The Five (UK) (2016) s01e03 Episode Script

Episode 3

DNA from a kid who's been missing for 20 years suddenly turns up at a crime scene.
Are you Jesse? Are you gonna tell us your name now? Joe Hanley.
Unless you can come up with something inventive to charge him with, I'd like my client released.
I'm chasing around town, showing people photos of a dead woman.
She's not a prosi.
And her name wasn't Annie Green, she's called Selena.
We've all done things to survive, to cope.
- Why would you do that? - He's my husband.
You said it was over.
I was held in a room with the other girls.
The guy who took her, I helped him.
You are a victim.
Do you have any idea where this house was? I could see a building shaped like an upside-down umbrella.
Jay Newman? Do you mind if we come in? Ask you a few questions? Feel free to have a little look around.
Are you still suspicious? Excuse me? Hi.
I was just wondering, do you know where the pub Forester's is? Yes, it's not complicated.
You go down this street After that, you turn left and keep going What? Run! So if Annie Green is really Selena Callaway, then yeah we need to check that out.
It's important though, right? 'Coz if she was lying, then it might connect her to Jesse.
Yeah, yeah, possibly.
I'd say it was crucial, wouldn't you? Mate, I'm gonna get it done, alright? Soon as I know anything, you're gonna know it.
- Alright.
- See ya.
Cal? Have you checked that place out yet? Come on man, Jay Newman's! I tried to get a warrant.
Apparently, we haven't got enough evidence.
You're going in there, right? We'll have another look, as soon as I sorted the rest of the crap on my desk.
Barry! The age-progresson image of Jesse Wells and Joe Hanley's custody photo.
Yeah, I've seen it.
What, you two saw him in the flesh.
What do you think? Maybe.
Maybe not.
That was helpful.
Go to Hanley's place, get in his face.
If he plays silly buggers,arrest him.
Take some back-up.
There is one other thing.
Listen, I wanna follow up on a lead.
There's a A source that thinks the murdered woman that we found is not Annie Green, but she's really called Selena Callaway.
OK, well, you carry on.
I'll get Mickey on it.
Alright, cheers.
Mickey? Any of it familiar, Brit? I think it's a left here.
Left? Yes.
I don't know that to say.
Well, it's very simple.
Just say yes.
Partnership? Our patients like you very much.
Nothing but praise with the online feedback.
Well, apart from Mrs Harrison.
But she's a cross we've all had to bear.
It's great.
It's amazing.
I'm shocked.
Don't be.
You've been with us 2 years now? It's a natural next step.
Have a look at this agreement.
It's all pretty standard stuff.
I'm sure you want your solicitor to give it a once-over before you say yes.
Thank you, Dr Khan.
- That's brilliant news, thank you.
- My pleasure.
We'll get more out of him without that bloody lawyer by his side.
Make sure he doesn't run out.
Check out the back.
Who says crime doesn't pay? DS Kenwood.
I'm looking for Joe Hanley.
That's me.
Never seen him before in my life.
Well, you have to admit it is a bit strange, that we arrest this guy and then he gives us your name.
Maybe, uh, I don't know he made it up.
It's a common enough surname around here.
Or maybe I've done his accounts and he just remembered it.
Whatever, there's obviously been some kind of mistake.
Yeah, it must be.
I mean, you know the guy we interviewed, are you sure you don't know him? Sorry, I'm I'm in the dark as you are.
Well, thank you.
Oh actually before we go, can I just ask you one more thing? Sure.
Do you recognize this woman? She was beaten to death.
A week ago.
She's the I know her.
We had sex.
He threatened my family.
I've got a daughter.
- I had no choice but to go along with it.
- You could've come to us.
- The police.
- They had some information on me.
Things have been a bit tricky, in the marriage.
Well, you know how it is.
And somehow they found out.
You were seeing an escort and they used that to blackmail you for your identity.
I just thought it was gonna be a credit card thing.
Small time.
Didn't even know her name.
Selena Callaway.
Dad! What's going on? What happens now? We'll be in touch.
Do you believe him? Yeah, smells right.
We should check him out, make sure he's telling the truth.
Assuming he is the real Joe Hanley, who the hell did we arrest? Are we close? I don't know, it all looks the same.
Danny said something about an upside-down umbrella.
It's gotta be around here.
Excuse me.
Run! What? You tried to warn her.
- I saw you.
- No, I didn't, I promise.
Is this it? Is this the one Brit, are you sure? I can't.
I'm sorry, I can't Hi, yeah it's me, yeah yeah.
Call off the search.
He's just walked back in.
Of course! Of course I'll tell him how worried you were.
I've been gone for less than an hour.
The phones have been going crazy.
I've literally been up to here.
I'm really sorry Larry, but that top just isn't working for me.
Seriously? Fashion advice from the man who owns a Homer Simpson tie and wears it.
That tie was a gift from my mum.
One word: car-boot-sale.
Yeah, he walked in about an hour ago.
Insists on seeing you.
I told him he needs an appointment.
But for some reason he didn't take me seriously.
Really? Can't believe it.
I'm Mark.
How can I help you? My father's gone missing.
Before we start, you should know I have mild Asperger's syndrome.
I am very comfortable with the label.
It's just that some people can find me too direct.
Well, I'll bear that in mind.
- How did you find me again? - You know my mother.
I assumed you worked for her because she has one of your business cards in her handbag.
Your website said Wells Solicitors but also claims you find missing people.
That's right, we do, yeah.
Your mother is Laura Marshall.
You said it was over.
- It was.
- So what was he doing here? Who cheats on their lover with their husband? I'm Simon Marshall.
I'm still a bit confused, 'coz If your father is really missing, how come Laura, your mom, how come she hasn't gone to the police? I don't know.
But there is definitely something wrong.
She says he's been over at the school, some kind of training.
But I am the one who organizes his Google calendar, not her.
I still don't quite understand how this is suspicious.
Well if his plans changed, he would've asked me to update his diary.
So, are you like his secretary then? I prefer "personal assistant", thank you very much.
That's very good, much better, "personal assistant".
I think I can help,but I should probably try and speak to your mum, too.
Just trying to get to the bottom of this.
I'd rather we both worked here.
I find her a massive distraction, she keeps offering me sandwiches.
Of course, no, I understand.
I understand.
I need to try and gather all the relevant data, 'coz maybe your mum holds some vital clues that even she isn't aware of.
Unknown know? Exactly.
Deceased adult male found at 2 Manville Avenue.
Requesting assistance.
You know whose address that is? Alright, go out front.
Keep the paparazzi off the grass.
No dogs, remember? It bugged me then.
Something didn't feel right.
So what happened here? He gets murdered the day after we come round.
What did we miss? What are you doing in here? The body's in the other room.
Doesn't glass reflect sound? Why would you put an extra mirror in here? I don't know.
And the chair facing it.
So you sit here.
You admire your reflection.
Big guy, big ego.
Oh my God! OK, the 3 girls are Sasha Manley, Jane Shilling and Izzy Allan.
They'll be interviewed once the psychologist clears them tomorrow the earliest.
Well we know they were chained up.
So who killed this Newman guy? - We got any idea how long they were down there? - One bloody day is a day too long.
- And there's nothing, there's nothing on that CCTV? - Set up to view, not record.
And to think I walked away from this.
Smelled wrong and I walked away.
Big picture is, that they're walking free and the bad guy has a tag on his toe.
Yeah well, he could be alive and talking if we've been a bit quicker.
We tried to get a warrant No, you said that you were checking it out! Let's just keep it professional.
Cal, what do we have? Here's what we have from the original files.
Our oldest is Jane Schilling, Last seen outside a museum in Westbridge in 2011.
Wait, that's 5 years ago! - How old was she when she was abducted? - 19.
- Her parents reported her missing, they've been told.
- And the others? Open it up, but we're taking it slow.
Now we're digging up the yard.
Well, it's gonna be a great big media shit-storm.
So, let's keep our heads down and get on with it.
- Cal.
- I'm on it.
OK Dempsey and Makepeace, tell me about the real Joe Hanley.
Joe's an accountant and clean as a whistle.
Other than his escort habit.
Affairs are cheaper, so I've heard.
- So what is, ID theft? - Yeah, with a side order of blackmail.
Keeps him quiet while the crooks get busy.
Drain their accounts, set up new ones.
- And where does Selena Callaway fit in? - Part of the scam.
I don't know.
Maybe she lost her nerve, tried to call the police.
Paid the price.
OK, check her place and see what you can find.
OK, back to work everyone.
You found me.
Helps that you're a creature of habit, Brit.
I freaked out.
Yeah, I kinda figured that one out.
No one's blaming you.
- You sure about that? - You were a victim.
I helped him.
- No, he did that to you, too.
- No, I helped him, I Your chest sounds clear as a bell, Mrs.
My infections are invariably bacterial in nature.
Dr Khan recommends amoxicillin.
If you wish, I can discuss the case with her.
Well, there's no reason for that.
I am so sorry about this.
One moment.
I really need your help.
I'm in the middle of seeing a patient.
It's Britnay.
I'm really worried about her.
Now is a really bad time.
I wouldn't ask if it wasn't important.
Don't make me beg, Pru, please.
My dignity is all I've got left.
OK, I'll see you in the shelter in 20 minutes.
Come on, come on! Open the door! Hi Mum! I need to use the bathroom.
I don't wanna talk to you.
That's fine.
We'll just we'll just sit here.
You're a pretty shit doctor.
I know.
But, luckily, you are the only one that has ever noticed.
I didn't wanna go back there.
But he persuaded you, right? Well, if it's any consolation, you're not the first.
He was the same when were kids.
He'd have these big ideas, then when the shit hit the fan, he'd be nowhere to be seen.
It's not his fault.
He just wants to help people and some people just can't be helped.
I don't believe that.
Thank you for bringing him home.
He can be a little challenging.
Yeah, no, he explained all that.
It was very funny actually.
Simon doesn't buy the training course.
God knows why.
It's true.
He's probably falling backwards into a deadly ??? right now.
So definitely not abducted by aliens then? 'Coz I was about to start wearing my underpants over my trousers.
That won't be necessary, thank God.
We're in contact.
Everything's fine.
Really, I'm fine.
Alright, I better get back to work.
- Thanks babes.
- It's all part of the ex-lovers' service.
It's really good to see you.
Simon needs a father, he needs his routine.
Everything has to be simple and straightforward.
Otherwise, he can't cope.
And then none of us can.
Thanks for the coffee.
I'm gonna head off.
Hey, Slade.
I can't believe you took her back to that place.
What happened? Well I was trying to see if she remembered something if we went back there.
Well, you were right about that.
Look, she hides it well, but you know she'd follow you anywhere.
I have that effect on a lot of people, Pru.
I think it's my aftershave.
I should get back.
Listen maybe we should make this a regular thing.
It's good to have a doctor in the house.
You want me to work here? No, it would strictly be on a volunteer-basis.
Why would I do that? Today you abandoned your private clinic and drove halfway across the city.
Was that just because I asked you to? Maybe I'm just a sucker.
Maybe you see people that deserve your help.
- Is it that simple? - I think so.
I saw it on the news, but didn't believe that Selena was the woman found dead in the hotel.
Thank you.
Shouldn't we wait for the crime scene manager? I'm wearing my marigolds, aren't I? Hello.
Cats are evil.
Meet Skittles.
Pure evil.
I wonder who's been feeding him.
Yeah, if you can just focus on trying to find clues, that'd be great for the investigation.
It's a nice place.
She worked as an IT consultant for Porter & Starr.
So maybe there's something on a laptop or a tablet or something.
Daughter? Yeah, looks like it.
At least we've got the right person this time.
I'm gonna check the bedrooms.
I'm calling it in! Police, move move move! Out of the way! Police, move! Move! Stop, police! Stop him, police! Stop him! What are you doing? - You said stop him.
- I said stop him, not kill him.
Someone call an ambulance! - Do you think he's Jesse? - I don't know.
Hey, Doctor! Can I So a Is there anything from that scan that you were talking about? There's no bleeding, but the cerebral contusion is significant.
We'll be keeping him asleep for the time being, monitoring intro-cerebral pressure.
Sorry - And then he'll wake up? - Perhaps.
Once the sedation is lifted, all outcomes are possible.
Do you have any identification? Because if this man has any family, they need to be informed.
If we end up having to switch him off, it helps to have asked permission first.
And you think it could be him? I don't know.
We've sent the DNA, we're getting it fast-tracked.
He's definitely the guy we interviewed.
Just through here.
Just give me a minute.
Alright? Go on, mate.
I don't know.
I thought, you know, erm Either way I'm really sorry I don't.
It's been a long time.
I'm sorry, I just don't know.
What do the doctors say? It's why you called me.
He's gonna die, isn't he? They asked about family.
My parents should see him.
Look, I don't think that's a good idea, not yet.
Their son is dying in a hospital bed.
I think they've got a right to know, don't you? I just can't OK that, alright? You're not even supposed to be in here.
If you're not a 100% sure, let's just wait for the DNA result, OK? Special privileges? Yeah, sorry about that.
I just wanted him to have a look.
It's fine.
- And the girls from the Newman place? - Still at the psychologist's.
They're saying it's gonna be at least another 24 hours before we can even speak to them.
Did we get anything from Selena Callaway's laptop? Freshly spring cleaned by our intruder.
Why not just destroy it? What's more suspicious, a missing laptop, or one that's filled with cat pictures and Facebook updates? Which means there was worth something finding, and now it's gone.
So we're back to where we started.
You're a man.
Do you back up your computer? Sometimes.
Well, I do.
Every day.
OK, come on.
I'm not sure I can do this.
Is it him? Just tell me.
I don't know, I'm sorry.
I don't want to.
We've come this far, we can do this together.
Come on.
- What if it's him? - Then we'll know.
Both of us.
Mum? He's someone's son.
But not mine.
You're sure? This isn't Jesse.
Let's get out of here.
You were right.
A bespoke could back-up system.
Server on the dark web.
Yeah, I knew she'd become useful someday.
This means all her files are saved remotely.
- We just have to access them.
- If we just had her password.
Shouldn't be too hard to overwrite.
So we won't know for sure until we get the DNA results.
- She'd know, believe me.
- OK dad, but even so You think there's a day gone by when she hasn't imagined what he looks like now? She would know Jesse same way she'd know you.
Same way as I would! When you have children, you'll understand.
I'm taking her home.
I shouldn't have let him persuade me, I'm sorry.
He has hope, Alan.
And so do I.
Maybe it's time you let some hope back in.
And we're in.
It's all names on individual files.
Do you recognize anything? There, Joseph Michael Hanley.
God, there are so many names.
This was a huge operation.
What's that clock thing do? It looks like an automatic delete setting.
- Do something.
- Any ideas? I can't stop it! Here.
Cheers! Well I still have to approve the contract.
They love you.
Obviously, like me, they have excellent taste.
You know this move, your whole home-coming thing I thought it was a mistake.
Move on, never look back.
Shrug philosophy.
But this This is the real thing.
You keep this up, and I can retire.
I always wanted to be a house-husband.
Police have not made any official statement, but first report suggests, the kidnappings could be on the scale of the notorious cases in Austria and the United States.
There are unconfirmed reports of a man's body being removed from the record producer, Jay Newman's home.
Hey, Ally.
- Do you want to see something weird? - If it's on your phone and it involves sex, cars or extreme weather, then no.
It's something way better than that.
Ken told me to give you this result.
Priority one, fast-tracked.
Guess whose DNA was found at the Newman scene? Microscopic blood-spatter on the shirt.
- Jesse Wells.
- Bingo.
Finding Jesse's DNA at one crime scene, could be contamination.
But two? Yeah, but why Jaw Newman? He's got zero connection to Hanley.
Unless we're missing something.
This time we've got blood on the shirt.
Direct contact, maybe some kind of a fight? You mean Jesse killed him? But why? Right now, zombie vigilante makes the most sense.
Oh shit, I forgot I was supposed to meet Mark.
Wait, you're not gonna tell him, are you? No, of course not.
What the hell is this place? It's got trend, hip, cool.
All words you may recognize.
And that's what a 12.
99 Bundy Burger looks like, is it? Well, it's on you.
Let's face it, you owe me after that little stunt at the hospital.
Your mum was sure, yeah? Not him, 100%.
I suppose you already sent off the DNA.
Take it if you want.
No, it's OK, it's a client.
That's Laura's son.
He thinks his dad's gone missing.
I know they're having troubles.
Just reading between the lines.
Not that that's any interest to you.
It's a leading question, no comment.
Organic ketchup.
Of course, even the condiments have beards.
What's wrong with eating at your dad's place? Mate, he doesn't think we should even be looking for Jesse.
His son's DNA turns up after 20 years.
It's gotta be a hard thing to get your head around.
Whether you agree with him or not, you gotta respect that.
Good job, mate.
Oh it's Pru.
Yeah look, I should probably get going myself.
Check up on our mystery man.
Say hi to Pru.
You wanna get some Heinz, mate? Yeah, alright, thanks.
Confirmation's just come through.
Our mystery man's DNA doesn't match that of Jesse Wells, and it's not on the database, either.
Great, so who do we got in there? I don't know.
Shit! Hanley's a dead end, Selena Callaway given us what, 3 names on a screen grab? We still got the girls from the Newman place, when they're ready to talk.
- Maybe one of them killed him? - Yeah, but why now? It's too much of a coincidence.
Jesse's DNA is at that murder scene.
What does that mean? Is he got a connection with Newman? What if, Jesse's abducted, he escapes.
He comes back to finish up the job.
This must be tough on you.
Is this guy even able to speak to us? Yeah, well the doctor said that he's recovered some since lifting sedation.
I can just ask him who he is.
Yeah, of course.
Mark Being back in this place It's, I don't know I go running here every day.
- Really? - Every day.
I still look for him.
It's weird, isn't it? Even though my brain is telling me that it can't be true, a part of me just still looks.
The head knows, but the heart won't get the message.
I never understood before, that desire the need to have a body.
But it's true.
You know you need You need to know, one way or another.
So the clinic just offered me a partnership.
Congratulations? And today I ducked out to help Slade.
With the kids.
And now he wants me to work at the shelter, like a free medic.
Unqualified shrink.
He thinks I need help, morally.
You better pack your bags, 'coz you are going on a guilt trip.
I'm telling you, he gets everyone in the end.
- Do you think it's dumb? - I think it's a really good idea.
Never take career advice from a bleeding heart.
You ever wonder about the choices you make? The ones that screw everything up? Self-destruction is my middle name, I just can't fit it in my business cards.
- Oh, look.
- God, you remember? We weren't always like that, right? Four kids versus the rest of the world.
Everything was simple, wasn't it? You're either with us or against us.
Oh, the band! Do you remember the band? Synthetic Execution.
Oh shit, what happened to the band? What happens to everyone's bands, right? Life.
Or the singer keeps on insisting playing bloody bass.
Bullshit! Slade kept quitting, remember? There was something about musical differences, I don't know.
You were clearly with us in the birth of a human enigma, that's what's happening.
Oh he was just doing that for attention.
Maybe he deserves it.
Always on his side.
It's the eternal bromance.
Do you trust him? Slade? I trust him with my life, why? No, it's nothing.
Well no, it clearly is something.
What is it? Can you tell me, please? That day that we lost Jesse, we didn't tell you the truth.
Not all of it.
Slade and I were here.
We were on our own, so no one could see us.
I remember you said you've gone to the shops.
We were together.
We were trying to work out a way of telling you.
Is that it? Oh, God.
Whatever, we were kids, it was a long time ago.
We saw him, after he'd gone off.
Slade and I saw Jesse.
We thought he was spying on us.
Jesse, come here! So Slade chased him because he didn't want him to tell you.
I don't understand, what are you saying? I don't understand why you haven't told me.
I was scared.
Slade didn't want you to find out about us.
He was your best friend.
- What are you gonna do? - We tell no one.
But you both saw Jesse? You both saw Jesse before the last time? What if the witnesses were wrong, what if they didn't see him with Marosi? Do you think that could've happened? I don't know, Pru.
But what if his confessions were all lies? I mean that changes everything, doesn't it? And that means that Jesse could've gone south, and not west - That means our timeline is all wrong.
- No, we already lied to the police.
And Marosi had already done his confession.
Do you think it would've changed anything? You should've told me! I know.
I know and I'm so sorry, Mark.
I'm so sorry.
Who else is lying about that day, Mark? English text by Myca87 Based on Sonia Eschbach's sub.