The Fix (2019) s01e07 Episode Script

Ghost Whisperer

1 MAYA: Eight years ago, I was lead prosecutor on a murder trial that divided the country.
When the jury found movie star Sevvy Johnson not guilty of double homicid, I was devastated.
You did everything you could, Maya.
I left that life and everyone in it behind.
But then the unthinkable happened.
He killed again.
MATTHEW: You have to come back, Maya.
This time, we're gonna get him.
MATTHEW: Someone in this office has been feeding information to Ezra Wolf.
I know it's you.
I want to fire you, but I can't.
If it gets out that one of the prosecutors on the case was his mole, that could finish us.
It was the right play.
We can't take another scandal.
We need the win.
I can't.
The stalker, he was in the house.
CJ: He was listening.
Listen to this.
This is over.
I'm coming for you.
You hear me? I am coming for you! Bail is set at $5 million.
[GAVEL BANGS] From now on, you work for her.
You murdered my sister.
Now you're gonna pay.
Remind me not to piss you off.
Out late, up early.
You're not avoiding me, are you? Of course not.
A little aggression therapy.
I had a bad day yesterday.
Give me some.
Sorry about the bail hearing.
But it's really just the first inning, right? Mm.
Hey, hey, hang on, hang on.
CJ came by last night, and we swept the house for bugs.
We found one.
[INHALES SHARPLY] He's listening to us.
I don't get it.
The last time around, he just sent presents.
And why the sudden escalation? I think he's always held out hope he could be with you.
Right, he's built it up in his mind this whole time, and now suddenly I show up? And, you know, I I maybe provoked him a little bit.
How? I talked right into it.
I told the scumbag that I was coming for him.
Screw him.
Maybe it'll scare him off.
Well, I'll update the detective, and I'm changing all the locks today.
And I'm gonna start carrying my gun.
We'll get him.
I'm glad you're here.
EZRA: Wow.
You really do like to start early.
I've worked out a new strategy going forward.
- Have a seat.
- Sorry, Georgia.
Stop calling me that.
I just came here to grab my dry cleaning from Charlie.
I'm having a "me" day.
We've got a preliminary hearing coming up.
Well, as you undoubtedly remember, - Sevvy Johnson made you the first chair.
- [SCOFFS] Meaning you get to wear all the hats parent, friend, therapist, magician.
Can't I just be a damn good lawyer? That'll help, too.
Good luck, Georgia.
Wait Mr.
Wolf - [HUMMING] - Someone's in a good mood.
Yes! I take it you're not.
Angela kept me here till 2:00 a.
re-cataloguing all the discovery.
She has her own system.
Well, you keep on doing what she says and report everything back to me.
And what will you be doing? - I'll be gathering rope.
- Rope? For her to hang herself with.
LINDSAY: Just tell the truth for once.
Face up to who you are and what you did.
You stole my sister from me.
I don't know what to tell you, Lindsay.
Honestly, I don't.
I don't know what you want from me.
What? Huh? Because there's no script written for you? How about just be honest for once? You stole my sister from me! Jess always looked out for me.
We were best friends until you came along and you pulled her away from me, from her family! That's not true.
I loved Jess.
She loved me, okay? She was my life.
- I would never - [CELLPHONE CHIMES] JESSICA: Hey, Linds, it's me.
Sorry I know it's our thin, but I don't think I can make t to Thanksgiving this year.
It's just Sevvy kind of wans to have a quiet holiday, just us.
Forgive me? - Say hi to Mom and Dad.
- Turn it off.
- [CELLPHONE BEEPS] - It's me.
I know we haven't talked in a while.
Things have been a little Sevvy's taking me to Ibiza.
Maybe we can hang when I get back, okay? Things have been a little what? - I don't know.
- A little tense? Because you were so controlling? A little terrifying - because you beat her? - No.
- Stop lying! - I'm not lying! Jess loved life here with me, okay? I gave her everything she ever wanted.
Enough! You don't get to speak for her.
Say it.
You murdered my sister.
Say it.
I won't.
You want to shoot me go on.
Do it.
But just remember, you'll spend the rest of your life in prison.
And your parents, they'll lose another daughter.
And Jess' actual killer will still go unpunished.
I'll take that chance.
[GUNSHOT] [GUNSHOT] [SCREAMS] My hand! [SCREAMING, CRYING] You okay, Sev? Aah! [EXHALES SHARPLY] Take care of this.
BUCK: Hey.
Keep going.
We got a situation.
My four least favorite words after "the check didn't clear.
" Yeah, I came up to see your boy like you asked me.
Jessica's sister was here.
She had a gun on him.
I had to shoot her gun hand, so she's down and bleeding pretty bad.
How you want me to handle this situation? Stay there.
I'll call Carys.
You know what? Scratch that.
Pretend we never talked.
Come again? I think this is the perfect introduction to a day in the life of Severen Johnson.
Angela's first chair.
Call her.
[CHUCKLES] Ahh! Oh, yeah! - Hey.
- Hey.
Consider me your personal bodyguard.
Riv told me about the bug.
- Not at all disturbing.
- Ugh.
I got it to a friend over in IT.
They're gonna try and trace and see where it came from.
We still have one of the bugs in the gift box that Riv brought into the office.
I'm sick of this creep.
I just want it to be over.
So how was your booze fest with Matthew last night? Hangover-inducing, but that's all it was, if that's what you're asking.
- It is.
- Hmm.
SEVVY: She wanted me to confess.
I told her I wouldn't.
I couldn't.
How could I? I didn't do it.
She had a gun pointed at me, and that's when Buck came in and saved my life.
LINDSAY: You won't get away with it! Murderer! I think you've got what you need.
You can reach Mr.
Johnson through me at Wolf and Associates.
Thank you.
A word.
You should not have gone to the police.
Now the bloody media are gonna be all over this.
And who do you think's gonna come off looking like they've got more blood on their hands? Me.
Sevvy, I don't care how Ezra would've done it.
You made me first chair, and I work clean.
Everything above board.
Now, we do that, nothing can come back and bite us in the collective ass.
Get some rest.
- I'm going back to the office.
- W-Wait.
Can't you stay? L-Look.
I-I just I don't want to be alone right now.
Look, I am so sorry for what you had to go through.
But I need to focus on the case.
And I can't do that here.
W-Where's Ezra? He turned off his phone.
He's apparently taking a "me" day.
You should do the same.
I cannot believe that moron judge bought Ezra's BS story about Julianne, hook, line, and sinker.
How could anyone let that man go free? The bail hearing was yesterday.
We need to talk about what's next.
First, we need to get Julianne off the table as a suspect.
Vick Marshall contacted LAPD last night saying that Julianne was with him during the time of Jessica's murder.
Well, in his bed, to be specific.
- Can we corroborate? - I'm working on it, but right now, it's just his word.
Which the defense will shred with one hand.
We do have Johnson's DNA on the yoga mat.
We also have a bunch of degraded DNA that's inconclusive.
The curse of an outdoor crime scene.
Which we discovered yesterday that Angela Ashley will exploit the hell out of.
We need more.
Sevvy Johnson was almost shot this morning.
It's about to hit the news.
What? By who? Lindsay Meyer.
She broke in, tried to get a confession out of him.
Wolf's investigator showed up, shot the gun right out of her hand.
Her poor parents.
He did it again.
Every day Johnson's able to walk around in the world, he ruins another life.
- We need to stop him.
It's Detective North.
He found something.
[CAR DOORS OPEN] North, what do you got? Something that'll put a smile on your face.
PD was doing a sweep of illegal homeless camps this morning, caught our gentleman friend over there wearing a jacket with dried blood spatter on it.
That's a Forza Mossa.
MAYA: One of Sevvy's favorites.
Where'd the guy get the jacket.
Says he found it in a ditch off the shoulder of PCH.
- How far from where Jessica was killed? - Don't know, yet.
We're taking him down there to show us where he found it.
Now, this photo was taken two weeks before Jessica's murder.
Obviously, we got to run it to the lab, but I wanted you both to know.
If that's Jessica's blood on his jacket, this is a game changer.
Can I come in? I just bought it.
It's a fixer upper.
Must be hard to pick your signature color when you're fighting bronchitis.
Or did you have vertigo from playing both sides? So that's why you're here.
You've missed a lot of action the past few days.
I assume you came here to fire me.
On the contrary.
See, on this one thing, Matthew and I actually agree.
The D.
's office, we need this win.
And maybe if it was a level playing field, we could pull this off, but Ezra always plays with a stacked deck.
So I don't care if he's first chair, second chair, third chair, fourth chair.
I want him gone.
So how do you plan to make that happen? Nothing illegal.
We're just gonna cheat the cheater.
I'm gonna send you back into the wolf's den.
[BIRDS CALLING] Hey, I just got the homeless guy's statement And you're not even listening.
I'm thinking.
I mean, Sevvy went to all the trouble of using Gabe to get rid of evidence.
Why would he just toss his bloody jacket - on the side of the road? - I don't know.
In the heat of the moment, sometimes people panic.
I know.
I know.
And if killers never made mistakes, we'd never catch them.
It's just sometimes when things seem too good to be true They really are.
[SIGHS] I need to talk to you.
I know.
Last night, I had, uh I had a bit too much to drink.
PD found a homeless man wearing a jacket that might belong to Johnson.
It has blood on it.
Well, if it is what it seems, that could be the evidence version of manna from heaven.
Maybe it's all the crap Wolf's been pulling.
I don't know, but something about it doesn't feel right.
I want to sit on the jacket until we get forensics back.
That's a dangerous strategy.
If the defense finds out, they'll haul us into court screaming about discovery violations.
But if it's not what it appears to be, then we're handing them reasonable doubt.
I'm not saying bury it forever.
I just want to know what we're dealing with.
I've got your back.
- Look, Maya - I got to go.
Johnson's new lawyer requested a meeting.
Know your enemy, right? [DOOR OPENS] [GLASS CLINKS] [HELICOPTER BLADES WHIRRING] WOMAN: Lindsay Meyer, sister of Jessica Meyer, held Johnson at gunpoint inside the mega-star's home early this morning.
Lindsay Meyer was disarmed by private security, and Johnson was unharmed.
Arnie, if anyone ever tells you that all publicity is good publicity, tell them they're an idiot.
- Hello, you.
What the hell is going on, Wolf? You have to be a little more specific.
Remember the Wainwright case that I tried against you three years ago? I just got a request for all the files pertaining to it.
They seemed especially interested in your witness list.
Who is "they"? S.
Special Investigations? I need to know if there's anything recent tying me to you.
Anything in the last few weeks.
Phone records, my name on your calendar.
You think I'm a neophyte? It's just a classic fishing expedition.
There's nothing to worry about.
I'll be in touch.
Don't be.
It's a little frightening how good you are at that.
- What happens now? - If Wolf thinks he's being investigated, he won't know which lie to cover up, so he's gonna scramble.
Commit a bigger sin to cover lesser ones.
And when he does? You'll be there wearing a wire, and I'll get enough evidence to end him.
And when Maya wins the case, you'll take the credit.
Thanks for seeing me.
I should tell you, I'm a big fan.
I never really know how to respond to that.
You're a hero to a lot of people, Maya.
Me included.
I watched the trial eight years ago.
Gavel to gavel.
I'd just hung out my own shingle.
You were a huge inspiration.
Well, now that I'm buttered up, I hope you're not here to discuss a plea deal, because that is never gonna happen.
Oh, no.
I don't want a deal.
We look forward to proving Mr.
Johnson's innocence in court.
Then you're here why? I wanted to make sure we have an open line of communication.
I'm lead on the case now, so any time you need to contact us, it should go through me.
- Good to know.
- And while I'm here, I want to make absolutely sure I've got everything.
Crime scene logs, property and lab reports, witness statements, evidence reports.
You do.
You have everything.
That's that, then.
It's an honor to try a case with you.
Against me.
We're not on the same side.
I'd say we're both on the side of truth.
We just disagree on what that is.
Hmm? It was smart, what you did in Atlanta.
Shoving your way on the case like that.
It was smart and risky.
It worked out.
Wolf lives up to his name, you know.
You give him an opening, and he'll attack.
- Thanks for the advice.
- Mm-hmm.
Johnson's new lawyer's a badass.
Well, it takes one to know one.
She's gonna be tough.
Well, I looked into her records.
She likes an uphill battle.
She wins more than she should, and she likes to dissect every case down to the last molecule.
Another reason why I want to know a lot more about that jacket before I share it with her.
I've been working on that.
This red line represents the search perimeter where our homeless guy claims he found the jacket.
It's hard to believe that all 28 people on the search team missed it.
Yeah, it's also hard to believe that this magical piece of evidence just shows up the day after we lose the bail hearing.
Am I gonna say it, or are you? The jacket was planted.
The question is, by whom? JESSICA: [ECHOING] Hey, babe.
I'm home.
Who the hell are you? Hey, babe.
I'm home.
J-Jess? So, I got a call from my little songbird at the D.
's office.
Seems I'm being investigated.
Something about one of my cases, maybe more than one.
She says S.
wants a list of my witnesses.
Any idea which one of your witnesses might, uh, - get a little shaky under pressure? - Which one? It's charming, the way you manage to find humor in our darkest hours.
All right, so we're gonna have to narrow it down.
Got it.
Any idea where I should start? As a matter of fact, I do.
Maya Travis.
Your little songbird tell you that, too? She didn't have to.
Trust me.
Maya Travis is the one who's behind this.
She threatened as much.
Find out what she's got on me.
But cover your tracks.
This can't come back to us.
Oh, man, you don't need to tell me that after all these years.
Of course not.
I apologize.
I propose a toast, to defeating Maya Travis again.
I'll toast, but I ain't gonna drink.
Not till I get this done.
How is this possible? Don't ask that.
Just be happy.
Didn't you miss me, Sevvy? Of course I did.
It's been hell since you left.
Having you back is all I've been wishing for.
Sometimes wishes come true.
See? I can cover everything up.
[ECHOES] Nobody has to know.
Come here.
Come here.
Feels Feels real.
Maybe I am.
Do you remember the first time we touched? What you said to me? I told you you were so beautiful I was afraid you might break.
And I was naive enough to think that was a compliment.
'Cause you certainly tried to break me.
Didn't you? W-What is this? [ECHOING] It's time to face what you've done.
Why are you doing this? Jess? Forgive me.
Travis? Agent Dunn will see you now.
[BIRDS CRYING] [[DOORKNOB RATTLES] [GLASS SHATTERS] RIV: You don't have pepper? [CHUCKLES] What kind of human being doesn't have pepper? MAYA: Come on! I haven't lived here in eight year.
Well, did you have pepper eight years ago? Or have you always lived like an animal? I've lived like an animal rigt up until I met you and you civilized m.
Thank God for you.
CJ: Hey, what's going on? I did something, and I need you to hear it from me first.
I transferred the jacket to the FBI.
Maya, why didn't you come to me? I didn't want the repercussions to fall on anybody but me.
And you can't trust LAPD lab because? The results from the jacket need to be unassailable.
You think a cop planted the jacket.
I don't know if it was a cop or somebody else or Sevvy Johnson in a panic after he killed Jessica.
Wiest is gonna go nuclear when he hears this.
So is the LAPD.
Like it or not, you just started a war.
MAYA: Thank you, Agent Dunn.
I'll need those results as soon as possible.
Yeah, I'll check in later.
Thank you.
- Anything new? - Nope.
You know, I was thinking, if the jacket comes through, that could be enough to get bail revoked at the preliminary hearing.
Fingers crossed.
Jess? Jess, please, forgive me.
You think you deserve that? Forgiveness? Look, it wasn't me that hit you.
I mean, not really.
I-I I didn't mean to hurt you, honestly.
There's hurt inside me, and it just comes out.
I mean, it was so hard for me, growing up Here he goes again with another sob story, another excuse.
No, it's not an excuse.
It was my life.
You tell lies like other people breathe.
So, how many of the stories are true, Sevvy, huh? All of them.
They're all true.
They're all true.
All of them.
They're all true.
Are you sure about that? You lie for a living.
You lie to cover up the darkness, - and then you lie to yourself.
- Stop.
- Don't do this.
- You couldn't even confess to my sister because you don't even know if you killed me.
Do you? I I don't know.
I don't know.
I don't know what I've done.
I don't even know what I've done.
ANGELA: Be 8:00 a.
to 10:00 a.
Ah, I thought you were taking a "me" day.
Uh, Me Day got cut short.
Anything I should worry about? All you need to worry about is our client.
How's he doing? Probably sleeping off a hard night.
I mean, he has to be completely wrung out.
And you haven't checked up on him? I can do him the most good by working his case.
Uh, okay.
You wanted to call the shots, now you're calling 'em.
Hope that works out for you.
Charlie? I got your text, and I moved all our encrypted files here.
Anybody call for me? D.
's office, LAPD? Neither.
Should I be getting outside counsel? I am all the counsel you need right now.
And I'm counseling you to stay calm.
Calm is what I do best.
Keep me in the loop.
[BEEPS] I bailed on a stakeout for this.
It better be important.
It is.
Thank you for coming.
Have they, uh, lightened your caseload at all? No.
In fact, I'm working three homicides now.
It's good to see you, Carisa.
It's good to see you, too.
- Nice haircut.
- [CHUCKLES] Look, if this is about the visitation schedule No, it it has nothing to do with Jordan.
This is about work.
I have a really big favor to ask.
Hey, Riv, I saw you called.
What's going on? RIV: Our friend was watching the house.
That's what's going on.
You're breaking up.
[STATIC, CUTTING OUT] Just get home.
I'll show you what I found.
- Do you have your gun? - [PHONE BEEPS] Riv? Hello? [METAL CLANGS] [DOOR CLOSES IN DISTANCE] [EXHALES SHARPLY] Riv? Hey, I was just grabbing some of your things.
I want you to stay in a hotel for a couple of nights.
Wait, slow down.
Tell me what's going on.
I found his hideout.
He watches you from the empty house next door.
- Oh, my God.
- I called Detective Reed, and they're on it, but, honey, I just - I just want you to get out of here.
- What about you? - I'm gonna stick around.
- No, absolutely not.
- Just to keep an eye on things.
- No, no.
You're coming with me.
- No, the hell with him.
- He broke into my car and stole my gun.
I've already reported it.
I know you, Riv.
I know what you're thinking, but you can't take this into your own hands.
It's too dangerous.
I need to know you're safe.
Me and you in a hotel? Could be worse.
Thank you.
I have to go back into the office.
Really? Now? Yeah, I'll meet you at the hotel.
All right.
I'm gonna walk you out.
Tailed Maya Travis this morning.
She met with the FBI.
Well, she's not playing.
This could be it.
I actually could be going down.
Look, man.
Once upon a time, you kept my entire life from going to hell because of some youthful indiscretions.
So, look, I ain't about to let you wind up in the same spot because you pulled some of your crap and Maya Travis found out about it.
You're playing a little fast and loose with the term "youthful," don't you think? [CHUCKLES] - Man, I got to go.
- Oh, where you got to go? [GROANS] Same as always.
To protect your sorry ass.
You know you love it.
Well, pay's steady.
And it's never dull.
I love you.
I tried, but it's just been so hard.
I feel like I've lost everything.
[ECHOING] I know, baby.
I'm here.
I'm so sorry.
I tried, babe.
If you were sorry, you would've let my sister kill you.
[GASPS] Get out of my head! [LINE RINGING] Good evening, Wolf and Associates.
I need to speak to Angela.
- I'm sorry.
- It's important! I'm sorry.
She's not in the office.
I'll transfer you to voicemail.
[PHONE BEEPING] [DIALING] Ezra, it's me.
You know that rope you were talking about? [ELEVATOR BELL DINGS] Late night, Ms.
Travis? Looks like it.
[SIGHS] What the hell's wrong with you? I did what I thought was right.
You thought it was right to transfer a key piece of evidence in the most high-profile case in the country to the FBI lab without my approval? I didn't have a choice.
I knew you'd only care about the politics.
You bet your ass I care about the politics.
What you did, Maya, sends a message that we don't trust the LAPD.
That hurts this case.
That hurts every case in the office.
I'm trying to protect this case.
So, what? Johnson's innocent? He's being framed by the LAPD? Johnson killed Jessica, but do I think it's possible that somebody from the LAPD planted the jacket to make sure he goes down this time? You're damn right I do.
This coat is either the nail in Sevvy Johnson's coffin or his door to freedom, and I need to figure out which one it is.
It was insubordinate.
It was short-sighted.
But what do you care? You're just hell-bent on your own redemption.
How dare you? I have given everything I have to this case.
Do you think I want to be here? I had a life, and it's falling apart.
Okay, whatever's going on in here, it needs to stop.
Now, I was thinking, why would a cop want to plant evidence against Sevvy Johnson Oh, good.
You're in on this, too.
So I got a list of uniforms who worked the case eight years ago.
One name stood out.
Detective North.
That's Gabe Johnson, and that's Sunny Johnson.
North responded to the murder at Cassandra and Nancy's house.
He got the kids out of the house so they couldn't see the slaughter and stayed with them until the family came.
Three weeks ago, North was the first detective at Jessica's crime scene.
It just seems pretty convenient that the day after we lose the bail hearing, North presents us with this amazing piece of evidence.
Damn it.
I hate being right about this.
Sevvy? Sevvy? Sevvy, where are you? [SEVVY WHIMPERING] Sevvy! Sevvy! Hey.
Hey, you okay? Hey, talk to me.
What happened? I can't do I can't do it on my own.
I'm not going anywhere.
I'm right here.
I spoke with the Chief of Police a few minutes ago.
He's pissed.
But he's gonna send over Detective North's internal file.
[SIGHS] I love this view.
It's half the reason I want this office.
Well, enjoy it while you can, 'cause neither of us might be here for long.
I see you're getting closer with Maya.
You still prepared to let her take the fall if this thing blows up in our faces? I have no idea what you're talking about.
But after what she did today she's on her own.
Mmm! Fireballs, as we've got something to celebrate! Oh, what are we celebrating? Here you go, North.
Oh, thank you very much.
Julianne Johnson's alibi - checks out.
- Mm.
Another defense fall guy bites the dust.
To putting Sevvy Johnson away.
Ah, next round's on me.
Drinks are on us tonight.
Ooh, ooh, ooh.
This city is bad for my liver.
Don't blame the city.
Blame Sevvy Johnson.
I do blame him.
I blame him for a lot.
Yeah, you know, when the call went out about his girlfriend's body being found, I just knew that son of a bitch did it again.
- Mnh-mnh-mnh.
- But you found the jacket, so you are MVP of the week.
You think that the blood will really turn out to be Jessica Meyer's, though? If wishing made it so.
But wishing doesn't always get it done, now, does it? Not yet.
[CHUCKLES] Well, I believe that we will prove the jacket was his and bye, bye, Sevvy.
He needs to go down.
He needs to go so down.
He needs to go down.
- Way down! - Mm! You catching this case is the luckiest break we've gotten.
Wasn't luck.
No, call came in, I threw some elbows, kissed some butts, took the case right out of rotation.
But it's gonna be worth it to see Sevvy's face when the jury says "guilty.
" Oh, no way was I gonna miss that.
I will drink to that just as soon as we get some - I will take this one.
- Captain, this is yours, sir.
Thank you.
I think.
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.
Go Go hard Go hard or go home.