The Flash (2014) s01e13 Episode Script

The Nuclear Man

My name is Barry Allen, and I am the fastest man alive.
When I was a child, I saw my mother killed by something impossible.
Run, Barry, run! My father went to prison for her murder.
Then an accident made me the impossible.
To the outside world, I'm an ordinary forensic scientist, but secretly, I use my speed to fight crime and find others like me.
And one day, I'll find who killed my mother Mom! And get justice for my father.
I am The Flash.
Previously on The Flash Ronnie was vaporized in the accelerator when it went critical.
Ronnie's alive.
I saw him, Cisco.
I wanted to talk to you about Firestorm.
We had some rudimentary success with our stage one testing.
- Professor Stein - Professor Martin Stein? He was our team leader.
I know what really happened to him that night.
In the mass of energy.
Looks like - Ronnie.
- And Professor Stein.
The dark matter merged them together.
So how does a superhero get ready for a date? Same as everybody else.
All right.
Everyone tells you to just be yourself.
But who is that really? If you change one more time, I'm gonna shoot you.
Say what? Punctual.
Yeah, yeah, that is what my friends call me: Mr.
Is that lonely-looking flower for me? Is this dumb? I thought about getting a full bouquet, but then I thought that was weird.
It's awesome.
All right.
Yes! Victory.
I told you these were the spiciest tacos in Central City.
Oh, I thought you were bluffing.
I never bluff.
Just say it, I am the champion of all things spicy.
You are the spice champion of Central City.
Well, this requires soap and water.
- I'll be right back.
- Mm-hmm.
Robbery at the convenience store on Brand and Paulson.
Man, come on.
Kind of on a date.
Can't the cops get this one? Fine, but when you read in the paper tomorrow about that poor little old lady getting robbed How do you know it's a little old lady? Please, it's always a little old lady.
Okay, all right.
No little old lady.
Your move, Allen.
What's next? So what's wrong with you? Why hasn't someone snatched you up yet? Oh.
It's work.
Just a sec.
- Hello.
- Hey.
I know you're on a date, but we got a jumper on 52nd and Waid.
Sir, please, you have everything to live for.
No, I don't.
Are you gonna let me go back up there? No.
Well, thanks.
What was that for? To see if I wanted a second date.
And? Let me see one more time.
Quentin Quale.
Can I help you, young man? Haven't been called that in quite some time.
I'm sorry, do I know you? We went to school together.
You're one of my students.
No, classmates.
University of Chicago, class of '74.
We protested the war.
Make love, not napalm, remember? Look, I don't know if this is some kind of practical joke I know about your brother.
The truth is, he committed suicide.
You found the body.
I never told anyone about that.
You told one person.
Martin? I need you to help me.
Dude, you are a crime-fighting lady-slaying machine.
Oh, God, it was so cool.
She was so cool.
We're going on another date tonight.
Tonight? Really? Aren't you worried about moving too fast? No.
What do you mean? It's a second date.
No, no, no, no, I meant going too fast, hurrying.
Look, I mean, you're fast, but there's fast, and then there's fast.
Am I being subtle enough? - You're really not.
- Cisco's right.
With your increased blood flow and increased heart rate, theoretically, your speed could cause you to You're gonna need to think about a lot of dead puppies.
Like, we're talking a whole kennel.
And baseball.
Cold showers.
You know what? Nuns.
It is just a second date.
A second date? With who? Uh, with Linda Park, the sports reporter.
Hello? That's great.
Linda seems great, and you're great.
So Great.
Hey, I gotta go.
I gotta help out a friend.
Everything okay? We just got here.
Yeah, I'll see you guys later.
Quentin Quale was attacked near his lab at Concordance Research last night.
There were several unsubstantiated reports of the so-called "Burning Man" in the area following the attacks.
Burning man? Caitlin, weren't you asking about him a few weeks ago? - Hey.
- Hey, man.
Thanks for meeting me.
What exactly are we doing here? That's Barry's old house.
Where his mother was murdered? I have a theory about who might have been involved in Barry's mother's death.
I thought you and I could reexamine the crime scene, you could apply your technical expertise and help me prove who really did it.
For sure, we should get Dr.
Wells and Caitlin in on this.
No, we should keep this between us for the time being.
If too many people know, Barry will find out, and I don't want to involve him until we know something definitive.
Hello, ma'am.
I'm Detective West.
This is Cisco Ramon.
Oh, please, it's Sherry, like the drink.
What can I do for you, Detective? I don't know if you were aware, but there was a homicide in this residence approximately 15 years ago.
Oh, I know.
We've reopened the investigation.
Do you mind if we come in and take another look around? Oh, not at all.
Thank you.
Do you live alone? Yes, I'm divorced.
Well, it appears letting Ronnie roam free is no longer an option.
He's not even Ronnie anymore.
He's Martin Stein walking around in Ronnie's body, like a vampire.
Is there a reason that Stein's brain is in control of Ronnie's body, not the other way around? Simple Darwinism, I suspect.
A brand-new organism will select the strongest parts of itself in order to survive.
Survival of the fittest.
In this case, Ronnie's body, Stein's mind.
In any event, he badly hurt an innocent man, and we have hunted meta-humans for less.
Caitlin, we need to know that you're on board with what needs to be done here.
How do we find him? Quentin Quale, the scientist that Ronnie attacked, is a former colleague of Martin Stein.
If Martin is indeed in control of Ronnie's body, he may be trying to figure out exactly what's happening to him.
What do we know about him? I don't even know what Stein looks like.
Martin Stein.
That's Stein? It is.
I've seen him before.
When? On the train, the day the accelerator exploded.
Super cool, isn't it? Uh, S.
Labs, I mean.
Yes, it's Super cool.
Trust Harrison Wells to build a particle accelerator with a bit of style.
Most scientists don't have an appreciation for the value of aesthetics.
Albert Einstein said, "Once you can accept "the universe as being something expanding into an infinite nothing which is actually something" "Wearing stripes with plaid comes easy.
" I thought people your age didn't read actual books anymore.
Oh, I'm the only one.
Hobby or endeavor? Both, actually.
I'm a CSI.
I work for the Central City Police Department.
Really? You look too young for that.
That is what they tell me.
Are you gonna watch the accelerator turn on tonight? I wouldn't miss it.
They say it's going to change the world.
I hope so.
Carson Station.
Carson Station.
Oh, this is my stop.
- It was nice talking to you.
- You too.
Maybe I will see you there tonight.
Excuse me.
I'm taking a girlfriend.
Not my girlfriend, she's just, uh Sorry She's just a female friend who I'm not dating yet.
The doors are about to close.
Don't turn it on! Don't turn it on! Don't turn it on! Don't turn it on! Don't turn it on! Caitlin, whatever happens Of course I've heard of S.
Martin was always vocal about the competition.
Labs is actually helping the CCPD looking into your husband's disappearance, Mrs.
Oh, please.
Call me Clarissa.
The Conway Prize for Scientific Advancement.
Martin was very proud of that one.
I'd always hoped to win one of these myself.
Oh, and look at that.
He won it three times.
Takes a special kind of person to make Dr.
Wells jealous.
Well, Martin had a talent for making people jealous.
Even me.
I sometimes think Martin loved his theorems and experiments more than he did me.
I'm sure that's not true.
And you haven't heard from your husband since he disappeared.
Stein, could I show you a photograph? Have you seen this person before? Yes, I have.
- Who is he? - Um He's just a person of interest in your husband's case.
When did you see him? I started getting the feeling that someone was watching me, and sometimes I still do.
And about a month after Martin disappeared, that young man showed up here.
What happened to me? A month A month.
Who are you? How did you get in here? Under the loose stone.
You leave a key for me there.
I'm always losing mine.
Losing my keys.
Losing my mind.
I'm going call the police.
Losing my mind.
Where is my body? I see my life, but I can't reach it.
Please send someone.
There's an intruder in my house! So it appears Martin Stein and Ronnie Raymond have something in common besides sharing a body.
They both feel the need to protect the women they love.
Clarissa said she feels like she's being watched.
Well, then, this has all the makings of a stakeout.
But Barry's got a date tonight.
I'll cancel.
No! No, go.
If we need you here, something tells me we can get you back in a hurry.
I'm not picking up anything.
Not even with The Super Light.
Super Light? Well, technically it's a multi-spectrum, violet laser-enhanced scanner that detects molecular schisms in the 600 mega-volt range, but I figured "Super Light" was easier to say.
Right, but what does it tell you? Nothing we didn't already know about that night.
Okay, keep looking.
Uh, can I get you boys something to drink? Water? Soda? Wine? Uh, we're fine.
Thank you.
Well, if you change your mind, I've been told my strawberry daiquiris are sinful.
I will not judge you.
Okay, Barry's mother's body was found here, knife beside her, blood spatter on the wall belonged to Nora.
Joe, I think I just think maybe it's been too long, and everything's different.
Except that mirror.
Sherry must have bought it at the estate sale.
Oh, my God.
Silver nitrate.
The compound used in photography.
It was often used to back vintage mirrors.
If there were two speedsters there that night, the sparks from their movement would have generated enough flashes to actually expose images onto the silver nitrate.
You saying what I think you're saying? This mirror might contain photographs of what actually happened that night.
Hey! You look great.
Well, I have a big date tonight, and I kind of wanted to impress the guy.
I think I can speak for that guy and say that he is super impressed.
So is this your place? It's awesome.
Well, not entirely.
I grew up here.
Is it really lame that I live at home? Not at all.
I still live with my parents.
Really? No.
That would be so lame.
All right, so here's the plan.
First, a dinner reservation at Paper Clip.
Then a round of mini-golf, followed by Mal Duncan, who is playing at an underground jazz club.
But my foster dad has a connection there, so he hooked us up.
And if you're not sick of me by then, we can get froyo.
Or Want some of my fries? No, thanks.
Why would he come back here? Because this is his home.
I don't mean the actual house.
I mean Clarissa.
She's his home.
We all want to go home again.
You know, where we feel safe.
Where we feel loved.
Ronnie's your home.
Not anymore.
Remember what I told you on your first day at S.
Labs? "A scientist's work is never finished.
" A scientist's work is never finished.
Well, my work did this to Ronnie and did this to Martin Stein.
But it's not finished, and it won't be until we bring them both home.
So I'm assuming you have Barry on speed dial? Mm! Whoa! What's wrong? That felt amazing.
I just got a little excited.
I would hope so.
Sorry, Linda, I'm just, um, a little worried about, um, moving too fast.
It's okay.
I hate slow.
I'm sorry, I should check just in case it's an emergency.
Ah! Okay.
I'm so sorry.
It's important.
Not that this isn't important.
It's just that, um, this other thing is time sensitive ah! Otherwise there's no way that I would be leaving you.
No one in their right mind would leave you.
Um, your shirt's on backwards.
Yeah, I got it.
I will text you, all right? Uh, no, I'll call you.
I'll call you.
Or how about I just I'll just do both, okay? I'll do both.
I'm so sorry.
Professor Stein.
Hey, I'm not here to hurt you, and I know you don't want to hurt anyone else, so if you could just not Flame on.
No! Well, that was terrifying.
I sent Sherry to the movies.
Trust me, the best show in town is going to be in here tonight.
So you're telling me you can get actual photographs from this thing? The science is solid.
It works exactly like an old film camera.
I developed the mirror backing, and fortunately for us, the lightning went off about ten times that night.
Multiple exposures.
Now you're getting it.
I went ahead and enhanced them digitally and, just for kicks, decided to extrapolate a 3-D hologram from the original 2-D.
Can you play it again? Slower? There, there.
You see that? Huh.
Next frame.
This wallpaper's new.
Oh, man.
Is that blood? We had a husband who was holding the same weapon that killed his wife.
We weren't looking for any other suspects.
That blood belongs to one of the two speedsters that was here that night.
Maybe the one that killed Nora.
I'll get a sample kit.
I got you.
That's great.
Linda, hey.
Hey! So I hope it's cool that I came by.
Yeah, of course.
I was just writing a column on the Combines.
Oh, sweet, how are they doing? Well, they were up two goals to none last night, but then they blew it.
Wait, we're not talking about hockey anymore, are we? No.
We're not.
Look, I am so, so sorry that I left you like that.
I'm I'm not that kind of guy.
Well, let me tell you what kind of girl I am.
I work in a hard business, and I work hard in it.
And so I'm very picky about who I choose to spend my free time with.
I chose to spend some of it with you, so tell me, Barry Allen, did I make the right choice? Yeah, you did.
It just that something important came up.
And not more important than you, it's just sort of, like, an equal level of importance type situation And And usually I can do both, um, but it's just that I have to, um I have to go to work.
I'm so sorry.
It's a police emergency.
Can we talk later tonight? I'm not going anywhere Yet.
Okay, thanks.
- Hey! - Hey! Sorry, gotta go.
Uh Hey! What's up? Bye.
Hey, can I ask you a question? Yeah, sure.
So, um, you and Barry are like BFFs, right? The best of BFFs.
Has he ever actually dated anyone before? Because he's simultaneously surprisingly good at it and really, really bad at it.
I don't know.
He's Barry.
What was his last girlfriend like? You know, he hasn't really had a girlfriend in a while.
I don't know, maybe he's just not ready yet.
What do you mean? You know, I mean, he was into someone, an unrequited love thing.
You know, he had feelings for someone, and they weren't really reciprocated, so Yeah, maybe just give him time.
There he is.
Looks like the tracker Barry placed on him worked.
Professor Stein? Ugh, I told you to stay away from me.
And I will, but there's someone else who wants to talk to you.
Martin? Do you know who I am? Clarissa.
Is it really you? I don't know.
I hear the other inside of me.
He wants to go home to her.
But we can't.
I want to be me again.
Martin what's my favorite color? You could you could never decide, so you chose stripes.
You shouldn't see me like this.
I see you.
I see you, Martin.
These people can help you.
They say they can.
Please let them.
Please Help us.
Well, we got him.
Now what? Well, Stein clearly thinks he can separate himself from Ronnie's body using nuclear fission.
What do you think? What do I think? Is it possible? Theoretically.
But splitting an atom and splitting a man are two very different things.
I don't suppose it's necessary to point out you're all staring? Our apologies.
It is remarkable.
I feel clearer than I have since the accident.
What did you give me? Cocktail of anti-psychotics, depressants, mood stabilizers.
The same formula used to treat dissociative identity disorder.
I assume this was your idea? Very clever, Cait.
Don't call me that.
I apologize.
We'd like to run some tests on you, if you don't mind.
Of course, Dr.
Hey, I'm so sorry I had to run out like that again.
Uh, police business.
That's funny, because I just called the station, and they said that you had taken some personal time.
I'm not mad, Barry, I swear.
But I do think that we should call it.
W Wait, can we talk about this? What do you mean? Look, I know how hard and weird it is trying to date someone new when you're still not over someone.
What are you talking about? You and Iris.
Me and Iris, we're not Who told you that I was hung up on Iris? - Hey.
- Hey, what's up? Uh, why would you tell Linda that I had feelings for you? I did not say that.
Wait, did I? Okay, Iris, this isn't funny.
I mean, I like this girl.
I know, and I am happy for you.
Really? Because I don't I mean, right now it sort of feels like you don't want to be with me and you don't want anyone else to be with me either.
I have wanted nothing more than for you to meet someone who is amazing.
And I did! And you went out of your way to convince her that I was unavailable.
Look, I'm really sorry.
Wait, do you want me to talk to her? No, no, no.
Absolutely not.
Don't talk to her.
I'll figure this out on my own.
I just need you to know that I don't have those feelings for you anymore.
Yeah, I know.
I'll see you later.
Yes, yes, yes! See? We got two different blood samples.
- One for each speedster.
- That's right.
One is A-positive, and the other one's AB-negative super rare.
I'm gonna run them both through the CCPD criminal database to see if I get any matches.
Can you run them against a specific person? Yeah, sure, if we have something to match it to.
Who are we looking at? Dr.
Harrison Wells.
I thought we were trying to solve Barry's mom's murder.
We are.
And I'm asking you to keep this between us.
You think Dr.
Wells killed Barry's mom? No way.
He didn't even know Barry then.
Why would he kill his mom? I don't know yet.
But I do know that Wells keeps secrets.
And this may be one of them.
Wells is a great man.
I was nothing when he gave me a job, a chance to change my life.
He has helped so many people.
He's not a murderer.
Cisco, I'm a cop.
I'm good at reading people, so I know I can trust you with my suspicion.
When I go talk to the family and friends of a murder suspect, somebody I know is guilty, and I tell them the person they love is a killer, guess what they all say.
That's not the person I know.
I think I'm done being a cop for today.
Are you comfortable? Little warm.
Ronnie used to always run warm.
Not that warm.
Can I talk to him? I'm sorry, my dear.
I'm not sure it works like that.
I can feel him though.
I have these memories.
Memories that I know aren't my own.
One is particularly strong.
Piedmont State Park? It's famous for the Hudson Falls.
I know that I've never been, but I can remember those waterfalls perfectly.
That's where Ronnie proposed to me.
He loves you very much.
That I can feel.
Snow, can we see you for a minute? Excuse me.
You okay? Yeah, it's just confusing.
What isn't confusing is what's happening to him now.
Ronnie's body is rejecting Stein's atoms like a host rejecting a parasite.
The resulting instability is causing an exothermic reaction.
I worry if his temperature continues to rise, it'll set off a chain reaction.
And then what happens? He could go nuclear.
Not Ronnie.
Martin Stein.
Cisco Ramon.
Your colleagues are in the next room, not so subtly discussing my condition.
That's not freaky at all.
It seems Ronnie's fight with The Flash has exacerbated the Firestorm Matrix.
It's unstable.
Exponentially increasing the rate of fission inside his body.
Well, how long does he have? If his temperature keeps rising at the current pace, no more than a couple of hours.
But you can fix it, right? I mean, you you can separate them before it's too late.
Any attempt we make to separate the two of them could be catastrophic a nuclear explosion.
And a nuclear explosion of this magnitude would level this entire city.
Unless Unless what? Unless the host body were no longer functional.
You want to kill Ronnie? No, I don't want to kill Ronnie.
But in this scenario, Ronnie is the host body.
If you kill Ronnie, you kill Stein.
That's two people.
I don't know how else to stop it.
And my guess is that if Ronnie and Professor Stein knew the consequences that we were all facing, they would make the same decision.
It's two lives for millions.
Can you give us a minute? Caitlin I've already lost Ronnie once.
I'm not going to do it again.
You said we have a couple of hours.
Use them.
Wells, you don't really think we should kill Ronnie, do you? Stay here, Cisco.
Um, can I get you anything or A glass of Château Haut-Brion Pessac-Leognan 1982 might be nice.
Or maybe it wouldn't.
This body's taste buds would obviously be different from my own.
Perhaps I'm now a light beer man.
There are worse things to be.
You mean like a living nuclear bomb? You know.
Unstable nuclear fission was always a danger in the transmutation process.
Plus, you all argue very loudly.
I'm sorry.
But my friends are gonna figure out how to fix this, I promise.
I remember meeting you, Mr.
Allen, on the train.
You were headed to S.
Labs with a girl but not your girlfriend.
I'm not sure that I have any girlfriend.
You know, Einstein was not only brilliant, he had a great sense of humor.
How did it go? "Any man who drives safely while kissing a pretty girl is not giving the pretty girl the attention she deserves.
" If I learned anything this past year, life's too short not to live.
- Hey.
- What are you doing here? - I gave you an out.
- I don't want an out.
I don't wanna date someone who's into someone else.
I'm not into anyone else.
I'm gonna prove it to you.
This is the Naga Jolokia or the ghost pepper.
It is the world's hottest pepper measuring 401.
5 times hotter than Tabasco sauce.
If you do not agree to go on another date with me, I will eat it right here, right now.
You're bluffing.
I never bluff.
Are you okay? - I'm fine, yeah.
- You sure? Mm-hmm.
Mm! Yes! Yes, I'll go out with you.
That pepper could have killed you, nerd.
Oh, thank you.
I won't let my job Or how bad my mouth is burning right now come between us.
My spice champion of Central City.
A crude weapon, if I may say so, Dr.
I couldn't agree more, Gideon.
But it will do the job.
Gideon, can the Tachyon Prototype be converted into a Quantum Splicer? Theoretically, but I must warn you, Dr.
Wells, converting the Tachyon Prototype will delay your timetable.
There's not going to be a timetable if Central City goes up in a mushroom cloud.
Anything? I have an idea.
It's a bit of a Hail Mary, but Cisco and I are going to give it a try.
Thank you.
I'll get Professor Stein.
Looking for the professor? Yeah, he's gone.
You guys almost done? Hang on.
Hang on.
I found Stein.
He's in the Badlands.
Middle of nowhere, 30 miles outside of Central City.
- Minimum safe distance.
- He's sacrificing himself.
How much time does he have left? And We're done.
What is it? This is a Quantum Splicer.
Will it work to separate them? We'll know in 12 minutes.
Now, Barry, even you can't outrun a nuclear blast, so you get this device to Professor Stein, and you get out of there as fast as you can.
- What are you doing? - I'm going with you.
- No, you're not.
- It's too dangerous! Barry doesn't know how to operate the splicer.
Cisco's gonna talk me through it.
There's not enough time.
Let's go.
Go! What was that? Uh, comm system's on the fritz.
I'll be right back.
I'm not proud of it, but I ran the samples.
One wasn't identified, and the other had a match.
Cisco, you're hesitating.
Was it Wells? No, it's not Dr.
I told you, he has nothing to do with this.
But I know whose blood it is.
It's Barry's.
We already know Barry was there that night.
No, no, no, no, no, no, no.
You don't understand.
The sample had high levels of P16.
That's a protein that builds up in the blood as we get older.
And these levels were way too high for an 11-year-old.
This sample was from Barry as an adult.
Professor Stein! What are you doing here? Yo can't be here! Get her out of here now! Please, look, Ronnie's still in there somewhere.
All those people Clarissa I won't let them die! It's better I end this now.
We can separate you! We can stop the explosion.
How? A Quantum Splicer.
It's a fission device designed to bombard your atoms with as much energy as they experienced in the particle accelerator explosion.
Should be enough to separate you.
Please, Professor, you have nothing left to lose.
Ronnie, if you're in there, I love you.
That was from him.
I look forward to meeting you in person, Professor.
It's not working! He's not gonna make it.
He's gonna blow.
Get out of there.
Barry, get out of there now! - No! No! - Caitlin, we have to go.
Run! No! Sir, we have a thermonuclear detonation approximately 30 miles north east of Central City.
Deploy the RAP response team, Sergeant.
Bring me F.