The Flash (2014) s02e13 Episode Script

Welcome to Earth-2

My name is Barry Allen, and I am the fastest man alive.
To the outside world, I'm an ordinary forensic scientist, but secretly, with the help of my friends at S.
Labs, I fight crime and find other meta-humans like me.
I hunted down the man who killed my mother, but in doing so, I opened up our world to new threats, and I am the only one fast enough to stop them.
I am The Flash.
Previously on "The Flash" I'm in full-on Vibe mode right now.
I wasn't fast enough to protect Iris.
I felt slower.
I did it.
I stole your speed.
I gave it to Zoom.
Give me back my daughter.
Bring me the rest of Flash's speed.
I told you we're a team.
We're gonna help you save Jesse.
We're going to Earth-2.
Journal log entry 115, my last entry.
On this earth, we're closing the breaches, all of them.
Soon, every portal between this earth and mine will no longer exist.
I've become distracted by this Earth, its problems, its people.
But the one thing I never lost track of was you, Jesse.
You are my conscience, my beating heart.
You're the reason I made it this far in my fight against Zoom, and now I just need you to hang on.
Hang on a little bit longer because I'm coming to get you, and this time I'm not coming alone.
[dramatic music.]
Uhh, that's how it's done.
- Ooh.
- Whoo.
He shoots.
He scores.
Not bad for a guy who got a C in gym.
D plus.
Straight up F right here.
Can't believe it.
We closed all the breaches.
All except the one.
Our last way to Earth-2.
Ready? Yeah, I just have a few things to take care of first.
Just a reminder, Allen Clock's ticking.
It always is.
You know you haven't made lasagna since I left for college? Well, college is a hell of a lot closer than another Earth.
- [sighs.]
- Hey.
Did you tell Henry? No.
I look, if he knew, he would just try to talk me out of it and he probably would, so Dad, can you give us a minute? Yeah, I'll make us some coffee.
Look, Iris.
I know that this is Nuts is the only word I can think of right now, but it's not like I've never done anything dangerous before.
Look, I I get why you are doing this.
Innocent people are in danger.
That's always been the direction that you've run in, even even when you ran a little bit slower.
I just I want to make sure that you're not doing this because you think that you don't have anything left here anymore.
[melancholy music.]
This isn't about Patty.
It's not.
I mean, of course, you know, I miss her a lot, but I know what I have here.
I love my life.
I love my job, being The Flash.
- [chuckles.]
- I love you and Joe.
I'm not trying to escape.
I promise.
Go win, Barry, and then come home.
All right.
All right, Barry, listen to me.
You're about to go through the looking glass.
You're gonna see things that look and feel familiar, but they're not.
Up is down.
Black is white, and do not let yourself get sucked in emotionally, and good luck.
Look, if we're not back in 48 hours, that means that Zoom has us.
If that happens, you have to close the breach.
We're not gonna do that.
You get yourself back here in one piece, all right? Don't make me come and get you.
[solemn music.]
I wrote this for my parents and Dante.
If I don't come back, make sure he gets them.
Cisco, you're coming back.
Caitlin, please.
Okay, I will.
Thank you.
- Be careful.
- Yeah.
- You too, Harry.
- Snow.
I hope you get your daughter back.
I'll make sure you get your son back.
[exhales sharply.]
You don't have to do this.
Yeah, I do.
Is anybody else feeling panic right now? I chickened out of bungee jumping when I was 18, but this is categorically a lot scarier.
Once I turn the speed cannon on, the three of you will be able to pass through unharmed, but Barry, you need to make sure you keep your speed up.
I I got no spit.
- "Jaws.
" - I'm not just quoting "Jaws.
" I mean my mouth is really dry right now.
Do not get distracted by anything you see along the way.
What are we gonna see? Everything.
Do it, Jay.
[suspenseful music.]
Okay, let's go.
[dramatic music.]
[electricity crackling and buzzing.]
[suspenseful music.]
Caitlin, look out! [both grunt.]
- [grunts.]
- You okay? Uh, yeah, I'm fine.
What happened? With the rest of the breaches closed, the energy surge to this last remaining breach must have destabilized it.
Well, what does that mean? As long as it's unstable Barry and Cisco will be trapped over there.
[tense music.]
[dramatic music.]
[panting and sighing.]
Holy 2001.
I feel like I just opened my third eye.
Oh, my God.
Come on.
Welcome to Earth-2.
[airplane engine roaring.]
Toto, I've got a feeling we're not in Kansas anymore.
This is amazing.
Half these things are just ideas on our Earth.
- Come here.
- I mean Oh, yeah.
- [sighs.]
- What? Not a sightseeing tour.
Speak for yourself.
We want our grandkids to know we did cool stuff.
- Dr.
- Henry.
Welcome back.
We weren't expecting you.
- Ahh! - Yes I didn't tell anyone I was coming back.
I thought you might've left town with all that's been happening.
- Right.
- Are your friends okay? Yes, they're they're fine.
They're excitable.
This is, um Henry Hewitt, lab assistant.
Pleased to make your acquaintance.
And you um, this is Barry.
This is Cisco.
- I'm Cisco.
- Yeah.
And you are just a nice, normal guy.
Okay, um Dr.
Wells, will you and your visitors be needing the conference room? Not necessary, Henry.
Our visit will be short.
- Okay.
- Good to see you.
Good to see you, sir.
He's a bad guy on Earth-1.
He looks just like him.
A reminder that a citywide curfew has been issued.
No unauthorized person is to be out after 9:00 p.
A recent increase in Zoom attacks has led Mayor Snart to extend the curfew.
The curfew was first issued after a series of terror attacks throughout the city It's worse.
It's worse than when I left.
Zoom has turned up his reign of terror.
All right, then let's find Zoom fast.
Cisco, do your thing.
All right, Zoom You can run, but you can't hide.
[tense music.]
All right, you know what? You guys are crowding my space a little bit.
I can't perform like this under pressure, okay? If you could just step back just a little bit, - I need to do my thing.
- All right.
- My mojo.
- Yes, all right.
Thank you.
Take two [clears throat.]
Mm, ah.
All right, Zoom.
You can run Ramon, what's happening? You know, I don't know, okay? I can't see anything.
I don't know what's wrong.
Maybe I lost my powers.
I didn't lose my powers.
Why would you lose your powers? Oh, here we go, the wavelength trigger's not responding, but that only happens if The frequency is imbalanced.
What? Our Earth vibrates at a different frequency than yours.
Harry, without that frequency We're up a creek.
The latest attack was orchestrated by Zoom, and we understand that citizens of Central City are scared, but I can assure you the CCPD - has been working diligently - That's me.
Yeah, it is.
Under the leadership of Detective West.
We will stop Zoom.
That's a promise.
"The leadership of Detective West.
" So Joe's still a cop here.
Yeah, but more importantly, I'm still a CSI.
I have a plan.
[dramatic music.]
What just happened? Oh-ho-ho-ho, doppelganger.
Wait, wait, wait, wait, how did I get here? What who are who are you? [stuttering.]
How do you look like me? Allen, what are you doing? Harrison Wells.
The Harrison Wells.
Oh, my God, am I in S.
Labs? Okay, I have no idea what is going on here, but I've always wanted to meet you.
Your thesis on string phenomenology was revolutionary to me.
- Oh, man.
- I had the magazine laminated so I could keep it.
- I I just want to emulate - This guy's incredible.
I won an award for it, right over there, you see? - Oh, it's beaut - [electricity crackles.]
Wh wh what did you do? What's wrong with you? Have you turned into an evil you? Relax.
Just knocked him out.
Oh, well, why'd you even bring him over here? So he could become him.
While you guys work on the goggles, I will go to CCPD as him and see if I can figure out what information they have on Zoom's previous sightings.
We can use those sightings to triangulate Zoom's hideout.
That's a good plan.
Just remember what Jay said, okay? Things here are all sorts of trippy.
Look, it'll be fine.
I can handle it.
It'll be easy.
[elevator dings.]
[light instrumental music.]
Yo, this is crazy.
Get your hands off me.
Captain? Look, I don't know nothin', so I ain't sayin' nothing'.
Deadshot, wh [laughs.]
That's not funny, Allen.
I hate that nickname.
Okay, look, I know I'm not I'm not the best shot in the department, but [laughing.]
Not the best? Lawton, you are the worst shot in the entire department.
Hey, why don't you book Singh here, and I'll be in there in a moment? Whatever you say, partner.
- Mm.
- Come on.
Oh, and just for the record, my marksmanship proficiency ratings went up by two points last month.
All right? Two points.
You're Detective West.
The one, the only.
Can I see you for a second, CSI Allen? - Yeah.
- Yeah.
Um, what are you doing? What? I think a little office PDA between husband and wife is okay.
Husband and wife? Yeah, that's what happens when you do the vows, exchange the rings.
Where is your ring? Uh People should know that you are a taken man.
- [chuckles.]
- [watch whirring.]
- That's so weird.
- What's that? My meta-human alert app.
It thinks that you're a meta-human.
That is so weird.
Yeah, it must be on the fritz.
- [chuckles.]
- Mm, let's go.
Where are we going? Home.
Come on.
Where do you people get off robbing Central City's Royal Bank? This town belongs to Zoom, and those of us he deems worthy enough to enforce his will.
Take it.
Thanks a million.
Or should I say two? Hmm.
Wait, please.
Don't hurt me.
Hurt you? I just want to give you a kiss.
Now what did I tell you about watching that behind? I thought that was your job.
[flames roaring.]
Good thing the only man I can kiss is the only one I want to.
Just got word some breachers came through.
Ooh, you know my favorite thing is to kill people from other Earths.
Today's your lucky day.
Oh, gosh.
[ethereal music.]
This is nice.
Our home.
I mean, I forgot, I guess.
What is wrong with you? You've been acting weird all day.
Um I'm just not myself, I guess.
[chuckles nervously.]
Your mom called.
[solemn music.]
[line trilling.]
Allen residence.
Hello? - Uh, hello? - Mom.
Wow, you certainly took your time calling back.
Yeah, um, I'm I'm sorry about that.
Thank you so much for the anniversary tickets to Atlantis.
Your dad and I have always wanted to go.
Um, I'm I'm really glad you liked them.
- [chuckles.]
- Are you okay? You sound kind of strange.
I'm fine.
I'm I'm Hey, I know.
Maybe I should give the plane tickets to you and Iris.
Nice little romantic getaway.
You two could get started on giving me a grandchild.
No, I want you to use them.
I'm really glad to hear you happy, Mom.
Aw, I love you, Barry.
I love you too.
Okay, bye-bye, honey.
[line clicks off.]
Baby, what's wrong? Uh, nothing.
It was, uh Um, it was just good to talk to my mom.
We should get ready, yeah? - Yeah.
- Okay.
Where is he? Where is he? I don't know.
I can't find him anywhere.
Yeah, well, he better show up soon because he's been gone for hours and we only have so many of those left before Zoom needs the speed.
Oh, you're talking about Barry.
- Yeah.
- Yeah.
Don't worry about him.
He'll be fine.
Who'd you think I was talking about? I thought you were talking about me.
- You? - Yeah, 'cause we found Barry's double, so where the hell am I? You know, I always thought in another life I was, like, I don't know, like a really wealthy, famous inventor, you know, sort of like the Earth-2 Elon Musk.
Only with less RBF, obviously.
Here's some advice for you.
How about spending more time looking for Zoom and less time worrying about what someone who is not you is doing with their life? [sighs.]
[jazz piano plays.]
Some things that happened For the first time Seem to be happening Again And so it seems that we have Met before And laughed before Whoa.
And loved before Joe can sing.
He's the best.
Who knows? Yeah, who knows Where or When? - Ooh.
- [patrons applauding.]
Hey, baby.
Mm, oh, yeah.
Joe, hey.
It's Joseph, Bartholomew.
Pop, be nice.
You too, babe.
I'll be right back.
So you're a singer.
So you're still an idiot.
Are you upset with me? Or you just you just don't like me? Have you lost your mind? Central City's going to hell in a handbasket because this lunatic Zoom is running around killing folks, and you got my daughter on the front lines.
Wait wh me? It has always been about you, Bartholomew.
You're the most selfish person I've ever met.
And I'm a musician; we're all selfish.
You wanted to get your PhD so you could further your career, and she had to become a police officer to pay your tuition.
We both know that she'd be safer going back to write at the newspaper.
Oh, Dad, please, stop.
CCPN was an internship.
All I did was get coffee for real writers.
Being a cop like grandpa is what I love.
You raised me to be tough, and I am.
Everything's fine, and we're here to have fun, right? Right.
Everything's great.
How's it going? Uh, slow, which is not a good adjective when it comes to a speed cannon.
Well, we got another problem.
Why do we always have to have another problem? You've got to see this.
Somebody call The Flash.
[people screaming.]
His name is Adam Fells, but he calls himself Geomancer.
So this meta-human is a breacher? No, Fells died on my Earth.
This must be his Earth-1 doppelganger.
Well, at least now, we know his name.
Might be a little easier to track him down.
Yeah, but with Barry gone, how are we gonna stop him even if we do find him? Well, Jay, you could shoot yourself up with that stuff.
What was it? Velocity - Velocity-6.
- I cannot take V-6.
But it gave you your speed back long enough to get that bullet out of Wells, saved his life.
Joe, don't ask me to take Velocity-6 again.
Look, Jay, I'm not trying to tell you what to do, but Barry is protecting your world, and our world needs a Flash right about now.
[tense music.]
Caitlin, I like the way you look at me with warmth and pride, and I'm not I'm not worthy of those.
Yes, you are.
No, I did a terrible thing, Caitlin.
When my world's particle accelerator went off, I became a speedster.
I became the fastest man alive, only only it wasn't enough for me.
I wasn't I wasn't fast enough.
So I figured with my scientific background, I could increase my powers, and I did.
So you've taken Velocity-6 before? Yes.
But there were some unforeseen side effects.
This is why you didn't want Barry to take it or even know about it.
Zoom never stole your speed.
This is what's making you sick.
Velocity-6 is killing you.
I wasn't lying when I said that stuff was dangerous.
I've made so many mistakes.
You have something now that you've never had before.
And I'm gonna figure this out.
[melancholy piano music playing.]
My funny valentine Sweet comic valentine You make me smile So can we talk more about why Joseph doesn't like me? What's there to talk about? I mean, you can't stand him either.
Look, I can love you both even if you don't love each other.
[watch whirring.]
The meta-human warning app.
[watches whirring.]
[doors thud open.]
[foreboding music.]
Don't stop singing, old man.
That's our song.
So which one of you lounge lizards is in the wrong universe? Hmm? Show of hands.
Don't be shy.
No, no, no.
Hey, handsome.
You got something you want to tell me? No.
No? [sighs.]
Baby, no one's talking to me.
What if I make 'em scream? CCPD! - Everyone get out of here.
- All right, go, go.
You are both under arrest.
Ladies first.
I haven't heard that name in a long time.
But that is your name, isn't it? Your real name? Please, look I know you.
Don't do this.
If you knew me at all, you would know that I hate the name Caitlin.
I'm Killer Frost.
Go, all right.
Go, go! Iris, look out! [gasping.]
Dad! [gasping.]
Oh, my God.
[dramatic music.]
Well, hello, breacher.
He's a speedster, babe.
Oh, I'm shivering.
I've been dying to kill The Flash.
I don't want to hurt you.
Trust me, you won't.
Kill him.
Come on.
God, this is making me so hot.
This ain't over, breacher! Barry! [panting.]
Oh, my God.
Barry? [crying.]
Killer Frost and Deathstorm.
- You know them? - More importantly, they know you now; they know that you're here.
So Caitlin and Ronnie's doppelgangers are evil? Those are some dope names, though.
This was supposed to be a surgical mission, Allen.
Find Zoom's lair.
Rescue Jesse.
Get in, get out, not get involved.
All right, well, look, I am involved, okay? Joe's in the hospital.
They nearly killed him.
No, he isn't.
Joe West, your Joe West, is alive and safe on your Earth, so is Caitlin, so is Iris.
These people, Barry, they're mirror reflections.
As far as your life is concerned, they don't exist.
Killer Frost, Deathstorm, they know that you're here.
Then it's not long before Zoom does too, and then my daughter's dead, and that's on you.
Jesse still has time, okay? Iris and Joe need me now.
I have to get back to them! She is not Iris! She is Iris! Okay, she is to me! No matter what universe I'm in, they are my family! I would think by now you should get how important family is.
I'm going, Wells.
I have to.
[clears throat.]
Find Zoom.
[sirens wailing.]
I ran Adam Fells through BCI.
Not exactly a model citizen before he was a meta-human.
Multiple counts of robbery and assault.
Well, if he thinks he's gonna use my city for a steel cage death match with The Flash, he's got another think coming.
Hey, what are you doing here? Wait, were we supposed to meet up or something? No, I was I was just nearby.
[rumbling, people screaming.]
[building creaking.]
Everybody okay? Fells has been spotted.
Pasko and Fourth.
I got to go, son.
Joe [ominous music.]
[electronic whirring.]
[Joe groans.]
Dad, are you okay? [groaning.]
Damn meta-humans.
Only thing I hate more is hospitals.
Are you okay? Yeah.
Just worried about you.
[laughs weakly.]
There's a first.
Yeah, yeah.
[somber music.]
You ever notice every time just before I do a number, I close my eyes for a hot second and I take a deep breath? You ever wonder what I was doing? Trying to remember the lyrics? [both chuckling.]
I say a little mantra to myself every time before I sing.
[inhales deeply.]
"This one is for Iris.
My baby girl.
" Every song's for you, baby.
Every single one.
Dad, don't talk like this, okay? Wh B Barry.
Yeah? You take care of her.
- [monitor beeping rapidly.]
- Mm.
- Dad? - [groaning.]
Dad? Dad? Nurse! Doctor! Nurse! [crying.]
Dad! Iris.
[monitor flatlines, Iris cries.]
No, no, no! [sobbing.]
No! No! It's okay.
Aww, darn it.
You don't have to do this, Lawton.
We're partners, right? You've always had my back, and I've got yours.
Oh, Iris.
- Do I know you? - Does she know me? Uh, this is my good friend, Cisco Ramon.
- Good friend? - Yeah.
Cisco works at S.
Labs, and he has built a weapon that he believes we can use to neutralize, um, Killer Frost's powers.
Great, thanks.
I'll take it.
Uh, please, I should really take this.
All right.
One of my snitches gave me a lead on Killer Frost and Deathstorm's location.
We're gonna bring them in.
Okay, um, I'm coming with you, Iris.
Barry, I just lost my father.
I cannot lose my husband too.
All right, well, Cisco's the only one that knows how to operate the device, so you have to take him.
I can't put a civilian in harm's way.
Look, I've seen fire, and I've seen rain.
I can handle myself, okay, Mrs.
[solemn music.]
I love you.
I love you too.
Lawton, let's move.
Yeah, uh [goofy chuckle.]
We need to work on finding Jesse.
Are you sure this is what you want to be doing? I am, all right? Right now, we have to help Iris.
Just make sure no one else gets hurt.
[dramatic music.]
[sirens wailing.]
[tires squealing.]
CCPD! It's over, Fells! No offense to you boys in blue, but I'm waiting on the man in red.
You better hope The Flash doesn't show up, or you're finished.
See, that's funny.
I don't think he will show.
I've been causing tremors for days and no sign of him.
I think he's gone.
What is it they say in boxing? Let's get ready to rumble.
[cracking and rumbling.]
[glass shattering.]
- What the - [grunts.]
I heard you were looking for The Flash.
Looks like the Velocity-7 is working.
Now, go get him.
That's a new one.
Is that all you have? You don't ever want to see all I have.
[rapid beeping.]
The Velocity-7's wearing off.
[heavy breathing.]
You've heard what an eight on the Richter scale can do to a city.
Imagine what it's gonna do to your skull.
- You hurt? - [grunts.]
My pride and my body.
Pride and my body.
[thunder rumbles.]
You really sure this is the place? Maybe you should stay in the car, Lawton.
Look alive, gents.
[tense music.]
Hey, maybe maybe your snitch was wrong.
I mean, maybe they're not even here.
[watch whirring.]
No, they're here.
[suspenseful music.]
You didn't knock.
How rude.
Drop 'em.
Is Martin Stein in there? Oh, I haven't let him out in years.
Doesn't talk much anymore.
You killed my father, you evil bitch.
He shouldn't have palled around with a breacher.
That's a big no-no as far as Zoom's concerned.
I can't believe you two work for Zoom.
No, they work for me.
I work for Zoom.
[suspenseful music.]
Who the hell are you? [laughs.]
Well, that's funny.
I was just gonna ask you the same thing.
- Doppel - Ganger.
What the hell is going on here? Are you two related to each other? Oh, I knew there was another me here.
And I knew you were coming, Cisco, even before you entered the breach and set foot on this world.
See, we're all connected Francisco.
My name is Vibe.
Actually not the worst name you could've come up with, but not the best.
I've been watching you, Vibe, and I have to say I am extremely disappointed.
Yeah, I know the feeling.
I'm not sure what's worse, the fact that you're part of Zoom's gang, or that weird samurai situation you got going on on the top of your head there.
Listen to this.
What if Zoom wasn't running the show anymore? What do you mean? You don't even know how powerful you are.
All you use your powers for are these cheap parlor tricks when you you could be a god.
We could be gods.
[tense music.]
Are you Cloud City Vadering me right now? Are you out of your mind? Let's turn them over to Zoom.
Speak to me like that again, and I will shatter your entire nervous system without breaking a sweat.
So, Vibe Do you want to run Central City? What do you say? [suspenseful music.]
I say Flash, save us! [grunting and groaning.]
Hey, that didn't hurt you, did it? - No.
Why would it? - I don't know.
And who the hell are you? Look, Detective, just get out of here, all right? No, not without them.
[dramatic music.]
Stay here! Round two.
Look, mirror-mirror, I already told you I'm not going to the dark side with you.
[Lawton screaming.]
You're a rotten shot.
I'm not.
Are you telling me I can do that? I can show you.
No! [both grunt.]
Stop, both of you! Zoom wanted him alive.
You know what Zoom will do if you don't obey him.
[gasps and grunts.]
No! That.
[suspenseful music.]
What did I say you should do if you encountered a speedster? Leave him unharmed.
Does this look unharmed to you? [growls.]
I'm happy to see at least one of you knows their place.
- [gagging.]
- [grunts.]
Barry! [gasping.]
[melancholy music.]
- [gasps.]
- Sorry.
Did I forget to say this might sting? [sighs.]
It's not my first road rash.
I'm a speedster, remember? You made sure no one will forget that today.
Thanks to you.
The Velocity-7 held up pretty well.
Moving on to Velocity-8.
I'm gonna figure it out, I swear.
I just need you to figure out how to re-stabilize the breach.
Barry, Cisco, and Wells still have 24 hours to go.
So we have one day, or they could be stuck there forever.
[ominous musical flourish.]
[metallic tapping.]
[ominous music.]
[tapping continues.]
[tapping continues.]
[dramatic music.]
Jesse! Hey.
I'm here with your dad! We're gonna get you out of here, all right? I promise.
[ominous music.]
It's not wise to make promises you can't keep, Flash.
Look around.
This is the last place you'll ever see.