The Five (UK) (2016) s01e05 Episode Script

Episode 5

DNA from a kid that's been missing for 20 years, suddenly turns up at a crime scene.
Mark, it's Jesse.
- Dad, he didn't do it.
- He admitted to it.
I want to talk about my brother.
Who else is lying about that day, Mark? Are you? Are your friends? There was another man.
And he was gentle.
They're saying 'coz your dad led the initial investigation, maybe you're out to prove something.
And don't mention Jesse's DNA has been found on Newman's shirt.
Yeah, I don't need telling, Is that the murder victim? We think she's possibly a prostitute.
I promise to make amends.
Do any of you know Mr Marshall, Mr Kenton Marshall? Are you a policeman? I married the wrong man.
I helped him.
I gotta put my hand up and face what I did.
You know what fascinates me about this song? The bit where he says: "I thought you loved me, but it seems like you don't care.
" And she's all like: "I care enough to know, that I could never love you" It's just a cheesy line.
- Yeah, what the hell does that mean? - It's romantic, isn't it? 'Coz she's saying that she cares enough to know, that she'll never love him.
But what does that mean? Well, she's softening the blow, she doesn't really care about him at all.
Right, but earlier he's insulting her.
He's saying: "You think you're smart, "stupid, stupid.
" He's not calling her stupid.
But, sounds like it.
" You think you're smart, stupid, stupid.
" He says "Right from the start when you knew we would part" So she's too good for him.
And they both know it.
What a shit! He's going along with it because she's fit.
You know, she's hot, she's sexy, she's gorgeous.
He knows it's not gonna work, but the sex is fantastic.
OK, and in the end she cares enough to let him go.
She can never love him.
Got it.
Brit? Mark.
Mark, I've gotta go.
What am I doing here? I've got no memory of anything after the bar.
We came back here, and we drank a lot, and then I just put in bed.
Did anything happen? I had a quick look down your top.
Other than that Oh my God! I really gotta go.
Please, can you drive me home? No way, not in this state.
I'll call you a cab.
Oh God, what am I gonna tell him? I don't dare turn my phone on.
Please Mark, please help me! Alright, Jesus! Hey, morning.
No explanation's necessary.
You're both consenting adults.
Will you drive me home? Bye.
Come on.
What's wrong with you? Watch your head.
Hi, gorgeous.
Hi darling.
Daddy says you'd been on a sleepover.
That's right.
Did you have a midnight feast? Absolutely, yeah.
You gotta have a midnight feast on a sleepover.
Which friend did you stay with? Well, you don't really know them, darling.
Can I have some of your cereal? Did you sleep with him? Did you want to? So why end up at his place? I was pissed.
I drank on an empty stomach, Stuart.
He was being nice.
Nice is bringing you home.
Nice is calling you a cab.
Nice is not taking you back to his place and trying to stick his tongue down your throat.
That didn't happen.
I'm sorry, Stuart.
I messed up, OK? But if you want groveling, then Groveling? I texted you! I texted you in the pub.
I told you I'm having drinks and I told you I might be late.
And I called you and your phone was turned off.
What the hell I'm supposed to think about that? Wondering in bed, awake.
Hours passing by, and still you're not here.
- I called the hospitals.
- You called the hospitals? When do you ever not come home? I thought something has happened to you.
But by 5 in the morning, I knew.
I knew you were somewhere you shouldn't be.
An ex-boyfriend, Pru.
What am I supposed to feel about that, huh? Put the shoe on the other foot for a second.
I'm sorry.
I messed up.
But for one night, the old Pru reared her head.
It felt good.
The old Prue? Which one's that? The addict? - The degenerate? - Screw you.
Do you think this is me? The private GP, the ??? wife? What he makes you feel young and free again, before the big bad world corrupted you? Well, boo-hoo, grow up! You won't understand.
No, sure.
I've never had those feelings.
I wasn't this person.
I've never been this person.
Nothing happened, OK? Nothing happened.
Moving back here was the worst thing we ever did.
This is the place dad, look.
Jesse Wells Jesse, Mark's brother.
A missing child.
You investigated.
Months and months and months on that case.
Where are the files, dad? I looked in the place they should be, in that box.
They're not there.
So Where are the files, dad? I'm sorry.
Mark, it's me.
It's Britnay.
She's dead.
Someone killed her.
I'm going away for a while.
I just need some time.
The body that we found at Newman's.
We've got a match.
It's a 58 year-old local man, called Dr Aldus Croft.
Well, he was a doctor until he was struck off.
He's a convicted rapist.
We think he's been buried there for about a year.
And we cross-checked the DNA with Jesse? There's no match.
Alright, let's get this straight.
We thought that this body may have been Jesse/Gentle Hands.
It's not, it's Croft.
But that doesn't mean that Jesse couldn't still be "Gentle Hands".
Right? So we called Sasha and she corroborated with what Jane said.
So we need to show her the picture and see if she recognizes him.
I don't really like when I'm inside anymore.
Scares me.
I'm sleeping on the caravan.
This is the guy we found.
Aldus Croft.
Is he the guy, who Erm, "Gentle Hands"? I remember his eyes.
That's definitely him.
It's terrible.
Poor Britnay.
For her to be in that place all those years and then this to happen Yeah, it's awful.
What is going on, Mark? What are we involved in? It scares me.
Thank you.
We'd better find your mom.
Where is she? There you are.
What's wrong with you? I've been looking everywhere.
I should leave I'd be better off without.
Are you deaf? Come on, come on! Leave him alone.
What? I said leave him alone.
He's just a child, just a little boy.
What the hell do you think you're doing? You're telling me how to deal with my own kid? Who are you? You're interfering now, bitch.
You should be cherishing him, not dragging him around like some animal.
That's your advice, is it? That's what you got for me? That's good advice.
Mind your own business, you old bird.
Hey Slade, it's me.
Listen, I hope you're OK, mate.
It's a real shock to all of us, but if you need me, I'm here for you, OK? Take it easy, man.
Excuse me, excuse me! You can't just walk in hello? Stuart? Why do transvestites like Christmas? 'Coz they can eat, drink and be "Mary".
So Stuart, is there something you wanted? Should we get some privacy? Sorry, Larry.
Stuart, take a seat.
I won't, thanks.
Mark, you're no friend of my wife's.
A childhood sweetheart, maybe.
And now you're reconnecting and enjoying it and that's all great and wonderful.
But if she contacts you again, I'd like you to do me a favor: don't answer the call.
Pru's been through some tough times Mark, you may not know.
But she needs stability.
We are her oldest friends, Stuart.
You are not part of her life anymore.
Have you heard a word I said, Mark? Because she's my wife.
And I know what's best for her.
I think you'd better go, mate.
Would you like me to show this gentleman out? Yes please, Larry.
Don't answer her calls.
I'm OK.
Don't start fussing.
- I've had worse.
- Had worse, when? In your street-fighting days? It was my fault.
I slapped her.
You slapped her? What happened? What did she say to you? - I was sticking my nose in.
- Quite literally.
Just forget about it.
Did he look like him? The kid.
Did he look like Jesse? Not really.
Same sort of age.
Doesn't know how lucky she is, bitch of a woman.
Screaming at him.
Dragging his arm.
Were we like that? - Did we take him for granted? - No.
We drank too much.
We were tired.
2 young boys, short fuse He was loved.
He was loved.
This Payne guy attacks me, tells me to stay away.
And where does this Payne guy work? Porter & Starr.
These can't be coincidences.
And so I think, if I find out what the deal is with this Alexa Mills, then I'm gonna be able to get some answers about Jesse.
Selena Callaway's daughter is called Alexa.
We're looking for her.
You know Mark when someone attacks you and tells you to stay away, there's usually a good reason for that.
Yeah, it means we're onto something, doesn't it? Look, you're upset about Britnay.
You really think this is the time to be chasing after Jesse? You know, you might not like what you find.
What does that mean? Danny, you're not telling me something.
Don't lie to me, mate.
I can tell by your face.
You know what I need from you right now? I need you to just leave this to the police.
What is it? I need you and Slade to stop marching around town, thinking that you're the What is it? We found something.
The studio where the girls were kept, Gemma, Britnay We found traces of blood and it matches Jesse's DNA.
Listen, Larry I'm not coming to the office today.
I need to find out more about this Selena Callaway.
I think she can lead me to Jesse.
I was wondering if you know a woman called Selena Callaway? Tash.
Mark, I'm Slade's friend.
I work at the shelter sometimes.
Yeah, I've seen you with him.
What are you doing down these parts? You're looking for someone? Kind of.
I'm looking for this woman.
Well, you ain't gonna find her, she got murdered.
Yeah, I know, yeah.
What do you know about her? Selena was working for these guys.
I'd seen them around, didn't like their faces.
Some people give off vibes, you know? In this game if there is the offer of easy cash, people are all too willing.
- And Selena was? - She was always short of cash.
- Drug habit? - No.
She thought she was better than us, did some college course, computers.
My guess that's how she got involved in the scam.
What scam? They were robbing people.
What do you mean? How? They set up some device the punters would log into, thinking it was free WiFi.
Stripped info from their phone.
What kind of info? Like the fact that they pay money for sex.
Bank details, all sorts.
She took me to the hotel they used.
But I told her I wasn't interested.
And she's yelling at me: "You'd rather suck cock than earn real money!" But maybe it saved my life.
So the hotel that they used, was that the same hotel that she was killed in? No, that was the strange thing.
The scam went on at a totally different place.
The Old Town Hotel.
The Old Town Hotel.
Were they involved in the scam? You'd think so.
They have themed rooms.
They always use the Envy room.
- People like that shit.
- The Envy room.
No offense, but you're costing me money.
Will this tree grow as big as my tree? One day.
When you're both bigger, they'll be as high as the house.
Oh, Julie.
I'm doing it.
You were right when you said I have wasted all those years.
Stop, just stop.
Come here.
Julie, no more, no more.
I've wasted so much time.
Why did it have to happen to us? Why us? Why not that bitch in the market? We're good people.
We're good people! I'm never gonna get those years back.
We've still got time.
We don't have to die as these people.
We don't have to be victims.
OK? It's all right now.
Ally, do you have any raisins? I'm sorry, I said do you have any raisins? OK, well, how about a date? I'm busy, Karl.
See, are you Jamaican? Coz' you're jamaican me crazy.
Are you serious? Yes, I'm serious.
Let me take you out.
I don't think so.
You and me.
Think about it.
We could have a great time.
Sleep on it.
And in the meantime, here is a sneak preview.
Get out.
I think we gotta go see Jakob Marosi.
Marosi, why? The timeline's off, OK? He couldn't have done it.
He's lying.
But did you check the case files? What is it? Ok, I'm gonna tell you something, but it stays between us, OK? Yeah, of course.
They're missing.
What do you mean they're missing? I don't know.
They're just missing.
But what I do know, is that Marosi's confession is bullshit.
Peachy girl.
We'd like to ask you some questions about the disappearance of Jesse Wells in 1995.
He was cute.
He was one of favorites.
Oh, you can skip the performance.
They've written a book about you, you've been immortalized.
We don't need the whole child-killer routine.
Is he like this with you? You confessed to murdering him.
That's because I did it.
Yeah, you know new evidence suggests that's highly unlikely.
New evidence? OK then, I didn't.
Oh I'm convinced you didn't.
So that being the case, why did you lie about killing him? Are you saying your fellow policemen got it all wrong? They were happy enough to believe it at the time.
Happy enough to let the press splash it across their front pages.
Oh I know.
The officer in charge of that case was my father.
What is your name again? DS Daniel Kenwood.
Ray's boy? I should have known.
The interview's terminated.
- I'm sorry - Interview over.
I have nothing more to say to you.
The son of Ray Kenwood.
Black man doing a white man's job.
Trying to prove he was up to the cut.
Willing to do whatever it takes to get results.
Interview over.
I have nothing more to say to the son of Ray Kenwood.
- I was wondering if you can help me.
- That's what I'm here for, Sir.
And my sign's the confirmation.
We do rooms by the hour, rooms by the day or rooms by the week.
The week? That's what people want.
Minding not the reason why, minding to take their money.
I can arrange for female company, I can arrange male company.
I can arrange anything you'd like.
No kink too strange.
So, my new friend, how can I help you? I wanna see the Envy room.
Ah, the envy-man.
Man with a penchant for fruitless yearning.
I just wanna see it.
Well, I'm afraid it's occupied at the moment.
Somebody's taken it for a month.
A month? I thought you said the longest was a week.
They took it for a week and then at the end of that week they took it for another week.
And then at the end of that week, they took it for another week I got the picture.
So, I'm guessing you're not prepared to tell me who's taken it.
"Confidentiality" is my middle name.
Actually, it's Leonard.
And that's because my parents were Reggie Perrin fans.
Is the occupant in right now? I wouldn't know.
He doesn't even let us in to clean.
Well how about we take a walk down there, see if he's in? If he's not in, I can have a little peep inside.
A peep? 30 seconds.
Breaches guest privacy.
I'm sorry, Sir.
There are no possible circumstances in which that scenario could happen.
- 50 quid.
- Done.
In and out, quick as you can.
That's our motto.
Jesus Christ.
Get out.
Did you know about this? Why did you want to see the room? Who are you? What's happening? - I don't know.
- Where are you going? Come back here! I'm calling the police.
Slade, it's Mark.
I hope you're OK, mate.
Look, just um give us a call, yeah? Because we're all really worried about you.
I know that you can look after yourself, right? But You loved her.
I'm just trying to say just come back soon.
I need you, mate.
Show me your phone! - I know it's from him, show me your phone! - Stuart, you're being completely Show me the goddamn phone! Alright you wanna see the phone? There is the phone! From Mark.
Surprise, surprise! "I need to speak to you.
Call me.
" There you go, Pru.
You better give him a call.
I don't need this.
Oh, beautiful, storming out.
How convenient! Storm out, blame me, go to him.
I'm not going to him.
- Where are you going, Pru? - I'm getting away from you! Getting away from me? What about your daughter? Don't forget you got a daughter.
Will you be back or should I prepare you excuses? Oh, Stuart, please.
Just let me have some time on my own.
I know you've been with him, Pru.
Please, please Stuart, just leave me alone! A gin tonic, please.
Tough day? Sometimes Karl, I wish I had a job that didn't constantly remind me what a dark and disturbing place this world can be.
Well, you know what they say.
Alcohol is the anesthetic by which we endure the operation of life.
That's almost profound.
It was on a beer-mat.
Just get me drunk.
I can manage that.
Oh, hi.
Sorry, I should've called.
Can we talk? Sure, come in.
I just wanted to say, erm I really appreciate everything you've been doing.
Looking for Kenton.
Helping Simon.
He really appreciates it, too.
It's OK, he's a good kid.
I also wanted to say The months we spent together, they really meant a lot to me.
They were really special, Mark.
To be honest I've never felt like that before.
You know, it scared me.
I felt out of control.
You know, when you're running down a hill and you can't stop.
I don't know why I'm saying this.
I don't expect you to react, I just I wasn't there for you.
Hardest time in your life, with Jesse and - You needed me.
- It's OK.
No, it's not.
I'm sorry.
I'm really sorry, Mark.
Alright, alright! Where is she? Stuart? Where is my wife? I warned you, I warned you! - She's not here.
- Bullshit! You're in my house, you need to calm down.
You're gonna lie to my face, huh? You think you can hide her? What is she, naked? - Bent over for you? - Stuart, I'm telling you, she's not here.
Bullshit! I know she's here.
I know she's here because I tracked her.
Where is she? Where is my wife, huh? Will you tell this prick there's no one else here? Who is he? Who are you? There's no one else here.
Get out of my flat.
She's here.
She has to be here.
You're out of your mind.
Wait! Pru! Pru, stop! Enough.
Three acts.
Act 1.
Act 2.
And finally Act 3.
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