The Flash (2014) s02e12 Episode Script

Fast Lane

My name is Barry Allen, and I am the fastest man alive.
To the outside world, I'm an ordinary forensic scientist, but secretly, with the help of my friends at S.
Labs, I fight crime and find other meta-humans like me.
I hunted down the man who killed my mother, but in doing so, I opened up our world to new threats, and I am the only one fast enough to stop them.
I am The Flash.
Previously, on"The Flash" Is this why you came to Central City? This nonsense.
I don't actually have to explain myself to you.
This is illegal.
I'm a cop.
The detective who didn't know he had a son.
I saw Mom today.
She says you haven't been by in a while.
She thinks it's because you're angry with her.
I have every right to be angry.
- I'm leaving Central City.
- What? I was accepted into the Forensic Science program at Midway City University.
Got Turtle locked up in the pipeline.
All we got to do is use him to figure out how to steal Zoom's speed, and then we'll get your daughter back.
That might take longer than we thought.
Because Turtle's dead.
Now, decide in return for your daughter's life.
I will help you steal The Flash's speed.
People think of tar now as mainly a roofing product.
Fun fact: it's also been used as medicine and flavoring for candy and liquor.
I bet what you're thinking right now isn't "yummy", is it? What I hope you're thinking is, "Wow, Clay is serious about wanting to know "where I put that money.
"I think I'll give him that account number now, "so he doesn't drop me into this vat of boiling tar.
" - [muffled moaning.]
- Hmm? I'm sorry, what? [gasping.]
Central City Bank account 5463728.
Please, please, pull me up now.
I'm so sorry! Aah! I thought you said you weren't gonna kill him.
I say a lot of things.
[suspenseful music.]
Where's Joey? Wishing he was somewhere else.
Let's go.
Dude, get in the car! Let's go! Drive! Drive! [engine turns over.]
# # [workers chattering.]
# # There's this song lyric I like.
"All the broken hearts in the world still beat.
"Mine's beating, but bruised.
"Hopefully not for long.
"The one thing I do know is: time changes everything.
" [laughs.]
I didn't think about how many crazy things police see.
And can't unsee.
You always wanted to be a cop? Yeah, my dad was one.
He was my hero, so I never thought of being anything else.
What about you? No, I wanted to be an astronaut.
Wait, that's what Barry wanted to be.
- [chuckles.]
- Really? Probably not for the same reasons.
Going to space is like the fastest a human being can go, so it was either an astronaut or, like, have you heard of scramjets? - Mm-mm.
- Okay, they're like supersonic on oxygen, dude.
It's nuts.
You're right.
Not the same reason as Barry.
You are really all about the speed, huh? Yeah, I mean, it's what I love.
Is that why you're still drag racing? You are, aren't you? Isn't that a little dangerous? Yeah, for the people that race against me.
Sure is.
Look, thanks for the hang, but I got to go.
It's early.
Don't leave yet.
No, I got some stuff to do.
I'll see you later.
Why'd you do that? "Thanks for the hang?" Is he your son or age-inappropriate buddy? Look, I know the dynamic is weird.
I'm just trying to figure it out.
From my perspective, it seems like you're ignoring something that could, oh, I don't know, get Wally killed.
The fact that Wally even wants to get to know me is the big win here, so in the future could you try not chasing him out of the house? Look, Dad, I'll play along if that's what you want, but which you exactly are you trying to let him get to know? Because the person that I saw tonight, I don't recognize that dad.
Journal entry 1-14: Turtle's brain.
So, what I learned from Turtle's brain matter and the Reverse-Flash, as it turns out, has allowed me to complete a device that when installed inside The Flash's suit, will let me harness his speed, so that the next time he taps into the Speed Force [sighs.]
I could begin collection.
I wish there were another way, but there's not.
- Oh, hey.
- Hey.
You're here late.
As are you.
Shouldn't you be out doing whatever it is that 26-year-olds do on a Thursday night? Um, I am recently single.
- Ah.
- So, I thought I would tackle the breach problem.
See if I could figure out how to close them.
Looks like you had the same idea.
I work better alone.
Oh, no, haven't you heard the expression "two heads are better than one"? No.
Must be an Earth-1 thing.
You understand, for me, that my Earth is Earth-1? - Yeah.
- Your Earth has yet to create CFL quark matter, and so it would take you too long to catch up on the science haul.
Do it by myself.
This science? Yes, that science.
Watch this.
[stirring music.]
# # That's annoying.
All right, I'm all caught up for the next, like, Looks like I missed one though.
All right, you can assist, but I'm in charge.
Yeah, you're in charge.
[Jill Scott's "Run Run Run" playing.]
Na na na na na na na na na na na Na na na na na na na na na na na Na na na na na na na na na na na Baby, Mama be back Check that ass.
In a minute Got to hustle and handle my business I'll be right back when I'm done.
What the hell are you doing here aside from trying to send me to therapy? I told you, I did some research.
I thought it would be a good idea for a story for the paper, plus I thought this would be a great way for us to really get to know each other.
I mean, I want to know what's so great about this that you can't let go, bro.
No one here is eager to get their picture in the paper, you got me? And which part of the paper? - [sighs.]
- The front where they put the mugshots or in the back in the obituary section? Yo, why don't you just take a page out of your dad's book.
Let me do what I'm gonna do, okay? I don't need a big sister.
I know, you're gonna need an undertaker.
Last race of the night, people.
Our reigning champ: Tail Lights.
- [cheers and applause.]
- [car honking.]
What? No good luck? [dramatic music.]
# # [car engine turns over, revs.]
[camera clicks.]
# # We'll have the latest on Oliver Queen's mayoral campaign coming up.
In local news, Roofing Tar Industries, which was devastated by the S.
Labs' particle accelerator explosion two years ago, is finally set to reopen.
[tense music.]
[tar grumbling.]
# # Guys, clean up before you leave! # # [tar grumbling.]
# # Two years! Two years I was trapped in the ground, in that blackness.
I couldn't see, I couldn't feel, but I could still hate.
# # Joey? Did you ever wonder what it felt like when you dropped me in that vat of boiling tar? Since I went in headfirst, I actually felt my ears and nose burn off.
The pain of my eyeballs searing was unimaginable, but it was the way that it burned down my throat as I tried to breathe that I thought was really special.
Why don't I just show you? # # Excuse me.
- Barr, you good? - Hey.
Yeah, yeah, no, it's just, you know, it's weird Patty's not here.
Oh, not for the same reasons, but I miss Patty too.
What do we got? Victim's name is Daniel Burge.
Not exactly a Boy Scout, but managed to buy this garage two years ago.
It looks like he was dipped in a volcano.
Oh, yeah.
Actually the depth and uniformity of the burn pattern is something you would see if the body was covered in something like lava, but with a lower burn temp and an added chemical characteristic.
The fire investigator didn't find a secondary accelerant.
Yeah, he probably wouldn't with a meta.
All right, I'm gonna take a sample back to S.
Have Cisco run some tests.
Good, I'm gonna go meet Iris for lunch.
She wants to talk to me about Wally.
Yeah, how's that going, you and him? Great.
Well, good.
I don't know, baby steps.
I'm trying to give him space.
I mean, he just lost his mom.
Just met me and his sister.
He's got a lot on his plate.
Yeah, he just found the best dad he could've wished for.
Oh, you say that now, but you didn't always think that.
Well, you were pretty strict.
- That's for sure.
- [chuckles.]
But strict isn't always a bad thing, especially when you know it's coming from love.
- I'll talk to you later.
- Yeah.
It's disgusting.
[dramatic music.]
# # [sighs.]
Okay, now click here.
Bam, that's my app.
See, the app just went live.
# # So, you can sink up all social media postings about meta-human activity.
Somebody sees something cray in Central City, I get an alert about it.
Yo, man, you have too much time on your hands.
Oh, I thought you were gonna say it was cool.
# # [beeping.]
I'm just saying, you can't judge me.
Didn't your girlfriend just break up with you? - Yeah? - Pretty sure she just did.
Hey, Harry.
Wait, so if that app gives you eyes and ears all over the city, then why don't you use it to find the next Ms.
Right? Did I just make the meta-human Tinder? Mm-hmm.
Nope, not starting that fetish.
Stop checking your profile.
This is not a place for that.
Hey, baby.
You look like you're working hard.
I am.
I'm researching a story.
One that you'll find interesting actually.
This is Curran Roberts.
After his head went through the windshield of his hot rod, he was in a coma for six months.
This kid, he died.
He wrapped his car around a tree at 110 miles per hour.
They were all street racers, Dad, and Wally could be the next one.
What do you want me to do, Iris, lock him up? Or stop the races.
Look, I learned a long time ago, you can't stop your kids from being who they are.
Really? Why won't you be his parent, Dad? What are you so afraid of? All right, you're right.
I'm afraid.
I'm afraid he'll reject me, us.
Like the last time I confronted him about the races, it didn't go so well, remember? And I need it to go well with Wally.
I mean, after all these years lost, I want him in our lives, but let me get him to trust me, then I can do something about it.
What's the matter? Um, not I can't remember, is the helicity of a particle left-handed if its spin and motion is the same, or opposite? - It's - No, hold on, I got it.
Hold on, don't answer that.
[pages whirring.]
I knew that.
You know that's really annoying? Uh, it's, you know, just got to [clicks tongue.]
Recharge the old short-term every once in a while.
You know, this feels like old times.
Yeah, I mean, I know, obviously, this is our first time working together, but I am learning a lot from you.
The last Wells was a real mentor.
He believed that I could do anything.
Made me believe it.
He opened up whole new worlds to me.
Guess he really was like another father almost.
- Stop it, all right? - What? I did not ask for your help, okay? I certainly did not ask to be your mentor.
Okay, relax.
I was just talking about Hey, you know what? I have a kid already.
I don't need another one, so scram.
Let me finish this by myself.
All right.
[tense music.]
Hey, I ran your crime scene samples six ways from Sunday.
What's wrong with you? I was Uh, nothing.
What's up? Two things, very strange.
One, definitely meta-human cells in the oil.
And two, he didn't die from his burns.
It was suffocation.
Suffocation? That makes sense actually.
The burns indicated that the body was covered in something.
Cross-referencing O2 levels in the organic matter, I found a direct match to animals trapped and preserved in an asphalt seep.
The guy was fossilized.
So whoever killed him is like a walking - Tar pit.
- Tar pit.
Mmm, too slow.
It's okay.
So, he's basically drowning them in tar.
God, that's a horror show.
Why did he target Daniel Burge? [phone alerting with suspenseful music.]
Oh, that's my meta-human social media app.
That's right.
There's an attack in progress.
[suspenseful music.]
# # [electric buzzing.]
# # Remember me, Clay? We killed you.
I bet right now you're not thinking "Yummy.
" Yo, are you guys seeing this? Oh, yeah, we see it.
# # [grunts.]
All right, any ideas? Viscosity of asphalt lowers as its temperature lowers.
Yeah, yeah, yeah, and it hardens.
Hey, find a way to cool him down.
# # Hey, barbeque! Hit me with your best shot! [grunts.]
# # [electric buzzing.]
# # [grunts.]
Oh, yeah! Team Flash! Hey, buddy.
I've got some questions for you.
Let's go.
[electric buzzing.]
You're coming home, Jesse.
You're coming home.
All right, so Tar Pit Tar Pit, that's what we're calling him? - That's right.
- Tar Pit was after one Clay Stanley.
Stanley, as it turns out, is a suspected hit man that the CCPD has been trying to track for a while, but they haven't been able to make anything stick.
No pun intended.
Do we know why he was attacked? Uh, Stanley wouldn't answer any of my questions.
He was pretty scared.
When a hit man is scared, you know something's wrong.
Hey, did you get an ID on our meta-human? Yeah, I'm running it through five different facial recognition systems right now, so it should take a minute.
[computer beeping.]
And there it is.
Who's the best hacker in the world, people? - Felicity Smoak.
- Felicity Smoak.
What is wrong with you two? That's not friendship.
Our meta-human's name is Joseph Monteleone.
Oh, he looks friendly.
"Monteleone was reported missing.
" Surprise, surprise, the night of the particle accelerator explosion.
And what's the connection between Monteleone and the two victims? I'll call Joe.
Have him run background checks on all three guys.
Okay, I'm gonna run some tests on the tar samples.
See if I can find his weakness.
Hey, are you feeling okay? Yeah.
Why? You're going slower than normal.
You clocked in at 1,450 miles an hour.
But, I'm sorry, how fast do I usually run? Yes, yeah, dude, I'm fine, seriously.
The difference seems negligible.
Fast is fast, right? See ya.
Harvick up to fifth place by Edwards.
A valiant effort.
Just overtake him, you idiot.
[race commentary continues.]
Clark Bronwen? Who's asking? [groans.]
[TV silences.]
You're that chick who was hanging around Tail Lights.
I'm a reporter for CCPN.
I want you to stop holding the races.
Sweetheart, unless you could find me another way to make five grand a night, it ain't gonna happen.
Here's a preview of the exposé that I am writing.
You are the star of the piece.
I had a little chat with some of your previous associates and dug up some revealing details about you.
Like the gambling rings you run or the thefts you've been involved with.
I'm sure the CCPD will be interested in this one.
You're forgetting something in here.
Aggravated assault.
You think you're the only one that can play this game? I could find out where you live, what you eat, when you sleep, every little detail about your life.
Hmm? Publish that trash, we'll see what happens to you, hmm? This entire conversation is being recorded and sent to CCPN.
If you or any of your people lay a hand on me, my colleagues will send this to cops immediately.
Get out of my office.
[tense music.]
You got a death wish? You are not the first person to accuse me of that, so maybe.
Going down there, threatening them? These people, Iris, they live in the dark.
They're cockroaches, except they don't scatter when someone turns on the lights.
They're looking to bite.
If they are so dangerous, Wally, then why are you in so deep with them? I'm not.
I can stop when I want.
So why don't you? You said that you were only street racing to earn money for Francine's medical bills.
Well, there are no medical bills anymore, so why are you still doing it? Look, I am not going to pretend that Francine meant to me what she did to you, but in the short time that I got to spend with her, I saw what kind of person she had become.
She was smart and kind and loving, so I can't even imagine how much you miss her.
You don't know what I'm feeling.
Well, let me tell you how I feel.
I know that you were trying really hard to convince everyone that you were a badass, but I know that you're a good kid, Wally.
And you didn't get that way raising yourself.
You had a single mother who cared for you, so my dad and I care whether you wrap yourself around a tree or get shot by one of these gangsters.
Having someone care about your well-being cannot be a new sensation for you.
[somber music.]
# # Show up there again, and I won't be able to protect you.
# # Just going over some research.
Ten-year-old determination.
What? When my daughter was ten she Science teacher had her do a project, you know, and this project I spent every waking hour tinkering and perfecting her solar-powered oven.
Anyway, ten-year-old determination, you remind me of her.
Did you scold her as well? - Yes.
- Mm.
Look, I know that this has been hard for you, but you're not in it alone.
Yes, I am.
Hell yes, I am.
I as much as you all want me to be part of your team, that's never going to happen.
I'm always going to be a father first.
And one day, Zoom is gonna make me choose between you and my daughter, and every time, unblinkingly, unflinchingly, I would choose my daughter.
I will betray you.
That's binary thinking.
It doesn't have to be either-or.
Life is either-or yes/no, black/white, love/hate from the dawn of time to this moment right now.
I guess I just have more faith in you than you have in yourself, and by the way, I came up with an idea or a notion rather, on how we could close the breaches for good.
# # This is This who wrote this? You did.
Yeah, the other you.
Evil, not stupid.
I think the answer might be in the electromagnetic insulator of the quark matter.
Like I said, we are a team.
[rousing music.]
I'm gonna take a look at this.
I'm going to stick around and run some computer sims on the formula.
I'll see you tonight.
Yeah, see you later.
[dark music.]
[electric buzzing.]
# # Drink up.
[electric buzzing.]
# # [grunts.]
[electric whirring.]
Had enough? Not even close.
Give me back my daughter and I'll get you the rest.
You're not in the position to negotiate.
You won't kill me and you won't kill my daughter because if you do, then you won't get what you want.
I don't need to kill your daughter.
I can torture her.
Bring her right up to the edge of death, so I can do it again the next day and the next.
Bring me the rest of Flash's speed.
# # Hey.
I ran background checks on everyone involved in this Tar Pit mess, came up empty.
I mean, they all have records, but they're sealed, so I can't read them.
Well, that's 'cause you're bound by ethics, Detective West.
How many felonies are we committing breaking into sealed court records? Eh, three or four.
Nope, five.
Well, they were sealed because the records are all juvenile offense.
They weren't arrested together.
No, but look at this.
They served in the same juvenile detention facility.
Actually, Monteleone and victim one were bunkmates.
Who do we have shacked up with vic two? Bronwen, comma, Clark.
Good luck finding him.
He has a ton of addresses and I can't seem to find anything current.
I'll run his picture through facial recognition.
That won't be necessary.
In this case, I am facial recognition.
I know exactly where we can find that guy, and, Dad, you are not gonna like how.
Okay, you can tell me about it on the way.
What is that? Breach implosion reactor.
Sorry I asked.
You ready? Yeah, let's do it.
Have fun fixing the universe, you two.
Hey, hey, hey, what's going on? You seem like you're in pain.
What? No, no, I have aheadache.
If our calculations are correct - And they are.
- And they are.
When this device detonates, it will collapse the event horizon on this side of the breach, thereby shutting off any connection to Earth-2 permanently.
Are you okay? Yeah, I'm just a little tired.
I don't feel like myself.
I'm good though.
- It's gonna work, Harry.
- Yep, yep.
You ready? Yeah, give it to me.
[stirring music.]
# # Come on.
We did it! [laughs.]
Come on! You just rewrote the laws of physics! Don't smile or anything.
I guess that was pretty cool.
Yeah, I'd say so.
One down, 51 to go.
Allen Yeah? Thank you.
It's just the first step in getting your daughter back.
Come on! [hip-hop music.]
# # Welcome to the wrong side of the wrong side of the tracks.
So where's Clark? - That's him.
- Oh.
# # Come on, man.
There's Wally.
Now, if our fly flag girl can step up, we're ready to begin.
[car engines revving.]
[tires screeching.]
[road crackling and rumbling.]
What the? [people exclaiming.]
- Call Barry.
- Okay.
[phone beeping.]
We good? Been a little quiet ever since we closed the breach.
- Listen, Allen - [phone buzzing.]
Hey, sorry, it's real quick.
Hey, let me call you back, Iris, I I got to go.
[dramatic music.]
[tires screeching.]
# # # # # # # # [grunts.]
Iris! Get her to the hospital! Hey, baby.
You all right? What happened? Piece of glass from that car pierced your shoulder.
But you're gonna be all right.
I hate hospitals.
[both chuckle.]
[knock on door.]
Wally, hi.
Hey, can I come in? Uh I got you some flowers.
I don't know what kind or anything, I just Or maybe you're allergic is she allergic to flowers? No, I'm not, Wally.
Thank you.
Um I'll just leave them here.
# # It's okay, Wally.
Feel better.
I'll be back.
Hey, hey, hold up a minute.
I got somewhere to be.
Yeah, you do.
At your sister's bedside.
Iris came to that race last night because she cares about you.
Look, man, this ain't on me.
I didn't tell her to go to that race.
Look, I know you didn't.
This ain't a blame thing.
Just hear me out, okay? Look, I know you just lost your mother and you just found us, it's been like a whirlwind.
Now, I I can't tell you how to live your life, but I can tell you this: you're not alone.
You have people that sit up at night worried sick about you, and they're not going to stop worrying about you.
That's what a family does.
They put up with each other and they put each other first, before ourselves.
So you're not mad at me? For being reckless with your life? Yeah, hell yeah, I'm mad at you.
But I'm more mad at myself for being something I'm not.
I'm not your friend, Wally.
I'm your father.
I ain't letting you go.
[phone buzzes.]
Oh, it's Barry.
I'll stay with her.
You sure? Well, she's my sister, right? That's my boy.
Don't worry, we're gonna get him.
I'm sorry, dude.
What? Tar Pit.
You shouldn't worry.
We're gonna get him with these.
With these nitrous grenades.
Each of these has ten times the concentration of a hot rod's nitrous tank and is triggered by extreme heat.
We're talking 650 degrees.
That's the boiling point of asphalt, so one of these puppies makes contact, you got a Tar Pit popsicle for dessert.
All right, that's great.
Um Hey, look, I think that maybe you were right.
I felt slower tonight.
You know, not by much, but enough.
Well, do you think there's something wrong with the suit maybe? It's unlikely.
The readings from the suit are normal.
You know I take care of that thing.
Yeah, what? Am I sick? I don't know, dude.
Feel any different? No, not really.
I mean, I know that I'm slower in the moment, but I can't tell by how much.
Tests on the components in your blood show the Speed Force at a 100% for the last 60 days until today, it dropped to 98.
Zoom stole Jay's speed.
Do you think maybe, during your fight with Zoom, yours might have diminished? But that was weeks ago.
Why would I just be feeling those effects now? - Dr.
Wells? - Yeah.
You've studied the Speed Force more than anyone.
What do you think could have happened? It could be any number of things.
All right.
I just looked, I mean, Iris could have died tonight.
She's gonna be okay, Barry.
You know, this time, but the fact is, she is hurt right now because of me.
I wasn't fast enough to protect Iris just from some meta-human tonight.
When Zoom attacks again, I need all of my speed and then some.
I can't lose anyone else.
You won't.
I did it.
What? Whoa, whoa, what is that? [dramatic music.]
# # I stole your speed.
I gave it to Zoom.
No, no, no, this isn't What you're working with Zoom? No, not at first.
We trusted you.
I trusted you! # # Joe, stop! # # Why did you put him in there? Because if I didn't, I would've killed him.
Let's go find this tar freak.
[door whirring.]
- Yeah, what the hell, man? - Shut up.
I thought I was being transferred.
You're not being transferred.
You're the bait.
What? [suspenseful music.]
This is for two years ago, Clay.
# # [crackling.]
# # Stay.
You know, it's ironic.
I was just saying how much you remind me of the old Wells, and now, here we are, just like I did with him, standing on either side of this glass with me asking you, "why?" I'm doing what I have to do to save my daughter.
Yeah, at any cost, right? The cost of Joe's daughter.
I told you, "I would betray you.
" I told you, "I would have to choose.
" You chose wrong.
Really, did I? Because I just sacrificed my daughter.
Because I just sentenced my daughter to death to save your son.
You want a pat on the back? I want you to send me home.
Send me back to Earth-2.
Think about it.
Zoom wants you to get faster.
He wants you to have more Speed Force in you, for when he finally takes it, send me back, use the implosion reactor to shut down the breach.
Shut down all the breaches.
Close them all and Zoom will never be able to crossover, ever again, and that'll be the end of it.
What about your daughter? Jesse's my battle to fight, not yours.
[poignant music.]
[door whirring.]
Hey, how are you feeling? Like I could use some pizza right now.
[both laughing.]
Well, they're letting you out tomorrow, so I can get you any kind you want from anywhere you want.
You know growing up, we didn't have a lot of money to go to the movies or buy toys.
Instead, she would just take me in the car, we'd would go for these long drives.
Just her and I and her music.
I remember being on the road with her and just watching the scenery flash by and feeling so happy.
And now, when I race, feeling that rush of speed it's like It's like I get to back to those days.
I didn't want to stop because if I do [sighs.]
See, that wasn't so hard.
Actually, it was pretty hard.
[both chuckle.]
This is a sample of Barry's cells after whatever Harry did to them.
As you can see, not only is it drained of the Speed Force, but it's also presenting itself as chromosomal damage.
If Harry kept doing what he was doing, he could have taken your powers permanently.
Even Evil Wells couldn't figure out how to do that one.
Well, look, somebody better send his ass back to where he came from or I'm gonna shoot him.
- Amen.
- No.
What do you mean, no? What would we have done if we were in his position? I mean, what would you do if it was Iris, Joe? And Cisco, when Snart kidnapped you, threatened to kill your brother unless you helped, you did, and none of us judged you for that.
We still don't because when it comes to family, when it comes to the people that we all love, we're all vulnerable.
None of us are above making a wrong decision.
He could have done it.
He could have stolen my speed, gotten away with it.
None of us would have even known, but he didn't, and now his daughter's gonna die and we're okay with that? I can't just give up on her.
I can't give up on a world.
This is a world full of people who are facing death.
I don't know, I may not be fast enough to beat Zoom yet, but I'm not gonna just close the breaches and forget about it.
We have to help Wells.
Look, guys, I I was the one that trusted him first.
I own that.
I let him stay when literally all of you told me not to, so everything that's happened up until this point, it's on me, but this has to be a group decision.
[tense music.]
[computer beeping.]
Come on.
Well I guess this is good-bye.
No, it's not.
I told you, we're a team.
Now you're a part of it.
We're gonna help you save Jesse.
We're not sending you through alone.
We're going to Earth-2.