The Fix (2019) s01e08 Episode Script

Queen for a Day

1 MAYA: Eight years ago, I was lead prosecutor on a murder trial that divided the country.
When the jury found movie star Sevvy Johnson not guilty of double homicide, I was devastated.
You did everything you could, Maya.
I left that life and everyone in it behind.
But then the unthinkable happened.
He killed again.
MATTHEW: You have to come back, Maya.
This time, we're gonna get him.
Wearing a jacket with dried blood spatter on it.
Now, this photo was taken two weeks before Jessica's murder.
You think a cop planted the jacket? You found the jacket, so you are MVP of the week.
He needs to go down.
Tell your bosses that all my debts will be paid in [GROANING.]
Next time, it'll be the face.
The stalker watches you from the empty house next door.
Listen to this This is over, you sick son of a bitch.
They seemed especially interested in your witness list.
- Who is "they"? - S.
If Wolf thinks he's being investigated, he's gonna scramble.
Any idea where I should start? Maya Travis.
Find out what she's got on me.
We'll talk to the neighbors Please tell me you found something.
So far all we have is Buck Neal's body.
She has a stalker.
It has to be him.
And you're sure you didn't see anybody else around - when you found the body? - Nobody.
Whoever did this, we'll find him.
Well, what should Maya do until then? - She's obviously in danger.
- I agree, so I'm sticking a uniform on her until we catch him.
- Thank you.
I appreciate that.
- Great.
I'll show you where he put the bug in the house.
That's good.
God, Riv, if you'd been in the house and not Buck I wasn't.
Hey, I'm fine.
Hey! MAYA: You want to explain this? What the hell was your investigator doing in my house? Maybe you should stop pointing fingers.
- A man is dead.
- Because you sent him here.
I had nothing to do with this.
Buck was not well.
He was acting erratic.
You're lying as usual.
You're unbelievable.
How was he killed? He was garroted with a wire.
I'm sorry.
Hold on! Hold on! Hold on! [QUIETLY.]
Oh, my God.
Sir! You cannot touch the body.
Get your hands off of me! [BAG ZIPS.]
Thanks, Evan.
I'm good from here.
You have my number, Ms.
Just give me a heads-up when you're ready to leave.
Maya, you're here.
- I'm here.
- I heard what happened.
I can't believe this, on top of everything.
- I just - What? I wish you'd told me you were being stalked.
I should have.
Listen, about going into the FBI Any other day, I'd be furious.
Today, I'm just I'm just glad you're okay.
If you need to take some time No, no.
I've got protection.
Besides, work will help me get through this.
Ezra, I'm so sorry.
Tough break.
I'm gonna need you to round up résumés for a new P.
And look for a good funeral home.
Not in the valley.
Spare no expense.
Sevvy already called, offered to pay.
He said that that's the least he can do since Buck saved his life.
He's right.
It is.
What? There's someone in your office.
I told him to wait, but Thanks.
You took time out of your busy day for me? I wanted you to feel special.
Yeah, I know.
I'm a I'm a smidge late on my payment this week.
Two days late, Wolf.
Meaning the fifty-K that you owe this week just turned into 75.
With interest.
Look, my investigator, uh, just got himself murdered, and I had to pay for the funeral costs.
It's - I'm so sorry to hear about that.
- Thanks.
But that doesn't change a thing.
By tonight.
Or it becomes a funeral for two.
Later, Wolf.
Welcome back.
You heard the news, right? - They found Buck Neal's body.
- Yeah.
In Maya's house.
This is our fault, Alan Whoa, whoa.
Slow your roll.
Our fault? You know Wolf sent Buck there because I convinced him S.
was launching an investigation into him.
We lied.
And now a man is dead.
It is horrible what happened, but nobody asked him to break the law, okay? He got himself killed.
You're really justifying this? No.
I'm moving on.
Go back to work and forget about Project Wolf for now.
FBI verified Sevvy's DNA is on the jacket's collar and sleeves.
It's definitely his.
- What about the blood? - Confirmed as Jessica Meyer's.
Sorry I'm late.
MAYA: Just glad you're back.
How are you feeling? Antibiotics are a damn miracle.
- I feel much better.
- Good.
Then you can check in with our blood-spatter guy.
See if the pattern's consistent with Johnson wearing the jacket during the murder.
Or if it looks like the blood was put there later, right? You catch up quick.
We really think Detective North did this? We all want to be wrong, but I just got his personnel file.
He took a psych leave after we lost the trials.
Seems it really messed him up.
And if he did plant the jacket, what's our play? There is no play.
The jury will think the LAPD tried to frame Sevvy.
Then all of our evidence will be tainted.
We'll go into court with a case we can't win.
But Wiest will dismiss the case before he lets that happen.
It just sucks to say it out loud.
If only we could figure out where the hell the jacket came from.
I think I might have a way we can get - more information on the jacket.
- What's that? Let's see if Sevvy Johnson wants to play "Queen for a Day.
" - Queen for a Day? - [CHUCKLES.]
Hell no.
What is that? It's an information-gathering device.
Let's you talk to the prosecutors off the record.
Nothing you say can be used against you.
Basically, Maya wants to ask you about this jacket.
Well, what the hell can I tell her? And I didn't toss any bloody jacket.
Of course you didn't.
And Maya knows - that you wouldn't admit it if you did.
- ANGELA: Look.
Clearly there's something about that jacket they can't figure out, and they want you to narrow down the possibilities.
Forget it.
Let her twist in the damn wind.
You tell her the answer is no.
I agree.
It's too risky.
I'll call and let her know.
I'll do it.
Weren't you listening? Georgia and I actually agree on something.
You're not doing it.
Listen, this is my only chance to convince Maya Travis once and for all - that I'm innocent.
- Which you'll never do.
Says you.
But you're not in charge.
- Then listen to me - And you're not either.
I am.
Tell Travis I'll play "King for a Day.
Livin' in the Matrix I'll be more than famous My come up is dangerous I'm going through the phases Livin' in the Matrix How will I escape? Swear this ain't real But I still have my faith I need a chance at real li-i-ife Said I want a chance at real li-i-ife [ELEVATOR BELL DINGS.]
Okay, Ms.
Ask away.
- First off, we set parameters.
- Agreed.
We're here to talk about the jacket, and nothing else.
If you start fishing, we walk.
Let's talk about that jacket.
Lab results showed your DNA and Jessica's blood were on it.
When was the last time you wore it, Mr.
Johnson? [SIGHS.]
My stylist sends me stuff.
I put it on.
I have no idea when I wore it.
Let me jog your memory.
Here's a picture of you wearing it a month ago.
EZRA: So he forgot his sartorial choices last month.
Is Is this going somewhere? Yes.
I want to understand why the jacket was found off of PCH, right between the site of Jessica's murder and your home, Mr.
Someone else must have put it there because I didn't kill Jessica.
Sevvy, that was not the question.
And even if I had, do you think I'd really be stupid enough to leave it on the side of the road? If you panicked.
Isn't that what happened eight years ago when you dropped the murder weapon in a storm drain - outside of Cassandra's house? - Enough.
You are way out of bounds.
- Your client opened the door.
- And I'm slamming it shut.
You broke the rules.
Queen for a Day just became Queen for 60 seconds.
We're done here.
- No.
- No? What do you mean, no? You two.
I came here to talk to Maya Travis, and I'm not done yet.
Can't believe you're going at North.
- I never said I was going after North.
- Come on, Carisa.
You and Maya bought him five rounds last night.
I know that trick.
You were pumping him.
But I'm telling you, he ain't your guy.
James, I know he's a buddy of yours, but you've How the hell would he even get a bloody jacket? [CHUCKLES.]
It makes no sense.
He was at Jessica's autopsy.
He had access to her blood, and he could have gotten one of Sevvy's jackets when he searched the house.
Think about what you are doing.
You're gonna burn 15 years of good will with the LAPD? Oh, that's what you care about now? My career? I may not want to live with you, but I don't want to see you go down in flames.
And you will, because you are wrong.
MAYA: Are you sure you want to do this? SEVVY: I've got nothing to hide.
I'm telling you.
I didn't kill her.
Then why was Jessica's blood on the jacket? Did you hit her the last time you wore it? No.
It's not possible.
Come on.
I've seen what you've done to her.
That was the old me.
I changed.
I hate the way I treated Jessica, so I went on an intensive therapy retreat in Ibiza.
That sounds more like a vacation.
It wasn't a bloody vacation! It was the hardest thing I'd ever done in my life.
To look at myself faults, my flaws but I saw where my anger was coming from.
And Jess was right there.
Jessica helped me put it under control.
For how long? Until the next time you got jealous or had too much to drink? I never touched her after that trip, I swear.
Have you ever really been in love, Maya? It doesn't matter.
This is about you, Mr.
It does matter! Because if you had, you'd understand.
I would have done anything for Jessica.
This is unbelievable.
This is Sevvy Johnson.
To a "T.
" You have to learn how to expect the unexpected.
I want some friendly camera time when we get back to the office.
Promise them something juicy.
Excuse me.
I have to use the facilities.
- You sent your guy to Maya's house? - Really? - I didn't send him anywhere.
I need information.
Who else is S.
talking to? I told you everything I know.
And haven't you ever heard it's not the crime, it's the cover-up? Don't dig yourself any deeper.
I get it.
You're upset because you lost last time.
You blame yourself, and now you just want to make up for it.
But you can't do that by putting an innocent man in jail.
If I want therapy, I'll take my own trip to Ibiza, thanks.
So if you've got nothing else to tell me about the jacket Listen, I remember this day.
This photo was taken after I did work on myself, so I know I didn't touch her.
I put that jacket back in the closet without a spot on it, which means someone else put her blood on it.
Who? Why? Listen, I don't know! That's why I'm here.
'Cause the only one who can help me right now is you.
Thank you for your time, Mr.
That was one hell of a show.
We need to get Detective North here.
Tell me you didn't buy Johnson's "Ibiza cure" story.
I still think he killed her, but as for the jacket, I actually believe him.
Ladies and gentlemen, hell has frozen over.
Even the D.
's office now believes the LAPD is attempting to frame my client.
They brought in the FBI to investigate a key piece of evidence that was clearly planted.
Which means the entire case every piece of evidence brought in by the LAPD is tainted and unreliable.
Can you name the officers involved? Not at this time, but we're moving forward - with our investigation.
- Please stop.
I have something I want to say.
- Sevvy, maybe - [QUIETLY.]
No, it's okay.
You love the drama, don't you? Lawyers versus lawyers.
Well, I don't give a damn about any of that.
'Cause the woman I love was murdered.
And I seem to be the only one who's trying to find the person that actually killed her, which is why I'm selling my Malibu home to put up as a reward.
If anyone comes forward with information leading to Jessica's real killer, I'm willing to offer $18 million to bring that person to justice.
Please, help me find who killed my love.
And how do you intend to verify the claim? REPORTER: Is the D.
's office aware of your offer? [INDISTINCT SHOUTING.]
NEWS ANCHOR: Thanks, Robbie.
Our big story this hour Sevvy Johnson's emotional appeal has people seeing green.
The former mega-movie-star promised an $18 million reward to anyone who has information leading to the arrest - [LOUD KNOCKING.]
- of his late girlfriend, Jessica Meyer's [TELEVISION TURNS OFF, BIRDS CHIRPING.]
- Gabe, are you okay? - I needed to see you.
I've been sitting in that motel room alone for days, and I-I can't - Come inside.
- I can't take any more.
How can you stand it?! After all the years you've spent defending him, he's gonna accuse you of killing Jessica? You're right.
I spent decades defending that man.
But I'm done! He never deserved you.
Now he wants the whole world to think he's some hero? 'Cause he's out there searching for Jessica's killer when we know I know what he did, and he's never gonna pay for it! He will pay.
His time is coming, but you have to pull it together.
Sevvy has all of the power.
He's a murderer, and he's out there.
He's just living his life! But I got to hide away? He does not have all the power.
You, Gabe you have the power.
What you know, what you saw in that bag that's what's gonna put him away.
But you cannot fall apart.
Not now.
Don't let him take any more from you than he already has.
Forget the motel.
Stay here with me.
We're in this together.
That's progress.
One man's progress is another man's pain in the ass.
Look, this stunt is foolish.
This stunt is gonna help us find the real killer.
No, it's going to bring out the crazies and bury us in dead-end leads.
- The keys you asked for.
- Thank you.
- Oh, no, no, no, no.
We need to shut this down.
Georgia, you're gonna have to learn how to roll with the punches.
- But - Whoa, whoa, whoa.
You're leaving now? Just got to take care of one thing.
If one of those crazies comes through, you make sure you give me a call.
Thanks for coming in.
I'd like to know why you sent that jacket to the FBI.
Well, that's a key piece of evidence.
It needed to be unassailable.
Mm-hmm, whatever.
We just want to ask you a couple questions.
About what? I filed a full report.
You found the jacket on Monday morning, right? Yep.
Got that call from that uni, Officer Sloan.
Did anybody go out to the scene with you? Nope.
Went solo.
Met Sloan just after they finished their encampment sweeps.
- Had you worked with him before? - Never.
What about the homeless guy who found the jacket? You ever dealt with him before? Nope.
Haven't done sweeps since I was a uni.
Good to know.
So you were on the scene of Cassandra and Nancy's murder nine years ago? Yeah, I was one of the first on the scene.
Had to get those kids out of there.
- It was rough.
- I can imagine.
Is that why you took a four-month psych leave after the verdict? Now hold up.
- I'm just trying to understand.
- No, no.
It feels like you're trying to trap me here.
- Nobody's trying to trap you.
- Screw you, okay? You want to talk to me again? Call my union rep.
Thank you, old friend.
Charlie? Get me Nemo.
You know what? Scratch that.
Get me the sports book at the Bellagio.
- Thanks for coming in.
- Any leads on the stalker? Not yet, but we've decided to widen the scope of the investigation.
MAYA: Meaning? Things may take longer than we thought.
- Well, how much longer are we talking? - Well, it's hard to say.
It seems Ms.
Travis has a lot of enemies, and we don't want to eliminate other possible suspects.
You found the body, right? May need to talk to you more about that.
You can't be insinuating that he Oh, just exploring all possibilities.
Wouldn't want to falsely accuse anyone of anything, right? This is payback.
You're slow-walking my case because I'm looking into Detective North.
Are you kidding me? - Oh, you can't pull this.
- Oh, and, unfortunately, we can't afford to keep the uniform on protection detail anymore either.
Sorry about that.
I'll let you know if we make any progress.
Until then, you're on your own.
- Thanks for meeting me.
- Sure.
What's up? So, LAPD is stalling the investigation into Maya's stalker.
- Cause you guys - Are investigating into North.
Years of leaving gifts at her doorstep, bugging the house.
He just murdered a man in Maya's living room for God's sake, and the police could give a damn! Wait, wait, wait.
He bugged the house? What? You didn't know that? No, Maya's not big on sharing.
What do you want me to do? You know people.
Call in a favor, pull a string.
I don't care.
Just do whatever you have to do to get LAPD back on track.
The politics right now are touchy.
If it weren't for you, Maya would be up in Washington right now, safe.
I know you care about her, so just help her.
You owe her that much.
Did you hear back from the blood-spatter guy? [KEYS CLACKING.]
Loni? Did you know that Buck Neal was a foster kid? He grew up in Alabama.
You know this is urgent, right? The analyst isn't available until tomorrow.
And you didn't bother to find another one? You say you're a great lawyer, better than me, that I need to utilize my team.
And then you disappear at the most crucial time.
I need the Loni that busted my chops when I first got here.
Where the hell is she? There's something I need to tell you.
First and 10, here we go.
This guy, hey Watch the running back.
There he goes.
There he goes! There he goes! There he There it is! [SHOUTING, CHEERING.]
- Let's break it down.
- Come on, boy! That's right.
They're gonna throw backside.
Here we go.
Wolfie! What's up, brother? - Hey.
- Hey, man.
Come watch the game with us.
Uh, you should have called ahead.
I would have ordered pizza.
Ah, don't worry about it.
We, uh We helped ourselves.
Hey, man.
Have a seat.
So it seems you misunderstood me this morning.
What? Our payment plan was made in good faith, based on mutual respect.
But my buddy here told me that you placed a bet on this game at the Bellagio.
Now, that's just disrespectful.
No, no, no.
No disrespect intended, Nemo.
I mean, don't worry.
I got you covered.
When this game goes my way, I'll pay you back in full.
No more installments, no more delays.
I win, we all win.
Why don't you kick back, homey? Let's watch it together.
You better hope they win.
ANNOUNCER: 50 down the right sideline.
At the 40, at the 30 Oh! [INSECTS CHIRPING.]
Gabe? What are you doing? I need to talk to Maya Travis.
Anything you have to say can wait till the morning.
No, it can't.
Ezra Wolf is saying that the LAPD planted a bloody jacket.
And if they can prove that, all the rest of the evidence that the cops collected is gonna get thrown out.
Sevvy's gonna go free.
That won't happen.
How do you know that? Everything's going wrong.
I need to tell Maya.
And tell her what? That I planted the jacket.
Did you? No, but what does that matter? I'll say I took it out of the trash after one of Sevvy and Jessica's fights, I held onto it, and after the bail hearing, I threw it on the side of the road.
Gabe, you're upset.
I get that, but you can't just - I got to go.
- Wait.
I understand the pain you're feeling.
I understand the desperation.
I feel it, too.
But you cannot do this.
You cannot lie.
Not about this.
I have to do something.
You just have to stay with me.
That's all.
Just stay [DOOR OPENS.]
I just wanted you to know I'm working on getting you security.
You know, it took everything I had to get on the plane to come back down here, dive back into this nightmare.
The only thing that made it bearable was knowing you'd be by my side, on my side.
I am on your side.
You're a liar.
Maya, what are you talking about? Loni told me everything how you found out she was the mole, how you chose not to share that with me.
I was trying to protect you and protect the case.
Don't make this worse by patronizing me.
What would you have done if I'd have told you? You'd have raised holy hell to get her fired.
And you think that wouldn't have leaked? I kept it quiet, and I'd do the same thing again.
Every day, I have been working with somebody who betrayed me.
Loni regrets what she Not Loni.
I trusted you.
Clearly, I shouldn't have.
- Maya.
- Don't.
I would have told you when the time was right.
I swear to you.
I don't believe a word you say.
Not anymore.
Hey, Vince.
What are you doing here, James? Sorry about this, but there's somebody who needs to talk to you.
You brought her to my house?! I am trying to help you.
I know I'm not your favorite person right now - You're damn right.
- No, just give me five minutes, and maybe we can end this here.
I'm not the enemy.
Matthew lied to me.
Well, I have a hard time believing that that's true.
Loni's the mole.
Not the janitor.
And Matthew covered it up.
- Wow.
- I feel like such an idiot.
I-I believed it.
We all did.
Apparently Wiest figured it out.
Why did I come here? My life was good, and now everything is falling apart.
I can't trust anybody.
Well, would it help if I told you that North didn't plant the jacket? It might.
Are you sure? The coroner started the autopsy early, finished before North even got there, and signed North's name to the report without thinking anyone would know the difference.
So North never even had access to Jessica's blood.
I accused a good cop of being a bad cop, and I pissed off the LAPD for no reason.
So, not making things better.
Thanks for trying.
I still think that jacket was planted, CJ.
When it showed up, where it showed up, the pattern of the blood something about it just is not right.
Where does that leave us? With a question if North didn't plant the jacket, who did? - If I can't answer that - No.
Don't go there.
We will find the answer.
We're not gonna let this case fall apart.
We got this.
I bet you're a great mom.
Honey, I am the best.
Uh, being a wife well, that's a whole nother story.
And for the record, you can always trust me.
Thank you.
SEVVY: Nap time's over.
I got 50 tips that need following up.
I find everything is always so much clearer after Savasana.
What's clear is your ass should be out there.
Here's the thing.
I like to win - [FOLDER THUDS.]
- and this case isn't a winner.
And it could have been.
When I walked up the steps of that plane in Atlanta, it was.
There's just one problem.
- SEVVY: Yeah? What's that? - And it can't be overcome - you.
- Me? - Yeah.
In retrospect, winning that bail hearing was the worst thing I could have done.
If you'd been in jail, you wouldn't have been able to screw things up so badly.
You know what? I've already got one controlling lawyer.
I don't need two.
No, you don't.
That's why I'm leaving.
Just remember, when you're sitting in prison for the rest of your life, I could have won this for you.
But your narcissism, - your ego - My love.
I loved her.
And I'll find who the real killer is, and I'll prove I'm innocent.
Take it from somebody who works with death row inmates.
Innocent people go to jail all the time.
Where the hell's Ezra? I don't know.
I'm worried about him.
He always answers when I call.
NEMO: There you go! Stop, stop! Look, I'll give you whatever you want.
Just no more, no more! [SHOUTS.]
- All right.
Get him out.
Get him out.
- Relax, bro.
I'm not gonna kill you.
- Dead men can't pay.
I'll get you whatever you want.
I-I-I promise you.
I'll get whatever you want.
Wait! No! No, no! What are you guys doing?! No! No! No! No! No, please! Please! Nemo, no, no, no! No, come on.
What are you doing? What are you doing? No, no, no.
- Nemo, come on.
No, please! - Come on, Wolf.
You know I can't go back to the boss empty-handed.
Please, [STAMMERS.]
I'll get my assistant.
She'll wire you whatever you need.
No, no, no.
No, please.
- Oh, yeah.
- No, don't Come on, Nemo.
- Please.
- No more talking.
- No, come on.
No, no! - Hold him down! - [GRUNTING.]
- Hold him! - [FLESH SQUELCHES.]
I'll give you anything you want.
Anything you want.
You know what we want.
You just didn't want to give it.
- No, no, no.
Please, stop, stop.
- Now you have a few reasons not to make the same mistake.
Hold him.
No, no! What the hell's going on up here? [EZRA SOBBING.]
- Get off of him! - Your friend has a debt to pay.
Whatever he owes you, I'll cover it, okay?! Don't make promises you can't keep.
I don't.
You'll get your money.
Just don't ever show your face around here again.
Get the hell out of here.
Hey, let's go.
Hey, hey, hey, hey.
Take it easy.
It's all right.
Listen, Wolf.
MAYA: Wiest won't let us take a high-profile case to trial unless it's ironclad, and we can't count on Matthew to back us up.
At least we know what we're up against.
Julianne? Maya, I was hoping we could talk.
I'll wait for you.
I'll walk you down later.
Why don't you come with me? JULIANNE: I'd like to pose a hypothetical.
- Okay.
- If a person came forward and said they put the jacket by the road near the homeless encampment, what would happen to that person? - Depends.
- On what? Why they did it, for one.
Say they did it because, after the bail hearing, they saw your case falling apart.
So they were just trying to help? They didn't want Sevvy to go free, not after everything he's done.
I would need to know how this hypothetical person came to get a jacket with Jessica's blood on it.
Tell me what would happen, and I might be able to answer that.
I could make a deal in exchange for testimony under oath.
No jail.
Community service, as much as you want.
That's my condition.
Jessica brought the jacket to me a few weeks before she died.
She said she wanted me to have evidence that he was beating her, in case something happened.
A few weeks? Are you sure? He said the beatings stopped way before that.
And you believed him? Look who fell for the movie-star charm.
Why didn't you turn the jacket in when Jessica was found dead? He's the father of my children.
Jessica was dead.
I couldn't help her anymore.
So this has nothing to do with him letting Wolf try and pin the murder on you? I'm just trying to do the right thing.
You'll say all of this on the witness stand? I will put my hand on the Bible and swear before God to every word.
Have this.
It'll help.
Look, Carys is on the way as a favor to me.
She wanted you to be clear on that.
Come on, man.
It's only one toe.
You'll be fine.
He was my friend.
Buck was my only friend.
You're a son of a bitch, Wolf.
But you're a survivor.
We both are.
You and I one way or another, we're gonna get through this.
Have you seen CJ? Um I think she left a few minutes ago.
If you want, I'd be happy to walk you down.
All right.
I heard about what happened this morning.
Yeah, everyone in the office is real worried about you.
Are you sure you don't mind? - Yeah, no problem at all.
Thanks, Leo.
How long have you been here? A couple hours.
I was in meetings in City Hall.
You could have called.
Loni? I quit.
- Don't be rash.
- You are done telling me how to be.
You, Matthew, Wolf all of you.
You treat me like a pawn.
"Do this, Loni.
Do that.
" Screw you all.
And, by the way Maya knows everything.
It's a bug.
I thought it was Wolf's, and I didn't know about the stalker.
- If I had - You still would have lied, just not enough to get her killed? - [SIGH.]
I deserve that.
- Yeah.
Where'd you find this? In the War Room.
When Riv told me about the bug at Maya's house, I got it back from I.
I thought you'd want to see it.
It's the same kind.
If this was in the War Room, then that means the stalker has security clearance.
It's someone in the building.
I got to find Maya.
Thanks again for doing this, Leo.
I can't let anything happen to you.
You've got an important job to do.
After what happened, you're not staying at home? No.
No, we're in a hotel.
- Okay, good.
That's good.
- Yeah.
Well, you have a great night, and thank you.
Which hotel is it? If you want, I could follow you, you know, for safety.
That's okay.
Riv's waiting for me.
Least your case just got a whole lot easier now, right? With Wolf's guy out of the way? Yeah, maybe.
Look, I better get going.
- Thanks again.
I'll see you tomorrow, Leo.
I think I said too much.