The Fix (2019) s01e06 Episode Script

The Fugitive

1 MAYA: Eight years ago, I was lead prosecutor on a murder trial that divided the country.
When the jury found movie star Sevvy Johnson not guilty of double homicid, I was devastated.
You did everything you could, Maya.
I left that life and everyone in it behind.
But then the unthinkable happened.
He killed again.
MATTHEW: You have to come back, Maya.
This time, we're gonna get him.
I found this on the porch.
There's no card.
Secret admirer? Your stalker? He's back? A detective came by my place.
They always want to talk to the ex.
EZRA: Maya Travis has you and Jessica on tape the night before she was murdered.
MAYA: There's a mole in this office.
No one leaves this office until we find out who it is.
And everybody takes a lie-detector test.
I know it's you.
- We found the mole.
- Who? It was a janitor on the night shift.
He's been fired.
What was Sevvy's DNA doing on it? This is it.
Sevvy was there.
We've got him! FLIGHT ATTENDANT: On a little getaway? Something like that.
Sevvy Johnson.
We have a warrant for your arrest.
Open up.
Did you check the guest quarters? - He's not at the Malibu house.
- Yes.
Thank you.
He's not at the desert estate either.
DETECTIVE NORTH: Housekeeper hasn't seen Sevvy since yesterday.
Okay, so, he's not at any of his residences.
Let's check out his favorite restaurants, hotels.
He's got to be somewhere.
50 bucks says he ran.
Let's not even go there.
Just got a hit on Sevvy's car.
He's at the Van Nuys Airport.
I'm gonna call Wolf.
Ow, ah.
Gentle, gentle, gentle.
To what do I owe this pleasure? I have a warrant for your client's arrest.
- I see.
- But it appears he's fled.
His car is at the Van Nuys Airport.
Whoa, whoa, innocent men don't run.
I'm sure there's a perfectly boring explanation for this.
You know the drill, Wolf.
Produce your client.
Yeah, now that you mention it, he did say he was planning a sojourn up to Napa.
Something about a-a wine tasting.
Wherever he is, he's not on the run.
The son of a bitch is on the run.
More champagne? Thanks, Marie.
Thank you.
Thanks to the extraordinary efforts of our prosecution team, we have charged Severen Johnson with the murder of Jessica Meyer.
An arrest warrant has been issued for Mr.
The Los Angeles D.
's office, in conjunction with the LAPD, is actively searching for Mr.
We believe that he boarded a private plane that left Van Nuys Airport this afternoon.
- Are you saying he fled? - REPORTER: Why didn't you - Did you let him get away? - I can't comment on the specifics of the ongoing investigation.
What I can tell you is that we are presently obtaining flight plans.
Johnson, if you're listening, turn yourself in.
Running is only gonna make this worse.
Wherever you are, we'll find you.
Anyone assisting Mr.
Johnson at this time may be considered an accessor.
How long before we land? About 50 minutes.
Um, once we land, how quickly can we refuel? I can call ahead for the truck.
- It should take about 45 minutes.
- That includes ground personnel, flight crews anybody agreeing to harbor Mr.
I-Is there any way that we can do it faster? I can request two trucks, one for each wing, but it'll be more expensive.
Make it happen.
MATTHEW: The tip line's set up.
We're monitoring social media for any Sevvy sightings.
CJ, find out everything we need to know about private planes how far they can fly and how to track them.
- Collier.
My office.
- I'll call my ex-husband.
He'll know.
I thought he was a cop.
And a weekend pilot.
Adrenaline junkie.
WIEST: Have a seat.
If this is about us not having a tail on Johnson, you know that's LAPD's job.
I'm just curious what were you thinking last night hooking up the entire staff to lie detectors? There was a mole in the office.
Why didn't you loop me in - before you put this place on lockdown? - You were at a conference.
It was a fluid situation.
I handled it.
Real quick, whose photo's hanging in the lobby? Yours.
That's right.
This is my house.
You seem to keep forgetting that.
Maybe that's because you were appointed, not elected.
I still have the power to have you transferred to the hinterlands to handle sprinkler violations if you keep overstepping.
Alan, I cleaned up your house.
I don't know what you cleaned up, Matthew, 'cause I haven't seen a report.
I'm working on it.
With everything that's going on You're right.
Manhunt trumps mole hunt.
But as soon as Johnson's in custody, that report better be on my desk.
Yes, sir.
We're done.
- CJ: Okay, thank you.
- No, this is great.
Please tell Jordan Mommy said good night, and pack an extra snack for her field trip tomorrow.
Thank you.
So, if Sevvy is headed out of the country to a place without extradition, he will have to stop on the East Coast to refuel.
- That's where we'll grab him.
- What if he's already over the Atlantic? What if it's too late? Don't worry.
It's gonna be okay.
Sevvy is a famous guy.
Someone will report him.
Marie? Can I get a gin and tonic, please? Uh, make that a double.
Answer your damn phone, Sevvy! If you are not lost in the freaking Bermuda Triangle, I'm gonna rip your head off! - [EXHALES SHARPLY.]
Julianne, thank you.
Thank you for coming.
- Where the hell is he? - I don't know.
You're paid to keep Sevvy out of trouble.
- How'd you let this happen? - You and I both know that man can't be controlled.
You're the Sevvy Whisperer.
You know him better than anyone.
Do you have any idea where he could've gone? No.
He dropped off Sunny, asked me to watch her for the day.
That's all I know.
Have a seat.
Get comfortable.
I'll have Charlie get us sushi.
Don't talk to me like I work for you.
Julianne Sevvy is a fugitive.
I need you here.
But I'm gonna need sake.
Flight N8Z92 landed two hours ago in Vegas with seven passengers.
I doubt Johnson's hitching a ride with a bachelorette party.
Well, that still leaves us 12 flights.
- Sevvy's about to land in Atlanta.
- How do you know? The flight attendant took a picture of him.
She sent it to a friend who posted it on Twitter.
Call the Atlanta P.
and U.
Have them meet Sevvy's plane on the ground.
I'm friends with the Atlanta D.
I'll make sure he's up to speed.
CJ, tell us everything you know about Flight N73D4.
It left Van Nuys at 2:20 P.
with a solo passenger.
It's gonna land in Atlanta at 10:15 Eastern Standard Time.
That only gives us 25 minutes.
News travels fast.
NEWS ANCHOR: reports that Sevvy Johnson's plane is headed to Atlanta.
In a moment, we'll be switching to our locl affiliate for live coverage.
We're starting our descent.
The captain has requested you fasten your seatbelt.
Um, did he call the ground crew? Are the trucks ready to refuel? They're waiting on the tarmac.
The captain's also asking for your next destination.
He needs to file another flight plan.
Um I'll let him know once we're done refueling.
Please, uh, tell him to hurry.
MAN OVER RADIO: 4,000 feet over Atlanta.
NEWS ANCHOR: And now we're looking at live coverage of Sevvy Johnson's plane making its approach to the private terminal at Sullivan Wade Regional Airpor.
How far away are the police? Yeah, they're on the scene.
Sevvy Johnson's plane has just touched down.
Atlanta P.
is taking no chances.
They have Sevvy Johnson completely surrounded.
The question is, will he surrender? PILOT: Uh, sir? We can't refuel.
They're telling me to open that door.
Do not open that door, okay? Leave the door, please.
Oh, God.
Baby, I messed up.
I-I don't know what to do.
Listen to me.
I'm watching the news.
We love you.
Your whole family loves you.
What do I do? You're going to put your hands on top of your head, and you're going to walk out of that plane like a man.
Do it now.
Those beautiful children of yours are not gonna lose their father today.
I'm sorry.
NEWS ANCHOR: There he is.
He appears to be surrendering.
OFFICER: Severen Johnson, you're under arrest.
- You have the right to remain silent.
Anything you say can ad will be used against yo.
Excuse me, ma'am, you can't be here.
WOMAN: I have a right to be here.
My name is Angela Ashley, and I am Sevvy Johnson's lawyer.
Now, I'd like a moment with my client.
Let's go.
Who the hell is that? Who the hell is Angela Ashley? Charlie! I'm on it.
Did he hire another lawyer? Not that I know of, but I like her.
It's a Georgia number.
- Ezra Wolf.
- Mr.
This is Angela Ashley.
I'm sitting with your client.
Sevvy, are you there? You okay? I'm in cuffs, Wolf.
What do you think? Look, Ms.
Ashley, I don't know who you are or what you think you're doing, but I'm your client's Get Out Of Jail Free car.
I just finished telling Sevvy, I've been following his case.
I live 15 minutes away.
When I saw the news, it seemed like he needed an assist.
An assist? And what kind of an assist are you offering? Right now, the whole world thinks your client's trying to flee.
I can provide a different story.
Sevvy flew to Atlanta to pick up the newest member of his defense team me.
Well, I see you were on the Law Review at Yale and you spent six years at the Innocence Project.
Some would find those credentials impressive.
Me, I would send your résumé straight to the shredder.
I'm not into do-gooders.
How do you feel about winners? I've gotten six men off of death row.
And frankly, you don't have a choice.
No judge is going to grant bail if it looks like Sevvy's a flight risk.
Wolf, I'm sold.
Welcome to the team.
I just spoke to my client, who, as I said, is only in Atlanta because he was gracious enough to come pick me up.
He's shaken, but in good spirits.
Honestly, if I had known I ws gonna cause all this trouble, I would have flown commercial.
I can't believe the press is buying this crap.
Is there any way that this could be true? I mean, is it possible that he chartered a plane to pick up his new lawyer at the exact time we were closing in on him? I hear myself.
I-I-I know.
It's complete crap.
The question is, will a judge buy it? Because then we're really screwed.
All right, let's not get ahead of ourselves.
We have an arraignment tomorrow.
We deal with that.
Then we worry about this mess.
Let's try and get some sleep.
Tomorrow, we see Sevvy in court.
Thank you so much for coming, Julianne.
Sevvy's lucky to have you.
I'll be in touch.
You remember the luminous Julianne.
- Pleasure to see you.
- You, too.
- Luminous, huh? - Yep.
Interesting word to describe somebody you're trying to frame.
Where are we at with that? Sevvy was tightening the belt on her payments for the last year or so.
She was down to almost nothing, until Jessica died.
Suddenly, back on the payroll.
I can massage that into motive.
- What else we got? - Well, I was going through her alibi for the night of the murder.
She said she was home.
One neighbor says they saw the light turn on.
The other says they saw the car gone.
Dig deeper.
I have a feeling this case is going the distance, and I need more.
Ezra, have you thought of telling Sevvy you're going down this road? I mean, he and Julianne, they look out for each other.
If Sevvy knew what was good for him, none of us would be here.
Oh, look who's finally home.
I feel like I haven't seen you in forever.
I've missed you.
Oh You okay? Mm I'm just a little nervous about the arraignment tomorrow.
First time back in court.
It's nothing.
You'll be great.
I should go to bed.
Are you coming? Mm-hmm.
Be there in a minute.
You okay? Yeah.
It's an arraignment.
I could do it in my sleep.
Travis? There's someone here to see you.
I'm Lindsay Meyer.
Jessica's sister.
I am so sorry for your loss.
We were just headed down to court.
Is everything okay? My parents aren't coming.
I tried to convince them, but they're just so broken up.
Of course.
I get it.
I'm sorry about what my dad said to you.
He's not himself.
But you don't have to apologize, Lindsay.
The important thing is that you're here.
I can't believe I'm gonna see him in court.
I know.
Look, it's not gonna be easy for you to see him.
But we're gonna make him pay for what he did.
I'll be all right.
You okay? [QUIETLY.]
I will be once I get out of here.
- Good morning, Angela.
- Mr.
Oh, call me Ezra.
You're not up to speed.
I'll do the talking.
BAILIFF: All rise.
Department 125 of the Superior Court of Los Angeles is now in session.
The honorable Judge Sandra Song presiding.
- Be seated.
Well, this isn't your first rodeo.
Will the defendant waive reading of the complaint and statement of rights? Uh, yes, Your Honor.
Johnson is ready to enter his plea.
Travis? Please do the honors.
Here we go again.
Is your true name Severen Johnson? Yes.
Johnson, you're charged with first-degree murder in violation of Penal Code Section 187, subdivision A.
To this charge, how do you plead? Guilty or not guilty? I'm absolutely not guilty.
Hey, are you guys seriously slow-clapping an arraignment? It felt damn good to hear you read that charge against Sevvy.
It felt pretty good to say it.
The bail hearing's set for tomorrow.
We need to make sure the judge sees Sevvy as a flight risk.
That shouldn't be too hard, since he literally flew.
But the Angela Ashley story's getting traction, and Wolf is telling anyone in the press who will listen.
Well, I reached out to the pilot and the flight attendant.
I can find out if Sevvy filed another flight plan.
If the parents are a no-show again, who else do we have to sit on our side? Other relatives, friends? Gabe Johnson.
I called in some favors and got him released.
He's in a safe house.
Hm, Johnson's son sitting on our side.
That's making a statement.
I'll reach out.
Walk with me, Matthew.
I need caffeine.
So, what's up? This bail hearing is everything.
If we lose tomorrow and Sevvy walks, that sends a message to our potential jury that our case is weak.
Well, it's a good thing you're great under pressure.
So are you.
I want you there with me.
I will be there.
No, at counsel table.
I saw you in the gallery today.
You wanted in on the action.
Tell me I'm wrong.
You're not wrong.
Count me in.
The inner sanctum.
My associates don't get to set foot in here without a thousand billable hours.
I hope you feel at home.
Thank you.
- You're welcome.
- It's beautiful.
I need to see everything you've got so far.
Discovery, investigative reports Mm.
You're a busywork person.
The devil is in the details.
Isn't she? Well here we are, Georgia your new office.
Befitting your stature, don't you think? [SIGHS.]
- It'll do just fine.
- Mm.
Let's be clear about one thing.
Hm? I'm Sevvy Johnson's lawyer.
You can have your 15 minutes sitting next to me during the bail hearing because you have chutzpah, I'll give you that but I run the show.
I am the show.
Got it.
You're all show.
When I can get those files? I'd like to hit the ground running.
Charlie, give Ms.
Ashley those files.
We'll let her hit the ground running.
Thank you.
All the problems we've had, you've always been a good father.
I still am a good father.
I wasn't gonna run, Jules.
I just went to pick up my new lawyer.
Don't lie to me, Sevvy.
I've known you for too long.
You abandoned a 9-year-old child.
I was scared.
I just needed a few days to clear my head.
And now you need a favor.
It's about bail You don't have the money? I do.
Wolf says it'll look better to the judge if someone else posts it.
Someone respected.
And you want me to ask Vick.
He's an NBA star.
Everybody knows and respects him.
We've both known him a long time.
He was one of the only people who stood by me during the first trial.
I just need you to talk to him, okay? Tell him I didn't kill Jessica.
I'm gonna leave these with the guard.
Sign them, and then I'll talk to Vick.
What is it? Papers making me a controlling partner in your trust.
- What? - Seeing you on that plane made me think of life if we lost you.
What if you have to stay in here? What if Jessica's family sues you? Jules Who's gonna pay for Sunny's college? - Jules, listen to me.
- I have to protect this family.
I'm You'll sign those for me, and I'll call Vick for you.
Pick up the phone.
Jules! Please, tell me you've got good news.
I've had a very productive day.
Let's see what we've got.
- Is this real? - As real as it gets.
You've been a very, very bad girl.
How's my new favorite legal eagle? Wary.
Wary? - Why so friendly? - I'm in a good mood.
I'm in a very good mood.
I got the silver bullet that I need to win Sevvy's bail hearing.
Hell, this thing might not even make it to trial.
I'm waiting.
Oh, I'm not gonna tell you what it is.
But I do have a little job for you.
How are your babysitting skills? Thanks for coming through, mate.
- [THUD.]
- You always do.
Well, eight years ago, I gave you the benefit of the doubt.
But now? I can't say that, Sev.
Listen, I was innocent, and I'm innocent now.
I'm gonna prove it.
I just need to get out of this cell.
Julianne says you want me to offer to post bail? Wolf thinks it'll mean a lot to the judge, a man like you standing up for me.
And if you run? I won't.
I promise.
Look, Vick, if you're not gonna do it for me, do it for my kids.
Sunny's 9 years old.
I mean, you don't want her to see her father through iron bars Don't use the kids to manipulate me.
I'm asking.
I'll think about it.
ANGELA: Show Mr.
Marshall out, please.
You all right? Yeah.
How's things with Wolf? To be honest, he's shutting me out too busy protecting his territory, walking around like a master of the universe, when really he's just a sideshow magician with a tired bag of tricks.
Look, you may have saved my ass yesterday, but Wolf saved my life.
He knows what he's doing.
Let's talk about what I should wear tomorrow.
- So, you'll open - And intro the case.
I'll talk about how Sevvy had motive, opportunity And that we can place him at the crime scene.
Then I'll talk flight risk.
The flight attendant's affidavit just came in We have to be ready to counter Wolf's B.
And the pilot is still refusing to talk.
And, of course, he's gonna try and charm the judge.
Which won't work, because it's Judge Song, and she always had a thing for you.
And no one's listening to me.
Really? Judge Song? Mm-hmm.
Wear your blue tie.
It'll make your eyes pop.
I know you're prepping, but I need to speak with Matthew.
- Can I have the room for a minute? - CJ: Please.
What's that about? Ugh.
Above my pay grade.
Maya Travis.
Thank you.
Everything okay? Yeah, yeah.
That was the LAPD letting me know that a Mr.
River Allgood reported that I have a stalker.
They want me to come in and talk to a detective.
Not a horrible idea.
You told him, didn't you? I can't deal with this right now.
It strikes me as odd.
Konrad Dabrowski is our mole, but I can't seem to find his polygraph test in your report.
He didn't take one.
Once Dabrowski knew we were closing in, he came to me and confessed.
Figured I'd go easier on him.
Why wasn't a police officer present when you questioned him? The man was obviously terrified.
I thought he'd be more forthcoming with me alone, and he was.
I pulled his employment record, Collier.
Dabrowski wasn't fired.
He was transferred to the federal building on Flower.
So I'm gonna give you five seconds to tell me the truth.
Konrad Dabrowski worked in this building for 30 years.
He made one mistake.
If you want to dig deeper into my decision not to ruin his life, go right ahead.
You know what? I think I will.
You filed a police report without telling me? You have a stalker, Maya.
You're not doing anything about it.
This is a dangerous situation, all right? So dangerous that CJ installed security cameras - outside the house.
- The guy is a sad sack who gets his kicks out of leaving earrings on my doorstep.
Look, the detective I spoke to disagrees.
He thinks that because this guy re-emerged so quickly after eight years that he is an obsessive Look, honey, I'm just trying to protect you.
Yeah, I don't need you to protect me.
Maya If you want to be with somebody that you need to save, that's not me.
- I can take care of myself.
- Sticking your head in the sand isn't necessarily taking care of yourself.
Do you have any idea how important tomorrow is to me? Yes, but - How long I've waited to put Johnson behind bars? Of course, but that has nothing to do with this.
Yes, it does, because this is wasting my time when I should be concentrating on the case! You are as obsessive as your stalker.
I'm just gonna do what the detective said and take all the gifts that this sicko brought you down to the police station.
Where are they? What the hell did you do with them? Nothing.
Oh, my God, Riv.
He was here.
He was in the house.
REPORTER: Tensions are running high as Sevvy Johnson - once again faces - Change the channel.
REPORTER #2: is going to make a full-court press to get bail for Johnson, and the prosec [TELEVISION TURNS OFF.]
You were right to bring the cops in.
He was escalating.
- What do you want to do? - Put it away for now.
After the hearing's over, we'll deal with it.
That's my ride.
I got to go.
Well, hey.
Good luck.
Ready to do this? Ready.
If that monster gets out He won't.
You look beautiful.
BAILIFF: All rise.
Department 125 of the Superior Court of Los Angeles is now in session.
Judge Sandra Song presiding.
JUDGE SONG: Be seated.
Call the case of People vs.
Severen Johnson.
We're here on a defense motion to set bail for the defendant.
I'll hear from the People first.
Your Honor, the evidence against Mr.
Johnson is powerful and convincing.
We have it all.
Motive Jessica, on tape, saying Mr.
Johnson beat her, and she was planning to go to the police.
Opportunity a secret entrance at his house allowed him to go on and off the property without detection.
Consciousness of guilt he tried to have evidence destroyed as soon as he knew a search warrant was imminent.
We also have forensic evidence from the crime scene DNA evidence that places him there specifically the morning of the murder.
Travis, I don't need to hear how you plan to prove your case at trial.
This is a bail hearing.
Collier will continue the argument.
Good morning.
There's a saying, Your Honor.
If you want to know what someone will do, take a look at what he has done.
Now, Mr.
Johnson has already proven himself to be a flight risk.
This entire courtroom and probably most of the nation watched as he got caught trying to evade arrest.
Now, I know the defense will claim he only flew to Atlanta to pick up his new lawyer, but I have a signed affidavit from the flight attendant describing how Mr.
Johnson was researching hotel accommodations in Dubai, somewhere that does not have an extradition treaty with the United States.
We ask that Mr.
Johnson be held without bail.
Thank you.
I'll hear from the defense.
Your Honor, I can stand here, throw out a lot of words refuting each of the prosecution's flimsy arguments, but that would just be more air pollution, and climate change is real.
I could also produce my own affidavit from the actual pilot of my client's plane, who was personally prepared to file a flight plan from Atlanta back to L.
I could tell you that my client got on that flight on my own advice to woo an extraordinary attorney to our team.
I could even show you the true measure of his support and trust in his community.
Johnson's longtime friend, Vick Marshall five-time NBA champion, popular TV personality agreed to post his bail.
Now, Your Honor I thought you were gonna minimize air pollution, Counselor.
I just wanted you to know I've done my homework, because I have evidence evidence the prosecution should have found were it not for their unrelenting tunnel vision, evidence that proves the killer is, in fact Julianne Johnson.
- Wolf! - Objection, Your Honor.
Order! I'll have order.
Your Honor, Julianne Johnson fought with Jessica Meyer the night before the murder.
She benefited financially from her death, and she lied to the police about her alibi.
If you turn your attention to the screen This video was taken the morning of the murder.
That is Julianne Johnson driving down Pacific Coast Highway away from the crime scene.
Settle right now or I will clear this court.
Your Honor, there is no evidence that Julianne had anything to do with this murder.
It was Sevvy's DNA at the crime scene, not hers.
- That video proves nothing.
I can get you out of here, if you let me.
Thousands of people drive up and down PCH every day.
Do it.
Your Honor.
I have examined every single report generated by every lab connected to this case.
As of this date, 22% of the DNA swabs taken from the crime scene have not been analyzed.
Furthermore, another 17% gave inconclusive results.
When everything is said and done we may well find Julianne Johnson's DNA was at that crime scene.
- Is that true? - Yes, but it doesn't invalidate the fact that Sevvy's DNA was there.
I've heard enough.
Bail is set at $5 million.
EZRA: Thank you, Your Honor.
Well? You dragged the mother of my children into this.
From now on, you work for her.
It's happening again.
All of it.
But this time, it's even worse.
Last time, bail wasn't even an option because he killed two people And he's free, you know, posing for selfies with fans and autographing movie posters.
Who wants to get drunk? - [OBJECT CLATTERS.]
- How about a toast? The look on Ezra's face when Sevvy demoted him to second chair.
That was almost worth it.
However, I'm going to leave the Monday-morning quarterbacking to you two, 'cause I have a little girl at home who needs dinner and a bedtime song.
About this whole Julianne thing, I know Wolf has a flair for the dramatic, but Yeah, we can't have any more surprises.
I will leave no turn un-stoned.
Believe me.
Don't drink and drive.
Ezra Wolf called me a murderer in open court, and you let him.
Wolf was just protecting me.
It worked.
Got me out, right? - [PURSE THUDS.]
- Of course you would defend that lowlife.
Why would I expect you to have any sense of morality, after all you've done? What about what you've done, huh? That video of your little joyride down the PCH right by Vick's house.
Now I know why you lied to the police about your alibi.
Because you didn't want me to know that you were screwing him! That's right, Sevvy.
I was screwing Vick damn Marshall.
It's been going on for months.
The kids knew it.
- Everybody but you knew it.
- You think I give a damn about who's in your bloody bed? You always want to think you own me.
There's nobody but the great Sevvy Johnson in my life.
You know what? He can have you.
He'll find out just what I found out.
All you care about is money.
I built this family.
I am the mother of your children.
I have earned every penny I've gotten from you.
You earned? Who do you think paid for this, huh? But that was your little plan, wasn't it? I'd sign over my trust, piss off to prison, and you get everything.
And I get a man who's kind and thoughtful and gentle and, unlike you, has never laid a single hand Go ahead, Sevvy.
Do it.
I'll tell you - Don't push me.
- Hit me.
I have spent half my life covering for you For me? rationalizing your rage.
Well, no more! Go ahead.
Take a swing.
That's what you want, isn't it? That's just what you want.
Those reporters right outside your front door Yeah? are your judge, your jury, and your executioner.
I leave here with so much as a single hair out of place, and it's your ass.
You listen to me.
I'm gonna let Wolf take you down for this.
You'll lose everything the house, the money and your kids will see you from behind bars for the rest of your sorry-ass life.
I'm not afraid of you anymore.
Thanks for coming.
No problem.
She didn't tell you, did she? What? The stalker, he was in the house.
What? He messed with the security cameras, he broke in, and then he took all of the boxes back.
How did he even know? Exactly.
What, they all disappear right after I call the police? No.
He was listening.
What do we do? We find out how.
Now, this space is more my speed.
Bask in the moment, because it won't last long.
Get some sleep tonight.
We've got a lot of work to do tomorrow, and I like to start early.
- Oh! - [LAUGHS.]
- Nice! - You see? You see? I'm I'm just way better after a few drinks.
I need another drink.
Good idea.
I laugh, you know.
What? In normal life, I laugh.
I remember.
Even though it all went to hell today, I'm glad we were there together.
If things were different I can't.
I want to.
But I can't.
Listen to this, you sick son of a bitch.
This is over.
I'm coming for you.
Do you hear me? I am coming for you.
Hey, Leo.
- Have a good night.
- You, too.
You should've fired him.
What? The janitor.
If you would've fired him, I never would've figured it out, but you're just too damn nice.
Figured what out? Loni.
She's the leak.
Alan, we No.
Don't try to lawyer me.
You see, I kept thinking, why would he go to such lengths to protect the identity of the mole? Then I remembered you brought Loni in.
You mentored her.
You gave her the biggest case of her career, then you yanked it away.
That would've pissed me off, too.
See, I would have confronted her, but wouldn't you know, she called in sick for the first time ever.
I had my reasons.
I know you did.
Question now is, what do I do? I could fire you, maybe even have you arrested.
Or I could tell Maya.
She'd never forgive you.
But I won't, 'cause it was the right play.
Then Maya would've gone all shock and awe.
We can't take another scandal.
We need the win.
I'm, uh glad we see eye-to-eye on this.
Oh, we do.
You murdered my sister.
Now you're gonna pay.