The Fix (2019) s01e05 Episode Script

Lie to Me

1 MAYA: Eight years ago, I was lead prosecutor on a murder trial that divided the country.
When the jury found movie star Sevvy Johnson not guilty of double homicide, I was devastated.
You did everything you could, Maya.
I left that life and everyone in it behind.
But then the unthinkable happened.
He killed again.
MATTHEW: You have to come back, Maya.
This time, we're gonna get him.
MAYA: I got a present last night from my biggest fan.
Your stalker? He's back? I just heard from my guy on the inside.
They got a search warrant.
If there's anything you don't want them to see, get rid of it.
I owe you one.
I am done talking to you.
It was a mistake.
It's not the way it works.
I call, you jump.
LONI: You play Texas Hold 'Em a lot, but you don't win a lot.
Your law firm's on the brink of bankruptcy.
I'm out.
What the hell is going on? MAYA: There's a mole in this office.
Nobody leaves until we find out who it is.
So I need you to get rid of this.
If you go to the police with that bag, - you'll hurt me.
- [BOTH GRUNTING] How the hell could you do this, Star? I had to.
He could go to jail.
So what? He should just get away with everything? He killed Jessica! It's not true, son.
Do not speak to me.
He's bleeding.
I got you.
I should've known you'd stick with him.
- [GROANING] - Your real family.
- Gabe! - [ENGINE STARTS] Gabe, don't go! [GROANING] It's Star.
[BREATHING HEAVILY] - I need your help.
- [COUGHS] MATTHEW: Someone in this office has been feeding information to Ezra Wolf.
Information that could jeopardize our entire case against Sevvy Johnson.
No one leaves this office until we find out who it is.
MAYA: These deputies are gonna sweep for bugs, check all desks and computers, and gather all cellphones.
Building's Internet and land lines have been disabled and the mail servers shut down.
No communication in or out.
And everybody takes a lie-detector test, - starting with me.
The - D.
's at a conference, so I'll be overseeing in his absence.
If you need to make a supervised call before turning in your cellphone, do it now.
This could go all night.
If we're gonna be here all night, we might as well use the time to our advantage.
The evidence reports from the search at Sevvy Johnson's house and Jessica's car have been piling up.
And they're all in the War Room, ready and waiting.
The print lab finally came through? Unfortunately, not yet.
There were literally hundreds of fingerprints to wade through.
I was told I could expect some results any minute, - but - But what? They're supposed to be e-mailing their findings to me, and our servers have been shut down.
That complicates things.
I could run over to the lab, try to grab what they have.
We have to play by the same rules as everybody else.
POLYGRAPH TECH: Ready when you are.
[SCRATCHING] Is your name Maya Travis? Yes.
You two stay close.
You're up next.
Is Matthew Collier your direct supervisor? Yes.
Have you ever shared confidential information [ENGINE SHUTS OFF] [BIRDS CHIRPING] My dad needs a doctor.
[GROANING] What the hell happened here? [CHUCKLES] What happened to you? Not important.
We should get him out of here.
But first, spill it.
I'm guessing this wasn't a staycation gone wrong.
- What? - It was Gabe.
He buried a duffel bag in the woods that my dad gave to him.
Really? I had him take a few things out of the house before the search warrant.
He was supposed to get rid of it.
You looked me straight in the eye, said you had nothing to hide.
Not now, Wolf.
Gabe was gonna take the bag to the police.
- Uh-huh.
- Star burned it.
And I got into it with him.
[SIGHS] Hence the head wound.
[BREATHING HEAVILY] We have to find Gabe.
Look, he could be anywhere by now.
I put a tracker on his car.
He's linked to an app on my phone, but Can you fix it? I could take it to an I.
tech down at the office.
Maybe they can restore it, but Let's clean this up first.
Star, come on.
Let's get him out of here.
[GROANING] Where the hell am I gonna take you? Just take me home, Wolf.
No way.
Got to keep you out of sight.
Paparazzo pic of you like this, this is the last thing we need.
[GROANING] We can take him to my place.
Thanks, love.
For everything.
I don't want you to go to jail.
Doesn't mean I think that you're innocent.
Well, it's time to call my favorite ex-wife.
Hey, Joan.
One of the deputies was looking for you.
Something about unlocking your cellphone? I gave them the password.
All right.
I'll go see.
[RATTLING] - All done? - Yep.
Have fun in there.
I'll see you in the War Room afterwards.
Just don't ask me about my sorority days.
Hey, Leo.
I'm clear.
Here you go, Ms.
There you are.
I am so sorry.
I got caught up.
It's okay.
Uh, did you find the leak? Not yet.
Looks like we're gonna be here all night.
So I guess that means dinner's out of the question.
I was just trying out your kitchen.
Oh, don't tell me you're making - your rigatoni with oxtail ragu.
- Rigatoni with oxtail rag Guilty.
[CHUCKLES] I'm literally dying right now.
All I've had is vending-machine jerky.
Well[SIGHS] Listen, can't Matthew just run things tonight? He can, but I want to be here for my team.
All right, um, well, then I will just see you when I see you.
Good night.
Thank you for coming.
I didn't come here for you.
I came here for Sevvy.
He's my patient.
[GROANS] Hey, thanks, love.
DALY: Look up.
Follow my finger.
You dizzy? A little.
Nauseous? No.
Blurred vision? Clear enough to see your beautiful face, love.
All right.
You take it easy and give us a second.
Dilated pupils and dizziness he's got a concussion.
And if I know Sevvy, he's downplaying his symptoms.
He needs to go to the hospital and get a CT scan and maybe some stitches.
Too many questions, and I don't have any good answers.
- Ezra - No.
Sevvy's DNA is all over the crime scene and the murder weapon, but because it's all exercise equipment and Jessica was his trainer It's meaningless.
We found other clients' DNA at the crime scene, too.
I'd really like to get those fingerprint results back.
Can you see if the polygraph guy can take you? Can't wait.
[CELLPHONE CHIMES] I'll be back.
Where are you going? [SIGHS] Hello? [DOOR CLOSES] Gabe.
Can we talk? This way.
[DOOR OPENS] I'm sorry we have to talk like this.
Our office is dealing with a situation at the moment.
I found your card at Julianne's.
Wasn't sure where else to go.
Why are you here? I shouldn't be.
It's okay.
You can talk to me, Gabe.
This was a mistake.
I'm sorry.
Look, I'm not gonna stop you, but if you came here, you must have had a good reason.
He knew that you were coming.
Who? My dad Sevvy.
Before you guys came and searched our house, he knew.
Before we got there? You're sure he knew? He came to me, and he had a bag.
Told me to get rid of it, so I did.
- Where is it? - It's gone.
Star burned it.
Do you know what was in it? Sneakers with sand on them, a towel, a bra, and, uh, some pictures of Jessica.
- Like head shots? - No.
No, like, from far away, like someone was watching her.
Am I in trouble? No, you did the right thing by coming to me.
I have to check in upstairs.
Can you stay? Yeah.
Got nowhere else to go.
[DOOR OPENS] I'm leaving now.
You don't need a doctor.
You need a babysitter.
And Star needs to sleep.
Come on, Carys.
Stay with me.
It It'll be fun.
- Fun? - Mm.
Spoken like a true gambling addict.
Oh, here we go.
The more the odds are stacked against you, the more excited you get.
This situation is a Dumpster fire, and it's gonna consume you.
Well, luckily, I'm a phoenix.
You need to walk away from this case.
I don't walk away from anything.
Come on.
Don't you want to ask me about my eye? Kiss the boo-boo, make it better.
Watch for tingling in his arms and slurred speech.
[SIGHS] And if his headache gets worse, you need to call an ambulance.
So, Gabe Johnson is here now? In the basement, in the storage room.
And you believe his story? It seems like he's telling the truth, but it could be another game that Wolf's playing.
We can't take any chances.
We have to verify his story.
Gabe said that there were some shoes in the bag.
When we raided Johnson's Malibu beach house, he had one of those fancy rich-guy closets where their shoes are all lined up in rows.
- So? - So there's a couple pairs missing.
Looks good, but doesn't mean Gabe's telling the truth.
All right, I'm gonna grab some unis and go out to the campsite and see if I can corroborate his story.
Are you gonna tell Matthew that Gabe's here? I want to keep the circle small.
Besides, he's already got a lot on his plate.
Loni Kampoor? I can't find her.
I'll get the next person.
I just want to drop it off to her.
I can't let you in, man.
He's okay.
Riv, right? I'm Matthew Collier.
I know.
Riv Allgood.
Good to meet you.
Let's go find Maya.
It's, uh, it's not always like this.
Kind of seems like it is.
But it's temporary.
So, when this is done, she'll get home, and we can go back to our normal lives.
Welcome to the War Room.
Hey, look who I found.
Couldn't let you go hungry.
- Ooh, I like him already.
- Riv, this is CJ.
Of course.
Heard a lot about you.
I have to get back to work.
Nice to meet you.
You too.
You are the best.
And you want me to leave.
- A little bit.
- [LAUGHS] That's - There's a lot going on.
- No, it's all right, it's all right.
Oh, hey, um, almost forgot.
- What? - I found this on the porch.
There's no card.
Secret admirer? It's nothing.
Sometimes fans leave me presents.
Why don't you get going? I've got things covered here.
Hope to see you soon.
You too.
This is what you do.
You're kind of a badass.
Badass Travis.
You have to go.
- [LAUGHS] - I'll see you later.
Thank you.
Good luck.
I'll ride down with you.
- [ELEVATOR BELL DINGS] - All right.
I was actually waiting for you.
That box isn't just some gift from a fan.
Maya has a stalker.
She has a stalker? It started during the last trial, and now he's back.
He leaves her the boxes.
Why didn't she tell me that? Partly because she's in denial, mostly because she doesn't want to give him the power.
That sounds like Maya.
What do I do? Keep your eyes open.
Let me know if you see anything.
Thank you.
She's lucky to have a friend like you.
So, what's gonna happen to me? Well, first, we have to verify what you told us.
We're doing that right now.
You don't believe me? Of course I believe you.
It's just part of the process.
I need to know how she died.
We're trying to figure that out now.
Not Jessica.
My mom.
Gabe I've read every single thing I could find about the case, but I want to hear from you.
Your mom and Sevvy were separated, you knew that.
It was the day after she'd filed for divorce and she asked for full custody of you and Sunny.
Sevvy was angry.
He came to the house.
He wanted to try and change her mind.
They argued.
I'm all right.
Go on.
Your mom's friend Nancy was there for moral support.
They made dinner.
Nancy was cleaning up when Sevvy got there.
We think she went into the back bedroom to give them some privacy.
I remember Nancy.
She used to She used to make me sugar cookies.
Your mom and Sevvy were in the kitchen.
There was a knife on the counter.
I've always wondered about that knife.
You know, if they'd finished cleaning up and it wasn't there, would they have just fought? You know, would he have beaten her but not killed her? We don't know exactly what happened next, but your mom had defense wounds on her hands and arms.
She fought him hard.
Nancy must have heard the screams, and she came out to protect your mom.
Sevvy killed her.
And your mom Go on.
Your mom crawled away.
She might have made it, but Sevvy was in a rage.
He couldn't stop.
He followed her.
I read the autopsy report, and they said that she had a stab wound in her back.
She fought so hard to stay with you and Sunny, Gabe.
She loved you so much.
I think about your mother every day, and I wish I could get justice for her.
My whole life, I thought you were the enemy.
I had the wrong enemy.
I'm sorry.
I got it.
Hey, CJ.
Do you know somebody named Calvin Taylor? Doesn't ring a bell.
Why? He's got three old priors burglary, assault, possession.
His fingerprints were found in Jessica's car and on her computer.
I just got off the phone with the print lab.
Tell me more.
I can't.
Not now.
Since our servers are down, they had to give me the name over the phone.
They're gonna send a hard copy of Taylor's file.
So, is Gabe's story checking out? So far.
Although it looks like somebody cleaned up.
Probably Buck.
Hold on.
There's blood.
Not a lot.
Gabe mention where this might be from and if anyone got hurt? I'll find out.
I'll talk to you soon.
Found this.
Wasn't sure how long I'd be here.
Does the name Calvin Taylor mean anything to you? No.
Should it? Not necessarily.
I just thought maybe it was a friend of Jessica's or somebody you might know.
I don't recognize the name.
Whose blood is in the woods, Gabe? Sevvy's.
I hit him.
Did he threaten you? No, he tried to grab the bag, and I was holding a shovel, and I just Where is he now? I don't know.
I ran off.
He was calling after me.
So he was conscious.
Get some rest.
We'll talk tomorrow.
[DOOR OPENS] Where have you been? [DOOR CLOSES] Maya had me reading through lab results.
Let's do this.
[ELEVATOR BELL DINGS] - Looking for this? - Yeah.
This is Maya Travis with the D.
's Office.
Get me a night judge.
I need a search warrant and a special master.
[GRUNTS] - Wolf.
I'm up.
I'm up.
[SIGHS] Any word on Gabe? [SIGHS] Not yet.
Buck's working on it.
[SIGHS] How does this end? You have a hard head.
You're gonna be fine.
You know what I mean.
[EXHALES SHARPLY] You're not gonna go to trial.
And even if you do, I'll get you off, same as last time.
But what if Gabe goes to the police? What [GROANS] What if he tells them about the bag? What bag? There is no bag.
There never was a bag.
Star took care of that.
Is Matthew Collier your direct supervisor? Yes.
Have you ever shared confidential information with a third party? No.
Did you win your last trial? Yes.
Have you ever had unapproved meetings with Ezra Wolf? No.
Have you ever shared confidential information with Ezra Wolf? No.
You can pick up your phone.
Your right eyebrow.
It's your tell.
It goes up every time you lie.
Never fails.
So, let's cut to the chase.
What did you tell Wolf? What did you tell him? I told him we had the tape of Julianne and Jessica at the diner.
What else? What else? The search warrant.
I told him it was coming.
Oh, my God, Loni.
Why?! [VOICE BREAKING] I was angry.
When you made Maya the lead on the case, I felt like you betrayed me.
But I hate what I did, and I've regretted it ever since.
I just want you to know that I'm not talking to him anymore.
I got out from under it.
It's over.
Sit down.
I want to fire you.
But I can't.
We're still recovering from Wolf's smear campaign.
If it gets out that one of the prosecutors on the case was his mole, that could finish us.
This is between you and me.
If Maya finds out, you're gone.
One more thing you turn over the passwords to all your devices.
I'll be watching your every move.
Hey, Buck.
Or do you prefer "Calvin Taylor"? [CHUCKLES] I haven't heard that name in a long time.
Calvin was headed down a rough road.
Sure was.
Court appointed me a hot-shot young lawyer named Ezra Wolf, who convinced me to use my skills for the good.
[CHUCKLES] Ah, well, that's debatable.
Remember, I saw you in action eight years ago.
I did what I had to do.
Why're we here, CJ? Professional courtesy.
We found your prints inside Jessica's car at the crime scene.
We also found them on her computer at Sevvy's house.
Just wanted to give you a chance to explain.
[GROANS] And if I don't take that chance? Well, some folks might say that Sevvy Johnson hired you to kill Jessica.
I think he hired you to follow her.
Which is it? Well, first off, I can't reveal the name of my client.
But if I did kill Jessica, you wouldn't have found my prints anywhere.
Well, we'll see how this shakes out.
You gotta do what you gotta do.
Oh, I am.
You're raiding my offices right now, aren't you? Sorry, Calvin.
Well played, Carissa Jean.
Well played.
[POLICE RADIO CHATTER] Hey! Did all that horse manure wipe out your memory for attorney-client privilege? I think maybe you forgot about how this works.
I am an attorney.
Buck Neal is my investigator.
Ergo, you don't touch a damn thing in that office! The problem is, Buck wasn't working for you then.
He was working for Sevvy.
And last I checked, Sevvy's not a lawyer, so nothing Buck did for him is privileged.
But don't take my word for it.
Ask our special master.
You got a special master.
Of course you did.
Here's your zip drive, Ms.
Nothing on here is covered under attorney-client privilege, and none of the work Buck did for you has been exposed.
Looks like I do remember how this works.
Nice shiner, Wolf.
I wish I'd given it to you.
[CAR DOOR OPENS] [CAR DOOR CLOSES] Those surveillance photos of Jessica are gonna screw us royally.
Why? "Why?" Buck didn't find anything bad.
Jess was a quiet girl.
All she did was run errands, train her clients, and have lunches with her girlfriends.
She wasn't cheating.
Can I get a glass? Then why did you feel the need to get rid of them? 'Cause I knew the police would try and say they were something they're not.
Something they're not? As in something that shows an insanely jealous man hired someone to spy on their completely innocent girlfriend? You mean something like that? The cops wouldn't have to try very hard, and what makes it worse is that you tried to get rid of them.
[GLASSES CLATTER] Okay, so, what do we do now? It's just Gabe's word that there was a bag or there was anything in it.
We need to shut him down, make sure he doesn't talk.
Well, he's gone.
As long as he stays gone, we should be good.
No bag, no worries.
No Gabe, no worries.
[SIGHS] I called around to all of his friends.
I even tried Uncle Vick.
No one's seen him.
[KNOCK ON DOOR] I got it.
Come in.
[DOOR OPENS] And? Our I.
guy fixed Sevvy's phone.
This is what it looks like when somebody brings me good news.
Just give me the phone, Wolf.
See you later.
He's at Temple and 9th.
The D.
's office.
[SIGHS] Son of a bitch.
He's talking to Maya Travis.
Bollocks! [EXHALES SHARPLY] () You're letting everybody go? - We found the mole.
- Who? It was a janitor on the night shift.
Konrad Dabrowski.
He's been fired.
Fired? Let's arrest his ass.
He was a contract worker, paid off in cash.
We'd never make a case.
You know that.
I still want to talk to him.
I already did.
- Without me.
- [CHUCKLES] Maya, you're not the only person in this office capable of running an interrogation.
He confessed? He didn't have much choice.
He knew he was gonna flunk the polygraph.
Wolf approached him after work one night, gave him a burner phone, said he'd pay him to keep his ears open.
He's been spilling secrets for weeks.
And not just about Jessica's dinner with Julianne.
Yeah, I know about the search warrant.
I also know Johnson got rid of evidence.
How do you know that? We have a visitor.
I think it's time you met him.
[SIGHS] We need to talk.
[SIGHS] - What do you want? I want to help you.
[CHUCKLES] I don't need your help, Ezra.
Do you know what your little brother's doing right now? He's pouring his heart out to Maya Travis, which includes telling her that you burned - a critical piece of evidence.
I can't control what Gabe does.
That's on him.
You're not getting this.
Actions have consequences, Star.
You can go to jail.
What For what? Being an accessory after the fact.
[EXHALES SHARPLY] Baby, listen Star, please, listen.
Wolf has a plan.
He'll protect you.
But we'll need you to help us.
Let me guess this plan to protect me, it also protects you.
Baby, that's not the po That is always the point.
You really do believe your own B.
, don't you? Star, you know that's not Go ahead.
Tell me what piece of my soul I'm about to sell.
That's quite a story.
Have we verified it? Gabe's telling the truth.
CJ: I went to the campsite where the bag was buried, saw the charred ground with my own eyes.
So, Johnson disposed of evidence.
That shows clear consciousness of guilt.
Can we make the arrest? MAYA: Not yet, but this is the kind of testimony that really resonates with jurors.
Are you willing to testify? Yes.
Gabe, you should know this is not gonna be pleasant.
You're gonna have to sit on the witness stand and look your dad in the eye.
Wolf is gonna hit you with everything he's got.
He is gonna go at you for days.
Everything you've done in your life, every mistake you've made, he'll exploit it.
As bad as you feel now, you're gonna feel a whole lot worse.
Whatever they want to throw at me, I'll take it.
As long as Sevvy ends up where he belongs.
You're very brave.
I'm very angry.
What happens now? We're gonna take you someplace safe, someplace Sevvy can't find you.
[ELEVATOR BELL DINGS] For now, we'll put you in a hotel room in Pasadena.
We'll stop by a store and get you some clothes.
Can I still contact you guys? Absolutely.
We're in this with you.
You can call me anytime.
Uh, Maya, CJ, hold up.
What's going on? Gabriel Johnson, you're under arrest for assault with a deadly weapon.
- What? - Star Johnson filed the police report.
- That's my witness! - You have the right to remain silent.
It's Wolf.
Damn him.
He figured out where Gabe was.
- Don't do this.
- I don't have a choice.
Just do something, please.
Anything you say can and will be used against you - in a court of law.
- Wolf put Star up to this! You're playing into his hand! I'm sorry.
No, please don't let them take me! [OUTDOOR AMBIENCE] I was this close to having Gabe in a safe place.
Son of a bitch.
How could Wolf do this to him? After everything he's been through, it's cruel.
Maya, this isn't on you.
He came to me, he trusted me, and I let him down.
No, this is all Wolf.
He knows Gabe's testimony is key to our case, and he's trying to damage his credibility with a bogus arrest.
Gabe asked me to tell him how his mom died.
Oh, Maya.
He's broken, CJ.
I don't think he can come back from this.
You know what we're gonna do? We are gonna make Sevvy pay, and that is gonna help Gabe heal.
Distract me.
Is there anything interesting in the photos? Nothing specific.
Just shows the jury that Sevvy was a jealous boyfriend.
Buck even followed her to the storage locker.
Good thing he didn't know what was inside.
[CHUCKLING] Wake up.
We're working.
I haven't pulled so many all-nighters since law school.
[DOOR OPENS] Someone put a tracker on Gabe's car.
Security team was already here, so I had them sweep his car, too.
That's how Wolf knew he was here.
And that's how Sevvy followed Gabe to where he had the bag buried.
Got a minute? You missed a signature on the chain of evidence form.
[CHUCKLES] Should've fired you.
I-I don't know what that is.
It's a bug.
The security team found it in the War Room.
Has Ezra Wolf been listening to every word we say? No! I-I don't know.
I didn't have anything to do with that.
Why should I believe you? You betrayed everyone in this office.
Matthew, please.
I swear, I didn't do this.
Then who did? [CELLPHONE BEEPS] [CELLPHONE RINGS] [CELLPHONE BEEPS] Oh, I should've called.
I'm guessing it was a rough night.
How'd the mole hunt go? Apparently, it was somebody from the janitorial staff.
Wolf must've made him a offer he couldn't refuse.
[SIGHS] - You gonna come home soon? Soon.
Are you okay? Yeah.
I was just thinking you know, maybe I'll stick around until this thing's over.
Really? You'd stay in L.
? You hate it here.
Yeah, I just want to see this through with you.
That would make me very happy.
Hey, I'm gonna need a drawer.
You can take as many as you want.
[CELLPHONE BEEPS] So, Riv is staying? He is full of surprises.
All right, let me get this straight.
Your gorgeous cowboy follows you to Los Angeles so he can support you and cook for you and doesn't get mad when you stay out late.
Where do I get one? I can't help you.
I just got lucky.
Hey, wait.
Stop right there.
Is that the yoga mat from the crime scene? Yeah, that's taken two days before the murder.
If it was new, what was Sevvy's DNA doing on it? Maybe she trained him at home? Where's the evidence list from the crime scene? It's in the big binder.
Please let me be right.
Oh, wait, wait, wait, wait.
Tell me what you're thinking.
Sevvy's DNA was all over the crime scene, but it meant nothing because Jessica trained him with all the exercise equipment.
But if the yoga mat was new And it had Sevvy's DNA on it then maybe he was there the morning of the murder.
But how are you gonna prove that? I'll show you.
This is everything we found at the trash can at the beach.
That's the plastic wrap.
Oh, my God.
Maya, this is it.
Jessica took the yoga mat out of the plastic wrap at the beach right before she was murdered.
Sevvy was there.
[LAUGHS] Sevvy was there.
We've got him.
[LAUGHING] We've got him! Are you serious? [HANDCUFFS RATTLE] [DOOR UNLOCKS] Let's go.
All right.
This way.
Right through the door.
Come on.
[HANDCUFFS CLICK] [DOOR CLOSES] [ENGINE SHUTS OFF] You did the right thing, kiddo.
[SEAT BELT CLICKS] The right thing? You know, I spent years defending him, thinking it was so unfair what people thought about him.
But no matter what anyone thought, I could hold my head up high because I knew the truth.
Truth is complicated, Star.
No! It's not complicated.
He's a murderer.
And you're worse.
[DOOR OPENS] Dad? Dad? Dad? [AIRPLANE ENGINE WHIRRING] Nice to see you again, Mr.
Good to see you, too, Marie.
On a little getaway? Something like that.