The Flash (2014) s01e12 Episode Script

Crazy for You

My name is Barry Allen, and I am the fastest man alive.
When I was a child, I saw my mother killed - by something impossible.
- Run, Barry, run! My father went to prison for her murder.
Then an accident made me the impossible.
To the outside world, I'm an ordinary forensics scientist, but secretly, I use my speed to fight crime and find others like me.
And one day, I'll find - who killed my mother - Mom! And get justice for my father.
I am The Flash.
Previously on The Flash Cisco, if you don't seal off the blast, everyone in this building will die, including Caitlin.
Don't look for me again.
Ronnie's alive, and he's out there, alone and scared.
Hartley Rathaway possesses one of the finest scientific minds I've ever encountered.
I can't imagine how you're gonna feel when you open up these doors and let me out of here.
Why would I ever do that? Because I know where Ronnie Raymond is.
Honey Honey Dana.
Oh, God.
Someone! - Help! - Please, help us! See if you can get the power of that line shut down.
You guys lay down the hose line.
- Please help! - Help us! Help us! Hold on! Stay here, all right? I gotcha.
Dana! How did I love you.
Thank you, Flash.
That was insane.
I mean, even I'm having a hard time getting mad at you for dirtying up my suit.
Okay, when are we going to start considering it my suit? I'd be comfortable calling it our suit.
"Our suit.
" Tonight was the fastest you've ever run.
Yes, your training is paying off.
That couple is alive tonight because of you.
I can still get faster.
I know I can.
And you will one day, I'm sure.
But for today, I'd say you've fulfilled your save quota.
Proper rest is what you need, as do we all.
Better yet, what we all need is a proper drink.
Who's up for a round? Oh, dude, it's It's movie night with Joe.
I can't.
But I'll see you guys tomorrow, all right? - Bye.
- Night.
What about you? Drinks on me? I think I'll pass.
You okay? I was looking for my tablet at your work station, and I found this.
I can explain.
I know you said we should stop looking for Ronnie, so I didn't stop looking for Ronnie.
Why? Hartley.
He said he knew what happened to Ronnie.
Oh, Hartley Rathaway, who is currently locked up in our super-villain basement jail for going psycho with sound waves? Yeah.
He's made some poor choices.
There's no argument there.
But I looked into what he was saying and Cisco.
Ronnie's gone, and it's time for me to move on with my life.
Doesn't seem like it.
What's that supposed to mean? Look, I'm not an expert on love, but I think in order to move on from Ronnie, you actually have to move on.
Hold it right there! Shawna? Hey, there she is! Crazy cool, right? How did you do that? Grab my hand.
How the hell, Shawna? So, you like? Oh, I love.
Whoo! Hey.
The security cameras in half the prison are shut down.
Then Clay Parker, according to this data log, who was still locked in his cell, somehow vanishes.
Not completely.
What's that? It's some kind of organic particulate residual.
I found it on the floor in here, just outside the cell, out in the hallway.
Trail led me all the way outside.
So Word around here is, Parker pulled a Shawshank? Yep, and none of the other prisoners heard or saw anything.
Well, they wouldn't talk to you about it.
Leaves us with not a lot to go on.
Well, if there's anyone who could figure out how Parker got out of here, it's you, Son.
Come on, Allen, let's go.
Duty calls.
So, my dad just happened to come by? The guard owed me a favor.
Thank you.
Thanks for getting me out of that hellhole.
You'd have done the same for me, right? So How the hell did this happen to you? Don't know.
After you got locked up, I started not feeling right.
I was passing out for no reason, waking up in odd places.
It took me a while before I could control it.
Soon as I could I came for you.
What, so you can just jump wherever you want? If I can see where I'm going.
We got a second chance, Clay.
We can leave Central City.
Do Do all the things we talked about.
I can't leave yet, baby.
I owe Marcus a lot of money.
I skip town before paying him back He'll find us.
Hey, but with what you can do, we can pay off that debt.
Then we'll be free, and we can go anywhere in the world.
Not even Barry's cells move this fast.
I've never seen anything like it.
So Clay Parker is a meta-human? Not so fast.
The particulate residue Barry gathered at Iron Heights does contain Clay Parker's DNA, but also DNA of a woman.
Run her DNA against the CCPD criminal database.
See if you get a match.
Her name's Shawna Baez.
Mostly petty crimes, and this girl likes to party, apparently.
Long list of disorderly conducts at local bars.
So I'm guessing we find her, we find Clay Parker.
- Barry? - Yeah.
In the meantime, let's track these particulates and see how they work.
I'll be right with you guys.
I've had the biggest craving for Thai food.
You said you knew what happened to Ronnie and how he was still alive.
And you said Professor Stein was at S.
Labs the night of the explosion.
He was.
Why? The mystery isn't why Stein went to S.
Labs that night.
It's why he didn't leave.
Tell me.
I have to show you.
You are not getting out of this cell.
Fair enough, but I know you, Cisco.
I know how much you looked up to Ronnie.
He was like family.
A family you built for yourself here.
I know how much you want to see that family healed.
Let me help you.
I don't believe you.
Well, I'm telling you the truth, Cisco.
When you are ready, you know where to find me.
What's that smile about? I saw my dad today.
No glass, no phones.
Just me and him, face-to-face.
Joe arranged it.
That must have been amazing, Barry.
I really needed it.
I'm sure he needed it, too.
Were you there investigating the breakout? - Mm-hmm.
- That is a big story.
Which I am not a part of.
My editor wants me writing about The Flash, and only The Flash.
Is that a bad thing? I don't know.
I would just like to be thought of as more than The Flash PR flack.
I mean, if I don't write something soon, I think I might lose my job.
Hey, no.
We will find you a great story to write about.
Okay? You know I'm always here for you.
I know.
Didn't know you enjoyed yourself a little rough trade.
If I'm gonna let you out, I'm not taking any chances.
Curiosity's a maddening thing, is it not? What do you mean you've been asking around? Do you know a Marcus Stockheimer? Sure, he's some mid-level gangster.
Works mainly on the south side.
Word is, Clay Parker was a runner for Marcus.
When Clay got pinched, Marcus lost a lot of money.
Apparently Marcus doesn't like losing money.
So, what? So Parker can't leave Central City until he's paid off his debt? From what I'm told, if you're a member of the Stockheimer crew, you get out, first thing you do is pay him a visit or suffer the consequences.
All right.
No more playing cop.
Promise me.
I hear you.
All right.
You said you were gonna show me what happened to Ronnie.
Ronnie died inside the building.
What are we doing out here? What do you see? I don't know.
Buildings, walls, dirt.
Wells would be so disappointed in your observational skills.
Look again.
It's Japanese.
How can you speak six languages and sound like a dick in every one of them? It means "bomb shadow" They found these all over Hiroshima after the first atomic bomb was dropped.
This shadow belonged to Martin Stein.
The accelerator explosion did this to him? You really don't see it, do you? You're gonna kick yourself when you figure it out.
Oh, man.
You were full of it then, and you're full of it now.
This is just another one of your lame-ass tricks.
Come on.
We're going back into the Pipeline.
Oh! Aah! Aah! You're not the only one who understands vibrations, Hartley.
Those cochlear devises you're wearing? I made a few adjustments.
No, please don't! Aah.
If you know how to find Ronnie, then you better tell me.
Right now.
Please, make it stop.
I'll show you.
I'll show Ah Aah! Try that again, and I won't make it stop.
I'm impressed.
Didn't think you had that in you.
But you have to take these off me if you want to find out the truth.
And why's that? It'll look a little conspicuous where we're going next.
I was analyzing the particulates that Clay Parker and Shawna Baez left behind, and I found something very interesting.
When Clay's cells come into contact with Shawna's, they adopt her properties.
Something bothering you? Why would you ask that? You're doing that biting your lower lip thing that you do when something's bothering you.
I'm fine.
Cisco says I don't have a life.
You don't, do you? I do! I cook and I eat and I read and I help you.
So, what you're saying is, you do everything that has nothing to do with having a life.
You don't have to be rude about it.
Hey, I'm not doing any better than you.
My social life consists of running at superhuman speed and Netflix.
We are quite the pair, Mr.
Yes we are, Dr.
There's an armed robbery in progress.
Two suspects, male and female in their 20s.
Sounds like our meta-human Bonnie and Clyde are at it again.
Time to ruin their social life.
Just a few bags, baby, is enough to pay back Marcus.
These things are heavier than they look.
Oh, I've read about you.
You're The Flash.
I've heard you're real fast.
Let's see if it's true.
Catch me if you can.
I can.
Oh, you gotta be kidding me.
Not too many men can keep up with me.
This is a bullet wound.
You're lucky it just barely broke the skin.
Guess I'm a lot faster than a speeding bullet.
Shawna Baez.
She can teleport.
As in, "Beam me up, Shawna?" Yes, of course.
Quantum entanglement.
The ability to manipulate interconnected particles over an infinite distance.
Or, as Einstein put it, "spooky action at a distance.
" Every time I got close, she'd disappear.
It was like we were playing a game of Peek-a-boo.
Come on.
Can't I name one? How am I supposed to catch her if I don't know where she's gonna be? Everybody has limits, Mr.
Now that we know Shawna's powers, we'll focus on those limits.
All right.
Let me know.
I'm gonna change.
I gotta go help Iris.
Hey, Barry.
- Hey, Eddie.
- Hey, what are you doing here? I thought I'd see if you wanted help writing your story for the paper.
Oh, that is so sweet.
I would love to, but we were about to have dinner with Eddie's mom tonight.
And we're late.
Can we do it another time? Yeah, yeah Yeah.
- All right.
- Bye.
- See ya.
- Bye.
What bars did Shawna and Clay frequent? Uh, mostly south side dive bars.
Why? I was just gonna check 'em out.
See if they fall into any old habits.
That's a good idea.
I'll join you.
What? What? Nothing.
Uh, well, you look really nice.
I don't always dress like a high school principal.
So, this is where Shawna Baez and Clay Parker used to hang out? It is, according to the files.
I thought we could kill two birds with one stone.
Look for them and get ourselves back out there.
I keep making the same mistake.
Every time Iris falls, I race to pick her up thinking that one of these times things are gonna change, but I Things are never gonna change.
I am just destined to be just the friend.
At least you're not pining for someone who bursts into flames and wants nothing to do with you.
What is wrong with us? I mean, we're in our 20s.
We should be having fun.
We should meet people, go on lots of dates.
Well, here's to liquid courage.
Uh That is Very fast.
Drank all of it.
Excuse me? I would like to start a tab.
CCPD confiscated everything from S.
Labs after the explosion.
Video, audio, traffic cam footage.
Okay, so? I saw Martin Stein the night S.
Labs went boom.
He walked right past me.
You see, Stein specialized in transmutation.
Molecular transmography.
Quantum splicing.
Taking two things and making them one.
Let's go to the videotape, shall we? Okay, stop.
Now zoom in a few clicks.
Now advance it, frame by frame.
His eyes.
They turned white, just like Ronnie's.
Now, stop there.
In the mass of energy.
- Looks like - Ronnie.
And Professor Stein.
The dark matter merged them together.
Explains why Ronnie hasn't seemed quite himself lately.
Because he's not.
He's Martin Stein.
Aah! You can't say I didn't keep up my end of the bargain.
I figure that makes us even Stephen.
Excuse me, could I get some water? Yo.
Excuse me? - For real? - Mr.
Barry Allen! Come on down! - Or up.
- I'm not doing it.
Come up here with me.
Oh, come show 'em what you got.
Come on.
Barry! Barry! Barry! Barry! Barry! Barry! Barry! Barry! Barry! Ooh, look at him go.
He's so fast! Ooh, shh! You know I'm not much of a singer.
And you're not much of a drinker.
We are gonna bring this place down.
Okay, just Good girl.
Get ready.
You're fast and you can sing? What can't you do? Stop you from drinking, apparently.
I'm not even sure that was mine.
I have to go to the bathroom.
Can I close out my tab, please? Hey, Stevie.
Can my friend here tap out? Sure thing, Linda.
Uh, thank you, Linda.
You're welcome, Barry.
How do you know my name? "Barry.
Barry┬Ł" Yeah Sorry about us up there.
That's Are you kidding? No, that was some of the best singing that I've heard come from that stage.
You definitely made my ears happy.
Don't worry.
So Was that your girlfriend up there? Oh No, no.
She's a friend.
Have you heard of this new phone app? It's so cool.
Check it out.
You just touch someone's phone with your phone, and it automatically downloads your contact info.
That is cool.
See? You have my number.
What you do with it now is up to you.
- Barry? - Yeah? I don't feel good.
Come on.
Okay? What I owe.
So we square now? Almost.
Holy crap.
Glad you're impressed.
So we cool now? Absolutely.
Couldn't be cooler.
Which is why I think we need to keep working together.
With what I know, and what you could do, oh, we can be looking at a very lucrative future.
Police! Everybody down! Aah! Oh, baby! Hold it right there.
Are we still running? No, we are here.
Vodka and super-speed not a good combination.
Come on.
So, are you gonna call her? Who? That girl.
The one who gave you her number.
I hadn't really thought about it.
Yes, you have.
But I know you.
You won't.
You'll let her slip right through your fingers because you think you don't deserve happiness.
But what you don't realize is, you need a little saving, too.
Little help, please.
W Yeah.
There you go again.
Saving me from that evil dress.
Get in bed.
Did you sneak a peek? At my goods? I wouldn't be much of a hero if I did.
Yeah, but it's okay if you peeked a little.
You deserve a peek for all the good stuff you do.
Drink lots of water.
Thank you for tonight.
I sang.
Any time.
Hey, Barry? Will you stay with me until I fall asleep? Sure, yeah.
So loud.
Oh, ho-ho.
I just wanted to make sure you're okay.
Let's just say I envy your inability to get drunk.
I don't remember much from last night.
Yeah, that's probably for the best.
Oh, God.
That I do remember.
What's wrong? Cisco Has something he needs to tell you.
Hartley's gone.
He escaped from the Pipeline? How is that even possible? I let him out.
Are you mad? I can't tell with those glasses on.
I'd like to yell and wave my arms, but I'm afraid I'd throw up.
Why? What were you thinking? You know how dangerous he is.
Hartley said he knew what happened to Ronnie.
I told you to let it go.
I didn't want you looking into that for me.
I wasn't doing it for you.
I I sealed Ronnie into the accelerator before it blew.
He told me to wait two minutes, and I waited, but he didn't come back.
And I can't stop thinking, Ronnie wouldn't be like he is right now.
I've wanted to tell you so many times.
I'm so sorry.
So you carried that around this whole time? Do you know what Ronnie would say if he was here? He would say that you did the right thing.
It wasn't your fault.
What happened that night wasn't anybody's fault.
Come on.
Don't we have a teleporter to catch? We do have a teleporter to catch.
And fortunately, we do have a promising theory.
Take a look at this.
Now, this is the normal behavior of the particulate that Shawna left behind.
Watch what happens when we remove light.
Shawna can only become entangled with something she can see.
Take away her ability to do that She can't teleport.
So, we just need to get her into a dark space.
How do we do that? It's a valid question.
Hello? What? Yeah, I'll be right there.
All right.
What's wrong? M My dad.
He's been stabbed.
Dad What happened? A rather stern reminder, I'd say, not to poke around Marcus Stockheimer's business.
Dad, I told you to stop.
Your dad called me with more intel.
It helped us track down Clay and Shawna and arrest Stockheimer.
I managed to screw up Marcus's big heist, too, so You two kept working together, and you didn't tell me? It isn't his fault.
I did it to help you.
You getting stabbed and beaten is not helping me.
Look, I I I don't get to feel useful very much in here.
So if I can help you for a change, I'm gonna want to be there for you.
Just like you've been there for me all these years.
You said Marcus had a big heist coming up? Mm.
You know anything else about it? Dad, tell me who did this to you.
No, it doesn't matter, slugger.
But you said you want to help me.
So help me.
One of Marcus's boys.
What the hell? Evening, Julius.
How'd I get out here? You escaped.
They catch me trying to escape, they're gonna add five years to my sentence.
Ten, actually.
Unless you tell me where Marcus Stockheimer's next job is gonna be.
Oh! Guards will be here any second.
I'd start blabbing.
Okay! Okay.
It's a TDK and money transfer truck coming from the federal reserve bank in St.
Supposed to be millions.
Delivery is around 8:00.
That's all I know.
I swear.
That's right now.
Hey! Hey, what about me? I think we got company.
What the Okay.
Let's go.
I got this.
Why the hell do you care what we do? Are you a cop or something? Something.
Come on! Barry, remember: she cannot teleport if she cannot see.
Limit her field of vision.
He left me.
Any way she can teleport out of this? It's impossible.
It's one-way glass.
It's mirrored on the inside.
No one dangerous is ever gonna get out of this thing again.
Clay left you.
He's out there, and you're in here.
You know what the crazy thing is? I still love him.
Crazy is right.
Some people are worth being crazy for.
I'm sorry if I was a bit of a drunken mess the other night.
Actually, it was pretty fun.
Yeah, it was.
You know what? I think everybody's been right about you and me.
Both of us have been hung up on people for way too long.
If what Cisco says is true, that Ronnie merged with Martin Stein, then he's not alive anymore.
Time for me to move on.
Find someone new to be crazy about.
All right, well.
I'll see you tomorrow.
Yes, sure.
- Bye.
- Bye.
That's for you.
I thought maybe you could help me out, if you're willing.
This is about the breakout at Iron Heights.
Clay Parker.
He's still on the loose, and we need to catch him.
Why are you giving this to me? 'Cause you're a good reporter.
And the only one I know.
You're not the only one who's fast.
Hey, what are you doing here? - Hey.
- If you came to check on me, that is really sweet, but I think everything's gonna be okay.
I'm glad.
Uh I actually am not here to see you.
No? No, I have a lunch date.
With who? - Ready.
- Hey.
Oh, hey, you're our new stringer, right? Yeah.
I'm Linda Park.
Iris West.
How did you two meet? Well, it's actually kind of a funny story.
Yeah, I'll tell you later, all right? - You ready? - Yeah.
- Okay.
- See ya.
Have fun.
So an actual date this time.
Good for you.
You didn't tell her your dad's in the slammer? No, I read in a magazine that that's a big turnoff.
You see this? No.
I haven't.
The Flash.
I saw him once.
In here.
Watched him save Joe's life.
Joe told me about that.
I guess he was lucky.
Lucky Joe.
Strangest thing.
I get roughed up by Julius, end up in here.
Next thing I know, Julius is caught trying to escape, claims The Flash broke him out.
Won't be seeing Julius for a long time now.
Guess I'm lucky too, huh? Dad.
If I was The Flash, don't you think that you'd be the first to know about it? Yeah.
Well, if The Flash were my son, I'd tell him a few things.
First off, I'd tell him it's a dangerous world, so be careful.
Then I'd tell him he's a hero.
And he's saving a lot of lives.
But the most important thing for him to know, I feel, is that his father's proud of him.
Power grid's been going haywire in this sector.
The system's so antiquated.
What was that? Aah!