it.
Well, we'll keep it, then.
As a constant reminder.
["Me and My Crew" playing]
To a new beginning.
And to our mothers.
And to our fucking birthmark.
To destiny also.
To the Juanas.
[all] Cheers.
[Caridad] Hey, look. They're all here.
- [Valentina] Oh my goodness.
- [Manuela] Hi, everyone.
It's great to see you.
- [Valentina] Give me a hug.
- [Ignacio] How are you?
Let's drink to this.
[indistinct chattering]
This is incredible.
[indistinct chattering]
Cheers, everyone.
- [Bautista] Cheers.
- Cheers.
- Whoo!
- [Valentina] Cheers.
[indistinct chattering]
[pop music in Spanish playing]
[woman] The food is ready!
Juana, did you hear me?
I heard.
["Me and My Crew" resumes playing]
Got that feeling inside
It's the time of our lives, yeah ♪
We're in for something new ♪
We're in for ♪
Hey! ♪
Come on, everybody
Let me see your hands ♪
One-way ticket to a different land ♪
Come on, everybody
Let me see you move ♪
Tell me, are you ready for it? ♪
We're in for something new ♪
[music continues]
We're in for something new ♪
We're in for ♪
We're in for ♪
We're in for something new ♪
[music ends]
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