The Five (UK) (2016) s01e04 Episode Script

Episode 4

Don't underestimate the power of the word "rodent".
- Just say yes.
- Partnership? It'd be good to have a doctor in the house.
Do you want me to work here? - How did you find me again? - You know my mother.
My father's gone missing.
Selena Callaway.
- They had some information on me.
- They're blackmailing people.
It's a huge operation.
- I helped him.
- You're a victim.
I can't believe you took her back to that place.
Well, I was trying to see if she remembered something.
He wants to help people, but some people just can't be helped.
Uniform followed up and found a body.
Do you have any idea how long there were down there? Slade and me, we saw Jesse, after he'd gone off.
That means Jesse could have gone South not West.
Stop him! He's someone's son but not mine.
So, who we got in there? Jesse's DNA was found at the Newman's scene.
Jesse Wells.
Is everything all right? Hello, no, probably not.
Can I have a word? I saw Pru yesterday.
Get this: she and Slade on that day that Jesse disappeared they were fooling around in the woods.
and they say Jesse wandering off towards the bear pit.
It's the opposite direction toward your dad and the rest of the police said he went.
Are you serious? Yeah.
I thought of another word.
OK, all right.
No, hold on, come on.
I went that bear pit this morning and beyond it there are roads and houses and a whole raft of people, who were never asked, whether they saw Jesse that day.
Because when Marosi got picked up, everyone just stopped looking.
Do you understand what I'm saying? Yeah, I do.
Listen, listen! I'm not asking you to assemble the Avengers.
I'm just asking you to see, if Jesse going in the opposite direction was ever investigated? Mark, I will.
Okay? I will.
But you need to step away.
- Look at you! You're too involved.
- I'm so what? I'm too involved? It's my brother.
And when I share things with you your parents were suddenly at the hospital.
It was worth putting them through that, was it? No.
Totally avoidable.
I've got work to do, all right? I'm sure you do too.
Partnership contract It'd great if you were on board by the planning meeting.
I mean, if you wanna sign now, I could witness.
Erm, sorry, one sec.
Sorry, what? Partnership contract if you want to sign.
I promised my husband I'd run everything past him.
Of course, sure.
Sorry I've got to You wait to go in? I'm gonna do you for that! I'm gonna do you! - Are you ok? - Fine.
Why wouldn't I be? Hi, man.
What's going on out there? You're a complete piece of shit.
What? Nothing really bothers you, does it? I know that you and Pru saw Jesse in the woods.
I know that you chased him in the opposite direction to the way that everyone was looking.
And you kept that to yourself! And I'm not just talking about back then.
I'm not talking about when we were 12.
I'm talking about now.
I'm talking about now when we think that Jesse is alive.
We don't know anything.
And what we do know, matters.
It's everything.
And you know that Jesse ran in the opposite direction.
Are you seriously not gonna say anything? And look, this got nothing to do with the Pru-thing, alright? You were 12, you were kids, whatever? It's about the now It's about why haven't you said anything now? I did chase him.
And then I stopped because he disappeared.
I didn't know and I don't know which way he went.
And I haven't said anything then or since because there is nothing to add.
And I wish it was otherwise, I do.
Okay, come on.
I know this is hurting (you).
Oh God, I'm sorry.
I shouldn't have kissed Pru, back then.
She was your girlfriend, and I I kissed her.
But I've never been disloyal since.
I hate that.
Slade, you've been lying to me for 20 years.
Come on.
So, who are we seeing? The 1st girl is Sasha Manley.
She's 22.
Yeah! And that's confirmed? Okay.
They've found Mr X? The last name on the hard drive is a dead end.
Mr Pilecki died 10 months ago.
We probed it through, but nothing untoward.
What did Selena Callaway have on her hard drive that was worth killing her for? Come on.
And they said to me that my mom and dad had gone on holidays.
We're gonna find them.
We'll bring them back.
So what? 4 years after I was taken they can go sit somewhere nice on the beach? There was a girl.
A girl who helped him.
Helped to get the other girls.
She helped to get me.
What was her name? Her name was Rachel.
I don't know what was her 2nd name.
That's ok.
But this girl she looked after us, really.
He would take her when he wanted someone new.
Apart from that, she was one of us.
She was held with us.
And then one day she went, she never came back again.
What happened to her? Do you know? It was a so long time ago.
And he was in a rage that night.
We've reckoned he killed her.
She's probably dead.
That's not how it was on the beach.
You did that before.
Comme here and get Stop it! We're ok.
We're only fooling! Britnay! Sorry, Britnay.
She was only 6 months old when I was taken.
She won't know me, will she? Can I ask her name? Emma.
There was a man.
Another man, at some point.
I know because his hands were different, bigger than What about his face? It was dark.
He did start to You know.
Then stopped.
And he was He was what? Gentle.
I've forgotten my phone.
What ? The guy that Jane talked about, the one with big hands The gentle man.
What if it was Jesse ? Yeah, it has crossed my mind too.
Your dad run the initial investigation into Jesse's disappearance.
Did you check his old case files? - Ally? - I'm at Newman's.
It's just like a circus down here.
The Forensics may have found something.
A patch of ground has been disturbed.
I'm on my way.
What are you doing here, bud? I haven't heard from you.
Which could be there's no news or alternatively you're not doing anything.
But either way, my dad is still missing.
How did you find out where I live? My mom still has your address on her phone.
My dad's cooking the breakfast.
See if you want to come in? Do you wanna come in? Dad, will you put some clothes on ? I'm not showing anything and I like it! Hello! Oh, sorry! Don't mind me, it's my wife's.
Oh, all right.
I have Asperger's too.
Let's get down to business.
I've brought everything I could find on my dad.
You see, Simon, your mum says your dad often goes off.
She means he doesn't often come home.
Which is true but of course I see him everyday.
Not everyday.
But most week days in term time, you know what I mean.
So he picks you up after school, does he? You really haven't been trying, have you? My father teaches at my school.
He teaches geography.
Oh, could be the reason, son.
You know, we had a boy like that in our class.
his mom was, well first of all she was a bitch of the highest order, but she was also our biology teacher.
That kid got crap from all sides.
I like my dad.
Simon, I apologize for my lack of performance up until now.
And I promise to make amends.
Good, let's start fresh.
What are we doing? You said you were taking me out for lunch.
Talk to me.
We're looking for a new school for our daughter.
What? Well, I'm actually trying to track a geography teacher, his name's Kenton Marshall.
But if I turn up here on my own and start asking questions, this is gonna look suspicious.
And with the kids, well, I1m just gonna look like a pervert.
But with my lovely wife Come on.
Come help me out.
Excuse me Do any of you guys do geography, by any chance? Do you know a teacher Mr Marshall, Kenton Marshall? Thank you.
Pru, can you ask the next ones? Please, Pru.
Come on, Mr Marshall.
Hi girls! Excuse me.
Any geography students here? Why do you ask? Mr Marshall? Mr Kenton Marshall? Do you know him? We're just trying to locate him.
Well, try the store cupboard! Yeah, but knock before you go in in case he's doing Alexa again.
Shut up! Sorry.
He's not been in a week, so Thanks, thank you.
So you know Mr Marshall.
Are you a policeman? Should I be? Chrissie, come here! Sorry, I've gotta go.
All that back there, about Alexa, it's just gossip, you know.
A joke, really.
OK, no problem Thank you.
So Mr Marshall and Alexa? You're interested now, aren't you? Come on.
How old is our daughter again? Do you think it could be Jesse? We've found Jesse's DNA on Newman's shirt.
This body's been here a while.
If it is Jesse, it doesn't make any sense.
There's a lot about this that doesn't make any sense.
The lab is fast-tracking the DNA.
We should know by tomorrow.
Jesse still could be dead, though.
Then why was his DNA found At the Selena Callaway murder scene? Being a popular school, we do have a very strict catchment area rule, so I'll let you have the map, because proof of residency is essential.
That's excellent, thank you.
What's this building over there? Music department.
Great, we should go and check that out, shouldn't we, darling? 'Coz Triona, she's a grade seven.
On what instrument? Piano.
Grade seven at 15? Very good.
I need the loo, so I'm just gonna I saw one inside, I'm gonna head back in.
You guys go ahead, I'll catch you up.
Go on.
Kenton Marshall In case he's doing Alexa again.
Alexa Sort by: first name.
So sorry.
Sorry I'm late, I got a bit lost.
We're gonna have to dash off, but thank you so much for showing the school.
- Thank you for everything.
- You're welcome.
- We'll be in touch.
Alright, take care.
Come on.
- Thanks for that.
- Ah, come on.
It wasn't that bad.
Look, I couldn't find anything on Kenton Marshall, but but there's only one Alexa in the 11th.
I got her address.
Let's see what she has to say.
So what, we go to this girl's house and say what? Mr and Mrs Mills? We're the parents of one of Alexa's friends, from Highfield.
Don't worry, she's not in trouble.
We just want to speak to Alexa about our daughter.
I'm sorry, who's Alexa? You've got a daughter at Highfield Comprehensive, right? No no no, we don't have a daughter.
We don't have any children.
Oh, OK, sorry.
We're really sorry.
So sorry.
You've got the address wrong? Not the wrong address.
Mr and Mrs Mills, as in Alexa Mills.
We're going back to the school.
I've got work, I've got su this afternoon.
So this is it, is it? It's a divorce? Don't wanna be married to me? Don't wanna have a 15 year-old daughter with me? Then you buy your own lunch.
You alright? Yeah, good.
You? I'm gonna go and talk to the police.
I've been thinking about it and Well not, not long enough.
Trust me, plenty long enough.
It's out in the open now.
I did what I did, Slade.
I helped trap those girls.
And I made them feel safe.
Listen to me, Brit Please, I've gone through this.
This isn't my fate, right? I gotta put my hands up and face what I did.
And what about what was done to you? Brit, you don't have to do this.
If you go to the police, they'll eat you alive.
I'm talking now, OK? You're wrong, Brit, you are wrong.
You're making your amends, you're doing it every day.
And we can't replace what you give to the kids here.
So whatever it is you need to get through this, then I will get it for you.
I've made up my mind.
Listen, I want you to do this for me.
I want to you to think again.
And then, think again.
And if in an hour's time you still want to go through with it then I'll drive you there.
I'm really sorry I think my wife has left her phone in the music department.
Did you guys stop off anywhere together? I go and check.
You can take a set.
That would be great, thank you very much.
Wendy, I'll be 2 minutes.
OK, I'm on my way.
Come on, come on, come on.
It's not there.
Really? I'm so sorry about that.
We'll be in touch.
Bye then.
You lied to me, Mr Mills.
Where's Alexa? She's not my daughter.
I've never even met her.
5 minutes, OK? Yeah, fine! How about if I ask your wife, then? Look I got caught, alright? You know with a call-girl.
You know, a prostitute.
There is this man there suddenly, and he said "Sign this, sign that or we tell your wife.
" So I did.
You mustn't tell here, alright? What do you say is in there? I'll show you.
I won't be a second! So who's the guy that made you sign all this? He's a, what do you call it? He's a pimp.
Goes by the name of Payne.
I mean, it's nothing.
It's an enrollment form.
Is it so bad? Was a guy called Kenton Marshall ever mentioned? - You OK? - Yeah, I'm fine.
Why wouldn't I be? Brit, this is madness.
Come on, please let's just go please.
I'm gonna go and do this on my own, alright? I owe it to those girls to say what I did.
They'll crucify you in there.
I'll do what I need to.
Just like I did.
Just like I'm doing now.
My name's not Brit.
It's Rachel.
Hi, can I please speak to Danny Kenwood? DS Kenwood? He's not here at the moment.
Oh, that's OK.
I'll wait.
Jesus Christ.
You alright, mate? You stay away from Alexa.
OK, let's go.
I need you to get me an address from a license plate number.
What did I tell you about backing away? Look, I know, but I really need your help.
You know you put me into a really difficult position here.
Danny, I wouldn't ask if I didn't need it.
Alright, text me the license plate number.
Your families are waiting for you.
Hey, you're alive! What are you doing here? No no no, look You're not to blame.
We won't say anything.
Just go.
Just go.
Jane? Yeah, sorry, I'm here.
Sorry, I was just It's OK.
- What's your name? - Izzy.
That's a nice name.
So you and your parents are down here.
Izzy? - It's this room over here.
- I need the loo.
Would you mind showing her? Sorry, I need a tampon, the machines don't work here.
- OK, hang on.
- It's urgent.
OK, wait there, and I'll go and get you one.
I'm so sorry Mark, honestly, I Me too.
What happened to your face? I got jumped this morning, by some random guy.
What? I've just got his address from Danny.
Do you fancy a drive? Yep.
- That's his car.
- Then he's in there.
So now we wait.
That's Porter & Starr, it's where Selena Callaway worked.
You wait here.
I'll go.
Rodent eradication.
Remember? I'm just here to do a discreet follow-up call.
Can I have a Can I help you? Can I leave these with you? So what happened in there? What's going on? Nothing.
I got in there and I lost him.
He just vanished.
What's the connection? What's going on, then? Beautiful.
That's a nice surprise.
Well, your mom and dad were playing Neil Sedaka, who says "Breaking up is hard to do.
" He's wrong.
Coz it's easy as pie.
And we're all much happier now.
Much happier.
And I was wondering if you wanted to have a lunch.
Oh, as in a very late lunch.
As in a really late lunch.
with a little bit of night clubbing and maybe some dancing.
'Coz I wanna be happy I can do that.
Who's there? It's just me, dad.
It's good to see you.
Please, just these files, yeah? What was in these folders? These folders, it's Jesse Well's folders.
I'm gonna tell you something pretty important.
Because it was said to me face to face.
I find it hard to believe but Jesus wants me for a fisherman.
What ? You've got a fat lip.
Yeah, I know.
I've been jumped in the street today.
Yeah, and then this guy sprang out of nowhere and saved me.
Ran off before I could say anything.
What, like Batman? Oh ! 'Cause that's who it was, it was Batman ! I was gonna say that it's really nice being with you again.
You know.
And see you again after all these years.
And it's great making you cry again Excuse me.
Can we have 2 shots, please.
- Sorry.
- It's all right.
There's there's stuff that I need to tell you.
The stuff I need to unpack.
You know when you move house and the removal van drives away and you're just sort of left with all these boxes and you don't know which one to open first because you didn't label them.
- Right.
- It's like that.
Well then let's just let's just take them as they come.
Go for it.
What's in the first one ? I married the wrong man.
Not that box.
I don't know what I'm doing, OK? No, I mean, not at all.
And it's been like this for ages.
Maybe forever.
I mean why was I in America ? What was I doing there ? You were with your mum.
Yeah, right.
Just one day I woke up, I was like I have to get home.
I have to get home, right now.
Not in a bit, now.
And Stuart was really amenable.
And here I am.
I'm glad you're here.
Yeah, I am glad.
I am glad.
I haven't told Stuart that I'm not gonna take that GP partnership.
Because I don't wanna be a private doctor.
And I know he won't get that all.
Especially when I tell him I'm working with Slade in the shelter for free.
Yes, he told me that.
That's great.
Yeah! It's kind of like the old me, isn't it ? Yeah, I mean, working in the shelter it's Thanks.
Just forget Stuart, yeah ? Here's to you.
I was Mrs Wells today for a while.
We had a daughter.
Sync from Caroline M├ęgret's sub.
English text by regenbogenora, Myca87 and vivelalto.