The Five (UK) (2016) s01e02 Episode Script

Episode 2

My brother went missing when he was 5 years old.
Never seen him since.
It's a case I'm working on and we found blood but it's not the victim's.
The DNA, it's Jesse.
He's alive.
- We're gonna get our boy back.
- It's a mistake! So you're saying he's a murderer? Nobody knows.
Don't you think there's someone else we should tell? - Someone who was with us that day.
- Pru? How long has it been? - 16 years.
- And here we are.
4 of us, grown up.
This is my husband, Stuart.
A workaholic.
I've really missed you, over the years.
Me too.
I'm here to help you.
Running a shelter for runaways.
So what's the story then? She disappeared 5 years ago.
Were you held against your will? I'm not the only one.
There are more.
- Make sure she's OK, help her settle in.
- Where is she? Brit! Got a trace on the mobile of the murdered woman.
Name's Annie Green.
Are you Jesse? We call this the Platinum Hall.
You wanna know the great myth about creativity? The big lie they always tell you: "It has to take time.
" "It has to be slaved over.
" When I wrote Lucky Girl for Belinda I honestly forgot she was coming.
She turned up on a Tuesday, I thought she was coming on a Wednesday.
So I told her to go and get a coffee.
I went into the studio and I wrote the lyrics.
They took me 5 minutes.
Lucky boy, came into my world Lucky boy, made everything swirl I'm a lucky girl.
This is where the magic happens.
I found my new magician.
The neighbors don't complain? With all this noise going on? Dad! It's totally soundproof.
You can make as much noise in here as you like, and nobody can hear a thing.
Watch this.
Real pleasure.
And thank you, Dad.
She's in good hands, don't you worry about her.
Take care.
I'll see you very soon in there.
Take care.
So, Annie Green's mobile is registered to and address that doesn't exist anymore.
- Got knocked down a couple of years back.
- Knocked down? Totally erased.
And where are they sending the bills? A shrug.
That's what you got for me? Hey, I'm on it.
Don't touch the suit.
Hey, yeah sorry for calling so early.
We've made an arrest in the murder inquiry.
We traced a mobile that was stolen from the scene.
When we went to locate him the man did a runner.
-Well who is it? Is it him? -I don't know.
He's not talking until he gets a solicitor.
When we asked him his name he said it was Hugh.
i/ Fuck Hugh.
What does he look like? Does he look like Jesse? Mark, the last time I saw him he was 5.
OK, well, is he the right age? Danny? What's his hair colour? Does he have any freckles? Come on, man.
Look, we've run his prints.
They've come back clean, so he doesn't have a criminal record.
But listen, we're not gonna release him until we know.
I'm gonna come down there.
No, Mark.
Let us interview him.
I need to keep personal and professional apart right now.
- He's my brother, Danny.
- Mark, please, stay home.
I'm gonna call you as soon as I know anything.
And don't tell your mum she's called me 10 times today as it is.
They've made an arrest.
Could be Jesse, could not be.
We're just gonna have to sit tight.
Let me guess whether you're gonna do that.
It could be Jesse, dad.
Does that not interest you? I'll make the coffee to go.
Jesse!i/i So, are you gonna tell us your name now? Hugh? Joe Hanley.
So Joe Have you ever changed your name? Change my name? Yeah, you know when you were born.
You were born as someone else, someone who isn't Joe Hanley.
You lived around here long, or? - All my life, on and off.
- On and off? Yeah I mean I've traveled, I went to uni.
Sorry, why is he asking this? My client wants to know why you're asking that.
It relates to a murder inquiry.
I'd advise your client to answer the question.
You should answer that.
I've answered it: on and off.
What are the names of your mother and father? What? Sorry, you think I've nicked a phone, which I didn't.
Alright, what my mum and dad gots to do with it? Do you wanna ask him? - My client wants to - I heard.
Dorothy and James.
Let's talk about this phone.
Can you tell us how this iPhone5 registered to a Ms.
Annie Green came into your possession? I found it.
You found it? Where? At that Lebanese restaurant.
Did you tell anyone you found it? So basically you stole it.
I've obviously wandered into something here.
You're telling me this phone is linked to a murder.
I don't know anything about that.
I picked up a phone, turned it on to see who it belonged to.
I was about to return it and next thing I know, you lot are arriving outside the bleeding restaurant.
Yeah well, we came to ask you some questions, you kind of ran off and then you hit my partner in the face.
And it hurt.
That's hardly the behavior of someone who's got nothing to hide, is it? Joe? Wouldn't you say? Alright, alright.
The thing is, if you want the truth I work for an accountancy firm.
Big one.
Hanson & Finch.
If I get done for theft, that's my job down the drain.
For a stupid mistake, I'm facing the abyss.
So, yeah, it was crazy, but I was scared.
I mean I'm still scared, because now you think I'm wrapped up in a murder.
This is a living hell.
So you wouldn't mind giving us a DNA sample? I want my proper brief.
Oh, hi.
Sorry, I'll be one sec, OK? I haven't seen you for years and then all of a sudden you can't keep away from me.
Well, I was worried about her.
You made your excuse.
How is she? Well physically, I mean she'll be fine, but Slade, we have to tell her parents.
They have a right to know.
Is that what she wants? What to go home? I think she trusts me.
She's started to speak a little.
Saying what? Well not much, but she's scared.
You know, she can't sleep, she's afraid someone's gonna come and get her.
She said something about being chained to a wall.
She has to be home.
Somewhere where she know she's safe.
Alright, yeah.
OK, I can sort that out.
But ask her.
Make sure that's what she wants.
A lot of the kids we are dealing with here, the problem has started at home.
They hate home, OK? That's not safety.
OK, I'll leave you to it.
Oh, hang on.
Have you noticed she's got these marks on her neck, like these freaky little vampire marks.
- Yeah, I've noticed.
- What is that? It's worrying.
Have you seen Britnay? Not recently.
He's a man, who "made a mistake" and his first call is to Dean Frankell? Oh well, he says he worked for Hanson & Finch, could be big money.
He'll need it.
That guy charges by the nanosecond.
- I take it he's got a reputation.
- They call him "The Weasel".
'Coz he's small but extremely aggressive.
And he goes for the jugular.
I've had a few about this point.
8-9 pints.
I look at her and I says: "Excuse me, is your dad a baker? 'Coz you have got" Aren't you busy, chaps? Always.
Are you trying to get me fired? What do you think? I need more time.
You had a look? Jesse's eyes were brown, like chocolate buttons.
His are kind of muddy.
We've, um I've ordered an age progression photo for Jesse.
But what would really help is if we had some photos of you at the age Jesse would be now.
Do you reckon you can dig some up for us? Is that the murder victim? It's a woman called Annie Green.
We think she's possibly a prostitute.
Is that all you know? So Jesse could've been with her then, at the hotel.
Could've been screwing a hooker.
I mean there are all kinds of possibilities.
Most obvious being is that he's a murderer.
Or that this whole thing is a mistake.
And Jesse is what I think he is, he's dead.
Alan, wait.
Let me just check if the coast is clear.
The night the murder took place, Wednesday the 15th of April, my client was on a work-function, an accountancy dinner.
The event, which took place at the Gramercy hotel, Faraded Lane, was very well-attended.
I'm sure you won't have any trouble finding any number of people more than happy to provide a rock-solid alibi.
We'll check.
- You do.
- We will.
However, there is another issue, and it concerns my client's arrest.
I'm listening.
My client claims that he was assaulted during the arrest.
Dragged to floor and spat on.
He elbowed me in the face.
In self-defense.
- He was in fear of his life.
- Bullshit! He knew we were the police.
My understanding is that the purpose of the arrest was to ascertain how my client acquired possession of this mobile telephone.
Not the arrest of a murder suspect.
So, if you didn't have an arrest warrant, which you didn't, and you didn't have reasonable suspicion that my client was the perpetrator of the murder - which you didn't - , why, may I ask, did you send 7 police officers to arrest him and then assault him in the street? Unless you can come up with something inventive to charge him with, I'd like my client released.
P D Q Slade, isn't this a bit gruesome? We are not babies, Pru.
We've seen worse than this.
I promise you that.
Right then.
You OK? What are you doing here? Whose idea do you think this way? Take that, pass it around.
It ain't the nicest photo, I know, but her name is Annie Green.
Take a good look, please.
So if any of you recognize her, any information you might have would be useful.
And she worked the streets? Yeah, we think so, yeah.
You a cop? Oi Clothier, I have told you, haven't I? No, I'm a lawyer.
- Why you doin' cop work? - Well, it's about his brother, you see.
We're just trying to find out more about her.
So if any of you recognize her Now listen, we're not gonna go to the police, or give out your names, anything like that.
This is strictly between these walls.
No? It was worth a shot.
They're here.
You get Gemma, I get the parents? Sure.
Remember she hasn't seen her parents in 5 years.
I'll be here I'll be with you the whole time.
You'll get your moment.
Of course you will.
Right, I'll better be off.
Hope she's gonna be OK.
- See you later.
- Yeah, bye.
Look we should go for another drink sometime.
Yeah, I'd love that.
Yeah, me too.
All 3 of us.
Yeah, yeah, that would be great See you later.
She doesn't want me there.
She's not a prosi.
Do you know her? Nah, I don't know her.
But I've seen her.
She gets her coffee from Starbucks on Raylan street.
I used to graft there sometimes.
She was a good giver.
That doesn't mean she wasn't a prostitute 'coz she's a good tipper, right? I mean does it? No, she was a smart dresser.
There's no way she was a whore.
Right, she wasn't dressed smart when they found her.
And her name wasn't Annie Green.
- Do you know her name? - She's called Selena.
How do you know all that? They write it on the cup.
And my guess is, she lived in the apartments opposite.
Because that's where she would always head back towards.
Selena And that's information.
It's gotta be worth a donation.
Here you go, mate.
Thank you.
That's the poshest homeless kid I've ever seen.
We should go and check that out.
Mark Wells solicitors, how may I help? - Hey, Larry.
- Hello, stranger! You have a million messages.
When will you be in? I need some information on a woman called Selena Callaway.
Selena or Serena? - Selena with an "L" - Selena with an "L".
OK, there's a Selena Callaway, who works at a place called Porter & Starr.
IT consultants.
And there's also a link to her boss, a guy called Nigel Freeman.
Do you want me to email you the address? Yeah, do it, yeah.
- Where is she? - Just look after her.
Brit! Hi, you've reached Britnay's voicemail.
Leave your name and number and I'll get back to you as soon as I can.
Thank you, bye! Brit, it's me.
You know my philosophy about running away from your problems.
Don't you? They're like athletes, Brit.
They've got sponsorship deals with Nike And they'll catch you in the end.
So whatever it is, it'd be better facing it.
Take some time, if you like, but please call me, okay? Julie.
Update me.
Are you any closer to finding him? Julie, Julie, you can't keep calling me like this, okay? I've told you, you are gonna be the first to know when I get any information.
Am I an inconvenience, Danny? He's my son.
My son.
And you were there.
We are linked by this.
If I want to call you a hundred times a day, I'll call you a hundred times a day.
You're such an amateur.
I can get you in there, no problem.
You can get me past security? - Simple.
- How? Just think.
What am I doing? I'm chasing around town, showing people photos of a dead woman.
I'm losing my mind.
You're just tryin' to get some answers, that's all.
It's obsessing me.
Jesse, he's everywhere I look.
Is that him? Is that him? Mark I'd find it worrying if it didn't obsess you.
I guess.
But I keep on having this thought, erm that if Jesse does turn out to be a murderer would I rather if he was dead? Group-hug? You're an American now.
OK, well down it then.
Yeah, I'm here.
Leave me alone.
Slade, what are we gonna do ? Suppose Jesse tells? He won't.
I'll reassure of it.
And neither will we.
We tell no one.
Hi, it's Gemma.
Sorry to call.
Oh, no ! That's why I gave you my number.
Can we meet right away? You have one new message.
Hi, Slade.
It's me.
Thanks for your message.
You're right as ever.
I've done a lot thinking and decided how to deal with it.
Love you.
Hi Slade.
It's me.
Thank you for your message.
You're right as ever.
I've been a lot thinking and I got how to deal with it.
Love you.
Britnay ! I thought you've done something stupid, Brit.
I am sorry.
Do you wanna know who kidnapped Gemma ? I did.
The reason I ran the other night when I saw Gemma because I've recognized her.
The guy who took her The guy who held her captive I helped him.
I was held in a room with the other girls.
A big house.
He only let me out at night.
He put a dog collar around my neck.
some kind of electric one, he would shock us if we did things he didn't like.
The marks.
He always had a favourite.
A girl he would take out with him.
What do you mean "take out" ? That's how he captures victims.
He always had a girl with him when he approached them.
You're more likely to trust a man when he is with another girl, aren't you ? It's how he caught me.
Did you know who this man was ? What did he look like ? Fat.
Flash clothes.
He used to sing.
I was so happy to get out.
He let me talk to this girl.
Make friends with her.
I felt like me again for the first time then He grabbed her.
Do you have any idea where the house was ? I could see a shadow in the yard.
A building shaped like an upside-down umbrella.
I think that the house had a swing set.
Rusted kind of.
It made It made a creaky noise when it moved.
Next time I said, that that I didn't wanna do it.
'Coz I didn't want anyone else to get hurt, but he hurt me until I agreed.
Even then I tried to warn her.
But it was too late.
He started taking me out.
He'd drive to this park, somewhere remote, He set up a pic-nic.
Almost like a date or something.
And then he Every day, I hate myself for what I've done.
Because whatever I do no matter who I help it's never gonna erase what I did.
I knew the hardest part would be getting out of the car, but if I made it out I didn't know where I was.
I just knew I had to get away from him.
Thank God, Slade saved me.
We've all done things to survive, to cope.
All of us.
You went through hell and you are a victim.
Then why doesn't it feel like it? Gemma.
I know you're scared but I've got a friend, Danny and we can trust him.
And if I come with you will you just talk to him and tell what you've told me.
Because this man has to be caught.
For the sake of the others.
I'll be with you.
I'll be with you, Gemma.
This is massive ! You should have come to me straight away.
She didn't want that.
Alright, I'm gonna go to my boss, we'll get a team assembled.
No! Look I brought her to you because I promised her that she could trust you.
I'm gonna get someone to help.
Pru, this is serious.
What about the house ? Do you think they'll find it ? An upside-down umbrella seems quite specific.
Look they'll do a search, okay? A case like this, it will be a priority.
I'll do my best to keep a close look.
Obviously, there's been a mistake somewhere.
Mommy ! Hey baby ! A conference call to Miami.
I'll be 10-15.
Let's go through it one-by-one.
I got all the time.
Are you sure about this ? Just go in there.
It's not gonna work.
You underestimate the power of the word "rodent".
Good morning, good morning.
How are you ? I got a call from a Nigel Freeman from Porter & Starr.
Sounds like he's got an old friend, the Norwegian black.
13th floor.
Thank you.
Mr Freeman.
- What's this all about ? - Can we have a quick word ? Murdered ? Are there any grievances you knew about, any disagreements she might've had with someone? She was a normal woman.
Well, as normal as everyone else.
She liked to drink.
Though she had a problem with the off-switch.
She was good-looking.
She attracted a lot of men.
- Did she have a boyfriend ? - She played around.
But half the office does.
She was on that site the online - Timber.
- Tinder.
I'm familiar with it.
She was always looking at some guy's photo.
Deciding whether she would or she wouldn't.
Personally, I thought the whole thing was rather primitive.
Sorry, no offence.
None taken.
Did she go on the site as herself as Selena Callaway or did she have an alias ? You know a nom de plume or anything.
So the name Annie Green doesn't mean anything to you ? Annie Green ? What is it ? Annie Green is my ex-fiancée.
Oh my good, look at that! Bagels with cream cheese.
Yours has got that chive-shit in it.
Five years, Ally.
Held against her will.
You're all right ? I don't know.
The DNA from the kid who's been missing for 20 years suddenly turns up at a crime scene, and then a few days later Gemma, who's been missing for 5 years suddenly reappears.
What, are you saying that the two are connected? I'm saying we shouldn't be sitting here eating cream cheese bagels.
How many, do you think ? What ? Girls.
Gemma said there are more.
You hear those horror stories from America, or Switzerland, those girls who are just kept for years.
What kind of man does that? Hillary Clinton.
Keira Knightley.
JK Rowling.
That's easy.
Kill slowly.
Marry then kill.
That way I get her money.
Play properly.
Look, I'm a married man with 3 kids.
I'm not gonna shag any of them.
Danny, you're sure we should be doing this? What? Well some of the lads are saying, and don't bite my head off, they're saying that because your dad led the initial investigation into Jesse's disappearance maybe you're out to prove something.
Well they thing wrong then, don't they? Stop the car.
- What is it? - Look, over there behind the tree-line.
Upside-down umbrella.
OK, let's split up.
You go down there, I go down here.
Remember, we're looking for a swing-set.
Jesus! Having fun? Did you do that on purpose? You scared a year off my life.
Security cameras.
A locked passage gate.
A swing-set.
Well let's go around the front, see if anyone's in.
Sorry to disturb you.
We're police.
DS Kenwood, DC Cain.
Do you mind if we ask you a few questions about your neighbor? About him? - Yeah, do you know him? - He's my neighbor, why? Do you know his name? What's he done? Oh, we're just following up a lead.
His name is Jay Newman.
He's a music producer - or used to be.
He had a hit way back with Lucky Girl, Belinda Salt? You're too young to remember.
But you should.
It's Lucky boy, came into my world, Lucky boy, made everything swirl, I'm a lucky girl.
No, I don't know it.
But you do! It was massive.
Probably paid for this place.
- No, I really don't - There's this mad synth solo halfway through, like So you haven't noticed anything suspicious recently? To be honest I rarely see him.
Doesn't go out much.
Even walks his dogs in the yard at night.
I can hear him.
He doesn't take them out properly, which I think is cruel, but Alright, well thank you.
He's not a peado, is he? You'd tell me if he was a peado? You have nothing to worry about, really.
Thank you.
well I'm gonna have that song in my head all day now.
Yeah, it sounds terrific, I must buy a copy.
What, for your gramophone? What? You mean download it.
It was a glib remark, Ally.
I didn't realize it had to be contemporary.
We should get a warrant.
Especially after that balls-up with Hanley.
Yeah, you're probably right.
Alright, let's go back, get it signed-off.
Can I help you? Jay Newman? The one and only.
We're police.
DS Kendwood, DC Caine.
Do you mind if we come in? Ask you a few questions? Regarding? Probably be better inside.
Be my guests.
We're looking into the disappearances of some local girls.
Well I can assure you the only girls that come through here are future recording artists, but feel free to have a little look around.
What you'll find is pop paraphernalia.
Kind of obsessive.
Well, we all have our things, don't we? Let me show you, where the magic happens.
Come with me.
And this is the nerve center.
Let me show you something.
Actually, you guys go, I'll be right there.
So this is the recording booth.
Mark, it's not a great time.
Oh, OK.
Look, I just wanted to tell you you know the dead woman, Annie Green, Slade and I have done little bit of digging Oh digging? Oh great.
So when did you two become cops? Or have you just set up as a pair of private dicks? Completely sound-proof, um so you know the song? Actually we got a lead from the shelter.
One thing has led to another, but I think we found something that you, uh, you might wanna know.
Meet me back at the station, I'll be there soon as I can.
You got a swing-set outside, do you have any kids? No, no it's for the artists.
Security cameras make sense, and the gates.
I mean with all the recording gear he's got in there.
We'll come back with a warrant.
You're still suspicious? The house doesn't even has a basement.
Where would he be keeping them? Did you hear anything when we were in there? Any noises? - No, like what? - Like dogs barking, dogs patting around.
Whole house, no dog balls, no dog food, no dog smells.
That man does not keep dogs.
So why does his neighbor think he does? So what are you saying? Gemma.
She had those marks on her neck, remember? From a dog collar.
Based on the sub of Caroline Mégret English text by Myca87 & regenbogenora, sync corrections by Hellie